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Found 9 results

  1. i may be considered a snob but I like to see and lick a pussy that doesn't have too much hanging labia (gets in the way). I like a bigger clit, one you can suck on, mmmmm. I had an experience with another lady once that when she was aroused, her clit swelled to the point it looked like a very small cock, we rubbed pussies together and I could actually feel some penetration, it was very nice to suck. Cocks, I need them circumsized, sorry. size doesn't matter but once in awhile I love to run into a huge one. Don't get me wrong, I have had different shapes and sizes, cut and uncut, I am just saying what my preference is. Cleanliness, there have been a few people who haven't been clean and it was not nice and I left them standing. What about you all?
  2. This post in another thread... ...got me thinking - Girls, what is the most unusual or interesting thing you have had in your vagina? Me - A little bottle half-filled with liquid I used to rock back and forth with when I was in my midteens. I know, not all that interesting, but it kept me happy. Clair (our gf) - A banana she and a former lover used for foreplay, then ate.
  3. So this post in addition to a friend's recent comment got me wondering about camel toe and the male population's apparent attraction to it. What is it about camel toe you find sexy? or not? Personally, I don't like it. It makes my puss look all puffy and that's not what it looks like up close and personal. Please vote and share your comments, I am truly interested to know!
  4. Hi, I am the female half of the 81lizard and enjoy the posts. Today I have question for those who may know about female odor. I am in my mid forties and my vaginal odor has changed over the years. Yes this is a yucky subject. Sorry boys. Before my fourth decade my down below tasted and smelled sweet. Now, not so much. Over the years my scent and taste has changed. My husband and partners say they love it. But I don't really care so much for it. I am stronger smelling than I used to be. Have the older couples noticed this change in the woman's body odor or is it just me? I do not have a yeast infection or a std. Just wanted to know if you have noticed a change and what you do about it. I still have periods and have had children. Has anyone tried any good home remedies? Do you have a good story with a happy ending that smells good? At first I thought the change was a std or yeast infection. I went to my gyno to talk about it. Testing was the first order and everything comes back negative! I am in the medical profession and have had all tests just to make sure. Any advice would be appreciated.
  5. We had some questions we would like to ask, and we appreciated those who could share their history. What do you feel the first time you see another man enter you or your partner enter another woman and vice versa? How did you start swinging? Did you play with friends or strangers? Did you use condoms or not? Did you let the other guy cum inside (assuming you were taking the pill or similar and that you trust the other couple)? Did you notice any physical difference? My answer is the following. English is not my first language, so sorry for any mistakes. Even now, we feel we are "almost" new in this new world, and that was 100% true until a few years ago (2019). We had talked about the LS for many years until we finally made a web profile in a local S community. After some time talking online, we finally met with some couples in restaurants. We had a really nice match with the fourth couple we met. They are really handsome and funny and were also new in the S community; they were about 10 years older than us (we were at the end of our 20s). They shared the same fantasies and worries as us that consist basically in having a good match, trusting new people, and safe sex. After that, we started talking more often. Unfortunately, we all have somewhat chaotic schedules, so it was a couple of months later when we met again for a more intimate meeting. First, we meet in a hotel, one month later at our place, just for soft swaps. The four of us had greats moments but also were really nervous, so we took things slow. After that, we progressively shared more fantasies, intimate pictures online and gained more confidence. We were becoming friends really quickly, but something that made us trust in them completely was that they had just had a child a few months before meeting us, and she was breastfeeding. Of course, she didn't want anything to happen to her son and for them as well as us (and surely for anyone on this page); the most important thing was the safety of their bodies and that of their children… Even so, maybe the next thing sounds a bit innocent or irresponsible, and years ago is something we never thought we'd do… We decided to play at 100% with them, and to do it without condoms. Obviously, it was because the feeling is more intimate that way and simply because we trust them completely. Also, both girls were on the pill; both couples checked themselves before playing, and we were sure we were just playing with each other. The next time we met was at their place. It would be the second man for me, and practically the second woman for my husband, so we were really nervous, but super excited (In their case, they have a much longer history than us, not in the LS but with previous partners). We arrived at their place trembling a little despite all the trust we had built with them, knowing that this time we would do it, made everything quite intense. They have prepared a nice environment with candles and low light. Everyone started with their own couple. When it comes to being naked and touching each other, our previous encounters already made us all feel completely comfortable so everything went smoothly. Eventually, the girls started playing a little bit with each other in a classical 69, while our own husbands penetrated us. I'm really shy, so I didn't dare to go all the way to licking her. For me it was more about seeing at close how they were having sex and some small liking here and there (especially right in the union, but closer to the guy). I was nervous but I loved every second of it (And really impressive also). She was much more comfortable with me and my husband and I could feel how she was really into licking me and even taking my husband out of me to suck him or licking me. In our first meetings, we (the girls) "almost" didn't do anything bi, and it was a whole new experience for me and something I always had wanted to do. Eventually, someone asked if we were ready, and we said yes. Then both girls lay on our backs and waited for each of our husbands to enter us (mine in her and her husband in me). My husband and I had many plants about that moment. The most important was to look at each other bodies at the moment of the first insertion, but there were so many new sensations that it was difficult to keep track of everything that was going on. I had my legs spread, and our friend was waiting with his big tool really close to my entrance when my husband started to enter our lady friend. She was on her back next to me. Before my husband entered, he looked at her in the eyes, like asking her if it was ok to enter, to which she nodded and looked at the perfect penis pointing right at her wet entrance. Then my husband looked at me in the eyes with the face of a kid in a candy store, and then he moved close to her. My husband was really excited when he entered her slowly, and a delicious moan of pleasure escaped from her when he fully entered. I felt great for him (for all of us) for having that crazy experience. My husband mentioned how the internal fold and the texture inside her feel a little bit different than mine, also delicious but in a different way, but not something too notable. In addition, the lubrication was slightly different than me but just a little bit (he had been inside me just seconds before so the fluids of both girls were a little bit mixed). Because of my position, I just could see the borderline of their connection while my husband entered her. I would have liked to look closer, but when I was trying to pay more attention to them, another penis got in contact with my vagina. I felt a big electric shock in all my body that made me totally forget about what my husband was doing. I looked at my new lover. He started rubbing his penis at my entrance, making my whole-body tremble... then he began to enter me slowly. My body was extremely ready despite my mind being a little nervous. I did not offer him the slightest resistance… It was incredible how my body could make me feel the same sensation that only my husband had made me feel, but in that case, it was a new man inside me. The physical sensation was practically the same (He is a little longer than my husband when he is totally hard, but unfortunately, he was not completely hard, maybe 95%, but it was understandable due to the nerves of the moments) still he filled me all, crashing against the deepest part of me. it was delightful... What was totally new and different was the whole experience. I was having sex with someone new right in from of my husband! And far from jealous, what we felt was exciting about the experience. Also, the intimacy of the act I was doing with our friend (and my husband with our girlfriend) was super profound and a fantastic experience, difficult to describe. My husband told me how he managed to see a little as the other guy entered, but the girl connected to him was taking a huge part of his attention. What he liked the most was my surprised face during the whole process. Our only rule was that the boys should finish outside. Their rule was that we couldn't kiss them on the lips. Ones of the thing I liked the most during the sex act was how my new lover, at a moment of great passion, suddenly brought his mouth close to mine (their kissing rule was more of a suggestion than a rule since she had also kissed my husband but only slightly, but my new lover's kiss was very deep and sinful, it was only for a couple of seconds but I loved it). We played for a while. It was fantastic how from time to time my husband kissed the girl's breasts or touched my breasts and kissed me (while staying connected to the girl). My husband loved the moans that the girl and I were doing and the face of pleasure that we had while new men were inside of us. After some time, my new lover was already completely hard. Even then, the physical feeling was practically the same delicious sensation I felt with my husband (not counting all the mental sensations that it was totally new). It was really interesting, but maybe it was due to the fact that the difference between the boys was not too notable (for the girls who have been with more boys, do you feel some difference if your new partners have a noticeable size difference? I know size doesn't matter, and its more about technique and how you interact with you partner, but what about when there is a really big difference, like a super big or super small guy… do you feel like the guy is breaking you apart or that the guy stays a little bit loose inside of you?) Unfortunately, after a little bit too short time later and like adolescents with their first girlfriends, both boys came outside of the girls due to nerves. First, my husband and that got my new lover too excited and make him cum almost immediately after. Now we fantasize a lot about that moment and we wish the men would have finished inside of the girls and then do it again just after the guys have cum inside (have any of you done that?), but at the time, we were too insecure with the pill (even if by that time we had years taking the pill and my husband always cum inside of me, but this was a new guy, so my husband and I were a little bit nervous about it). Also, we would have felt very embarrassed to tell them that we wanted to do that at that time. After the guys finished, we took a bath, and then we started playing again (each with each own partner) until eventually, their one-year-old baby started to cry in the other room, and we ended up the night. The experience was wonderful, and it left us wanting much more. We feel that to make it a completely perfect experience, we needed to have had even more confidence and be more open with them, especially more communication at the moment of play. We would have liked not to feel those little nerves when we played. However, we didn't have any other opportunity to see them because the world stopped in 2020. We talked for some time, but eventually, things cold down when we moved. After that, my husband and I have had many fantasies that we hope to do in the future. We know that parties or large groups are not our things and it's more about finding really close friends to play with... we'll see what the future holds😊
  6. I've been told by several men that I have a tight pussy. The first time I heard that I was quite surprised as I have had 2 children and thought I was probably otherwise. The first saying this was quite large in girth....7 x 6 1/2". I'd never been with a man that thick and the first time I saw him, I blurted out, "It's a damn tree trunk!" He was flattered.....but I was concerned it would fit.....thankfully it did. So I thought him saying I was tight was simply because of the size difference between us. He had been a swinger in the 70s and said there was only one woman he remembered and it was because she was tight, and I was the same. But others have been average and said the same. My Love is not average...at least I don't think so.... 7 1/2 by 5 1/2 ...and he is perfect for me. He also says my pussy is tight. Anyway, I would like men's opinions on our 'opening', and like the questions regarding a man's equipment, does a woman's size matter? My guy was with one lady who was just so loose/large that nothing happened and he had to stop...no friction...which surprised him as she was quite petite. As an aside...For fun I took a photo of my guy's erect penis. One day my SIL was looking at photos from a European trip I'd just taken. Sitting beside her I saw that the next image was going to be of that perfect dick...she looked so surprised when I grabbed the iPad from her so quickly...TMI for my SIL!!!!
  7. I have been wanting to ask this for awhile. Guys are obsessed with their size. Too big or too small. Guys like to brag how many inches or question if they are smaller. I wonder if I worry too much about my size. I have never had a guy complain I am too big there. I don’t think a guy having sex will really ever complain lol. I look in the mirror and I see myself. Small breasts. Growing up I used to be envious of my friends developing more than me. My nose is big. My butt is flat. My hips wide. I am thin, maybe too thin. Then there was Down There. I just thought mine was ugly. Was I too big? Too long? Too loose? My clitoris too sticking out? I researched and read vaginas are about 4-5 inches inside. I found a toy my mother had that was 8 inches and after school I would play with it and it would go all the way in. Was my mother big too? I couldn’t ask her. I felt better when I read that like men I could get bigger too. I still obsessed with the visible size. Again no guy ever complained. It wasn’t until I played with other friends that I got to see up close others. I feel mine is looser on the outside and I hate what it looks like.
  8. Has anyone had the experience of air coming out of your vagina It happens when my husband wants to do it doggy style. It is so embarrassing. I don't know why it happens or how to make it stop?
  9. A question for the ladies: I like to think that the vaginal stretching after childbirth would make it easier for dealing with gang bangs. What is your experience?
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