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First Kiss - A true story by Adam Gunn


It was a fairly typical night at D.J.s Island, an early autumn evening. Mary and I hadn’t set anything up in advance, we’d decided to go almost at the last moment. From the second we entered the door our radar was beaming across the club, searching for a couple that might be searching for what we were also interested in - an enjoyable tryst.


Mary took a few minutes to change into what she called a ‘trolling outfit.’ As I remember, that night it was a black babydoll with a loose bodice, thong, low heels. Many men admired her legs as I checked the forty or so women, many as scantily clad as my wife. None of our regular playmates seemed to be in attendance that evening, but we had our customs, we weren’t concerned. Perhaps an hour and a half later, I sat at a table next to the dance floor, Mary was on her feet, on the parquet, moving her body, seeing if anyone would move in. A slow sequence of men approached her, danced with her. Some would take liberties such as moving their hands under her garment, feeling the small of her back, perhaps place their palm on the roundness of her ass.


I’d seen this many times before, I waited for one of two reactions.


The first was that she’d spin away from the man; it signified she wasn’t interested in what he had to offer.


The second was that she’d get closer, I’d watch her whisper in his ear. I knew the question, “Where’s your wife?” Some of them would shake their heads, they were attending as one of the few single men the club allowed, and when they received Mary’s response, they’d move away - that’s not what we were looking for at the moment.


But the man might indicate where his wife was dancing a few feet away. When this kind of thing happened, Mary would glance to me and give our special signal - she’d put one hand on the back of her head, one on her stomach. When I got the cue, I’d come out, we’d dance as a foursome.


As I approached, a man grasped the elbow of a tall attractive lady who was more modestly dressed, at least for the club. There was no conversation on the dance floor, the heavy volume of music and the thumping of the bass wouldn’t allow for speech. But I could tell the woman was interested in me, the four of us paired off and I often found myself facing this vixen. It was obvious they were as interested in us as I was in them, I could tell by the way Mary was rubbing against the man that she felt the same.


After a couple of songs, Mary led the way off the floor, holding his hand, leading us off into a corner away from the speakers. As we sat, the man said, “I’m Ed, this is my wife, Marilyn.”


Marilyn and I softly shook hands, I believe she raised the hem of her skirt to give me a view of her upper thighs. Ed had no problem seeing Mary’s legs, or where they met - she was sitting so that the babydoll was gathered to her side, leaning forward so her globes were exposed to his view.


“Do you come here often?” Ed asked.


“Every few weeks,” I responded, “you?”


“This is our first time here.” Mary gave him a look that asked for further info. “We’re just starting this,” he admitted.


Marilyn picked it up. “We’ve only had one time with a couple of friends. We liked it, heard about this place, decided to see if we could get into more trouble.”


“Trouble’s our middle name,” I joked.


Our conversation continued, where do you live, what movies have you seen lately, etc. It was a screen, of course, we were all calculating if the four of us would be pleasurable bedmates. I paid my attention to Marilyn, my wife had told me numerous times not to worry about her, she can take care of herself. My hand found Marilyn’s knee, she smiled at me, encouraged me to reach a tad higher. We bent towards each other, our mouths met.


Marilyn opened her lips to me, the kiss was ardent, her mouth moist. She licked at my upper lip, her hand fondled the back of my neck. Our tongues clashed, promising cupidity, mimicking what I presumed our bodies might be doing in a few scant moments.


We broke for a moment, Marilyn invited, “Would you guys want to go to one of the rooms?”


I, of course, was all for it, but then I heard Mary. “Uh, not right now. But thanks.”


We’ve always had the guideline that if one person doesn’t want to do something, she speaks for both of us. Regretfully, I pecked at Marilyn’s lips a last time, we stood, went separate ways.


“You’re not upset, are you?” Mary asked me.


“Of course not, not at all. You’re not in the mood?”


“Oh, I’m in the mood all right, just not with Ed.”


“Something wrong with him?” I asked.


“I tried to get him interested,” Mary revealed, “but his kiss was a little cold, indifferent. I put my hand on his leg, he was too busy watching you and Marilyn, he never responded. My guess is that if we went into a room, he’d be watching you two, I’m not even sure he’d get hard for me.” It was a reasonable thought, it had happened to us a couple times before. “Hope you don’t mind, bet she’d have been a firecracker.”


“Maybe. But you’re a firecracker too.”


We headed back to the dance floor, in search of another couple.

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This story rings very true. We have found ourselves in the exact same scenario with her choosing not to play and for the same reasons based on prior experiences.


Thanks for posting!

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    • By Mistral Wind
      I'm Mistral, and my husband Tim and I attended the most fabulous swingers party the previous weekend at our new friends' large manor house. We were filled with glee when they invited us back the following weekend for another cum-filled night of debauchery. They also suggested we bring some friends if we liked.
      John and Wendy were a couple we knew from our charity work. They were young, idealistic, and very open-minded. We didn't think they were swingers, but the subject had come up in casual conversation. They were curious but remained evasive about their thoughts on the subject. We decided all we could do was broach the issue and see what happened.
      The next evening, John and Wendy arrived after Tim and Mistral. They followed the crowd upstairs. As they climbed the stairs amongst the excited and bubbly people, Wendy remembered the afternoon and that phone call. John's voice was nervous and excited, "Hi, Babe! We have a party invite from Tim and Mistral to join them at their friends' swinger party tonight. I know we have fantasized about this. How do you feel?"
      Wendy felt panic surge through her stomach, excitement flooded her pussy, and her nipples perked up hard. "Wow, that is short notice. What happens if we don't like it?"
      "Babe, I will never make you," John promised. "We both have to want this to happen. I am sorry to spring it on you like this, and maybe we should forget it then."
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      Wendy had visualized these events, wishing desperately that John would take the lead and say, 'We will do it.' In their role-playing, they often pretended to be at a swingers party changing partners. One of Wendy's games was to roll up two large pillows, tie a belt around with a strap-on dildo attached to the belt, put her large vibrator into the cup, and ride the pillows, getting fucked hard by the vibrator. John would come from behind and fuck her arse or go to the front, and she would suck him to a spluttering cum inside her mouth. In her mind, these were real men fucking her, and she shared herself with the men, and John loved the attention and continuous pleasure.
      In reply to Wendy's question, John said, "Oh yes, while I am having the same with two girls, one on my face and one on my cock, I would love it! Babe, I am sure. How about you?"
      Wendy gulped. The secret she had held in her head for so long was about to become real. "Let's do it. Let's go! Are you sure you won't feel jealous watching me come on some man's cock with another somewhere else inside me? I don't have a thing to wear. What do I need?"
      John said, "The theme is An Officer and a Gentleman. I can go dressed as a USA Army General using my dad's old uniform. You wear your sexy red top and skirt. You know, the top that doesn't come all the way down, the skirt with the elastic waistband hanging low on you, and your suspenders and stockings. No thong, no bra. You will show off your pussy to her best. My cock is getting hard just thinking about it!"
      Wendy replied, "I will be ready when you get home. Your dad's uniform will need a press, and I will prepare everything. See you at 6:00 tonight, darling."
      Her hands were shaking when she replaced the receiver breathing shallowly and jerkily as the realization hit home that tonight it would happen! During the afternoon, she got John's clothes ready, checked her dress, found the right shoes, and laid it all out, ready for later. A long hot soak where she shaved her pussy bare using John's razor and made sure her legs and armpits were perfect.
      Resting on the bed, she shuffled through the videos they kept hidden from guests and found her favorite, "Suzie's Gang Bang." A fast-action orgy video in which this girl gets fucked by five men altogether. Wendy often watched this and used her vibrator when John was away or working late. Sometimes when her cycle was at ovulation, her sex drive was limitless, and she would role-play watching the action.
      The action on the screen hotted up as the men were penetrating Susie left, right, and center. A closeup on-screen of pussy open and dripping. A cock slid into it, wetting itself with her fluids. It slid out, rubbed against her tiny rosebud anus, and gently but firmly slid into opening her slowly. At the same time, another cock pushed into her pussy. Wendy loved this part and rolled onto her side, turned on the vibrator, and sunk it into her arse. Her fingers slid into her pussy, working gently to pleasure her clit. Her hips were thrusting back and forward faster and faster as her climax built. She reached down and switched on her biggest vibrator, a black cock that was as real as it gets. The vibrator was thrust inside her cunt, and she moaned and moaned herself into a massive climax.
      Wendy relaxed, watched the movie, enjoyed the post-climactic euphoria, and gently played with her clit. In her mind, she watched the swingers' party unfold - couples fucking, girl-girl, MFM, and FMF at this imaginary party. Inside her head, she had been desperate to fulfill these needs, and it was finally coming true.
      In the past, Wendy was often on the verge of saying to John, "Let's try swinging!" She always shrank away from the responsibility in case he rejected the reality. Fantasies are fine, but who knows what the reality will bring? After so many conversations about swinging, so many nearly made decisions, and all those fantasies that included imaginary swinging, they had chosen to go ahead. With an overwhelming certainty, she laid back, smiled, and said to herself, "Tonight, I will fuck a roomful of men. I hope I don't disappoint them; my clit is tingling with anticipation!"
      Wendy switched on the vibrator, and her hands moved over her breasts, pinching her nipples and then down to her pussy. Her hips were rocking back and forth. She rolled the pillows up, tied the belt around, clipped the vibrator into the belt, and climbed on top, sinking the vibrator deep inside her pussy and working herself to another peak. She closed her eyes and started rocking harder and harder. Then, a voice penetrated the action, and John stood naked and erect in front of her. She blushed with embarrassment, and he thrust his cock into her mouth. It tasted slightly salty. He lasted about 10 seconds and then dumped the load down her throat, bringing her to a climax.
      John smiled and gently rolled Wendy into his arms. "You looked fantastic when I walked in and found you fucking your brains out with your vibrator on top of those pillows. If I feel as proud of you at the party as I did then and how aroused it made me, I can't wait to watch you fuck the guys. Will you enjoy watching me and sharing my pleasure?"
      "Oh yes," she said in her little girl's voice, "I will love watching you; maybe I can do a 69 with her and lick her pussy while you thrust in and out and feel your balls contract when you come inside her."
      "Mmmmmm, I wonder if all the girls will be bi? I wonder if I could do a girly threesome? Mmmmmm, I wonder if I can get two men to come at the same time inside me. That would be fun too."
      "Can I be your vixen tonight and play dirty?" John smiled and spoke softly, the care showing in his voice.
      "Babe, we will have a fabulous time together and with other couples or whatever, don't be shy to try what you want, and feel able to say NO if you don't want. Above all, enjoy yourself, and pleasure comes first," she reminded him.
      So back to the party! They gathered around a pool table, with the group laughing and joking about the action starting all around. Wendy looked at the two girls on the pool table with their legs over the shoulders of four guys who were licking and sucking nipples, pussies, and one man had her toes in his mouth, sucking them like a breastfeeding baby. Wendy started to pant. She could not get her breath. Her heart was racing, her knees buckled, and she began to shake. Tears flooded down her face. John cried, "What's up! What's up!"
      Wendy sank against the woman beside her shaking uncontrollably. The girl instinctively put her arms around Wendy and held her close, supporting Wendy against herself.
      "Sushhhhh baby, you are all right!" the woman cooed, "What is worrying you? You don't have to do any of this if you are afraid."
      Wendy snuggled against the comforting figure, put her face against the warm, feminine neck, and nuzzled her cheek, kissing it gently. Her hand moved without command to the woman's breast, and she felt the nipple harden as she caressed it gently. The shaking was easing now, and Wendy felt a little bolder. She turned the woman's face towards her, looked into her eyes, and moved forward slowly, anticipating a gentle and subtle kiss. The tongue was not stiff and probing like a man's but gentle, enticing, and exciting. Wendy's free hand moved down to the woman's belly and softly caressed the feminine rounded shape moving slowly downwards to find that sweetly perfumed garden where a secret lotus stem was waiting to be stroked.
      Hands caressed breasts and pussy. Now both girls turned on to each other. John watched, fascinated. He had never seen Wendy with another woman, and his cock raged hard inside his pants. As if in a dream, Wendy pushed the girl gently onto the pool table so her bottom was on edge. She bent down, opened her legs, put them on her shoulders, and snuggled her face between them, savoring the beautiful feminine smells and tastes. Gently opening up the inner lips with her tongue, finding her clit and teasing, teasing just off the edge, making her wait for the full pleasure. Female wetness was seeping all over Wendy's face as the girl was getting nearer and nearer to release.

      A few minutes passed, and the girl pushed Wendy off, got onto the table, and said, "Get up here with me. We can pleasure each other now!"

      Wendy climbed up, the shakes all gone now. Her pussy was soaking wet, and her breasts were tender with erect nipples and very sensitive. She lifted her skirt, revealing the stockings and suspenders without anything else. The two girls turned head to toe and started a frantic licking expedition to cunt heaven.

      Wendy felt a body get up behind her and present a long stiff penis to her backside. The man tried gently to insert it in her cunt where the girl was licking hard; it slipped in and thrust a few times. The girl firmly grassed it and slid it up the crack between her buttocks, tickling her anus with the end. Wendy's whole valley was wet and slippery. The long thin cock nudged open her arse and gently snaked into her bottom.

      Wendy's heart raced again; this was what she had dreamed of for months! What surprised her was that the cock inside her was giving almost more pleasure than having her pussy sucked. The combination was too great. A massive climax took over, and she nearly fainted with joy.

      As she fell over the edge into an abyss of pleasure, the man behind speeded up, grunted, and sank deep inside her, flooding her back passage with his fluids. Wendy opened her eyes and looked up at John, who stood open-mouthed, watching her antics. He had a girl on her knees sucking his rigid cock, but his eyes were transfixed on Wendy. She smiled, blew him a kiss, and licked her lips covered in pussy juice from the girl beneath her. John shuddered and spent down the girl's throat pumping his hips in time with his spurts.

      He gently pushed the girl to one side, staggered to Wendy with his pants down by his feet, and said, "Well, you are hot; I could not believe how sexy you are. I am so proud of you; better than my wildest dreams was that fantastic to watch."

      Wendy thought to herself, "Why did I panic? This is fantastic, better than the fantasies we have. This is real sex."
      A couple came up to them. The man smiled. "I am Tommy. This is Raquel, my wife. We just watched you and nearly came with you. Would you join us at the table for a foursome?"
      Wendy reached down and felt his cock inside his pants. It was semi-hard and big. She turned to John and Raquel, "Let's get together. We can play here or in one of the smaller rooms with a nice bed?"

      They entered the room together. Wendy pushed down her long skirt and flipped off her top. She was naked except for her stockings and suspenders. Raquel slipped out of her long ball gown, revealing a very firm 36's and a sweet little tight arse on top of a pair of legs to die for. She was near perfect. Tommy was muscular with a flat hard six-pack stomach and an erection starting to grow to full size as he gently stroked himself. John was naked in a flash, only half erect after his escapade down the other girl's throat. Wendy turned to Tommy, who scooped her up in his arms and carried her over to the king-sized bed, his erect cock bouncing up and down as he stepped forward. Raquel reached out for John, smiled softly, and whispered, "Come and play with me and let me get you hard again. We will watch them while I regenerate your erection."

      John looked down at her fair perfection, those soft curves all running down into the valley between her legs. A golden pussy fuzz glinted in the soft lights. He reached for her and pulled her towards him. A first gentle kiss, lips opened up, and tongues tenderly searched each other out, exploring each other. His hands held her back, then softly slid down over her buttocks, caressing that incredible apple shape of her bottom. She pulled him harder into her body.

      As Raquel responded to the stimuli, her hand slid down to feel his penis, which was gently growing back to a man-size stiffness. Their kisses became more ardent, and deeper tongues were now demanding, not exploring. Hands moved over her body.

      John broke off the long kiss and searched her neck with his lips and tongue. She shuddered, and he felt her open her legs and move into his body. She thrust her pubis against his leg and started to move up and down. He could feel the wetness spreading along his thigh. John had now reached her breast with his lips and was attacking her nipple, which was bone hard. Raquel started to pant and squirm harder against his leg.

      Suddenly Raquel broke away and fell back onto the bed beside Tommy and Wendy's entwined bodies. Raquel reached up, and John dived onto her, gently landing without his weight on her. Raquel squirmed around so she was head-to-toe with him, with her on her back. Raquel reached up and grasped his nearly hard cock. She slipped her mouth over the head as she pulled back his tight foreskin and started to suck him to total hardness.

      John's head was between her legs. His mouth opened up her secret garden exploring the sides and little creases. He could tell her clit was begging for attention, and he made her wait. He felt careful with his tongue and could feel the hardness and swelling around her clit, which was now erect like a mini penis. His tongue explored her depths and penetrated her cunt, where he would follow with his cock shortly. Raquel was getting agitated and frustrated. She wanted attention on her clit, so John moved his tongue down the crease between her legs out of her cunt and down to her anus. As it reached the little rosebud, she shuddered and thrust her hips against his face.

      Raquel was working hard on making his cock whole again and hard enough to get inside her to ease that burning desire. She threw him over onto his back, climbed on top, grasped his penis in her hand, aimed for her inner lips, and squatted down with a satisfied sigh. John tried to thrust up against her downstrokes, and they found a comfortable rhythm that would gently build to a glorious climax.

      Tommy knelt beside John and Raquel with Wendy's legs over his shoulders, thrusting energetically into her pussy. Wendy's bottom hardly touched the bed as his cock shuttled in and out of her dripping pussy. Raquel leaned over and kissed him hard on his mouth while her fingers searched for Wendy's cunt. Wendy pushed her hand out to John, grasped his face, and pulled it over for a kiss. As the four fucked into each other's partners, the respective partners smiled and kissed each other. Raquel started to whimper like a small cat. Her eyes rolled up as she reached her first climax, and her face distorted. A moan escaped her lips. "Fuck it harder! Fuck it, my cunt is exploding. Ohhhhhhhhh!"

      Raquel collapsed in a heap on top of John. He rolled her off and crawled around to the other two. Tommy rolled Wendy off him, and she got onto all fours. John hit her from the rear straight into her cunt, deep and hard. She thrust back to meet him harder and faster. Tommy went for the face and slid his cock deep into her mouth, making her gag a little, setting a fast pace that could never last. Tommy grunted and exploded semen down her throat, pumping and pumping till he was spurting on empty. Wendy cried out and shuddered and shuddered as she lost it in a huge one. John followed a few thrusts later. With a sigh and a deep thrust, he unloaded inside Wendy.

      The three untangled themselves. John lay on his side facing Tommy, and Raquel rested against him, her head using his hips as a pillow. Tommy and Wendy took up a similar position facing them. Wendy was fascinated with Tommy's penis, which had shrunk to a little wrinkled sausage. She played with it tenderly, remembering how hard and energetic it had just been. John was exploring Raquel's inner sanctuary in a lazy, tender way.

      Raquel got up, poured four glasses of wine from a bottle on the side table, and brought them to the bed. They all sipped and chatted quietly, enjoying the aftermath of the passion. Wendy could feel a slippery liquid seeping out between her legs. She reflected on how wonderful the party had started and how much better real sex in a group was than watching and fantasizing.

      Wendy said, "John, I need to use the bathroom. I will be back shortly. Will you wait here for me?"

      "Of course, darling," he smiled and added. "Come back when you are ready!" She laughed and left the room.

      Three girls and two men burst in a few minutes later, laughing and jostling each other. "Can we use the bed or join you if you haven't finished?" one girl asked. "Sure, get on and join us," John replied with a smile.

      Each girl selected a mate and sidled up to him as bodies entwined and hands were everywhere. The scene changed from relaxed, easy caresses to hot passion. John was having trouble getting hard again so soon after the last session. One of the two guys noticed and put his head in his lap, sucking gently on his cock. The girls watched with rapt interest. John froze for a second. This had never happened before. Then he relaxed as he thought to himself Wendy does this to me all the time. I go down on her. She won't mind, so what's the problem? John laid back and started enjoying a new experience.

      Wendy walked naked through the large room towards the lady's bathroom, passing groups and couples in all types of contortions. One threesome had a man on all fours, the girl on his back legs wrapped around the guy on top as he fucked vigorously. Her head was bobbing about like a broken rag doll. The whimpers coming from her showed she was in fuck heaven. Wendy passed them and smiled. She could not believe how many different positions were being displayed.

      In the bathroom, a girl was sitting on the side where the washbasins were, legs wide open, washing out the fluids that had been pumped into her. She licked her fingers and said, "Yummy, don't you just love that salty taste? I just got too full after a big gangbang. I had eight inside me, one after the other. Some of the greedy buggers came back for seconds and thirds." Wendy asked, "How long did you do it for?" The girl said, "About an hour and a half. I am a bit sore now and need a rest to recover after coming so many times."

      Wendy left the bathroom and wandered down a corridor from the large room. She heard sounds from a room; she stopped and looked in through the open door. Nine men were around this one girl who was being fucked from behind by one with another in her mouth, and a few were by her head. She had a cock in each hand, and the others were masturbating around her. The guy in her pussy speeded up and pulled out, rubbing himself furiously. He spurted all over her bottom. Another took his place and speared her without ceremony pushing in and out of her sweet little pussy. He inserted a finger up her bottom, and she wriggled and cried out, "Fuck my arse as well!"

      The men pulled out and rolled her over. One climbed underneath. She sat on his cock and lay on his chest. Another pulled her cheeks apart, stretching her anus slightly open. He rubbed semen that had seeped from her pussy around her dark hole to ease his passage and penetrated her slowly. The other guys were in her mouth, between her breasts, anywhere they could get.

      Wendy watched the action, fascinated. This was what she had dreamed of in every fantasy. One of the guys with nowhere to fuck noticed her standing by the door and came over and said, "Join us, lovely. We would love to satisfy your desires and fuck you senseless."

      Wendy entered the room as if in a dream; her fantasy had finally come true. Three guys remained with the girl. The other six moved over to Wendy. She lay on her back, waiting for it to happen. A man's body leaned over her, his cock hard and erect, probing her face as he bent over her and probed her cunt with his tongue. She grasped that beautiful cock and sucked it to absolute hardness. Hands over her breasts, tongues in ears and around her neck, hands now everywhere. Her body had become one large erogenous zone. The tongue in her pussy was replaced with a very large cock which started slowly and stepped up as the rhythm became one for both.

      For the next hour, Wendy felt cocks in all her parts, fluids being pumped and splashed. Each orgasm she experienced lifted her higher and higher until she lapsed into oblivion and was gently laid to rest, covered in semen and a little sore from the multiple entries. One vague recollection towards the end was of two cocks inside her pussy together, stretching her and giving her a final massive orgasm. Wendy drifted on the edge of exhaustion, languishing in the euphoria of her greatest fantasy, a gangbang. She lay there with semen dripping from her pussy, running down the crease between her legs. She fingered her anus softly, rubbing in the slippery cream to ease the soreness. She felt wonderful.

      After half an hour, she got up and returned to the room where she had left John. She passed Mistral, Tim, Greg, and Susan on the way, heading upstairs. As they passed her, they smiled at her sticky legs and body, and one said, "You sure have had some fun, huh, Wendy?"

      She arrived at the room and stepped inside. John was entwined with another girl, and a guy gently probed him while the girl tried to get him hard again. Wendy watched her man and smiled to herself. "Now he knows what it feels like to be fucked up the arse. Once used to the stretching, it is yummy."

      Wendy called him, "Honey, will you shower and sauna with me? I need to clean up a bit?"

      "OK, babe, let's get showered and find where Tim and Mistral are," John replied. "They did promise us a special time together, but I haven't seen them tonight."

      Mistral took John to one side the next day at work and said, "I know you both enjoyed your first swinging party; sorry we never got together. Would you both like to join Susan, Greg, Tim, and me the weekend after next at our place for just a casual dinner and some fun?"

      "Sure, we would not miss it!" John quickly replied. Mistral said, "Greg told me he saw Wendy walking past him in stockings and suspenders. He said she has a fabulous body, her cunt dripping down her legs, and he wants to fuck her after dinner. You can have Susan and me together if you fancy. It will be a hot night!" With a wide grin, John quickly shot back, "How about six all together in the sauna then?"
    • By Ntexcouple
      I have posted several stories about Dee’s and my adventures in the swinging lifestyle. Then, I lost the love of my life to a drunk driver. I never knew a hurt as bad as losing the one person that gave meaning to my very soul. The first year I was just getting by, living if you want to call it that, day to day. I would wake up, go to work, come home, and sit outside drinking and feel sorry for myself. I still had friends that Dee and I had made, and they would try to get me out from time to time, but I just felt I was the odd man out, and it was more of a pity fuck than anything else was.
      Sue and Don were our best friends in the lifestyle, and they tried their best, but without Dee, I just couldn’t get back into it anymore. One Saturday, I was at home setting out by the pool, drinking, and, as usual, feeling sorry for myself when Sue showed up. She walked into the backyard, took one look at me, and gave it to me with both barrels.
      She said that Dee was dead, and as much as we loved her, that was not going to change. She is dead, and she is gone, and the way I was living my life, I might as well be dead also. Dee loved life, and she would not want me to be living like I was. She told me it was time for me to move on and start living again. After about an hour of us talking and crying, she had to get back home. I sat there the rest of the afternoon, thinking about what she had said and how true it was. Dee would not want me moping around, just like if I had been killed in that crash; I would want her to get on with her life. I set the beer down and just thought of all the things Sue had said. I called her that night and told her she was right and it was time that I started living again. She said that they were going to go to a house party the next weekend, and they had a friend that wanted to meet me. She told me her friend had seen some pictures of me, and she would e-mail some pictures of her, and if I wanted, she would fix us up for the party. I agreed, and she sent the pictures of Nancy for me to look at.
      The pictures she sent were of Nancy clothed, and I know the pictures of me that Sue had were not clothed pictures but were pictures of some of the parties we had been to. So she had the advantage over me in that regard. Nancy is a good-looking woman about 7 years younger than me, 5’6"/7" tall. She had blond hair and a good-looking body, from what I saw in her swimsuit picture. I called Sue the next day and told her that I would like to meet Nancy. She gave me her phone # and said she was expecting a call from me. She also said to be at their house at 6:30 Friday night, and we would all go to the party together.
      I called Nancy, and we talked for about an hour just to get to know something about each other. She knew all about Dee from Sue and said she went through something like that 3 years ago. Her husband of 18 years just up and left her with twin boys to raise. She had been single a little more than a year when her sons went off to college, and she decided to start living her life for herself. She was upfront and outspoken and said that she had always liked sex, but over the years, it had become predictable and ho-hum with her husband until he left. She told me that she got into swinging with a friend from work and her husband. She found that she liked the excitement of having sex with different people, both men and women, and she was not looking for a husband, just a fuck buddy. I agreed with her and told her I was not looking for a life partner but just needed to start living again.
      As Friday approached, I began to get nervous about going to the party. I knew several of the couples that were going to be there because Dee and I had been with them for some time or another. Even the thought of fucking Sue, no matter how many times she and I had fucked each other, made me nervous. I stopped by Don and Sue’s house Thursday night after work and told them I did not think I could go thou with it. We were sitting at their bar, and Sue told me I was just nervous about meeting Nancy. She said that I already knew most of the couples that would be there and I just needed to relax.
      Sue then took my hand and told me to come with her. She walked me into the den in front of the couch and undid my pants, and pushed them down to my knees. She then told me to sit down and got on her knees in front of me. She reached into my underwear and started to stroke my dick. I could feel my dick responding to her soft touch when she said to just close my eyes and relax and enjoy. With that, she pulled my underwear down to my knees and started to lick my hard shaft and balls. When her tongue left my balls and started up my shaft, her left hand would start holding and roll my balls around oh so softly. As her tongue got to the head of my dick, her right hand would start to stroke my shaft. Her mouth opened, and she took the head of my dick in her mouth and swirled her tongue around it. I had almost forgotten how hot her mouth felt when she would suck my dick or how good she was at it. She knew just what she was doing and how to please a man with her tongue, mouth and hands.
      I opened my eyes to watch her head bob up and down and see my dick disappearing and reappearing from her mouth. I saw Don sitting at the bar, just watching his wife suck another man's dick. This was not the first time Don has seen his wife suck my dick, but in the past, he was with Dee or any of the other ladies in our little group. If not, he was most likely helping me with Sue, either licking her pussy or fucking her while she sucked my dick. But to watch him sitting there fully dressed while she was sucking me was a little strange and comforting at the same time. I realized just how good of friends they both were.
      I started to feel my climax grow deep down. I guess it had been a while, and I felt a rush of heat as I started to shoot my cum in Sue’s mouth. She sucked and stroked my shaft to get all she could out. I also forgot just how horny Sue got when she had a fresh load of cum shot in her mouth. She was humping my leg like a dog, and I could feel the heat of her pussy through both her pants and mine. As I tried to catch my breath, she looked up and asked if I was relaxed now. I told her that I was, and she said good, now go home and have a good night's sleep and they would see me at 6:30 Friday.
      Don started to protest that I could not come over and get his wife all hot and bothered and just leave him there alone to take care of her. Sue kissed me on the cheek and said yes, he can because he will need all his strength for when she and Nancy get a hold of me the next night.
      I stood up and redid my pants and told Don good luck, and as I was leaving, I heard Sue tell him to get his clothes off right now. She needed a good hard fuck.
      Friday came, and I arrived at Sue and Don’s house at 6:30 as planned. Nancy was not there yet, but Sue told me that we were not expected at the party until 8. Sue, Don, and I were sitting at their bar talking, and I asked where was this party we were going to and they said it was at a couple's house (Dan and Barbara) who they had met about 8 months ago. I did not know them, and I asked if they knew that I was coming, and without knowing me, were they ok with that. Sue told me that they knew and were fine with it, also that Robert and Cathy, and David and Joann would also be there, and that they all had vouched for me. Sue asked if I was still nervous, and I said yes I was.
      Meeting a lady for the first time, as a single, would make any man nervous, much less one you were going to a swinging house party with her as your date. Who would not be nervous? But knowing 3 couples that were going to be there helped somewhat. (Robert and Cathy were the first couple that Dee and I ever played with when we got into swinging, and David and Joann were part of the group that we got together with for about 3 years).
      Nancy arrived about 15 minutes later, looking stunning. She wore a low-cut gray blouse and a black skirt that stopped about halfway to her knees. Dark stockings and black high heels. She stood 5’7", about 135 lbs., and had legs to die for. Blonde hair, blue eyes, great smile, and very well-gifted up top. Her blouse was cut just right so that the mounds of her tits were showing down to the top of her nipples. She had an incredible tan line that went from a dark bronze color to almost show white ½" above her nipples. She was in her early 40’s, and I started to feel very nervous again. The four of us sat and talked until it was time to leave for the party, Sue ran and got her party bag, and we all loaded up in their SUV for the drive over. Nancy and I were going to sit in the back seat for the drive over, and as she was getting in, I saw she had on black garters that were holding up her stockings; with her low-cut blouse, I already knew she was bra-less, panty-less, well only time would tell.
      We arrived at the party, and I was introduced to Dan and Barbara. They are a nice-looking couple, early 40’s early 50’s, like most of the couples there. I saw that Robert and Cathy were already there, along with David and Joann. With a total of 10 couples there at the time, that made it 3 that I knew and 6 plus Nancy that I did not know. (I kept hearing Dee’s words; Mingle and meet, Mingle and meet over and over in my head).
      The party was going along like most house parties did, with people greeting one another, some snacks, some drinks, music, and dancing. Small groups standing around talking, a lot of flirting going on. As time went by, there were more people in different stages of undressed. A couple would be seen walking down the hall towards one of the bedrooms, more couples would be going out to enjoy the hot tub on the patio. Everyone was having a good time excluding myself. I had almost forgotten how at ease one could be and how much fun it was to be around people that thought of recreational sex the same as Dee and I did.
      (You see someone and you say, "I would like to fuck that person" They look at you and say, " I would like to fuck that person", and the two of you get together and fuck. Both enjoy it, and that is that. Your spouse knows about it and, most of the time, is there to enjoy it with you if not joining in. No jealousies ,no hard feelings, no fights, and most of all, no means no. But in the back of my mind, I kept thinking that I am now a single man in a couple’s lifestyle.)
      I was talking to a couple when I looked towards the area that had been set aside for dancing, where I saw Nancy, Joann, and Barbara all dancing together. All three had shed their blouses and were giving one hell of a sexy dance performance. I knew from what I could see from her low-cut blouse that Nancy had a nice set of tits, but to see her dancing topless they were great. They were round and firm with nipples that stood out ¾". At 43 years of age, they were more than likely bought, but real or Memorex, I did not care. I just wanted to suck on them. Her stomach was flat and firm and showed that she took care of herself at the gym. She still had her skirt on, but those long legs and that flat-toned stomach just started me to think how beautiful the meeting place must look.
      When the song ended, Nancy walked over to me and put her arms around my neck and kissed me. She looked me in the eyes and said, let's go. I want to have you alone first, and I had no problem with that. We walked down the hall and checked the first two bedrooms and found them occupied. The master bedroom was at the end of the hall, and when we opened the door, we saw Sue and Dan had already gotten there. We started to close the door, and Dan said to come on in. There was more than enough room on the bed; he and Sue only needed half of it.
      Nancy put her arms around my neck and kissed me, and whispered that she wanted me naked. At this point, she started to unbutton my shirt. I felt her firm breast pressing against my chest as I ran my hands down her sides. Her skirt had no snaps but was held up by the elastic waistband. It was just a matter of hooking my thumbs under the waistband and stretching it out a little so it would slide down her long legs. Just as I had suspected, she was panty-less. As she undid my pants, I cupped one of her tits in my hand and lowered my mouth to her nipple. My other hand found her wet hot pussy, and I started to finger fuck her with ease. Her hands had pushed my pants down to my knees, and she was stroking my swollen cock with both of her hands. I could hear her breathing getting heavier with each passing moment as I sucked her nipple and fingered her sweet wet hole. She looked me in the eye and pulled my head closer to hers for a long sexual kiss. She started slowly going down to her knees, all the while kissing my chest and stomach. When she reached my now rock-hard shaft, she cupped my balls and the base of my dick in both hands and opened her mouth to take its head into her mouth.
      As I stood there getting this magnificent blow-job from this woman, I looked over to the bed. Sue and Dan had moved to the sixty/nine position, and Sue was sucking his cock like she did mine the night before. Dan had his face buried between Sue’s legs, licking her sweet pussy for all its worth. He had his hands spreading it as far as he could to get his tongue in as deep as he could. I remembered just how good Sue’s pussy tasted when she would come, and she always came from a good licking. I wondered just how Nancy’s pussy would taste and did she enjoy it as much as Sue. It would not be much longer before I would find out because of the way she was sucking my dick and watching Sue and Dan, I started to unload in her mouth. My first squirt was deep inside her mouth; the second one she had pulled back but had her mouth open so that it landed in her mouth but mostly on the tongue. As she was swallowing the first two loads, the third hit her closed lips and started to run down her chin. She wiped it off with her finger and then cleaned her finger with her tongue. She stood up and looked me in the eye, and said thank you, we kissed deep and long, and then I told her it was my turn. As she landed down on the bed, I removed my shoes, socks, and pants. She was on her back naked except for her garters and stockings.
      I laded down beside her and started to kiss her gently on the neck; slowly, I worked my way down to her nipples, where I sucked and nibbled on each one of them. All the while, I was running my fingers in and out of her hot wet pussy. Her pussy was neatly shaved with just a puff of blond hair left above it. I have always preferred a little hair left instead of an all-shaved pussy, (I wondered if Sue had told her that and she shaved that way just for me). I was working my way down to her honey pot, and she was opening her legs for me. I normally like to work a woman by kissing, nibbling, and sucking on the inside of their legs before I dive into pussy licking. That always seemed to bring their tension up a notch, so when I did go for the gold, they were more than ready for it. With Nancy having her garters and stockings on, that kind of blocked that approach. I soon found out that she did not need that step of foreplay; I also found out that she was anything but a quiet climaxer. I had no sooner started licking, sucking, and nibbling her pussy than she started humping and screaming and cumming. She was begging me to fuck her right then, I needed a little more time to recoup from my climax before I could go on, and she didn’t seem to want to give it to me. I looked from between the legs, and I don’t know if Sue saw the whipped dog look in my eyes or if she was so turned on by Nancy's pleading for a hard fucking or what, but Sue came to my rescue once again.
      Sue was on top of Dan, and he was hammering away at her for all he was worth. Sue leaned over and started kissing Nancy and telling her to let it come. I was still down licking her pussy and thinking, "Let this climax run its course, and things will settle down till I recover and can produce again. With Sue's kissing and sucking Nancy's tits and Nancy sucking on Sue’s tits and a double effect. Dan announced that he was coming, and I felt myself coming back into the game. As I slid back up on Nancy to where I could enter her, Sue sat back up on Dan and started riding him hard. She was about to have her own climax and needed to concentrate on that. Just as I put the head of my dick to Nancy’s pussy she said NO, not this way; she pushed me off and got on her hands and knees and said do me from behind; I like it this way the best.
      I have no problem with doggie style, so I got behind her and guided the head of my dick into her pussy. I normally like to start slowly, but Nancy told me to do it hard and fast. So I jammed it into the hilt. She instantly started to rock back and forth, and it took a couple of seconds to get into her rhythm, but I got there and was on the in-stroke when she was rocking back and on the outstroke when she was going forward. Like I said before, you know when Nancy comes, everybody knows when Nancy comes, and it did not take long for her to come doggie style.
      After she came down from her climax, her body just went limp, and she sank onto the bed face down. Ok, I understand about fast climaxes; been there and done that a time or two myself, but this is the first time I had experienced it happening with the woman I was with. Normally it’s the man that has this happening. I lay down beside her and put my arm around he, and kissed her on her shoulder. I can hear and feel her breathing hard, but that is all the response I get. I look over and Sue is still riding Dan’s dick. I see that glazed-over look in her eyes, one that I have seen many times before, and I know that she won’t last much longer. Just then, I see Dan arch his back and drive into Sue as deep as he can go, his hands are pulling Sue down onto his shaft, and I know that he is releasing his load into her. Sue is wide-eyed and tells him Yes, give it to me, and I know from being there that she has also reached her climax. I lay there and watched her rock back and forth as Dan kept his back arched to give her as much dick as he could. I know the feeling of her pussy muscles on a dick, and I know what he is feeling at this moment. They are constricting and relaxing, constricting and relaxing as she rocks back and forth. Milking every bit of his juice out that they can. I watch as they slow down, and then Sue collapses onto Dan’s chest; she starts that silly giggle that lets you know that you did a good job.
      Sue rolled onto her back next to Nancy and looked at me, and asked if I was enjoying myself, and I told him yes. Dan said he needed a drink and asked if any of us wanted one. Sue wanted a margarita, Nancy wanted a glass of ice water, and I said I could use a beer. As Dan was off to get the drinks, the three of us sat up in the bed, the women sat cross-legged, and I just slid up between them and used the headboard as a backrest. I could smell the must of just fucked pussy in the air. There were two women sitting crossed-legged with their pussies open for all to see, and I still had a hard-on. Sue spoke first and said to Nancy, " Did I not tell you he was a good fuck or not" At that point, I could have crawled under the bed, except that Sue was now rubbing my hard dick. Nancy agreed and said that she can’t wait to go again. Sue said that the night was young, but Nancy would just have to wait her turn now because she was next. Thank god Dan showed up with the drinks.
      The four of us sat there talking and sipping our drinks. We could hear the party going on in the other part of the house with the music and the occasional orgasm from one of the partygoers or another. Sue asked if we knew where Don was, and Dan said he saw him with Joann, to which Sue said, "Well, he will be occupied for a while". All this time, Sue was stroking my hard cock, then she said that it looked like I was ready to go again, and so was she. Nancy asked her if we could all do it like they did it at the last party. Sue looked at me and then back at Nancy and said that she thought it would be all right. I must have had a questioning look on my face because Sue told me that I would defiantly like this.
      Sue had me sit on the side of the bed with my feet on the floor. She then turned around and straddled me backward. I felt her guide my dick into her pussy as she sat down on my lap. " As exciting as the unknown is when having sex with a new partner, it is just as exciting as being in the know and having sex with someone that you have been with before. You know just what they like, and they know what trips your button; Sue knew just what to do to trip my button." She started to rotate her hips to give my dick that just-right grinding. Feeling her slow humping up and down along with the rotation was driving me insane. About that time, I felt a tongue wrapping around my balls and work up my shaft to where I was buried into Sue’s wet box. I looked around Sue to see Nancy on her hands and knees licking not only my balls and dick but also Sue’s wet pussy, and Dan was behind Nancy just fucking away. Sue started to rotate and moan, which caused me to shove up harder; Nancy was licking and sucking faster, which made Sue moan and rotate faster. It was like a snowball rolling downhill. The more it went on, the faster it got. I don’t know what was going on with Dan, and I did not care. I know that I came harder and longer into Sue’s pussy than I can ever remember doing. I remember falling back onto the bed with Sue laying on top of me and still feeling a tongue licking the both of us, and then I heard a far-off scream that said fuck me fuck yes fuck me.
      Sue was pulling on my arms and telling me it was time that we rejoined the party. We walked down the hall naked and into the den. We went to the bar, and I sat down on one of the stools. Sue went and got us both a drink and stood between my legs with her arms around my neck. She asked me what I thought of Nancy, and I told her that she was definitely different than any woman that I knew. She said that there was a long story behind that and she would tell me later, but not tonight, I laid my head down between her breast, and she was holding me and rubbing the back of my head when Don came walking up to join us.
      Don sat down on a stool, and Sue went over and put her arms around him and asked if he was having fun; I said that he looked like he had been road hard and put up wet. To which he came back with a one-word answer. " Joann". Sue and I just laughed, and I asked if she was still a whirlwind in bed, and he said that she was a man killer if you let her.
      Sue kissed us both and said that we men better get used to the whirlwinds because they are going to rule the world someday.
      Note from Jay:
      I have tried to express some of my feelings, thoughts, and happenings into the stories about how I got back into swinging after Dee’s death. I know that it is not your typical swing stories that you are used to reading here. I know that I have brought up couples out of the blue for those that have not been on this site for very long. There are stories posted by " Jay and Dee" that tells how we got started in the swinging lifestyle, how we found out that Don and Sue were swingers, and stories that were milestones in Dee’s and my journey into this wonderful lifestyle.
      A lifestyle that I thought had ended with Dee's death. A lifestyle of freedom, pleasure, understanding, and pure joy that I thought I would never be a part of again if it were not for Sue. Some might read into these stories that I have an infatuation with Sue. That is not true. I love Sue. If you go back and read The Surprise, you will know that I have known Sue since we were in elementary school. Her older brother was my best friend until we graduated high school; now, her husband is my best friend.
      If it were not for Sue and Don standing by me and pulling me out of my depression, getting me back into not only the lifestyle but life itself did I meet Pam.
      Pam is another story all together
      I lost Dee in 2004, and the stories about how I got back into the swing happened in 2006. In future stories, I will try not to go back too far into the past, but sometimes my thoughts go there, to a time, a place, or a person that is so important to me that I must bring it up for the story context.
    • By Spoomonkey
      I don't remember - in detail - just what it was that was said between myself and Marilyn that convinced her to swing. I know that I didn't discover the hidden key to the floodgate. But now, as I sit here thinking of her, picturing the passion on her face as she jerks another man's cock, I am flooded with excitement about the next time. But this is a story about our first time.

      Most people are sexual caterpillars, humping through life, eating off the same leaf, and waiting to be taken as lunch by whatever bird it is that finds us delectable. Some of us evolve. I've had the pleasure of watching Mari become a truly stunning sexual creature - a truly amazing phoenix on fire. I recall the long and sometimes frustrating 'raccoon stage' from the first talk to the first play. I remember waiting like a child for Christmas - eager and smiling, hopeful and naive. And I remember watching Mari emerge.

      It was a Friday night - our second at a club. I am not sure how many expectations either of us had - we'd promised ourselves not to 'expect.' We arrived early - when the TVs had not yet flipped over to porn movies and still played the Discovery Channel. Pretzel baskets not yet out, Mari and I found a place at the liquor-less bar. Our first time at a club, we went with a couple that we were friends with. They'd monopolized us that night, and we wanted to branch out - to meet new friends - to try new things. Nothing against them, we thought the world of those two, but we were ready to fly solo. So we waited. Unsure of how to talk to anyone - unsure of what to do next. I think we clung to that bar for an hour, Mari in her brown mini and sheer black top, me in a stew of nervousness that I hadn't felt since junior high. Eyes were on Mari - I could feel that. Not at all unexpected with her long legs riding a lucky barstool, gorgeous and generous breasts threatening to pour from her low top, bright green eyes dancing between a perfect smile and brown/red hair that could melt any man. I remember watching people watching us, watching them stare shamelessly at her.

      The club filled quickly that night - couples made their way to familiar cliques as a flood of single men made helpless attempts to get in on the play. I didn't know what we were looking for, but I was hopeful that we'd find it - so I took Mari by the hand and decided to explore. The barstools were doing nothing but putting our backs to the crowd. I wasn't surprised when a clumsily discreet gaggle of singles followed my Mari like puppies as we slowly made our way from room to room. Eventually, we found ourselves on the 'party floor' with a half dozen single men who tried so very hard to look casual but were obviously hoping that their choice of clothes or hairstyle had been the perfect one - and that Mari would snatch them up before they knew what hit them. Feeling a bit ornery, I leaned back against the wall, my beer in one hand, and whispered to Mari, "I want you to go down on me." I think the request shocked her a bit.

      "Right. Right now? Right here?" I could tell that she was feeling like a bad girl - she had the look, the walk. I knew she wanted to play - and I could think of no better way than to tease a crowd of men.

      "Yes," I said, smiling. "Right here and right now." I reached down to unzip myself as she dropped to her knees in front of me. My cock had been hard all day, knowing that tonight we'd be here - chasing the 'unexpected' - and it was obvious that Mari shared my excitement as she took me all the way down with one eager move. Her tongue danced on my shaft as her head bobbed happily. Her expert hands worked on what little cock she couldn't take in, and twelve eyes on six single men ate every movement. I was - for a short time - king of the 'party floor' as the most incredible woman in the club sucked my cock in front of a half dozen. I realized that as incredible as this was - this spotlight on my wife's giftedness - it was just the first step, a cracking of the egg, so to speak - the cocoon was just starting to open. Mari gobbled me with abandon, surprisingly unashamed, wonderfully aware of nothing but her husband's eager erection and approaching release. I sipped my beer and grinned as hungry eyes locked on the back of Mari's head. I could have watched that scene all night long, but it was far too early to 'cash in my chips.' Besides - I got to take this beauty home - so I helped her to her feet as she wiped the corners of her mouth. I think I saw a blush then, but it could have been desire. Either way, it didn't slow her down. I was ready to head downstairs and leave this group to their own devices, but a conversation about something - I don't remember what - kept me in place.

      Mari was approached by a single guy, and I remember thinking that it would be good for her to flirt. So - I turned my attention to whatever meaningless banter I was sharing - and left Mari to her fun. I don't know how long I talked - but I remember turning to look at Mari and the one guy with balls enough to approach her. And was surprised to see them kissing deeply, his hand enjoying her perfect breast. I processed a momentary jealousy. Who wouldn't be jealous of a woman as beautiful as Marilyn? What man in his right mind would offer such a perfect woman to the wiles of desperate single men? The kind of man who is so secure in his soulmate's love that he knows that no one will ever touch her heart just by groping her boob. And with that, I was over it. And my wicked smile returned.

      "Do I need to go get supplies?" I asked as I walked up behind Mari.

      "Hmmm?" She asked, somewhat dreamily, obviously ready to try her first threesome.

      "Supplies. Condoms." I said, trying not to kill the moment.

      "They're downstairs." Mari looked at her new friend, David, who was obviously willing. She smiled and nodded.

      "Okay," I said. "But here are the rules while I'm gone." I have an alpha male personality when it comes to swinging - provider, protector, top dog. "Just talk. No hands - no kissing - while I'm gone." Then I looked at David. "Break a rule, I break an arm." I think he knew I meant it.

      His nervous, stuttering, "Sure," gave me the assurance I needed to head downstairs. I didn't remember the walk to the locker room being so long, but the anticipation seemed to stretch the halls and stairways. But soon, I was back with an overly optimistic fist full of condoms and a hard-on that made it hard to walk. David and Marilyn were talking innocently, leaning against the wall - but seeing me was all it took for talk to end. Mari took David's hand and led him to a private room; I pushed the door closed as we entered, waving at the five guys who looked disappointed that we weren't going to put on a show.

      David wasted little time pulling Mari's breasts free and sucking on her long nipples. His style was rough, but Mari seemed to love the feel of this stranger's tongue and gently nipping teeth. I knelt behind her, pushing her skirt around her hips, and flicked her ass with my tongue. I slipped two fingers in her dripping pussy and felt her body jerk at the anticipated intrusion. Her hips rocked against my fingers and tongue as David pulled off Mari's top and bra, spilling her breasts into his hands and waiting mouth. Mari rubbed David's cock through his slacks, eager to find out just what she'd gotten herself into. Our collective passions blurred the room as hands un-hooked, unzipped, un-buckled, and soon the only clothes left were Mari's black garter and stockings. David had taken to his knees, taking his rough style of play to Mari's tender box as Mari resumed the head we'd started in the common area - her passion making her suck even harder, with more abandon. I thrust into her mouth gently, knowing that in her current state, she couldn't focus enough to keep me from going too deep. I watched her perfect tits roll as her body rocked on David's aggressive tongue. I switched places with David, letting him enjoy Mari's mouth for the first time. Mari gave a perfect, eager head, and I knew David was in for a treat - but I wanted my time with my wife's perfect pussy. Her long lips and deep folds are the perfect play place for big boys, and my tongue traced her outer lips through the gentle maze that leads to her dripping entrance and tingling clit. I slipped my fingers inside of Mari, curling them gently to find that magical-mythical spot that always seems to make a good orgasm a screaming one, and my tongue flicked gently at her oh-so-ready clit. I looked up to see David fucking Mari's mouth - and Mari thrusting back hungrily. I heard her cock-filtered moans as I brought her to the brink of orgasm. I quickened my tongue and my inner stroking, and Mari's mouth popped off of David's shaft. Her fist pumped him purposefully, but her eyes and attention were now focused on my face, pressed against her pussy. Her hips bucked with the beginnings of her orgasm, and her moans turned to screams as she came against my tongue. Mari fucked my fingers powerfully, her pussy sucking and pulling them deeper inside, and she threw her head back into the pillow and let out a long "YES!" as a wave overcame her.

      David knelt beside her, a stunned look on his face. "That was hot." Mari laughed at his grasp of the obvious as she pulled her knees together and her legs up - but we weren't going to let her off that easily. "Be gentle," I said as David went back down, and I brought my throbbing cock to Mari's mouth. I've always loved the way that Mari says thanks for a job well done - and tonight was no exception. David's tongue brought Mari over the edge two more quick times as she sucked my cock. Her body shivered weakly as the first orgasm had taken so much out of her. She moaned around my width but never let me go until her desperation got the best of her.

      "Fuck me." She said, her voice breathy, "Fuck me, please." I took her first, as David's cock hung in Mari's face, rubbing against her cheek as she thrust her body back against me. I pushed her legs to her chest as I buried my cock deeply into her. Her heat was tremendous, her body on fire as it lived out a fantasy it was so reluctant to even admit. David watched as I took my wife hard, thrusting deeply and angling my body to hit her just right. Mari gritted her teeth as she let out a strained moan, her fourth orgasm coming as a surprise - short but powerful. I pulled out quickly, knowing that there was one other thing that Mari wanted to try before we'd be able to call this a night. I lay against the wall as Mari got to her knees. She sucked hard as David pushed into her for the first time. It was her first 'extra' cock, and she seemed to shake from head to toe. "Is he in?" I asked, wanting her to process the reality of this moment. "Mmmm-Hmmm," she groaned as he pounded her. David fucked my beautiful wife hard from behind, thrusting deeply and quickly, racing towards an orgasm that had such a gorgeous build-up. And he reached that place far too quickly.

      "Where do you want him to cum?" I asked, stroking Mari's hair. "I want to see it," she said, her tongue flicking the head of my cock. "I want him to cum all over me." David responded to her wishes, pulling out and removing his spent condom. Mari rolled over on her back, pushing her breasts together and urging him to cover them. He had no problem doing so. David's excitement was apparent as jet after jet of his hot load landed on Mari's perfect tits.

      "Oh, god, yes," she cooed as he came. David let out one last grunt as his body jerked, and one last long stream of cum dripped onto my wife. I kissed Mari - realizing that I had seen her emerge. My perfect butterfly, covered with another man's seed. David collapsed at the end of the bed as Mari and I wrapped our hearts tightly around each other. We basked in the afterglow of an incredible fantasy, unaware that, for us, the night was young. We dressed, David and Mari kissed one last time, and then we left the room for the next adventuresome group.

      We fully expected to leave soon thereafter. Instead, almost unbelievingly, the stars aligned, and we had another encounter.

      Mari went to the bar, still sexily disheveled, and started talking to a single woman that we had met earlier, helping her fend off a torrent of attention, gladly taking on some for herself. Knowing she was having fun, I left her alone while I went to the restroom.

      I normally don't strike up conversations at the urinal, but all rules have exceptions.

      "I'm not gay," I said to the guy spilling beer one stall over, "but that is a really nice shirt."

      I wouldn't have said it if I hadn't meant it. Dark blue flames on white silk. Sharp as a switchblade.

      "Thanks," He said. "My wife bought it. I don't remember where."

      "Well - it's a great-looking shirt."

      The conversation eroded as our bathroom purposes came to an end, and we awkwardly took turns with the soap dispenser. He left before my paws were dry, and as I wiped the last of the evidence on my jeans, I walked out to put what I thought would be the final hit on my wife.I was quite wrong.

      Mr Nice Shirt was in the hallway with a gorgeous blond - tall and thin, with stunning blue eyes and long legs on high heels.

      "Hey, hon." he said, "where did you get this shirt? This guy likes it."

      She told me - but hell if I remember. I was captivated by her. Where she bought the shirt went in one ear and out the other, but her, I was drinking in till I reached the bottom of the glass. It was a nice shirt - but she was significantly nicer. I watched her lips as she talked and wondered what they tasted like; I watched her chest when she paused - also wondering what it tasted like. Soon the shirt was forgotten.

      But - I found out later - they thought I was a single, which wasn't their thing - and they excused themselves. I made my dejected way back to Mari - still with her single friend - still at the center of a crowd. I walked to the center and kissed her hard, because I could, and whispered in her ear, "Are you ready to go?" She nodded and told me she needed to check her hair before she did. I wasn't the only one who watched her walk to the restroom - perfect hips massaging the inside of her brown suede skirt. I sat at the bar, watching what passed for porn on the satellite feed, and waited...And waited...And realized I wasn't enjoying the porn enough to not be worried about my wife...I wandered through the club, weaving my way between connections being made and broken - singles getting lucky or rejected - women being fondled or ignored... The witching hour had arrived, and folks were grouping off with the hopes that productive conversations weren't about to produce wilted results. And in the bathroom door, Mari had become the target of Mr Cool-Shirt and his incredible wife. They stood in a tight but respectful group, chittering like old friends... I watch Mari laugh at some witty thing and then look up to see me walking her way.

      "That's my husband," she said, maybe a bit too proudly, and the blond woman whom I'd already memorized turned and smiled - wickedly surprised if that is a workable combination. A three-way conversation in the door of the women's room became a spirited four-way as we realized that - not only was I, not a single guy, we all had much more than that in common; two pairs of soulmates on different planes of experience. Best friends who do everything together - who were about to drift upstairs...

      They had been to many clubs and had much background in the lifestyle, and as we made our way upstairs, they shared themselves in a way that makes the lifestyle so much more than sex. We drifted from room to room, listening to them talk about their "hobby" and how they survived within it. For a moment, the idea of "playing" with our new friends disappeared as these gorgeous people became so incredibly fascinating. It seemed like every line of conversation revealed more in common, more useful advice, more to like...And then she closed the door...

      "I like you guys," Kim - this gorgeous blond said, her voice going from friendly to lusty. "Let's play."

      Mari and I snapped back to reality quickly. We were in a swing club, and we were not going home anytime soon... I didn't need to look at Mari to know that she was okay with this. I'd watched her as she watched Joe's lips move when he talked. I had seen her smile when he touched her shoulder. And I had absolutely nothing to think about as Kim lay on the bed, smiling and lifting her legs to show a shaved and pantiless play area.

      "What do you say?" She asked, staring at me hypnotically.

      Nothing... There was nothing I could say. I was hers - but better yet, she was about to be mine. Joe sat on a chair in the corner of the room - thinking, I suppose, that he might watch for a while. But Mari was having none of that, straddling his lap and wrapping her tongue around his. Kim lay on her back, and I ran my hands down her legs, lifting her feet and helping her with the boots that she wasn't going to be needing for a while. Her long thin legs were, on their own, plenty to enjoy - but when the boots were shed, my hands wandered higher as I slid onto the bed with her, kissing her gently at first - enjoying her soft but expert tongue. Her hands made short work of my belt as mine found her small, tight breasts. She seemed eager to catch up with Mari, who had quickly moved to a kneel in front of Joe and was blowing him madly - her head bobbing furiously.

      I didn't object and let her push me over to my back. My eyes caught Joe's, and he smiled widely, dazed but certainly feeling every stroke of Mari's expert tongue. Mari worked his shaft with one tight fist and had pushed the blue flamed shirt up to his strong chest. She was moaning around him - and he encouraged her. The sounds were nearly as hot as the visual of my beautiful wife gobbling our new friend with such abandon. I could have lost myself watching the two of them, just experiencing the pleasure my wife was giving another man, but I was soon pulled expertly out of the moment as bright blue eyes looked up at me past short blond hair, and a wet tongue flicked between a wicked grin and eagerly tasted the tip of my cock...I looked down at Kim as she rolled her tongue around the head of my cock, seeming to savor the taste. Her eyes locked on mine, and her smile never failed......until she took me into her mouth, slowly swallowing half of me and then pulling me out just as deliberately. I groaned, body twitching and cock responding to her attentions.

      "You like that?" she asked, a trail of my excitement still leading to her lips.I just swallowed and grinned - and she correctly took that as a "yes". Her eyes finally left mine as she took me again, this time with abandon. Her tongue danced around my cock as her lips tightly massaged my shaft. Her hands jerked me and my hips rocked slightly, finding her manic rhythm. I closed my eyes and enjoyed her expertise, my fingers twisting in her short hair. I could feel her taking me deeper until it seemed the head of my cock was so deep in her that I could almost feel it with the hand that was on the back of her head. Her warmth was complimented by a perfect wetness. She stroked me with one hand as her other hand massaged my balls - coaxing my cum from them - eager for a taste of her good work. I heard a squeal and looked up just in time to see a naked Mari tossed onto the bed beside us. Joe was naked as well - his tall, thin frame sporting a desperate erection. He dropped to the bed between Mari's legs and began to kiss her breasts, one after another, commenting loudly on her large, long nipples. Kim was looking over, obviously admiring them herself. She looked up at me, her lips still around my excitement, her face flushed. I smiled at her and nodded - unable to ask her if she wanted what Mari was about to be getting... Somehow she read me and nodded back - letting me go with a gentle pop - and climbed up on the bed, shedding what little clothing she still had on. I pulled off my shirt and settled between her legs.

      The wives were now on the bed, lying side by side, with two enthusiastic husbands now heading south hungrily. Kim's pussy was perfectly shaved with small lips and a perfect clit. I licked gently at first, tasting her fully... This was the first pussy I'd tasted since my marriage, and I was going to enjoy it fully. I slipped my hands beneath her ass to lift her slightly, angling her just right... And sunk my tongue deeply into her, tasting her as she tightened around the intrusion. She whimpered slightly and bucked - and I lost myself... My fingers swam in and out of her as my tongue found every unique spot that seemed to make her jerk with electricity. Her eyes were clamped shut as I ate her, and her hands gripped my head harder and more desperately, soon governing my attentions to just her clit as she climbed higher... Closer to the edge of orgasm. I heard Mari scream as she came, thrashing her hips forcefully against Joe's face, forcing him to hang on... Kim heard her, too, and seemed to catch Mari's orgasm just as Mari was coming down... One loud "OHH!" was all she moaned as her body spasmed beneath my feasting tongue. She jerked hard, holding my face tightly to her and riding her orgasm out against my tongue. I held her thighs as she began to land. She slid her hands to my cheeks and pulled herself to me. "My god," was all she said before she kissed me and pulled me back to the bed.

      Joe was on top of Mari, thrusting his fingers into her roughly, and Kim held me as we watched Mari cum again. Mari's vocal aerobics shook the walls again as she came a second time, right on top of her first one. She seemed to cum for minutes before she finally stopped thrusting her hips against Joe's aggressive hand.

      "Wow," Kim said, looking at me. "Is she always this loud?"

      "I'd like to think so," I replied, smiling.

      "I have no doubt, then."

      Kim grinned as she kissed me, pushing me to my knees. She crawled in front of me and took me in her mouth again, egging me on to thrust. I did so - watching as Mari laid Joe on the bed and then knelt between his legs again. I grabbed Kim's perfect ass with both hands and pushed forward gently, barely containing my arousal as Mari began to stroke Joe's thick cock.I heard Kim sucking me wetly, accepting my thrusts as Joe moaned with approval as Mari gave him a masterful hand job, puckering her lips around the head of his cock as she stroked him. My head swam for ten minutes, watching my wife and feeling Joe's. I was near the edge when Joe screamed out his arrival. Kim flipped around quickly, eager to watch her husband's pleasure, and slid a hand down to cup his balls just as he erupted. His first shot a foot into the air. Mari moaned, "YESSS!" as he came - excited at the sight of his orgasm. His hips thrust slightly as the rest of his orgasm ran down his cock and over Mari's still-pumping fist.

      He lay there - satisfied - and Kim turned, grinning, back to me. The only difference is that this time - so did Mari. I had four lustful eyes looking at me hungrily, and I knew that one of my favorite fantasies was going to come true. I was pushed back into the pillow and watched as a blond and brunette devoured my cock - neither of them losing steam. One would suck my balls while the other pistoned on my hot shaft - then they'd switch - dancing their tongues up either side of me as they went... "This is a vision you'll never forget," Joe chattered - coming back to his senses. I quietly agreed with him, watching as they pleasured me - unable to drink it in enough. Just the sight was enough to make me cum... The sensation of two talented tongues, two eager mouths, brought me closer to the edge than I ever thought possible... Joe seemed to agree, now standing at the side of the bed stroking a resurrected erection. But - I was the first to see them kiss...And it was almost too much... Kim and Mari's tongues soon discovered each other and left my cock to pursue each other. I was remarkably okay with that. Kim and Mari's passionate lip lock was more than Joe could handle.

      "Oh my god," he said to Mari. "I had no idea you were into that."

      "I wasn't," Mari said truthfully - and then quickly returned to what she swears was one of the best kissers she'd ever known. I joined Joe in the perverse ritual, not caring if they ever touched me again - as long as they didn't stop touching each other. Their hands fondled each other, their tongues twisted together... And the room seemed to heat up by twenty degrees.

      I'd never thought I'd see my wife so wild for another woman, but there they were, wrapped together, making out like high school kids. The scene proved to be too much, and Joe yelled out Mari's name. Mari moved over beneath him, her tongue out and eager, just as Joe came again. If it is possible, his second orgasm seemed larger than his first, streaming into Mari's open mouth in jet after jet. And that was enough for me... I knelt over Kim and let go of her waiting tongue. She excitedly swallowed what she caught - what she didn't streamed down her cheeks as I jerked out the last of my orgasm and collapsed beside her...I remember Joe leaving and coming back with a glass of pop for all of us to share, but for the life of me, I don't remember much else. We all lay together for a while - talking again like old friends and laughing. The biggest difference this time was being able to watch breasts jiggle with every well-told joke or story.

      We exchanged e-mails, hugs, and kisses... But I wasn't offered the shirt...When we finally left - the club owner was cleaning up, barely beating the sun, which would be showing itself soon. One of the staff smiled at us and said somewhat meekly, "You guys sounded great." I suppose she's right - a perfect encounter inspires some wonderful loudness. The night was a surprise from the start - we'd done more than we'd ever expected and made friends on top of it. And it was one of those friendships that inspired me to surprise Mari with one last step in her now complete emergence.
    • By David Lovell
      My wife Amy  came home from work all hot and bothered the other day. That new girl who recently moved here from out-of-state, Claire, just told me that she and her husband were invited to Ken and Lesley's house for drinks and snacks.  Amy  couldn't understand why we were not invited.

      I asked Amy not to  be jealous and told her that we all had our own swinger friends.

      Then, a few days later, she told me that Claire had told her about their evening with Lesley and Ken.  Claire said they had only ever gone to kissing and cuddling parties where they previously had lived. Lesley explained about having fun swinging. Pete, Claire's husband, had sex with Lesley but it was the wrong time of the month for Claire so she and Ken sat it out.
      Pete, Claire's husband, said he had enjoyed his first experience of swinging last week. He wanted Claire to catch up with him.
      On Friday evening we all met at Ken and Lesley's house. After introductions of Claire and Pete to me, Lesley began by saying that Claire wanted to try swinging.  Lesley said there were options.  The girls could swap with all the guys.
      Each of the guys got their SO warmed up and we began changing partners. Amy said that she would like to finish with Ken in a separate room.  Claire said that she liked that idea, Claire and I finished up together in a bedroom. When she took off her blouse I saw she had a patch on her arm. "Is that up to date?" I asked her and she said, "definitely." My next question was, "So are we protected or unprotected?" and she said, "I like the feel of warm flesh inside me."
      Claire has a beautiful body but very small boobs.   We soon started having sex and she started to chuckle and said, "If you cum on my tittles, perhaps it will help them grow." We continued for a while and as she had an orgasm she cried, "Please finish inside me!"
      On our way home Amy and I discussed our experiences and we both agreed that Claire was a super person.
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