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Found 9 results

  1. have just fucked a woman (my wife) on her 70’Th birthday, it was as good a fuck as when I first fucked her (and took her cherry) 51 years ago. She has had lot’s of different cocks fuck her over the last 35 years while we have been swinging and having M F M threesomes and still loves sex. She still gets plenty of offers when she goes on web cam. Anyone here top that?
  2. The thread, I'm here with my mom brought up some interesting questions on age differences. More often than not we think little of an older man with a younger woman, but people seem to find an older woman with a younger man to be more of a taboo for some reason. Why is that? Would you swing with a couple who have a major difference (say 10 years or more) in ages? Would it make a difference if it's an older woman/younger man vs. an older man/younger woman?
  3. No, this isn't a bashing thread about them... Our first experience into the Lifestyle was with a single male. Loved our experience, so much so, we played with him on numerous occasions. That experience was over 7 years ago, and he left the Lifestyle and got married. Now we are having a hard time finding dependable guys. As I (the female) have gotten older, I've noticed that I tend to attract younger guys... ages ranging from 22 to early 30's. But my question is, why do younger guys like older women? I have gotten over the weirded out factor, we have a son that is 19 and he has to tell his friends to quit checking out his mom
  4. What is the biggest age difference full swap that you ever experienced? We are a young swinger couple, I am 25 and hubby is 27. Last week we met a nice old couple in South Beach, the husband is 64 and the wife is 55. They are very fit so looked much younger than their real age. Anyway, it was my first time having sex with a man this old (he is 10 year older than my dad!) and hubby said the same his first time with a lady over 50! We both thought this is pretty unusual so wondering if this happens more often than we thought.
  5. Awhile back, angelkin posted a thread about age and bareback sex. It made me wonder if something similar happens to those who consider polyamory. Just as sometimes life experiences have opened the eyes of some couples (in terms of mortality, the limitations of how much time we have, etc.) when it comes to exploring swinging, I wonder if it might awaken the possibility of having more than one love at the same time. Frightening life experiences don't even have to occur, sometimes when one has spent at least half a century on Earth, their minds can contemplate avenues not previously explored. We see this manifest in taking dance/piano/cooking lessons when in retirement. Sometimes others face their fears (like going parachuting) or create a bucket list. For those who are older (or feel older), do you find yourself more open to poly or at least more open to emotional attachments with others besides your significant other?
  6. We've been married for 10 yrs now and both are 35 yrs old; We mainly enjoy full swap couples (preferably not older than 40 yrs) and MFM encounters FMF is something we really want to experience just like a lot of couples do We have received e-mails from younger couples (20-24 yrs old) that would like to meet us but we just never met couples that young except for one single guy that was 21 but really cool and mature for his age and my wife had an awesome time in our MFM encounters with him We are now thinking that we might be missing out on some fun if the chemistry is right. Any thoughts?
  7. We're a young couple, young for swingers. We understand that many times our youth will become an issue for the average swingers who are considerably older than us, by say ten years or more. Sometimes it's not, sometimes it is. We accept this. We believe the average swinger couple has an age range they like to stick to. So do we. There's one particular couple on SLS that are clearly out of our age ranges we have set in profile. They approached us anyways, and we politely told them no thanks, we would meet them for coffee but that's as far as it would go. We met them for coffee and had a decent conversation, even if the gentleman did try to steer the conversation towards sex together much too often for us. Now they (we believe it's the gentleman doing this, as the lady didn't initiate an advance towards us a single time during the coffee meeting) won't stop emailing us with suggestive comments. We've replied to each of their emails to be polite, but have never responded to sexual overtures on their (his) behalf. How do we tell them to take a hike without telling them to take a hike? We've already made it clear several times that nothing will ever happen, yet they (he) keeps bringing it up.
  8. I would like to post a poll to see the range of age difference between couples that have played together. And we would like to know how great or bad it went. Give up some details!
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