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Bisexual Swingers

Swinger stories which involve bisexual encounters between playmates.
We were late bloomers to the lifestyle having been married nearly 40 years before we had our first encounter with another couple.  Other than one erotic massage session, during which my husband begged me let the masseur fuck me, I hadn’t had sex with anybody but my husband during our marriage.  As my husband and I became more experienced in the lifestyle, he and I fantasized about me having sex with another woman.  I even agreed to let him change my SDC profile from “Straight” to “Bi-Curious.”
One fall Sunday afternoon, we met a mixed-race couple for lunch.  He was black and she was white.  We all clicked so the man suggested we adjourn to a hotel a few blocks away from the restaurant.  I had no idea that my emerging fantasy was about to be satisfied.
I am a 60 year old woman, 5’ 9” tall who wears a size 18 dress.  I have blond hair, blue eyes, and 38D breasts with ultra-sensitive nipples.  The other woman was similar to me but about an inch shorted and a year younger.  She had nice, firm 36D breasts.  Her partner, a well-built former football player, had a rather small cock for a black man, only about 5 inches.  His girth, however, was huge.  The biggest I have ever seen or felt.  He was nearly the circumference of a Red Bull drink can when flaccid.  When erect, he was simply huge.  
We rented a mini-suite with a king-sized bed and a pullout sofa.  As my husband and the other woman started playing on the bed, the man disrobed me and started fingering me on the sofa. He really knew how to make my juices flow because I came all over the sofa.  That is when we realized the maids failed to stock towels in the bathroom and we had no way to wipe it up.  “Hello, Room Service!”
We then moved to the bed and shared it with my husband and the other lady.  This was the first time I had a close look of my husband in action.  He started fingering the lady very vigorously then all of a sudden, his entire hand, up to his wrist, slid into her cunt.  I didn’t even know this was possible but here was my husband fisting this lady and she was screaming in ecstasy as she came several times. 
As I laid watching this, I felt something very large trying to penetrate my ass.  I tried to move away as I knew his cock was too big for my asshole but he held me tight.  I started squirming but my husband and the other woman held my head and kissed me.  Today was going to be day of many firsts for me.  My first kiss from lady and a huge cock sliding into my ass.  I never thought I would cum from being ass fucked but I did - repeatedly.  After Mr. Red Bull finished, I rolled onto my back to rest to watch my husband fuck another woman.  I was pretty turned on when I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy.
As my husband and I lay on the bed recovering, the man whispered into his partner’s ear and said, “Time for her surprise.” I looked up and the lady had donned a harness with a huge brown, lifelike, dildo.  As she was applying lubrication to the dildo, she reached over, kissed me, and lubricate my cunt.  The man then lifted my legs up and his partner mounted me with her dildo. As I got accustomed to her fake cock, she started fucking me hard.  Pulling her cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in.  We both came in each other’s arms and I kissed her deeply.
After she removed her harness, she crawled up on the bed and started licking my cunt.  It felt absolutely wonderful.  She then asked me to return the favor which I eagerly did. After a few licks of her pussy, I realized my husband’s cum was in the vaginal canal.  Tasted a little salty but not too bad.  As I licked and sucked her clit until she came gain.  When I sat up to rest, I had both her and my husband’s cum on my face.
Room service finally delivered some towels, which my husband retrieved in the nude from what I assume was a very startled maid. We all relaxed and hydrated ourselves.  I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit.  When I returned, I realized the man was not satisfied fucking my ass with his fat cock but wanted my mouth and cunt as well.  He gently grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock.  It took all I could to get just the head of his cock in my mouth.  When he became hard again, his partner and my husband held my legs up for him as they played with my nipples.  He had great stamina as he fucked my cunt for at least 15-20 minutes before he came.
Since we all had to go to work the next day, we decided to call it a night.  It was truly the defining point in my swinging career.  I took a huge cock in my ass and orgasmed.  I was fucked and eaten by another woman.  I ate another woman.  I tasted my husband’s cum second-hand.  We met this couple several more times over the course of a year until they split and left the lifestyle. It was a great year for sure!

The week could not go any slower.  My lunch with Jessica got my mind going all over again.  I started to go back online more, browsing through more profiles and even got on cam a couple times.  I could not wait to meet up with Jessica, we had been texting throughout the week, flirting, sending cute selfies of each other.  The last picture she sent me was of her in a two-piece bikini, her body stunning, so much so made me a little self-conscious.  Her text read;
Plan for the weekend... gonna be hot so drinks ? , sun ☀️  and pool!!!  Dave won't be home til late Sunday so bring bathing suit or not ? keep me company!!!
ohhh... and if it gets a little crazy you can always crash with me ?
I was excited and nervous.  I definitely wanted to spend the day and even the night with her.  The weekend was finally here.  I had to get a cute two-piece suit as well, after hours looking for the right one, no such thing I guess cause I ended up getting a few.  
I came over to Jessica's house around noon.  Their house is beautiful, I nervously knocked and within a few seconds, she answered.  She invited me in, kissed me on the lips and led me in by the hand.  She said, "Let me give you a quick tour!"  She was already dressed and ready.  She had her little blue bikini on.  She had a see through white cover up.  As she walked a bit ahead of me I looked at her gorgeous curves, her bottoms were basically a G-string.  Her small waist accentuated her ass, so toned and firm and perfectly rounded.  I bit my lip as I followed her. 
Looking straight ahead, I could see the main living room, with a large glass sliding door leading out to the backyard.  We walked and turned left into the main hallway, to the left side was an office, which we bypassed really quickly.  Jessica smirked, "Nothing to see there, it's Dave's office just boring stuff" and she waved it off.  We laughed and continued to turn into the first door on the right into their spare room.  
The room was bigger than mine, I could only imagine their room!! It was basic, a queen size bed with a white comforter, throw blanket at the foot of the bed and a couple pillows.  A couple nightstands to either side, a small dresser and a TV mounted above it.  She said, "Here, you can leave your stuff here."
I dropped my backpack on the bed and walked back to the hallway to join her.  We continued on to the end of the hallway through double doors into their suite.  She walked me through quickly, showed me around.  The bathroom is amazing, large window above the hot tub, walk in shower and walk in closets.  I glanced over at the shower and just imagined back to the story she shared with me after coming home and telling Dave about Jay.  I imagined Jessica with her hands up on the steamed glass leaving her hand prints above her head, the body pressed up against the glass, beads of water running down as she lowered her hips and lifted her ass.  Warm water falling down on Dave as he held her by her waist, slowly pushing his hard cock in deep into Jessica while she told him all the details.  
My mind was completely focused on the shower that I didn't hear Jessica call my name.  "Heather!!", Jessica said loudly as she smiled, "Did I lose you?"
Startled a bit I turned around I responded, "Oh...sorry, yes, I mean no.  I'm ok, just something ran through my mind."
A little embarrassed I turned away and walked over to her.  She laughed - "Oh ok, anything good you wanna share?"
I smiled and looked down - "No nothing, just you have a beautiful place, guess I just got lost for a second."
I became so shy for the moment. One of the things that I love about Jessica is that although she is successful, a doctor, beautiful and as I saw then, doing well, very well. She will not make you feel as if she is better than you are.  She makes it very comfortable to be around and for whatever reason she has an interest in me.  
She made a joke and pulled me - "Come on, let's get a drink".  
We walked back down the hallway to the living room.  High ceilings, open space leading in to the dining area and then to a huge open kitchen with an island separating the two.  As we walked by, I saw the couch and the island countertop and again I could imagine her Dave.  This time I didn't not get lost in my head. 
She poured a drink - "You ok with some margaritas?!"  I nodded - "Yes, that's perfect".  
Jessica grabbed some snacks and said we'll worry about food later on.  It was a good thing I had a good breakfast or Jessica for sure would be taking advantage of me, not that she needed much help with that.  I wanted her to do so already!
We walked to their backyard, just as with the rest of the house it was spacious and private with high walls and few trees lining the edges of the yard.  The neighborhood is pretty spaced out, it did make me think about what kind of parties they are having here.  The large rectangular pool a few feet away, a waterfall at one edge, at the other a Jacuzzi and in between along the long side of the pool on a shallow side a set of sunbathing seats.  They had their little slice of paradise. 
Walked over to the end of their deck and sat down at a patio table.  I looked around, said to her "Wow, makes me want to go back to and become a doctor, this is beautiful, thank you for having me over."
Jessica, graceful as she is responded, "You should definitely do it, we need more sexy doctors... just kidding, I really think you would do great, should really think about it."
A really nice moment, after a bit of silence she asked with a mischievous look, "Have you talked to Jay recently?" 
I responded, “We chatted a little online and talked about the next time we should meet up again, it has been a while!"  
Jessica nodded - "So not since the office right? He's a good guy and I'm sure he will try to get you in with his wife I'm sure." 
I smiled, ”You’ll have to tell me about that, I will go out on a limb and since he made that proposition to you and you said deal... you guys did?"
Jessica loves to tell her stories:
Yeah we did, it was fun.  She had no idea that we work together or that we've fucked a few times before we met her. I told Dave what Jay had asked and he was up for it, just said she had to be good looking, wasn't taking one for the team! 
Jessica laughed and continued:
We made up a story about meeting on a website so Jay and Dave could start texting.  Dave is really cool about things so that I know of he never made a deal about Jay fucking me.  Although they may have talked about it at some point.  This was our cover to get Ashley involved.  We got on a group chat and went from there.  Started with dinner and drinks, we all got along.  It was hot knowing that we all knew and she didn't and also hard to keep my hands off of Jay.  
Jay and I kept on chatting on the side and even fucked a couple more times in the office and had him come over once, both Dave and Jay took care of me so damn good! That was the last time until he met you! Said with a smile
The first time we fucked with Ashley was a few weeks later.  We invited them over to the house after we were out and doing a little bar hoping.  We had a couple more drinks here, which of course led to where we all wanted to go.  Ashley is hot and Dave definitely did not take one for the team.  I could see he enjoyed fucking her and I did too! 
We've met a few times after, I think you'll enjoy both of them if you get a chance. Not as much as me but you'll still have a good time!
But enough about them... let's get in the pool already! Go get changed and I’ll pour us another round. 
Sounded great, it was heating up in more than a few ways.  We both got up and walked inside.  Could feel the cool air immediately walking in through the door.  Jessica took my glass and I walked to the bedroom.  I closed the door behind me and began to get ready.  I sat down and began to undress, already aroused and with the colder room my nipples were so hard.  I couldn't help but touch them with my finger tip gently before giving them a squeeze.  My sexual frustration was increasing.  I could tell as I took off my shorts and panties. I knew I was wet, I got so wet naturally but after talking to Jessica and fantasizing, I can say I was now dripping wet.  My panties were soaked and a string of silky fluid followed my panties as I pulled them down.  I touched myself, my lips drowned in my wetness, my fingers slid easily between them, my clit was aroused and as much as I wanted to spend a few minutes working on my swollen clit I knew I should go back out.  Naked, I pulled the swimsuits and had to choose one.  I went with white bottoms, fit low on my hips and mid-way on my ass.  I don't have the confidence to wear a g-string or the ass for it, but I thought this was sexy enough.   The top was a simple red bikini top, enough for the triangles to cover my nipples and enough of my breasts.  Rest was string tied behind my neck and around my back.  The one aspect of my body that I love is my tits, not huge, just a full C cup in most cases sometimes depending on bras a D.  I guess I'm still young enough to have them sit on the shelf and look perky but not fake.  My nipples were still hard and could feel them coming through my top.  
I put on sandals and my jean shorts back on and left the button undone, just zipped up halfway.  Grabbed my sunglasses and I walked back to the kitchen, it felt like I was gone forever but it was only a few minutes.  Jessica was waiting with a drink in hand.  She looked at me and said "Wow, you look amazing, love the top! Need anything else before we get some sun?"
I did need something, I had planned it in my head and felt naughty doing so, "Yes, I'm gonna need you to help me with a little sunscreen, if you wouldn't mind. I forgot to bring some"
She happily replied, "Of course not, I'll help you rub it it"
I thought I was so sly, making excuses to have Jessica touch me.  We walked back outside, Jessica handed me her drink and grabbed sunscreen on the way out along with a couple towels.  We walked over to the edge of the pool and sat on the lawn chairs.  

Jessica commented it would be a quick stop before getting in the water.  She laid the towels on each one of the chairs and came up behind me. I put the drinks down and moved to the edge to give some room for Jessica.  She knelt behind me and grabbed the sunscreen.  I pulled my hair away to expose my neck and shoulders.  I felt cold at first, making me shrug shoulders and shiver a bit.  Jessica reacted "Sorry, I'll warm you up" and rubbed her hands together before continuing.  She took her time and hands felt soft along my shoulders to my back.  She made sure to touch every inch of my back.  She then moved back, told me to lay on my stomach, and went on to the back of my legs.  Of course, she didn't need to do it but I didn't mind.  
I laid on my stomach, still kneeling on the side, she continued on the small of my back and then to my thighs.  It felt like a massage and I was thoroughly enjoying it.  She continued to my calves, then to my heels and ended with my feet.  I turned around and looked at her and said, "Might as well continue on the other side". 
Jessica responded, "Well of course how could I only do one side and not the other!"
She knew exactly what I was doing and she played along.  More sunscreen and worked back up to my knees and again my thighs.  Looked at me and slightly pushed my legs apart and made sure to go up my inner thighs, getting so close and just teasing me.  I know it was wet and if it wasn't a swimsuit made to contain moisture she'd be able to see how wet I was.  She moved to my stomach and under my tits.  I could see her looking at them and caught her bringing her bottom lip inward and biting it.  She then moved to my chest and worked closely sliding her fingertips under my top and nearly gracing my erect nipples.  
She finished by my neck, looked down at me, and without hesitation leaned down.  My lips met hers, soft and gentle.  Our lips in sync slowly opened allowing out tongues to meet and press against one another.  Her hands alongside my neck, putting slight pressure around the back.  My hands came over and around her shoulders meeting at the back of her neck.  We kissed for a few seconds. 
She pulled up and said, "Wow you are so yummy! I think we are going to have a good day."
She was clearly teasing me and getting me worked up.  I smiled and agreed with her. She stood up and reached out her hand, I took hold and stood up.  We grabbed our drinks and stepped into the pool.  The water felt refreshing, cool not cold, perfect for a hot day.  
For the next few hours, we enjoyed the sun and water.  The drinks were flowing and we were having fun.  As the evening arrived and the drinks went down, the more comfortable we got.  While sitting on the sunbathing seats in the shallow end, she came over to me.  
She said, "What are you thinking about food? Hungry yet?"
I responded, "I can eat for sure, probably do need to eat before I'm done with the day with all this alcohol you've been feeding me, I know you want to take advantage of me and I wanna remember it!"
Jessica stood and slid her leg over me and straddled me and looked down - "Ok then, better get you fed, we still have more to go, but first I'm going to start what you've been wanting... I'm going to have a little desert before our meal."
Jessica leaned down and kissed me again, passionately.  Then began to slide down, took the corners of the bikini top and slid them to the sides, my tits popped out.  She continued down and licked my boobs, one at a time, spending a few seconds nibbling at my hard nipples. 
The chairs were in a shape of a flat S in the shallow end.  Perfect contour to my body, keeping my top well above water, the back sliding down to my ass where there is  just enough water to sit on but keeping my stomach above water.  The seat continued upward, supporting my legs before ending.  
Jessica continued to move downward as she got to my stomach, she grabbed on to the sides of my bottoms and slid them down.  I helped by supporting and lifting my stomach giving her space to pull them down.  As she moved down, she pulled me bringing my waist to the upslope of the chair.  She made herself comfortable in between my legs. I gladly spread them as she glanced up towards me one last time before diving back down.  Her hands ran along my inner thighs and her mouth made contact as I felt her soft lips on my inner thigh on the left leg, then the right leg, working up alternating until she came under my pussy.  With one lick, she ran her tongue over the opening and ended right above my clit.  She pressed down over my clit and began to work her tongue in circular motion.  
My body tensed up and pushed up towards her mouth.  My hands tightly holding on to the side of the chair, unable to contain how good she was making me feel I began to moan between periods of trying to hold my breath.  Jessica looked up, her hands took the place of her mouth.  She slid her index and middle finger in and began to thrust in and out pushing upward to connect directly with my g-spot.  The perfect pressure, giving me that urge to pee but different and making my body tense up, taking my breath away.  She followed back down, working getting me further along.  After a few minutes, knowing I was close, she continued with my clit.  With the stimulation of her tongue on my clit and her fingers still sliding slightly in and out, it was not long before a loud scream - "Fuuuuccckkk... hmmmm... “ indicating climax.  My body reacting to as my pussy spasmed in ecstasy.  She continued until I grabbed her hair and pulled her back - "Fuuuck I can't" in the middle of panting and my body contracting.  
Jessica, with one last kiss on my clit, made my body jump.  She came up, kissed me, and stood up.  "Ready for dinner?" and smiled. 
I laid there catching my breath, this woman, the things she can do. After a couple minutes, she had walked in the house, I got up, put my bottoms back on, covered my tits and grabbed a towel.  
I walked in and she said - "Alright I just ordered us some dinner, think we should get out of these wet clothes!"  Grabbed my hand and I followed. 
We walked to her room and into the bathroom, where without a thought she undressed and turned on the shower.  Came back to me and once again undressed me.  She reached behind and untied my top, pulled it over the top of my neck.  She reached down and pulled my bottoms off.  Grabbed me by the side of my neck and pulled me close to her and kissed me.  Our bodies pressed hard against one another.  The shower now steaming she led me in.  
The water was warm, I could feel the sting of the water as it touched my sun bathed shoulders. Jessica is maybe an inch or two taller than me making it easy to be at the same level.  We wrapped our arms around one another, our lips intertwined pressing our bodies together.  Her tits pushed up against mine, our bodies slightly off center allowing my leg to between hers and hers between mine.  
As we continued to kiss, we separated our bodies with enough space to allow my hands to come between our bodies. I ran my hands from her neck downward following the contour of her body.  My fingertips follow the flow of the water over her chest, down the side of her hips before taking a detour to her midsection finding just below about to feel her inside.  I paused above her clit, slowly with my palm pressing slightly into her, I moved down past clit piercing, leading with my middle finger.  I found the split of her pussy lips, inch by inch downward taking her lips between my fingers, smoothly sliding through.  Jessica kept herself completely smooth, wet and silky making my fingers slide down without friction.  I passed over her opening slightly pressing just to feel over my fingertips until I found the end.  At that point, I curled my middle and ring finger and began back up.  This time pressing inward.  Her pussy spread, I felt the ridges of her swollen walls as I pushed in deeper.  Jessica felt warm and tight.  
Jessica enjoyed it, she continued to kiss me as she spread her legs wider to give me easier access.  Her hands on my ass, caressing and spreading them and she squeezed.  
Coming up for air every few seconds, we continued.  I kept on playing with her, going in and out and taking turns touching her clit.  I didn't know what I was doing, had never done this.  I was lost in the moment and hoped she was enjoying it.  The heat of the moment, the shower, sun and the drinks were all hitting me.  I was feeling amazingly great and had completely lost all inhibition.  
Through the kissing and touching, we bathed one another. It was sensual and arousing feeling her run through my entire body lathering me up while my hands were doing the same with her.
After what felt like a few minutes, she reminded us about dinner and we may hear the doorbell soon.  We both needed to get something in our stomach even though I didn't want to stop.  We rinsed off and turned the shower off, spent a few more seconds kissing before stepping out.  
She grabbed a towel for me and one for her and began to dry off.  We then walked back to her room where we sat on the bed and chatted a little more.  We were in no hurry to get dressed.  Suddenly the doorbell rang.  She smiled and asked, "Should we just walk up there like this? Do you think it will be a guy or girl?"
I laughed and told her she was crazy.  She didn't hesitate, stood up, grabbed my hand and pulled me and we giggled on the way to the door.  We both were in a towel that covered us up just enough. I know, it felt like we were going to walk into an old porn cliché - invite the pizza delivery guy in for an amazing threesome  because we didn't have enough to pay him.  Of course, this was not it and it did not turn into that.  It was still sexy to open the door to a complete stranger who looked to be about 20 in just a towel with sex in my mind.
Jessica took the food into the living room and we agreed to get more comfortable and meet back in the living room.  I went back to the room and changed into workout pants and a V-neck tee and nothing else.  I walked into the living room and sat down, a couple seconds later Jessica came back.  She only had panties and what I'd assume was Dave's shirt.  It was long enough to be a short skirt and only buttoned with the top four or five buttons.  
She poured a couple glasses of wine and joined me on the couch.  We ate, drank some not very much and chatted some more.  It was fun and light with a lot of laughter.  I took an opportunity to ask to expand on her admission when we met for dinner that it had been her idea to join Jay and I at the office. 
Jessica recounted the conversation she had with Jay:
Now that you know Jay and I have known each other for a while, we talk a lot.  Imagine the excitement and the horror it was to find out he was going to be working at the same office for a while.  We made a deal that while working in the same office, he and I could not make it obvious anything was going on between us.  Think we did a good job.  
They definitely did because I had no idea and no one ever said anything about them. Even when I was working with her for a few days. 
Part of that deal was that on his last day we'd fuck to send him on his way. We still talked when we had a chance and you came up in conversation. We both had our eye on you and he shared the story of you two hooking up on your last day.  He was excited and we almost broke our deal when he told me about it the following week.  I wanted to jump on him and fuck him but I kept my cool and didn't. 
So... when it came to you I asked him if he thought you'd be into girls and if you'd freak out if I joined you guys.  I thought the perfect day would be on his last day, I was going to fuck him already and as it worked out it was perfect because I met you!! Jay was nervous but said he'd try to figure it out and see if he could feel you out.  That Friday morning, I walked into his office and asked him, he said he thought you'd be in and so I told him to just let me know for sure. We agreed that he'd send me a message, which I was happy to receive and you know the rest. 
So much made sense now, it all felt like perfect timing thinking back at Jay asking me to trust him and just as I had his cock in my mouth the knock on the door and next thing I know Dr. Sexy was behind me and ready to help.  I laughed and told her that I was going to have to get her back sometime and Jay had something coming too! 
Her phone rang and she looked at me and said, "Oh, this should be fun!"
She answered the phone, "Hi sweetheart, how are you? How’s the trip going?"
I realized it was her husband on the phone.  I could see her mind racing with what I assume naughty thoughts.  
Jessica said to Dave, "Great to hear!  I've been good, have enjoyed a really nice day with Heather, hold on lets switch to video so you can say hi."
Jessica took the phone and pushed a couple keys and Dave came back on.  She came and sat next to me, she extended her arm to get both of us in view.  Dave is very handsome, beautiful eyes and a great smile. 

Dave said to me, "Hi Heather, nice to see you, hopefully soon I'll get to meet you in person.  Has Jessica been a good host I hope?"
In my mind, I was a little guilty because Jessica has been an amazing host and more ways than I could say!  "Yes she has, you guys have a beautiful home! Jessica has been amazing, thank you for letting me have her for the day!"
Dave responded, "She is wonderful and hopefully next time you will be ok with both taking good care of you.  You are welcome anytime. Jessica has told me so much about you."
I was very sure Jessica had shared everything with him and it made me feel a little self-conscious.  I smiled and thanked him, "It will be nice to meet you in person as well and Jessica has also told me about you both, you guys seem to be great together."
Jessica took the screen back to her and asked if everything was going well and still planning to be able to get back the following day.  Dave let her know everything was good and couldn't wait to get home.  They said goodnight, a quick turn of the screen towards me to wave and say goodnight and she ended the call. 
Jessica turned to me and admitted, "As you probably already know I do share everything with him, hope you don't mind, don't want you to feel uncomfortable.  He really does want to meet you.  But, don't want you to think that it's a proposition, I mean I know he'd want to, but don't want you to think that you have to..."
For the first time I saw Jessica a little jittery and it was cute.  Made her feel more human. It's weird to think that way but what I've always seen is a doctor, confident, taking charge and never nervous, even with me!    I laughed and said, "It's ok, totally fine you make it really easy to feel comfortable, I'm sure he'll be the same."
For the first time the thought of being with Dave rushed in my head.  As if she was reading my mind she blurted, "Well, I'm just saying... there isn't any drama with us and we are really open, you know if anything happens so always feel comfortable with me or him."
With him? I thought.  
Jessica got up to get a refill on our wine glass.  Although the shower and food sobered us up a little our inhibitions remained low judging by the last few words spoken.  After a couple more glasses of wine, my inhibitions were completely gone.  
Jessica had been taking care of me all day and even going back to the time with Jay.  I was ready to show my appreciation.  In mid-sentence, I leaned towards her and kissed her.  She gladly accepted. I grabbed her by the hand and took her glass, put it down on the table and pulled her to follow me. 
We got to her room, stood by the bed and turned around.  I wanted to take control and now to take care of her.  I began to kiss her and one button at a time took her shirt off.  Her breast now exposed, I pulled the shirt over her shoulders and felt it drop to the floor.  I sat on the bed, kissed her exposed stomach and slowly pulled her panties down.  Her bare pussy in front of me.  She pulled my shirt off and I licked her waist, had my arms around her pulling her closer and without thought pulled her hard and twisted her onto the bed.  It wasn't the most graceful and we both laughed as she tumbled over me.  I was determined though and adjusted myself.  I wanted to taste her, make her feel the way she had made me feel.  She told me to get naked with her and I did quickly. 
I positioned myself between her legs spread them open.  Her piercing glistening with the wetness of her arousal.  I lowered my head, my tongue tasting her.  She tasted sweet and felt silky. I took my time exploring her, taking my tongue trying to go deep in her, feeling the ridges I felt with my fingers earlier.  I stopped at her lips, feeling the flesh in my mouth.  I then focused more on her clit.  I still wouldn't say I knew what I was doing, but Jessica was great at helping me along. Even though I thought I was in control clearly, I was not as much.  
She began to tell me what felt good, "Yessss right there, that feels good"

I focused on the circular motion of my tongue on her clit.  Then she said, "Put your fingers in me!"  I complied, took two of my fingers curled up a bit, began to go in and out putting more pressure towards the top, and knew exactly when I found the spot.  She tensed up and clenched her fist on the comforter.  Her pussy contracted squeezing my fingers.  My tongue raced to keep up with her trying to push her over the edge.  I could feel it coming, her hips rhythmically moving with my fingers and mouth.  Jessica took her right hand, grabbed me by the hair pushing me deeper into her.  The pressure increases and so close to climax.  I felt my body begin to tense up along with her.  Jessica breathing deeper, moaning in pleasure she'd say, "yeessss, don't stop... ohhhhhh, keep going... yeessssss...."
I was determined to keep it going until she orgasmed as she has made me a couple times.  Her grasp became stronger around my head and I knew she was close.  Jessica screamed loudly, "Fuuuuccckkkk... ohhh yeessss, ohh my, there... there... yesss."  Her body tensed up, her hips raised, my mouth kept on going, and my fingers stopped.  I felt a rush of warmness flood my fingers and part of my palm.  Her pussy walls contracted strongly around my fingers.  Jessica continued to gasp and her body continued to contract.  
I pulled back but wanted to continue to feel her inside... slowly her pussy stopped squeezing my finger and slowly pulled them out.  There was so much wetness, her pussy glistened and spilled to her inner thighs and ass.  I was sure a wet spot was under her.  
I came out, catching my breath as well and laid next to her.  I was so turned on, I took my hand and felt myself. I was almost as wet as she was.  I started to rub my clit, knowing she was next to me and could keep things going.  My breathing became heavier, she could see me, and it wasn't long before she turned to her side and started suckling on my nipples before coming to kiss me.  
Jessica reached down, placed her hand over mine and traced it with hers.  She pushed my hand, putting more pressure on my fingers then swiftly finding her way inside me.  Her lips felt soft on mine.  Suddenly she got on her knees and told me to continue as she reached across into a drawer.  She maneuvered herself in between my legs, I happily adjusted to allow her access.  She bent down, supported herself with her left arm, giving me enough room to continue to rub my wet pussy. Jessica reached towards me and as she kissed me, I felt something suddenly begin to open me up.  It felt warm and as she went in slowly, it began to stretch me. Jessica pushed far and deep and I could feel myself completely full with a sense of pleasure mixed in with a bit of pain.  
I realized Jessica was fucking me with a toy.  Her strokes began to be more forceful and often.  With the toy going in deeply and out to the brink of the outer edges and my fingers working hard on my clit my body tensed up, I took my free hand and wrapped it around Jessica's back and pulled her down.  She shifted herself to the side over my neck.  I was careful not digging my nails into her back but she was making it so difficult.  She sensed my impending climax, slowed, and pulled back.    
She sat up to her knees, maintaining the toy inside me she shifted to a seated position.  Our legs spread intertwined, she positioned herself on her side, which gave me the opportunity to do the same.  I realized at the moment, the toy she had was a double sided dildo.  As she inched a little closer she positioned the other head and slid in easily.  
The both of us began to swing our hips towards each other allowing each end to go into us.  We found a rhythm.  I continued stimulating my clit as she began to do the same.  We pushed hard making each other moan, open mouth and breathing heavily.  As the speed picked up, our fingers with more pressure got me so much closer to climax again.  

The situation, the sounds, smells, all of it completely engulfed me to the extent I was not aware of anything else.  The intensity continued to increase and I could no longer contain it.  Once again, with full body contractions, my pussy tightly gripping to the toy I could no longer continue to touch my clit.  I grabbed on the comforter, tightly holding on as the wave ecstasy filled my body.  
It wasn't long for Jessica to join me.  As I stopped swaying my hips and kept them there to help support the toy as she picked up the pace.  Her hands furiously circling her swollen clit and so close.  I pulled back and returned the favor, I grabbed on to the toy, feeling slippery filled with my juices I grabbed on tightly.  Began to quickly push in and out.  Did not take long for her to push hard on her clit and her body began to shudder.  She held her breath and I could see her hand pulsating, being pushed by each contraction of her pussy.  She pushed her head back and melted, ending on her back.  
We laid there, catching our breath.  The comforter soaked as a result. After a couple minutes, Jessica sat up, moved the comforter off and pushed it down the bed.  I stood up to help her and as I was ready to figure out a way to walk away and back to the other room.  She pulled the sheet up and reached her hand out. Jessica said, "Come on, join me."
I had no problem with that. The day had felt long, sun, water, drinks and a few mind blowing, body shaking orgasms. We were both exhausted.  She turned off the lights, within a few minutes my eyes closed, and we fell asleep. 
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Saturday Night
After the wife’s date for the night cancelled on her at point 99, the wife and I went out for a few drinks at our local watering hole, just to spend time alone (got our eldest daughter to Babysit). Wife was all dressed super sexy and when we walked in you could see how some men were looking at her. Was so HOT!!!
We sat and had a few drinks when she got a message from one of our friends saying how horny he was and stuck at work. She asked him till what time he is working and was told for an hour still. Right there and then she said when he is done we should meet at the pub.
Well he was running late and by the time he left work the pub was closing. Having no place to go, they arranged to meet at a nearby park.
We left and drove to the park. We basically stopped at the same time, Wife was driving…
She got out and so did he.
By the time I got out and walked around the had already started to kiss and fondle each other. His hands were all over her and it was not long and she was standing half naked with his cock in her hand. She bent down to suck his cock and pulled me closer and I started to sucking his cock with her.
When she was done she stood up and he turned her around and bent her into the car.
I was still sucking him when he pulled away from me and put his cock into her pussy and started to fuck her hard.
The sight was to die for.
Once or twice he pulled out and put it into my mouth and then back in her pussy!!!!!!!!!
This went on for about 10 minutes with my wife moaning like I have never heard before.
He asked where he should cum and the wife told him in her. I was still on my knees watching this all happen. He shot his load deep into her pussy and I could hear her cum too.
When he was done he pulled out and I lifted my hand to her pussy and felt his warm cum starting to run out. While still on my knees he put his cock in my mouth and I sucked it for a while longer.
My wife then asked me to stand up and I leaned against the car. She started to suck my cock while I was fingering her wet cum-filled pussy and stoking his cock.
I told them I am about to cum and he took over by wanking my cock for me.
I shot my load off and it was a big one.
When I had cum he bent down and licked the last cum of my cock and stood up and kissed my wife.
We got dressed again and spoke for a while and then went our ways.
The drive home was hot and you could smell all the cum.
We got home and all were asleep so we went to the bathroom to clean up. My wife took her clothes of and I got instant hard again seeing all his cum in her panty and on her legs.
I bent her over right there and shoved my cock into her pussy using his cum and a warm lube. It did not take long and I was shooting my cum load into her pussy too.
I kept my cock in her for a while till I was soft. When I pulled out she turned to me and kissed me and the went down to suck on my soft cock. Licking and cleaning all the cum off.
We were done, had a quick bath in the early hours of the morning and retired to the room to sleep.
Was an unplanned but Super-Hot Night. Can’t wait till we have more time with this guy.

I had spoken to my parents for months about going to a warm place to enjoy my last Spring Break holiday in college. I needed a week in the sun and major beach time. Money was tight, and there didn't seem to be a way. Two weeks before the break as I was gloomily reviewing my other Spring Break options, my Dad called and told me a work friend had offered to let me stay with him and his wife for Spring Break. They lived in Florida, had a house by the beach. He suggested I call them to discuss the details. I was psyched!
Excited, I called the number and left a message on the answering machine. I received a return call later that day and spent an hour on the phone talking to Jim and Karen and finalizing plans. Both of them were very nice and assured me I was welcome to come visit. The next two weeks went by quickly, and before I knew it, I was headed out for my spring break.
Day 1
I arrived in Florida late Friday night and was met by Karen and Jim. They took me out to dinner, and we discussed plans for my stay. Jim told me there was a great club in town and gave me directions. After dinner, they took me back to their house. I had decided to try the club Jim had mentioned, so I changed and headed out. The club was super. The music was great for dancing, so I danced and met some friendly people. About 10:00, I decided that I really wasn't interested in hooking up with anyone I had met and decided to head back to Karen and Jim’s place.
When I returned, I found Karen, Jim, and another couple in the hot tub listening to music and drinking wine. Karen introduced their friends Kevin and Susan. Karen asked me if I wanted to join them in the hot tub - they would be happy to make room. Jim said that they had just gotten into the hot tub, and I was welcome to join. I looked to see the hot tub dress code. Everyone appeared to be naked. I unbuttoned my blouse and slid my skirt down. As I moved towards the hot tub, Jim and Kevin moved apart to create room for me. I got into the tub and Sue starts chatting with me about where I go to school and what is my major. As I’m answering her, I look over at Karen and notice that her eyes are closed, her head is leaning back and her mouth is slightly opened. HMMMM. Kevin asks me if I would like a glass of wine. When I say yes, Kevin stands up to get out of the water. I can’t help but notice that he has a large erection. Sue and I continue talking about my plans while I am visiting. Kevin returns and hands me my drink and rejoins us in the hot tub. I look over at Karen. Jim is obviously playing with her.
Sue comments that Karen is obviously busy doing other things. Karen replies that Jim has several fingers inside her and she is really enjoying his attention. Sue asks how she can join the fun.
I feel Kevin’s hand casually come to rest on my thigh, and then he proceeded to start moving it up my thigh. I put my hand down on his and look him in the eye. He smiles at me and winks. I look around at the rest of the people. Karen and Jim are busy with each other, and Sue is watching Karen and Jim. I smile back at Kevin and remove my hand from over his. He smiles at me and takes my response as an invitation to explore further. Before long, his hand is trying to get between my legs. I casually make some room for him without trying to be too obvious.
As I am moving, Karen stands up in the hot tub, looks at Jim, and says, "I want you to lick me with your tongue." She grabs his hand, and he follows her over to a lounge chair by the pool. Sue starts clapping enthusiastically and tells Jim to make sure he gives his best efforts.
Kevin’s hands are now freely roaming around my vagina, and I am responding to his caresses. As he gently rubs my clit with his thumb, Kevin leans over and begins kissing me. I push him away and look over at Sue to see her reaction. Sue says, "I can see my husband has not wasted any time introducing himself to you." To my amazement, Sue does not look the slightest bit concerned. "Honey," she said to me, "enjoy it and make sure he takes good care of your young pussy." I look at Kevin, and he smiles back; all this time, his thumb continues to work its magic on me. Kevin brings his other hand up and begins caressing my breasts.
His insistent rubbing of my clit and vagina is turning me on big time. I turn towards Kevin, and as I do that he slides two fingers into me and gently begins slipping them in and out. I lean back while focusing on the slightly stretched open feeling my pussy is experiencing and moan softly. I am totally responding to Kevin. I open my legs as wide as I can and begin moving my hips in response to Kevin's caresses.
As Kevin’s caresses start pushing me towards an orgasm, Sue leans over and says to Kevin: "Why don’t you take her over to the other lounge chair?"
I open my eyes and look at her and say, "If this keeps up for another minute, we’re not going to need to move."
Kevin stops his caresses and asks me what I would like him to do. I look at him, turn to Sue, and say, " I would like to take your husband into the house and finish what we have started. Is that OK with you?"
Before Sue can answer, Karen noisily interrupts with the beginning of her orgasm. We all stop what we are doing as we watch Karen come. Jim continues to noisily thrust his tongue into Karen as she spasms. As she finishes her orgasm, I grab Kevin’s hand and start to lead him into the house as Sue says, "Jim, now that you have helped your wife out, I need some of your attention."
I walk Kevin back into my bedroom. I close the door. As I turn around, he wraps his arms around me and begins fervently kissing me. I feel his rigid member throbbing against my belly. His hands are running up and down my sides, giving me goosebumps. He grabs my ass and tries to lift me onto him, but I push him away and lead him to the bed. Kevin looks at me and says, "I want to eat you." I eagerly nod my head.
Kevin lies on the bed, and I straddle his face. This is my favorite position. As his tongue begins gliding up and down my totally aroused vagina, I lean forward and wrap my hand around his erection. I slowly start pumping my fist up and down the length of his penis, watching the pre-cum starting to glisten on the slit of his penis. Kevin wraps his arms around my hips and pushes his fat tongue up into me. Waves of pleasure are running up from my crotch to my head. I am rapidly heading towards a big orgasm. I continue pumping Kevin with my fist as I begin to focus on my impending orgasm. I try to hold it off but I can’t. As I start coming, a long moan escapes my lips. Kevin wraps his lips around my clit and begins sucking on it as I peak. My orgasm is intense, and I ride the waves of pleasure. He is eating me alive!
As my orgasm subsides, I lift myself off of his tongue and move down by his penis. I continue to stroke it with my fist. I begin to slide his foreskin up and down over the head of his penis. He is really hard. He moans softly. I lean over and start licking around the head of his penis in synchrony to my hand pumping him. As I taste him for the first time, a small stream of thick cum begins to leak from the tip. I gently lick that salty gooey fluid up. He moans again. I slowly speed up the rhythm of both my tongue and my fist. I can taste that Kevin has been in another woman. It now dawns on me what has been going on before I returned back to the house. Clearly, there has been some fooling around before I arrived.
Kevin is now moaning more frequently, and I can tell he is ready to come. I lean forward and take him further into my mouth. I slowly slide my mouth up and down his length. At the top, I pause and swirl my tongue around the head and then repeat the process. Kevin reaches down and tries to hold my head. I swat his hands away. Kevin is now leaking a lot. It tastes a slightly musky like a man should. I speed up my fist pumping him. He is really moaning now. I take my mouth from his penis and ask him if he would like me to stop. He moans and tells me he is ready to shoot.
I ask him, "Do you want me to continue with sucking you?" He moans, "Yes." With that, I slowly lower my head back down, and I gently blow on the head of his penis. Kevin moans again. I lower my mouth and take as much of him as I can. I begin to move up and down. Kevin is starting to rock his hips up. I know he is close. With a few more quick strokes, Kevin begins to spurt into me, his cum filling up my mouth until I can hardly hold it all before swallowing it down. I continue licking and pumping until he is done.
When I am sure he is finished, I move up and give him a big kiss and thank him. He tells me if I give him a few minutes to recharge his batteries, he would love to continue. I smile and tell him that I appreciate his offer, but that I am perfectly fine for the moment.
I ask Kevin what he thinks is going on out by the hot tub? He laughs and says he is sure Sue is demanding attention from Jim. He asks me if I want to go out and rejoin them. I look at him and say, "No thanks, this has been great though. I think I’m going to stay here and just go to bed." He says that is fine. I say, "Good night." Kevin leaves and closes the door. As I get under the covers, I think to myself I am in for a hell of a vacation!
A few minutes later, as I am falling asleep, I hear a soft knock on the door. I say, "Hello?" The door opens a crack. It is Karen. She says, "Can I come in?" I nod my head yes. She has put on a short silk robe. She comes over to the bed and sits down. "Do you have everything you need?" she asks. I sit up, wrap my arms around her neck, kiss her cheek, and say, "Yes, thanks." The sheet has fallen to my waist. Karen looks at me unabashedly and says, "You have a great figure. When I was your age, I was still gawky." I can tell Karen has put on some perfume. It smells great. I say, "I really appreciate you and Jim offering me this chance to stay with you. My vacation is certainly starting with a bang." Karen is continuing to look at my chest, and her lust is apparent. I feel my nipples begin to tighten. I notice that Karen’s robe has fallen open. I sneak a peak. Her mature breasts are heavy and round and capped by large nipples. She is easily a size 38. I see her nipples poking against the material of her robe.
Karen catches me looking. I look in her eyes and smile. She smiles back. I lean forward and kiss her, and she returns my kiss. After a moment, she opens her lips and runs her tongue around my lips. I open my mouth and abandon all resistance to letting her tongue in. We French kiss slowly, and mixing with her perfume, I can smell the strong scent of her arousal. I reach down to untie the belt to her robe. I want to feel her large breasts in my hand. I can’t get the knot untied. Impatiently, I begin tugging on the belt. Karen breaks the kiss, leans back, undoes the knot, and then stands up and removes her robe. She sets it on a chair by the bed and returns to me. We resume kissing. I love the feel of a woman when we kiss. They are much gentler than men. Karen begins stroking my hair.
She pulls my hair back and runs her tongue around my ear lobe. I get goosebumps. She sticks her tongue in my ear. She then gently blows into it. Oh my God. She then runs her tongue from my ear to my throat and stops. I am playing with her breasts, kneading and squeezing them gently. Karen tries to push me onto my back. Before I let that happen, I have a surprise for her. I ask her to wait.
I get up off the bed and go to my suitcase to get my nine-inch bullet vibrator. I reach in and pull out my surprise. I turn around and show it to her. She smiles and says, "I’m sure we will find a way to put that to good use. Would you like me to run to my room and get some of my toys?" she asks. I tell her that it is up to her.
She smiles and gets off the bed and tells me she will be back in a minute. She returns with a bullet vibrator and a thin mini-vibe. We both climb back on the bed and face each other kneeling. We resume kissing and playing with each other’s breasts. Between the kissing and what she’s doing to my breasts, I am really getting excited and now can smell my own scent mingled with hers. I feel my pussy lips pooching open, and I am getting really wet, drooling out my desire.
Just as I reach the point that I need her to move on, Karen reaches down to caress my pussy. I gratefully part my legs a little to allow her the access she needs. Karen slides her finger from my clit the full length of my slit. She can feel my wetness. I am ready for anything. I lean forward and run my tongue around a breast. I slowly circle the breast without touching her nipple. She places a hand on my head and pushes me towards her nipple, so I take her lead and suck her nipple into my mouth. I gently rub my teeth against her nipple and feel an immediate response. I begin sucking on her while at the same time flicking the tip with my tongue. Karen likes that and tells me so.
I push her onto her back. I land between her parted legs with my face between her breasts. Karen smiles, "My, my, aren't you the pushy one?!" I respond by taking her a nipple into my mouth and gently nipping it. She jerks slightly then lets loose a low moan. She lies still and puts her hands on my head. I know she is getting impatient and wants me to pay some attention to her pussy. I decided to oblige her. I slide my mouth from her breast and use my tongue to blaze a trail to her navel. Karen growls her approval. I push my tongue into her navel. I slide my hands under her ass, and my tongue continues its journey. Karen is shaved, and as I move closer to my destination, I stop to nip her soft mound. I love to tease.
Karen is in no mood to be teased, and she impatiently pushes my head down. I let her push my head down, but instead of ending where she wants, I suck one of her fat outer lips into my mouth. I repeat this with the other. I then tongue the entire area around her big slit. I continue alternating between her outer lips and kissing the inside of her thighs. Karen tries to scoot down and pull my head to her pussy. Finally, the mother in Karen comes out, and as if talking to an unruly child, she somewhat sharply orders, "Stop teasing me and put your tongue in me!"
Instead, I reach for her mini-vibe. I grab the tube of lubricant and squeeze a generous amount on. Karen is watching me intently. I reach down and grab her legs behind her knees. I push them up towards her chest. I tell her to hold her legs. She does. I lean down and begin circling her ass with my tongue. Although she is shaven above, she has missed some in this challenging area, and a few dark long hairs still guard her brownish-purple meaty hole. This turns me on even more. Karen has a great view of the action. I make sure her opening is wet, and I take the vibrator and turn it on full. I slowly push it into her ass. She lets out a grunt at the intrusion. I then lean forward and suck her hard clit into my mouth. She closes her eyes and this time lets out a moan of pure pleasure.
I run my tongue from her clit to her hole. I thrust my tongue into her. She is gushing her own juices, and I can taste a mixture of her juices and sperm. I wonder exactly whose sperm it is? I begin to slide the vibrator in and out of her ass. Karen lets go of her legs and grabs my head; she is close to her orgasm and doesn't want any more teasing. I begin to stroke her clit with my tongue. Her hips start to buck. My free hand reaches for my vibrator. I turn in on and start rubbing myself with it. Karen moans. I slip my vibrator up into me. Karen begins her orgasm. I continue licking her clit and fucking her ass. Finally, she calms down. I remove the vibrators from their respective holes and move up to kiss her. She looks me in the eye and says, "Now it’s your turn."
Karen sits up, and I lay down on the bed. I am already close to my orgasm. Karen wastes no time. She takes the bullet vibrator from my hand and slips it back into my wet pussy. She begins tonguing my hard clit. My hands unconsciously go to my breasts, and I start tweaking my nipples. I feel the vibrator slide in and out of me. Her tongue is running circles around me.
I will not last long. With a sudden but very much on target move that shows my ass is not the first that Karen has abused, she slides a finger deep inside my ass up to what feels like my belly button. I am there. I begin to shake and come. When I am done, Karen removes the vibrator from my pussy. She slowly removes her finger from my ass. I reach down to her and pull her up to my lips. We exchange a sloppy kiss.
She lifts up and turns around, then lifts a leg over my head and straddles my face and slowly lowers her pussy onto my waiting mouth. As she does this, she pushes my legs wide apart and begins drilling her tongue into me. She is enthusiastically and noisily slurping up my juices. I decide to join her in the feast.
We continue to lick the juices out of each other. I am getting turned on again. I can feel Karen responding to me. I tap her on the back. "Let’s use the vibrators on each other," I say. Karen asks me if I want the mini-vibe in my ass? At the thought of the vibe working its magic in my still tender asshole, I quickly but somewhat meekly say, "Yes." She puts the mini-vibe into me and turns it up on the highest speed. She also begins sliding the vibrator from my clit to my hole. I turn on my vibrator and begin to do the same to her.
The feel of the mini-vibe is sending shivers to my clit. Karen slides the bullet vibrator into me and begins sucking on my clit. Almost immediately, I orgasm. She keeps going as if nothing has happened. She is fucking me with the vibrator, the mini-vibe is still buzzing in my ass, and my clit is between her teeth. I have barely recovered from my last orgasm, but I begin to peak again. This one is huge, like I have rarely encountered in my short life. I ride wave after wave of total pleasure, I am lost in it. I finally come to enough to ask Karen to stop. I have had enough, now it is time to return the favor.
Karen lifts herself off my face. I tell her to lie down so I can lick her. I sit up, and Karen lies down. I kiss her. Her face is soaking with my juices. I carefully lick her face clean, tasting myself just like I do from my fingers during an especially intense masturbation session. I move down between her legs. She spreads them wide for me. I lean forward and run my tongue the length of her slit. I alternate long licks with gentle sucks of her clit. She doesn't last long. With a long moan, she comes. After a few moments, she sits up, kisses me, and thanks me for the great sex. I return her thanks. She gets up, puts on her robe, and leaves the room. I collapse in the bed. I am fully satisfied and can’t wait to see what tomorrow will bring.
Day 2
I woke up Saturday morning at about 10:30. As I lie in bed waking up, I think about last night. The sex with Kevin was good, but I really enjoyed the sex with Karen. It seems like she knew just how to make me feel good. I wonder if we will be together again? Everything was just so right, and Karen just seemed to be in tune with me. As I am showering, I relive the previous evening. I start getting aroused but resist the temptation to touch myself. I put on a bathing suit and shirt and head into the kitchen. Karen has left a note on the counter by the coffeepot saying that Jim is at work and she is out running errands. Both should be back in the afternoon. I take a cup of coffee and head out into the sun by the pool. It is a warm day, and I let the sun relax me. When the sun gets too hot, I jump in the pool to cool off and then continue sunning.
About two o'clock, I can feel that I have had enough sun for the day, and I head into the house to shower and change. I am thinking about a nap but defer the decision until after I shower. As I enter the house, Karen returns from her shopping. I help her put away groceries. Karen asks me what I did all day, and I reply that I have lounging around by the pool. We chat about a whole bunch of things but not the one subject I really want to talk about. I tell her that I have had enough sun and was on my way to shower.
Karen says, "I'm all grungy from my day too. Want some help scrubbing your back?" I eagerly say, "Yes." Karen offers that her shower is larger and may provide more room. I agree. As we head towards her room, my heart is racing, and wicked thoughts are running through my mind.
We get to her bathroom. Karen opens up the shower door and turns on the water. She asks me what temperature I like my shower. I reply that anything is fine. I take off my shirt, and Karen kicks off her sandals. As I reach behind my neck to untie my top, I am watching Karen, and I notice that she is watching me. I move closer to her, and I kiss her gently. Karen responds and pulls me closer to her as we kiss. Her hands move to my back, and she unties my top. I reach back to hold up my hair. As my top loosens, she leans back and looks at my chest. She grabs my top and pulls it away from my breasts and throws it to the floor. Karen says, "You have beautiful breasts." I tell her that her's are pretty too. I say to her, "I have to tell you that since this morning, I have been thinking about last night. I wondered if we would have the chance to be together again." Karen laughs and replies, "It's the same for me. I had some experiences with women in college. It's been a long time for me. Last night was great, and I thought about it a lot today too".
She leans forward and begins planting kisses all around my breasts. I close my eyes and enjoy what Karen is doing. She gently takes a nipple in her mouth and starts sucking on it. I feel a fluttering in my belly, and my nipples immediately harden. Karen then begins caressing my other breast with her hands. I begin to get caught up in the passion of what she is doing to me. Karen moves to my other breast and starts sucking on it. She really has me turned on. I feel ripples of pleasure through my body. I open my eyes and look at her. Her eyes are closed, and she is concentrating on what she is doing as if nothing else exists in her world but me. This pleases me. I begin rubbing her back. She opens her eyes and looks at me. She slides down me and kneels on the floor. Her head is right in front of my crotch. Without her touching me any further, I have my first orgasm.
As I recover, I tell her she has made me come. She laughs and says; "I've just barely started." She reaches up and pulls down my suit bottom and immediately pushes her head into my crotch. I open my legs wider and lean back to give her room. She grabs my ass and pulls me to her tongue. Her tongue immediately finds my swollen clit. She begins running her tongue around it. Her tongue feels huge, warm, and wet. Almost immediately, another orgasm starts. Karen senses my orgasm and sucks my clit into her mouth. My orgasm overwhelms me. Only her hands on my butt keep me from falling to the floor. I push her mouth away from me.
I look down at her, and she is grinning from ear to ear. I return her smile and tell her what an intense orgasm she gave me. I reach out to her and help her up. I am shaking from the intensity of my orgasm as I slowly recover. I want to satisfy Karen the way she did me. I unbutton her blouse and take it off. I unbuckle her belt and open her shorts and pull them off her legs. Karen is wearing a very lacy matching bra and panty set. It is a deep purple color and nicely sets off her skin. I walk around behind her and lift up her hair. I lightly run my mouth and tongue along the small hairs of her neck. I gently kiss her neck. This tickles her a little, but I can also feel goosebumps on her neck. I lift up on tiptoes and gently blow into her ear. I reach around in front of her and cup her breasts. Karen's breasts fill my hands and spill out on all sides. I gently knead her large soft breasts as I continue to tongue her ears.
I hear Karen's breathing begin to speed up as she responds to me. I unclasp her bra and take it off. I cup her breasts and squeeze them with her hardening nipples between my thumb and forefinger. As I caress her, I pull her tight against me. Karen begins rubbing her hands down my sides. I reach down and slowly pull her panties to the floor. As she steps out of her panties, I can smell her arousal. The gusset of her panties is thick with her cream that I can tell has been accumulating all day. I imagine what that must have felt like, her feeling her cunt leaking cream all day and the wet slickness as her panties held it against her labia, distracting her as she went about her errands. I wondered if she had found somewhere private to touch herself? I suspected she had. This intensifies my hunger for her. I put my hands on her hips and turn her around until she faces me. I stand up and kiss her. Karen wildly kisses me and pushes her tongue into my mouth. She reaches for my breasts. I push her hands away and say, "It's your turn, relax, and let me please you."
I lower myself to my knees and reach between her legs. She parts them at my urging. The sight of her cleanly shaven swollen lips that are parted with desire really affects me. Although I want to tease her a little, I can't resist. I take my tongue and run it the entire length of her slit and taste her. I gently suck each outer lip into my mouth and taste the juices of her body. Karen is really wet, and her pussy is wide open, more gaping than simply parted. I take two fingers, briefly circle her opening, and then put them into her. I watch for a few minutes as my fingers slide in and out of her. Karen is moaning. I take my finger from her and use my wet fingers to squeeze her nipples. I then reach up and slide my wet fingers into her mouth. She greedily sucks on my fingers, pulls them out to take a deep smell of her scent, and then places them back in her mouth to finish cleaning them of her juices.
After a moment, I pull my fingers out of her mouth. I put my thumb into my mouth to moisten it and then use it to begin rubbing her. Karen arches her back and moans again. Karen puts her hands on my shoulders to steady herself. I lean forward and start running my tongue the length of her pussy. I put two fingers back inside her and find her G-spot. Almost immediately, she begins an orgasm. I let her orgasm complete before I stop licking her. I then stand up, and we embrace. Karen says, "I think we should shower and cool off." While a shower will certainly cool me off, I am still turned on and want more. I tell that to Karen. She pushes me toward the shower and says to start, and she will join me in a minute.
The shower is large and has two shower heads. The warm water feels good on my skin. I hear the shower door open, and Karen joins me. We stand together and let the water run over us. I turn towards her, and we kiss. As we continue kissing, we each begin caressing the other. I reach for a washcloth and start soaping her vagina. Karen's is "cleaning" my breasts. We are quickly getting out of control again.
Karen breaks our kiss. She moves away from me and picks up a razor and gel from the seat in the shower. She looks at me and in a seductive voice asks me if I would like to help her shave. I stare at her dumbfounded. She looks at me and says: "Maybe it would be better if you watch me do it." She reaches for my hand and pulls me closer. I watch her spread the gel over her pubis, and she begins to shave.
As she is doing this, out of the blue, she says, "Jacqui, I have really enjoyed what we have done together the last two days. It has been wonderful. Would you consider joining Jim and I for a threesome?"
Knock me over with a feather. "Does Jim know that we have been together?" I ask. Karen laughs and says, "Yes. I told him about last night without all of the gory details. He admitted to me that he thought you were hot. I know he would love to be with you."
I ask her if they have ever had a threesome before. She replied no. Karen tells me that they have swapped partners with Kevin and Sue, and there have been a few other partners, but never more than one at a time. Karen tells me that if I agree to do this, we will be filling a number of Jim's fantasies and maybe a couple of her's. Karen tells me that she would like to do this because of her love for Jim and the fact that we will all have a good time.
I ask her if maybe we could fit one or two of my fantasies in also? Karen says absolutely. She continues to shave as we discuss how to seduce Jim. We come up with a game plan. I ask her if we should do this tonight? Karen replies that tomorrow might be better since she doesn't know what kind of a mood Jim will be in after a day of work. I ask her if she is sure Jim can handle two of us at the same time? Karen replied with a smile, "If he lags behind, we always have each other."
Karen has finished shaving and asks me if I want to check to see if she's missed a spot? This woman is incredible. I fall to my knees between her open legs and run my tongue from the top of her pubis down the length of her slit, around her lips, and to her ass. After a full and careful inspection, I report that she has done a perfect job.
Karen then asks me if I would like her to shave me? Without thinking, I quickly agree. I sit down on the seat. Karen leaves the shower and promptly returns with a pair of scissors. She carefully begins cutting my pubic hair short. When done, she applies the gel and carefully starts shaving me. What a massive turn-on this is! I am looking at her shaving me. It is really arousing me; the sharp razor deftly working through my most delicate areas. Knowing another woman was doing this to me and not myself was scary but exciting!
As she finishes an area, she checks her work by running her tongue through the area and then gently running it the full length of my vagina. When she is done, she takes some baby oil and spreads it over everywhere that had hair but is now smooth. She asks me if I want her to check for missed spots? I reply yes... One more lick on my vagina and I am going to orgasm on the spot! Rather than doing what I expect, Karen grabs my hand, turns off the water, and leads me out of the shower. She hands me a towel, and we both dry off. Karen then retakes my hand and leads me to her bed. She lies on her back. I straddle her face and put my slit right onto her mouth. Karen immediately begins licking me.
I am totally aroused, and so is she. I moisten a finger with her juices and tentatively start to try to slide it into her ass. She senses my inexperience, and with a quick swivel and thrust of her hips, I find my finger buried to the hilt into her asshole. She returns the favor; as before, showing her ass fingering experience by deeply impaling me without hesitation. Each of us quickly orgasm.
After the immediate need is satisfied, we slow down the pace and more leisurely continue until each of us has another orgasm. I am now satisfied, and so is Karen. We sit up. I give Karen a final kiss and tell her I am going to go and take a well-deserved nap, and I will see her later. As I turn to leave the room and am sure she can no longer see me, I slowly drag the finger that had been in her ass beneath my nose and inhale her freshly showered but still slightly earthy scent. Deeply shocking myself with a purely primal and instinctual move, I suddenly realized the finger was now in my mouth. I jerked it free, but that thought stayed with me as I restlessly napped until 8:30 p.m.
Upon waking up, I showered again (I'm the cleanest girl in Florida), and got dressed. I went out and found Karen and Jim watching TV. I told them I was going out dancing to the club Jim mentioned to me when I arrived. Karen asked me if I would like something to eat? I briefly consider a smart but sexy retort but then politely told her no, and that I will see them later. I arrived at the club about 10:00 and spent the rest of the night dancing until the club closed at 3:00 a.m. I returned back to the house and went to bed.
Day 3
I wake up after 11:00 the next morning. I don't know exactly what I dreamed, but I knew from the state of my soggy pussy that they most surely were good dreams. As I dress, I think about the last two days. While I have had an active love life, the previous two days are unbelievable. I have been in a constant state of arousal since Friday night. Although I have had a lot of sex, I am still aroused and am ready for seducing Jim. I can't believe the super start my vacation has had. I throw on a top and pair of shorts and head into the kitchen. I am ravenous. Jim is in the back yard, mowing the lawn, and Karen is in the kitchen reading the paper. Karen volunteers to cook me an omelet. I tell her that would be great.
Karen tells me that Jim spent the entire night trying to get in her pants, but she told him she was tired. Karen asks me if I am still willing to help her seduce Jim. I tell her yes. Karen delivers a delicious omelet with toast. I greedily devour my meal as we review our seduction plans. Karen has already told Jim that she wants all of us to spend the day lounging around the pool. As I put my plate and utensils in the dishwasher, Karen asks me if I would like to go shopping for a bathing suit in her closet. She tells me she has a few older ones that were more my size, and that may fit the bill for today's activities. I have brought two bathing suits but decide to take her up on the offer.
Karen and I go to her room, and she shows me her bathing suit selection. We jointly agree on a pink knit bikini. Karen suggests I try it on. I tell her I will, but she needs to behave. She promises she will. I strip off my clothes and try on the suit. It fits fine and really is flattering to my figure. The top is two tiny triangles that barely cover my nipples. The bottom is small and barely covers my pussy. It shows off enough to entice any man.
I ask Karen what she is going to wear and she shows me a black spandex thong bikini that leaves nothing to the imagination. I put back on my clothes and tell her I am going to shower and get ready and I will meet her by the pool in an hour. Karen suggests we take our time and meet in one and one-half hours. That will give Jim time to complete his chores so he will be ready to notice our entrance. I give her a kiss on the cheek and go to shower. Karen does the same.
After my shower, I carefully put on my makeup, perfume, and bikini. With a final look into the mirror, I am ready to make my entrance. I put on my sunglasses and head towards the pool. I feel totally sexy, and I look forward to the rest of the day. As I told Karen yesterday, I have never had a threesome, and it will be a first for all of us.
As I open the door to the pool, I see that Jim is sitting in the lounge chair by the pool relaxing and having a beer. My timing is perfect. I walk out to the pool and sit down in the lounge chair next to him. We begin chatting. Jim almost immediately asks me if I am wearing Karen's old bikini? I tell him yes. Jim tells me that it was always one of his favorites. I smile and tell him he has great taste.
As we talk, Jim is totally checking me out. Since the suit is knit, it is pretty transparent. After a few minutes, Jim says he is going to head into the house and take a shower. As he gets up, I glance and see he has an erection. He asks me if I have seen Karen and I tell him that I believe she should be coming out to the pool momentarily. I push my hands up over my head feigning a big stretch and make sure Jim gets an eyeful of my body. I am a total vamp. After one last look at me, Jim goes into the house to shower.
Shortly after, Karen comes out of the house. She sits in the chair next to me. I tell her that Jim has definitely noticed my suit, and I gave him an eyeful before he left. Karen tells me that they passed each other in the house, and Jim asked her to shower with him, but she said no. Jim also told her that he thought I was flirting with him. He asked her if there was something up? Karen and I both chuckle about what must be going through his head.
When Jim returns, I am pretending to sleep on my tummy in the lounge chair. Karen is sitting in a floating chair in the pool. Knowing what is about to occur already has me aroused and ready. My nipples are hard, and I am already moist between my legs. Karen says to Jim, "Jacqui has fallen asleep, and I am afraid she is going to get a sunburn. Will you please put some suntan lotion on her back and legs?"
I sense Jim by my side. He begins rubbing lotion on my lower back. He carefully rubs it in. I hear Karen splash out of her pool chair. His hands are big and strong and feel good on my back. As he shifts down to apply lotion to my legs, Karen walks over to the other side of the chair. He then puts lotion on my thighs. He gently rubs it in and works his way up to the bottom of my bathing suit. As he reaches near the top of my thighs, Karen tells him he's not doing it right. She removes his hands and begins to rub high up on my thighs. She puts some more lotion on the tops of my thighs and tells him to rub it in. As I feel his hands between my legs, I wake up. I look at Jim and sternly ask him what he is doing. He is totally startled.
He lamely replies that Karen asked him to apply suntan lotion so I wouldn't burn. I look at Jim and say, "Well then since you have put lotion on me, I insist that I return the favor."
I get up from the chair and indicate that he should lie down. Karen and I begin applying lotion to his back and legs. Karen slips her hands under his bathing suit and starts rubbing his ass. After a moment, we tell him to turn over. As he does, Karen leans over and begins kissing him. I reach into his bathing suit and grasp his hard dick. As Karen continues to kiss Jim, I start pumping my hand the length of his penis. Jim is fully erect and is enjoying our caresses. I pull down his suit and lean forward and take him into my mouth. I slowly slide my mouth up and down his length. Jim begins moaning as Karen continues to kiss him. After a while, Karen breaks the kiss and asks Jim if we should move the party into their bedroom? Jim replies, "Absolutely!"
When we get into the bedroom, Karen turns to Jim and tells him that I have agreed to fulfill a fantasy of theirs. I also tell Jim that this is my first threesome. Karen begins rubbing his chest, and I drop to my knees in front of him and touch his penis through his suit. Karen is now sucking on one of Jim's nipples. I pull down Jim's suit and help him step out of it.
I wrap my hand around his penis and begin pumping it. Jim is large and thick, and my hand is barely able to wrap around it. I lean forward and gently lick the tip of his dick. Jim is looking at me and smiling. I run my tongue around the head of his penis and then suck him into my mouth. Jim is fully erect and enjoying my efforts. After a few moments, Karen and I switch places. As we do, we help each other off with our tops. Jim begins caressing my breasts. I watch Karen sucking on Jim. Karen is sucking about two-thirds of his length into her mouth and is pumping the bottom third with her fist. Karen wraps her hands around his hips and begins taking his full length into her mouth. I watch in amazement and make a mental note to discuss with her how she does that.
After a few more minutes, Karen suggests we move to the bed. As we all get to the bed, Karen tells Jim that she wants to watch him fuck me. I tell Jim that I like to be on top. In addition to this being my favorite position, I am a little nervous about him fitting in me; I've had lovers, but none the size of this mature man in front of me. As I straddle him, Karen grasps Jim's penis and begins rubbing him up and down my slit to lubricate him. I am pretty wet, but every little bit helps. Karen positions the head in my opening and pushes the head up into me, stretching my opening.
Karen releases Jim's penis and moves up to caress my breasts. I lean back and tentatively slide the head in a little bit more as I lubricate him. After a moment, I am ready to take more. I slowly pump my hips up and down, taking a little more each time. Finally, I have all of him in me. I am totally stretched, and as I move up and down his length, the friction slowly turns to pleasure. I lean forward and kiss Jim. Karen moves away from me and sits next to us on the bed. I complete a kiss and lean back and put my hands on his knees. This gives Jim a better view of him sliding into me as well as adding friction to my sensitive places. Jim begins caressing my breasts. Karen, not wanting to be left out of the action, leans over and we begin to kiss. The feel of Jim sliding into me soon pushes me towards an orgasm.
I break our kiss and try to get some air in my lungs. Before I lose myself in the pleasure, I stop humping Jim. I get up and say that it is time to try something else. Karen immediately mounts Jim and begins pushing him into her. Jim thrusts powerfully into her. I move to the side and start kissing Jim and tweaking one of his nipples. Jim thrusts his tongue into my mouth to the same rhythm he is thrusting his cock into Karen. I break the kiss, and I move down to Karen and begin kissing her. I reach down and start playing with Jim's balls. I give them a little squeeze. Karen tells me she can feel my hand on Jim's balls as she rides him.
I put a finger into Karen's mouth and let her suck on it to get it wet. Karen opens her eyes and looks at me. I smile at her, pull the finger out of her mouth, and then move around behind her. She knows what I am about to do. She longs for it, and although I feel sure she didn't see what I was doing the day before as I left the bedroom, she senses my newfound infatuation with a woman's asshole. The view from behind is the sexiest thing I have seen in my young life. Karen's ample ass cheeks are spread wide, and Jim's thick cock is stretching her pussy hole. With the very tip of my finger, I briefly circle her clit, collecting some addition wetness from her feminine juices that had gathered there from Jim's thrusting. Then, without hesitation this time and using my newfound skills, I drill the wet finger deep into her dark recesses. Karen involuntarily arched her back and just lost all control. It startled me and honestly was a little frightening since it that level of pleasure was something I had yet to experience in my young life. Her greedy asshole tightened on my finger until it was almost painful, and I could feel the spasms coming from deep inside her. Instinctively, I hooked my finger, putting additional pressure on the thin tissue separating Karen's rectum from her vaginal canal. I was amazed that I could feel every tiny ridge and bump on Jim's cock this way, and I knew that extra pressure must mean Karen's pussy was feeling it in a much more intense way too. Karen's body broke into a sweat, and she went nearly silent and almost limp. From my rear vantage point, I saw rivulets of fluid running from between Karen's legs and onto Jim's cock and pubes, but I couldn't see exactly what was happening. I had heard of women who could "squirt," but honestly had always thought that was probably bullshit. Whether Karen had squirted, or whether her orgasm had consumed her to the point she simply lost control of her bladder, I was fascinated and super aroused at the idea of someday experiencing that level of orgasm for myself.
After Karen's orgasm completed and she regained her faculties, she rolled off of Jim. To my surprise, instead of winding down, she seemed to be winding up! Karen sat up straight in the bed and announced that she wants Jim to take her in the ass. OH MY GOD. Karen and I haven't talked about this! A small toy or a woman's dainty finger I could see, but that fat cock of Jim's? Karen asks me to lubricate Jim's dick. I reach to the side table and get the tube of lubricant, and covered him with what I thought was a good amount. The voice of experience, Karen says to put more on the tip, so I do. Karen then tells me to put some on her ass. I squeeze a large glob out and do as I am told. Karen then tells me to grab a rubber dick out of the drawer in the table. Karen tells me to lubricate that. I do and give it to her. This was not part of what we had discussed, and I wonder how all of these parts are going to fit together!
Karen tells me to lie down on my back. She gets on her knees between my open legs with Jim behind her. Karen begins inserting the rubber dick into my pussy. I am totally wet, so it goes in easily. Once fully in, she leans forward and tells Jim to enter her. I have never seen this done. Jim is very gentle and slowly inserts himself into her ass. Karen leans forward on my tummy as Jim slowly enters her. She grunted with a slight wince once when the head must have made it past her sphincter, and then again a few minutes later when Jim bottoms out, balls deep in her. They rest as Karen finishes adjusting to his size. When she is able, Karen tells Jim she is ready for him. Jim begins to thrust in and out of her slowly.
After several strokes from Jim, Karen moves her mouth to my opening and begins sucking on my clit as she slides the dildo in and out of my wet opening. Although my eyes are closed, I can tell each time Jim thrusts into Karen because she is pushed forward. I open my eyes to watch the spectacle. Jim is now rapidly thrusting into Karen's behind. Karen is panting but obviously enjoying what Jim is doing as much as she is caressing me. Jim moans that he is coming. He thrusts one final time and moans out his orgasm as his balls completely empty of cum into Karen's big sexy ass. When Jim is done, he lovingly and gently removes himself from Karen, more letting her push him out at her pace than simply yanking himself out of her ass, a fact I file away for the day when my own tight asshole would be on the receiving end of a large cock.
Karen smiles at me tells me that she had another orgasm while Jim was in her ass. I am so turned on I begin frantically playing with myself so I can come. Karen takes my clit into her mouth and gently starts sucking, helping me toward my own orgasm. She is fucking me with the rubber dick. Jim moves up and takes both of my breasts into his large hands and begins squeezing them while he thumbs my nipples. I scream out in pleasure and begin my orgasm. Karen continues to suck me until I push her head away, her face wet with my cum. I can't move; I am so drained.
We all collapse onto the bed. Karen asks us if the experience was what we hoped it would be? I told her that watching Jim have her in the ass was totally awesome and really turned me on. Jim asked if we were done? Karen laughs and tells him if he wants any more sex, he needs to be a good boy and go clean off. Jim jumps off the bed and runs to the bathroom.
Karen hugs me and asks me again if I enjoyed it? I tell her yes. Karen asks if I have a fantasy that they could help me with? I tell her I would like to think about that one and get back to her. Karen asks me if I would like to have more loving, and I respond yes. Jim comes out of the bathroom with a wet washcloth and tenderly cleans Karen's ass off. I was disappointed I didn't get to actually see her asshole leaking cum in an anal creampie.
Jim offered me another towel, and I used it to clean myself. Karen asked Jim what he would like to do next? Jim replied that he would like to watch us sixty-nine. Karen asked if we can use toys, and Jim says yes. Karen asked me if I would like to get my personal vibrator, or if I was ok with it, she has enough for us to use. With a smile and wink, I replied that I will get mine since it is like an old friend. Karen has her vibrator and the mini-vibe out, and she is lubricating both. I lubricate my vibrator. Jim has pulled a chair over by the bed. Karen lies down, and I climb on top.
We begin kissing and caressing each other. Making love with Karen is becoming addictive. As we start making love, Jim tells us how erotic it is to see two beautiful women pleasure each other. We both spend several minutes caressing each other's breasts. I turn around and move down to her pussy and gently spread her outer lips. I run my tongue the length of her opening and then return to her clit and give it a kiss. Karen is gently spreading me open and is running her wet finger around my pussy. I push my face into her wet pussy and begin using my tongue to drink her juices. We continue caressing each other until I am approaching an orgasm. I sit up straddling Karen's face and start my orgasm. Karen feels the onset and sucks my hard clit into her mouth. This increases the intensity as she sucks on my clit.
After I recover from my climax, I move off her face. I now want to satisfy her. I pick up the mini-vibe, turn it on, and put it in her ass. I have learned that this is very erotic for her, but I am surprised her ass can take any more play this night. I turn on the vibrator and run it the length of her. I look over and see that Jim is once again fully erect.
I ask Jim to fuck her while I lick her. Karen smiles and says of course. As Jim moves over and begins to mount Karen, I start rubbing the vibrator on her clit. Karen is moaning and telling us how turned on she is. Jim slowly begins thrusting into Karen. After a few strokes, he lifts her legs up onto his shoulders. Her thighs are wide open, and I continue to rub the vibrator over her hard clit. The combination of Jim fucking her and the mini-vibe on her sensitive areas overwhelm her. I watch as she convulses as her orgasm begins. It's gentler this time, which is what I think she really needed and longed for. Jim continues to thrust into her through her orgasm. I remove the mini-vibe from her ass, making a conscious effort to do it gently, letting her push it out. She smiles at me as if she has read my mind and is proud of what I have learned. The sexual connection I have built with this woman, a complete stranger just a few days ago, astounds me.
As she recovers, I move the vibrator back onto her sensitive clit. Karen almost sits up from the feel of the vibrator reapplied to her clit, but the relaxes a bit as she realizes I intend to bring her down gradually with gentle orgasmic waves, nothing intense. Over the next several minutes, Karen repeatedly orgasms. By my count, she comes at least four times, each one a gentle wall of pleasure washing over her sexually exhausted body.
I don't want to leave Jim out since he is still erect and I know he would like to come again. I lay down, and since I am not as wet as Karen was, Jim spends a few minutes working himself into me. When I am ready, he puts my legs on his shoulders and begins to thrust forcefully into me. He is so big that I feel my entire pussy move with his thrusts. Karen has recovered enough to work the vibrator on me. I quickly go into overload. I begin to orgasm as I moan to my lovers that I am coming. Karen chooses this moment to start deeply kissing me and caressing my breasts. Without even a break, as I recover from my orgasm the feel of Karen kissing my breasts combined with the vibrator on my clit and Jim continuing to pound into me starts me up the path to another peak. Over the next twenty minutes, I orgasm five times each one more powerful than the previous one. My final orgasm has me seeing stars as Jim unleashes his orgasm into me. I have never been better laid in my life!
All wholly sated, we all nap together for several hours with me between Karen and Jim. We wake up about 7:00 and share a light dinner on the patio. I ask Karen and Jim if they want to join me dancing? Jim passes, but Karen agrees to go if we come back early so she can get enough sleep before work. We spend several hours dancing and drinking. When we are not dancing, we sit together and chat. We leave the club early to get Karen home so she can get some sleep. My vacation to this point has been unbelievable. We part company after a hug, and I once again thank Karen for helping to make my holiday so much fun. Karen tells me she will call me from work in the morning when she gets a break. I tell her not to call early since I plan to sleep in. We say a final goodnight and head to our bedrooms.
Day 4
I spent the morning by the pool sunning and swimming. Karen and Jim had left for work by the time I got up. Karen called me at noon to see what I am doing, and asked me how I am spending my day? She tells me that she and Jim will be home around six and asks if I would like to have dinner with them or do I have other plans? I tell her that I planned to go to the beach in the afternoon and I really didn’t have dinner plans. Karen invites me for dinner if I want. She tells me that after we got back last night, Jim wanted to talk about what we had all done earlier and was really enthusiastic about it. Karen said that he wanted all of us to be together again. I asked Karen how she felt about that. I told her that I was more than willing because it was great for me, but I didn’t want to create problems with her marriage. Karen said to me that everything was fine with her marriage, and I shouldn’t worry. Karen said that since I arrived, her love life had jumped into overdrive. I told her that I felt the same way and really enjoyed both of them and that they were really making my spring break vacation something I would remember for the rest of my life. We agreed that we would see how the rest of the day went and not make any formal plans. After a few more minutes of conversation, we hung up.
I spent the afternoon at the beach. About 4:30, I packed up my stuff and returned back to Jim and Karen’s. I showered and put on a sundress. Jim and Karen returned home from work and found me in the kitchen, dancing to the stereo. Karen told me that Jim had volunteered to take us all out to dinner again if that was OK by me. I said that was fine. Karen said she was going to change into casual clothes. Jim prepared a drink and asked me if I would like one. I agreed. As we wait for Karen to change, Jim opened up the discussion of the previous night and how great it was. I tell him that I enjoyed it too. Jim tells me that Karen told him about my concerns regarding their relationship and assured me that everything was fine. Jim said that they had a very open relationship and had agreed that if one person wanted to have sex with someone else, it was ok as long as the other partner was told. Karen had returned during our conversation and agreed with Jim. Karen again reassures me that everything is fine and I should relax and go with the flow. We all pile into Jim’s car and go to a nice seafood restaurant on the water. We chat and laugh through dinner.
When we return, Karen suggests we have some wine in the hot tub. We all agree. I go into my room, undress, put my hair up, and am the first one in the hot tub. Karen joins me next, and then Jim arrives with a bottle of wine and glasses. We all sit and chat. After a little while, I feel Jim’s hand on my thigh. I casually reach over and begin caressing his leg, slowly sliding my hand up until I have my hand wrapped around his penis. Jim smiles at me. Karen catches our looks and slides over closer to Jim, and her hand quickly joins mine. Karen and I share smiles as we caress Jim. Karen leans over and begins kissing Jim. I continue stroking him. Jim is now fully erect. As they break their kiss, I ask Jim to scoot up and sit on the edge of the tub. He complies. I kneel between his legs and take him into my mouth. I slowly swirl my tongue around the head of his penis. I then start sliding his length into my mouth, gradually taking more. I look up and find him watching me. Karen is beside me, watching also.
I continue to suck on Jim. I cannot take his entire length into my mouth, but I do get most of it. I periodically stop pumping him and just concentrate running my tongue around the swollen head. Before long, I taste the first drop of pre-cum. I continue to suck on Jim. Karen tells me she can tell that Jim is enjoying what I am doing. I feel Jim swelling and can tell I have him close. I reach down and take his sac into my hands and gently squeeze with my fingers. Jim swells and begins shooting into my mouth. I remove my mouth as he continues his orgasm. I continue to stroke him with my hand until he has completed his orgasm. I then gently lick his entire length to get up the last drops of his cum and make sure he is clean, Karen applauds my good effort. Jim complements me on my oral talents. Karen suggests we move to the bedroom.
Sucking Jim and swallowing his cum has aroused me, and I am ready for love. Karen is also very aroused. When we get to the bedroom, Karen and I begin kissing and playing with each other’s breasts. Karen leans forward and takes one of my nipples into her mouth. As she caresses me, her hand slides down between my legs. I close my eyes and enjoy her caresses. Karen slides down my body and begins sliding her tongue along my pussy. I am wet and ready for her. Karen suggests we move to the bed. We move to the bed, and Karen gets between my spread legs and continues to lick me. She alternates attention between my hard clit and my open vagina. I am in heaven and begin caressing my breasts, hardening the nipples. Karen looks up and asks me if she is doing ok? I grab her head and push it back into my aroused vagina. Jim has moved behind Karen and begins sliding his hands into her crotch. I am really aroused and feel the beginning of my orgasm. Karen sucks me into her mouth, and that sends me over the edge. When I am done, she comes up and kisses me and lets me taste myself on her mouth.
Karen tells Jim to lie down, and she takes him into her mouth and begins to suck him. Jim quickly hardens. I move off the bed and watch Karen. After a few minutes, Karen stops sucking him, lifts up, and straddles him. Jim easily slides into Karen. Karen begins riding Jim, he is caressing her breasts and then grabs her ass. Karen rides Jim until she has her first orgasm. Watching them together as they make love is really arousing to me. Jim obviously knows how Karen likes to be made love to. Karen asks me if I would like a turn? I agree.
Karen and I change places. Jim slowly thrusts into me, and it feels so good! I ride Jim until he is sliding fully into me. The feel of him filling me up is unbelievable. I have always been with people my own age and had never thought of people my parents' generation as sexual beings or worthy of consideration. I now realize how wrong that is; mature men have larger cocks and know how to use them, and a mature woman's lush body and lack of inhibition on how she gets her sexual satisfaction is something that I know I must continue to have.
Jim stretches me, and I feel every little movement sending shivers up my spine. I stop pumping him and ask him if we can try another position? Jim is ready for anything. I climb off him and get on all fours with my backside at the edge of the bed. Jim moves behind me standing and enters me again. This position allows him to go even deeper into me, and as he begins moving behind me, I can only start moaning in passion. Jim starts picking up the pace of his thrusts. I feel his balls slapping my clit on each thrust. He feels enormous inside me, and I am rapidly losing it. As I begin to orgasm, I feel him swell, and he joins me as we climax together. The feel of him sliding in and out as his hot spurts of cum fill my pussy as I orgasm is incredible.
Jim withdraws from me and gives me a hug and heads towards the bathroom to clean up. Karen and I hug. When Jim returns, he tells us that he is worn out and is going to bed. Karen asks me what my plans are? I tell her I think I am going to go back out to the hot tub and mellow for a while. Karen tells Jim she would like to join me. She kisses Jim and tells him she will be in later. We head out to the hot tub.
Karen and I refill our wine glasses and sit in the hot tub. We begin talking about what has just happened. Over the last several days, Karen and I have been very close, and we are comfortable talking to each other. We discuss what has happened since my arrival and the fact that I have really enjoyed all of the sex we have had. Karen asks me if I prefer sex with men or women more? I think about that. I tell her that sex with women is more satisfying from the perspective of having multiple orgasms and the gentleness of a female lover. I tell her that I also like the feel of a man, and I love watching the goofy faces they make as they climax. I ask Karen about her feelings about sex with men and women. Karen tells me that she had sex with two women during college, one was her roommate, and the other was with a friend. I asked her if she enjoyed it? She said yes, but at the time the whole issue of bisexuality and being a lesbian was too much for her to deal with. She then says that being with me has awakened a lot of the positive memories of that without any of the negative baggage. We agree that we have the best of both worlds being able to enjoy sex with both genders.
I ask her about anal sex, and how does it feel? Karen tells me she was introduced to it when she was dating, and she found it was very arousing. I tell her I have never tried it and I thought it would hurt. Karen agreed and said that it was important that her lover be gentle and slow and that she be relaxed. She told me that more often than not, she orgasms during anal sex.
We have another glass of wine, and Karen brings up the subject of my fantasy. I tell her I am still thinking about it. Karen tells me that Sue had called her and wanted to get together with us. She asked me how I felt about this? I told her that I was OK with it. Karen told me we should try to seduce Sue because Kevin and Jim would love to watch that. Karen tells me that Kevin has been raving about Friday night and telling Sue to call and see if they can come over. I tell Karen about my time with Kevin and then ask her about Sue. Karen tells me that Sue has a killer figure. I tell her I never got a chance to see her, so I wouldn’t know. Karen assures me if I saw her I would like her, so I ask Karen if she thinks Sue would be willing to play with us, and Karen says the only way to find out is to try. We talk about it for a couple more minutes and then decide to head into the house. We get out of the hot tub and bring the wine and glasses into the house.
As we are saying goodnight to each other, Karen asks if I would like some company, and I smile at her and nod my head yes. Karen says all of this sex talk has her engine running, and since Jim is asleep and well laid, he is probably of no use. We head to my room. I excuse myself to clean off, and Karen laughs and says she’ll help. We get into the bathroom and turn on the shower. We squeeze in together and clean off. There is some playful touching, but I want her on my bed when we make love.
We leave the shower and towel off and head to the bed. Karen volunteers to go get her toys. She quickly returns with a small bag. Curious about what the bag contains I ask her if I can see. She turns the bag over and dumps it out on the bed. In it is her mini-vibe, a bullet vibrator, a string of love beads, lubricant, and body paint. I ask her about the beads and the body paint. Karen explains that the beads are inserted into you and are very erotic. Karen says she uses the body paint with Jim for foreplay. I pick up the bottle and squeeze some on her chest and stomach and lean forward to taste the gel. It has a pleasant strawberry taste. While I am doing that, Karen spells my name on one breast using her nipple to cap the "I." I greedily begin sucking on her breast. As I am doing that, Karen starts running her hands down my sides and begins caressing my breasts. I sit up on her pelvis as she caresses me.
Karen then asks me if I would like to try the love beads? Although the last few days have shown me that another woman's ass turns me on immeasurably, I am leery about my own. My asshole is very tight, and other than some light touching during masturbation, more out of curiosity than desire, I have never been sexual there and for sure never been penetrated. Karen assures me it will feel good, and if I don’t like it, she will stop, so I agree. Karen tells me to kneel on all fours. I slowly comply. I am looking behind me to try to watch what Karen is doing. She is murmuring softly to me again, reassuring me everything is ok, but her soft words don't hide the unadulterated lust in her eyes, and this scares me a bit.
I see her take the lubricant and squeeze some into her palm. She then takes the beads and the string and carefully rubs them with lubricant. She then tells me to relax. I jump when I feel her tongue on my ass. She slowly licks me and wets my ass. It feels funny, but a little good, and my mind spins with the taboo-ness of what she is doing. I then hear a buzzing sound and at the same time feel Karen squeeze a dollop of lubricant on my ass, which causes me to jump and clinch up. I then feel her finger and a bead press against my opening. With her birds-eye view of my tender exposed asshole, Karen knows I am not ready, so just places one bead against my opening and holds it there with a slight pressure while she coos to me about how sexy my ass is and how it turns her on. After a while, I feel my body relaxing, the Karen does too and pushes one bead into me. I feel the vibration.
Karen pushes the bead up into me as far as her finger will reach. My head swims with the idea that a woman old enough to be my mother had her finger buried deep in my rectum where nothing has gone before. She repeats the process with the remaining four beads. She then announces that she is done, and asks me how it feels?. I tell her it is OK. Karen then turns up the rheostat making the beads vibrate quicker. That feels much better; I can feel the vibrations pulsing throughout my pelvis. Karen tells me to roll over onto my back. As I do, the feeling of the handle end of the beads protruding and dangling out of my ass is deliciously dirty. She then takes the bullet vibrator and begins running it the length of my slit to moisten it.
The feeling of the two vibrators is unbelievably arousing. I spread my legs open really wide, close my eyes, and begin moaning. I feel Karen’s weight shifting on the bed. I open my eyes, and she leans forward and starts French kissing me. Karen is now alternating sliding the vibrator against my erect clit and sliding it up inside me. I frantically return her kisses as my body begins humping against the vibrator. I quickly climax, moaning against her tongue.
As I complete my climax, Karen raises up from me, stands above me, lubricates the mini-vibe, and asks me to put it into her. Although she has removed the bullet vibrator from me, the feel of the beads continuing to vibrate still has me in a high state of arousal. I turn her around and begin kissing her ass, then abandoning my last restraint, shoving my tongue against her back opening trying to work it inside. Her practiced ass quickly relaxes, so after just a moment of this (not nearly enough actually), I can tell she is ready and slide the mini-vibe into her. Karen produces a deep moan that comes from somewhere within that I haven't found yet. I suggest we lick each other, and almost distractedly, Karen moans her agreement.
I take the bullet vibrator from her as she lowers her moist pussy down over my face. I immediately begin running my tongue along her opening. Karen is very wet, and her opening is gaping. I start thrusting my tongue into her. Karen is returning the favor by sucking on my exposed clit, and soon, I begin to orgasm again. Karen releases my clit as I recover. I am moaning into her pussy as I continue to caress her. As I recover, I begin to slide the bullet vibrator into her pussy. Before I can fully insert it, Karen starts to orgasm. The speed of her orgasm surprises me, and I suspect that first my tongue and then the mini-vibe throbbing deep in her ass has something to do with it. I continue to insert the vibrator as her orgasm peaks. Karen is moaning as her peak recedes. I gently begin sliding the vibrator into her as I run my tongue around her hard bud. Karen returns her tongue to my pussy, and we really concentrate on each other’s pleasure. We each orgasm several more times before we stop. My final orgasm is heightened when Karen smiles and slowly removes the love beads in the middle of my orgasm. Each "pop" as a bead slides out of my asshole sends a high voltage charge to my clit. I think I love this!
As we lay together, catching our breath, Karen asks me how I liked the beads? My shy, almost embarrassed smile gives her the answer. Karen laughs knowingly. She praises me for letting go of my inhibitions, something very unusual for a young woman of my age she says. Her praise pleases me, but I hold back from telling her of my fascination with her ass and what licking it did to me; I'm just not able to fully admit to someone old enough to be my mother of what I consider my dirty secret. After we rest a little while, Karen thanks me for a great time, we kiss, and she packs up her toys and heads to her bedroom. I am limp and can’t move. I lay there, the occasional twitch of my still lubricated asshole keeping me pleasantly bothered and half awake. Finally, sexual exhaustion overcomes sexual arousal, and I fall deeply asleep.
Day 5
I wake up around noon. I shower and try to get dressed. As I look in my suitcase, there is almost nothing clean. I have been a bad girl, in so many ways, and not done laundry since I arrived. I put on Karen’s pink string bikini and a tee shirt I have brought down to sleep in but have not used. All that is left is a pair of shorts and a sweater. I met two girls at the beach yesterday, and we agreed to meet today.
Before I leave for the beach, I call Karen. I tell Karen that I am going to spend the afternoon at the beach. She asks me about dinner plans. I tell her I would like to cook something for her and Jim. Karen tells me that will be great. I ask her if I should plan on Kevin and Sue joining us for dinner? Karen tells me she will let me know later, she has left a message for Sue inviting them over for fun and games and has not heard back. I tell Karen I will be back around 4:00. Karen tells me it is ok to invite people back to the house if I want. I thank her and tell her I will see. I pack a cooler with water and fruit and head to the beach. It is sunny and warm, but again a little windy. I arrive at the beach. I sit down on my towel and begin reading a book.
Around two o’clock two girls that I had met at the beach yesterday, Liza and Kim, arrive and arrange their stuff by me. As we are chatting, I notice that Liza is really checking me out. My suit is pretty revealing, but I start to watch her more closely as we continue to talk. We talk about where we are from and our schools, boys, and what we have done since we arrived. They ask me where I am staying. I explain to them my story about Jim and Karen. They express appreciation for my great setup. As the afternoon went on, the wind picked up. Around three, I announced that I was leaving and said my goodbyes.
I stop at a local supermarket and pick up dinner. I decide to serve my specialty, veal marsala, new potatoes, and salad. When I arrive home, I start a load of laundry and then head into the kitchen to start dinner. I turn on a CD and begin to prepare the potatoes. As I am putting them in the oven, Karen arrives home. Karen asks what’s for dinner and I tell her. I ask her about Sue and Kevin. Karen tells me that they will be joining us for dinner, and Sue has volunteered to bring dessert and wine.
I tell Karen about my clothes dilemma, and she tells me I can come and shop in her closet to see if I can find something that she can no longer get into but would fit me. Karen asks if she can help me with dinner, and I tell her I am fine. I tell her I am going to jump in the shower and be back in time to prepare and cook the veal. Karen tells me she will help with the salad. Karen tells me she is going to shower also. She asks me if I want help scrubbing my back? I tell her if I shower with her we will never get to dinner! She promises to be a good girl. I tell her I will hold her to her promise.
I follow Karen into her bedroom, where we undress and get into her large shower. We clean ourselves and shampoo. Karen sits on the seat in the shower and begins to shave herself. Despite my admonishments, watching her shave gets me really aroused. When she is done, she asks me if I need a shave? Karen motions me to sit down and begins to apply shaving cream. She then carefully shaves my entire pubic area. I secretly wish she will go a little further, but she is true to her promise.
When she is done, we exit the shower and begin to dry off. As I am drying myself, Karen comes up behind me and whispers in my ear that she knows I am turned on and she has a solution to my problem. With that, I feel her slide her bullet vibrator between my legs. I love this woman. I close my eyes as she turns the vibrator on and continues to slide it along my pussy. Each time it touches my sensitive clit, I let out a moan. Within minutes, I feel waves of pleasure begin to overwhelm me. My orgasm is very satisfying. Karen waits until I am done and then removes the vibrator from my wet crotch. I thank her for her assistance, and she tells me I owe her one and it’s up to me to seduce Sue. Karen gives me one of her wicked smiles, licks the vibrator clean of my girl cum, and walks into the bedroom.
As we look in her closet for clothes, I quiz Karen on advice on how to seduce Sue. After some discussion, Sue suggests I enlist Kevin to help. Karen tells me she thinks that Kevin may be a willing assistant. Karen picks out a sheer blouse and a short linen skirt. For me, she pulls out a leather mini with a matching vest.
Karen dresses without underwear. I notice this and ask her about it. She tells me she likes to flash Kevin and Jim to get their attention. She recommends I do the same. I reach up under my skirt and remove my panties.
I return to the kitchen after quickly stopping by my room to do my hair. I feel very sexy about how I look. I open a bottle of wine and begin to prepare the veal. Karen joins me after a few minutes and makes the salad. While we are working, Jim comes home. Karen and I each get a big kiss and hug from Jim. Jim comments on how sexy we both look. Karen laughs and tells him what he sees is what we are wearing. Jim embraces Karen, and I watch as he reaches below her skirt and runs his hand into her pussy. Jim hikes her skirt up above her waist, and I watch as he expertly rubs Karen’s wet pussy.
After a moment or two, Karen pushes Jim away. I put on my pouty face and tell him I would like to be inspected. After a moment of consideration, he comes over and reaches up under my skirt and slides a finger into me. I wrap my arms around his neck and lean back to enjoy his caress. Before he removes it, he manages to rub his thumb over my clit several times. When he removes his finger from me, I express my disappointment with my empty pussy. Jim comments that I am much wetter than Karen and Karen then tells Jim that I was so horny she had to use the vibrator on me before he came home. Jim looks at me and tells me that I am a wild woman. I reply that I am ready for anything. Karen tells Jim that I am going to try to seduce Sue. Jim responds by saying it should be an interesting night.
I get the veal cooking, and Karen and I whip together some healthy snacks. As we wait for the veal to cook, we sit around and manage to finish the bottle of wine. As she opens another bottle, Karen comments that we are working on reducing our inhibitions. I inform her neither of us has any inhibitions.
As we laugh together, the doorbell rings. Karen and I go out to greet our guests. As Karen receives a kiss from Kevin, I give Sue a hug and tell her it is nice to see her again. I secretly check Sue out. From the hug, I can tell she is not wearing a bra. She is dressed in a short cotton shift that comes down to her mid-thigh. Sue is shorter than Karen and I and has a fuller figure. She is certainly cute. The lack of a bra is undoubtedly a good sign.
I turn to Kevin and give him a big kiss. Kevin wraps his arms around me, and enthusiastically returns my kiss. I lean into him as we kiss, and I feel Kevin’s lips part and his tongue touch my lips. I part my lips and playfully push my tongue into his and rub my mound against his hardening penis. I finally push Kevin away and tell him to save some of that for later. Sue chimes in saying that Kevin has been looking forward to seeing me again.
We all head into the kitchen. Karen offers Kevin and Sue some wine. The veal is almost ready when Jim returns from his shower. Before serving dinner, I run to the bathroom. While there, I open the top button on my vest to give everyone a view of my cleavage. Based on Kevin’s obvious glances at me, I also have a seduction plan for Sue in mind. I return and serve dinner. During dinner, Sue initiates a very open discussion of the plans for the evening. Karen invites Sue and Kevin to spend the night so we can have plenty of time to play. I notice both guys peeking up Karen and my skirts through the glass kitchen table. I catch a glimpse up Sue’s skirt and see she is wearing a thong. Even though everyone gives me compliments on the meal, I notice everyone eats lightly. I am glad we have prepared snacks for later since I think everyone will have built up a big appetite.
When we are finished eating, Karen suggests that Kevin and Sue join me in the hot tub while Jim and her clean up from dinner. We leave the table and head out towards the hot tub. Kevin immediately begins to undress Sue while I watch. Sue has had a fair amount of wine and lets Kevin undress her. Kevin starts to undo the buttons of Sue’s dress. I see he is having problems, so I move over to help. I gently nudge Kevin out of the way, and I open the buttons on Sue’s dress. Sue watches my every move. She steps out of her dress and then slides her panties off and gets into the hot tub, giving me a very brief glimpse of her blond hairy slit. I wonder what her asshole looks like.
When I turn towards Kevin, he is almost naked. As he drops his shorts, his erection is evident to me. He climbs into the hot tub with Sue. I wait for Kevin to get in and then begin opening my vest. As my vest opens, I reach down and take off my skirt. I then remove the vest and climb into the tub with both Sue and Kevin watching me. I sit down next to Kevin. Kevin asks me when I shaved my pubis, and I tell him earlier in the week. Sue asks me about shaving, and I tell her although it has only been several days, I love the look and feel of being shaven.
As I settle into the hot tub, I feel Kevin’s hand move onto my leg. I reach over to grab his penis and find Sue’s hand already stroking his hard penis. I look over at Sue and comment that Kevin is ready for action. I open my legs to let Kevin’s roaming fingers get where he wants, and I move my hand over Sue's and help her with Kevin. Sue leans over and kisses Kevin and tells him that his fingers are touching her in all the right spots, and she is really getting aroused. We all continue to play with each other and increase our arousal level. After several minutes, Sue tells Kevin she needs him, and at that point, I suggest we all move to a bedroom before we get totally out of control. I invite myself to join them if that is OK with them? Kevin enthusiastically agrees. Sue asks if we should wait for Jim and Karen? I tell them that Jim and Karen will understand if we all disappear, and there will be plenty of time for us to join them later.
I volunteer my room. We head out of the hot tub. I look into the kitchen and find Karen and Jim watching us. I give Karen the thumbs up. She and Jim return the gesture. When we arrive in my bedroom, we all get onto the bed. I look at Sue to see how comfortable she is with what’s going on. Sue immediately lies on the bed and spreads her legs and tells Kevin to fuck her. Kevin gets on the bed and moves between Sue’s open legs. Sue reaches for his penis and guides him into her. Sue is very aroused, and as Kevin begins to thrust into her, she grabs his butt and begins to thrust up at him. I watch Sue and Kevin, and I notice that Sue’s light complexion begins to turn red as her arousal increases. Sue is now moaning about how good it feels, and Kevin asks her if she is going to come? Neither of them are paying any attention to me as they focus on each other's pleasure. Sue is now moaning loudly as she tells Kevin she is going to come. With a few more strokes from Kevin, Sue begins her orgasm. Watching Sue orgasm has really aroused me, and I have a finger sliding along my very wet pussy, my outer lips swollen and gaping. I watch as Kevin continues to thrust into Sue.
As Sue recovers from her orgasm, she opens her eyes and sees me next to the bed, frantically fingering myself. She asks Kevin to stop. Sue tells Kevin she wants to watch Kevin repeat what he did to me Friday night. Kevin moves away from Sue, and Sue gets up. Sue tells me to lie down. I do as she asks. Kevin tells Sue that he is really turned on. I look at Sue and ask her if I can lick Kevin?
Without waiting for Sue’s permission, Kevin moves over me and pushes his tongue into my wet pussy. I maneuver his swollen penis over near my mouth and begin to lick it. I can taste Sue’s juices on him, her taste is a bit muskier than Karen's, and I wonder if that is because she doesn't shave her pussy. I begin to suck on Kevin while his tongue begins to dance on my hard clit. I am really aroused, and I can already feel the first twinges of an orgasm. I really try hard to hold off my orgasm for a few minutes, but it quickly overwhelms me. I moan around Kevin’s penis as waves of pleasure pulse through me. I have not been able to help Kevin much. As my orgasm peaks, I remove his penis from my mouth. I continue to pump it with my hand as my orgasm wanes. I look up at Sue, who is watching us from the side of the bed. I wave my hand to her and tell her it is her turn.
I move away from Kevin’s mouth and sit up. Kevin rolls over onto his back and begs Sue to come and give him some relief. My orgasm has taken the edge off my need, but I have a feeling I am ready for more before long. Sue climbs onto the bed and mounts his waist and begins sliding his hard penis along her still wet hairy slit. I watch as she takes Kevin inside her. As she begins to thrust, Kevin starts to moan, and I can tell he won’t last long.
I decide to make my move on Sue. I move behind Sue and reach around her, take her breasts into my hands, and begin to caress her big tits. I cup her breasts and squeeze her nipples between my thumb and forefinger. She gives no visible reaction to my caresses. I decide to get bolder and move one of my hands down to her pussy and begin to caress her clit. Within a minute or two, Kevin announces his impending orgasm. I remove my hand from Sue’s breast and reach down to caress Kevin’s scrotum. As I give it a gentle squeeze, he moans and begins his orgasm. Sue continues to thrust up and down on Kevin as his orgasm continues. I am still rubbing her hard clit.
As Sue continues to thrust on Kevin, I move around to the front of Sue and take a nipple into my mouth. Sue moans her approval. I look up at her and see her watching me. She smiles at me. The look of lust in her eyes tells me she is nearing orgasm. I decide to go for it, so I remove my mouth from her breast down to her pussy. I begin to slide my tongue onto her clit as she continues to thrust on Kevin. As Sue’s moans become more frequent, I pick up the pace of my caresses. I notice that Kevin is limp and his penis has slid out of Sue. I pull her forward towards my tongue and continue to caress her, her creampie flowing out onto my tongue, which I eagerly lap up and swallow. Sue begins to thrust her pelvis in sync to my tongue. I remove my tongue from her and ask her if she wants to change positions? Sue replies that she is really turned on, and anything is fine with her. I ask her if this is her first time with another woman, and she replies that it is not. I tell her to tell me the story later.
I move off of Kevin and ask him if he can move so Sue and I can get comfortable. Kevin gets up, and Sue lies down where Kevin was. Before I return to Sue’s pussy, I lie on top of her and begin to kiss her. She avidly returns my kisses. After a few moments, she begs me to return my attention to her pussy. I lift up and turn around and move down to her pussy. Sue gets my invitation and pulls my hips up near her mouth. I straddle her face and lower mine into her pussy. I use my fingers to open her outer lips and immediately take her swollen clit into my mouth. As I begin to suck on her, I feel Sue’s tongue start to slide into my open pussy. I look up and see Kevin watching us from a few feet away. I smile at him and wink. He returns my smile while he begins to stroke his erection. I am amazed that he has recovered so quickly.
I return my attention to Sue. I teasingly run my tongue the length of her pussy from top to bottom. I push my tongue into her opening and then slide it back up to her clit. I continue to do this until Sue is moaning between my legs. Despite her arousal, Sue is continuing to caress me. I feel her caresses begin to push me towards an orgasm. I speed up my touches as my arousal pushes me into bliss. My attention results in a loud moan from Sue as I feel her thighs lock around my head as she begins her orgasm. Her contractions push more yummy cum out that I eagerly consume. I continue to lick her through her peak until she pushes my head away from her pussy. I get off her and look down at her. Sue thanks me and tells me she wants to finish me. I tell her I am fine for the moment (even though I am totally horny). I suggest we rejoin our hosts. Kevin tells me he will wait for Sue and then join me.
I leave the bedroom and find Karen and Jim in the hot tub drinking more wine. I give them a quick summary of what has occurred, including the fact that Sue was an experienced lover. Before we can talk much further, Sue and Kevin join us. As Sue and Kevin relax in the hot tub, I continue my narrative for Jim and Karen. I reach over and begin stroking Jim. Jim immediately moves closer to me. Karen asks Sue for some details. As Sue replies to Karen, Jim’s hands begin to roam between my legs. Jim’s fingers feel great, but I need more than that. I lean over and whisper in Jim’s ear that I need him inside me. I look Jim in the eyes so he can see how serious I am. Jim leans forward and tells me he will be happy to oblige me. I decide I can’t wait and go somewhere else, so I stand up and then sit on his lap facing him. Karen interrupts her interrogation of Sue long enough to ask me what I am doing. As I get a hold of Jim’s penis and begin to push it into me, I tell her that I need to get laid and I need it bad. I manage to align my hips correctly and push down, driving Jim into me. I moan as Jim’s penis slides into me and bottoms out, the head of his penis against my cervix, a mix of pain and pleasure.
I know I am making a bit of a scene in front of everyone, but my need for a penis to be inside me is overwhelming. I feel like a wanton slut, but it's a good feeling. I lift my legs up, so my feet are resting on the seat of the hot tub by Jim's hips. This opens me up and allows Jim to enter me fully. After a few strokes, I lose myself to the sensations Jim is creating with each thrust. I wrap my arms around his neck and continue to thrust myself onto him. The feel of him filling me up sends me into an incredibly massive orgasm. I collapse into Jim as I try to keep from passing out from the intensity of my orgasm. I can do nothing more than just hold on as my orgasm consumes me. I hear myself moaning uncontrollably as another wave hits me. I feel the walls of my pussy begin to spasm around Jim’s penis. Jim continues to thrust into me as my orgasm peaks. The feeling of his penis rubbing on my sensitive clit as he continues to thrust into me causes me to start a second orgasm before I even recover from the first. I moan wantonly as my second orgasm builds and then can only hold on as it hits. I collapse on Jim as wave after wave of pleasure consume me.
Over the next several minutes, I am totally limp. Jim patiently waits until I can lift my head. Even though I am sitting in the hot tub, I can feel my pussy is totally wet. Karen tells me she has never seen me orgasm as strongly as that. I feel Jim reach down and grab my butt, and he begins to direct me up and down on him. Every nerve ending in my body is, and the feeling of him sliding in and out of me is incredible. As Jim continues to thrust into me, waves of pleasure continue to ripple over me. I literally continue to ride the waves of orgasms. As one starts to finish, I am pulled into the next.
Finally, I can take no more. I beg Jim to stop. With his help, I lift up off of him and collapse next to him. His strong arms keep me from sliding off the seat. I feel Kevin move next to me and prop me up on the other side. Karen asks me if I am ok, and I barely have the strength to nod my head. Sue tells me that she has never seen a sexier thing than watching me. Karen voices her agreement. Karen comments that watching has made her very horny, and she needs some relief. Karen asks Jim and Kevin who will satisfy her need? Jim tells her to climb on board, and Kevin tells Karen he is ready also.
I watch as Karen stands up, her heavy hanging breasts and full hips and bottom glistening from the water, and moves over to Jim and sits on his lap and asks him to fuck her. I move over to rest on Kevin as Jim begins to thrust into Karen. I watch limply as Jim picks up the pace of his thrusting into Karen. I shakily stand up and move over to Sue. I whisper in her ear and suggest that she caress Karen from behind. Sue looks at me questioningly, and I tell her that Karen would love her to do it. Sue stands up and moves over behind Karen. Karen turns her head and exchanges a very sexy female kiss with Sue.
Karen breaks their kiss and tells Jim she wants to change positions. Karen gets up from Jim’s lap and tells him to fuck her from behind. Karen asks Sue to help by kissing her and playing with her breasts. Sue agrees. Karen directs Sue to sit down and then steps forward and begins to kiss Sue as she wraps her arms around her neck. Jim stands up and re-enters Karen from behind. He then begins to thrust into her forcefully, wielding his big cock as almost a weapon; he is powerful, but Karen's cunt is used to it. Sue breaks the kiss and then leans forward to take one of Karen’s big nipples into her mouth. Sue’s hand moves down into Karen’s pussy as she begins to rub Karen, marveling as her fingers explore how Karen's pussy hole is stretched so tight around Jim's thick cock. Karen tells Sue she loves what is being done to her, and between Sue and Jim’s attention, she is getting ready to orgasm.
True to her word, Karen begins to shake as an orgasm takes hold. Sue’s finger is a blur as she continues to rub Karen while her tongue thrusts into Karen’s open mouth. I watch as Sue removes her hand from Karen’s pussy and breaks the kiss. Jim is still thrusting into Karen. Sue whispers to Karen that she loved helping her come and watching her with Jim. Karen can only smile weakly at Sue.
Karen continues to recover from her orgasm and begins to respond to Jim again by returning his thrusts, although less forcefully now. Sue notices this and begins to caress Karen’s breasts. As Sue begins to suck on a nipple, Karen lets out a long moan. Sue reaches up with one hand and begins to caress Karen’s other breast. Sue’s other hand returns to Karen’s pussy as she once again touches Karen. I look at Karen’s face and see signs that Karen is going to come again. As Sue continues to caress Karen’s breasts and pussy, Jim begins to speed up his thrusting again. He tightens his grip on her hips. He moans as his orgasm begins. Within seconds, Karen joins him as her second orgasm or just a few minutes begins. Karen lets out a long moan, and she collapses forward onto Sue.
Jim reaches for her and helps her find a seat. Seeing Jim's cum run down Karen's inner thigh before she got seated was sexier than I could imagine. I longed to lick her clean but knew she was overstimulated and needed a break. I looked around at my new friends and wondered in awe at the great experiences I have had this week and how strong their sex drives are.
After a few minutes, Karen and Jim begin to move around. Karen suggests we take a break and have some snacks. Sue volunteers to go into the kitchen and get drinks and snacks. I offer to help her, and Karen comes along to help too. We get out of the tub and head into the kitchen. I break the ice by telling Sue how sexy it was to watch her and Karen together, and I tell Karen I think she owes Sue. I tell Karen that she should lick Sue to return the favor. Karen says she would love to and asks Sue if she can? I watch as Sue nods her head in agreement.
Karen moves over to Sue, and they begin to kiss each other. I watch in fascination as two middle-aged women start to caress each other. Karen slowly caresses Sue and Sue definitely is responding to Karen. Karen moves behind Sue and begins to touch her breasts. Karen smiles at me and asks if I like the show? I admit that I am really enjoying it. I continue to watch Karen caress Sue, and I feel myself becoming aroused too. As Karen runs her tongue into Sue’s ear, Sue lets out a soft sigh. Karen moves a hand down to Sue’s pussy, searches a minute for the hole, and inserts a finger into her. Sue spreads her legs to allow Karen full access to her womanhood, and I move so I can get a better view.
Karen notices me moving and again asks me if I like watching them? I reply yes. Sue asks me if I want to join them, but I answer it is fun just to watch. Karen removes her hand from Sue and suggests Sue lie down on the kitchen counter. Sue sits up, and Karen moves between her parted thighs. I watch Sue's face as Karen’s talented tongue begins to caress her. Sue’s eyes close and her lips part as her body responds to Karen, the tiniest twitches of her belly noticeable to the eye as the sparks shoot through her.
I watch in awe as Karen licks Sue. The sloppy wet sound of Karen’s tongue on Sue's slimy pussy is very erotic, as is the wet shine on Karen's pretty face as she continues to dive deep between Sue's parted legs. I hear the sliding glass door open as Kevin and Jim come in and join me watching their wives make love. Sue is beginning to turn red as we all watch Karen caress Sue’s pussy with her tongue. I know just how good it must feel for Sue. I notice Sue shift her hips as a low moan escapes her lips. Karen hears Sue's moans, and I watch as she slides a finger into Sue. This causes another moan from Sue. Karen continues to lick Sue until Sue moans and comes on Karen’s tongue. Karen continues to lick Sue until she pushes Karen away. After Sue recovers, we all agree to go outside.
We return to the hot tub and distribute snacks and drinks. We discuss what has just occurred and how happy we all are. Kevin asks if we are done for the night? I announce that I am done and I am heading for bed shortly as I have to travel the next day. I move over and give Kevin a big hug and a kiss and thank him for his contribution to my Spring Break vacation. As I move over to kiss Sue, she gives me a big hug and thanks. I give Jim a hug and thank him, and then give Karen a hug and kiss. Karen volunteers to walk me to my room. I head into the house with Karen. As we enter the house, Karen asks me what my plans are for tomorrow. I reply that I was planning on getting up early, gathering my things, and hitting the road about 9:00. Karen tells me that Sue and Kevin are sleeping over, but will be leaving early and that she has taken the morning off to tell me goodbye.
As we reach my door, I turn and give her another kiss. Karen returns my kiss, and I reluctantly break the kiss before we get out of hand. As I say a final goodnight, I can see Karen looking at my hard nipples with a big smile. Karen asks me slyly if I would be open to a visit later that night? I laugh at this amazing insatiable woman and tell her I am exhausted right now. I close the door and dive into bed. I replay the events of the evening and the whole week, and can only smile about the great time. I fall asleep as I revisit Karen and Sue together in my head and how erotic it was to watch the two women pleasuring each other.
I sleep fitfully and have several erotic dreams. My most vivid dream finds me on my back with my breasts being caressed. The sensation is very pleasant, and I can feel my nipples are hot and hard. I feel a wet tongue circling one of my nipples. The tongue continues to push and pull on my nipple. As the tongue leaves one nipple and travels to the other, the coolness causes the nipple to harden even further. These pleasant sensations continue as the tongue restlessly caresses my chest and then moves lower, tracing a pattern on my tummy. My pussy is wet and aroused and waiting for the tongue to make its way to my pussy. I moan in frustration as the tongue stops to plays in my belly button. I open my legs wide to encourage attention between my legs. I want to be licked!
The tongue finally makes its way down to where I need it to be. I feel it slowly run from top to bottom along my pussy, separating my outer lips and touching me everywhere. I sigh in happiness as the tongue begins to caress my pussy slowly. Each time the tongue rubs my clit, my clit throbs in delight. I want to feel like this forever. I feel warm and happy as my pussy continues to enjoy the attention of this large, wet tongue. I moan as I feel the tongue stiffen and penetrate into me. As it wiggles around inside the entrance of me, my hips respond to its intrusion. I thrust my pussy up until it makes full contact with the face that is licking me. It dawns on me slowly that a second tongue is now caressing my left nipple, pushing and pulling it. This second tongue also feels good, and I marvel at the feelings these tongues are providing. As I continue to enjoy the caresses, I begin to wonder how two tongues are caressing me. As I continue to think on this subject, it begins to dawn on me that I am not dreaming.
I awaken with a start and look down my body. As my eyes try to push the sleep out of them and focus, I see Kevin let go of my nipple and smile at me. As I look further down, I see Sue’s blond head between my legs. I ask Kevin what is going on. Kevin replies that they came to say goodbye, and he hopes I don’t mind. I reply that I am okay with it. Sue looks up and tells me that Karen suggested to them that they both visit me, but it had to be a quick one since I needed my rest before traveling. Sue adds that after I left, they all had a conversation about me, and how mature I was for my age, and how watching my sexuality blossom this week had been a joy. Karen had told them about the threesome I had with her and Jim, and that she and I had become lovers also.
After this conversation with two almost complete strangers about my sexual desires and activities, which now felt like the most natural thing in the world to me, Sue and Kevin said their final goodbye. Both gave me a goodbye kiss, and within moments, I fell back into a deep, satisfying sleep for a few more hours.
Day 6
I wake up early this morning and gather my things so I can leave for the trip home. Everyone is sad that this had to end, but we all know the memories will stay with us forever. Jim leaves for work, and before going gives me a kiss and a hug and tells me he hopes I enjoyed my vacation.
This leaves just me and Karen in the house, and for a while, things seem awkward, as if neither knows what to say or do given our newfound relationship. Finally, I say, "Karen, about this week...". Karen shushes me, saying, "Baby, you don't have to explain or justify anything, and you have nothing to apologize for or be concerned about. I've told you several times, Jim and I are swingers. We gave each other their sexual freedom long ago, and it has been a blessing to our marriage, this week was just another chapter of that. You are a very sexual young woman, as I was at your age. It took me a while though to get to where I could understand that about myself and accept it without shame or embarrassment. You are already well on your way to where I am now, and of all the things we have experienced together this week, that makes me the happiest."
We stood facing each other and looking deep into each other's eyes for a few moments as we both silently reflected upon her words, and then embraced in a huge hug, our breasts pressing together, pelvis's tight, and my hands caressing her full ass. She kissed me on the lips, her tongue darting into my mouth, and then as she released the hug, said, "You'll be back?"
"Soon. Soon and often!" I said as I gave her a final mischievous smile as I turned and walked out the door. What I didn't tell her was the job resumes I had dropped off when I was out of the house on one of my day trips, and the call I had received the day before. What she didn't tell me was how long their list of swinger friends really was.

I was in my mid-twenties, I was living with my girlfriend in Singapore at the time. We are both Caucasians and had been living in Singapore for a couple years then. We had a great sex life and were very open with our fantasies and kinky side. She loved sex a lot, and she was equally bi, but she would try to hold back from exploring her sexuality because the social circle of friends and family wouldn't understand or approve of it. But since we were far away from home in a foreign country, I encouraged her to go out and meet other girls. I could see she loved me for that because she was shy and all she needed was the support and approval and perhaps the push from me to make her explore that side of her which she loved but was trying to suppress.
A few months after she was going out and putting herself out there, she had a couple experiences with a couple of females and then she met a very attractive younger woman who was a university student. I could feel she fell head over heels for her. They started spending a lot of time together, and my girlfriend was almost like a sugar mummy in this relationship taking her girlfriend to dinners and drinks and even buying her gifts. I was very happy for her. She would tell me all about the hot sex they had but only when I pushed her to tell me about it. It felt to me like she wanted to have that experience for herself only and didn't want to include me in it, she had a very possessive personality.
I started to feel a bit left out. They would have very hot and steamy sex in bed while I was sleeping next to them, but never did she offer to include me, I felt she was a bit selfish. She would only want to have sex with each one of us separately so she could enjoy the experience for herself only.
Anyhow this was a major turn on for me especially that she broke off that taboo and was acting naturally and openly not being judged, she was very happy, and everything felt great. This was when the idea started coming to me that perhaps I should also explore my bisexual side. It was more the kinky and taboo side of it that turned me on rather than the emotional or romantic side. I don't think I am emotionally attracted to men, it's more the feeling that I am doing something wrong or naughty.
We were very open about our sexual fantasies, and we had discussed a lot of kinky scenarios, but I could quickly feel that the idea of me getting involved with another guy was repulsive to her. So I didn't discuss any further with her because I didn't find the support. Although in hindsight if I were more open about it or even more persistent, she would have probably come around the idea. However, I didn't want her ever to hold something against me that she could, later on, use against me which would undermine my macho status in the relationship.
The more I tried to not think about this, the more the urge became to explore it until one night I decided to go to a massage parlor with male masseurs. I didn't know what to expect but knowing that I would be completely naked in the presence of another male was already a breakthrough for me as it crossed a taboo.
I was laying naked on my stomach on the massage table, and the young masseur was topless wearing tight sports shorts. He was very fit. Quickly I could feel the sexual tension building up, the guy's cock kept brushing against my arm as he was moving around the massage table. Perhaps it was intentional from his side or just happened by accident, but I was getting very much turned on by the whole situation. Things kept heating up as he touched my lower back and slowly made his way to my buttocks, gently massaging my legs and into my inner thighs, and again his pinky would accidentally yet very subtly touch my balls or my cock or close to my anus, and it was hot as fuck.
He asked me to turn around on my back, as I was turning around he could see that my erection was in full size, it didn't take very long, but his head dove to my cock and he started sucking me hard. I was in delirium, something I never experienced before.
Although I wouldn't consider myself bi at all, I always thought it was the mental fuck about exploring with another guy that turned me on, the taboo, the cheating aspect, etc. But I have to say, the physical aspect was soooo good also.
While I was laying on my back, I moved my head forward, took off his shorts, and started sucking him. It all happened very naturally without any exchange of words. His cock tasted so good. I always wondered how my girlfriend felt when sucking my cock and sometimes watching her enjoy it so much made me wonder if it was just acting or whether it was really sexually pleasing for the person giving a BJ.
After I sucked the guy's cock, I was so surprised to discover a new form of sexual pleasure that I never knew existed, it was one of those eureka moments.
At this stage I was in nirvana, the ecstasy I was in was indescribable. I wanted more. I asked the guy to fuck me, I now wanted to feel his cock inside me. I felt so naughty, and I felt like a slut. I wanted to be abused. He went to get a condom, but it felt like an absolute eternity before he came back. I was so horny and hot, and I was touching myself fantasizing about what just happened, by the time he came back and put the condom on, I was almost ready to explode.
He tried to slide his cock inside me but I have not done anything like this before, and my asshole wasn't relaxed enough for him to enter me. So it took a while, and before he could shove his cock inside me, the touch of his dick on my anus made me quiver, and I came so hard, I was exploding of pleasure. The sight of me cumming so hard must have turned him on so much cause he came and started licking the cum off my body. He started to masturbate super hard, and in a short period of time, he came over my body. It was one of the most sexually fulfilling experiences I have ever had.
After that I went to quickly have a shower, dressed, paid him, and left. I never told my girlfriend about it because I didn't think she would understand and I was scared it would undermine me in our relationship. I was very macho and dominating, partly because I felt my girlfriend wanted me to play that role. Had she been the strong, assertive woman in our relationship, then I would have probably been more open to her about the whole thing.
Overall the experience was one of the best I have had. Although later on I have had one more experience with another guy while my wife was traveling, but I didn't really enjoy it.
I think what would really turn me on is a MMF threesome experience. The following years we have had a few more sexual encounters in the swinging scene, we had moved back to Europe then, and we started frequenting one of the nearby swingers clubs. But it felt it was me pushing my partner who had become my wife by then. I knew she loved sex a lot and was open-minded but we also had our own trust issues in the relationship, and we were fighting a lot about it.
She confessed to me that while we were doing the long-distance relationship that she slept with several guys and she had couple regular fuck buddies. Part of me was very turned on by the cheating aspect of it, of how forthcoming she was with other men, how hungry for sex she was. The other part of me felt betrayed. I tried to reconcile those two by talking about how kinky it would be for her to be with other guys, almost reconciling my two feelings which I guess would make me a cuckold. But my macho part would never allow it to happen. The fact that she went behind my back to cheat was the bit I could never get over with. I loved her so much, but I couldn't forgive her. Had she come clean herself or had she discussed her desires with me, then I would have been ok about the whole thing perhaps even getting sexual pleasure from it myself. I think she wasn't forthcoming about her feelings or her fantasies and wasn't assertive. I wish she could talk to me in a more dom tone.
So the few times we went to a swingers club, my wife was probably feeling a mixture of guilt of her cheating on me, so she wanted to please me by going with me. I assured her that I am over it, that she could turn this cheating aspect of her into something kinky and enjoyable for both of us if only she would be more open and communicated what's on her mind. That she shouldn't suppress her feelings, that I would be supportive etc. But she never really opened up. And that kind of bothered me because I felt I was pushing her to do something, although I knew she would actually very much enjoy it if she just let go, just when she was enjoying discovering her bi side.
I was also partly to blame, the one time she was letting go of her inhibitions while we were at a swingers club, one guy was eating her pussy while I was with another girl. Although we never discussed clearly what the rules were or the boundaries, we were just happy to explore and to take it slow and always include each other in whatever swinging activity we got involved in. She whispered in my ear that she wanted to be fucked by the guy who was eating her. That kind of took me by surprise, and I was a bit unprepared. I wasn't at a stage where I was willing to have my wife shared by another guy yet. So I kind of blocked the situation from happening, and the guy shortly left afterward. I could see that my wife was very sexually frustrated but also angry because she felt that I was pushing her out of her comfort zone and when she finally was there, I betrayed her trust by making her feel guilty about the whole thing.
After that incident, it felt that she didn't want to explore the Lifestyle anymore and that was very devastating for me because it was by far the most exciting thing that we were doing in our routine daily lives. Things started to fall apart from there, we were fighting more regularly, and my wife was constantly depressed. The situation kept getting worse and worse until we got a divorce in the end. It was devastating for both of us. Our sex life was fantastic, we were very fond of each other, but I think in the end what killed the relationship is the lack of communication.

This a sequel to two earlier stories ON HOLIDAY and ON HOLIDAY 2.
A week later we are nearing the end of our holiday. No sign at all of Rolf.
Then one morning at the pool a chocolate coloured man approached us. “You must be Sarah. Rolf told me all about you. He had to leave for a work assignment the next day. I am his partner.” He had our attention now and I could see Sarah ogling his Adonis style body covered only by a loose pair of shorts.
“My name is Rudi. I am a black African from a former French colony. I had a black mother and a French father so I have many French aspects to me. Especially the French penchant for kinky sex. I have lived in Switzerland for many years. I am at your disposal if you so desire. I am better than Rolf at many things,” he ventured arrogantly. Or was he teasing us?
Without even asking Sarah looked at me for tacit approval, gave him our room number and said, “Two-thirty, and don’t be late.”
“This man promises to be even better and more exciting than Rolf,” Sarah told me. “What sort of greeting should we provide for him? The thought of having three men at once twice within a week excites me. Very much. How about you?”
“We could offer him a cup of tea," I suggested. "Or perhaps we could both be naked with you standing in front of the wall length mirror? Though you have high heels and a g-string to accentuate your legs and arse. You have your arms above your head and your hands on the mirror. And I am kneeling behind you licking and kissing your arse cheeks. That should help sort out his preferences? Also keeps the best for later.”
We readied ourselves for Rudi by showering together and teasing each other with our fingers. “This all about your pleasure baby. You have two men at your command.”
With Swiss precision Rudi arrived right on time. “Come in Rudi and lock the door behind you,” I shouted.
Exactly as we planned we are both naked with Sarah standing in front of the wall length mirror, with nothing but high heels and a g-string to accentuate her legs and arse. She has her arms above her head and her hands on the mirror frame. And I am kneeling behind her licking and kissing Sarah’s arse cheeks. And enjoying it.
“Wow,” is all Rudi can say as we both look at him for a reaction. He is dressed in loose shorts and a t-shirt. “I love what you are doing. Can I sit and watch?”
“Please do. This is especially for you,” Sarah flirts. I keep licking and kissing Sarah’s arse cheeks as she holds his gaze in the mirror.
“We invited you here to please me Rudi, and maybe my man also depending on your preferences. “Do you like watching my man licking my arse cheeks? What would you like to do to me? What would you like me to do to you?” she asked.
“Watching your man kiss your arse has turned me on. I would love you to suck my cock. Rolf told me how good you were at it. Have you ever had a black man?” Rudi asked Sarah.
“Is it true what they say about black men?” Sarah teased as she walked up to him and ran her hand over his shorts. “Show both of us what you have to offer.”
We both watched mesmerized as Rudi took off his shirt to show his Adonis style body. Then his shorts. Sarah and I both gasped. “Ten inches in case you were wondering,” he boasted, “and six and a half inches in circumference.”
Sarah loves a challenge and I could tell this one had her very excited.
“Can I sit in that chair while you suck my cock?" he asked. "And can your man stand behind me and tease my nipples? He will be able to see my cock in your mouth. Even better I want your man to tease my cock with his hands first while you watch. That will get me really hard for you. I love a man and woman working on me at the same time. And your man seems to like my cock, very much, looking at his hard on.”
“Before we do, you need to please me. I love being licked. I am multi-orgasmic. Fuck me with your tongue. Give me six orgasms and I will start on you. It shouldn’t take you long. And it will be worth the short wait,” Sarah promised.
I stand behind Sarah sitting in a carver chair and tease her nipples while Rudi licks her cunt. My cock is rock hard as I watch my lady being pleasured by another man’s tongue with a huge cock.
“My first ever black tongue and cock. You are very good,” she groans as she tenses and orgasms, followed by two more and then two more. “Make the sixth one really special, then I will start on you,” Sarah promises as she puts her legs over his shoulders and pulls his lips hard into her cunt. “Put your hands under my arse and lift me higher, higher.”
To heighten her sixth orgasm I tease her nipples with the just the tips of the fingernails of my little fingers. “Is he good baby?” I ask as Sarah tenses and shudders to orgasm.
“My cock is aching for you Sarah, please, please fuck me with your tongue and lips,” Rudi begged.
They swap places in the chair and to heighten Rudi’s pleasure I start teasing his nipples while standing behind him as Sarah watches intently.
“Rolf told me how good you were Sarah. So show me how good you are,” Rudi told her. 
I watch as Sarah kneels before him and starts by teasing his cock and balls with her fingers. She places her arm on his huge cock for comparison. His cock is thicker than Sarah’s wrist.
“Your cock is very exciting for both of us," Sarah said. "I am going to enjoy fucking it with my lips, tongue and mouth. So are you I think. And so is my man.”
She teases the tip of his cock with her lips and licks all along the side of it. Slowly she takes a third of his cock into her mouth while she uses her thumb and forefinger to massage the other end. I can feel Rudi having his pleasure heightened by me teasing his nipples which are like bullets now as Sarah sucks his cock.
I pinch his nipples and he winces with pleasure. “Your huge cock is very exciting for both of us,” I repeat for Rudi.
My compliment has hit home as he Rudi tells me to stand in front of him so he can see my cock. “Rolf told me you had a cock ring. Put it on for me,” he said. 
I do and it heightens my erection and my turn-on as I watch Sarah working on and obviously enjoying his huge cock.
Rolf puts a hand on my arse and pulls me towards him so he can touch my cock. “Can I suck your man’s cock while you are blowing me Sarah?” Rudi asked. Without waiting for an answer he has my cock in his mouth. He is very good, tongue and very strong lips. I watch as Sarah continues sucking him.
An absolute turn-on having a man suck your cock while your lady is sucking his.
He has one hand on my arse pulling my cock into his mouth. His technique is something I have never had before. Blow, suck, lick. Strong lips. Tease, blow, suck, lick. Even stronger lips.
I can’t hold out. I tense and have a very strong orgasm, hoping that Sarah can see and appreciate my pleasure. I recover, then I stand behind Sarah, hold her head and direct her mouth along Rudi’s raging hard-on.
“Are you enjoying this baby?" I ask her. "I am. I love you sucking this huge cock for the pleasure of two men. You are very exciting. Very!”
“What can we do to get you there Rudi?” I ask. “You must be close with what Sarah is doing to you?"
“Very close,” he replies. "Stand behind me and tweak my nipples. Hard. Harder, harder, hurt me.”
Sarah is enjoying his pleas and increases her tempo. “Your cock is magnificent,” she says. She takes his balls into one hand teases, then squeezes very hard.
“Harder Sarah, harder,” he screams as he tenses and shudders to a huge orgasm.
“Can I visit again tomorrow?” Rudi asks. “I would love to watch your man lick and tease you to orgasm Sarah. I like to watch. And I love to masturbate while I watch. I want both of you to watch me masturbate. I usually get paid for doing that. Would you like that?”
“Yes we would, very much,” Sarah smiled at both of us. “Same time.”
Rudi arrived right on time and this time we were determined to please and pleasure him. We were both naked under short black silk dressing gowns.
“Take your clothes off Rudi and turn us both on with your huge cock,” Sarah ordered she as opened her dressing gown to show Rudi her body. “You are not hard yet. Get hard and we will perform for you. I love being licked and teased, especially with a very well hung man watching and masturbating. Sit in that chair opposite and watch, and we will watch you,” Sarah instructed as she rubbed oil into the full length of his cock. “Like that Rudi? I do. I can feel your cock growing in my hand.
Sarah sat with her legs open for Rudi’s benefit and motioned for me to start licking her cunt. “Love your trimmed pussy,” Rudi smiles, now fully erect.
To heighten her pleasure I tease her nipples with the tips of two fingers as I tease her cunt lips with my tongue.
“You are rock hard now Rudi. Do you like watching my man sucking my cunt?" Sarah asked. "Tease your cock while I watch. I love watching a very well hung man masturbate while my man is licking me. He loves licking me. You are not just well hung, you are magnificent. I love watching you masturbate your magnificent cock while my man is licking my cunt to orgasm. Absolutely love it.”
Sarah’s turn-on and pleasure is my turn-on and pleasure as I lift up her arse in my hands to increase the pressure of my tongue on her clit. I am very turned on at the thought of a man with a ‘magnificent’ cock masturbating for Sarah and me.
“Hold out for me Rudi, I want to have at least ten orgasms before you cum. One for every inch of you. You are an exciting man. Very exciting with that magnificent cock you are masturbating for us. I might even help to get you there,” Sarah promised.
I can feel Sarah tensing as she nears her first orgasm. “Watch me Rudi, this for you,” she groans as shakes. To heighten her pleasure I dig my fingernails into her arse cheeks. I can feel Sarah’s excitement as she wants to perform for and impress Rudi as well as me.
“That cock of yours is an absolute turn-on for me. Watch me cum some more especially for you," Sarah cried.
“Two…. Three…. Four…. Five…. Six…. Seven…. Eight…. Nine.” Rudi counts as he pleasures himself with two oily hands. “You are a star performer Sarah. Watching you two perform while I masturbate is very exciting. Hurry Sarah, I can’t hold out much longer.”

And Sarah does, turned on by the thought of helping Rudi to cum and especially watching him stroke his ‘magnificent’ cock. “This one is especially for you Rudi,” Sarah tells him as she tenses and her whole body shakes for her tenth orgasm. “Stand behind him and work on his nipples,” she tells me. “He liked that yesterday.”
I do. I have a raging hard-on. I start by teasing his nipples and then pinch them as Sarah asks him, “What would you like me to do to get you over the top?”
“Suck your mans cock. I love to watch,” Rudi said. Sarah does, kneeling, with me standing up.
I am rock hard and ready to cum immediately after fucking Sarah with my tongue and watching Rudi masturbate.
“Cum for me, cum for me,” Sarah is urging two men. And we do simultaneously.



By CecilBCK, in Bisexual Swingers,

Jules was on his knees licking Sarah to orgasm. Sarah was breathtakingly naked sitting in a carver chair, her arms on the arms of the carver chair. Her legs wide apart. Her fists clenched holding the end the chair’s arms as she absorbed the pleasure Jules was providing.
Sarah and I had an understanding that she could be pleasured by another man every few weeks. As long as I watched. And I loved watching. Finding suitable men was a problem.
Sarah had strict preferences. Must be fortyish, much younger than her. They must be in good physical condition. And they must be able to please her with their tongue. The more times in succession the better.
On this occasion one of her female friends, Liz, who was very aware of her preference for two men at a time, had made an offer to Sarah. “Jules is originally from Beirut," Liz said. "He is built like Greek God. He was involved in an accident a while back and he is no longer capable of achieving an erection. But, he is very, very good with his tongue. Trust me I have him at least once a week. Would you like to have him Sarah? You are welcome to. But I want to watch. And I want be completely naked. Rodney can stand behind you and tease your nipples while Jules pleasures you, as long as he is naked also. And I almost forgot. I want both of you to watch Jules pleasure me after he has done you as many times as you like.”
A few days later here we were. All of us completely naked except Jules who was wearing a tight pair of shorts to cover his accident.
“I love the way Rodney teases your nipples while Jules is fucking you with his tongue Sarah," Liz said. “Can he do that to me when it is my turn? You seem to be enjoying Jules. That was your fifth orgasm."
Jules was thriving on the reaction he was getting from Sarah as he put his hand under her arse cheeks and lifted her higher. He had not spoken a single word, as Liz did all the talking.
“You are amazing Sarah,” Liz growled after her ninth orgasm. “You have set the bar very high for my turn. Very soon I hope. Rodney has a roaring erection from watching you receive pleasure from Jules. He really is well hung. My turn now Sarah,” Liz commanded as she took over Sarah’s chair.
“Stay where you are Rodney and tease my nipples," Liz commanded. “Just like you did to Sarah. Only better. Sarah set a very high benchmark Jules. Fuck me with your tongue. Just like you did to Sarah. Only better. Sarah and Rodney are watching you perform. Show them how good you can be at pleasuring me. Slowly, I want at least fifteen minutes of your tongue."
As Jules licked Liz, she said, “I forgot to mention Sarah, I would love to watch Jules suck Rodney’s cock. He is rock hard and needs relief. Would you like to watch that Sarah?"
This was the last thing I was expecting. But Liz’s expectation had me even harder.
“I have watched him suck huge cocks before," Liz explained, "he is very talented at it. And it turns me on. Can I stand behind Rodney and tease his nipples while Jules fucks him with his tongue and mouth?"
Liz could sense that I was a little hesitant. “Lick his belly button first, then his nipples," Liz instructed as she lifted my arms behind my head. The sensation of a wet, teasing tongue on my nipples, albeit a male one was electric.
“Show him how good you are at pleasing men Jules," she coaxed. “Lick the side of his cock while I tease his nipples. I think Sarah likes that almost as much as he does.”
Years of fantasizing about another man pleasing me were about to really happen. Everything now seemed to be moving in slow motion.
“Tease his balls with your finger tips Jules” Liz instructed. When he started playing with my balls, he could have made me cum right there, but I wanted this to last. "His nipples are like bullets," Liz observed, “he wants you to suck him to orgasm. He is ready for you."
Liz then stood behind Jules and put her hands on either side of his head. “I am in charge here, you tease his nipples Sarah.” she said as she directed Jules lips to the tip of my cock.
“Tease him baby,” Liz said, as she ever so slowly fed the full length of my cock into his mouth. “Does that make you jealous Sarah?"
“Use your tongue on him," Liz said. “Bring him to the edge. This is a new experience for him. Make it unforgettable."
I had never thought about it before, but men have really powerful mouths, and Jules was proving it. He was sucking me hard, and it felt very good.
“Tongue kiss him Sarah,” Liz ordered. “Use two fingers on his cock as well as your mouth Jules."
“What a turn on this is,” Liz growled, as Sarah teased my nipples. I could sense both Sarah and Liz watching my cock in Jules mouth as Sarah slid her tongue deep into my mouth. “I love that you are enjoying this,” she breathed. “Cum for me baby.”
The effect of three people pleasing me simultaneously was incredible. I began to gasp and groan, as my hips began an uncontrollable back and forth movement.
“Cum for me baby,” Sarah said once again.
And I did.
Mind blowing.
Like never before.


Wife's First Woman

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After a lot of reading and writing advertisement's, and getting responses hoping to find our first taste of a more spacious sex life, we decided W. would try a refereed gal that loved ladies and whose husband watched but could not participate.
That evening we met them in their home, nice folks with a nice house. We talked and laughed a bit, and then the gal Penny asked W. if she wanted to get it on. Heavy quilts and pillows were placed on the floor, they started to kiss and caress each other with both husbands watching and using cameras.
During the course of the next 45 minutes, everything we had read about was brought to life.... W, ended up in nylons and garter belt, with Penny in the same.
Caresses, tastes, 69 with a flip, and double dildos were introduced... lots of moans and scents. Mid act W. comes over where I am on a couch alone and smiled while commenting "it is just like having sex with a guy!" W. was then serviced with a LARGE strap-on by Penny with a lot of pleasure elicited.
What an evening that culminated as W. opened my slacks and displayed my tool and Penny engulfed and emptied it while W was orally pleasuring her groin.
What a wonderful first evening, and first time!

Most guys who describe their first time sucking a cock say it was when they were teens. I was 21 and had never had any physical contact with a male, or even thought about it. Like most young men I'd been focused on women and sex with them.
In the summer of 1975 I was starting my second year in the Marine Corps. I'd turned 21 in June and had immediately learned about picking up horny Navy wives in San Diego bars. Their husbands were off at sea and the ladies were getting their kicks cruising the bars for the Navy and Marines who were not. I had a car and suddenly me and my buds were off to Diego every weekend on pussy call. It was a lot of fun, but after a couple months a chance encounter made it unnecessary to make the 40 minute drive. One morning a work mate pointed out the driver of a semi trailer unloading at the mess hall. "She's got red hair just like you" was his remark. The female Marine driver did have red hair and was fairly lanky as well, and athletic as most Marines were. I took the chance and went over to talk to her and to my surprise she responded. She was even more of a Amazon than most female Marines and oozed confidence enough for three people. I asked for a phone number and ended up with a dinner date that same evening. Her barracks was in the Mainside area of Camp Pendelton and barely a ten minute drive from my barracks. I was a little disappointed when she declined going to town to eat, I was hoping we could get to a bar after dinner. Instead we ate fast food at the main PX and I wondered briefly if this was turning into a bummer evening. However she made it known when we started to eat the next stop would be her barracks room. The woman Marines had modern quarters with two or four person rooms and a connected bath. I'd heard all the stories about what went on in those and her remark in my mind came across as 'your getting laid tonight'. As it was this was correct, but the surprises were not over.
When my new best friend opened her door the next surprise was her roomie sitting half naked on her rack (bed to most people). She still had her boots and OD work trousers on but was entirely bare chested with tits jiggling. They were jiggling because she was bobbing her head on the cock of a much more naked Marine. He still had his trousers and boots on, but they were piled around his ankles. Roomie did not miss a beat on the cock as she raised her arm and gave us a finger wave. Red said something to her which I can't remember now 31 years later, and shut the door and started getting her clothes off. I'd done same room sex before in college dorms or San Diego apartments, but those had been dark rooms and blankets over giggling couples. Here a naked male stranger was grunting away in arms reach while Red and I put our bare asses on her rack. I left that night well satisfied and the image of the pair on the next bed watching us as we fucked and later watching them after he got hard again.
My next date with Red was a proper dinner date in town, with drinks at a bar after, and then we were off to an apartment party Red had helped organize. She made it known early in our date that night this was a 'hot party' and there would be a lot more than four people having sex in the apartment, and not just in pairs. Suffice to say the evening went well. I got used to the idea of my girl fucking another guy in full view of me and of a woman I'd met just minutes before putting her pussy on my lap to be fucked.
After a week and a couple more 'parties' like this I felt like a old hand at it. I also saw a lot of other guy's hard cocks, their cum shot across faces, tits, hands, and asses, and got used to people taking a break and watching other give head and fuck. It took longer to get used to seeing several occasions where guys were sucking or stroking each other. Sometimes as a pair with a woman sucking off another guy and other times just m/m. The women always liked those shows the best and were fairly vocal about it. These 'parties' were nearly all Marines and the woman marines were not shy at all. Visualize a dozen men and women ages 18 through 25 in top condition and naked, all determined to cum several times through the evening.
One evening five of us were getting comfortable in the barracks room. The other man and a woman and I were reclining on one bed. We were intending to watch Red and the third female Marine make out and swap head. However the woman lying between me and the other male got fascinated by his hard-on and we all ended up watching him get off and blow his load in her mouth. I was lying just inches away from her ass and could have easily held his hand or pinched his nipples as he got off.
At that point came another surprise. The woman between us rolled over to me, pinned my shoulders with her hands, and gave me a hot sticky kiss of fresh cum. Instead of shoving her away I only stiffened up a bit and let her finish the cum swap. Everyone else saw this instantly and made a big joke about 'He loves it' and 'swallow it dude' etc... I did not think it was so bad. It tasted a little like snot but not unpleasant and not as sticky as I'd thought. Eventually the joke faded and we all got to other business, but the girls got the idea the guys should put on a show for them. The other male Marine accepted the idea and to my surprise I liked it. One of the girls helped get him started and stayed by my crotch adding in a few licks know and then. When I came I made sure he knew it was coming, but he did not pull away but took my juice. Seeing my cum oozing across his lips and down my cock was as erotic as seeing it on any woman who'd sucked me off. His suck buddy licked my cock and his lips getting a fair taste herself.
After another half hour or so the other guy got hard again from the women stroking it ; ) At that point there was nothing for it but to suck him. Once the trio of Amazons got started on it they wouldn't have anything else. Fact is I consciously wanted to at that point. Since I'd cum in his mouth earlier I subconsciously known I'd not leave the room without having his cock in my mouth. Once I saw his dick grow hard again I'd been comfortable and anticipating sucking him. Again the women helped, one guiding his cock into my mouth and then working to get him off rubbing his ass, sucking his nipples, stroking his balls. When he came I'd forgotten how a guy stiffens up and swells a bit more After he remarked that he'd held back and not shoved into my mouth. The women claimed this was a outrageous double standard. They always got their faces "smashed" they claimed. I ran my tongue around inside my mouth tasting his cum again and thinking how I'd do it the next time.

Before reading this, be aware that writing this as a bi man, there are some things that you may find distasteful. Read at your own risk.
I had been e-mailing Paul a few times before Mae saw the notes. He broke some big rules we have when man hunting. He’s married, which is a huge strike against him. And, he has no place to meet; another big issue because it means hotels. Everyone loves hotels including us. Our goal though it to find a long term, exclusive fuck buddy. Married guys in hotels are long term for four months, and then it fades. After a few fucks with the same guy, one starts to question if it’s worth it to drop another $70 or $80 to split a room. The third strike was that he is straight. I told him I couldn’t care less if he touched me but he had to be comfortable with me blowing him and having a lot of cock contact. He said that was cool as long as it was in the setting of the threesome. Fine.
I assumed Mae would read the notes, and say ‘he’s married’ and that would be that. She read the notes, and asked me if I wanted to meet him. Obviously I did or I wouldn’t have shown this to her. After another few messages and phone calls, we agreed on a place to meet over drinks on Saturday night and if all went well, get a room on Sunday. We planned on having a drink and chatting for a half hour. Usually that is plenty of time to judge if the attraction is there. We spent almost two hours laughing and talking like old friends. He was very well-mannered, paid close attention to Mae, and complimented her at the right times without sounding corny. He came across perfectly.
On Sunday I reserved a room near the bar where we met. It was close to 3 p.m. before we finally got there. Mae had spent a long time getting ready for this. She dyed her hair, closely shaved around her pussy, and carefully chose her outfits. Meanwhile I packed everything we would need: dildos, condoms, lube, Rum&Coke, weed, bong, water, and snacks. Along with those things I also grabbed three swim trunks in case we wanted to go for a swim.
I called Paul when we got our room and he was there in about 20 minutes. Mae was still on her first glass of sex lube, I mean wine. We sat and chatted while the alcohol had is calming effect on me and Mae. Once she felt ready, she went to the bed and stretched out. Paul and I joined her on either side.
Mae always finds getting clothes off is a cumbersome activity so she pretty much just stripped in about 20 seconds. Paul and I each took one of her sensitive nipples in our mouths and sucked and nibbled while rubbing her all over. Neither of us had touched her pussy yet. When she was on fire, she noticed that we were both still fully dressed. We got up and ripped our clothes off and got back on the bed. I went back to her nipple as Paul started to stroke her pussy and tell her how beautiful it was. I noticed she had his dick in her hand and was slowly stroking the full length. This part always sends an erotic ripple through me when I see my wife of 35 years, lovingly stroking a total stranger’s cock. I moved up and fed her my cock for a few minutes, mostly to let Paul know that it was an available place to put his. I slid down her body and watched his hand stroke and pull on her pussy lips, lightly dipping into her. She pulled his cock to her mouth and tasted the strange cock for the first time. She moaned as his finger sunk into her pussy as his dick sunk into her mouth. I replaced his hand with my mouth and kept her on the edge while she noisily slurped on his beautiful cock.
I pulled her knees up to her chest and sank balls deep into her slimy cunt. Rather that thrusting into her, I pushed down on her hips, sending her into the mattress, she bounced back up, pushing me balls deep. I started slamming into her like this. Hips frozen in place, her ass being pushed into the bed and back onto my dick. About a minute of this, it sent her into the first of the numerous orgasms the night still held. Paul had watched me fuck her and was mesmerized. He told us it was really hot watching that. I asked him if he’d like to take a shot. He moved into position in front of her, on his knees and quickly slid into her. He stayed on his knees for a short time before falling on her and giving it to her missionary, with her legs around his back. In this position, I could get down and see, and smell, the action, as well as snake my tongue in now and then to lick the copious juices off his cock as it retreated from her. She was shoving her hips back at him, begging for a harder fuck. He did his best, slamming into her with everything he had. After a few minutes, Mae came again and he rolled off her, trying to keep his cum.
I took advantage of the opening and rolled Mae on her stomach and pulled her ass up to me. I fucked her doggie while she moved back to Paul’s dick and spent a few minutes on the spit. We timed our thrusts to match so we would fill her pussy and mouth at the same time, back and forth, in and out until she screamed and thrashed around moaning. This lady was so fucking hot tonight.
As we lay back resting, Paul asked if she was ready to take us both. She said sure, why not. Paul said he would need to be coached as it would be a first for him. So we lay him in position and Mae climbs on and sinks him in as deep as she can get him. Then she leans on Paul and I move in behind, slathering lube on my cock. I tell them to stop and hold still. I probe around her cunt, which seems impossibly full of cock. I find an opening and slide just the head in. Mae freezes and her muscles tense. She asks us to hold still, to let her fuck us at her pace. We agree and just hold still, the head of my cock pressed firmly against his shaft, held by her pussy. I feel her cunt loosen slightly and she backs up onto me another inch and freezes, moaning and twitching. Another moment and she takes another couple inches in. Now she starts to slide her very full cunt along the length of our dicks. She has been in this position numerous times. She usually lasts about 15 seconds before exploding, shooting the cocks in her out like a cannon along with a gushing squirt. Paul and I worked into a rhythm and pushed into her like pistons. Me in, him out, him in, me out, back and forth, holding her down as she starts to wail and thrash. She comes with too much force and we topple into a sweating heap of throbbing cock and gushing pussy. ‘Holy fuck’, was all he could say.
We take a break, and have a bottle of water and a couple hits from the bong. In about five minutes we are all rested and ready for more. Paul asks Mae to let him fuck her doggie style. She rolls over and puts her ass in the air, reaches back, opens her pussy and tells him to take it. I slide in under her and get into position just as his cock enters her. I just watch for a little while, loving the sounds, sights, and smells coming from this. Mae was ravaging my cock with her talented mouth, holding me on the edge, making sure I am at the maximum horniness as she fucks back into his rock hard dick. It’s still too early to end this so Paul has to pull out and recover before he shoots. He started to lose it when I stuck my tongue In her pussy as he fucked her, then sucked on his shaved balls. He said later he didn’t know what I was doing but the sensations were incredible. I know that, been there.
Next, I asked J if she was ready for a DP. She said, sure, who’s going where. That’s my girl! I tell her to fuck Paul as I get ready to take her ass. I grab a rubber from the pile I brought and slide one on. I lube up my dick and her ass while she bounces on his dick, getting closer to coming, anticipating what is her favorite position. I easily slide balls deep into her ass as she barely slows down on Paul. This is a position she can take for a long time. Paul is moaning loudly, telling her how he can feel me fucking her ass against his dick. I’m afraid he’s going to come but this guy is a fucking trooper. He manages to fuck Mae through a couple orgasms until she had enough and tapped out.
After that it’s time for another break and some light playing. At one point Mae and Paul are fucking. I’m sitting back watching, something I almost never do. I’d just rather be in there somewhere. Anyway, this time, I’m just stroking my dick, which feels like granite, watching my wife give herself totally to Paul. Her legs are wrapped around him, her hips are meeting each thrust, her arms are wrapped around his back and head, pulling him in for a deep kiss. She releases the kiss and tells him "I love your cock", then cums on it.
At this point, we are laying there and Paul says, I can cum any time you guys are cool with that. What a nice guy. Mae lectures him on the need to let go when the feeling overcomes him. He tells her that if he did that, he’d be home by now. So she thanks him for holding out. She also rolls onto her stomach and puts her ass in the air. We all know what is going to happen here. She helps get me under her. I reach up and gape her cunt wide open, an inviting target for Paul as he moves in. He goes balls deep and asks if he can give it to her hard. Mae says ‘just fuck the shit outta me”. I’m bracing for what I thought was going to be a violent ride. Paul seems to know where I am and fucks her hard and fast and manages to avoid me pretty well. I can get my tongue on his balls and lick her pussy and fully enjoy the event. He’s slamming into her so hard, her cunt juice is spattering around, it’s like 3D sense-around porn. He starts to bellow and shoves his dick in all the way. I jab my tongue at his ass which causes him to come harder. After he finally stops throbbing, maybe 30 seconds later, he slowly starts to pull his dick out. I move my mouth to the point his cock is sliding out. I still can’t detect any of his cum so I wonder if maybe he didn’t come very much. Then his dick comes out fully, Mae gives a little push just as my mouth covers her entire slit. I feel the largest load I have ever had, pour in one huge glop into my mouth. I have to swallow a little right away or lose it down my neck as my mouth is completely full. Mae is still sucking me, lightly, to keep me from losing it. She knows I am lying there with a mouth full of Paul’s and her cum, all mixed in her pussy into the most erotic of cocktails. I let her lick and suck me, finger my ass, as I savor the taste, slowly swallowing the load, keeping just a little. I move up and kiss Mae. We share the last of his cum. And he’s still hard!
He lies back on the stack of hotel pillows and strokes his cock. Mae and I move to either side of him and kiss, with his dick between our lips. Our tongues explore him, we lick his shaft, head, balls. We take turns taking him deeply into our mouths. He doesn’t hold back this time and lets his second load go. This one much smaller but nearly as enjoyable. I take most of it again but share the last with Mae. He’s still hard. He fucks Mae awhile, unable to come again but enjoying the end of a great time.
For the last half hour, my friend John had been texting. He knew that Mae and I were screwing a new guy and he was going to come over after Paul left and we were going to dinner. Paul said he needed to be out in a half hour. I texted John and told him to be here in 45 minutes. Paul was late getting out, John was early, they met. It was awkward for Paul but I had told him that John would be coming over for dinner. Paul left and the three of us walked across the street to a restaurant. When we returned Mae asked us if we wanted to go for a swim. John kinda wanted to get home early but when he arrived, Mae was in the shower. She had walked out naked when he was there. She just walked up to him and gave him a big hug and kissed him. Then she trotted back into the bathroom. There was a noticeable bulge tenting John’s pants. I should say that John had been a lover in the past. We had fucked him a half dozen times but he had stopped due to us not really being what he was looking for in a sexual relationship. No worries, he’s a nice guy and we both like him so a platonic relationship is fine. That was why Mae was so comfortable around him nude, plus she was kinda hammered by then.
He decided to take a swim with us. At least he was blowing off his self-imposed curfew. We enjoyed the hot tub, and Mae swam in the pool for awhile. After nearly an hour, in which we had the pool to ourselves, we headed back to the room. We all stripped and put clothes back on. Mae just put on a nightie. John was getting dressed so I assumed he was going to stick to his plan and go with no playing. As he grabbed his pants, I noticed he hesitated, then got on the bed. I was already there and moved over and stroked his dick, through his underwear. I pulled the head of his dick out of his waistband and looked at him as I licked it. He responded by lowering his shorts for me. It was still a little uncomfortable so he lifted his ass and we removed them completely. He wasn’t hard. I sucked his soft cock, played with his balls. Jerked my dick. Mae was cleaning up, leaving us alone. After a few minutes she came to the bed and started sucking me off while I sucked John. I started to slowly work a lubed finger around his asshole and her responded. I took my time, slowly sucking him, slowly playing with his ass. He still wasn’t hard. He was moaning loudly and told me he was getting close, to shove my finger all the way in. I grabbed the lube and got him ready and slid all the way to his prostate. I rubbed him lightly, stroking in and out as I continued to suck his dick which was probably half hard now. He warned me he was going to come, I felt his prostate tighten and was rewarded with a nice big load as he throbbed and thrusted into my mouth. Mae never lost contact and kept me on the edge through the event.
John left shortly after that and we were alone. Mae was pretty drunk and high and begged me to let her fuck me. I had brought the Feeldo along hoping she would fuck John with it but since I was pretty buzzed I agreed and we got ready. It felt really good to be fucked. Mae fucks like a man and had me feeling really good. The Feeldo makes her come as she thrusts so she’s having a great time. Eventually I tapped out and pulled off all the stuff and fucked her. When I finally came, after several hours of almost non-stop fucking I thought I was being turned inside out. Amazing night!

I have read these stories and wondered how many were true or a made up fantasy. Some are just down right crazy but I am beginning to believe more of these things can happen after last nights encounter. Well, as our story goes my wife and I like to have fun with sex. All of our fun so far has just been fantasy by watching porn, going to a strip club and doing a little of our own video. We have always talked about watching or being watched having sex as something we would like to try. Where we live it's NOT going to happen so we must travel if we are going to ever get that experience. My wife likes to look at beautiful women but never did know if she would like to touch or doing anything like that. She is like an iron, if you can pardon the saying. It takes a little for her to get going but when she does, she goes on forever.
We went on our vacation to a city in California that we knew would have some cool things to do. We had been hoping to find couples and some parties but we found out we had missed them and nothing was really happening when we were there. The only thing to get some jollies was to go to a strip club and pay a little for some fun but going to the swinger clubs cost money also, so what the heck.
The first night we went we were the only two in the house for most of the night. I did not put any money down but let my wife do it. The girls would then come up to my wife and make her touch there titties which she enjoyed thoroughly. They then started coming down naked and sitting on her lap and grinding pussies together which is what my wife has always wanted to try. This went on for most of the night until this last girl that was so beautiful came and started doing all those things but started kissing on her neck and feeling her up. She put her head down by my wife pussy and rubbed around a little. Just by that we got so turned on we had to leave and go back to the room and fuck. It was some great sex that's for sure.
The next night we went back to look for the same last girl but for some reason she was not working and the night was fun but not much more to talk about. These two nights though had gotten my wife's attention and she was wanting to get one of them into the back room.
So, the 3rd night in a row we go the the same club and all the girls know us and the guys at the front just let us in for free. My wife had decided to get a little more flirtatious also as she wore a little sheer see through top that showed off her beautiful nipples. The girls loved this when they came up to her and would play with her nipples getting her hotter and hotter. They know the weak ones and my wife was getting weak. Finally, as the night went on and they were treating her to pussy rubs and nipple touches my wife said we are going to get a private dance when the next chance came up.
Well, as if someone heard us a 3 for 1 opportunity arose and they just happened to parade the girls up on the stage to view. This night there were a lot of guys in the house and most probably enjoyed the show my wife was putting on with the girls as much as anything. So, with even all the guys there our favorite girl and the most beautiful came up to us over the guys and asked if we would take her. My wife smiled and said yes.
She led us to the back room and we went into the room to start. She was already naked so the show started immediately. She was dancing for my wife and my wife was touching her tits not knowing what was okay or not. She did not want to get kicked out or anything like that so she was a good girl for the first little bit. Our girl made the first move by taking my wife's straps and pulling them down to reveal my wife's tits. She started sucking on them and playing around kissing on my wife's neck and making her so wet you could see it through her pants. My wife was starting to suck on her nipples and when I asked her if she was wet, our girl said let me find out and pulled my wife's pants down and started fingering her.
By now my wife was moaning and was so wet you could hear the slurping of her pussy lips. I took my wife's hand and placed it on our girl's pussy and she started fingering her like there was no tomorrow. Our girl raised her one leg up so my wife could have better access to her wet (and as my wife said later, tight), young hole. They fingered each other for what seemed like an eternity and then our girl went and started grinding on my wife and my wife grinding like she was experienced back. They did this for awhile and then went back to fingering each other. This went on for a little more time until the both let out little soft moans and we knew we needed to go. We paid her the money. She gave my wife one last little hurrah, and gave me a hug as I squeezed her amazing ass cheeks and she rubbed against my swollen, wet cock to say goodbye.
My wife and I got out of there and went back up to our room and must have fucked for 30 more minutes until we decided to go to bed to see what kinds of dreams we were going to have tonight. We never dreamed my wife would make it with a 23 year old beautiful black girl but sometimes things don't have to be dreamed to come true.


Lisa Enjoys Mary

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Lisa and Mary had planned this for awhile. They had gotten Eric, Lisa’s husband to agree not to come to this play date. He had a tendency to take over any session he was involved in. It was pretty fun most of the time but not what the women wanted this time. Eric had agreed and then come anyway. Mary had been quite ticked. She had been going to cancel the date until Lisa came up with an alternative solution and whispered it in Mary‘s ear. Mary smiled.
“Eric, if you agree to be tied up in a chair next to the bed for the entire date and just watch, you can stay.” Mary’s green eyes lightened a little, Eric tied up and frustrated would be amusing.
Eric nodded, “you don’t even have to tie me up. I will stay in the chair the entire time.”
“You couldn’t help yourself you horn dog. You would be out of that chair in zero flat at the first sign of an orgasm. Eric, it's tied up or we go home” Lisa said, a little irritated. She could tell, he had no intention of staying in the chair. Lisa, athletic, tall and blond, knew her husband too well.
Seeing the looks on the girl's faces, Eric gave up. “Fine, tie me up.”
Mary got some rope and duct tape from the garage. The two of them made sure Eric was tied good and tight. He struggled a little, shocked, when they put the gag in. They stood back and admired their handy work.
“And just for being a butt head, Eric, this one is for you.” Mary turned on some music, something hard and loud with a nice beat. She began doing a lap dance around Eric and his chair. At one point she slid her pussy along his left arm leaving a nice wet little trail. Lisa was laying on the bed watching and getting turned on despite the frustrated expression on her husband's face. Mary’s large breasts massaged Eric’s face, lap and chest as she danced. She sat on his lap and rubbed him with her bottom. She ran her fingers enticingly over her pink nipples, large breasts, soft white skin and down over her shaved pussy. She teased him mercilessly, bending over to show him her sweet wet pussy as she rubbed it.
“Ok Mary, enough of that. You are here for me not him, remember?” Lisa demanded.
Mary immediately ran over to the bed and knelt beside it. “Sorry Mistress, I got carried away” she said with her head bowed and her hands behind her back.
Lisa smiled with satisfaction. “Alright, get on the bed, assume the position.” Mary scrambled up next to her and got on her hands and knees.
Eric’s eyes about popped out. This was not like any scene they had ever played before. His hot blond, tall, athletic wife was still dressed in high heels, a red mini skirt and a tight black tee shirt that read “wild ass woman. Mary had stripped everything off in her strip tease. The fully dressed dominating wife with the naked girlfriend was the hottest thing he had ever seen.
Lisa admired the view Mary provided. Her large breasts hung beneath her, swaying slightly. Her long curly red hair covered her face as she carefully did not meet Lisa’s eyes and starred down at the bed. Her milky white skin, round butt and naked pussy were quite a turn-on.
“Did you prepare everything as I told you too Mary?” Lisa asked, running her hands over Mary’s back and bottom.
“Yes mistress,” Mary reached under the pillow and pulled out a rolled up towel. She unrolled it in front of her and Lisa looked it over. On it where many things, but Eric couldn’t see them from where he sat.
Lisa continued to caress her; stroking her breast, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, pulling at her pussy lips and even making Mary suck her fingers. Mary made no protest. Lisa’s wet fingers foraged their way into Mary’s wet pussy, first one finger fucked her. Then after a few strokes a second finger joined in. Mary groaned a little when the third finger began to force its way in.
“So tight.” Lisa commented but didn’t stop fingering her. Mary was thrusting back against Lisa’s hand. But Mary was close to cumming and that was not what Lisa had in mind. She pulled out and smacked Mary’s ass briskly. “None of that now,” Lisa warned her. Lisa enjoyed the feeling so much she spanked Mary again and a few more times after that.
Mary was flushed and moaning when she stopped. She did not appear to be unhappy with anything Lisa had done.
Lisa reached for something on the towel and out came a large dildo. “Did you clean up and lubricate as I told you?” Lisa paused.
“Yes mistress, I did an enema this morning and lubed myself for you.”
Lisa without further ado began to work the large thick dildo up Mary’s ass. Mary grunted with the effort to relax enough to get it in. “Mary, how does this big cock feel in your ass?” she asked.
“It is bigger that anything I have ever had there mistress, it feels good and hurts a little too.”
Lisa smiled, “lay flat and hold your cheeks apart for me.”
Mary was immediately down and in position.
Now Lisa really began to work the last few inches in. Once it was in she immediately withdrew it and then thrust it back quickly. Lisa worked her with it hard now. She gave her no time to adjust and Mary’s body slid forward at little with the force of the thrusts. Groaning and moaning constantly, Mary held her cheeks open for the harsh ass fucking.
“Good girl, now put your hands on the headboard and hold still.” Lisa fucked her butt relentlessly. She enjoyed the sight of Mary’s pretty butt, still pink with the spanking, filled over and over by her cock. She liked thinking of it as her cock and Mary as her pretty little slave, to do with as she wanted. She removed the cock and slide in a wide butt plug with a long horse tail on the end. Lisa knelt back and enjoyed the look of it and the rather frantic panting Mary was doing. “Turn over and spread your legs.” Mary did so quickly.
Lisa pulled out some rope and tied Mary to the bed. Mary struggled a little and Lisa smacked her pussy. “Calm down.” Mary laid back and watched as Lisa tied her hands to the headboard of the bed. Lisa slid off the bed and began taking off her clothes, sliding them off slowly and letting Mary watch avidly.
Lisa got back on the bed with Mary and slid her pussy down over Mary’s face as she got into a 69 position. “You better do a really good job licking my pussy Mary or your little butt will be red later not that pretty pink. Do you understand me?” Lisa demanded.
“Yes Mistress.” Mary replied and began to lick and suck Lisa’s very wet excited pussy. Lisa loved Mary’s wide flat tongue licking every inch of her, tongue fucking her and sucking at her clit. Mary’s body was tense with the effort she was expending to make Lisa happy.
Lisa was cumming in moments but she made Mary keep eating her into more orgasms. Lisa’s juice covered Mary’s face. Eric could see Mary was smiling but Lisa couldn’t. She was busy with Mary’s helpless body. Lisa was pinching her slaves nipples and she was spanking her open pussy. Mary’s body jumped and writhed on the bed. Lisa smacked her inner thighs and paused every few moments to test her wet pussy by thrusting her fingers deeply inside. Finally Lisa was cumming so hard that all she could do was grind her pussy into Mary’s face and moan.
Lisa’s legs shook from the aftermath and she smiled down at Mary. “What a good slave you are.” She untied her and had her lay over an ottoman in front of her husband's chair so he would have a good view and put on the last of the toys Mary had laid out, a harness and dildo set. Eric struggled in the chair as he watched his beautiful wife grab the horse hair handle of the butt plug in Mary’s ass. Holding her by still by the plug in her ass, Lisa slid the dildo she wore into Mary’s franticly pulsing pussy. Mary was so wet it slid in with very little effort. Her pretty pussy clutched at the dildo as she cried out, “Thank you mistress.” Lisa smiled and smacked Mary’s butt cheek as she withdrew slightly and then thrust again. If anything the smack on her ass made Mary wetter, judging from the ease Lisa had been fucking her. Lisa began working the dildo a little faster. She smacked her butt, first one cheek then another. “Tell me how that feels Mary,” she said panting.
“Oh, mistress, it feels so good to have you fuck me. Please mistress, fuck me harder, spank my butt. I want you too use my pussy harder mistress.” Mary was panting and moaning as she came.
Lisa held hard to her pony's little tail and rode her into a few more orgasms.

A couple of months later, Marc, Larry and Paul went on their annual deer hunt in South Dakota. In the past Vickie, Robin and I would meet for lunch go shopping and have some girl’s night out time. This year much to my surprise things were going to be much different. The girls showed up at my house as planned, and we sat around and decided what we all wanted to do. Vickie and Robin suggested we go to the adult toy store, saying it might be fun for a change. We had all been to them before, but with our husbands, never by myself and not together. So this was to be quite an adventure. It was settled that we would go there that afternoon.
We headed off for a day of shopping, I didn’t pay too much attention to Vickie and Robin’s usual playfulness, they were always playing grab ass with each other. As the day went on, I notice that they were paying more attention to me than normal, a brush up against me here a bump in the ass there. Then Robin nonchalantly caressed my ass as I came out of the dressing room of Victoria Secrets. Then I was trying on a nightie and the girls asked to see it, so I invited them to step into the dressing room. Robin was saying how sexy I looked and pointed out how it showed off my tits. As she did this she was leaning down close to my tits and gave them a quick but wet kiss, saying hmm, I bet they are sweet as pie. She then leaned up looking into my eyes and kissed me long and passionately slipping her tongue into my mouth. As she did this, she slipped her hand down to my crotch and fondled my pussy, which had became moist and juicy. God, it was a thrill to do this in a dressing booth with strangers just outside the door.
Later when we went to our favorite café, Robin and Vickie were still playing their games. When we sat down for lunch at the little café we all liked, Vickie who is almost 5’11’ sat directly across from me and started playing footsie with me, caressing my leg and tried to rub my pussy with her foot. I gave her a curious look and she winked at me and licked her lips. I said what the hell gives; she said oh nothing just a bit horny I guess. After we had finished lunch, Vickie drove to the adult toy store, we had a grand time in there. We must have seemed like a bunch of silly schoolgirls. Looked at all the dildos, dongs, and vibrators, and made bets upon who could or could not handle which one. Robin purchased a nice glass dildo; I ended up buying a life like dong about 12 inches long, nice and fat. Vickie bought herself some lube, lotions, a double dong, the kind that goes in both holes at the same time and other goodies that she wouldn’t show us. She suggested we get a couple of good skin flicks and watch them that night. Robin and I said let’s go for it and get some good ones. So Vickie said leave it to me, you won’t be disappointed!
On the drive home Robin and Vickie informed me that they had brought their overnight bags and planned on staying the weekend, if I didn’t mind. I told them that they were most welcome, because I was ready for some company; the men had been gone for four days and would not be back for three more days. That evening after we settle in and were getting ready for bed, Vickie said she had an idea. Let’s model the nighties we bought today and see how well our toys work. Of course Robin chimed in “great idea, I’ll go get mine on now." So I played along, I too thought it might be fun, like when we play dress up at pajama parties.
So Vickie and I went into the bedroom and joined Robin picking out the sexiest outfits we had purchased that day. Vickie put on a pink baby doll she bought, it showed off her long sexy legs magnificently. Having crotchless panties helped too. Robin had purchased a long pull over red dress-like outfit that was split up the side and only held together by a few straps on each side. It showed off her slim petite body wonderfully. I had opted for a one-peace black crotchless fishnet body suit that since that is one of my favorites.
We returned to the living room and started doing our best imitations of super models, except we aren’t super models, they are too reserved and stuck up to act out the way we did. Because we also used some of the toys we had bought and some of the ones I already had. This little bit of play-acting added with some wine coolers really loosened things up.
Vickie suggested we watch the videos she had got. That really got things going. The first one was the usual kind of good-looking guys with big cocks fucking lovely gals with big tits. Girls sucking the guys, taking loads of cum all over their faces and tits. One girl getting fucked in the ass by one guy in the pussy by another and sucking off another, ending up covered in cum. The second video was one I should have suspected but didn’t. It was the usual guy / girl stuff. But it had more girl / girl action than any I had ever seen. It had a long scene in it started with six girls all in a hot tub. They all ended up kissing and playing with each other, had some real good underwater shots, of finger pussy action. The girls moved from the hot tub to the bedroom pretty quick, so the action heated up just as fast.
As the show continued I found myself getting more and more aroused. I guess the girls sensed it because, Robin said she wanted to see how good her glass dildo felt and suggested we should all get our toys out and have some fun. Of course Vickie was all for it, I was feeling real frisky so I was very agreeable too. We decided to take turns and watch each other play with their toys, but that didn’t last long. No sooner had Robin started by lubing up her dildo and run it up into her sweet pussy, I got mine and acted like I was going to suck off a well-hung man. I licked it, kissed it and sucked it down as far as I could. I then got on my knees lubed it up and sat down on it. I was really enjoying myself when Vickie came over and started to lick and kiss my tits through my outfit.
My GOD I thought I would go nuts, I had never felt something so gentle yet so exciting. She must have known how much I was enjoying it, because she got me to lie down on my back. She took the dong and used it to pleasure me, while she licked and sucked my clit. I exploded almost immediately. What an orgasm, none like I had ever had before!
Vickie told me to relax while she gave me a good body rub and asked me to remove my body suit. As I was doing this, she went into the bedroom and brought out the bag of things she had bought that day. She had me lie face down on a nice down comforter we had gotten out and spread over the floor. She started by smearing some nice lotion all over my back, working from the shoulders and neck down to my ass. As she got to my ass, she worked it very good and then moved down to my already wet pussy. I was going nuts, but when she bent over and spread my legs further apart I was even more excited. She lifted me up a little and started to lick and suck my pussy, then stuck her tongue in my ass, WOW! She then finished rubbing down my legs and feet. As she finished, she moved in behind me, between my legs, she told me to relax for a minute. I wasn’t sure what she was up to, but just went with my feelings and relaxed. Vickie said now please get up onto your knees for me. As I did so, I felt something between my legs, and then she pushed up against me. I felt the lubed up dildo slide right up to the hilt into my dripping wet pussy. I had never had a strap-on used on me before, I liked it!
As all of this was going on, Robin was sitting on the floor next to me, lightly caressing my body with her hands. She bent over and began to kiss me on the lips, as Vickie was fucking me from behind. I was so excited; I opened my mouth and slid my tongue into her mouth and just let myself go. After a short while, I moved down to Robin’s soft, round tits and began to kiss, lick and suck them. I was very excited then, Robin said she wanted to lick my pussy while Vickie fucked it, I told her to please do. She slid her body under mine, with her head down between my legs and her legs toward my head. She started to lick my pussy and got into sort of rhythm with Vickie. I was going crazy and came all over both of them. They just kept going, so as I was there taking all they had to give.
I looked down to see, Robins legs all spread and her pussy there inviting me to do something, so I moved my face down close to her sweet pussy and began to lick it. At first I was a little timid, then as I became more comfortable with it, I licked and sucked with more gusto. I found that I really did like it and wanted to try more. I had another orgasm and Robin said OK that’s enough, I need to dry off! I told the girls I was so spent and totally satisfied at that moment that I just had to do it some more after I rested up. Vickie said cool, lets all take a shower together and see what happens.
As we all got into to my large multi-jet shower, Robin grabbed her glass dildo. She said, you guys need to try this, it is wonderful. It had all of these ridges and bumps on it, that really gave a person extra pleasure. Vickie bent over a little and told Robin to please fuck her in the ass with it. So Robin did as requested and lubed it up and slowly slid it up Vickie’s ass. Moving it in and out slowly at first, then more quickly as Vickie urged her on, as Robin played with Vickie’s ass, I began to kiss her and play with her breast. Vickie soon moved my head down toward her breast and I began to lick and suck them, she them pushed my hand down to her pussy. I began to rub it and play with the outer lips, she was becoming more aroused so I slid my first two finger up into her pussy and very quickly moved them in and out, Vickie shuddered as she reached a long wet orgasm. She then grabbed my head and gave me a very long passionate kiss. We all lathered up and took turns gently washing each other’s bodies. I had never had a woman wash me and I found it quite stimulating. Marc and I frequently showered together and had even showered with my cousin Karen, but this was much different. The touch was softer and more erotic.
We finished with our shower and took turns drying each other. We then did our hair and make up and decided to go out for some drinks. We got home about 2:00a.m. completely exhausted and a little drunk to say the least. We kept telling the guys that hit on us all night, that we were lesbians that kept them away! LOL. We decided that we had had enough for the night and to go to bed. Robin said, “I just can’t sleep alone, will you guys sleep with me?” We have a king size bed, so we all slept in it. Vickie stripped down to her bare skin and said well what are you guys waiting for? So we all slept naked. The next morning Vickie was the first one up, if you call 11:00 early. She had some time to herself and she made the best of it, by planning out the whole day for us. Let me tell you, she went all out and had everything worked out.
It was Saturday morning and Vickie had called Candy and told her what we had been up to. Candy asked if she could come over, because she had wanted to play with me for such a long time, but since I never showed an interest in bi – action she never pursued it. Vickie and her had worked out a surprise sneak attack from Candy for me. So Candy got there before Robin and I had gotten out of bed. Vickie had her hide out in the bathroom of our bedroom. Vickie got back into bed with us and slid up next to me. Cradling my body up close to hers from behind. She felt all soft and warm. As she lay there, she began to play with my breast and eventually moved one hand down to my crotch and gently stroked my pussy lips. I shifted around so I could kiss her and we began to mutually play with each other. We continued to enjoy each other for a while, when I heard the bathroom door open. I thought it was Robin, until Candy slipped into bed next to me, she said good morning beautiful and gave me a long wet kiss.
Candy did not waste any time and got right down to business, she moved down to my tits giving them a great work over. Then moved on down to lay between my legs and licked and sucked my pussy to a very long wet orgasm. While this was going on, Vickie and Robin were busy too. They were playing with their toys, kissing and generally having a good time. Vickie got up moved around the bed and asked Candy to follow her. I was kind of disappointed and said why are you leaving me now! They said, don’t worry we will be right back with a nice surprise for you. When they returned Vickie had something behind her back, but would not let me see it. Candy laid me back and straddled my face, putting her pussy right down on my mouth. I started to lick and suck it, while I was doing this I used my hands to play with her tits. I felt Vickie, playing with my pussy, then she inserted a dildo and worked it for a while, just long enough to get me very excited and I moaned when she stopped. But I did not have to wait long, she was back, but this time I was completely surprised by what she was doing.
As she was licking my pussy, she used her double dong and inserted it into my pussy and slowly worked the other half into my ass. Now it wasn’t a very big anal dong, but I had never had one in my pussy and ass at the same time. Vickie knew this, so she took it slow and easy, eventually she had me all relaxed and I began to enjoy it immensely. Candy, had a long wet orgasm, which excited me even more and I unloaded a large wet orgasm of my own. Vickie exclaimed, WOW, now you are gong to have to wash these sheets, they are soaked! I told her they could wait, get Robin's glass dong and fuck me in the ass with it. It is thicker than anything I have had, but I want it!
Now I have had anal sex before and been able to enjoy it and have great orgasms while doing it. But most of the guys I had done it with, were of average size. Robin’s glass dong was larger and thicker than normal. Maybe 10 1/2 inches long and 1 ¼ inches in diameter. But with the right amount of lube and some patience on Vickie’s part I was finally able to take it all in. While Vickie was busy working my ass, Robin and Candy were kissing me and gently caressing the rest of my body. While at the same time they would occasionally kiss and caress each other. All in all I would say we were all having a great time.
I was finally able to enjoy the feel of the large dong in my ass and as Vickie began to stroke me faster with it while playing with my clit, I had another orgasm. This one was stronger and longer than the first. My body shuddered and I squirted a large amount of cum all over Vickie. We all played with each other for about another hour.
When we were all satisfied with ourselves, we got up, showered and put on our make-up. We went out to a local café’ for brunch. We giggled and laughed, generally had a fun time while enjoying the meal and each other’s company. I said to them, let’s plan a party for when the boys get home. We can have it at our house and invite the whole gang.

Two weeks after the house party, my cousin Karen gave me a call. She was having a rough time; she had broken up with her boyfriend nine months back and two years before that went through a divorce with her husband of more than 20 years. Her and I had been as close as sisters ever since we were little. We are only six months apart in age and both of our sisters are much older than us. Mine is seven years older than me and her's is eight years older than her. My dad and her mother are twins and we grew up a block apart in a small town. So as you can see, we were two peas in a pod, in fact many people think we are sisters.
Anyways, she called to see if she could come stay for a few days or maybe a week. She lived in a town about 70 miles from us and said she just needed to get away for a while. Now I suspected there was more to it, but didn't press things. I told her to come and stay as long as she needed. I knew Marc wouldn’t mind, him and Karen got along very well, but not in a sexual way. I had told Karen years before that we were swingers and she never pursued it with any awkward questions or condescending remarks. She just accepted it for what it was, our choice and our business. I had told Marc that Karen was coming to stay for a short while, his only remark was I hope she doesn't mind if she sees me sleep walking nude.
Karen arrived on Thursday evening and we all went out to dinner at our favorite restaurant. She confided that one of the reasons she had split up with John, her old boyfriend, was that he was so cheap. They would never go out and just enjoy things, even though they both made very good incomes. Marc said that’s a shame; a man should always be willing to take his lady out. Look at me; here I am with two great looking ladies. I bet you that there is more than one guy in here, wondering if I am going to get lucky with both of you tonight, then he laughed that little devilish laugh of his. I kicked him under the table and I thought I saw Karen blush.
We finished the evening at the mall where she and I shopped and tried on clothes, while Marc acted bored. I knew he was really enjoying it, his macho pride just wouldn’t let him show it, and it’s a man thing.
The next morning after Marc went off to work, I looked in on Karen she looked at peace, so I let her sleep in. About an hour later I heard her get up and take a shower, so I started breakfast. As we sat in the nook over breakfast, our conversation turned to Karen’s life at the moment. She confided in me that John had been abusive and just real selfish bastard. She also said, something that I wasn't expecting, she had not had any sex in almost a year! I said “none?”. She said well only with myself, and giggled and blushed a little. I quickly gave her a hug, cause I felt like she really needed one. I then kissed her softly on the cheek and told her things would get better; you are a beautiful intelligent woman. She looked at me and said, I knew coming here was the right thing to do we have always been there for each other.
As we sat and talked about life, men, and our kids, who were all grown and moved away by now. She then asked me if we were still swinging, I said of course just because one turns forty doesn't mean sex has to stop. Karen said she just wasn't sure, because we hadn’t talked about it in two or three years. I told her that as a rule we don’t talk about it or any of our playmates as we call them, with anyone that isn't in the lifestyle. She then told me she was wondering about it and had a lot of questions. She wanted to know if I would answer them for her. She also asked if sometime, when she felt comfortable with it, could she go to one of the parties we attend or to a club with us. But she was not sure of what went on and if she would have to fuck just anyone.
I said look, there are some basic rules, #1 being no means no. You don’t have to have sex with anyone you don’t want to. Also you don’t even have to have sex, if you don’t want to. Marc and I consider it a recreational activity. She said don’t you ever get jealous of each other, I said of course not we want each other to have fun, that is the point. As the conversation progress, she became more excited and asked many questions about the guys the gals and what all went on. I asked her if she would like to see one of our videos, she exclaimed you videotape them?. I told her we only did when everyone was in agreement and if just one person said no, then no cameras were turned on. I told her we also took digital photos that Marc had down loaded to some disc. She was even more interested and asked if she could see some of the photos and watch one, so I turned on the computer and got out a disc that had several pics of me alone, of me and Marc or of us having sex with others, I also got the DVD of the last party we attended and put it in the player.
As she looked at the pictures and watched the video, I told her; you got to see this one guy and giggled a little. She said why? All I could say is you'll see. All of the people were in it and almost everyone was doing something. She was watching the part where Vickie, Robin, and Candy were going at it on the floor. I was watching her to see what her reaction would be. She was breathing a little harder and squirming around on the couch some. She didn't say anything, until we got to Sam and me, then she exclaimed, “ you let him fuck you with that horse cock!” I just laughed and said, twice. It was a little difficult the first time but the second time it was sheer pleasure. She then said, I didn't know Marc was so well endowed, and I said he’s not average, that’s for sure.
We chatted for a while and I answered more questions for her, then she threw me a curve ball. She said do you remember when we were 11 or 12 and didn't know what it was like to kiss? I said vaguely, why? Well, remember we use to practice on each other, we would even French kiss. Then as we got more curious about our bodies, I found one of my father’s magazines and we began to explore our own bodies and even played with each other and ourselves. I have been having dreams about that lately, always the same you and me naked kissing, but I don’t know how it ends or what exactly we do. Well I guess I haven't forgotten and I have always kind of wondered in the back of my mind what it would be like to have sex with a woman. So now tell me, how did it feel when that girl was licking your pussy? All I could say was wonderful.
I then said to Karen, do you want to fuck Marc? She said she had thought about asking, but wasn't sure if she was ready to yet. I said that was OK, look I will leave the door to our room cracked tonight, I know we will be getting it on, we always do, in fact we usually spend the weekend fucking, if the kids or something doesn't interrupt us. That or we go to either the club or a house party once or twice a month. If you decide you are up to it, sneak in and we'll give Marc a real surprise. She said OK, but she needed a man or something now, because the video was too much and she needed it now. I said well I have some toys you can use, she told me good because I brought mine too. Let’s get them out and have some fun. She went to her room and got her stuff out, while I went to get my toys. I spread out a large blanket on the floor in front of the big screen and we stripped off our clothes.
She had a small bag with a couple of dongs and some lube in it, while I had a rubbermaid container about 16 by 10 inches full of stuff. My favorite toy was an egg with a clit tickler on it. It was battery powered and drove me wild. I am a squirter, so I put down a piece of plastic and two towels to soak up my juices. Karen looked at me kinda puzzled and I said you'll see. As we began she got out a very long double-headed dong maybe 16” and a bottle of Astro-glide. It was bigger than normal, but not huge, I guess just long. I laid back on a pillow and took the egg out put a little lube on it and inserted in turned it on and started to move it around a little, at the same time I would rub on my clit. Karen lubed up the head of the dong and while setting up on her knees, slid it up into her pussy, moaning as she did so. She let it set still, didn't move it or anything for a short time. She then laid back with her back against the couch and started to move it in a slow and deliberate stroke in and out. Short ones at first, then a little longer ones pausing at the end of each stroke.
I reached a very long and wet climax first. Karen looked over at me, startled at the amount of juice coming out of me. She said did you just piss? I laughed and said no, I squirted my cum out. It can be intense when I get worked up and I have soaked two or three towels at a time and done it several times in a night. She said my god, where did you learn that? I told her Marc and I learned on our own, kinda by accident, and I have been squirting ever since. She asked me, do you think he could teach me, to which I replied I don’t see why not. She came over and sat right next to me putting her arm around my shoulder. I am so glad we are cousins and so close, I know you are going to be able to see me through this rough time.
She then laid her head down on my lap looking up into my eyes, with tears in hers; she said I am so lonely and tired. I gently bent down and kissed her forehead, as I did she reached out and stroked my breast, saying you do have nice tits. She then started to kiss them and began to suck on one then the other. It felt so good, I had never had this kind of attention from another woman. It just seemed right that it was my cousin and I exploring each other. I reached down and fondled her tits then repositioned myself to be able to reach her wet pussy, I inserted my finger and moved it the way Marc would do me. She moaned and arched her back, grabbed a hold of my hand and held it to her pussy tighter. I put two fingers in and with another finger I started to play with her asshole. She was going wild and I was very excited also.
Karen abruptly sat up and wrapped her arms around me kissing me hard and passionately. She took my hand and returned it to her pussy moaning more, more. I continued to play with her; she then put her hand on my wet and excited pussy emulating the things I was doing to her. I think we both climaxed a few times. She said I have never eaten another woman’s pussy, but I want to try now, can I? I said I will try too, so I lay down and she straddled me in the 69 position. She started very tentatively licking my lips and inserted a finger again. It felt good and much different than when a guy did it. I lowered my face close to her moist pussy lips and began to slowly lick around the outer edges. She gave a slight moan and arched herself up into me. She came almost as soon as I stuck my tongue into her wet and ready pussy. I inserted two fingers into her and pumped them in and out as I was licking her. I heard her moan louder and she just buried her face into my pussy and I could feel her tongue deep inside of me. I could feel an orgasm coming so I thought I should warn her, but she ignored it and continued licking, sucking and pumping her fingers, which by now she had taken her other hand and was fingering my ass. I shuddered as my orgasm washed over me and my juices exploded over her face. She was licking as much of it as she could and her orgasm came just as quickly and violently as mine. Now she didn't squirt as hard as me, but she did have a very intense and juicy orgasm, the juices came sliding out in a long steady stream and tasted sweet.
I rolled off of her and lay there for a few minutes, and then we sat up and kissed each other hard while probing each others mouths with our tongues. She licked the juices off of my face, and kissed my tits and neck. It was a very fulfilling experience and I am glad that my first time was with Karen. We sat there for a few minutes, when she said; will you take this dong and fuck me with it, really fuck me good? I said of course if that is what you want. So she got up onto her knees and backed up to me like she was getting ready for a man except it was me, I knelt down between her legs gently pushed the dong in as far as I could and began to slowly move it back and forth, she moaned out faster, harder. So I began to move it with more vigor and soon she was arching her back and moaning Oh My God, then she said I want it in my ass. She raised her butt in the air and said give it to me!
Now I know with me I need to get loosened up a bit before I can take it in the ass. I wasn't sure how to go about it for her, she looked at me and said just shove it in for christ's sake, I do it all the time. So I put some more lube on it and started to push it into her ass, to my surprise it slid right in. I began to work it and after a short while she again moaned and flex, this time tightening her ass, gripping the dong with all of her might. All of a sudden she said, bend it in two and put the other end in my pussy, which I did. She was like a woman possessed. She finally let out a long moan ending with “oh my god that’s wonderful”. Her orgasm was so intense, this time she just gushed juice everywhere. I said to her, “Oh my god, you just squirted”. She then settled down to lie on the floor and relaxed. I leaned over and asked her how she felt; all she could do grab my face and kiss me hard and moaned, lovely.
I got up and went to the fridge and got us a couple of wine coolers. As I was coming back into the room, she was standing there looking at me. She then just walked right over to me and gave me a big hug and kissed me moving her tongue into mouth, she finally pulled back a little flushed and said thank you.
That night after we had eaten dinner, the three of us got in the hot tub for a relaxing soak. Marc wore his loose fitting gym shorts and Karen and I wore our bikinis. Marc looked at Karen and told her she was a very attractive lady and the asshole that let her get away should have his head examined. She looked at him with a sad smile and said thank you, you really know how to make a woman feel special. We were in there for a while when Marc laid his head back and closed his eyes, he mumbled something about a rough day saying he really needed this. I saw Karen stand up; she gave me a funny look, and then took off her top followed by her bottom. I did the same winking at her. We were sitting next to him, when we both reached down and gave his cock a squeeze, and rubbed our tits up against him. She then straddled him and settled herself down onto his cock saying I want you to fuck me silly. I thought I was going to drown from laughing so hard at the look on his face. He looked at her, then at me and said what has been going on here today. I said well why don’t we all go up to our room and we'll explain.
We told Marc all about the day and of Karen’s curiosity about swinging and everything we did. So we all ended up in the shower with Marc taking turns washing each of us. He would wash our hair then our bodies, paying special attention to our tits and pussies. He would rub his stiff cock up against us making us groan with anticipation, always teasing but never entering. When he was done taking care of us, we took care of him I started on his back while Karen started on his front we went from head to toe but left his cock and balls for last. By the time we got to his cock it was rock hard, Karen got down on her knees and began to lather it up and stroke it. She motioned for me to join her so I did. We rinsed it off real well; Karen then started to kiss it and suck on it and sucked on his balls. It was a real turn on for her because Marc was shaved and she had never seen or played with a man that was.
I joined her in the fun, so with me on one side and her on the other we began to take turns sucking and licking his cock. When we would meet up at the head after licking the shaft we would kiss each other. Finally Marc was ready to cum, I knew because I could feel it, I didn't know if Karen knew so I told her. We moved around in front of him, his back was to the shower-head and begged him to give us his cum. Karen took his cock and jacked it till his juice came gushing out in large squirts. We put our faces together so he had a good target and he hit us both all over our faces and necks.
Karen was like a woman possessed she took his cock and sucked it down her throat, all the way, something I could never do. She kissed me, licking the juice left on my face, got up and kissed him. Then started rubbing her pussy against Marc’s cock saying please give it to me. Marc told her he would be happy to, give him 30 minutes to recuperate and he would fuck her eyes out. Marc waited almost an hour before telling her he would service her anyway she wanted. She said, Mary, can I have him to myself for a while? I told her to enjoy herself, she needed to experience what it was like to be with a man after so long without one. So they headed off to the bedroom and I went to read a book.
While I was sitting in the den reading and listening to Karen’s enjoyment in the bedroom {she was a load moaner and would frequently let out a long OH MY GOD give it to meeeee!}. They were at it for about an hour and a half. The phone rang, it was Betty, she said that her Sam, Vickie and Larry were going out for dinner the next evening. Nothing was planned for afterwards, we would just see where it leads and go from there. I told her about Karen and said we would join them if Karen could come too. I explained to her everything about Karen and what she was going through. Betty said by all means she was more than welcome.
We talked for about an hour, just girl talk, finally Karen came out of the bedroom all covered in sweat and sat down by me. She said wow, that was great and man did Marc know how to please a woman. I told her that we knew plenty more guys that could blow her mind. She smiled and said I hope so; I want to just cut loose and have some real fun for a change. All I could say was, wow you really are coming out of your shell, aren't you? I told her that the three of us were invited out for dinner the next evening with some of our friends, but that it didn't mean we would end up playing. We sometimes just meet socially. She said that was ok, but hoped more would happen. I told her well if it does, you might get a chance to try out that “horse cock” you saw. Karen, said oh no, I don’t know if I could handle that. I assured her if she didn't want to do anything, she would not be expected to and that me and Marc would not either.

We have known Cindy for over 20 years. We knew she way gay {she was 'married' to my sister for quite a number of years before they split and went their separate ways}.
My husband had informed me last year that he has always wanted to see another female make love to me. From the 'seduction' all the way to the final orgasm.
A couple of months ago we got together with Cindy and informed her of my husband's fantasy. We had agreed to meet one weekend at her home {in another city}. We were under the impression that Cindy knew what we wanted.
As the weekend came closer I started getting nervous as I had only been with one female in the past and only for a couple of minutes {nothing really happened between me and this other female}.
Well, we make the trip to Cindy's house this past Saturday. My husband was getting excited. We had expected things to go the way we had planned. But...
Cindy's live-in girlfriend left the house for a few minutes and Cindy asked us to follow her to their bedroom and undress. The three of us got into the bed with me in the middle and Cindy started touching me on my breast. She slowly moved her hand down between my legs. She kissed her way down to my 'V'. I felt her tongue on me. I got so turned on. My husband got out of the bed and stood there watching Cindy going down on me. I exploded.
Things were going well. Cindy was busy taking me to explode again when my husband attempted to enter her from behind. Cindy was too dry. Cindy got me to explode a second time. Then she came back up and laid down next to me. My husband attempted to get me to go down on Cindy but I could not do it {I think I may not have been ready for that yet}. So he approached Cindy and went down on her while I licked and nibbled on her nipples. Cindy exploded.
Then Cindy said something that took both my husband and I by surprise. She asked my husband to cum inside her. We then realized what she was up to. Cindy wanted to try to get pregnant. Fortunately, my husband can no longer have kids.
Well, because of what she said, my husband and I could go on no longer. We got out of the bed and got cleaned up. We stayed the remainder of the weekend and never brought up the incident. :{
On the way home, my husband and I decided not to get together with Cindy in the future.

I had intended for the story, 'Epilogue' to be my final submission, but I asked the readers for their advice and it is still running about 3 to 1 to tell Bob to get lost. However, my attraction to him remains strong and so to my loyal readers I would like to report that he is not living with us and has been limited to only one visit a week. Furthermore, he must call in advance and not merely show up.
Yesterday he called and wanted to spend the day with us. I say that euphemistically, as what he meant was to spend the day with me alone. It was early, and as we had no firm plans for the day Jerry and I agreed to let him visit. Well, it couldn't have been more than 15 minutes later he was at the door, and raring to go. I am a hot blooded woman who is multi-orgasmic, but I do require some foreplay and as such I insisted that he sit down and have a cup of coffee or something while I finished putting on my makeup and getting dressed. He thought that was completely unnecessary as we would just jump into bed right away anyway, but wisdom prevailed and he and Jerry went out by pool and drank a cup of coffee.
A few minutes later Jerry came in to see if I was ready and proposed to play a trick on Bob if I was up to it. His idea was to call one of our new swinger friends Mary, who moved in down the street a couple of months ago and whom we had met at a neighbor's party shortly thereafter. Jerry has been wanting to get into her pants and thought he could do that and play a trick on Bob at the same time. It sounded like a good plan to me so I phoned Mary and asked if she could get together with Jerry later in the day and that Jerry would explain when he got there. She agreed and we set a time about 2 hours later in the morning. In the meantime, Jerry set up his photo equipment and went out to the lanai to tell Bob that I was ready.
Bob didn't need to be told twice and he came in immediately with his tent pole pushing out the front of his trousers. I was reclining on my bed, fully dressed as if to go out for the day, but I knew that was not going to be a deterrent to Bob, nor did I want it to be.
Bob climbed up on the bed and immediately began to undress me, removing my blouse, then my bra and began to suck on my tits in the way that makes my pussy quiver. Meanwhile I was trying to get his pants off without letting my nipples slip out of his mouth. With some effort we both got naked and Bob as per usual wanted to bury his big bone in my pussy without foreplay. Sure, the KY jelly was handy, but I wanted him to eat some pussy while I sucked his dick for a few minutes. As Bob is so huge, I can barely get the head of it into my mouth, but I keep trying to deep throat him and he never complains although he does try to force it deeper and deeper into my mouth until my jaws start to ache. A few minutes of this and both of us were ready as he had licked me to full wetness, or so I thought. Bob then rubbed the head of his dick back and forth across my vaginal lips and proceeded to sink his 10' dick in an inch or so at a time. We almost made it to the 8' mark when he seemed to hit bottom and my outer labia was pushing in and pulling out to the point of some minor discomfort. It was obviously time for old reliable KY jelly, so he pulled out and we lubed up. Then he slid in all the way smoothly and without any problem and we were off and running.
Faster and faster, deeper and deeper, then slower and slower, Bob constantly varied his thrusts until I had my first orgasm and wrapped my legs around his waist and held on for dear life as he rushed to his first orgasm as well. We then laid there together in the afterglow with his dick deep inside me and even though I was ready immediately for another session he needed a little time to recover.
While this was going on Jerry and Mary were screwing their butts off, which I learned later. Jerry, Mary and her husband Don were in the throes of a three-some and having a great time when Jerry outlined his plan. Mary had heard about Bob, but had never seen him and so Jerry suggested that Mary accompany him home to meet Bob and perhaps Bob would give her some of his big tool as well. Now Jerry isn't exactly small but not in Bob's class so Mary was ready to go for it when her husband said, 'What about me?'. Jerry assured him that he could have some of me while Bob was fucking Mary if he would go along with the plan which was this. Mary would come home with Jerry as his new girlfriend and suggest that Bob would like to try something different and then Don who would be hiding in the house would walk in and confront Bob about fucking his wife without his permission. Don is a big guy about 6'5' and 250 pounds so he would be able to intimidate Bob by mere size.
A few minutes later Jerry and Mary arrived just as Bob was set to fuck me again and in they walked. Jerry introduced Mary to Bob and told him that Mary was his new girlfriend, but that she would like some of his size in her box if he was game for it. Now old Bob never turns down pussy so he slid over on the bed to make room for Mary who was in the midst of shedding her clothes as quickly as possible. When she was completely naked bob reached for the Ky jelly again, but she stopped him saying that her husband was big also and that she had already had one morning fuck and could easily handle him.
That turned out not to be entirely true as Bob got almost all the way in with Mary also when he had to use some more lubricant. I was left to just watch and play with my clit while Bob pounded away at Mary's hairy pussy and seemed to be enjoying himself greatly. Jerry stood by and smiled while all this was going on and then when Mary had cum and Bob was about to shoot his load again, there was a tap on his shoulder and who was there but Don.
'What the hell are you doing fucking my wife?' Don said. Bob looked at me and asked, 'Who is this guy and where did he come from?' I replied that he was Mary's husband who must have followed them here and seemed pretty upset to me. Bob pulled out of Mary's snatch with a popping sound and he was rapidly shrinking in size and we all knew that he hadn't cum yet so it must have been fear.
Don smiled and said, 'I have been watching you fuck my wife and did nothing, but now I need some kind of repayment for your fucking her without my permission.' Bob, thinking he wanted money reached for his wallet, but Don stopped him and said, 'No, I want you to suck my dick for me I don't need your money.'
Bob pleaded that he had never sucked dick and didn't plan to start now, when Don picked him up like a rag doll and told him that he could do it or get his ass kicked clear out to the street. Meanwhile Jerry was smiling which infuriated Bob a lot. 'Aren't you going to do anything about this Jerry?', he said. Jerry answered, ' I can't do anything about it Don lets me fuck Mary, but he doesn't know you so I think you're out of luck.'
Bob reached over and opened Don's fly and pulled out his 8' semi-hard dick and began to lick and suck on it in such a way that you would swear he had in fact done it before now. For several minutes Bob sucked away and Don got into it although his eyes were closed until he shot his load of cum into Bob's open mouth. Bob then ran to the bathroom and rinsed his mouth out with Listerine. Then he came back into the room where all of us were smiling. Then we let him in on the joke. Bob doesn't take jokes at his expense too well so he got dressed and left.
Later that day he phoned me to ask if I was in on the trick and I told him no that it was Jerry's idea, but that maybe he should only come over about once a month for the time being. When I hung up the phone Bob and I fucked like a couple of minks until we had each had a couple of orgasms and we laughed a lot about it. Mary and Don went home together but we will get together with them for a four-some this next weekend at their house. Don graciously agreed to wait until then to fuck me as Bob had worn him out. We still don't know what possessed Don to change the plan and get a blowjob, but it looked good on tape.
Will Bob ever come back? Who knows?
Cheryl & Jerry
Tampa, Florida

PRELUDE: If you have read 'A Gift From My Husband', you know that my first swinging experience was WAY beyond what I ever dreamed. Following that incredible beginning, Rick and I found ourselves back to where swingers conventionally begin.
For the next couple years, starting slowly, with friends and neighbors, we simply put a toe in the water, followed by a foot, etc. Unaware of it at the beginning of these social relationships, one and then another moved inexorably in the direction of uninhibited group sex. At the same time, Rick and I continued to share and enjoy a number of fantasies in the privacy of our personal playground. One scenario was becoming more and more appealing to me - very simply, watching up close as Rick sucked another man´s cock. Well, so much for what 'I' wanted! Rick would react quite favorably as I described a fantasy scene from beginning to delicious end. Trouble was, in the cold light of day, his macho nature would completely reject my fantasy. Yet I knew from my wifely intuition, given those precious three words time, place and circumstance, that he could not only be coaxed into opening his mouth to that man, but would drain his cock with pleasure and satisfaction.
We met Fred and Martha in a very traditional way. Not long after the 'Tomm' experience, Rick took a new position in Northern California. We joined a club so that he could exercise his second passion - golf. Rick and Fred met there, and of course, neither of them had a clue how much they really had in common. After the 3rd or 4th time the four of us were together, we realized that each couple had been fantasizing about the other - the rest is history.
Anyway, Martha and I became close, and besides sharing our husbands and each other, we enjoyed sharing our innermost thoughts. So, naturally, Martha was aware of my favorite fantasy regarding Rick. We both clearly understood, however, that it would not happen with Fred. Both of these guys were so machismo that their cocks would have shrunk like a turtle's head in its shell. One thing was obvious - Rick would have to be set-up in some way that he would 'go for it'. In this situation, time and place would be far less significant than 'circumstance'.
Now, I would dearly love to claim authorship of the devious plan, but the credit goes to Martha. One day she called me at the office for an 'emergency lunch'. Once together, she laid the skeleton of an idea on me, and by the time we finished massaging it, we both had soggy underpants. What gave birth to her idea was a porn flick Martha and Fred saw a couple nights earlier. Perhaps some of you will recognize it - husband and wife toying with each other in bed. The door bursts open to reveal two men wearing ski masks. One puts a knife to the woman´s throat, insisting she's history unless they both cooperate. Husband is tied to a chair close to the bed. Wife is stretched and tied wrists and ankles to the bed posts. One of the men, with great fan-fair announces to the husband that his beautiful wife is about to be ravished by both of them while hubby is forced to watch. As the first man enters the wife, both she and hubby are seen to be frantically struggling, but, as time goes on, having taken both of these men, she clearly wants more. She is untied, and really gets into it with both of them. The husband is now seen to be turned on by what he is watching, and is wearing his manhood at full mast. This does not go unnoticed by the sex-crazed intruders, and while the wife is anxiously giving head to one of them, the other suggests that his mate dump his load into the husband´s mouth. Up he gets, and as he approaches the husband, his wife is heard to say "Yes, make him suck your big dick - make him drink your cream". At first reluctant, his mouth soon became a willing receptacle, and before long he was draining and swallowing this faceless bull´s gobs of semen. Then the men leave without a word, and the wife impatiently unties the husband whose staff finds its way home almost before they hit the bed. THE END
Not the end for Martha's plan! Friends of theirs from a couple years earlier when they lived in So. Calif. announced they would be taking a vacation at a nearby resort in Napa Valley. When Martha watched that part of the movie that showed how the husband became an enthusiastic cock sucker, and she put it together with her friends' love of kinky roll playing, the light bulb went on! If Martha and I could come up with a torrid adaptation of the movie - something that would excite Rick and not scare the shit out of him - not only would Rick and I enjoy a cosmic experience, but the other couple could add an erotic chapter to their life. Martha insisted on arranging every detail. She would call her friends, acquaint them with the plot, and while they were together at the resort, assure that each move would come off exactly as planned. I would not even meet them, not until Rick did, as they came bursting into our bedroom.
When I heard from Martha that the big event would be some three weeks hence, I could hardly concentrate on anything else.
Think of it - I was to be fucked in front of my husband by a man we didn't even know. And, if all went as planned, I would also watch Rick take this man's manhood in his mouth. It doesn't get any better than that!! I couldn't set Rick up in the same way he did with Tomm. If he didn't have a clue what was happening, it could be disaster. So, at appropriate times, I'd simply let a little something drop, so that by the night before the event, Rick knew that a surprise 'happening' would take place in our bedroom. His part was simply to play along with the rest of us. So far, this was working so well that by Saturday afternoon Rick was like a kid on Christmas Eve. I had no problem coaxing Rick to bed at 7P.M. I removed my clothes and instructed Rick to do the same. I had brought drinks to the bedroom, and we laid in bed giggling and teasing as we waited.
At precisely half past 7 the bedroom door swung open, and in less time than it took to say 'who are you - what do you want?', a man and woman wearing ski masks and sweat suits were standing over us. The man said to Rick "Do as you're told and your beautiful wife won't get hurt". As Rick looked over at me, he could see that the woman was holding a knife to my wrist {a butter knife - wanted to be certain Rick was sure this was a game}. The man then moved a chair close to the bed and ordered Rick to sit there. By now, it was clear to Rick that these were strangers. He was definitely a willing participant, especially because the scenario was totally bizarre. Rick allowed his wrists to be duct taped behind his back, as well as his ankles loosely to the chair legs. All during this I was pretending fright, and begging them to leave and not to hurt us. I looked over at Rick and noticed that his cock was hanging limp between his legs; was this to be expected or a bad sign?
The man then slowly removed his clothes - sweat shirt followed by tennis shoes - never taking his eyes of my body. His wife moved her masked face close to Rick and said "You're soon going to watch my husband make love to your wife. We have seen her many times, and he's been crazy to fuck her. And he's very, very good. Before he finishes with her she'll be so excited she'll beg for more. She won't even care that you're watching and listening. You'll see! He's going to satisfy her more than you ever could."
Then her husband removed his sweat pants, and there was the bulge. I noticed much to my satisfaction that he had a hell of a good looking body - maybe 5'10' 180 pounds, and had considerable body hair. All this time I was laying in a fetal position, moaning an occasional "No, don't, please don't". He slowly pulled his jockey shorts down his thighs and his rigid staff sprung out like a Jack-in-the-box. It was surrounded by an extraordinary mat of black hair that formed an inverted V up to his navel. As he came around the side of the bed, I got my first view of the profile of his cock - about 7" long, a little fatter than average, and accented by a perfectly proportioned head. No question it was as hard as it could get - it pointed upward at a 45 degree angle. Normal size balls hung low and loose, one in front of the other. I was getting so hot I could feel droplets escaping from my tightly clenched thighs. I let him muscle my legs apart, and begged him one last time not to put his dick in me. His wife, who was staring down at my now open cunt said "Honey, how come if you don't want it, your lips are wide open and spilling more juice than your husband has probably ever seen?" I looked again at Rick, and this time I saw that his lovely, familiar cock was sticking straight out. What a relief! He was DEFINITELY into this game.
The man had no problem sliding his 7" into my well-lubricated cunt. As he began to rhythmically pump back and forth, I did my best to show that this was a nightmare experience, but soon I couldn't stop myself from joining his melodious rhythm. Damn, this guy was good, and he knew it. He was staring into my face and recognized when I was preparing to explode. He gave me four or five more rapid, deep thrusts, and then moved back to a position where only his head was inside me. He held that position for what seemed to me to be an eternity, just teasing with my impending orgasm. Professional that he was, holding back my explosion as long as he could, he then yelled out, "You're waiting for my cum, baby? TAKE THIS!!". In an instant, he drove his meat up to the hilt, as far as he could. At the same moment that I felt his first hot explosion, my volcano erupted, and for the next 20 seconds the two of us were dancing to music from another world.
When I was conscious again of where I was and what was happening, I had to gather my wits, because I had temporarily lost focus on the REAL reason we were here. Time to check out Rick again. It was a beautiful sight. His mouth and eyes were wide open, his hips were grinding, and the tip of his cock had already released droplets. He was muttering deliciously naughty things like, "He just came in your cunt, Nancy, and you loved it". I must digress for a moment to make an important point. Rick and I not only enjoy a variety of carnal pleasures together, but because we are very much in love, there is no room in the equation for jealousy. What pleases me pleases Rick and vice versa. Oh, one more thing - you may wonder what this man´s wife was up to throughout this drama. Well, absolutely NOTHING. She stayed in the background - as invisible as possible. If she had drawn attention to herself, Rick´s mind could have wandered in her direction, and we wanted to make sure he was totally focused on that man and me.
As we laid there, I encouraged the man's hands and mouth to wander my breasts. At the same time my fingers were teasing his sinking cock back to life. We moved slowly to the edge of the bed, with my face about even with where Rick was seated. I moved onto my back, and as scripted, the man moved up to straddle me in a sitting position just below my shoulders. In this position, Rick´s eyes were only about two feet from this man´s growing staff. I pulled it down while I raised my head, so I could gently tease him with the tip of my tongue. His entire cock was slippery and shiny - covered by a mixture of my cunt juice and his semen. Rick was going ballistic - GREAT! It was now time to begin Rick´s seduction. I began to talk to Rick: "Isn't this a magnificent cock, Rick? An artist couldn't paint one with a more beautiful shape. Look at the length and thickness. His head is so perfectly formed. Oh, to suck this cock is to be in heaven. Isn't it the most beautiful cock you've ever seen? Rick? RICK??”
He sort of whispered "Yes?", and the whole time his eyes were trained on the object in my hand.
"Isn't it beautiful, Rick?" Still in a whisper came his response, "Yes". That was what we were waiting to hear!!! My heart was pounding and I somehow got the words out of my mouth, very slowly, very deliberately - "I want you to put this beautiful hard cock in your mouth, Rick". At the same time, the woman removed the tape from Rick´s wrists and ankles. There was a long moment of silence and no one moved.
Finally, the man said "Suck this cock that's just fucked your wife". Discovered later,two things went rapidly through Rick´s mind - this is what the set-up is all about, and, I don´t know this man and will probably never meet him. I´m safe. Rick rose from the chair and sat on the edge of the bed without removing his eyes from the man´s pulsating dick. It was quiet, so very quiet. I was so damned turned on my body began flinching like I was having an spastic seizure. The man stood up, moved in front of Rick to within inches of his mouth. Everything now seemed to be moving in slow motion. Rick lifted his hand and held the cock gently in the palm of his hand. Damn, I wish I had a movie of this! Rick opened his mouth, closed his eyes, and moved forward until the cock head was now inside his lips. WHY didn't we think to get this on video? His tongue then began to move slowly in semicircles all around the tender underside of that vibrating cock head. Then, he added a couple inches of shaft into his mouth.
At that point, there was no more machismo left in Rick. He couldn't help himself from feeling sexual delight. He began sucking and licking while stroking back and forth on the man´s shaft with his thumb and forefinger wrapped around it. No one said a word - just three pairs of eyes totally mesmerized by the sight in front of them. I felt saliva beginning to run down the sides of my lips, and wondered if the other woman was feeling the same overwhelming pleasure I was. Suddenly, the silence was broken. The man began to gasp and groan, his masked face pointed up toward the ceiling, and his hips began an uncontrollable back and forth movement. Rick now grasped the man's rod with his full hand, and with his mouth now cupped over the cock head, began rapidly jerking the shaft skin back and forth. The man put both hands on the back of Rick's head and blurted out "TAKE IT". An instant later I heard guttural sounds coming from Rick´s mouth as he took the first blast. That was followed by a series of "ahhs" from the man, each of which coincided with another liquid discharge. Rick's mouth began moving all around the cock head, and the man's cum was now clearly visible around Rick's lips and running down his chin.
The outside of me was like a statue, but my insides were doing flips. If I had just barely touched my clit, I'm sure I would have cum, but cumming would have been a distraction. What I was watching was unbelievable - my handsome, very macho, straight husband with a stranger's thick white and opaque discharge slopped all over his lower face, still sucking in an effort to take more, even after his benefactor had no more to give. When Rick released that passion weapon, he looked at me with a slight smile, slowly swallowed the warm semen that was still in his mouth, then ran his tongue around his lips and french kissed me, allowing me to share with him the remainder of that man's salty cream. Rick and I collapsed on the bed in our own world, and it was apparent that we both desperately needed relief. We joined our bodies and each had a pair of orgasms within three minutes. We were completely oblivious to anything but each other, and have no idea when that couple left.
Rick had no regrets from that experience, but one. Naturally, Fred and Martha would learn all about it. How would Fred react to Rick now. After their next meeting at the club, Rick came home wearing a big grin. He told me that Fred took him aside, and said "Don´t be embarrassed, Rick. I've done the same thing. It's like the girls often say -- time, place and circumstance".
Well, I've enjoyed sharing this beautiful experience with you wives and husbands. Any similar experiences? Are you still in the fantasy stage and can't get him over that hurdle? Questions?

I am extremely lucky. My wife Jenny has known about and approved my bisexual fantasies ever since we started dating. It was easy to tell her about them because she too was bisexual and very open about the swinging lifestyle. We had a great sex life (and still do), but at that point in our life, we both knew that having a little fun with someone of the same sex was something we just had to try.
We put our ads out on the Internet and waited. Feeling we were a little different from the rest of the swinging community, we thought it would be best to let people come to us. It’s very rare to find a swinging couple where both are bisexual; usually, just the female is. Fortunately, we got lucky on the first response we got. Billy and Amanda were everything we were looking for. Young, bisexual, and looking to have their first bisexual experiment with another couple.
We decided to meet them for dinner and drinks at a bar in downtown Pittsburgh. Not a very remarkable place, but it had a great outdoor section with a beautiful view of the city.
Let me tell you, meeting someone like that was very hard on the nerves. You have a lot of worries built up in your head. What if they are obnoxious? What if they don’t shower? What if she is lovely, but he is an asshole? Well, with this couple, everything was terrific. Billy was a wonderful 5'10", with short curly hair and thin but well-developed muscles. Amanda was 5'8", with long curly brown hair, a beautiful smile, great legs, and tits and an ass that most men wish they could just touch. I could tell with just a glance that Jenny approved of Amanda as much as I approved of Billy.
We talked for several hours about what we were hoping to find, what we found sexually exciting, and we also spoke a lot about just the usual things like local bands and the weather. The weather, by the way, had become stormy and we were forced to snuggle together under an awning to hide from the rain. When we said goodbye, we all knew that our next meeting would be, well, filled with even more lightning.
Billy and Amanda were excited too. We got a call the next day inviting us over for some drinks, and some fun. Not much was said about anything, but we knew that they were just as excited as we were. Over the next few days, Jenny and I would tell each other our fantasies while in bed together. All of the sudden it seemed more real, we could put names on the people we were sharing our bed with. Billy became my fantasy, and Jenny had Amanda.
The day finally arrived for our visit, and we were as excited as school children on the first day of summer break.
The hard part, of any swinging relationship, is breaking the ice that very first time. Everyone knew what was going to happen. Everyone approved. But getting things started was something else entirely. Beers were served, and we began to play a nice relaxing game of pool. Soon Billy and I had a bet going, the losers would sexually service the winners. Jenny is a great pool player but somehow missed every opportunity to make a ball. I’ve accused her of throwing the game, but it could just have been nerves. Needless to say, we lost.
Billy invited us upstairs, and we slowly began to undress each other. Jenny and Amanda were going slower than Billy and I, but watching Amanda pull out my wife’s 34D breasts and cup them, had both of us guys amazed. The two of them looked beautiful. Holding each other, and genuinely enjoying the experience of holding the naked body of someone of your own sex. That’s when I pulled down Billy’s underwear and got my first glimpse of the first cock I was going to suck.
We didn’t plan it, but Amanda and Billy were both now naked sitting on the floor, and Jenny and I were both on our knees in front of them, getting ready to do something we have wanted so badly, in full site of each other. We didn’t need to cheat on each other to get our thrills. We loved each other enough to be open, and honest with our fantasies. Because of that, we could do this sort of thing, and jealousy wouldn’t be an issue. I could smell Billy’s scent. Much like my own, it filled my nose with a scent so manly I just knew what I wanted to do next. I looked over at Jenny, and we both smiled at each other as, for the first time, we became officially bisexual. I put the head of Billy’s cock in my mouth and slowly sucked the entire 6-inch length down my throat. I have no idea how I learned to deep-throat like that, but I suspect it’s because of how badly I wanted to have him in me.
Cupping his balls with my right hand, and pinching his nipple with my left, I did everything for him that I like having done to me. My wife had Amanda’s legs over her shoulders as she was licking and sucking on her first pussy. By the looks of it, Amanda had no complaints about the licking that she was receiving. Billy now had his hand on the back of my head, gently fucking my face. The taste of his cock was terrific; the precum was an incredible tease of the mouthful I wanted.
Before he came, Billy stopped me and said that it was now his turn. He had me sit on the floor while he went down on me. I never thought about it before, but guys have really powerful mouths, and Billy was proving it. He was sucking me hard, and it felt damn good. When he started playing with my balls, he could have made me cum right there, but I wanted this to last. I held back. I almost lost it again when he pulled my legs around him and continued to suck me while pressing his cock against my ass. Having anal sex with a man wasn’t my biggest fantasy, but the way he was sucking me, he could have done whatever he wanted, and I would have allowed him. Besides, I was supposed to sexually serve him anyway.
He told me he would need to go get a condom, but before he could get up, we heard his wife, Amanda having an orgasm with my wife. I’ve known Jenny for a long time, and I just knew she was proud to see that she was good enough at licking pussy to give someone else an orgasm. Amanda’s orgasm was a long one too, but when she was done, she wanted no time and going down on Jenny. I think one of the most exciting things I witnessed that night was the look on Jenny’s face as Amanda started to kiss the inside of her thighs. She knew she was in for the ride of her life. I reached over and gave her nipple a little pinch, as a sort of wink.
I now wanted to make Billy cum. The most significant aspect of any of my bisexual experiences has been experiencing what it was like to have a man ejaculate in my mouth. I wanted to taste it, to know that I was good at cocksucking. I sat up and told Billy it was his turn to cum, and that I wanted every drop of it.
As I began to suck on his cock, he leaned back on his own legs, spreading them and giving me access to his balls and asshole. I didn’t pass up the opportunity either. I began to massage his balls, and every now and then I’d slip a finger back to his asshole and probe it. He began to breathe hard and was now telling me that he was about to cum. Perhaps he meant it as a warning, but I took it as a cue to suck harder and get ready to be the cocksucker I had always fantasized about. He raised his hips up into my face, and pushed down on my head and let loose what must have been a quart of cum. I didn’t miss a drop. I even milked it for more.
Jenny was about to cum as well. I know her well, and the look on her face told me that Amanda was licking her better then I could. Jenny’s hands were stroking the back of Amanda’s head, being very gentle but urgent. Jenny’s nipples were rock hard, and her ass was hovering off the floor, trying to give Amanda every little bit of her luscious pink pussy.
Billy had recovered from his orgasm and was now ready to return the favor. I was ready to accept it as well. He started licking and biting my nipples, and rubbing my cock in his strong hand. I grabbed his well-defined arms, and just enjoyed knowing that a man was about to make me cum. His beard scruff hit my belly, and his lip surrounded my cock. Jenny was now groaning, and her orgasm was only seconds away. Amanda had her finger in my wife, pushing her over the edge. Billy had both of his hands on my chest, pinching my nipples...
Jenny came, loudly, and pushed me over the edge. I tried to warn Billy that I was close to orgasm, but it came with such fury, and force I didn’t have a chance. I grabbed his head and tried to both force it down, as well as make him stop sucking me. My concentration zeroed in on his mouth and tongue, and I’m pretty sure I forgot how to speak English for a few moments. Billy swallowed me and continued to tease the head of my cock with his tongue. The man was amazing.
We all leaned back on the couch and talked about how wonderful it was having the lifestyle, and the open relationship, that we do. We finished out the night by having sex with our own mates in a sort of mini-orgy, but, that first time... it’s what dreams are made of.
We still swing with Billy and Amanda. We have even become comfortable enough with them that we soft-swap. I don’t know if we will ever have a full swap, but if we did, I’m sure it will be just as wonderful. Billy and Amanda have become very close friends of ours since this encounter.

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