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  1. We just started talking to this couple online. When we are talking about ourselves, she says she is 8 weeks pregnant. That took us a little off guard. She says she will play until she is fat & no one wants her. That really didn't do it for the hubby or me either. When I was pregnant we totally quit swinging. I know some men are turned on by a pregnant woman, but what about women? I'm not saying they aren't sexy or anything. I felt extremely sexy when I was pregnant, except when I was 9 months pregnant in June when it was over 100 degrees with Oklahoma nasty stick heat, lol! Basically what we are wanting to know is people's opinion on swinging with a pregnant woman. While, I am pretty sure we never would, (unless we didn't know) everyone has their own opinion & we would love to hear them ! Thanks!
  2. It was a fairly typical night at D.J.s Island, an early autumn evening. Mary and I hadn’t set anything up in advance, we’d decided to go almost at the last moment. From the second we entered the door our radar was beaming across the club, searching for a couple that might be searching for what we were also interested in - an enjoyable tryst. Mary took a few minutes to change into what she called a ‘trolling outfit.’ As I remember, that night it was a black babydoll with a loose bodice, thong, low heels. Many men admired her legs as I checked the forty or so women, many as scantily clad as my wife. None of our regular playmates seemed to be in attendance that evening, but we had our customs, we weren’t concerned. Perhaps an hour and a half later, I sat at a table next to the dance floor, Mary was on her feet, on the parquet, moving her body, seeing if anyone would move in. A slow sequence of men approached her, danced with her. Some would take liberties such as moving their hands under her garment, feeling the small of her back, perhaps place their palm on the roundness of her ass. I’d seen this many times before, I waited for one of two reactions. The first was that she’d spin away from the man; it signified she wasn’t interested in what he had to offer. The second was that she’d get closer, I’d watch her whisper in his ear. I knew the question, “Where’s your wife?” Some of them would shake their heads, they were attending as one of the few single men the club allowed, and when they received Mary’s response, they’d move away - that’s not what we were looking for at the moment. But the man might indicate where his wife was dancing a few feet away. When this kind of thing happened, Mary would glance to me and give our special signal - she’d put one hand on the back of her head, one on her stomach. When I got the cue, I’d come out, we’d dance as a foursome. As I approached, a man grasped the elbow of a tall attractive lady who was more modestly dressed, at least for the club. There was no conversation on the dance floor, the heavy volume of music and the thumping of the bass wouldn’t allow for speech. But I could tell the woman was interested in me, the four of us paired off and I often found myself facing this vixen. It was obvious they were as interested in us as I was in them, I could tell by the way Mary was rubbing against the man that she felt the same. After a couple of songs, Mary led the way off the floor, holding his hand, leading us off into a corner away from the speakers. As we sat, the man said, “I’m Ed, this is my wife, Marilyn.” Marilyn and I softly shook hands, I believe she raised the hem of her skirt to give me a view of her upper thighs. Ed had no problem seeing Mary’s legs, or where they met - she was sitting so that the babydoll was gathered to her side, leaning forward so her globes were exposed to his view. “Do you come here often?” Ed asked. “Every few weeks,” I responded, “you?” “This is our first time here.” Mary gave him a look that asked for further info. “We’re just starting this,” he admitted. Marilyn picked it up. “We’ve only had one time with a couple of friends. We liked it, heard about this place, decided to see if we could get into more trouble.” “Trouble’s our middle name,” I joked. Our conversation continued, where do you live, what movies have you seen lately, etc. It was a screen, of course, we were all calculating if the four of us would be pleasurable bedmates. I paid my attention to Marilyn, my wife had told me numerous times not to worry about her, she can take care of herself. My hand found Marilyn’s knee, she smiled at me, encouraged me to reach a tad higher. We bent towards each other, our mouths met. Marilyn opened her lips to me, the kiss was ardent, her mouth moist. She licked at my upper lip, her hand fondled the back of my neck. Our tongues clashed, promising cupidity, mimicking what I presumed our bodies might be doing in a few scant moments. We broke for a moment, Marilyn invited, “Would you guys want to go to one of the rooms?” I, of course, was all for it, but then I heard Mary. “Uh, not right now. But thanks.” We’ve always had the guideline that if one person doesn’t want to do something, she speaks for both of us. Regretfully, I pecked at Marilyn’s lips a last time, we stood, went separate ways. “You’re not upset, are you?” Mary asked me. “Of course not, not at all. You’re not in the mood?” “Oh, I’m in the mood all right, just not with Ed.” “Something wrong with him?” I asked. “I tried to get him interested,” Mary revealed, “but his kiss was a little cold, indifferent. I put my hand on his leg, he was too busy watching you and Marilyn, he never responded. My guess is that if we went into a room, he’d be watching you two, I’m not even sure he’d get hard for me.” It was a reasonable thought, it had happened to us a couple times before. “Hope you don’t mind, bet she’d have been a firecracker.” “Maybe. But you’re a firecracker too.” We headed back to the dance floor, in search of another couple.
  3. i may be considered a snob but I like to see and lick a pussy that doesn't have too much hanging labia (gets in the way). I like a bigger clit, one you can suck on, mmmmm. I had an experience with another lady once that when she was aroused, her clit swelled to the point it looked like a very small cock, we rubbed pussies together and I could actually feel some penetration, it was very nice to suck. Cocks, I need them circumsized, sorry. size doesn't matter but once in awhile I love to run into a huge one. Don't get me wrong, I have had different shapes and sizes, cut and uncut, I am just saying what my preference is. Cleanliness, there have been a few people who haven't been clean and it was not nice and I left them standing. What about you all?
  4. I love big butts and I can not lie! Share them if you got them.
  5. I read this quote from Eternally Single in another thread and was like What's that you say? From my own experiences I don't tend to find that as true..... I don't think it can be generalized really as a male or a female thing. Some guys are picky, some aren't, same with the women. I think it's a matter of looking for different traits, too. Some PEOPLE just want to get laid and they, in general, aren't that picky. Others, while they may enjoy the occasional fresh blood of a new F**K, they aren't going to have sex with just anyone and want that initial physical reaction. But that's my opinion, so what's yours? Are guys more picky? Or is it the women? Who's more picky in your relationship?
  6. Which one makes you hot for someone most often? A HOT BODY AND FACE A KILLER PERSONALITY SOMETHING ELSE. WHAT? Which one of these draws you to another person sexually?
  7. I know this has been discussed here, but I was thinking about this... Most of us would say that while looks are important, personality can often be the deal breaker... But here's my question - let's say that you have played with two couples - one couple are both absolute knock outs - built like you ordered them - but their personalities are a little lacking. Nothing bad, really, after all you did connect with them once - but still a little like talking to cardboard. The other couple is cute - within the strike zone - but still, they have their flaws - and if it hadn't been for their sparkling personalities, you'd probably not have connected. But there was that twinkle in her eye and that incredible sense of humor of his... And so you played - and had a good time... Now - you show up at the club... You put your beer in the cooler and walk out into the common area. They are both there - and they both see you and smile... Who are you playing with tonight? Spoomonkey
  8. The wife finds men on different sites without seeing much more than a profile picture. She has a few messages between contact and meets. She said looks aren’t everything. When I look for a woman I have to be physically attracted to her. My wife says she meets for the sex, I meet for sex and to go out. Do you meet people you aren’t physically attracted to?
  9. Hi Julie and Everyone Else! We're a married couple that has been in the lifestyle maybe going on 3 years now. I have something that has always bothered me regarding my wife and I when we go to swingers parties. My dilemma is that my wife is pretty much an average weight and size but as for myself, I'm like 5'10" 250lbs more on the heavy boned type of a guy. I've always been between 235-250lbs most of my life after 25 yrs old. And I have noticed that every time we go to a swingers party, people be asking my wife to play, but not myself?? And when my wife says we come as a "package deal", they say "see ya" under their breath. So we stand in the corner all night by our selves. Other people friends have told me not to worry about it, that you'll find the right people that will accept you for the way you are. But being a little heavy still haunts me. So, I was wondering if anybody else out there in swingers land has the same hang up that I do????? Any responses would be most appreciated!!
  10. What is it that makes you feel sexy and confident? I know Pet often says he feels sexiest after he's just gotten a haircut. I personally think he's freakin hot when I get to watch him work out.... I can't say what it is that makes me feel sexy and confident, clothes that just "feel right", sometimes just having my hair cut (if the cut turned out really well), having just had my nails done. A few minutes ago I was wearing casual slacks (for lack of a better word) and a printed t-shirt. I felt frumpy. We are heading out so I changed into a nicer pocket t-shirt and a pair of denim "petal pushers" (I can't recall the modern name for the short pants). I feel much better now. This isn't what I'd wear to the club or anything, but I feel comfortable and adequately sexy for what the evening has planned (drinks with another couple). So, what makes you feel sexy and confident? And what is it that makes your partner seem sexy and confident?
  11. We've all occasionally met people in our day to day lives who spark an instant connection. You just...CONNECT. You find yourselves wondering if you know this person from somewhere, because there is something so damned familiar about them. And they fascinate you. You don't necessarily interpret it as sexual attraction (or maybe you do), but you find yourselves awkwardly struggling to prolong a conversation that has long since exceeded its polite expiry time in your particular social context. And you're racking your brains to come up with a socially acceptable reason to have to meet again to carry on the conversation. We've all done this. You've just met someone with whom you have wicked good energetic chemistry. Or, if you subscribe to such beliefs (raises hand), someone you've known in a past life who happened to stop around to say hello. Sometimes you don't even realize how compatible you really are until your clothes are off and ka-BOOM! Holy fuck! It's like being on a date with a Hitachi Magic Wand, because he just intuitively hits exactly all the right buttons. This was the case with one of my playmates. It surprised the hell out of me because he didn't strike me immediately as "my type". But afterward, I found myself groaning and squirming at just the memory of our playtime. And attracted suddenly to other men who were of a similar type. So this playmate happens to be exceptionally energetically sensitive. Like I said, he's very intuitive, and had me almost passing out with very light G-spot manipulation. In turn, I found that the thing he found most arousing was gentle, feather-light stroking of his cock. And the most surprising thing? Every wave of pleasure he experienced "echoed" in me; I could feel it as a sweet aching in that energy centre just below my belly button, and it flared in time with his. "Oh my God, what are you doing to me?" he asked. I'm like, "I don't know! What the hell are you doing to ME?" I figured it was me subconsciously playing around with his energy. I know there are a lot of rational types in this group - maybe predominantly so - but I'm hoping you'll look at this with an open mind. To me, this is a very real thing. I can't define it, I can't really adequately describe it, and I sure can't prove it to anyone. But this phenomenon is part of my reality, and I'm more than happy to incorporate its mysteries as part of my playtime. Anyone have any thoughts on this, or similar experiences?
  12. Several years ago we met a couple on a cruise and we traded spouses in separate rooms. Our first, they said theirs too. I had a great time and we have kept our friendship up, going on other trips with them. That first trip the husband’s pushed us to have girl on girl fun. I hated it. Not for me. We have visited them a few times, they have become more of a swinger couple than we are. We have played at some parties they have had and had limited girl play. Even with men I prefer being alone and not have sex for others to watch. Over Christmas they came to visit us. We do play together though at night we still switch and go to separate rooms. When we are all together there is some play between me and my friend. Kissing and touching and her doing more than I will. One night the men wanted to go to a game in the city and we didn’t want to. We stayed home. It led to my first time alone with her. I will say not being watched helped.
  13. Bear and I were invited to a house party by a couple we had only seen a couple times at a LS club - he contacted us through SLS. We were curious and like our profile states we are soft play. When we arrived our conversation was easy and the hosting couple told us that a few weeks prior the wife had 4 men at the same time while the husband watched. They said what a great experience it was and my husband again made it clear we enjoy watching - we enjoy being watched and we soft play with other couples. Throughout the night the wife kept paying extra attention to Bear - squeezing his thighs - sitting almost in his lap - during a game of Adult Spin the Bottle (there were 7 couples) she was directed to give all the men - who were now naked - a lap dance - she was naked by this point also - when it was Bears turn she grinded on him extra long with bouncing. After that Bear realized she was looking for more than he wanted to give and we wound up leaving. Few days later the host gave us a positive shout out but he was complimenting me mostly- how sexy I am - how beautiful I am. Then he texted Bear wanting to get together this past weekend and telling him how hot Rabbit is. The whole time we were at the party I didn’t think this guy was attracted to me at all - he barely spoke to me beyond the initial greeting. So his compliments were a surprise. However the way his wife was making it obvious she wanted to do Bear I have thought maybe it was just their way to get us to hang again so she could try again with Bear. Other than trying to politely decline her advances we enjoyed the party - it was just crazy fun and I’m not sure if anyone had sex that night cause we left at 2am and no one was doing anything. Anyway I just wanted some opinions on this since we may have been in the LS for 4 years now but still have had very limited experiences.
  14. First let me say long time lurker, I've been reading through this forum for a couple of years now, and the posts and topics have been very informative, you wonderful guys and gals have made it easy for my wife and I to begin exploring this side of our sexuality, and although we have discussed this for what seems like forever (actually over the course of 7 years), we decided to take the plunge and try the lifestyle when my wife finally decided she was ready to come out of her shell, and felt we were stable enough to handle it. So we began our journey 2 years ago by trying a few of the dating apps to try and connect. At first we said we would only try and find a female for a threesome, but after months of looking (and no luck), we decided at the end of May this year to open it up and look for a compatible couple (MF). Well two weeks ago we found a couple and we thought from the profile looked compatible and I sent them a PM. (names of the couple, for sake of post, are Bill and Ann). The Wife of the Couple (Ann) hit me back and said do you have KIK, if so I can create a group and we can all hang out and get to know each other. So I got KIK installed on mine and my wife's phone and set up the accounts (my wife isn't internet savvy) and we started to get to know each other, via a group chat. Last weekend we had a dinner date and met up. We conversated, but my wife is an extrovert, (I'm an introvert) so she did most of the talking and asking questions. We told them up front we were newbies, so they new what to expect, and said they were cool with us asking questions. While the other couple seemed genuine and real, I just didn't get the vibe that the Wife (Ann) was that into me, as she didn't engage me directly, just added to whatever her husband (Bill) brought up. She did mention that she is a submissive, and likes to be tied up and spanked, which I told her I found intriguing, but nothing really else as far as direct contact to me. Bill and my wife seemed to hit it off well. Following the date, Bill and my wife regularly exchange heavy flirts and messages in the Kik Chat, and I try to engage Ann, but I really don't hear from her. A few days by and my wife decides to up the ante by sending a sexy bra pic (no nudity) and that got both Bill and Ann to respond with heavy flirting to my wife. In fact, it all but seems like Ann is actually interested in my wife, more so than either of us (my wife and I) thought. So, now the three of them (my wife and Bill and Ann) have made plans to try and meet up for a soft swap in a week. Unfortunately, I'm starting to get the sinking feeling that I may be a third wheel here, and that if we do meet up, it will result in me being sidelined. I brought my concerns up to my wife, but she seems to think that I'm being paranoid, and untrusting. She points out that Ann (the wife) messaged me directly and hit me up first to initiate the group chat. I pointed out that its not that far fetched for someone to grab someone else's phone and pretend to be somebody else to chat: Maybe the husband (Bill) initiated the chat request from her phone, because the wife, she just wants a girl experience, and didn't want to come across that way? (I say this because there was no pictures of my wife in the Dating app we met on. Just two picks of me. The first time they 'saw' my wife was when we all were in the Kik Chat. So my wife, to prove me wrong, initiated a simple request next time she was on the chat, which was to ask the wife (Ann) directly: "Who do you find more attractive, me or my spouse?" Bill the husband quickly responded "oh she's in the shower, and then when she gets out she has to run to the store, so it may be a minute before she answers". 25 minutes later the answer we get is "Well, I would like to explore with everyone." So of course, to my wife that is an okay answer. So last couple of days I try and initiate conversations, directly to the wife (hey how is it going Ann, how's your day Ann, etc)in our KIK group. Crickets. My wife and Bill on the other hand are going hot and heavy in their conversations, and each one is getting more daring than the last. Ann will respond if my wife mentions her, or if Bill Mentions her, but doesn't respond to me. So am I being wrong in what I assume is going to happen? Or is this commonplace, that sometimes one spouse from either couple are more turned on and hot for another, and so they conversate more, and click better? The fact that I don't even get anything back responsive (Hey, let me know your at least alive Ann? lol) trips my spidey-sense big time. Bill and Ann said they have been in the LS for 4 or 5 years), and the first night they talked and talked ( Bill mostly) about what he brings to the table for his partners (lots and lots of toys) and what they like to do and have done to them. My wife is gung ho and ready for this to go down (New lingerie bought for the event, non stop excitement), and when I brought up that we may even have to pay for the hotel in this, even though she has reigned in our spending habits this summer, she said we should be able to pay for it fine. But if I bring up the fact that I don't think this gonna work, or that I feel this is one sided, my wife gets upset, and reminds me how long this took her to come around to it, that I'm being overtly paranoid, that it will work out just don't back out, etc. I could really use some sagely advice on this, so that I can understand and figure out my next move before next weekend. Thank you all for listening.
  15. As a couple we are somewhere in between swinging and poly. I don’t need full on love but enjoy the playfulness of the “crush” and boyfriend/girlfriend crush feelings. We are slowly proceeding with this with a new couple. Who is also new to the LS. We’ve been there in the past and really enjoyed this type of thing. My “issue” is that the female is very playful and chatty. But her and my husband talk more sexy and more often than she and I do. It doesn’t make me jealous at all, I just would love it too!! The male half is great in person but the chatting and flirting has really slowed down since we’ve played a few times. He seems to be cautious when it comes to sexting. So much fun for my husband and I feel like a little blah...bland. I just want a little more fun and excitement (chat wise) considering we aren’t able to see each other often. She and I can hang out but they want to stick to the “rule of 3” for now. So it’s hard to get to know him more without having some alone time and minimal (slightly bland) chat. We really like them and it’s been a long time since we’ve found such good 4 way chemistry. Any advice? And how often do you chat and what is your expectations?
  16. Okay, we all have one. What is it that sexually charges you up of the opposite sex? Let's assume that you are all clothed and meeting someone for the first time. Where do your eyes discreetly gravitate? For us, we are both fans of the fannies. I love a nice butt on a man, second choice would be the eyes. I could care less about anything else. (Except the given of course, cleanliness and personality.) My hubby loves a nice rounded fanny on the ladies. Nothing flat and thin for him. He says he has no second choice. Please vote in the poll and share with us the reasons for your vote. The pole is open for multiple voting, but please only vote for one choice if you are a single or one each if you are a couple. I think it will be interesting to see the results. Lori ~ Fanny fan of men in Dockers that just scream TAKE ME I'M YOURS!!!!
  17. while visiting a friend who was going through a pretty tough break up, I was pretty shocked when he called me into his room to show me something... My husband was outside watching the kids. He just comes right out and asks me if I would have an affair with him! when I said no, he asked if I was attracted to him, to which I answered yes. then he said, so, we dont have to tell anyone. you know you want me! And told him that I was a faithful wife, but I would be happy to ask my husband about it...he was utterly shocked. he asked why I would do that and I told him because it will turn him on and he will say yes and then he asked if we both wanted to have an affair. we said yes. I thought it would be weird because other times had been, and this was a friend and mixing friends with the lifestyle is risky and all but right then and there, crazed said, go for it, and he went right back out to watch the kids. we ended up spending the night that night and all three slept in the bed. it wasn't weird at all. in fact, because I had been with our friend before and already felt comfortable with him, we smoothly moved together. I was teased and loved and fucked hard, and I enjoyed it immensely. I didn't get much sleep but the sleep I did get was the best rest ever, securely laying , sated between two men I cared for and had just had an amazing night with. we went back on several other weekends and stayed over and I now know that the trick to a great experience is chemistry!!
  18. The foundation of having a good swinging experience with another couple is chemistry and compatibility. Directly related to swinging, or in general, what are your top three questions you ask that you have found give the best results on determining if that compatibility is really there? For us, it's: 1. How long have you been swinging? 2. How did you get into swinging, and who's idea was it? 3. Besides swinging, what do guys like to do for fun? There's no right or wrong answers on any of those, but just by the replies, we usually have a pretty good feel for where to go from there.
  19. I was reading an old thread questioning if it was possible to go too far in trying to reduce your flaws in order to "market" yourself. Reading this made me wonder, how far do you go to minimize your flaws? Do you shoot for the absolute best angles, photoshop your love-handles away? What do you do to make your photos as attractive as possible in order to draw the most interest?
  20. Who ever said geography was boring? Here's a geographic breakdown of who prefers boobs, butts, legs, etc. broken down by location. It starts off looking at that pressing questions worldwide, then gets into a state by state breakdown in the U.S. I've seen this summarized on several popular media outlets, but linked right to the source so you can delve deep into the data and draw your own conclusion Pornhub insights: boobs vs butts
  21. I have heard from several members here that the more they get to know a couple, the less they want to have sex with them. Maybe we just haven't been fortunate enough to get to know a couple that well that it reaches that point or maybe I'm not wired that way. Or perhaps there's something else in play (like maybe they meant in terms of seeing them pick their nose or exhibit an unbecoming personality trait). However, for myself, I have found that the more we talk and get to know a couple, the more comfortable I feel with them and I'm more interested in engaging with them in sex. In fact, finding more about other couples almost endears them to me. I know that sounds too intimate but the more I get to know a person, the more I care about them as a person and their well-being. Even if we witness something that is a turn-off, it's even more of a reminder to me that they aren't perfect...not some unattainable, flawless couple who sits on their lofty pedestal. Is this feeling felt more in those who are open to poly or is it not poly-specific? Is the desire of not wanting to know too much about another couple a "protective barrier" so feelings won't develop? Is it just the mindset that swinging is for sex and nothing else so everything outside of that is irrelevant? Or am I just looking too much into this? Please share your thoughts on the matter!
  22. How do you handle a small party of 4 couples, where you are simply not attracted to one of the couples attending?
  23. Ok short story, this is my first post. Lol Seeking any advice...I (female) had first MFM with my husband (18 years) and a respectful guy (a fun time, but not a top ten) who aided in breaking me into the territory of MFM lol so after this experience, I went on a search for another single guy for an even better experience. What advice can u give about the attraction piece? I found another great guy but the sexual attraction is not there and I'm trying to figure out if the guy meets all other criteria in my head do I just look past this? Ladies how important is attraction/chemistry in the experience?
  24. I find myself in a strange situation...typically, we don't play apart except at house parties and an occasional hall pass. We have met a couple through friends - we really like them and have flirted, some kissing, and other soft swap activities. So far so good - but here's the rub - my husband is not "feeling it" with the other Mrs. I think for him, there's not enough chemistry for a full swap. I think she's into him, but he responds best to overt and aggressive women that leave no room to doubt her interest and she's just not that type...a little reserved and friendly - but for him, hard to read. I was surprised to get a hall pass to be with them if I choose to and if they are interested in playing that way. The other husband and I really click and there's this sexual tension between us whenever we are at the same get-together. I don't want to make anyone uncomfortable because we value this budding friendship with them both and genuinely enjoy their company. I don't want to encourage her to be more friendly with my husband, he's pretty much made up his mind. I certainly don't want to make her feel that she is in any way undesirable, because she's not...she's just not his cup of tea. I would just approach them at the next party and go to it, but there isn't one for awhile. They offered to give us a lift to our hotel last night and we declined...IMO they have to be wondering what the deal is. To my knowledge, they don't play apart. I would not get the ok from hubby if I were meeting the other Mr. alone anyway, this is a couples thing he doesn't mind me doing rarely if we are friends with them (this will make the second time in 2.5 years). I savor the freedom and love that he is willing to let me push the boundaries sometimes. Our profile pretty much says that we most often play in threesomes and we find it difficult to find a four way connection. How do I say that my husband isn't feeling the chemistry with the wife, but I would really like to be their third in a fmf?
  25. We met a new couple at the club the other weekend. They were both fun and nice. We did really like them on a friendly basis. I was somewhat attracted to him, she was not really our type. We danced with them and had fun. Then my husband started to feel sick so we left. We probably would have played with them if we stayed. Now we are talking about meeting them again and playing. My husband says he could, "take it or leave it." Not meaning that she is an it, just using that expression to best express his feeling about playing with them. He says, "who knows it could be a really great time..." Honestly, I kind of feel the same. They are definitely interested in playing. Normally I like to play with people I'm pretty sure I'll want to see again. Is it ok to try it out if you're not super attracted, but it seems like they might be fun?
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