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Found 5 results

  1. My wife, Carissa, and I had just gotten married. We found being married didn't change anything - we both loved sex and lots of it! Carissa is a 35-year-old Black woman with 40DD breasts and a round ass; she is a big, beautiful lady. I am white, 43, and in pretty good shape, as I had just gotten out of the Army. Not long after we were married, in one of those newlyweds sharing secrets moments, I admitted I would love to see another man fuck her while I watched (at a minimum} or participated (ultimate). I was surprised when she said, "I think that would be a huge turn-on as well. Performing for my man has always been a sexual fantasy of mine. I gotta know, you are serious, right?" I just smiled. About a month later, things started to fall into place. One night we ran into a Malik. He was a good-looking, weight-lifting, Black soldier Carissa found very sexy. Nothing happened the night we met him, but the seeds had been planted. Carissa and I have a side business doing photography. One Saturday night, about two weeks after we met Malik, we had been employed to take photos of a lingerie show at a nightclub in town. Carissa and I took pictures of the lingerie show (featuring both men and women). After the show, she and Malik sat next to each other. He played with Carissa's thick thighs outside her dress, and she played with his dick through his pants. It was a hot, sexual tension-filled night. The following Monday was a typical Monday. But this was a day and night to remember for a long time. We had a large SUV then. Carissa called me at about 3 p.m. and said she would pick me up. I carpooled with someone else at work, so her call surprised me. Carissa was waiting for me out front when I got off at 4:30. I climbed in, and instead of heading home, she drove to a department store. She told me to go in and take off my underwear. I was wearing a shirt, tie, and slacks. Carissa was wearing a black dress. Puzzled but intrigued, I followed her instructions. I exited the store and climbed back in the Yukon, minus my underwear, which I put in a sack. Carissa drove out of town on a back road. We found a picnic area about ten miles away, and Carissa pulled up her dress and showed me she did not have panties on. And, she had shaved her pussy. We laid down the seats and got in the back of the Yukon. Carissa had a blanket and two of her yoga mats there waiting. Not wanting to get naked, as you never know when the police might show up, Carissa pulled her dress up to her throat, and I pulled down my pants. I ate her pussy to get it wet, and then we fucked in the missionary position. Carissa came two or three times while I pounded her hot pussy with my rock-hard dick. She pulled up her bra, exposing her tits so I could suck on them while I fucked her. Soon I filled her pussy with my hot cum while she moaned through another orgasm. We lay there briefly to catch our breath and then rearranged our clothes. We drove back to civilization and decided to have a fancy dinner in town. We drove to the nice steakhouse in town and had a great meal. After a dinner conversation about jobs, life, and sex, we went to a bar nearby. Nothing was happening there, so we headed for the local jazz club after just one drink. Malik had a friend named Chuck who had just come in from Germany, and they were there having a good time drinking, talking, and watching football. Carissa sat beside Malik, and I was on her other side. Malik then split his time talking with Chuck and then Carissa. After two drinks and much conversation, Carissa leaned over to me and said, "I think I want to fuck Malik. What do you think?" I answered, "He must really turn you on. It is OK with me as long as I am there. Where?" She quickly replied, "His place, if he wants. Are you going to talk to him?" "Sure, give me some time," I said. About 30 minutes later, Malik got up and went to the bathroom. I joined him so we could talk. "Carissa is hot for you, you know," I told him while we were in the bathroom. "I already fucked her once tonight, but she is still hot and horny - so much so she does not have panties on!" Malik replied, "Really? I knew that girl was a hot one!" We went back to the bar, and I gave Carissa the thumbs-up sign. When Malik sat back down, he whispered something to Carissa and then took a drink. I was standing off at an angle that looked like I wanted a better view of the game. The reason was so I could see him and Carissa better from where I was. A few minutes later, I saw Malik drop his hand down and approach Carissa's thigh. He slowly moved his hand up her thigh, pushing her dress higher, then sneaking under it. You could tell when he got to bare pussy because he broke out with a big smile. He started to play with her pussy, and I could tell Carissa was being turned on. Malik turned to say something to Chuck that neither Carissa nor I could hear. Still, I found out later that he told him, "I have a hot one here, she doesn't have any panties on, and I have my hand all over her pussy. Maybe we won't have to call around to get some pussy tonight." Malik continued to caress her pussy, and I could see that Carissa had dropped her hand down on his lap to squeeze his cock through his pants. It was about 10:00 p.m., and everyone was anxious to get something going. Carissa went to the bathroom and motioned me over when she came out. "We are going to his apartment and waiting for him," Carissa explained. "They are going to finish their drinks and then go to his apartment." So we left in our van and went to his apartment complex about 3 miles from the Jazz Corner. We found a spot in the parking lot and waited. While we were waiting, I was playing with Carissa's bare pussy. She was so hot and bothered that she was almost panting with desire. I was just teasingly rubbing the outside of her pussy. Still, whenever she thought my fingers were near her sloppy hole, she would thrust her hips, trying to get my fingers to go in. Just when I thought if I valued my life, I couldn't deny her anymore, Malik and Chuck pulled up. We walked over to them, and Malik unlocked and opened his door, and we all went in. Malik got everyone a drink and showed Carissa his photo collection. He had been everywhere in his military career and had many pictures. Many photographs had Malik smiling beside a beautiful full-figured woman of various nationalities. It was apparent what type of woman he liked, which was another big turn-on for Carissa. After 30 minutes, I approached Carissa and asked, "Why isn't anything happening? I thought you were hot, horny, and wanting Malik?" She said, "Yes, I am, but I do not want Chuck here." I thought that was the end of any sex play that day, as Chuck was staying with Malik and had nowhere else to go. It was also obvious Chuck was horny too. Malik was in the living room with Carissa, I was in the kitchen, and Chuck was in the bedroom trying to set up a date for himself or him and Malik. I think he found someone and he called Malik into the bedroom where the phone was. When they were in there, Carissa moved to a chair that looked directly into Malik's bedroom, pulled up her dress and bunched it around her waist, pulled her thighs apart, and started to play with her pussy. I saw Malik drop the phone, get up, and head for Carissa. He said, "Lynn, you sure have a hot wife. May I eat her pussy?" I said, "She has probably been waiting two weeks and all night to hear that, but you had better ask her!" Carissa replied, standing up and taking his hand, "Hell, yes!" Malik led her to the couch and laid her down. He pulled up her dress, and when it was up around her neck, he released it and went to her bra - too late. Carissa was already removing it. I went over, and as Malik got down on his knees to eat her pussy, I pulled the dress over her head and put it on a nearby chair. I took her bra and put it there too. Carissa was now naked with three clothed guys in the house. She put one leg on the couch and the other on the floor as Malik ate her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and went to town, eating her hot, wet pussy. Carissa loved it. Then Chuck came out of the bedroom, walked over to me, and said, "Does she suck cock?" I said, "Very well." "May I?" he asked. I replied, "I said it is OK by me, but you must ask the lady." Chuck walked over to Carissa, who was enjoying the oral ministrations of Malik, and unzipped his pants as he walked. Carissa did not say anything; she was too busy cuming, but she grabbed his soft dick, pulled it to her, and immediately put it in her mouth. Well, so much for Chuck not participating or having to leave!! Chuck stood there as Carissa held his dick in her hand while licking and sucking it as Malik started to use his fingers in addition to his mouth. Carissa was going crazy with sexual desire. I was busy taking pictures as I did not want to miss any of this sexual adventure. Chuck tapped Malik on the shoulder and told him to take a break and take his clothes off. Malik backed off of Carissa, with Carissa expressing disappointment in not having her pussy taken care of. Chuck took care of that. He got between her thighs and started to feast on her pussy while Malik tore his clothes off beside me. He was quickly naked with an impressive hard-on. I was already naked, but before I could go anywhere, Malik had his cock in Carissa's mouth while his friend was eating my wife's pussy. I continued to take pictures and play with my dick. I told Chuck to take a break so he could get naked. He jumped up and started taking off his clothes. Malik moved down to Carissa's legs and, with her assistance, put his hard black cock into her pussy. They began to fuck, with Carissa wrapping her legs around Malik as he fed her hot, wet pussy with his hard dick. They were both moaning and groaning as they got into fucking each other. Meanwhile, Chuck was nude, and now we were all naked. Because they were fucking on the couch, there was no room for Chuck or me to get our dicks in her mouth. So we just watched their hot, sexy coupling. And it was hot. I moved around, watching them fuck. I watched from the side and the back, watching his cock go in and out of my wife's cunt, Malik going balls deep on each stroke. Malik had not had pussy for a while, so he grunted that he was going to come. Carissa held him tighter on his last stroke, and he came hard in her pussy as she held him tight with her arms and legs. After resting briefly on Carissa, Malik got up with cum dripping from his cock. Malik had just cleared off the couch when Chuck jumped onto the couch. I thought he would fuck her well fucked pussy, but I was wrong, and Carissa was the winner. Chuck got right down there face first and started to eat her pussy and lick her clit. He got a big mouth full of their mixed cum, and Carissa was going wild, cuming and cuming again while he ate her pussy. I could only watch this wild, wild scene - my cock as hard as a rock! Chuck took a short break only to tell me, "Come on up here so she can suck her husband's cock." Then he went right back to her cunt. I moved forward and put my dick in her mouth. Not being passive like Chuck and Malik, I started to fuck her face. She played with my balls as she moaned with pleasure from Chuck eating at her pussy. Carissa then took my dick out and told Chuck, "Honey, with all that good pussy eating, you just did; you deserve a good fuck," and she pulled him up so that he could put his hard dick in her hot cunt. He fucked like he had not had any pussy in a while - he had not - and he fucked as hard but as tender as Malik did. Malik had washed up and was now standing and watching as well. He took a couple of pictures of Chuck fucking and her sucking me. Chuck raised her legs and smoothly drove his dick in and out of her wet pussy. He suddenly grunted and yelled as he filled Carissa's pussy with his hot cum. Carissa pressed him hard to her with one hand while playing with my balls with the other. When Chuck got off, I immediately got between her legs and started to eat Chuck's cum out of her pussy. While she thought she was exhausted, she quickly came alive with my tongue in her pussy and my fingers on her clit. Malik came up closer, got on his knees by the couch, and started to suck on Carissa's nipples by taking as much tit in his mouth as he could while tonguing her nipple. Carissa was going crazy again as we overloaded her sex sensors a third time. When I could taste them no more, I climbed up in the sex saddle and started to fuck my wife while Malik continued to suck her tits. Chuck, not to be left out, put his slick cum-coated cock in her mouth so that she was getting three dicks simultaneously. Carissa was now in sex heaven! After watching all this hot action and seeing all this cum flying and all these sexual stimuli, I knew I would not last long. But I was doing fine until someone grabbed my balls, and bam, I shot my cum in my wife's pussy. It was her fourth fuck of the night, and she loved it. Not to be outdone by any of us, Malik got between her thighs and commenced to eat my/our cum out of her hot, wet cunt. Now each of us had tasted the Carissa cum/sperm cocktail her hot pussy held. Malik made her cum at least twice that I could tell before Carissa yelled, "Let me up. I have to pee. You guys are fantastic! This is the most exciting night of my life! You guys treat me like a queen. I am so damn hot." And with that, she disappeared into the bathroom. She used the bathroom, washed up, and came out with a towel around her as the three of us watched TV waiting for her to come out to see if she wanted more of us. She did. Chuck took off her towel and led her back to the couch. Why we never went to the bedroom, I do not know, but that couch got a hell of a workout that night. We were all still naked, all three dicks semi-hard. Carissa started to lie down on her back, but Chuck put her on her hands and knees on the couch instead. He put his face into her pussy from the rear to ensure she was or would get wet again. Chuck ate her pussy and rubbed her ass until her pussy was good and wet. Then he got on the couch behind her and put his dick in, and fucked her doggy style. This made it easy for Malik and I to get in front of her and feed her our cocks. Carissa was in heaven again - sucking two cocks and getting fucked simultaneously. We all lasted longer this time, and there was sex in the air -- sounds, smells, sights -- it was awesome. When we came - I came on her tits, Malik on her face, and Chuck on her ass. And I do not think Carissa ever stopped coming until we did. After that, we were all exhausted, Carissa put on her dress, and we went home. What a great sex day. And this is how we got into the swinging lifestyle. There have been many adventures that followed.
  2. I would like to tell you a story about the first and only experience with a threesome my wife Lisa and I had. First off, let me give you a little background info. We both met in the Military. I was a Marine, and Lisa was in the Navy. Needless to say, both of us are in good shape. Lisa was 26 years old at the time, and was and is very attractive. She has long curly brunette hair, large and firm breasts, and a beautiful body. She is about 5'4 and 125 pounds. Back then I was 28 years old, 5'10 and 175 pounds. I never had any trouble with women, in fact, I was a bit of a player before I was married. Lisa was a bit more conservative, but being that I had been with a considerable amount of women earlier, she was more than willing for me to 'discover' her sexuality with her. We always had great sex, what turns me on is watching her. Whether it be her fucking me, giving me head, or playing with herself, it turns me on, and she knows it. She often would tell me stories about her best friend who is bi-sexual, and she might be a little curious. She asked if this would turn me on. Of course, I would say, "Yes." One day, when talking about sex, she brought this up again and asked what I thought. I told her everything she does turns me on, and that I love watching her. I would like her to try it if she wants, I would just have to be there to experience it with her. I also told her that I have fantasized about her with other men and how that too turns me on. We often talked about our fantasies during sex and kept saying one day we'll try it. Then one night we decided to go to a dance club, so we got all dressed up. Lisa was wearing this tight little black outfit that looked a little slutty, I loved it. Our friend Eddie came with us. He was supposed to meet a girl there that one of his old girlfriends was hooking him up with. Eddie is one of my old player friends, he is even better at it than I was. Well we got to the club, and we saw the girl he was supposed to meet; let's just say she wasn't his type. When Lisa saw her, she laughed and told Eddie that he can be her 'other' date for the night. This got my curiosity going. We all got a couple of drinks and started dancing. We go dancing quite a bit, but I am not as good of a dancer as Lisa or Eddie, so after a couple of songs, I told Lisa I was going to sit out a few songs. She said OK and started to follow me back to the table. She knows I don't mind her dancing with other men, so when we got back to the table, she grabbed Eddie by the hand and told me she was going to have fun with Eddie for a while on the dance floor. I knew the drinks were affecting her now and told her: "Not too much fun... at least not without me." She gave me a sly little smile and proceeded to the dance floor. They were out there bumping and grinding all over the dance floor. I noticed I wasn't the only one watching them, after all, she did look damn good, and they were dancing a little erotically. Then I noticed her kissing Eddie on the neck every now and then. I don't know if she knew I was watching or not, or if she even cared, after all, we were pretty drunk. 3:00 AM came, and it was time to go home. We got a taxi. Eddie wasn't originally going to go home with us, but on account of his blind date disaster, he had to. I teased him and told him that the big girl is still available. He laughed, but Lisa said we couldn't send him home with her because she would crush him, and told him he can stay at our place since he lives across town. Well in the back of the cab, Lisa just happened to be sitting in the middle of Eddie and me. She said, "Wow, I wasn't expecting to go home with two studs, lucky me!" And kissed us both on the cheek. You could feel the sexuality stirring in the cab. When we arrived home, Lisa went and got some more drinks, and I turned on the music and the blacklight, then she came back and sat down in the middle of the two of us again. She slid a little forward and leaned back, as she did this her skirt rode up enough to see her sexy red panties. I knew I had to do something, so I started rubbing her leg and kissing her neck. She turned to me and kissed me for a minute or so, and then turned and looked at Eddie. Eddie looked over at me looking for guidance, I gave him a little nod, and he started kissing her. With that, I started to finger her and then pulled off her panties. After doing that for a while and getting her very wet, I kind of sat on her lap facing her, she looked at me curiously and then I pulled her blouse off. That did it, with that, she started rubbing Eddie's dick through his pants, and then he undid them, and she started stroking him a bit. From there, I leaned her back so she was laying on the couch, I was kneeling on the floor kissing her, and Eddie started to crawl on top of her. All of a sudden she stopped kissing me, she arched back and gave a little moan. I knew he had entered her. Then she started kissing him again, I just kind of sat back and watched. After a few minutes of this, he got off of her and turned her over. From there I entered her from behind, and he went around front, and she took him in her mouth. It was hard to do this on the couch, so we all decided to go to the bedroom and finish up. We ended up fucking the rest of the night away, and all passed out naked. Later that morning I woke up, Lisa was facing me and gently rubbing my chest. I looked at her, she had her eyes closed then I realized Eddie was fucking her from behind. I kissed her softly. With that, she rolled over and faced Eddie, then mounted him. I just lay back in bed and watched them for the next hour. In the light, I could see all of her expressions, and that turned me on more than anything. Watching her is extremely erotic, she can move like no other. Finally, he came while she was on top of him; he just stayed inside of her while they kissed for a while. Eventually, Eddie had to go home, so we all got dressed and walked him to the door. Lisa gave him a nice goodbye kiss and sent him on his way. As the door closed, Lisa looked at me and said, "Well that was interesting." I kissed her and hugged her. "I love you," I told her, "and I'm glad you enjoyed yourself." With that, we went to the bedroom and made love on and off the rest of the day.
  3. This is the blow-by-blow account of our first swinging experience! At the time my wife and I were in our early 20's. I was in the military. We weren't swingers, or curious, or any of that stuff. But we did love to fuck and drink and get crazy. So being in the military, fortunately {or unfortunately depends how you look at it}, it was easy to find like-minded people. I had a guy that I was pretty good friends with, he came over to our house quite often and we would drink, listen to music, etc. and just have a good time. My wife got along with him great, and she even mentioned a couple times she thought he was cute. No big deal, didn't think anything of it. Usually he would just come over on the weekend, we would party, have fun, and he would pass out and sleep on the couch, next morning wake up go back to the barracks. No big deal! Well, one weekend, we had planned all week for hanging out together that weekend. Ryan was going to come over Saturday morning. We were going to go workout, do some other things, etc. basically hang out all weekend. Saturday night we get LOTS of alcohol. As a preface to this night, I had rented a porn movie, we had watched it together, my wife was still kinda lukewarm to it. Either she would be in just the right mood and like it, or hate it. So anyway we still had this movie. So Sat. night Ryan is over, we have the kids in bed. So we're just hanging out, playing Pass-Out, listening to music having a good time. My wife was dressed kind of provocatively. She had a really skimpy halter top on, with a really short mini-skirt. Had her nails all done, her hair done, etc. The way she made herself look told me she was dressing up because she knew he would be there. So after many hours of hanging out, drinking, etc. we were sitting in the living room watching tv. All three of us were sitting on the floor watching I think it was SNL. All night she had been kinda flirtatious with Ryan. So I suggest let's watch the porn movie I had rented. My wife got kinda pissed, like she couldn't believe I would say that in front of him. He acted like it was no big deal so she relaxed a little bit. So I put the movie in and we're watching it, laughing at stuff, silent during other parts. She gets up and says she'll be back in a minute. I'm wondering what the hell is she doing, well a few minutes later I figure out she had taken her bra and panties off. She didn't tell me or advertise it, but I figured it out. So I'm starting to think she wants to do something. So we're watching the movie and during it, we get up to get more drinks, etc. and I start grabbing her tits in front of Ryan. I pulled her shirt up in front of him and made some comment like 'look how nice her tits are' {she's a 34D}. And he's kinda embarrassed and like 'yeah she's beautiful'. She acts like she's pissed I did that, but is very slow to pull her shirt back down. So we sit back down on the floor, she's sitting between us, and she's getting closer and closer to him. We're still watching the porn movie, and she's laughing the whole time, making comments how it's all fake, etc. etc. So I start giving her a hard time, I bet she couldn't give as good a 'fake' blowjob as the girls in the movie. So this brings things to a whole new level. She now has her hand on Ryan's thigh and is telling me she can do better than the movie, what we're watching in the movie is all fake and if a woman is really excited they can easily do better than that. So at this point you can cut through the sexual tension w/a butcher knife. We keep watching the movie and I say something wouldn't it be cool to do everything they are doing in the porn movie. Nobody really says anything. She makes a comment how guys in the movies are fake, there aren't really guys hung like that, it's only in porn....I'm average so...I make the comment to Ryan well is that true, I know my dick isn't huge like all these guys you see in pornos what about you? At this point he was still apprehensive. So she looks at him like 'let me see' kind of look. He is still apprehensive and does nothing. She starts rubbing him down there, and makes the comment that he might be bigger than the guys in the movie. Ryan is still apprehensive, and at this point i don't know what to think, but she looks like she's really into him, so he says 'well do you want to see', she looks at me like for approval and i say sure. So he takes his pants off, and of course he's hung like a horse. Then he pulls his pants back up. She is obviously becoming more and more excited, but still apprehensive to do anything. So we sit there a few more minutes. Finally I can see she wants to do something but nothing will happen with me right there so I get up and say I'll get us more drinks and have to do something really quick and will be back in a few minutes. So I leave the room for about 20 minutes. Come back and she's on top of him riding him like there's no tomorrow. I don't say anything and they don't even notice me standing there. His cock is about 8 inches and very curved to the side and very thick, and she's just going nuts with it. So then I finally step in and she jumps off of him like she just got caught or something. So after that we spent the rest of the night fucking. Pretty much the rest of the night she was fucking him while she sucked me off. She came three times just during the time I first left the room until I came back. Every few minutes after he would start fucking her she came. I've never seen her get off like that. The experience was out of this world...I came at least four or five times, same with him. She said she had at least seven real full-blown orgasms that night! He stayed the rest of the weekend, and we did the same the next night. A friend of ours took our kids for the rest of the weekend, so we had the place to ourselves. The next day, early afternoon, I went to the store to get some stuff and came back and they were fucking in the bedroom and she was almost screaming she was getting off so much. So they finished and we hung out for a while. Later that night we did the same, this time we took turns cumming on her face and tits, she sat us down and went back and forth giving us blowjobs. After that weekend he came over a few times during lunch, while I was out of town, etc. and fucked the hell out of her, and we spent a couple more nights together with all of us having fun.
  4. As much sex as I have now with many different men (over 200 to my amazement) I really wasn’t that sexually experienced when I got married. I had sex with a total of five men before my husband but none of those were long term. Six months was the longest for two of my relationships where I was getting sex on a regular basis. One of those was while I was in the US Air Force in 1983 to 1984 at the American base at RAF Lakenheath. I was stationed at the base as a lieutenant in charge of an administration unit and had met a fellow officer named Mac who was a weapons officer for an F-111 bomber/fighter. He was basically the co-pilot in charge of the weapon system of the aircraft. He was very handsome and dashing and I fell for him fairly quickly after we first met at an Officer’s Club function. I was still of a prude when it came to sex and didn’t want to hop into bed with him after just one date though. He didn’t push things and we went out a total of three times before I found myself agreeing to visit his home in his little rented bungalow (an English one story detached home) in the nearby town of Mildenhall so he could cook me dinner. He brought me over and we both knew that the evening would end in sex. It was a cold evening but the warmth and comfort that his home offered made me feel secure and happy. Mac cooked dinner as promised and afterward we retired to his sitting room and watched a movie on his television. He sat next to me and held my hand. It was so romantic. As the night progressed we began to kiss on his sofa during the movie and his hands got bolder as we progressed. By the end of the movie his hands were rubbing my breasts and I have to admit I was feeling very stimulated. I’ve always had a very high sex drive which is why this lifestyle works so well for me. I don’t think my husband could keep up with me which would only lead to sexual frustration on my part if I didn’t have constant relief. I’m not a big masturbater and prefer sexual intercourse as my relief valve. I was no different back in 1983, but I had to learn to live with no sex for long periods of time. I didn’t masturbate at all back then, so my tension levels were always high, but since I didn’t know how to release it I just learned to live with it. It had been over a year since I last was intimate with a man so I was very tightly wound up like a spring about to break. So, when Mac began to touch my breasts my juices began flowing with all that pent up energy inside of me waiting to be released. When the movie ended I were too busy feeling good to notice and it wasn’t until Mac stopped so he could turn off the television with his remote (yes we had those back in the 80s) that I realized that it was still on. He then took my hand, pulled me up and lead me to his bedroom. We sat down on his bed and continued with our make out session, but now the clothing was coming off slowly. Before we went any further, I excused myself to go to the bathroom. I was self-conscious of possible smells and odors I might make and wanted to be clean “downstairs.” I did a quick wash of my private parts and then put on a fresh pair of panties that I had put in my purse “just in case” and returned to the bedroom. We continued where we had left off and our clothing slowly came off both of us until we were both naked and we then crawled underneath his thick covers and cuddled. We talked for a bit and then I felt his hand between my legs also felt wonderful. He didn’t do oral sex, which was fine with me since I preferred intercourse, but continued to stimulate my clitoris with just his finger until I was soaking wet. As his finger was rubbing my clitoris, Mac suddenly asked if I was on birth control. I told him that I wasn’t and that he would need to wear a condom. He asked when I had my last period and when I told him he figured out in his head that I was safe but said that he would pull out before he came. Being young and naive, I agreed but I was very worried about this because I didn’t want a miscalculation and find myself pregnant. We continued the foreplay and I finally got to feel his penis and I couldn’t get my hand around it since it was so thick. I cringed at the thought of stuffing that thing inside of me but put the worry out of my head and just lived for the moment. Soon I felt him pushing me onto my back before mounting me. He didn’t enter me right away but continued to kiss my breasts, making me feel very good. I then felt the tip of his penis at my entrance and braced myself for it. I assumed I would feel pain since I’ve never been stretched open so wide. He was circumcised and as the head of his penis entered me slowly I felt my entrance stretching like it had never stretched before. I did feel a twinge of pain but it quickly subsided and was replaced by pleasure. As he pushed in deeper and deeper the pleasure increased and I sighed my relief as I realized that there would be no pain. He started thrusting once he was inside of me all the way and it felt good. In fact, I actually orgasmed fairly quickly thanks to my pent up state and for his penis hitting me in all the right spots. The intensity of the orgasm took me by surprise, and I remember loudly crying out in pleasure which startled Mac a bit. He stopped to make sure I was ok before he continued moving. As my orgasm subsided I felt so wonderfully relaxed and began to wonder why I didn’t have sex more often as it was a great stress buster. Mac continued in the missionary position for a bit longer before he got off of me and switched positions to doggie style. I don’t like this position as much since I love to be held and face the man I’m being intimate with. This position is so impersonal, but it still felt good, especially since he was able to stimulate my clitoris with his hand during this time. I was feeling very good when he stopped to switch positions again, which was a disappointment since the pleasure was subsiding. This time he maneuvered me to be on top of him and once I was there I reached down to find his penis and put it at my entrance and then sat down on him. He went inside of me very easily since I was still very stimulated and turned on. But I still would have rather been taken in the missionary position. A large part of sex for me is being touched, held, and caroused, along with the feeling and security of a man on top of you in control of things. Being on top, or in the doggie style, while sexually satisfying in itself if you’re seeking an orgasm, can be somewhat impersonal when you just yearn for the physical closeness of a man. I then concentrated on my next orgasm. His hands massaging my breasts, which helped, and it took maybe five minutes of concentration for me to have another orgasm. Though not as intensive as the first orgasm, it was very good nevertheless. He let me relax for a few moments before he got me back onto my back and mounted me. I felt his penis enter me and he was soon inside me with his entire length. I knew that he was going to go for it and make his release inside of me and that’s when my worrying began. I asked him if he was sure about me not ovulating and he told me not to worry and that everything was going to be all right. I remember lying there really worried about this. My sexual urges had been cooled down and my brain was starting to kick in again, but I knew I was stuck and couldn’t do anything about it. Though he did say he was going to pull out of me just before he came, so I pinned my hopes on that. He continued moving inside of me but I saw that his face was very intense and knew he was getting close. Then I felt his thrusting getting deeper and I heard him groaning. If he was going to pull out now was the time. But he didn’t. Instead I felt his penis pulsating and sperm being released inside of me. I did ask him why he didn’t pull out as he had promised and he was panting saying that he was sorry but that I was so stimulating that he couldn’t stop (so it was my fault? I thought). I normally like to relax and be cuddled after sex, but now I just wanted to get cleaned up. I went to the bathroom and tried to clean myself out the best I could. I ran a bath and prayed that I got all of his sperm out of my body. It’s a shame really because I very much enjoy having a man’s sperm inside of me after sex when there is no chance of a pregnancy or an STD. I felt upset but was able to calm myself down. When I returned to the bedroom Mac was relaxing in bed and patted for me to sit down next to him. He gave me a kiss and told me he was sorry and that it wouldn’t happen again. He then tried to reassure me that I wasn’t going to get pregnant but in the back of my mind I felt betrayed. Though I didn’t want to, I spent the night with Mac since I had no way home There was no hanky panky during the night but in the morning I was awakened by his fingers between my legs trying to get me stimulated. As I woke up I remembered what had happened the night previously and didn’t want to add to my pregnancy changes. I knew he was very still very horny and it would be hard to say no to him, so I took a protective measure to make sure that his sperm didn’t enter my vagina. I turned to him and gave him a blow job with the intention of having him orgasm inside my mouth. He seemed surprised but laid back and enjoyed himself. When he told me he was coming I think he assumed I would stop and he would then mount me for a repeat of last night, but I kept on sucking. He then let out a moan and came inside of my mouth while I continued sucking him until he was dry. I then took him out of my mouth and swallowed his sperm. He was both amazed and happy that I did this and took this to mean I really cared for him. I don’t know how he would have felt had he know the real reason I took him in my mouth: I didn’t want to get pregnant and this was the safest way. After relaxing we got dressed and went out for breakfast on the base and then I went home. My period came as normal, and I was so relieved! I knew that I needed to get back on birth control so I could prevent something like this happening again. I made an appointment for myself that week at the clinic and got onto the pill once again. I continued seeing Mac but didn’t have sex with him until I the birth control was fully implemented. After that we began to have regular sex at least twice a week and when he came inside of me I was able to enjoy the feeling of his sperm. The betrayal I felt didn’t go away though and it definitely hurt our long term relationship. But the sex was good and he was fun to go out with so I let things go as they were. My future husband Steven was on the horizon of my life but I didn’t know it yet. It would take some drama in my life with Mac before I was able to hook up with the love of my life and the only man that I gave the right to impregnate me with my two daughters.
  5. Most guys who describe their first time sucking a cock say it was when they were teens. I was 21 and had never had any physical contact with a male, or even thought about it. Like most young men I'd been focused on women and sex with them. In the summer of 1975 I was starting my second year in the Marine Corps. I'd turned 21 in June and had immediately learned about picking up horny Navy wives in San Diego bars. Their husbands were off at sea and the ladies were getting their kicks cruising the bars for the Navy and Marines who were not. I had a car and suddenly me and my buds were off to Diego every weekend on pussy call. It was a lot of fun, but after a couple months a chance encounter made it unnecessary to make the 40 minute drive. One morning a work mate pointed out the driver of a semi trailer unloading at the mess hall. "She's got red hair just like you" was his remark. The female Marine driver did have red hair and was fairly lanky as well, and athletic as most Marines were. I took the chance and went over to talk to her and to my surprise she responded. She was even more of a Amazon than most female Marines and oozed confidence enough for three people. I asked for a phone number and ended up with a dinner date that same evening. Her barracks was in the Mainside area of Camp Pendelton and barely a ten minute drive from my barracks. I was a little disappointed when she declined going to town to eat, I was hoping we could get to a bar after dinner. Instead we ate fast food at the main PX and I wondered briefly if this was turning into a bummer evening. However she made it known when we started to eat the next stop would be her barracks room. The woman Marines had modern quarters with two or four person rooms and a connected bath. I'd heard all the stories about what went on in those and her remark in my mind came across as 'your getting laid tonight'. As it was this was correct, but the surprises were not over. When my new best friend opened her door the next surprise was her roomie sitting half naked on her rack (bed to most people). She still had her boots and OD work trousers on but was entirely bare chested with tits jiggling. They were jiggling because she was bobbing her head on the cock of a much more naked Marine. He still had his trousers and boots on, but they were piled around his ankles. Roomie did not miss a beat on the cock as she raised her arm and gave us a finger wave. Red said something to her which I can't remember now 31 years later, and shut the door and started getting her clothes off. I'd done same room sex before in college dorms or San Diego apartments, but those had been dark rooms and blankets over giggling couples. Here a naked male stranger was grunting away in arms reach while Red and I put our bare asses on her rack. I left that night well satisfied and the image of the pair on the next bed watching us as we fucked and later watching them after he got hard again. My next date with Red was a proper dinner date in town, with drinks at a bar after, and then we were off to an apartment party Red had helped organize. She made it known early in our date that night this was a 'hot party' and there would be a lot more than four people having sex in the apartment, and not just in pairs. Suffice to say the evening went well. I got used to the idea of my girl fucking another guy in full view of me and of a woman I'd met just minutes before putting her pussy on my lap to be fucked. After a week and a couple more 'parties' like this I felt like a old hand at it. I also saw a lot of other guy's hard cocks, their cum shot across faces, tits, hands, and asses, and got used to people taking a break and watching other give head and fuck. It took longer to get used to seeing several occasions where guys were sucking or stroking each other. Sometimes as a pair with a woman sucking off another guy and other times just m/m. The women always liked those shows the best and were fairly vocal about it. These 'parties' were nearly all Marines and the woman marines were not shy at all. Visualize a dozen men and women ages 18 through 25 in top condition and naked, all determined to cum several times through the evening. One evening five of us were getting comfortable in the barracks room. The other man and a woman and I were reclining on one bed. We were intending to watch Red and the third female Marine make out and swap head. However the woman lying between me and the other male got fascinated by his hard-on and we all ended up watching him get off and blow his load in her mouth. I was lying just inches away from her ass and could have easily held his hand or pinched his nipples as he got off. At that point came another surprise. The woman between us rolled over to me, pinned my shoulders with her hands, and gave me a hot sticky kiss of fresh cum. Instead of shoving her away I only stiffened up a bit and let her finish the cum swap. Everyone else saw this instantly and made a big joke about 'He loves it' and 'swallow it dude' etc... I did not think it was so bad. It tasted a little like snot but not unpleasant and not as sticky as I'd thought. Eventually the joke faded and we all got to other business, but the girls got the idea the guys should put on a show for them. The other male Marine accepted the idea and to my surprise I liked it. One of the girls helped get him started and stayed by my crotch adding in a few licks know and then. When I came I made sure he knew it was coming, but he did not pull away but took my juice. Seeing my cum oozing across his lips and down my cock was as erotic as seeing it on any woman who'd sucked me off. His suck buddy licked my cock and his lips getting a fair taste herself. After another half hour or so the other guy got hard again from the women stroking it ; ) At that point there was nothing for it but to suck him. Once the trio of Amazons got started on it they wouldn't have anything else. Fact is I consciously wanted to at that point. Since I'd cum in his mouth earlier I subconsciously known I'd not leave the room without having his cock in my mouth. Once I saw his dick grow hard again I'd been comfortable and anticipating sucking him. Again the women helped, one guiding his cock into my mouth and then working to get him off rubbing his ass, sucking his nipples, stroking his balls. When he came I'd forgotten how a guy stiffens up and swells a bit more After he remarked that he'd held back and not shoved into my mouth. The women claimed this was a outrageous double standard. They always got their faces "smashed" they claimed. I ran my tongue around inside my mouth tasting his cum again and thinking how I'd do it the next time.
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