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Found 19 results

  1. Lots of the guys here like to talk about how much they like watching their wife get fucked by another man, either in a threesome or swapping, but they like to see it. These guys give two reasons; they like to see their wife enjoying herself, and they like to watch the action themselves...it gets them hot knowing some other guy is doing his wife. Most of the other time it's the other way around for me. Sure, I like it that my wife is having a good time, we wouldn't do this otherwise, and it is hot watching her in action. For me though, it is way way hotter looking down and thinking, whoa, that's another man's wife that I AM fucking. When I blow my load in her that is what is in my mind, it's another man's wife taking it. I don't say anything to a wife, but seeing her wedding ring while fucking her gets me hot. The one where I really lost it though was when this couple we swapped with had just got engaged, and she only had an engagement ring. While we were screwing I saw the ring and stated thinking how I was fucking his girl he promised to marry, and although I usually have good control, I blew my load right then, way too early. Any other guys like this??
  2. Guys, What's your favorite thing/things about having same sex fun? Are there things you enjoy more with a man than a woman? For me, oral has always been something I enjoy more with a man. Giving and receiving. Also, from a simplicity stand point, I can sometimes share a few emails with a guy, meet up, chat for minimal time and if things click, we can usually be naked within minutes. And after we're done, the conversation is usually... "Hey that was fun, hit me up again this week when you're horny and have time"
  3. ok first off...WOW this forum and especially this sub-forum have opened so much up to me, I don't feel like such a head case or outcast, it is really great to know that there are others like us out there. So thank you all for your knowledge and judgment free attitudes. So here's the deal...and sorry in advance for the long-winded post. I absolutely LOVE cum, well actually both the GF and I do. The taste and feel of it, the way it looks when it's on a beautiful woman's skin, the way it looks on my GF's lips and tongue. The fantasy started about W years ago when we first started dating. I had been thinking that the idea was hot for a while and one night during sex I stopped right before orgasm and just came a little giving her just a little on her lips and tongue to 'play with' then we continued making love as we fantasized that it was someone else's cum that we were sharing. We both felt as though it was one of the hottest things that either of us had ever done and it became a semi-regular role play thing for us. I actually got really good at having more than one orgasm so we could kiss and play with cum, all the while pretending it was from another guy. We even bought an ejaculating dildo and experimented with homemade recipes...haha So that was fun and hot and we learned what we wanted. We decided together that the next step was to play with cum from another guy. We found a guy who wasn't freaked out by the idea and we had our fun...it was the most sensual thing I have ever done up until that point, and to this day, almost a year later, I still regularly get myself off thinking of that encounter. We managed to pull it off again a few months later with the same guy but this time she actually spat it into my mouth and I proceeded to clean all of it from her lips and face with my tongue while we made very passionate and sweet love...god it was so incredibly sexy that I get hard every time I think about it. So how common is this? I know guys like to taste their own but do 'straight' guys ever want to try this? Let me first say that I am 99.9% certain that I am 100% straight haha. I am not attracted to men at all, don't want to find guys on my own, have no desire for anything considered traditionally gay, am not turned on at all by gay or bi porn, etc. I love the term used on another thread in this forum "situationally heteroflexible" and feel that it most describes me. For instance, seeing a cock in my GF's mouth is so sexy it drives me crazy. I want to help guide it in, and I want to put mine in with his (and we have ). The thought of double vag and his hard cock rubbing against mine inside of my GF drives both of us crazy. But that's pretty much where it ends. I have zero desire to be with a guy by myself, in fact oral, penetration, pretty much anything touching other than our cocks and specifically inside her, is a turn-off for me. I know I'm a huge perv, and I love it. I don't like labels and don't give a shit what people think about our sex life but just curious how others feel about this. Is it hot or is it weird? And please use this thread share your cum sharing thoughts, fantasies and stories with me! and I loved this quote from another thread:
  4. i may be considered a snob but I like to see and lick a pussy that doesn't have too much hanging labia (gets in the way). I like a bigger clit, one you can suck on, mmmmm. I had an experience with another lady once that when she was aroused, her clit swelled to the point it looked like a very small cock, we rubbed pussies together and I could actually feel some penetration, it was very nice to suck. Cocks, I need them circumsized, sorry. size doesn't matter but once in awhile I love to run into a huge one. Don't get me wrong, I have had different shapes and sizes, cut and uncut, I am just saying what my preference is. Cleanliness, there have been a few people who haven't been clean and it was not nice and I left them standing. What about you all?
  5. Who likes this? I get off on having sex with total strangers. I don't need to know any names or have any relation to them at all. My ideal attitude is: If you want sex, find me a place to get down and let's fuck.
  6. Hello, Planning our first full swap, my husband and me are discussing a lot about it. He told me that he has no problems with jealousy when I have sex with another man. What makes me wonder a bit though is that he said it really arouses him to picture me with another man. It is ok for me that he has sex with another woman, but I am not aroused by this... Looking forward to your opinions! Karen
  7. Which one makes you hot for someone most often? A HOT BODY AND FACE A KILLER PERSONALITY SOMETHING ELSE. WHAT? Which one of these draws you to another person sexually?
  8. You know, a lot of men would love to see their wife with another lady. And, I know some wives feel the same way about their husband with another man. So, would you wives like to see your husband with a guy? And, guys, would you like for your wife to be there when you're with a guy?
  9. Hey all, first time posting. My husband and I are filmmakers in our vanilla lives. We found that we really love filming folks having sex. Is this an official kink? We play some with others but I think we are more into the exhibitionist/voyeur side. There is something amazing about using a good camera and lights to make people look even hotter than they do in reality. Anyone else into this? If you're curious - lsvideography.com and yes, that is me getting fucked really well
  10. I have been fortunate to have a few FFM playtimes. What more can a guy ask for having two women enjoying themselves, then both pleasing me and ultimately me finishing in a friend. For those who have been as lucky as me what was the hottest part?
  11. I always enjoy seeing other men’s cumming running down inside of her thighs or out her ass. I never was into cleanup even though I have done it, but I sure like the feeling of other men’s cum in her as I pushed in. My wife Debbie had a thick bush I love seeing it covered in cum. I know that all women don’t like it on their skin, butt it such a turn on.
  12. Where do like to cum (or be came on) while at a club or with another couple?
  13. One of my biggest fantasies and turn-ons is to masturbate in front some single guys. We will invite guys to join us in a room and I get naked for them and get into my personal space while they watch. I have the most amazing orgasms just by having them watch me. Ultimately, they will start to pull out their cocks and things move forward from there but just wondering if there are other ladies out there that are completely into being watched.
  14. My guess is that this has been covered, and if it is redundant, let me know: why do I have a fantasy to watch my fantastic spouse have sex with another man? I understand that a lot of us hubbies want to be observers and participants, but aren't we supposed to be jealous and exclusive? I, for one, want to have my spouse be satisfied to the utmost, and that is the key. But wondering about others. Thanks.
  15. I thought we had a thread hanging around about things you don't like to hear during sex but I couldn't find it. Anyway, I figured I'd go the other route and start one that asks what we like to hear when we have sex or when we're out swinging. One of my favorite ones is when a partner is just entering me and he groans. And sometimes he'll say, "Argh, you feel so tight!"
  16. Okay, we all have one. What is it that sexually charges you up of the opposite sex? Let's assume that you are all clothed and meeting someone for the first time. Where do your eyes discreetly gravitate? For us, we are both fans of the fannies. I love a nice butt on a man, second choice would be the eyes. I could care less about anything else. (Except the given of course, cleanliness and personality.) My hubby loves a nice rounded fanny on the ladies. Nothing flat and thin for him. He says he has no second choice. Please vote in the poll and share with us the reasons for your vote. The pole is open for multiple voting, but please only vote for one choice if you are a single or one each if you are a couple. I think it will be interesting to see the results. Lori ~ Fanny fan of men in Dockers that just scream TAKE ME I'M YOURS!!!!
  17. Ladies, the first time you watched your man suck another man's cock did it shock you that your man would do that or did it turn you on watching him suck cock?
  18. Hi there everyone, We've just joined swingersboard which is both interesting and informative. Here is a little bit about us by way of an introduction together with a question for your kind consideration and comments. We look forward to hearing from you.xxx My wife and I are very happily married (15 yrs, mid/late 40's, male-straight, female bi-curious) and are now very secure with each other having both been a little jealous/insecure - we were both extemely jealous and over the top on occasions. We are now both very secure. Quite a significant change of mindset for us both. We have a lot of really great sex with each other. We have never tried a threesome -just talked about it. We have both been faithful during all our years together. We both want to have threesomes - she with another woman and me, and me with another man and her, but we would both go with any threesome mix with the right person. We would also probably do a swing swap in the same room so we could watch each other having sex with another person which we both find a turn on, but this is the least exciting scenario to us but still of interest. One question WHY? Interestingly enough the larger part of our interest is not about our individual personal desire to have sex with a different partner,(which I would have thought would have been the case, although this obviously has great appeal), but more about an erotica and powerful sexual arousal brought about by, in my case watching my wife having sex with another man and me fully taking part sexing her as part of the threesome. I want her to really get into the excitement and enjoy the incredible intensity and satisfaction of being looked after by two competent men. I want the sex acts to be as exciting as possible with particular attention to oral sex performed on her and the vista of her being penetrated in turn by both her sex partners. My wife has the same reciprocal interest in a threesome with me and another girl, obviously she wants to watch me penetrate another woman. We have both discussed this in great depth and now agree that our new thinking is that we can find other people sexually attractive but we seem to want each other's approval otherwise our interest in the 3rd party disappears. Before we embark on such a relatively radical activity we should like to understand the psychology of these desires so we can be sure our marriage is improved and not harmed by our own hand! Look forward to hearing from you.xxx
  19. Another thread has asked if women have a fantasy of seeing their man have sex with another man. This has generated a lot of passion, but not a lot of empirical evidence. So.... Women ONLY, please fill out the accompanying poll....
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