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  1. So we took in a very good friend about six weeks ago following a very ugly split with her ex. We have know both of them for about ten years and started playing together about three years ago. I actually have known her much longer and before we started hanging out as couples. Anyway, things have evolved to a point where we are sharing our bed 4-5 nights per week. We are playing together and separately. For example, in the morning it’s not unusual for me to come out of the shower and find her and my husband snuggling, touching and even fucking. I actually love seeing them together and have no feelings of jealousy. She and I are doing the same and actually took the day off Wednesday and simply spent the day in bed alone while he was at work. It’s not all about sex, but it’s clear that she really loves him and I think he feels the same about her. I know that I care deeply for her and may actually be in love as well. We prepare meals together, hang out in the evenings together, play together and still swing separately, but it is definitely decreasing. Everything feels very natural and relaxed and we are all content - have we found ourselves slipping into a true polyamorous relationship? I never really thought about it and we were talking about it last night. Thoughts? Warnings? This is uncharted territory.
  2. Short back story. Been open all 21 years of my marriage. Had 2 separate successful relationships inside my own with my husband. We were a trio each time did a lot of MFM. I also played separately. Tons of communication it was a wonderful almost flawless time. Fast forward to 2020, my husband said he was going to try and hit up my bestie for photos and maybe video and see if she was open to that. I agreed, and it was fine until it wasn’t fine anymore. She never once told me about anything she sent or that he even talked to her or asked for anything. I even opened it up talking about my experiences to see if she would talk about it. 6 months pass, of me being totally distant before she reaches out to apologize. I’m angry, no longer am best friends with someone I had a 17 year friendship with and I’m angry with my husband, totally disconnected. Any advice is welcome.
  3. A few years ago, the company I worked for gave me a temporary assignment to England. Since the job was to last several years, my wife, Jackie, and our two small children came with me. We found a large rental house in the outskirts of London and settled in. Shortly after we arrived, we went to an employment agency to hire a person to help with the housework. We interviewed a Polish girl named Krystyna, who recently came to England to find a job. She presented herself very well and could speak enough English to easily communicate. Krystyna was a well-built blond who told us she could keep house and cook. We took her home with us and gave her the spare bedroom. She seemed so appreciative to be in our household. Later she told us she came from a poor but large family where the entire family lived crowded together in a small house. She had a child about two years old, born out of wedlock, which caused her conservative family to nearly shun her for some time. Her mother was keeping the child while she was working in England. Krystyna said she hoped to send most of her salary home to her mother, which I found commendable. Still, she questioned whether I could do the same after being treated as she was by her family simply for being a young woman with an evidently healthy sex drive for someone her age. As the weeks went by, Krystyna became one of the family. We all got along well together. After the children were in bed, we three would often sit on the couch in front of the fireplace. Usually, Krystyna would prepare for bed and come downstairs dressed in a long thick flannel nightgown to sit with us. Sometimes, Jackie and I were in our night clothing too. Krystyna often talked about her dreary life in Poland, how she chafed and rebelled against the conservative culture, and how she liked England. Krystyna asked many questions about life in America. She hoped she could go to America someday. When ready to say goodnight and leave for the bedrooms, she would hug Jackie and me. Krystyna seemed to be a very loving person. Sometimes, we would have a glass of wine before going up to bed. Krystyna's lips occasionally brushed mine in a light kiss on those nights. As the winter went by, we would have not just one but several glasses of wine on weekend nights. On those special nights, our goodnight kiss was sometimes more than a light kiss, causing me to get an erection. After a kiss like that, I noticed Krystyna's breath became a little more irregular. After Krystyna left the room, Jackie would tease me about getting an erection. Then I would take Jackie upstairs for an evening of sex. As time went by, Krystyna became less modest around us. She would be in her room undressed, walk through our living room where we were sitting, sometimes wearing only a bra and panties. Krystyna had mentioned that she and her baby slept in one bed with her sister while other family members were sleeping in the same room. She had very little privacy. We guessed she was used to nudity around other family members and now considered us family. About once a week, when the children were in bed and asleep, I would take Jackie and Krystyna down to the local pub for a short time. The pub was less than a five-minute walk from our house, and we would have a couple of drinks before walking home. The drinks would loosen Krystyna up, and she became the life of the party. By the time we got home, she wanted to hug and kiss and tell us how happy she was. Her kisses with me were rather sexy, causing me to get an erection. I don't know if Krystyna ever knew I was getting an erection, but Jackie certainly did and would tease me later. Since Krystyna had sent most of her salary to her mother, she had not purchased any new clothing. Jackie and I decided to buy some for her. Krystyna protested but finally relented and let Jackie take her shopping. I was already home from work when they came home. Krystyna was highly excited about her new clothing and wanted to model them for us. Without any embarrassment, she started undressing in front of us. One new item was a bra. In her excitement, she removed her old bra, leaving her just her panties. She quickly put on the new bra and admired herself in the mirror. Jackie looked at me with a grin. I knew what she was thinking. She would probably tease me and ask if that glimpse of Krystyna's full heavy breasts gave me an erection. Then Krystyna put on the blouse and skirt. After that, she removed the blouse and skirt to model a dress. Jackie and I told Krystyna that she looked lovely in her new clothes. Then Krystyna removed the dress and tried on the new jeans. She was wearing the jeans and her bra when she came over to Jackie to hug and kiss her cheek. When she came to hug me, she gave me a short open mouth kiss with tongues touching. She thanked us for the clothing and took them to her room. I knew Jackie would start teasing me again. That night Jackie and I were up in our room in bed preparing to have sex. She started teasing me about getting an erection when I was around Krystyna. Jackie took hold of my cock, put the head in her mouth, then backed off. She asked me if my hard erection was caused by seeing Krystyna nearly nude today and the kiss she gave me? I teased her back by saying it did help. She asked if I had ever thought of having sex with Krystyna? I avoided giving a direct answer and said I didn't think my wife would approve. Jackie laughed that Krystyna was obviously a very sexual young woman and would probably be a lot happier if she could have sex in her life. I wasn't sure what she meant by that. Would my wife let me have sex with Krystyna, or was she just teasing me? Undoubtedly, Krystyna has a beautiful body and is a bundle of joy to be around. It was very tempting for me to seduce her. One day I was at home in my study doing some paperwork. The children were in school, and Jackie decided to go shopping, leaving me alone with Krystyna. Krystyna brought a cup of tea to me. She sat facing me as we talked, wearing a simple thin dress she often wore around the house while working. I could see the dress hugging the curve of her womanly hips and her shapely legs all the way to the thin panties covering her crotch. I thought of those good kisses we sometimes shared. I could feel a stirring in my pants. I said to myself, this can't happen. I decided to get up and go into the other room. I knocked over some of my papers on the floor as I got up. We both bent over to gather them up. Our hands touched, and then my body rubbed against hers. The first thing I knew, I was kissing her. She was responding with our tongues meshed in a long kiss. I felt her breasts, then moved my hand up under her dress to feel between her legs. Our kisses became even sexier. Her breathing became uneven and labored. We laid down on the floor in each other's arms as we continued to kiss while I was feeling between her legs. Together, we removed her panties. I noticed the crotch of her panties was dark and damp, and I wondered how long her vagina had been in a state of high arousal. I said to wait a minute. I didn't want to get Krystyna pregnant. I got up to remove my clothing and put on a condom. I laid back down on the floor with her, then rolled over on top as she spread her legs and pulled them up, exposing her sex to me. Her vagina was swollen with desire, with her labia already pooched open. She reached down to aim my very hard erection. She was so wet that I had no trouble plunging all the way in with the dry condom. She was multi-orgasmic and had three or four orgasms before I finished. When we sat up, she said she really had been missing sex in her life, and I could believe that because she seemed to enjoy it so much. A couple of nights later, we three were sitting on the couch in front of the fireplace. We all had changed into our bedtime clothes. Jackie suggested we have a glass of wine before going to bed. I was sitting between the girls as usual. After my wine glass was empty, I put my left arm around Jackie and the other around Krystyna. I let my hands drop down on both sides to feel a breast. There were no objections from either girl. I turned to Jackie to give her a short sexy kiss, then I turned to Krystyna to kiss her too. Both girls seemed to snuggle closer to me. I repeated the kissing again. Now I was getting an erection that was beginning to push up my pajamas. I didn't know if anyone could see it because the light had been dimmed. The fireplace was burning brightly, and I assumed my bulge could be seen if they looked. I took my arm from around Jackie and placed it on her leg to slowly pull up the hem of her short nighty. Out of the corner of my eye, I thought I could see Krystyna watching. Jackie then whispered in my ear that she thought Krystyna would like to have some sexual excitement, too. She said for me to go ahead and feel her out. I then pulled Krystyna to me for a very sexy kiss. I still had my right arm around her, then used my left hand to pull the hem of her nightgown up so I could feel her crotch. Shockingly to me, since Jackie was sitting right there, Krystyna didn't hesitate. She pulled up the long heavy nightgown so it bunched around her full hips and wantonly spread her legs wide to give me full access. Krystyna was not wearing panties. I immediately noticed that compared to the first time when she was quite hairy, her pubes had been shaved completely bare. Jackie was feeling my erection while I was feeling between Krystyna's legs. Jackie managed to reach in my pajamas to get my hard-on out in the open air. Under these circumstances, it was excruciatingly hard and ready for action. I continued to kiss Krystyna as my finger worked between her thick labia and then up to her sizeable clitoris. I found her clit fascinating. Jackie's clit, while exquisitely sensitive, was small. By the quiet gasp Krystyna made each time my finger brushed her large clit, I could tell it too was exquisitely sensitive. I had the feeling Krystyna's control hung by a thread. Inside was a very sensual and sexy young woman whose desires had been denied far too often of late. Jackie slowly moved her hand up and down on my erection, then she positioned herself to take it in her mouth. After a short time, she got up and suggested we all go to the bedroom. Krystyna beamed with joy at this suggestion. Once in the bedroom, we had a very sexy party. I had sex first with Krystyna. Of course, I used a condom with her. She went wild and try as I could, there was no containing it, and it wasn't long before I filled the condom with my spunk. The three of us then had another glass of wine, giving me time for another erection. Krystyna took my cock in her mouth to rejuvenate me. She was doing wonders on it and didn't take long to be ready for sex with Jackie. After Jackie and I finished, we all had kisses for each other. Krystyna wanted to know if she could stay in bed with us for the rest of the night and be hugged while she slept? She didn't want to sleep in her lonely bed. Evidently, it wasn't just her physical sexual needs that needed to be sated. She wanted love and attention, too. The following day when we all got up, Krystyna thanked us for letting her sleep with us. I rushed through breakfast because I had to leave for work. All day long, I kept thinking about the previous night. Is this going to change our relationship with Krystyna, I wondered? I thought between Jackie and myself, everything would be alright since Jackie had encouraged me to have sex with Krystyna. But now, how is Krystyna going to feel? Hopefully, everything will remain the same, and maybe we can continue with a threesome now and then. I decided to call Jackie to get her thoughts. She told me that she had talked to Krystyna about the situation. Krystyna didn't want to make any trouble for us. She was happy about what happened last night, but if we wanted it to be a one-time thing, she would honor our wishes. Jackie told Krystyna that she was alright with what happened and thrilled with it. She had no problem with the relationship between the three of us remaining sexual. She thought it was a very good turn-on for all of us, and we could talk more about it when I came home. I gave both Jackie and Krystyna a light kiss when I came home. Krystyna was preparing dinner when I arrived. This gave me a chance to talk with Jackie in private. We both agreed we enjoyed last night's activities. Jackie's discussion with Krystyna during the day led her to believe our relationship with Krystyna as housemaid would continue without change. When all were willing, there could be a sexual aspect during off-hours. Krystyna had such a loving personality; we thought she was starved for love and attention. We loved her too and were willing to give her the love and attention she needed. I suggested that if she was willing, Krystyna should go on the pill so we could skip the condoms from now on. Jackie agreed. That night when the children were in bed, the three of us were sitting in front of the fireplace. We had a glass of wine and started talking. Jackie suggested she could take Krystyna to a doctor to get a prescription for birth control pills. She could enjoy sex better without the use of a condom. Krystyna agreed. She said she had forgotten how good sex was. She knew our triad wouldn't last forever, though, and she needed to find a man of her own. She asked me if I knew a nice, handsome American for her to date and give her a chance for a one-on-one relationship and maybe even marriage? We couldn't blame her for wanting that. I knew a couple of single guys, but they weren't good enough to date her. They were boozers and womanizers. She was too good a person to be mistreated. Someday, someone would come along that would be worthy of her. In the meantime, while talking, I had been kissing both girls and feeling their breasts. Last night had been fantastic, so why not have a repeat? Jackie was on the pill, and I had a limited supply of condoms, and I would have to buy some more tomorrow to use until Krystyna was on the pill. I took the girls by the hands and led them upstairs to the bedroom. Another night of sex with the two girls was terrific. When it was time to sleep, Krystyna wanted to stay in bed with us. It was a good thing we had a large bed because Krystyna continued to sleep with us every night. Sometimes I would sleep in the middle, and sometimes Jackie would. Krystyna never slept in the middle because Jackie and I always wanted to sleep side by side. Krystyna always hugged the person in the middle as we slept. She needed to feel loved and close to us. A few weeks went by. Krystyna was now on the pill, and everything was rosy. Jackie was pleased to share me with Krystyna. When the three of us were in bed, Jackie seemed to be turned on more than when just the two of us were having sex. The children loved Krystyna, and she often played games with them. I was enjoying sex with both girls. We had sex nearly every night. Krystyna seemed happy but would still sometimes ask if I knew of any guy she might like to date? Usually, I would have sex with one woman until she had an orgasm, then I would switch to the other one for me to finish. For me to cum twice a night every night was a little too much. The girls understood that and wanted me to have an erection as long as possible. We three seemed to get along just fine sexually. We experimented with different positions, but certain ones were more enjoyable than others. Krystyna's favorite position was for her to sit on my erection. This way, she was fully penetrated and had control of the movements. Occasionally, the girls shared girl-to-girl activities. Usually, in my foreplay with Krystyna, I would take my time kissing her mouth and nipples. At the same time, Jackie would stroke Krystyna's large clit with her finger before finally plunging sometimes up to three fingers deep into Krystyna's wetness. Krystyna would arch her back, muttering in her native language as she pushed her vagina up to get Jackie's fingers inside her as deeply she could. Before Krystyna would get on top of me, Jackie usually took my erection in her mouth. Then when Krystyna mounted me, Jackie would lightly massage her back and bottom while Krystyna was going through her orgasms. Jackie's favorite position, which I had known since we were married, was to let me get on top and pull her legs up over my shoulders. During my foreplay with Jackie, Krystyna would finger Jackie's clit while I kissed her mouth and breasts. Also, Krystyna seemed to love taking my erection, slick with her own juices, into her mouth for a short time just before I penetrated Jackie. Evidently, this was the way the girls felt they were both being included in the threesome. Then one day, a new employee named Mark reported for duty. I observed him for a couple of weeks and had lunch with him a few times. He was divorced and seemed very likable. He was well educated and would probably progress in his career. He said he had a comfortable apartment but hadn't made any friends yet. I asked him if he would like to have dinner with us one evening? He accepted. I then told Krystyna and Jackie about him. Jackie took Krystyna shopping to buy a pretty dress for her. That night she modeled it for us. She was beautiful. I didn't like the thought of losing her to another man. We all loved her as she had become solidly entrenched in our family. We loved her so much we were willing to give her up for her own happiness. However, we didn't know if she and the new American would like each other. Maybe she wouldn't leave us, and I could still have sex with her for a long time. I rather liked having two sex-hungry women living with me. Krystyna was wearing the new dress when Mark arrived. She came out of the kitchen to meet him. We asked Krystyna to have a glass of wine with us before dinner. She sat facing Mark and looked her prettiest, and I noticed he kept looking at her. After finishing our drinks, we all sat down for dinner. Krystyna had cooked a delicious meal, and we complimented her on being such a good cook. I was hoping that would make an impression on Mark. While the two girls cleared the table and did the dishes, Mark and I sat and talked. I told him about Krystyna and her unhappiness in her native country. I suggested that if he wanted to take her out but was too shy to ask, I could hint about that with her to see if she was interested. After the children were in bed asleep, I suggested we all walk down to the corner pub for a drink. After we had been there for one drink, I told Mark and Krystyna that Jackie and I should return home to be with the children. We left Mark and Krystyna in the pub, hoping they would get acquainted and hit it off together. An hour later, Mark brought Krystyna back home and left. Jackie and I were already in bed. Krystyna came in to see us and said she was happy to meet Mark, and she liked him a lot and hoped he liked her. Krystyna left to go to her room to change into her nightgown. She came back to us for hugs and kisses and got in bed. We snuggled together in bed as our kisses became sexier. She kept thanking me for bringing Mark home to meet her. She kept giving me sexy kisses, and, of course, she could feel my erection prodding her body. She reached down to hold it. I then rolled her up on top of me to impale herself on it. This seemed so normal since this was her favorite position, and we had been doing this for the past several weeks. She rode me as she moaned. Even Jackie thought she was extra sexy tonight. She was so happy and excited. She had at least three orgasms and maybe more from how she was moaning. I thought, if Mark has sex with her someday, he will thoroughly enjoy it. Mark had a standing invitation to have dinner at our house every Friday night. Krystyna always cooked a delicious dinner on that night. After dinner, they went to a pub or out to a movie. During the week, he would take her out once or twice more. They never stayed out late. When she came home, she was always so happy. She got in bed with us as usual. Then the kisses and hugs would start. Soon, she felt my erection and would roll over on top of me for sexual satisfaction. Jackie joined us by hugging and lightly rubbing Krystyna's back and bottom. I wondered if Mark realized Krystyna was having sex with us. I wasn't about to tell him, and I doubt Krystyna would say anything. After dating for a month, Krystyna started coming home later. She got in bed with us as before but was ready to snuggle and go to sleep. Jackie and I assumed she was now having sex with Mark. That was alright with us. We certainly were not going to begrudge a healthy young woman the sexual satisfaction of having a mate. However, evenings she was not out with Mark, Krystyna would be ready for sex with me when we got in bed. One night when Krystyna came home late and went directly to sleep, I woke up to find myself absent-mindedly feeling her wetness as she soundly slept. When I stroked my finger through her labia, it glided with no friction whatsoever. She was very wet, and it was not just her own lubrication which I was very familiar with by this point. I was almost sure it was Mark's cum. Perhaps feeling arousal from my touch, although still sound asleep, she shifted her hips, and her vagina opened slightly. I felt a trickle come from inside her. Shocking myself, I gathered some onto my finger and stuck it in my mouth. As a horny teen, I had tasted my own cum before just out of curiosity, so I recognized the taste. I found this immensely erotic. Our young lover, lying asleep between us in our bed, with the semen of her lover trickling out of her vagina, and me enjoying the heady mixture of their young male-female lust. I often saw Mark at the office. He told me he was getting rather serious with our pretty Polish maid. He enjoyed her company and admitted sex with her was very good. I told him we thought she was terrific and wanted to see her happy. Was he interested in marriage again? He thought she would be an excellent wife for him, but his last marriage was so unhappy, and the divorce was so upsetting he was afraid. He said Krystyna had told him of her child in Poland. He would have to think about it. That night I told Jackie we may be losing our lovely girl. It would change our lives quite a bit if she left us. We decided to not tell Krystyna what Mark told me. We didn't want to get her hopes up for marriage if Mark would not ask her. Mark began to date her more often. Finally, one day, he told me he wanted her for his wife so he could be with her all the time. Mark wanted to give her the engagement ring at our house on Friday night when he came to dinner. He said I could tell Jackie, but he wanted to surprise Krystyna. Friday evening after dinner, we were in the living room. Mark was holding Krystyna's hand while sitting on the couch with her. He showed her the ring and asked if she would marry him. She was overcome with joy and hugged and kissed him. Then she jumped up to hug and kiss us and said that she loved all of us. She said she wanted to be Mark's wife and make him happy. Then she started crying. That caused Jackie to cry too, and I had a tear or two in my eyes. We loved her very much and were so happy for her. Mark left with Krystyna to celebrate. Krystyna didn't come home that night to get in bed with us. When Krystyna came home the next day, she looked as if she had been awake all night. I'm sure Mark had the sexiest night of his life! At the office, Mark told me they had discussed their wedding. They wanted a church wedding and for me to give the bride away. The wedding would take place a month from now. Now that we knew Krystyna would be leaving us, I realized that I dearly loved her. Of course, I loved my wife, too. If Jackie had never come into my life and I was single, I would ask Krystyna to be my wife. I was going to miss her pretty smile, her loving personality, and just having her around. In addition, I would miss the super sex we had together. Each night after the dinner dishes were done, Krystyna would leave for Mark's apartment to spend the night with him. Jackie and I were happy for her but missed our bed partner and the sex. We had one more opportunity to be close to her before marriage. Mark had to go out of town for a few days on business. She again slept in bed with us as she wanted our love and attention. Each night in bed, we had hugs and kisses as usual. I started to get an erection, but I stopped everything before things went any further. I asked Krystyna if she was ok with this since she was an engaged woman now? I explained that Jackie and I would never cross any line that Krystyna established and that she did not owe us anything. So if there was a new line, then so be it, we understood. Krystyna drew us both close to her and asked us to just listen. She poured her heart out, explaining that she had a powerful sexual desire from a young age. It tormented her. Such subjects were taboo in her family and conservative society, and she felt bewildered and alone. Once she discovered masturbation, she hoped that would bring her relief, but instead, it fanned the flames. Living in her crowded household, the opportunities were just too few to bring her complete satisfaction. Once she was of an age she was allowed to date, she began to get what she needed; the touch of another and the feeling of giving herself with another. She tried to be careful but fulfilling her desires led to an unintended pregnancy, which had nearly cost her everything until she found us. She loved her child dearly and could not wait for them to be reunited and together with Mark, but she knew she could never live a conservative life. The fire just burned too hot inside her. Krystyna solemnly told us she had explained all of this to Mark. She would rather be honest and lose him instead of lying to both herself and him about what she knew to be true of herself. She had told Mark that while she was willing to give monogamy a try, she could not promise it would meet her sexual needs for a lifetime. She also told him of the sexual relationship between herself, Jackie, and me. She said she cried when telling him all of this. All men she had previously known in her country would have immediately dumped her, and she expected the same from Mark. To her surprise, Mark said he understood. Mark told her he loved her so much that he would never try to cage up the one he had fallen in love with, but he hoped he would always be her primary lover. She assured him it would never ever be otherwise. After hearing all of this, the three of us made love. Not our usual sex, but the gentle melding of three kindred spirits who had somehow been drawn together and formed a bond that very few would understand, much less accept.
  4. I’ve been lurking a while and read a ton here the boards. Now I’ve gotten myself into a situation that is not talked about very much on here. I’ve fallen in love with a playmate. I really didn’t mean for it to happen, and from what she tells me she didn’t mean for it to happen either. Let me start by saying I’ve been completely open and 100% honest with my wife, and my playmate Becca tells me that she has been mostly open with her husband. We’ll get to that in a bit. Becca and I met at a club, just a few months ago. From the first I thought she was attractive, I mean let’s face it, we’re here to fuck attractive people, right? My wife, Angie, and I went to the club that night to have some fun. We’re experienced swingers-we don’t play alot, swinging does not rule our lives- but we’ve had our share of fun. The night I met Becca was no different; we hoped to meet some fun people, have some good to great sex, and maybe make some friends we could hang out with on a regular basis. Becca and I both realized pretty quickly that there is a strong physical attraction between the two of us. The sex is effortless and I’ve never fit together with anyone better. After that first night of being together, my wife Angie and Becca’s husband Rob exchanged numbers. Becca asked for my number but I declined, telling her she could just text Angie if she wanted. I don’t normally like to have communication with the women I play with outside of swinging situations. I was not able to get Becca out of my head for the next several days- which is unusual for me. I threw caution to the wind sent her my number via SLS. She texted me a few hours later. Over the next several days we exchanged texts and even spoke on the phone a few times. All with Angie’s knowledge. We all four got together again a few weeks later-and it was even better than the first time. It was that night that I recognized that I had developed emotional feelings for Becca, and I was pretty sure that she had developed similar feelings for me. A few days after we were all together the second time I told my wife about my feelings for Becca. I told her I didn’t know if I was getting our sexual chemistry mixed up with emotion but I thought that could be the case. To my surprise Angie did not freak out. She told me she suspected something was up-given the amount of communication between Becca and I. I took a few weeks to sort out my feelings and spent many more hours talking to both Angie and Becca. I realized that I was probably in love with Becca. And I told them both so. Becca told me she feels the same way. This is not the “oh, I’ve just fucked someone new, I hope they like me best” kind of feeling. We’ve both been with other people since we met and it has not cooled our emotions. This is raw, real and deep. When I told Angie all of this she gave me license to pursue a relationship with Becca and follow it wherever it may lead. I did not ask for this, Angie offered it to me. Angie is secure about our commitment to each other-I am not leaving my wife and Becca and Angie both know that. Becca also has no intention of leaving her husband. Becca has talked with her husband Rob about us and the feelings we’ve developed for each other. What she has not told him is that she thinks loves me, she does not know how he would react to that (here is the mostly open part that I alluded to in the first paragraph). She has told him our feelings are deep but has not gone into how much we care for each other. Rob is completely comfortable with texts and calls throughout the day, but not with Becca and I meeting without him and Angie there-even for lunch or dinner. I completely understand and respect this. I don’t like it, but I respect it. I suspect if the shoe were on the other foot I would feel the same way. I really genuinely like Rob by the way, he treats both Becca and Angie really well-and he and Angie have really great sex together. Angie has told Rob that it’s just sex between the two of them and Rob feels the same way. They have no other feelings for each other past that. Becca and I text every day and talk several times a week; I know about her life and children, and she knows about mine. We have similar interests and lives outside of swinging, we are in similar businesses. We have become emotional rocks for each other. I get emotional needs met from her that I do not get from Angie. Again, I have been upfront with Angie about all this and she is fine with it. So here are my big questions: Do these things really ever work, or are we on the express train to Dramaville? Is it possible to keep something like this going long term? How do we navigate the fact that Rob is not comfortable with Becca and I meeting without him around (again, we will not be going against his wishes on this one) and knowing that he and Angie will want to have more variety in their swinging soon, which will leave less opportunity for Becca and I to be together? Any thoughts from the wise sages on here are welcome. I’m a big boy-if I’ve being naïve about anything please tell me. I can take it.
  5. Can anyone give me advice on what to do in this situation. We started seeing this couple several months ago, and grew very attached. It has turned from being more Swing to Polyamory in the past month, and now the other man wants to have one on one sex with my wife, most likely in a closed door situation, for he will not play with her at all when I am present. When we first met this couple, we told them, my wife was Bi, and only wanted to play with his woman. Everything progressed well at first, and I also had opprotunities to have sex with his wife. I did not, and I repeat, NOT demand anything, and was only offered this by him. We have enjoyed several FMF, as well as a couple FM with me and his wife, while they watched. Nothing happened closed door. Now, this other couple is demanding that My Wife have a sexual relationship with him. I have been told (by his wife) that the fun will stop, and she will not have sex with us again if my wife does not put out. I am open to the idea of my wife having sex with another man, so long as it is what she wants, in a safe situation, with someone we know well. I am not Jealous of any pleasure she may get, so long as it is open door, and everyone is involved. Their attitude is for me to dominate her, and make her have sex with him, or any sex from this point on will stop. We have grown very attached to this couple, and they are super fun to be with. My wife has no interest in having sex with him. As you can imagine, there are more factors involved, like our age differences, body shapes, sexual experiences, attitudes towards sex, as well as rough vs sensual sex. Things are not as cut and dry as this one point. She is not attracted to him. She constantly is telling me that she does not want to have sex with him. He also does things that make me suspicous of his intentions. He had a closed door encounter at a party this past weekend. I trusted him to follow his own rules, about everyone being involved in any sex. All of us had been drinking alot, and we all were very intoxicated. I did not find out until the next day that he had made my wife have a g sopt orgasm, and made her cum / squirt 4 times, and had eaten her pussy. Damn, I wish I could have been there. I would loved to have watched. I did not know of the g sopt trick. He is definately more experienced, and knows alot more than me. This G Spot trick is just that, a trick, and has beed said to cause women to have emotions for men they are not attracted to. All of this seems underhanded, and selfish. I should have been involved. When I asked her how all of this could have happened, she said that she could not stop him. I never expected him to pull a rabbit out of the hat like this in a closed door situation. The trust I gave him has been somewhat shattered, to the point of having a panic attack, another new trick my body has never had. What to do now?
  6. Hi there, I'll try to keep this brief. Hubby and I opened our 17 year marriage about 4 months ago. We had been swinging on and off for 5 years. We discussed that if either of us met someone and developed feelings that we would be ok with them pursuing that poly relationship. Well, I found him a lovely woman who is a great match for him right at the beginning of opening up. I asked him a couple of weeks ago if he was falling in love with her. He said...with conviction...no. OK then. One week later he totally blindsided me telling me that he told her he loves her. I was VERY unprepared for it. I became very emotional. He said that he was lying to himself and denying the feelings he was having and not trying to deceive me (I 100% believe him). I believe in polyamory and hope to find a poly relationship for myself in the future, but now I'm finding myself super jealous of this relationship and I didn't see it coming (the jealousy). I used to get so excited hearing about the time he spent with her but now it upsets me. When it was "just sex" I was fine. What's wrong with me? Has anyone else navigated this successfully? I'm really hoping this is just a bump in the road.
  7. Hi this is Petra, member of a three-woman, two-guy closed poly family. I am a long-time member of the Swingersboard, so if you want more background, you can look at previous posts. We are all now in our thirties and have found that while it used to be that the two guys could adequately take care of us three women, that is shifting. The guys have slacked off a little, while the women's desire for sex has increased. While it helps that we girls are bisexual and can help each other, we also seem to need (or at least want) more frequent sex with the guys. Penis-in-vagina intercourse is what we girls want, and the three of us women cum relatively easily, so a quick screw is satisfying. Anyone else facing a similar situation? The way we have primarily addressed this is by making one of our guys service two girls, her cumming while he holds back, then taking care of the second. Any thoughts?
  8. We have been playing with a couple for about five years on and off. We see them at our club, at some resorts and at local house parties. Wherever we are, she always seeks out my husband. We have all been together many times and I enjoy her husband very much, but for my husband and I, it’s literally just sex. She is very different with my husband lately than with her other partners. I believe she has fallen for him. When I see them together, she is very passionate and attentive to him in ways that I don’t see when she’s with other men. My husband rolls with it and is always a pleaser. We don’t want to make things uncomfortable or lose their friendship, but we are getting uncomfortable with the notion that she may be interested in a deeper relationship than we have experienced with other partners. Should we just go with it? I’m not sure I can handle sharing him that way and I don’t think he’s interested in that type of relationship either. Thoughts about when the sex leads to something more?
  9. We've seen a couple of posts already from some folks coming out with their "polyness". I'd like to hear from the rest of you who feel that you are are polyamorous. What is your relationship set up? Are you currently in a poly relationship, were you previously, or are you hoping to be?
  10. This is the wife half asking this question. Am I correct in the definition of a poly in the fact that it means you believe you can love more than one person at the same time? If so, I am a little confused on how that can be. I guess I always felt that if you are truly in love your heart and soul is to that one person. How can you love more than one person at once and still feel that it is really love to both or either person? Please don’t take my question as a negative one, I am just very curious and would love to learn about how it works. I have only recently learned or heard about the lifestyle of polyamores, so I am intrigued and curious to learn a bit more on it. Also how then do you feel that you have met your soulmate, or do you believe there is no such thing or even possibly more than one soulmate for you? Thank you for any replies that may help me to understand this better.
  11. A lot of the threads in the Polyamory & Swinging forum focus on the difficulties (or lack of difficulties in some cases) that come with swinging in a poly relationship. So, whether you are poly, understand poly, or are completely new to the concept of poly, would you as a swinger play with people in a poly relationship? Please explain which option you chose and why you answered the way that you did. If you answer no, is it because it is too complicated of a situation? Or do you prefer to keep the number of people involved lower? Or are you afraid that poly swingers are more likely to get emotionally involved (something that is generally frowned upon)? Or something else entirely?
  12. I found this site quite recently. Glad that I did. It makes me happy to know there's others out there who live this kind of life. But as the title says, I have a little concern if anyone is willing to help out. As I write this, my wife and I have been together for a total of ten years. We have two kids. Years ago I gave my wife the OK that she could have sex with another guy as long as she was open and honest about it with me. She's a romantic. She didn't want flings or one night stands but an actual relationship. Enter my wife's friend Pauline and her husband August. They too have two kids of their own. Turns out Pauline and August had tried their hand at swinging but found out it wasn't for them. There was an attraction between August and Angel that Pauline and me noticed and encouraged. We made it clear to them we did not mind and were OK with it. They became a 'faithful couple'. Aside from me and Pauline, they have no other partners. We also didn't have threesomes. Sometimes Angel would spend the night at Pauline and August's and sometimes August would spend the night at our place. Pauline and me also grew close. We have sex with each other but we are not as romantically attached as compared to our respective spouses. They were 'together' for two years when we made the decision to cohabit in one house. We became a household with four parents and four kids. The four kids get along fine and we the adults come off as really good uncles and aunts. And yes they have been taught that Angel and August's relationship is different from the rest. Angel and August though act as much like husband and wife as we do. Months ago Angel and August told us it was time they have a baby. They wanted a fruit of their love and even said they wanted three. Pauline and me were both happy to know they've come to that decision. The former more so than I ever thought possible. Pauline really loved the idea of my wife getting pregnant with her husband's child and joined them in the first of many threesomes to assist in the impregnation. Pauline didn't fuck August but she would suck him hard. But she surprised everyone when she kissed and licked Angel's pussy to get her wet. (Neither she nor my wife have ever hinted at being bi and beyond that, nothing sexual has happened between them.) Pauline would further help by guiding August's cock inside Angel's wet pussy. She would then talk dirty to them and urge August on to cum and knock up Angel. My wife soon started feeling nauseous and vomiting. Pauline and me brought her three home pregnancy tests but it was a doctor's appointment with August that confirmed she was carrying August's baby. I don't know just how to explain the feeling but there's is just something wonderful seeing my wife's belly grow with another man's child. My wife is now 33 weeks pregnant with hers and August's third child. Our kids know who is the father of the unborn. They know they're only half-siblings but they're excited and simply love running their little hands over Angel's growing belly. Now here lies my current conundrum. A friend of ours actually brought it up as a joke and we feel stupid to have not considered this at all. So pardon me for having to ask this and if this comes off as a stupid question. Whose last name do we give the baby and who signs the birth certificate as the father, me or August? I mean I am most willing to give the baby my name and write my name on the certificate. But so is August. I actually think August should be it.
  13. For those who are currently swingers and are not in poly type relationships, do you think you could ever consider doing so? What would keep you from doing considering it? What would allow you to consider it? There is often talk here about "falling in love with a swing partner" and how to avoid it, yet it seems that that is exactly what happens for many of the couples who end up in poly type relationships. In most cases they weren't seeking it and would have done their best to avoid it, but it happened and after talking about it with all parties, instead of closing the door and walking away they chose to see where it went. Do you feel you could do that?
  14. Me and my wife have been dating another girl for quite some time. I want to know if anyone has experienced in their poly relationship that one person was into the third more than their spouse was? Also, could a poly relationship work if one person is not turned on by the third person? My wife really likes the girl but consistently tells me that the third doesn’t turn her on or even get her off in bed. But, when we are all in bed, it seams the opposite. Is this something that could change based on more time spent with each other? Is this a normal start to these types of relationships?
  15. I would like to put something out there. And I am in no way the expert with all the answers. quick bio; married, 41 years, we both are very happy. Some early married life experimentation with poly, 3somes and FWB....but was too complicated...time consuming. Twenty years later....again more experimentation....exploring. Swinging, FWB, multiple playmates, poly foursomes, triad (MFM) 3 almost four years, poly girlfriends (me) and boyfriends (her). Current growing triad (FMF), several poly based friendships (more than FWB). To label us ....ethical poly/swing lifestyle. Trying to keep it simple. years of experience and open discussion and some council to others we have made some observations of the general poly lifestyle. The rush to relationship the rush to label/qualify a relationship The rush to commitment/moving in The lack of self love/acceptance and being happy in/with one’s self The need to have or be in a relationship to define or make one happy. the lack of giving time and energy to nurture and grow a well balanced relationship. taking a growing or long term relationship for granted and not investing the effort to maintain/grow/Refresh the relationship.....withering on the vine. Poly relationships are not based on sex....or definitions....but the relationship of those involved. Like mono relationship a growing experiment between two people now becomes more complex: Mono: #1=self, #2-self, #1+#2, #1 to #2 and #2 to #1 complex enough....the challenge of poly: for three: #1=self, #2=self, #3=self, #1+#2+#3, #1 to #2, #1 to #3, #2 to #1, #2 to #3, #3 to #1, #3 to #2 the above does not take into all variations needed to provide time, emotional support, emotional growth etc needed to establish, grow, nurture a relationship let alone the sharing (all variations and levels) required for a healthy relationship. how then can one determine this relationship based on a single date. A single month? A year of time? Additional concerns....shopping for a mate.....what happened with explore, meet, experience....grow together.....time and self investment. Many people we have met would be better in the swing lifestyle. All are different but many seem to all share the same concerns and relationship issues. My apologies if this is too long.
  16. What was your closest brush to poly in your personal life? Was it just knowing a poly unit? Was it falling in love or being to develop romantic feelings for another couple/person? Perhaps it was someone falling in love with you, while you were already in a committed relationship or they were in a relationship? Did it make you consider exploring being in a poly relationship? Are you still in touch with the person/couple?
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  18. Hi this is Petra, usually the happy face of polyamory and upbeat on poly life, and up to this point everything had been pretty great. Now, however, I am seeking advice and solace from my colleagues on the Swingers Board, and relying on the fact that no one else in my family bothers to visit and read here. I acknowledge that my situation is of my own making and I am dealing with the consequences of my own arrogance. No one wants to hear all the details of someone else's drama, so as short as possible. For those unfamiliar with us, a summary in a couple of sentences: Our poly family consists of my boyfriend Red, who predates my husband and lives a short distance away, and my husband David and our girlfriend Clair with whom we share a home and two children, both hubby's. Red and Clair are not sexually intimate. We swing on occasion exclusively with another married couple Walter and Lora. Lora and David (my husband) were a couple before I met David, or Lora met Walter. I was the one that instigated the initial "re-acquaintance" of Lora and hubby because she is so attractive, I wanted to get to know her, know why they got together then split, see her naked, spend time with her. In due course all four of us (Red, Clair, hubby and I) struck up our full swinging relationship with Lora and Walter before they were married, while they still lived here in Massachusetts. After they moved to California two years ago, we still occasionally got together, sometimes all six of us, but usually just one of us with one of them. From the beginning there seemed to be something between Lora and David that made me feel insecure, and it persisted even after Lora married Walter. In my eyes, she is better than me in every way, and Lora and my husband seem so perfect together. I mean, I've seen my husband fuck a handful or so of other women and even love another woman, our girlfriend Clair, who has his child, so what's the big deal? What's driving me crazy is that a few months ago my husband, David, and Lora went on an "adventure" together, hiking for like three weeks in the Atlas mountains in Morocco. (With Fez and Marrakesh thrown in on the ends. More like a honeymoon than a hike.) On top of that, Lora had told us that Walter and Lora are moving back to Boston from California, but it turns out only Lora moved back, and that she and Walter split. So of course Lora spends a lot of time with us now. I know everyone says "communicate," but I can't talk to hubby about this. He has never denied me anything or doubted me, so how can I say anything, regardless of what his feelings are for Lora? The Morocco trip was no surprise, and if I told him their adventure bothered me he would have called it off, for me, not a single protest. "Anything you want Pet." He says it all the time. He would give up seeing Lora if I asked, but how could I? David never protests when I go off alone with Red (or Clair, if that counts) for an escapade, or that the plan is for my next child to be Red's. I am too proud to admit to Clair or Red or David that I am weak, failing my poly principles. Especially hubby since he has never failed them with me. I owe David too much to deny him anything, especially since I have no doubt that he still loves me. But that bitch is just too perfect for me, and she seems more attractive, getting even better than me, and more perfect as time goes on. Please, anyone, do you have some magic words? I'm going crazy.
  19. Back in November, my husband and I decided to welcome a friend of mine into our relationship (poly) after talking about it for over a year. I was under the impression we had zero issues in our marriage. If I had the slightest feeling that we did, I never would have welcomed her in. Anyway, fast forward to now. He asked me for a divorce because he "only loves me as a friend" and they are together. I'm working through those issues and I'm getting some closure. My question for you guys is, I still like the idea of a poly relationship, but I would like to be the addition into the relationship because I know what it is like to be hurt in these situations now and I know I wouldn't do that. Is this a good idea? (Maybe not right now, but eventually.)
  20. Curious how you find swinger couples more open to poly? What sites? Pages? Etc?? Thank you!
  21. So. Been swinging for a while. Mostly great experiences, a few bad ones, and now this one. Met a couple several months ago and we all jive extremely well. Played many times. Here's the problem. Wife of the other couple and I connect very well. Like old friends/lovers well. My wife loves her too and they also have a connection. We also really like her husband, and have a great relationship with him as well...BUT he is unsure about all of this. Up until this point, they've been more of a hit-it-and-quit-it couple (for about 3 years or so). They recently discussed the situation, and thought they should take a short break to assess all of this. We totally support their need to make sure they're OK with everything going forwards, and see it as essential that all four of us are on the same page going forwards. However, the idea that they might not be OK with being in a relationship with us as a couple and that we wouldn't be able to be friends/lovers is pretty tough for us to handle emotionally. Other than being totally casual in all of our swinging (just not our style), I don't think we can avoid this kind of situation. The question is, while we know the best and only thing we can do is support their need to re-evaluate, and accept whatever decision they come to as a couple, the feelings of uncertainty and worry about their ultimate decision are depressing. Any advice about how to best accept what might ultimately be a break-up without being too devastated about it? We've been together for 17 years, so break-ups aren't exactly in our bag of tricks at this point in our life. Thanks!
  22. Last Thursday I went to a local club. I'd been there before with my husband, but this time I went with, well, I honestly don't know what to call him. Friend-ish person is usually how I refer to him. So, Friend-ish and I go to the club. It's a great night to be there, enough people to make it fun without it being crazy crowded. Very nice. We're hanging out in the hot tub (one of the main reasons we decided to go) and a bunch of people assume we're "together" until I start talking about hubby or he starts talking about his live-in partner or my boyfriend comes up in conversation. Then we get the look. The confused, "I'm not entirely sure what's going on here" look. So we explain we're poly, that we are somewhere in between being friends and being in a relationship, touch briefly on how our relationships work, and say life is great. One of two things seemed to happen. Either people were very much okay with this concept and it made perfect sense OR they were completely confused/not feeling it and felt the need to wander away. Almost immediately. Where I live, poly is VERY common. Open relationships in general are practically considered "normal" (at least in my age bracket, 20s-30s). Because of this, I wasn't expecting much discomfort/confusion when poly came up. HOWEVER, I still felt uncomfortable just bringing it up out of nowhere! Part of me felt like it wasn't pertinent (I mean, really - I wasn't even there to play so why do people need to know?) but another part of me thinks that this is part of who I am and I should LEARN to be comfortable talking about it, regardless of my intent when conversing with people. I guess I just wanted to ramble on about this for a while, and ask a very simple question. Is it pertinent? When you're talking to someone at a swing club (or party or whatever), would you want/need to know if they are with their ONLY partner or just one of a few? If yes, why is that information important? Do other poly folks make it clear when they are meeting potential playmates?
  23. I'm just trying to sort out my feelings and maybe writing them down, and having the good folks on the forums offer their $.02, will help. So, I've got a crush on my friend-with-benefits. I probably should have seen it coming. In fact, I think I did. She's exactly the type of lady I've always crushed on. Smart, strong but with a hint of softness, geeky, long dark hair, great eyes... Yeah, I was doomed from the start. When we first met, I joked about it: "If I was ten years younger, she would have been exactly my type." First she was just a casual acquaintance and sometime babysitter (yes, I'm banging the babysitter, get over it, she's in her 20's). Then we were friends. Now, we're friends with benefits. It's a casual thing... friends and occasional sex... really great sex. OK, I knew I had a bit of a crush on her right from the start. I'm an idiot but I'm not a total idiot. I said as much. I said it to myself, to my wife, to her wife, to her... we all know it. The other day I looked at her picture online. I went looking because I hadn't seen her in a week. (A damn week? Really, I should have known better.) It hit me... that feeling, that swooping, heart skipping a beat, light headed, what-the-hell-I-shouldn't-be-feeling-this feeling. Oh crap. So I said it to her. Those three damn words. She knows. She cares about me too. But she doesn't feel "the way I want her to." (Her words.) The thing is, fucked as I know just how I want her to feel. I don't even know what these feelings mean to me. What we have is good. Friendship and occasional really great sex. I don't really want more than that... except maybe more often (twice a month instead of once) and she and I both want that. I don't want to run away with her. We both have good relationships with our spouses and other partners. I don't want to mess any of that up. I like what we have. In fact, liking what we have is what got me into this emotional confusion in the first place. Maybe it's just a question of definitions. What is love beyond friendship and sex? What does it mean that I have this crazy-making neuro-chemical reaction just to seeing her? Aren't I too old for this shit? Nope, still haven't sorted it out. I'll just have to keep trying. (If you've made it this far, thanks for reading. Welcome to my crazy. )
  24. Hi friendly swingers of the internet! My husband and I are active swingers who go to events, have a good circle of swinger friends, and have been in the LS for a number of years. This is my first time turning to a more anonymous message board because I'm not sure how to talk about this with my swinger friends...at the risk of coming across as high maintenance :/ We were in a pretty intimate poly relationship with another couple for almost two years. Guy and I would spend the night together just the two of us, we all said I love you, got gifts for each other, spent holidays together, go on vacations together, things like that. They were not only great sexual partners, but also became our best friends. Throughout this time, we were all also swinging with other people. A number of issues arose between us, some having to do with jealousy due to outside swinging, but most significantly they moved a few hours away. So the relationship had to change. I still feel invested. But I'm not sure how to make the adjustment from a more intimate, poly relationship to a regular swinger friendship again. Everyone else seems ready to do this, but I guess I'm not. I have plenty of great, fun, light swinger friendships...but it's hard for me to think about having this style of relationship with this particular couple. However, I don't want to be left with nothing! Has anyone on this board dealt with "downgrading" ("reverting"?) a poly relationship back to a light, friendly swinger relationship, one where you can still play, attend parties, have group sex, etc...but not be poly anymore? Or is this just a case of pandora's box...since we went down that path, it's going to be all or nothing? Do I just enjoy the relationship for what it is now? Or do I be the drama queen who calls it quits on something I actually liked, just because it's not the same as what it once was? In the "vanilla" world, when you break up with someone, you don't typically have sex with them again, and again, and again. So what's a swinger (and in this case, poly) girl to do? TL; DR: It's hard for me to swing with my ex-poly bf. Can the "backwards" transition from poly bf/gf to lighthearted swinger friend work?
  25. Hi all, My wife and I have been classifying ourselves as swingers for as long as we have been doing this (3 years now). We have had may amazing experiences and some not so much. One of the biggest issues is that 4 way connection. We found it in a couple that we are quite close to but we still see it as a "swinging" relationship, even though we adore them so much. At one point they entered into a poly relationship with a couple that lives in the same city as them and although kind of sad for our loss we were so happy for them. That relationship ended poorly for them and there was alot of hurt and a little strain on their marriage for a short time. Being involved in a large community I have seen numerous swingers travel the poly road and in many cases I have seen heartache, hurt and even marriages ending. In fact, I have yet to see a successful swinger -> Poly transition work out. Well, recently my wife and I met a couple we connect with like mad. I'm talking crazy connection. Lots of amazing sex, amazing friendships, communication and similar goals and values. I've never seen a man please my wife the way he does and I've never been so comfortable with another woman as I am with her (besides my wife of course). All of this is just so incredible we are talking about labeling it. We talk about the future and we have booked a family vacation with them in March. We are all very excited.....BUT, with the numerous failures I have seen for friends and acquaintances it gives me pause. I fear that it is destined for failure. Worse than than I fear a strain on our marriage as feeling develop. Not for any specific reason other than what I have witnessed. What I am asking is for people to weigh in on their stories. Stories of successes, failures and how to navigate through both keeping our relationship as the priority and without damaging it. Another note to help get you in my head. My wife and I are childhood sweethearts. Been together since we were 14. We had only been with each other up until 3 years ago and certainly have never fallen in love with anyone other than each other. Our marriage is strong, we communicate and still have so much passion for each other. We have gone through issues since swinging but nothing that we have not been able to resolve easily. We are aware of the intense NRE involved here and keep ourselves in check but we are excited to see where this goes. I just don't want to end up being hurt or hurting anyone else involved.
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