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  1. I wanted her to experience a cock bigger than mine. I searched on the internet for guys who bragged about how big their cocks were and how they would give my wife an experience she could never get with me. I wasn't looking to be humiliated. I just wanted her to experience a big cock. After many back and forth e-mails, and a picture of his very long, thick cock, I thought I found someone I/we could get along with. (She left it up to me to make arrangements.) I never told her how big his cock was. I wanted her to be surprised. I never told her I was looking for someone with a big cock. She had no idea when the three of us met in a bar. We weren't expecting anything to happen on our "first date" but we all got along so good that we all went back to our motel room. I'll always remember the look on her face when, as she lay naked on her back waiting for him, she saw his cock for the first time. He was proud of posing in front of her. She looked over at me with an almost frightened look on her face. I just smiled at her and watched. She gasped as he began to penetrate her and had an "Oh my God!" moment. It was awesome to watch her reactions getting fucked by him. It was an experience I'll never forget She LOVED! it and wanted to get fucked by him again. She had an orgasm with him the second time he fucked her. She never had an orgasm with me from just fucking. We had many awesome experiences together She loved feeling his cock in her and the way he fucked her but he had an asshole personality. His personality changed the more times he fucked her. I could tell how much he loved making her squirm and cum as he looked down on her underneath him. He started calling her "bitch" as he fucked her and began to disrespect me in front of her. She loved me for letting her experience another guy but she didn't like it when he disrespected me. We were a team. I could tell she missed getting fucked by a big cock but she was happy she wasn't getting fucked by that asshole again. I'm looking for another big cock to replace him. I wonder if she'll do a black guy? Surprise!
  2. How was your first swinging experience, was it good or was it bad? If it was bad, what caused it? If it was good, what did you do in advance to help make it that way?
  3. Hey We finally managed to get the courage for a next step and it was awesome. We met up with a guy who was easy to be around and didn't pressure my wife into anything. After some foreplay, she ended up on her knees with her ass ready and the deal was for him to tease her pussy. If she wanted to fuck, she would back up on his dick which took like less than 20 seconds to decide. She backed right up and and I watched while my wife fucked him good. After a few minutes she got right into it and It was an amazing experience that she now wants to do again but next time, she would like a couple while I watch. Watching my wife being all naughty and taking another dick is an amazing thing to see, looking forward to the next time
  4. I was wondering about some of the wildest things that people have done. I guess ours would be when we went to a club not far from New Orleans where there were couples on stage and we sat in the front row and watched them perform on stage. We had had a few drinks and I decided that I wanted to join the guy on stage. I went to the side of the stage and walked up, and everyone started cheering, and I started to strip. There I was naked on stage in front of about 40 to 50 other couples and I got down on my knees and gave the guy on stage a great blow job. When I got off my hubby asked me if I wanted to go up there and perform with him. We ended up having sex on stage. It was exciting and fun and I wish I could do it again.
  5. adamgunn


    Bestowal By Adam Gunn I’m winded but I know Christie will keep going. I wave her on, she trots down the firm sand of the Carolina beach. We’ve played this game all week, and I know she’ll go another quarter mile while I rest up, then turn around and together we’ll race back to our starting point. I watch the muscles in her long, strong legs as she pulls away from me, and then, further up, the bottom of her firm gluteus maximus peeking out from the cutoffs she’s wearing. I love the way her blond ponytail swishes first left, then right as she disappears into the haze of the early morning. For two or three minutes I huff and puff, stretching, then dip my hand into the waves and cool my face with a splash of salt water. Less than five minutes have gone by and I sense her approach. The soft golden eyebrows, the length of her aquiline nose with nostrils flaring in exercise, the full lips surrounding perfectly white teeth and, always, the cobalt eyes, the orbs that bore through to my soul. Below her taut neckline and long collarbone lies the amazing midriff surrounding the navel most men would grovel to place their pinkie into. Between her neck and flat stomach, the breasts, the ones I finally know to be flawless. Even though the thick fabric of the athletic bra binds them, I realize just how beautiful they are. Strikingly round where they rise from her breastplate, they climax to the zenith of the rosy aureoles, protruding from the firm flesh, crowned by the tip of her nipple. Women five years younger than she would be proud to have any single part of this Elysian body, but they would sell all they would ever have for simply her breasts. I fall into step beside her and tell her simply, “You’re gorgeous.” “I know,” she replies. “You’d be all right, too, if you’d lose that life preserver.” She’s teasing, at twenty-seven I’m in better shape than any of my friends, studiously avoiding the beer belly I might develop through constant workouts. For another mile we trot wordlessly past the seaside grasses covering the dunes. Finally we halt at our backpack and retrieve the water bottle. She drinks from it first, and then passes it to me. I catch a hint of lipstick in the taste and wish I could kiss her. But I know this is meant to be the impossible dream. We kick off our shoes and stroll into the slight ocean waves till our knees are covered in the water. I started this tradition the first day of our sunrise runs, and she now expects it. She shades her eyes from the glare of the reflected sun with her hand, and catches me admiring her elegance. “You’re thinking of last night.” It’s a statement, not a question. “Yes,” I admit. “You jerked off, thinking about me, didn’t you?” Subtlety has never been one of Christie’s vices. Trying to sound nonchalant, I reply “Of course. Do you mind?” “No, if you hadn’t I think I’d be disappointed. I could be an exhibitionist, you know,” she divulges. “Really? Have you ever done anything like that before?” “Once.” She pauses, and I wait with the ripples of the ocean lapping at my thighs for her confession. “In college I was at Cancun on spring break, and during a wet t-shirt contest a boyfriend persuaded me to go up on stage. When a couple of the other girls ripped off their shirts, I did too.” “Would you do it again?” I prod. “For a long time I thought about being an exotic dancer. I just never got around to it when I was in college, and now it’s too late.” “You wouldn’t do it for a second job?” “Right,” she smirks. “I can just see it now, ‘rising young executive wannabe caught shows the world her bush.’” I reveled in her laughter. “How about private parties?” I ask. “Like for you?” “Sure, why not?” “Maybe I will,” she suggests. “But if I did, you’d have to give me something.” “Like what?” “I’ll think about it. It’ll be something big, though, bet on it.” “Okay,” I promise. I know we’re just teasing, the chances of anything like this happening are infinitesimally small. “But I want to see you go all the way.” “You mean totally nude, not just topless?” She gazes into my eyes. “If he doesn’t object, it’s a deal.” It’s coffee time. We walk the two blocks back to the condominium and enter her uncle’s timeshare. Entering by the patio door, Christie yells into her bedroom, “Get up, lunkhead!” “Why?” Jake sleepily replies. “For one thing,” I holler, “we’ve got an early tee time.” “Shit, I forgot.” Christie and I putter around the kitchen, grabbing the cereal, fruit and juices, putting a pot of coffee on. We’d been sharing this chore every day since we’d arrived, five days before, and I still thrill every time she puts a hand on my arm or we bump together. Left to our own devices I would have put a move on her long ago. Somehow, perhaps telepathically, I get the feeling Christie would probably enjoy the pass, maybe even cooperate, but you simply don’t try to make your best friend’s girlfriend. Well, at least I wouldn’t – you can never tell about Jake. By the time we’ve got everything on the table Jake emerges from the bedroom, dressed in boxers and a shirt that doesn’t quite cover his protruding stomach, his hair uncombed. Christie pours him a cup, quickly kisses him good morning, and sarcastically tells him, “You look great today.” “Shut up,” he replies, only half in jest. “When do we have to leave?” he asks me. I look at the clock. “About twenty-five minutes.” This was typical. Ever since we’d been in grade school together I was the one who prodded Jake, made him get his act together. All our friends in high school thought it was perfect when we got the starring roles in the junior class production of The Odd Couple. I, of course, was Felix, the anal-retentive neatnik. Jake didn’t have to stretch very far to play the boorish Oscar. Now that he’s living with Christie, she’s taking up most of my duties. “What are you going to do today?” Jake asks Christie. “More of the same,” she tells him. “My thesis is coming along nicely.” Christie’s taking night classes to get her MBA and her final hurdle is due in less than two months. “And it looks like it’s going to be a great day. I’ll probably sit out by the pool awhile.” Half an hour later, Jake and I are driving to the golf course. “Shit, she was hot last night,” Jake brags. “She gets so turned on sometimes.” I thought back to the evening. After we watched some chick film on Hulu, Jake threw an X-rated video on and the three of us watched the people on the tube screwing. For a few minutes I felt embarrassed. I mean, I’d never done anything like that with any girl that meant anything to either of us around. But Christie got into it, particularly the part where the woman was stripping. She made the same lewd comments Jake and I always do and after awhile it seemed like old times. Then Jake started making out with her, and I figured if they wanted privacy, they’d go into their bedroom, so I stayed and watched. When Jake took her blouse off and started sucking on her tits, she locked eyes with me and smiled invitingly. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen, but she soon pulled Jake into the bedroom with a lilting, ‘good night,’ leaving me with her bra and lewd thoughts. Sure, I whacked off, right in the living room, thinking not of the naked people on the screen, but of the couple in the bedroom. “Remember the time the two girls swapped on us?” Jake asks. He probably banged Christie three times last night, but he still wants to talk about other women. “Yeah,” I reply, “The one you were with first needed me to finish her off.” “Screw you,” Jake laughs as he pulls the car up to the bag drop. Seven and a half hours later we get back to the timeshare. I whipped Jake’s butt all over the golf course and we smell, I’m sure, of chicken wings and beer. Christie’s nowhere to be found, and Jake figures it’s time for a nap on the sofa. Sitting in a golf cart all day isn’t my idea of activity so I decide to take a swim and head for the beach. Only a few couples laze in the warm, late afternoon spring sun, only one elderly woman wades in the ocean. I’m not disappointed, I learned the first day we were here that this commune is populated by mostly retired couples escaping the snows of winter. The nearest hope of nightlife is ten miles away, too far for comfort. No, this is a vacation simply to relax. I see a blond reclining in the lee of a dune, and when I approach to within shouting distance I’m sure it’s Christie. This isn’t a clothing optional island, but apparently the restriction hasn’t bothered her; she’s topless. “Hey,” I call from twenty yards. Quickly a hand drops to her cover up, and then she recognizes my voice. I can almost see her shrug, as if musing, ‘he’s seen it before.’ “Hi,” she calls, a slight movement of her hand waving me over. I refuse to quicken my pace, and as I approach I take long looks at her from behind the safety of my sunglasses. Her only adornment is a necklace and her very brief bottoms. Her mons rises between the sharp hipbones and I wonder if she shaves or waxes. Quickly I notice her nipples crinkle, then smooth, as if she’s had a dirty thought she decided to put into a mental drawer. I sit down beside her, facing the ocean, hoping she doesn’t recognize the erection inside my baggy trunks. “What are you doing here?” she joshes. “Just getting some exercise,” I reply. “Had enough of the homework?” “I put four and a half hours into it. Then I started going through my calendar. Listen, did Jake ever get you anything for your birthday last week?” “No, not really. He called, talked about going out one night.” I couldn’t tell her our birthday bashes were over now that he was living with a woman. “It’s okay, really. This trip is sort of a birthday party.” She doesn’t buy it. “Jake told me about some of the things you guys used to do. Is it true you set him up with two girls for his birthday once?” What the hell has Jake been sharing with her? “Yeah,” I admit, a little guiltily. I remember how three years earlier I talked a lady I was going with into getting one of her girlfriends to go out to a swank dinner for Jake’s twenty-fifth. After we went back to our place, the girls started fooling around with each other and stripped naked, sort of a lesbian scene, and then they both did Jake while I just watched and snapped pictures that I printed out. I wonder where he hid them so Christie wouldn’t find them. “Didn’t you mind sharing your girlfriend with him?” Now her nipples are definitely crinkling; I can tell there’s a perverted side to Christie I’ve never seen before. “Linda wasn’t really mine,” I explain. “We were both seeing other people, and it was actually her idea. Haven’t you ever teased a guy you liked?” “Not like that!” she protests. “But you’ve thought about it?” “Sure. Who hasn’t? But I couldn’t afford to do anything like that. The world’s becoming too much of a safe, secure place. Something like that would be too much of a risk.” “I don’t know,” I disagree. “Yesterday, I wouldn’t have thought you were an exhibitionist, yet here you are.” “Yes,” she agrees, a little shyly, “letting my tits hang out for all the world to see. And you know, it doesn’t really bother me. I’ve been like this maybe an hour, and ten or twelve people have walked past. Most of them just ignored me, but two older guys hung around, getting a good view. It was funny, they kept looking out to sea, then they’d sneak another peek. After awhile I thought about inviting them over, just to see what I’d do but they moved on. And it doesn’t bother me that you keep checking me out.” “What do you mean?” I try to act cool, but apparently my wrap around shades aren’t effective. She just laughs. “Yeah, right. Well, anyway, when you see me naked I know what I want.” This is getting serious. For a second, I consider backing off. After all, this is my best friend’s girl. But I remember now he didn’t worry about it when Linda came on to him. And he took a shot at another girl I was dating back in college. If Christie wants to play . . . . “Okay, I’ll bite, what?” “Once I dated a guy, and he really got off by watching me masturbate.” Her body is flushing now, I watch the pinkness spread from her cheeks down to the pointy nipples. I take off my sunglasses and stare frankly at her nudity. “But he’d never do it for me. Will you let me watch you jerk off?” I’m rock hard, I’m ready to do it right now, right here. “You’ve got to help me,” I bargain. “No, no touching. You see me in my birthday suit, I see you come.” “When? Tonight?” “No, I’m still not sure Jake will go for it. Maybe when we get back home.” It’s the classic tactic, she doesn’t really want to do it, just wants to talk about it. Maybe this is the way she gets herself hot for Jake. But I’m not going to burn any bridges. “Expect my call a couple of days after we get back,” I promise. She smiles, pulls her wrap on. Jake still isn’t happy about dinner – he wanted burgers, Christie and I opted for grilled fish – but after four or five beers he’s feeling better about it, lying on the couch. We’re watching some NBA game on the tube, it’s close with twenty minutes to go. Christie’s bored, she’s never been much interested in any spectator sport. “I’m going to take a shower,” she announces. “Take one for me,” Jake suggests. “I’ll take two for you, you need both of them,” she retorts, a little petulantly. She heads into her and Jake’s room and closes the door. Fifteen minutes later, she pops her head out and asks, “Sweetheart, do you have any Q-tips?” “Nope,” he says, absentmindedly. “I’ve got some,” I say. “Let me get them for you.” I head into my bedroom, grab the box and hand it to her. She’s shielded by the door, but I catch a quick glimpse of shoulder and the curve of a bare breast she didn’t try to hide very hard. “Thanks,” she whispers, with the hint of a blown kiss. I return to my chair, notice the bedroom door is slowly swinging open. Jake can’t notice it, he’s facing away from it lying on the sofa. From my vantage point I see a reflection in the full-length mirror on the closet door of Christie tweezing her eyebrows. My mouth goes dry as I realize I can see her complete back, all the way down to her stupendous ass. When she turns just the right way, I view a teat in profile and once she turns around so that I should be able to see her abdomen, but it’s concealed by a towel draped over her arm. She cavorts for some time, and I think I’m being treated to a most fortuitous voyeuristic session. Then she puts the towel around her waist, turns and smiles at me in the mirror, and reaches over to close the door. Once more, I’ve been had! With a minute and a half to go in the game and a three-point spread, she emerges from the bedroom, smelling clean and fresh, wearing shorts and a thin blouse. Immediately I can tell she’s decided not to put a bra on. Jake’s yelling and screaming – he’s got a bet on the game – and I watch her pour herself a glass of wine. She sits down next to Jake, making him get up, and silently watches the end of the game with us. When the other team sinks a three-pointer at the buzzer to win by two, Jake could spit nails. He’s hollering, throwing pillows at the set, complaining it was a bad call, all the tricks guys use. For a while, Christie just sits and chuckles at his behavior, and then reaches for the remote control and clicks the set off. “What are we going to do now?” she asks the two of us. Still in a bad mood, Jake snarls, “We could sit around the camp fire and tell stories. It’s boring around here.” “Good idea,” she agrees merrily. “Derek, tell me about the time you two swapped girls.” “Huh?” I reply wittily. I know Jake’s told her about a few of our exploits, but that one’s really out there. “Oh, I’ve got Jake’s side of the story. He tells me about all the other girls he’s had. He loves to impress me that he wasn’t a virgin when we met. But I want to hear how it really happened.” “Well, uh . . . .” I stutter. “It wasn’t really much to talk about,” I try to escape. “Jake, do you hear that? And you told me it was great.” “It was,” he drunkenly retorts. “Go ahead and tell her. Give her whatever she wants.” “I don’t know,” I object. “Oh, come on,” Christie begs. “Do it,” Jake commands. “Okay, if that’s what you want.” For a few seconds I pause, trying first to remember what really happened, then attempting to figure out how Jake might have minimized or, worse, embellished the story. Finally I decide to tell it pretty much the way it happened. “It was four or five years ago now, when we were roomies, just out of college. Neither one of us had anyone special at the time, and we went out one Friday night to a bar and a pair of girls were sitting there. We bought them a drink and told them some lies . . . “ “What were their names?” Christie interrupted. “Stacie and Stella.” How could I forget, the ‘S-Twins.’ “Cool. Jake, how come you can never remember the girl’s names?” He just ignored her, so she says, “What happened next?” “It’s getting pretty comfortable, so I invite Stella up to our place for a glass of Chablis, and the next thing you know the four of us are in the living room. I’m on the couch with Stella and I’ve got her bra off, and Jake takes Stacie into his bedroom. I take my good old time, and Stella’s about ready to explode, when we hear Stacie’s voice. ‘You ready yet?’ she asks. Stella yells to Stacie, ‘not yet,’ then she yells at me, ‘I’m coming.’ She was a loud one, screaming at the top of her lungs. We go at it some more, I’ve forgotten about Stacie interrupting, and then, when it’s over, Stella hollers, ‘Okay, your turn.’ She gets up and marches into Jake’s room and Stacie comes out to me without a stitch on.” I can tell Christie’s loving the story. Once again, her neck is blushed, and she’s got that look in her eyes. “What did you do?” “What do you think? I gave her what she came out there for.” “You were able to get it up again?” “Hell, yes. That was definitely not a problem.” “And Stacie came with you?” “Most assuredly.” “What about Stella with Jake?” “That, I don’t know. I didn’t hear her screaming again.” “Jake, you told me she wanted it all night long.” Jake just sits there, glumly, recognizing he can’t say anything that won’t come out wrong. “And then what?” “As I remember, an hour or so later the girls get their clothes back on and leave. They left us a number, but it turned out to be dial-a-prayer.” Christie laughs, a hearty chuckle. I figure turn-about’s fair play, so I say, “Your turn. What’s your deep dark secret?” “I don’t have any,” Christie demurs. “Oh, come on. How old where you when you lost it?” “Don’t you know?” She bats her big blue eyes at me. “The night I met Jake.” “Oh, crap,” he intercedes. Then Christie suggests, “Listen, why don’t we put that video on again. I didn’t see the end of it.” This cracks me up. “They all wind up the same way,” I laugh. “But this is the first one I’ve ever seen,” she innocently lies. “Okay, let me go get it,” Jake says, and scrambles onto his feet, disappearing into the bedroom. Christie comes over to me, leans down so I can see way down her blouse at all the good stuff and whispers in my ear, “If this works out the way I think it will, remember, you promised.” Then, before Jake gets back, she’s busy turning off the lamps and lighting candles she’s brought with her. When Jake gets the DVD set up and the TV is showing naked bodies conjoining again, Christie starts doing the play-by-play. “Oh, so that’s what that’s for? How come you never showed me that, honey?” Just like last night, within a few moments Jake’s got his hand on her thigh and he’s kissing her. I watch as he unbuttons the blouse and pulls it off her, and I’m watching him suck on those wonderful, pointy nipples. I figure pretty soon, like last night, she’ll get him up and they’ll head into the bedroom to finish off, but Jake continues to ignore my presence and his hand slips down to Christies shorts. The elastic band slides over the swell of her hips, and I see she’s not wearing panties. Quickly I’m treated to a glimpse of the bush, possibly just a racing stripe of tight blond curls, and then Jake’s head is between the legs, hiding what I want to see from my spying eyes. Christie catches my eye and silently mouths, ‘do it.’ I know what she wants, and I stroke my erection through my slacks, letting her see the thickness of my penis, but I refuse to unzip myself. Her eyes flash in anger at me, daring me to expose myself, but I ignore her pleading, concentrating instead on the back of Jake’s skull, hoping he’ll come up for air. Instead, I see Christie’s body tense, and listen to her breath come in quick, sharp grunts. I see her hands lock into fists, and a foot rises into the air, toes curled in orgasm. Jake stops then, and lifts his head. He stares at me staring at his girlfriend, then says to her, “Come on, honey, let’s go into the bedroom and finish this off.” He stands, the bulk of his body looming over her, protecting her from me, and she slowly rises from the sofa. Again, I quickly catch a glimpse of all of her, then Jake steps in front, either accidentally or purposefully shielding her, and they stroll to the bedroom, closing the door behind them. The sun is shining through a bank of clouds, and Christie is giving me what for. “You didn’t come through with your end of the bargain,” she complains. Her foot curls around a perfectly formed shell, and I’m amazed at the coloration of her toenails. “You didn’t give me time,” I retort. “If you two had gone on a little longer, I would have. And besides, I never got a real good view.” “That wasn’t part of the deal. I was naked, you were supposed to masturbate.” She laughs, letting me know she isn’t truly angry with me. “I’ll bet it was pretty good when you did, wasn’t it?” I hesitate, not knowing how to retort, and she teases further. “Oh, come on. You can tell me. I’ll bet your orgasm was better than mine!” “Didn’t Jake do it for you?” I banter back. “Oh, he was his normal self, adequate, but I was thinking of you. After he got done and rolled over, I got up and came out to the living room, hoping I could get you to perform for me. But you’d already gone to bed.” “You should have knocked on my door,” I offered. “Sure, right. Then Jake gets up, finds out what’s going on, and guess what would happen.” She smiles at the thought, however. “I wonder . . . no, that wouldn’t work. Oh, well,” she sighs, and I consider what the fantasy might have been. After 8:30, we arrive back at the condo, and Jake, as usual, is still fast asleep. We breakfast on our fruit and granola, sharing the local newspaper until the phone unexpectedly rings. I grab it. “Hello?” “Hi, Derek.” It’s Michelle, Jake’s admin. I dated her for a while, a long time back, and Jake went out with her a few times, too, before he met Christie, ignoring the proverb about not sleeping with anyone you work with. “Is Jake around?” “Hold on,” I say to her, then ask Christie to tell Jake the office is calling. He trundles out, and speaks for four or five minutes to Michelle. Most of the conversation, at least on this end, consists of grunts and obscenities. Jake grabs a pencil, scribbles on a note pad, then tells Michelle, “All right, I’ll be there. Tell Danny he owes me big time, though.” He hangs up, then looks to us. “Bad news,” he reveals. “Our biggest client is on a warpath, they were on CNBC this morning, and Dan wants me back in the office to help with the peace offerings. They’ve got me on a 1:40 flight coming back this afternoon. You guys can drive me to the airport, okay?” “I’ll go home with you,” Christie offers. “Me, too,” I add. We’ve still got one day to go, but it looks like the vacation is breaking up. “Naw, that’s stupid,” Jake decides, scratching his stomach. “The company’s picking up my plane flight, if we try to get you guys back you’ll have to pay the change fees. Besides, just because they screwed me doesn’t mean you have to get in the cross fire.” I expect Christie to argue some more, but she surprisingly gives in. “Okay,” she says, “Derek and I will find some way to keep amused.” Jake gives her a look, semi-threatening and sort of irritated, then looks at me. “Just remember, bub, she’s my girl. I’m going to take a shower.” While Jake’s packing, Christie and I go out for some tennis. She’s wearing this cute little number, and every time she retrieves a ball I can see her panties and ass peek out from the skirt. As we rest between sets, I try to have a conversation with her. “Do you think this is a good idea?” “Why not?” Christie retorts. “Jake trusts me. Besides, this will give you a good chance to pay up on our bet.” When she sees my shocked face, she laughs, then bounces to the base line and proceeds to whip my butt in yet another set. We grab a sandwich at a Burger King on the way to the airport – Jake’s happy, at least – and as Jake gets out at the entrance, he thanks me and says, “Be nice to my girlfriend, now – keep her safe for me, okay?” I drive the rental car around the perimeter while Christie goes into the ticket counter with Jake, keeping him company until he has to run the security gauntlet. Finally, she pops out and climbs in the passenger seat. On the way out to the expressway, she says, “Hey, are you in a hurry to get back to the condo?” “Not really,” I admit. “Why, you got something you want to do?” “Sure, let’s go into town and do the tourist traps.” We’d thought about this on the way down, it’s an old southern city, but Jake nixed the idea, just wanting to lay around the resort. “Sounds good.” By the time we get there, I find out Christie has a full itinerary planned around the shopping district. I don’t really mind, though, walking with her through the old slave market. Just watching her face light up with a bargain is enough for me. We stop for a drink, chat about little in particular, then stroll through the palms and magnolias, admiring the mansions and gardens. We come across a restaurant, and decide to step into the courtyard and sample the menu of grilled halibut and crab cakes. The waiter dribbles the French wine into our glasses; I notice Christie seems to be imbibing the scented liquid faster than I. Jake’s presence, or lack of it, seems to be forgotten. Under the table, I sense Christie’s foot bump against mine, she doesn’t seem to be in a rush to move it. After we refuse deserts or an after dinner drink, we stumble through the late twilight to the car, and begin the drive back to the island. The route takes us through a business district, one lined with gas stations, Taco Bells and carpet stores. We pass a gaudily lit establishment, Christie remarks on the signboard advertising ‘Girls, 24 hours a day.’ “Do you and Jake go to those kind of places often?” “We used to. We haven’t been to one since you moved in with him,” I reply. “Why do you like it?” “Me? I don’t, not that much. Jake’s the guy who always wants to go.” She thinks about it for a few moments. “I’d like to see what he finds in it,” she declares. “Can we go back there?” “You sure?” I question. “It can get a little . . .” I search for the proper adjective, “. . . raunchy, I guess.” “But a woman like me wouldn’t be accosted, would she?” “No, not as long as you were with a guy.” “Well, I’ve got you,” she decides. “Come on.” At a stoplight I make a U-turn, and three minutes later the bouncer is letting us through the panel door, relieving me of five dollars in the process. “No cover for you, sweetie, it’s ladies night,” he says, pointing to the poster of events behind him. We turn a corner and enter the establishment. Quickly, I scan the crowd and realize that it’s early, only twelve or fifteen guys are in the dive. Four or five of them are gathered by a pool table in the corner, more interested in solids and stripes than the wriggling flesh on the stage in the middle of the room. We find a table somewhat out of the way where we can observe the action, Christie takes in the horse-faced woman on the platform, now topless and playing with her g-string. A bikinied woman comes over, I order a scotch, Christie opts for vodka tonic. Now she’s full of a thousand questions. “Are these girls prostitutes? Do they make a lot of money? The guys seem to just sit there.” As I answer her questions, the song ends and the girl on the stage is replaced by another and the announcement from the DJ, “Folks, put your hands together for the lovely Angela.” Christie watches intently as Angela, dressed as a construction worker, begins to gyrate and tease the few patrons. After the girl is down to bare boobs and panties, Christie asks another question. “The signboard said last night was amateur night, what does that mean?” “Oh, sometimes guys bring their girlfriends in and they get up on stage. Usually there’s a fifty dollar prize or something.” I notice, even through her bra, that Christie’s nipples dilate at this suggestion, and wonder if she’s excited with the idea. “Did you and Jake ever bring your girlfriends to these places?” “A few times. Once Jake got a girl he was with to go up on stage.” On the dais Angela is down to her panties, and a customer slips a large bill between the fabric and skin. Angela gives him a big smile, and as the third song of the set begins she daringly pulls the elastic of the waistband further and further until, finally, the panties join the rest of her getup discarded on the stage, and Angela’s bush and labia are displayed for the few observers, including us. As Angela trots off the platform, only to be supplanted by still another strumpet, Christie lets out a long sigh. She waves her empty glass at our waitress, and soon our drinks are refreshed. Christie observes while Angela steps from behind a curtain, now skimpily dressed, and goes to wait on one of the few customers. We have little to talk about now, and Christie watches the next stripper. I’m getting bored, Christie excuses herself explaining she has to powder her nose. Ten or fifteen minutes later Christie’s not back yet, and I’m starting to get a little nervous. I wonder if maybe I should ask one of the dancers to check the restroom out, then hear the DJ announce, “Gents, we’ve got a very special event for you. We’ve got a very special lady for you – this is her very first time on the stage! Say hello to Christie!” Christie ambles to the stage as a slow song starts, dressed in a man’s dress shirt with a tie, short skirt and high heels. Her hair is pulled back into a ponytail, and she’s clean and fresh compared to the other dancers. As she takes center post, she stops, as if she’s confused, then looks around, getting her bearings. Then she closes her eyes and begins to sway. For a full minute she stands there, grooving to her own rhythm, and I notice the conversation around the bar has stopped, no clink comes from the balls on the pool table. Only when she has the attention of every person in the hall does she begin to play with her tie, pulling on the end as if she’s going to unknot it. She’s playing with the crowd, and although her face is calm I know how excited she must be – the fabric of the shirt, as it droops over the curve of her breasts, is crinkled with the extension of her nipples. Finally, she pulls the tie off and unbuttons first the collar, then the top two buttons. By the time the first song is over, she’s exposed nothing more than her legs and a bit of skin below her neck, and hasn’t moved her feet from the spot she planted them at the beginning of the music. Everyone in the room awaits her next revealment. A second song begins, a little faster than the first, and now Christie begins to stroll around the dance floor. Another button pops, and now the opening is large enough to expose the swell of her breasts. Facing directly towards me, she leans forward and I catch a glimpse of those perfect globes. She understands the power of this simple movement, and repeats it for a number of her other watchers. Soon she’s upright again, and now she’s playing with the waistband of her skirt. It seems to be almost an afterthought, and with little ado she steps out of the garment. Every man wishes to see the curve of her hips, but they are disappointed – the long tail of the dress shirt hides both her behind and front. Exactly on cue, the second song blends into the third, a rhythmic tune with a good beat. Christie’s hands move back to the buttons of the shirt, and soon they’re all unfastened, clearly exposing the flesh between the mounds. She plays with the fabric, pulling it open a bit, enough to see the curvature, then closing it again, vexing her audience. Soon she advances, and hints of the aureoles are given. Now she takes the opportunity to play with the tail of the shirt, and glimpses of her wonderful arse ensue. It’s difficult to see if she’s wearing panties or not, then a string is seen above the crack, only two or three shades darker than her smooth skin. She stands facing away from me, then bends forward and simultaneously throws the fabric to the side, allowing me to see between her legs, the vagina hidden only by a small patch of cloth. Quickly she stands and pulls the shirt wide open, revealing to me and the other men those perfect, conic breasts. A catcall comes from someone, ‘take it off,’ and Christie obliges, throwing the shirt over her shoulder, and parading around the dance floor topless, her mound covered only by the slightest of g-strings. As the song winds to a close, she winks and blows me a kiss, and rambles back through the curtain to the dressing room. The crowd is silent, mesmerized by the beauty, and the pause is broken by the DJ spouting, “Let’s hear it for Christie!” The applause and screams from the gallery is almost deafening, far outstripping the small crowd. Christie pokes her head out from the curtain to see the commotion, and the DJ, seizing the opportunity, quickly starts another song. Christie ducks back in, but now the call goes up: “More, more!!!” Not to disappoint her audience, Christie soon emerges, the white dress shirt left behind, and stands proudly, the points of her breasts hardened, acknowledging the cheers. As the music rises, she once more begins to gyrate, moving across the stage, and men reach across with green paper to stuff into her g-string, but she avoids them, not wishing to be touched. Moments later, she traipses back into the dressing ground, leaving the room stunned. After the crowd begins to quiet, the DJ announces the next professional, and I feel bad for her; she is almost forgotten in the hubbub. Strangers come over and congratulate me for having such a great girl friend, and when I try to explain our relationship they fail to understand. Soon Christie joins me, fully dressed now, and the men try to talk to her, buy her a drink, but she refuses and says to me, “Let’s get out of here.” I follow her to the car, and I can tell she’s still high from the experience. “Did you see me, Derek? It was great!” We drive back to the island, talking about the experience. She wants to know what I saw, to tell me about what it felt like. After we enter the apartment she drags me to the couch and sits facing me. “Okay, it’s time to pay off.” “What do you mean?” I ask, innocently, knowing full well what she wants. “You weren’t naked up there tonight – you had that g-string on.” “Oh, yeah? Well what about last night? Are you going to claim I had earrings on or something?” “I never got to see the good part,” I complain. “Jake’s head was right where I wanted to see.” She ponders this for a moment, then apparently decides not to make an issue of it. “Okay,” she agrees, then stands and quickly pulls her blouse over her head and drops the shorts to the rug. All that’s covering her most private parts is a frilly bra and the minuscule thong as she approaches the stereo and puts on dance music. Smiling, she begins to gyrate as she did in the strip joint, and within a minute her hands flip behind her back, unleashing the décolleté, and with little ado the skimpy garment joins it’s discarded fellows. Now she’s prancing across the floor in front of me, playing with the elastic band of her g-string, drooping first the left side, then the right, and then her back is turned to me, the panties are drooped until the most beautiful butt is exposed to my view. Twisting, she faces me again, and watching me intently, she quickly and gracefully steps out of the panties, exposing the bush I knew was there, the fine yellow curls masking a protruding Venus’ mound. “This is what you wanted, isn’t it?” she asks, standing on one leg, a lanky thigh just disguising the portal between the extended legs. “Yes,” I agree, even though I know I’d love to have the entire vagina exposed. But even in this state of excitement I realize that’s way too much to ask. “Okay, then, it’s your turn to give it up.” I tear my eyes from her frame and catch her eye. Her stare announces it’s not a joke, she wants me to fulfill the bargain we jokingly made. When I hesitate, she seduces me with just one word, “Please?” She sits on the couch, crouched against one arm, and arranges her legs so I have no hope of catching the faintest glimpse of the pinkness. I stand and quickly shuck my shirt and trousers, then pull my boxers off. I’m as naked as she is now, and my pecker stands straight from my body, as hard as it’s ever been. I recline on the other end of the sofa, facing her, and ask, “You really want to see me jerk off?” “Yes,” she huskily replies, “yes.” I’ve been masturbating now for going on fifteen years, and I’m an expert at it. Usually, I visualize a woman, any woman, and what I’m doing to her, but this time I simply gaze at Christie, at her long legs, the throat, those perfect globes and below the waist her curl of hair, and I don’t need to pretend. Spitting into my left hand for a bit of lubrication, I stroke the head of my penis with my palm while my right hand toys with my balls. Christie’s eyes are fixed on my gonads, and soon her hand creeps down to her netherland, and she spreads her legs, allowing me a complete view of the wondrous pussy. I can see how moist it is and one of her fingers exposes the coral clitoris. This is too much for me, and my strokes quickly bring the seminal liquid to the surface. The juice spurts from the tip, nearly a foot into the air. The next gush is lessened, and within ten or twelve swipes, I’m simply dribbling. Christie’s still fondling herself, but all the while she’s been watching me carefully. “Beautiful,” she murmurs, then stretches her legs further open until I can see everything, the stunning double folds of skin surrounding the moist tunnel that I want so much to penetrate with a finger, a tongue, or, dream of dreams, my manhood. As her index finger coaxes the button, the middle finger immerses itself inside the vagina. Her other hand goes to a breast and titillates a nipple. As her head droops back onto the pillow, I realize she’s going to allow herself to come while I gawk. Her breath is exploding from her lungs in short pants, then I hear a low rhythmic moaning, “Oh, oh, oh, oh.” I watch as her entire body takes on a roseate glow. It is easily the most erotic episode of my life. I want to help her, to be a part of her reveling, and I place a hand on her ankle, but she pulls her leg away from me – it’s obvious my assistance isn’t desired. After she completes her orgasm, she looks at me and smiles. “That was beautiful,” she confides, and I’m unsure as to how to end, or continue, the encounter. But I’m saved the embarrassment – Christie stands up shakily, takes one last look at my semen covered midriff, mouths “I wish” wistfully, then plods to her bedroom, brushing my face with her hand longingly. I’m not sure if I should follow until I hear the door close and the click of a lock. And so, I realize, it’s time for me to go to my bed and sleep, should that be possible. I’m having a dream in which a beautiful woman is cuddled against me and stroking my manliness, and then I awaken enough to realize it’s not a dream, Christie is beside me, holding me. I know I’m fully erect, and Christie pushes me back and straddles me, mounts me. I’m entirely inside her, and when I press a palm to her breast she clasps it, cherishing the caress. Quickly she’s moaning in her sudden climax, and just as quickly I’m coming, my juices mingling with hers. Without words, she understands my needs and presses her pelvic bone hard against mine, allowing for the ultimate fury. She controls the motion, and I allow her to dominate the act of love. Even after I finish, she continues to gyrate in orgasm, and I hold the wisp of a waist, helping her to move, to inflame. When the passion is consummated, she simply leans forward, her chest on mine, and we snuggle. I feel our pounding heartbeats calm, and soon I hear the soft sounds of her heavy breathing indicating her loss of consciousness, and minutes before I, too, drift off I feel my softness slip from her silky passage. The sunlight streams through the window as I rouse, and the first vision I have is of Christie’s sapphire eyes looking at me, watching me awaken. Her smile immediately brightens my day, and I hear her say, “I couldn’t stop myself. Do you mind?” “Of course not,” I say, and mean, and I clutch her to me, sensing our flesh converge. For an hour or more we make love in spurts, first I on top of her, then again, she on top of me, then hunger and thirst drive us to the kitchen, and she sits on my lap, feeding me fruits, sucking juices from my mouth with her kisses. She pulls me to the couch, and again we share our bodies. Afterwards, we discern the day is passing and we need to pack for the trip home. And it is at that point, when we are showered and clothes again hide our beautiful bodies from each other’s stare, that shyness begins to settle in. Christie is more subdued now, less likely to embrace or caress me. On the drive to the airport, she smiles at me as if recollecting the passion, but the intimacy we shared for a few wondrous hours dissipates. On the flight to Atlanta she sits beside me yet few words pass between us. As we wait for the plane to depart Hartsfield, she sighs heavily and confesses, “We shouldn’t have done that. It was my fault, of course, I never should have let it go so far. I wonder what will happen when Jake finds out?” “You’re not going to tell him, are you?” “I have to,” she seriously declares, “it wouldn’t be fair to him not to know what I’ve done.” “But . . .” I start, then stop. I want to tell her not to, I want to explain it’s not necessary, and I want to ask her to leave Jake, to come with me. But I haven’t the nerve to ask for even the smallest boon. We’re separated on the full flight, she sitting in the front rows, I near the back pressed against a window, watching the evening gloaming from thirty-five thousand feet, wondering just how my life has changed. When the aircraft approaches the jetway and the two bells alarm us to the arrival, I barely glimpse the blonde ponytail depart long moments before my chance looms. When at last I’m freed from the tunnel, I lumber through the terminal. Occasionally I spy Christie through the crowd, her hair swishing first left, then right, her rump following suit. She’s nearly jogging, and I know there’s no chance I’ll catch her in the crowd. I lose her as she passes the metal detectors and I trail her down the escalators to the baggage claim. And then I see her, poised next to my best friend, perhaps my newest enemy. Christie droops her head in shame, and Jake grimaces. I realize he now knows of the treachery. He catches my approach, points his finger at me and crooks it, bidding me to approach. As I gravely draw near, ready to confess my sins, I’m shocked to detect the silver tones of Christie’s giggles and Jake’s joyful cry of, “Happy Birthday, Bud!”
  6. What's the event or moment that stands out in your memory the most while swinging- or, the most exciting fantasy that you got to see fulfilled? For me (Mr. T), it was getting to watch Mrs. C share a double ended dildo with another lovely woman and listening to the both of them orgasm at the same time- several times, in fact.
  7. No, this isn't a bashing thread about them... Our first experience into the Lifestyle was with a single male. Loved our experience, so much so, we played with him on numerous occasions. That experience was over 7 years ago, and he left the Lifestyle and got married. Now we are having a hard time finding dependable guys. As I (the female) have gotten older, I've noticed that I tend to attract younger guys... ages ranging from 22 to early 30's. But my question is, why do younger guys like older women? I have gotten over the weirded out factor, we have a son that is 19 and he has to tell his friends to quit checking out his mom
  8. My husband Gary and I, married 34 years, just decided to start swinging last summer. We joined a lifestyle club and had been going weekly for about a month, with no action. He connected with a woman on their social media site and he wanted to go meet her there that night. I almost said go ahead and go alone, as I wasn't feeling like another night of disappointment. But then I agreed to go and planned on just trying to meet some new people. So we met this woman, who said she had a Greta Garbo-type deep voice. No, it was more like Sam Elliott. There were other things about her that just didn't appeal to Gary, who told her she wasn't attractive to him when she pressed him for an opinion. She left in a disgruntled huff. Gary and I agreed that we would both use the restroom and then go home. I was done first and sat waiting at the table when a gorgeous younger guy, I'll call him Gunter, introduced himself to me and said he saw the naked pic of me I had posted on the club's site earlier that day. We hit it off and when Gary saw this, he gave us our space and left us alone to talk. Then Gunter asked if he could sit next to me. Uhhh yes!! Then he asked if he could kiss me...oh wow!! The softest, most passionate kisses I had ever had!! This guy was amazing! Gary finally came over and introduced himself and we all agreed to go back to one of the play rooms. I had asked Gary to take something out to the car first. When the bartender saw him walk out of the building, he assumed Gary was leaving in a jealous rage and went out after him! They talked and Gary told him no, he was fine with it. We had an amazing time with Gunter fucking me in all sorts of positions and finally cumming all over my stomach. Seven months later, I still meet up with Gunter from time to time. We even met his wife who, while not a swinger herself, is happy to let him go off and do his thing as long as he always wears protection, which he does.
  9. My wife and Finally took a trip to sin city. We had been swinging many times before but wanted more. First we went to a topless show. My wife is Bi so this got her in the mood and very wet. Then we went to the Green Door Club. It was about 1 a.m. when we arrived and there were only a few people milling about. We walked around to see what the place offered. Since we were both horny we were not going to just stand around. We wanted another couple but at that moment, we were the only couple. So we ended up in a"couples only" room. We started making out heavy. She laid back on the bed and I removed her soaked panties. She loves to be fingered and this was a good time. I slowly fingered her with one finger then faster... She had many orgasms and this made for the first one already. I love a wet pussy! Then I was using two fingers on her and a handsome black man in his 30's sat on the bed and started rubbing her leg. She was having orgasm after orgasm by now and he was helping! He opened her legs wider and told her to be louder as I further fingered her wet pussy. The man's cock was very hard as he held her leg as I finger fucked my wife but he was telling her to cum and be loud! This was a real turn-on for all of us. The I shoved 3 fingers in her now dripping snatch and kept going. Of course my cock was hard but this was hot! The guy's cock was even harder. By now there were several onlookers and a few couples. One woman from the couple standing leaned over and started to suck the black guy's cock. This was ok, but by then I thought he deserved his cock to be treated to my wife's dripping pussy. Now she has never had black cock, so this made it even more intense. As the woman was sucking the black cock her husband said she likes pussy too! Mmmmm. So does my wife and with that the woman stopped sucking cock and crawled between my wife's legs and started to feast!!! She ate my wife's pussy and I was fingering the woman's wet pussy. The black man puts a condom on (my wife likes it bareback) and started fucking the woman as she ate my wife. I was rubbing the woman's clit and hard nipples. In about 2-3 minutes the black cock emptied his load in the condom. The woman was still eating my wife so I got behind her and entered her freshly fucked pussy bareback as she continued to munch on my wife's cum soaked snatch. Soon I fill the woman's cunt with my hot cum. After this we left to get back to the Monte Carlo so I could eat that cum filled pussy and put my throbbing cock in her. We have talked about this many times and my wife admits that she would have taken the black cock. Now, I want to see her take a black cock and have him fill her with cum.
  10. I know some think single swinging males can be a little... well, too horny, creepy, or desperate. Personally, if you enjoy using a single male in your swinging life, what arouses you about them? Do you enjoy using them as a piece of meat for your pleasure? I've been in threesomes with couples and enjoyed being seen as only another cock to use and play with. It seems that was the thing they wanted most from me. Sometimes they only wanted me to watch and masturbate to them.
  11. We had our friends K and L down for an overnighter, and it was so great. We've never entertained at home before, actually. We told the kids to find someplace to be for the night, and to take the problem-dog with them (the little yappy chihuahua bastard who likes to pick fights with the other dog). So they did, and other than one of the other dogs barfing on me, it went well. It was so great to not feel rushed and to just hang out, curled up on the couches, chilling and watching TV with good friends. Adjourning to the bedrooms when the mood strikes. Making as much noise as we want because our closest neighbours are a good quarter mile away. Grabbing some cold water and chocolate covered strawberries from the fridge. Those were a total hit, by the way. Amazing what you can do with a couple of melted chocolate bars and a container of berries. Out for dinner, back home for round two - - and snuggling until somebody starts snoring. Then back to bed with your spouse...for round three...and falling asleep exhausted. Round four with your own spouse next morning before a hearty bacon and egg breakfast at a truck stop diner by the 401. We've been blissed out all weekend. It's been a long seven months of all work and no play since we last saw our friends, and we all agreed it's been waaaay too long. Mr. intuition and I were talking about how we like the idea of quality over quantity. It's not often you'll meet friends with whom you'll click so well. They're really genuine people, which appeals greatly to me. I'm a little put off by stand-offish people who keep you at arms length. I don't mean any harm to anyone, and I trust the integrity of my own relationship to feel at ease expressing ourselves as freely as we like. These two are like that, too. We'd love to find another couple or two...or maybe three...whom we could consider actual friends.
  12. Oh my god, this morning my hubby and I are exhausted, a little hungover, and can't keep our hands off each other. We are officially no longer swinging virgins! So last night we went to Saints and Sinners in Philly. We went with zero expectations other than a fun night of dancing, and a commitment to get out of our shells by having sex with each other in one of the playrooms with others watching (which would be a total first for us both). We figured anything else would be a bonus. After a few drinks and some dancing, we met up with a couple that we had chatted with on sls a few times. The wife and I hit it off right away, and we spent an hour or two talking mixed with some dirty dancing while the boys watched. At one point she comes right out and asks me if we want to head downstairs to one of the playrooms. I didn't hesitate in saying yes ;-) We found a semi-private playroom (closed off, but open door and one open window) and, feeling a bit giggly, settled in. We both stripped off our skimpy clothes and jumped right in to kissing and touching. I loved the difference in our two beautiful bodies (I'm short and very curvy, big booty and 36DDD tits, she was taller, slender, with small perky tits). As the boys watched, she laid me down and licked my pussy. I LOVE my husband's tongue, and the feel of his rough bearded face, but I had forgotten how amazing the soft mouth of a woman feels (although this was our first swinging experience, I have been with women one-on-one, before my husband and I met) My husband began to kiss me and suck my tits while her face was buried in my wet pussy, and then pulled his thick cock out for me to suck while she licked and sucked my clit. As we switched, we kissed and touched some more, and I could taste myself on her tongue. I eagerly put my tongue on her sweet pussy (oh my god I'm going to be so jealous of my husband every time he eats me out now- I totally forgot how fucking spectacular the feel of a pussy under my tongue is!!!) and as I licked, sucked and nibbled, my ass in the air, my husband started to fuck me doggie style. I was so absorbed in eating her out that I didn't even realize my husband came not once, but twice! He said as soon as he saw me start to eat her pussy he exploded. She began to moan and cry out louder and louder, and I felt her cum all over my tongue. Her husband then moved in and started to finger fuck her to make her squirt, and my husband laid me down to lick my pussy and fuck me some more. All this time I can see people out of the corner of my eye, watching, getting turned on. Apparently one couple even came in and sat down for a little bit to get a closer look, but I didn't even notice. Our play finished with her husband fucking her doggie while she leaned over me as my husband ate me out. We were kissing, both each other's mouths and tits, and I worked her swollen clit with my fingers as she was getting fucked. So. Fucking. Hot. After we said our goodbyes, they left the club and hubby and I went back up to the dance floor. It was an all out fuck fest! Everywhere we looked people were sucking cock, eating pussy and fucking. We started making out again, and ended up with my tits in his mouth (my tits are large enough that he can put both nipples in his mouth at once, drives me WILD). We ended up back downstairs again, this time just the two of us, where we fucked some more with others watching, and I finished him (for those counting, that's #3!) in my mouth. After we got home, he couldn't keep his hands off me, talking about how insanely hot our experience was, and he made me cum with his fingers on my g spot and a vibrator on my clit. As soon as we woke up this morning, more fucking- lol I know I keep saying it, but we really can't keep our hands off each other! Last night has lit a fire under our already red-hot sex life and brought us even closer, and we can't wait to do it again
  13. We are a one on one couple usually meeting couples that are new to swinging. We have also not met anyone too close to where we live. We don't have a rule but normally go at least 40 miles away if we meet someone. A couple we met had contacted us saying they rented a cabin over two hours away and had invited a few other couples. We are more of a shore and beach couple and wasn't sure about a night in the mountains and woods. We aren't campers and we joked about making s'mores and how the Bears in the woods were going to come. They assured us, no bears and there was a lake and the cabin was really nice. We were late getting there and didn't see anyone in the cabin so we went to the back and our hostess was busy with someone. She stopped and said everyone was at the lake. We changed and went down to the lake. Lake is not the same as the beach but we had a good time. We met the four other couples. All nice people. That's when we realized one of the couples lives two blocks from us and our kids know each other. I think they were excited to know us. We were more cautious but went along with the fun. They are really nice but wish they weren't neighbors.
  14. Hi guys Just want to say Love the forum. We had our first experience at swapping when we were younger but I don't really count that since we were in our early 20's. Now the recent foray into the lifestyle was a blast. After many many talks we decided to go ahead and take the next step. We rented a room a local hotel in Denver known for it lifestyle friendliness. I wont post a name mainly do to the fact I am not sure its allowed. We were nervous to say the least. We got there early had a drink or 2 and then went to the clothing optional pool. Main we stood out as the newbies. First when we walked in they had bracelets color coded for what you were looking for. We just picked the one that said everything lol. We weren't sure what we were looking for. So we go in to the pool and everyone and I mean everyone was nude except us. Talk about standing out. So we looked around and decided to sit in a hot tub, the couple in the hot tub was older and we asked to get in the tub with them. They were the only ones in there. The other tub was full. We get in and with use being clothed must have made them uncomfortable so they left. Well we sat and just kind of absorbed the atmosphere of the place. We decided screw it let get naked and as soon as we did we had couples joining us in the tub. After 20 minutes or so we decided it was time for another drink and a smoke. We go back to our room and just kind of recharged then decided to go back to the pool. We nixed with the clothes and went in our towels. As we were heading back our neighbors door was open and they were nude as can be. So we keep going to the pool and get in the pool this time. As we were sitting in the pool we were watching a couple have sex and were playing around ourselves. So we noticed the neighbors come in and struck up a conversation with them. One thing led to another and we went back to our room which had a spa. We played a little in the spa then went back to the pool. After a while we ended back in our room and all four of us played for a while. My wife was thoroughly enjoying this opportunity. I've always wanted to see her with another woman and she did that gladly for me. I had a great time playing and I know she did as well. The one thing I learned is I need to stop after 1 Jack and coke. We have decided to definitely go again. I will post another thread with questions.
  15. This weekend me and Mr. finally had our first taste of the lifestyle. It was wonderful, I am honestly still thinking about it. We hooked up with some friends of Mr. they were also new to the lifestyle. They were both very attractive and nice. Since it was my first time with a woman, I was a bit nervous but once we got to the hotel room all those feelings just left. All I can say is that it was great and it was very very hot. I really think this board helped me with all of the worries I had. We are going to do it again next weekend.
  16. This experience could have turned out bad but ended up really great. I’m sharing it to make the point “You never know” We were invited to our first house party. We had met the hosts previously and Mrs Jiggly had chatted with the male half several times. We were told there would be another couple attending and while we were on our way they let us know the male half of another couple was going to be there. When we arrived we all chatted, had some drinks and pizza. Introductions were made all around and everyone seem to click just fine. We all adjourned to the living room and that’s when things started going down hill. The first "oh shit" moment came while I was talking to the female half of the other couple and she quickly pointed out that Mrs Jiggly had her spot, which was giving oral to the host of the party. We made it past that without any issues. Later I was giving oral to the hostess of the party. She had both of her hands on my head and I noticed two fingers at her clit. It was Mr. Hallpass. It was not my house and I did not feel like causing an issue so I backed off. Later I was playing with the female guest and Mr Hallpass shows up and starts messing with her from behind. I figured what the hell we can give the lady a MFM but Mr Hallpass pulls her and says he wants her for himself. By this time another single man shows up. Now he was not claiming to have a hall pass he said he is single. Mrs Jiggly was playing with the host when he gets up to watch his wife get some from the newly arrived single guy. At this point we are looking at each other thinking WTH? We decide to just do our own thing and as she is going down on me Mr. Hallpass comes up from behind and try’s to enter her without a condom! She told him no way and he staggered off. We were about ready to go home when the host offered for everyone to get in the hot tub. We decided why not and joined in. There was a lot of chatting and joking. I was sitting next to the hostess and things were starting to pick up. Well here comes Mr Hallpass again. About that time the hostess suggested Mrs Jiggy take a turn with the single guy. I did not have a problem with it and I was up for some fun so off we went to the bedroom. This guy was very well endowed. From what I witnessed he was very talented as well. As soon as he entered her he said “You’re a squirter, right?” I’m at her head getting a blow job and he’s fucking her so well she can barley keep my dick in her mouth. I finally backed off so she could enjoy herself and helped her by holding up her legs. The guy made her squirt so hard it sprayed off her foot and hit me in the face. The woman was in ecstasy! She came a couple times and the guy took a quick break. We chatted a couple minutes and went back at it for round two. Mrs Jiggly was enjoying herself so much I thought her head might pop off. We did not notice until the end of round two that all the couples had lined up against the wall watching us. When she caught her breath and waved hi to everybody they all applauded. It was a lot of fun for me but has been the best experience to date for Mrs Jiggly.
  17. Knowing she's a Swingersboard member, I asked. "Go ahead", she says. So here's our story My wife had a date with an out-of-town swing friend so I called up a new acquaintance. What a great time we had. Great sex: nothing remarkable about that. But we're laying horizontally, side-by-side in the steep angles of the four o'clock sun when something catches her eye. "Who made that mess?", she asks. "Fred," I answer (name changed to protect the innocent). Side story, at a house party a little more than a month ago, I crawled into bed at about 2 am. Wife was still full of energy and so was her man-friend. So they're wilding in the far bedroom when he looses his balance and sticks his ass though the wall, making a hole about, well I won't say how many inches. Let's say about half-assed. Next morning, he's feeling so bad about this that he insists on going out and getting wallboard, joint compound, screws, joint tape, etc and starts in. A job like this cannot, of course, be done in one day so the half-ass-size patch is left half finished. So here is my lady friend inspecting this work and she says, "I know how to do it right. Where are the tools?" I will be difficult for me to give you a sense of how farcical the situation is when you're naked and you are in a bedroom with a slim, perfect-musculature, knock-down gorgeous woman, also naked, who has a trow in her hand slathering joint compound all along the cracks in your wall. We looked at each other's splattered naked bodies and just laughed and laughed uncontrollably. But the fun is just beginning. We decide we're hungry so I recommend that she pull up her panties and thrown on a coat, we can go to the Sonic drive-in, get something to take back to the house and chow down. "I'll drive," she says, seeing that her car is parked in a place behind mine. So we're on our way and her engine sputters and stops. "Oh, I knew I should have filled with gas," says says apologetically. She was starting to get flustered but I saw that we were on a down-hill part of state route 19 so I suggested she stay behind the wheel and if I gave the car a push and she did not use the brake peddle, she could coast into the GetGo gas station. We? Well, I was wrong about that. The car coasted so fast, it would not have been safe for me to jump back in to the passenger seat. So I want you to picture this. Me, running down Rt. 19, chasing after a car whose passenger-side door in open. Well, she makes it into the driveway. But not enough momentum to get up to a pump. So here we are again, giggling and laughing our asses off trying to push this 5,000-pound monster of a car though a service-station. Eventually these two guys notice our plight and offer assistance. But they also did not fail to notice that my woman-friend's coat was covering her rather incompletely. It's a good thing it had become dark or they would have seen more. So as to attract no further attention to ourselves, she jumped back in, I filled the tank and we were quickly on our way. As soon as we pulled away from the station, we once again broke out into hysterical laughter. The remainer of the evening, although pretty good by any normal standard for a play date, was just postscript.
  18. Alright, so we're fairly new to the swinging scene. I'm curious about those of you who are more experienced or just want to share your own questions/concerns. My questions are: 1) What has been your best experience? 2) Your worst? 3) Any time you felt you didn't want to swing again or regret having done it? 4) How many times did it take for things to become 'comfortable' (
  19. What is your most unforgettable swinging experience? What made it unforgettable?
  20. I had my first gangbang this weekend. Set up by my husband and another couple we have played with. Four guys total not counting mr OCC who was playing with the wife from the other couple and watching me. It was supposed to be 5 guys but one didn't show, but it was still a blast. Started with blow jobs for everyone. Then they started giving me head while I sucked some of the guys. Then they took turns fucking me. Condoms for penetration which was a drag but a lot safer. Had a DP, pussy and ass. Then it just became a mix and match. Very sore afterwards but I loved it.
  21. (Written by husband R) As I sit here thinking whether to make this short or long, I keep picturing the scenes in my head and they're so hot I have to be detailed. Please forgive me for my long-windedness. So we have been talking about the possibilities of swinging in some fashion off and on for about 2 1/2 years with the conversation picking up recently. We joined this site a while back to get as much information as possible. I have to say that some of the horror stories have probably contributed to the delay. I check out local events and saw that one club was having a sensual masseuse at the party on Saturday night. Knowing how my wife loves a good massage I asked if she'd like to go. Once I added us to the guest list, the anticipation and the butterflies started. As Saturday approached we wondered if we'd actually go. We decided that the worst that could happen is we'd go, really not like it and leave. We had decided a long time ago that at least in the beginning we would not get into a full-swap situation, but be open to soft swap. We discussed out boundaries on Saturday and determined we'd stick with a "2nd base" limit of kissing, fondling and same room sex with each other if it came to it. Since I'm far more comfortable with open sex than my wife, I told her I would follow her lead and let her dictate the pace. If she felt comfortable expanding her limits, we would do so as long as intercourse was between us. I told her what I would really love to see is her experience her first kiss with a woman. S has always talked about how it would feel to kiss, touch and taste a woman. She said as long as I'm there with her, she thought she could do it, but wasn't sure. We agreed that pretty much all female contact would be allowed. We packed up and headed to the party, S looking spectacularly hot in a new dress that clung to her squat-sculpted ass. We arrived when the doors opened so we could get a tour and pick a spot to observe as people arrived. We met and talked to the bartender who was great at mixing up my wife's drinks. More and more people started showing up, we said hello to some, but mainly watched. There were some who were obvious regulars and put on quite a show on the dance pole!! My wife went out to the main room to see if anything was happening and motioned for me to come out there. The masseuse had arrived and had a (nude) man on the table giving him a rub down. I'm sure she was doing a fantastic job as evidenced by his hard-on. She finished with him, gave his wife a massage (as her female friend kissed her and rubbed her pussy). After she finished she had an open table. I asked S if she was up for it. She asked what she should wear, I told her whatever she was comfortable in. She decided to strip to her bra and panties. As she got her back rubbed, the masseuse asked if she could unhook her bra, no problem there. When she turned her over, I reached to her and took her bra, a little surprised she'd leave her (bought and paid for) 34D breasts exposed. I was so glad she felt that secure. Her massage over, she put her clothes back on and we headed down the hall to see if anyone was in the playrooms yet. Much to our pleasure, there was a MFF group in one room along with some observers. We are voyeuristic and loved the show. I can always tell when S is getting turned on and seeing this in person for the first time was definitely doing the trick. We headed back to the bar for another drink as the place was filling up. We were enjoying the dancing and music and of course I was rubbing S's ass through her dress. We were trying to decide if we would approach anyone or just hang for the evening. We didn't have to make the choice after all. You may now take a brief intermission from our story. A couple came up to us and the husband (H) said, “you keep lifting your wife's skirt up and and then down, but never show enough of her great ass”. You want to make a good impression, tell S she has a great ass. Good move. They were friendly, funny and put us at ease immediately. We attempted to chat over the booming music and probably heard about every 5th word everyone was saying. Since we told them it was our first time at a club and really our first experience of any kind like this, they asked what we were looking for in the evening. We explained that we didn't have expectations, but did have limits. They did say that they are full swap but spent their first 6 years doing only soft swap and they understood boundaries fully. Another good move. I'd say we talked for about 30-40 minutes and they asked if we'd like to go to one of the rooms. I looked at S and she gave me the “good sign”, so we went and found an empty one. We were standing by the bed and I was talking to H's wife (W) and I heard H ask S if he could kiss her. I will be frank that I am very possessive and protective of S and I wasn't sure how I would react the first time. I'm glad to say it was far more of a turn-on and there were 0 pangs of jealousy. I turned to W and I could see she wanted the same. I kissed her slowly and deeply and moved to her neck. I kissed her ear and told her asked what she thought of female contact. She whispered that she is bi so it's all good. I told her about wanting to see S kiss a woman. She just smiled, turned to my wife who was still kissing H and pulled her away. She touched both sides of S's face and just leaned in and kissed her. S responded as I always knew she would, with passion. Fantasy #1 down. S went back to H for some more kissing (S REALLY loves kissing). W asked if it was in our limits to touch each others “better parts”, which I said it was. The next thing I knew I had both S's and W's hands rubbing me through my jeans, then S moved to H's. It was clear that what she was doing was having it effect on him. W asked me if I thought S would like to have all of us rub her. That is actually one of her top fantasies, to be lying on a bed, with multiple people massaging her body all over. H asked if he could unzip S's dress to get a better look at her butt, which she agreed to. She would look over to me periodically to make sure I was okay with whatever was happening and I always gave her a nod. H asked if we could take S's dress off, she said yes, that would be okay. When she was in her underwear, she suggested I take off W's dress as well, which I willingly did. She then said it was unfair that the guys were still dressed so the girls stripped us down. We laid S down on the bed and I asked her if I could take off her bra so we could rub her. H was on one side, I was on the other and W was straddling on of her legs. We all started rubbing her with H and I taking turns kissing her. I know S was in pure heaven. Fantasy #2 down. At this point we were pretty much as the limit of our boundaries and having a great time. We had discussed naked fondling of other people and that was pretty much where we cut it off. S had my cock in one hand and H's cock in her other while we caressed her. W leaned over to me and asked if it would be okay if she licked S. I asked S and she didn't hesitate a moment before saying, yes, that would be good. W is obviously experienced at this and it was a beautiful sight to see. I really wasn’t sure if S would allow a woman to go down on her, but she seemed fine with it and had her usual reaction. H and I continued to rub her and she pulled me closer to her mouth and started sucking me. A moment before it happened I knew what was coming next. She took her mouth off me, turned her head and put H in her mouth. H looked at me and asked if this was okay. I knew oral sex with others was beyond our boundaries for the night, but as I said, I was going let her set the pace and it was something she has talked about doing. And she looked so beautiful doing it. She continued back and forth on us while W brought her to her first orgasm. S is extremely multi-orgasmic and can cum in just about every way possible, but oral is her favorite. At this point she looked at me and told me that W was being neglected and I should give her some attention. I asked W to come up to the bed, which she did. She asked if I wanted her to suck me while I licked her, I told her no, I wanted her to focus on her pleasure. Truth is I was so turned on I probably would have came the second her lips hit me. :-) H replaced W's mouth with his fingers inside S. I went to work licking W and slid my finger into her. She was dripping wet, licking S had turned her on incredibly. I looked over at S once in awhile to watch her sucking H and he asked her if he could taste her, which of course she agreed to. He bent down to lick her soaked pussy. One thing I appreciated, he kept saying to me and W how gorgeous S is. I know she loved hearing it. W is very responsive to oral and tasted very good. I figured there was no time like the present to see how far S wanted to go. I told W that I was going to ask S if she wanted to lick W and she just smiled. I whispered to S, “would you like to take your turn at licking W, I'll be right there with you”. I thought she was going to say she wasn't ready but she just said, “Sure, I'll try”. We both made our way back to W and I went in first, with S right behind me. I have given her pointers on what to do if she ever tried it, but I don't think she needed them. Once she started licking, she was in W's words, “a quick learner”. She went after it I never thought she would even fingering W while she licked her. Once in a while she would turn and kiss me so I could taste W. I was enthralled watching S, I don't think she was ever more beautiful. H had made his way up to W and she was sucking him. I got behind S and knew exactly what she'd want so I started licking her and tonguing her ass, and fingering her, rubbing the spot I know drives her wild. All I could hear from W was moans and the occasional, “God she's really good at this” comment. I think S must have been down on her for 30 minutes. I haven't mentioned that during all of this, people were coming and going from the room to watch us, which made it all the hotter. I asked S later if she paid any attention to the crowd and she said once in a while she'd look over, but otherwise was too busy. S turned and said that it was about time I fucked her. W got up and as I entered S from behind, W crawled under her and started to lick her clit. I could feel her tongue lightly brush me as I went in and out. What a sensation. H moved back around to the front of S and she started rubbing and sucking him. I know this is one of our most frequented fantasies and I was thrilled to see her live it. I would alternate between fucking S and leaning down to kiss W and tongue fuck S. I know at this point S was just stroking H because she could not concentrate enough to suck him. W and I made her cum 3 or 4 times together. I told H I thought it was about time he take care of W, I could tell she was wanting to get fucked pretty badly. They moved to one side of the bed and he took her with her legs over his shoulders. I had one more thing in mind. I had S get up and I bent her over the bed behind H & W. I asked S to reach in and rub W while she was getting fucked. I could tell that feeling this heightened S's thrill level as she felt H sliding into W. I's swear we all 4 came abut the same time, and it was a glorious release. A few of the couples in the room watching told me how hot it had been to watch us. W told them it was S's first time and they said they'd never have guessed. We chatted for a bit until we figured maybe someone else would like the room so we dressed and went out for a cool drink and talked some more. We went back to the bar and watched some more people, then went back to H & W for more conversation. We ran into one of the couples that had watched us and talked for a long time. Turned out we have a lot in common with them and they said they wished they'd run into us first. We told them to email us and we'd go out for a drink sometime. His wife describes him as her caramel colored stallion, so we'll have to see what that's about. We chatted with the owner of the club too, to let him know how much we enjoyed the party and his place. We'll definitely be back. By the time we left it was going on 3:00am (we got to the party at 8:00) and we were exhausted. That didn't stop us from coming home, talking about what had happened to make sure everything was good and then having some more amazing sex. I asked S if she had any negative feeling or had experienced any jealousy, she said no, everything had been really great. I know we both truly appreciate the respect and care H & W showed towards us. They were not pushy but helped guide us and kept it light and fun. It was something we'll never forget. We had always discussed whether to make our first time with an experienced couple or newbies such as ourselves. I think it happened the right way and hopefully some day we'll do the same for other new couples. We've since had some great recap conversations of the experience and are looking forward to here we go from here. S said she absolutely loved how it turned out and really wants to keep the soft swap for the time being. I think we'll revisit our boundaries and move the lines accordingly. As for her first female experience, she said it was better than she expected and something she'll do again. She wants to find a single woman so they can focus effort on me, something I'm certainly not opposed to. I asked her about a single male, she said she has no need now and maybe we'll explore that later. I really don't see how it could have gone better, we were so totally afraid of having a bad first experience. I think I have to mark off about half a dozen of our fantasies as completed. So there's our story, I think I need a glass of juice and a nap now. All names have been omitted to protect the not-so-innocent. These forums were a wonderful place to educate ourselves on etiquette and what we could expect in general. R of RnS
  22. Syn and I had been having contact with a couple online and they invited us to a party this weekend. While we have awesome sex on our own we were curious about having a threesome or more. We decided to attend the party not really knowing what to expect. We arrived and several other couples were already there in various stages of undress. We felt a little uncomfortable because we had no idea how to get started. The hosts had us follow them into the bed room where a couple was playing on the bed and one guy was giving the women Sybian rides. We watched for a bit and I told Syn that we should get undressed and she could start giving me a blowjob. Syn is quite talented at giving head and a couple of the girls were commenting on how good she was. One of the men laid down on the bed next to us. Syn looked up from what she was doing and I motioned for her to start on the other guy. She did and he started loving it. That was the very first time someone else had been involved in having sex with us. I was having a great time watching but then the hostess approached and took my dick in her mouth. She blew me for a while then I asked to return the favor. The host got behind Syn while she was giving head and started fucking her. Another girl started sucking my cock with the sole intention of making cum as quickly as possible. It did not take long before I blew my load down her throat. By then word of Syn's incredible head started getting around. The host decided he wanted head also. The guy she was giving head to moved to eat her pussy and the host started getting head. The host moved away before he came and another guy, the youngest person there started fucking her mouth while sh ewas getting eaten. It did not take long before he started pumping his cum into her mouth. Syn is not shy about swallowing and quaffed down every last drop. Syn got on all fours and started blowing anothe rguy as the host fucked her doggie style. I moved the host away and started plowing into her pussy. We are really into anal sex and had discussed that anal was to be off limits at the party. Fucking her doggie style I could not resist. I asked the host for some lube and went to fucking her ass. The host and the kid that had blown a load in her mouth were standing next to me watching. I moved off and let the host take a turn. He stuck his cock in her ass and went to town. Syn was loving having a cock in her ass as she sucked a cock. When he got close to coming he stopped and washed up in the shower preffering instead to cum in her mouth later. The kid was next. I gaped her ass open for him and told him not to come in her ass in case someone else wanted to take a turn. He came on her back. I laid on the bed as she gave a guy head and he blew a load in her mouth. The host was next and she swallowed every drop. The kid was hard again and she zestfully swallowed him one more time. Then she gave her last blow job and swallowed one more time. All in all a very fun if tiring experience.
  23. My fiance and I first got into swinging last spring or summer, but didn't have any luck finding couples for us to play with; but we had also agreed that playing alone was ok- if precautions were taken- because my fiance was very concerned for my safety. We had joined a swinger's site, and recieved a message from a guy; who very quickly proved himself to be on the up and up. Him and his wife were looking for another couple, or he was also allowed to play alone. It didn't work out as far as a couple thing there either, because of the age difference; his wife was/is looking for guys closer to her own age. I had some concerns that he could be another one of these guys, trying to cheat on his wife; so I asked to talk directly to her- not actually expecting that I would get to. It's been my experience, that asking to talk directly to someone's wife; has weeded out the ones trying to cheat. So I talk to his wife on the phone, and see he's telling the truth; and we arrange to meet for breakfast. Once we met, we hit it off right away; and spent quite a while in the restaurant talking and eating, so then he wanted to go out to his car to talk. Having just met him, I was still concerned for my safety; so I suggested sitting in my car- since it didn't have automatic door locks- so that I couldn't be locked in against my will- if he was that kind of guy. So we are able to talk more intimately out in the car, without worrying about someone overhearing; and it continues to go well. One thing leads to another, and we end up kissing, and it was like WOAH, sparks flying right away! Then the next part is where I really ended up surprising myself, because it's not something I ever did upon first meeting someone. One thing leads to another again, and he is fingering me; and sucking on my breast- which just drives me over the edge! He makes me cum 4 times pretty quickly. After it's all done, I am left kind of stunned at what just happened LOL. I then feel like I should reciporcate, and offer him a blowjob; but he tells me another time- because I am feeling obligated. He invites me back to his place, but I wasn't ready for that yet; so he was very respectful- and didn't try to preasure or push- that waited until the next time. The really cool thing, is that we are still seeing each other over a year later; and have been having great fun the entire time. We also enjoy each other's company outside of the bedroom, as in sitting and talking for hours; after all the sexual fun is over. I've even gotten to meet his wife recently, and am developing a friendship with her.
  24. We have been talking about swinging for a couple of years. Went to a couple of clubs but ended up just the two of us at the end of the night. What we talked about was meeting, sizing each other up, and if all worked out same room sex. Well same room sex turned into groping, sucking, touching, my wife's first bi experience, and her first experience with another man besides me. Lots of licking, sucking but fucking only my wife and he fucked his wife. My wife's pussy was soooo sore. We went at it for 2 1/2 hours. Can't believe that I held out that long. We have had a few days to process the whole scene and I am just at work and will have a vivid flash of part of the scene and just smile. We can't keep our hands off each other. Even though we only soft swapped we don't feel weird after. We feel closer to each other. We both feel sexier with renewed energy for life and sex. What is also strange is, event though we did EVERYTHING short of intercourse with the other couple, we feel like we weren't wanting intercourse from the other couple. I was between the other girl's legs fingering and sucking on her and thought to myself I am in the perfect spot to climb on her but that was not my desire. I loved watching my wife be touched by all three of us and we fucked like animals next to the other couple while touching and groping. I am sooooo glad that our first experience awesome with nice, normal people that we shared an attraction and a love for sex with (and it wasn't weird at all). No matter how well we planned, it could not have turned out better.
  25. We were into our usual sex play with a couple we play with regularly, I am going down on the wife when I see her husband reach over to my husband and start rubbing his balls, then stroking his cock. My husband laid back and let it happen. They then laid foot to head 69'ish and begging jerking each other off. The ladies stopped what they were doing and watched them get each other off as we rubbed ourselves off. Whewwwwwwwww, I hope it happens again!
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