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Cuckold / Hotwife

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Erotic swinger stories involving cuckolding and hot wife scenarios.
This all started around forty years ago when my wife Beth and I had dated for a few years then married. It wasn't long after we married that I introduced her to her first big realistic porn star dildo.  When she first saw it she laughed and said, "That'll never fit in my pussy, are you nuts?!" But she agreed to trying and found not only did it fit but she really enjoyed it. She was amazed by how much she enjoyed it.  So much so that she requested I use it on her quite a lot. She also discovered she enjoyed big cock porn, she was fascinated by it. Soon was I combining using a huge dildo on her at the same time she watched big cock porn, this led her to experience huge orgasms. She couldn't get enough. She was finally exploring her sexuality and expanding her outlook on sexual pleasure.
One night after some really hot sex I  questioned her if she ever fantasized about fucking other men, especially well-hung men. She responded that of course she did, stated that most women had this fantasy, and she believed it was quite common. So I pursued it further and asked her if she wanted to try another man's cock and how much did she really desire to do it? She said that it sounded exciting and fun but she would never do anything to endanger our marriage. I said,  "What if I told you that I wanted to watch you have sex with another man, one that had a really big cock. Would you then consider it?" She laughed and said she'd be game if it was something I was serious about and really wanted her to do. She said, "Come on, let's be real. It's exciting and fun to imagine it, but to really do it? Please! That's a major game changer."
So I said, "I'm very serious. I've watched the way you enjoy the dildos especially while watching big cock videos. It turns me on big time seeing how excited you get and how many times you climax from doing these two things at the same time. I want to watch you do it for real. No BS, just watching you getting slammed by a big cock would be a huge turn-on for me. So what do you really think now that you know that I'm serious and am giving you this opportunity?"
I could see her giving it some serious thought, she didn't get mad or upset at me or the idea, no resistance whatsoever to my request.  The more she considered the idea the more it appeared to me that she was very intrigued with the idea and it excited her.
She started asking all kinds of questions, like wouldn't I be jealous, or think the worst of her, or what if she really enjoyed it and wanted more or didn't feel comfortable screwing another man, then what? Were there any rules and what were the consequences? Was I absolutely sure that I really wanted her to do this, because once done there was no going back!
After she finished asking everything she had concerns about I answered all her questions and we talked about the rules/boundaries we would have in place to keep it fun and exciting without any reservations or guilt. This was to make sure she fully understood my concerns and alleviate all of hers as well. It seemed she came to a decision at which point she smiled and enthusiastically said yes, she'd do it! Did I have someone special in mind she wondered? She said she had to agree to my choices for her sexual escapades or it wasn't gonna happen.
 I then informed her I was thinking of Bruce. Beth squealed with glee, she admitted she has had fantasies about Bruce for some time now and I couldn't have picked a better choice for her first time. She would absolutely love to fuck Bruce. She said she was getting wet thinking about sex with him.
A few days later I met up with Bruce for an after work drink. As we enjoyed several drinks we talked a lot. Soon I steered the conversation towards my wife Beth. I asked  Bruce to be honest and tell me what he thought about Beth. He admitted he thought Beth was smokin' hot. She had a killer body and was just gorgeous, always was friendly, and liked flirting with him when they were together. I asked him if he' ever had the chance would he consider having sex with her? He looked a bit concerned by my question but answered yes, he wouldn't hesitate to take advantage of such an opportunity. So I told him that Beth really wanted to have sex with him, and that I was okay with them hooking up. I explained that was my kink watching her get fucked by other men, it really turned me on. Bruce considered it for several minutes then said okay sure, he'd love to fuck Beth. Just give him the details when we're ready to make it happen.
When I got home I told Beth about my conversation with Bruce and what he said. She looked startled and said she couldn't believe I did that. So I asked her if what I did was so wrong and did she still want to go through with it? She excitedly said Oh hell yes she did, and no I wasn't wrong! So we made plans and set a date for Beth's first cock. 
The night arrived finding Beth both excited and hot with anticipation. She was dressed to kill showing off her sexy body wearing no underwear. When Bruce knocked on the door I answered it and escorted him into our house. Beth entered the living room and gave Bruce a big hug pressing her chest and pelvis into him and then kissed him on the lips. Bruce kissed her back and he sat down pulling her on to his lap. Nether one of them wasted any time, tongues going everywhere, hands exploring and groping each other, clothes coming off. Soon they were both naked and Beth got a pleasant surprise, Bruce was very well hung. She giggled with delight.
Beth took Bruce's hand and led him to our bed. She pushed him down on the bed and went to work on Bruce's big cock giving him an enthusiastic blow job. After a while Bruce flipped Beth on her back and went to work on her pussy and clit. Beth orgasmed in minutes, fully enjoying Bruce's skilled tongue. I stood in the background watching the show.
Soon Bruce moved into position between Beth's legs. As he rubbed his cock against Beth's open pussy and clit she responded with loud moans and started pressing her pussy against Bruce's cock. As he slid his huge cock into Beth's pussy she had a big climax. As he went deeper he increased his speed and Beth climaxed again. She was enthralled with his big cock pumping her pussy, she was moving her hips and swearing, telling him his cock felt so good. She looked over at me and said she loved how good his big cock felt inside her. She told Bruce to stretch her pussy good, to fuck her hard. She was in sexual ecstasy, a place she'd never been before. Her facial expressions showed pure bliss and the sounds she was making were hot as hell. I never seen her so turned on, she must of had a dozen orgasms, many of which were huge.
They fucked each other hard for a good twenty minutes then Bruce erupted into Beth's pussy, filling her with his cum. This gave Beth another climax. Afterwards he laid on Beth for a minute then rolled off her. He'd destroyed her pussy, it gaped open with his cum dripping out of her. They kissed and he got up to dress while Beth laid there spent. She looked at me and smiled big time. She said, "Your turn!", so I took sloppy seconds and enjoyed it beyond belief. Bruce watched us have sex then commented that watching real sex was so much hotter than any porno ever could be. He understood my enjoyment of watching my wife fuck other men. He said he'd like to do it again and Beth was all for it. So they made plans to hook up again. Then Bruce left.
Beth and I talked about how well things went, and how she wasn't prepared for how much she enjoyed his big cock. It was mind boggling! She thanked me profusely for asking her to do this, the opportunity to experience such awesome sex. She says she'll never be the same again and is looking forward to more big cock sex. So our new lifestyle began.

It has been quite a few years since we have been able to get away for our anniversary and we finally planned a week away for just ourselves at the beach.  We decided to go during the late summer when my wife's parents could watch the kids during summer break.  We had a lot of anticipation and excitement leading up to it and left early on a Saturday morning to be able to fully enjoy our first day.  We had an early check in for the room and got up there before noon and decided to get ourselves settled before going down to the pool area.  We splurged and had an ocean-facing balcony so when my wife was unpacking I went out to take a look.  When I came back in she was standing there laughing as she held a 24 pack of condoms and looked at me and said, "We are here for 6 days, this might be a bit much."  I smiled and said, "Just wanted to make sure I had enough."  Of course she couldn't let it go by without responding, "You know, if you just had a vasectomy, we wouldn't need these anymore at all." I replied,  "I know, I know."
So we finished unpacking and she changed into her bathing suit.  We are both 38 and have pretty nice bodies but for her, she doesn't enjoy wearing a bikini anymore.  She is 5'6" cute brunette with long hair, a firm sexy ass and soft 36D tits.  She changed into a sexy suit none the less, it was kind of like a bikini at the top but with an added amount that covered her stomach.  I didn't mind as I could still admire her breasts.  When we got to the pool area we went right to the bar and the drinks kept flowing.  We laid by the pool, walked by the beach and spent some time in the water but mostly just had drinks in our hands.  On the way back to the room we stopped by the front desk and bought a few 6-packs for the fridge in the room.
We walked up to the room carrying our beer and as soon as we got inside we put the beers down and started really kissing, then she pulled away and said to save it for later because she wanted to have a few drinks on the balcony.  I hand her one and she goes out on the balcony while I put the others in the fridge.  Then I walk out and hear her talking to someone, that's when I saw that the room next door had an adjoining balcony.  He was a younger guy named Jeremy and was having a pleasant conversation so I offered him a beer and then sat down.  We talked for a while and it was a lot of fun and my wife then made a comments and said, "You must be having so much fun with all these young sexy girls on the beach."  He just laughed and said that he enjoyed some of the sights.  I jumped in and responded, "I like what I get to look at" and got an eye roll from my wife.
My wife said she wished she still had the body she used to have, especially the perky tits.  Without thinking I reached over and grabbed a tit and said that they were great.  I expected her to swat my hand away but she left it there and said I only liked them because I was stuck with them.  I immediately looked at Jeremy and asked if he thought they were nice too and he just smiled and said he didn't mind looking at them. 
This is when I realized that the drinks had really hit her because she stood up and leaned over, squeezing them together with her hands saying, "They might look good from this angle."  She bent over a little too far and fell into his lap and they both started laughing.  She collapsed on her knees in front of him and looked at him and asked, "Do you really think they look nice?".  He insisted yes and she still argued that he was just saying it to be nice.  So I leaned forward and reached around and grabbed her top and pulled it open with her tits spilling out. "Now he can see them and I know he likes them," I said.  He said they looked so nice and soft and that he really did think they were nice.
She told him how sweet he was and that she wanted to make sure he got a nice view of them and I sat and watched as she reached forward and pulled his swim trunks to his ankles.  I sat speechless ash she leaned forward and squeezed her tits around his dick slowly tit fucking his cock to make him hard.  As she did it she asked if her tits were as soft as they looked and if he enjoyed the way her big areolas looked on her big tits.  "Those are the most suckable nipples I have ever seen," he responded.  She quickly stood up and pushed one of her tits in his mouth and his hands immediately went to her ass and he effortlessly slid her bottoms off.  As he was sucking her nipples back and forth he was also rubbing her pussy and driving her wild.  She spread her legs open wide enough to straddle him and sat down on his lap with his dick in between them.  He was really enjoying her tits and I know how much that turns her on and how crazy he was driving her. 
It was then that she leaned forward dragging her pussy along his dick then letting the tip touch her pussy as she started working her way down on it.  At this moment is when I noticed just how big he was, she was about halfway down and working it up and down inside her but he wanted more.  He grabbed her ass and started pulling her down onto his dick.  She moaned, "Oh my god I am so full.  You are so deep.  This is stretching me out so much.  God keep going".  When she said keep going is when he thrust his hips upward and went all the way inside her.  She was just moaning "Oh fuck me!" over and over as she rode his dick through an orgasm.  She was really pushing down to get it all inside her when I saw him grab hold of her ass and clench up and I knew he was cumming.  She got up right after and walked inside the room and I didn't know how she felt about what just happened.
She was only gone for a minute and came back with a beer and handed it to Jeremy.  Then she turned and got on her knees in front of me and pulled my pants down to see my already hard dick.  She sat on my lap like she did his and had my dick pushed between us.  She was kissing me deeply and then kissing my neck and told me to close my eyes.  So I did and and the next thing she did was slide back a little and then I feel her touch my dick.  She kind of giggled as she unrolled a condom onto me then got on top and pushed my dick inside her.  She was riding me and told me that since I brought condoms that I needed to use them.  She kept talking and said: "Wow, doesn't this feel so strange to get sloppy seconds while wearing a condom. Jeremy made my pussy all loose and sloppy for you."  I couldn't think with how wild this situation was.  She looked at me and continued, "You know he hasn't even kissed me and I have his cum in my pussy."  With that I tensed up and came in the condom.  
She went inside the room and laid down in bed and fell asleep immediately.  Jeremy and I finished our beers and then both went to our rooms.  I laid in bed for hours replaying what just happened as she slept soundly through to the morning.

My wife and I met in college and have been married for almost 22 years. When we met I was the most jealous person you could possibly be and that continued up until our second or third year of marriage.
I slowly started to notice I was aroused about the thought of her being a hotwife. Like others, she was totally against the idea but after seeing I was real, started warming up slowly, and I mean slowly, over the years. 
During my first deployment, she would role play some and very little online, but never any physical play. In fact my sex drive was at least three times than hers. When I came back home, she and I did a live Webcam and I was so turned on seeing all the attention she was getting.
I was deployed again and still had this fetish strong.  She found an old college buddy to soft play with. I called home and she told me about him and it drove us wild. Then she had an old friend that she gave a blow job to and some heavy flirting along with a small lesbian experience.  She had no interest in anyone she didn't know or feel she had a connection with and I was just happy to get what I could. 
About another year and half things picked up steam again and she had an old friend she was hanging out with. They ending up messing around twice, and she actually had sex with him once. I was very aroused and couldn't believe after seven years of marriage, it finally happened.
Things then got complicated  mostly from me and her inexperience. She was trying to live out my fantasy and I wasn't very clear in what I wanted. Like an idiot would get mad thinking she was hiding things from me, when in fact I was supposed to find out that way.  She let him get into her heart and mind more than she should have.  I did more damage to a very good wife. She was only doing what I asked and doing it the best she could.
Then she started feeling like she was used by this guy and the relationship between the two of them crumbled. I was so into the hotwife idea, I didn't realize how I was pushing her to talk about a painful experience until one night I pushed too far and made her feel like her telling me about it was more important than her feelings and thus starting  a string of events that almost completely destroyed us.
For the next three years, she still stayed with me,  but we were far from good. Some days she would be ok, and others she couldn't look at me.  There would be a few good days but I broke a good women. I couldn't fix it and thought we were going to split.
One day things started to thaw and we started having a relationship once more. I never brought my fantasy up again and thought it was dead in the water. We had an anniversary and it went really well and when I got home after a four week business trip, I saw her miss me for the first time.  I was relieved and even thought I still ran the thought through my head, never dared mention it at all.
Unknown to me,  she started a friendship with a male friend and became very attached to him. They had dinner together and she even kissed him, nothing more up to that point. I did find something on the computer, one blog she wrote that talked a little about it and didn't care if found out. I was floored but truthfully, I liked the idea. 
It was probably a month or two later we were having foreplay and she started hinting about it. She wasn't sure how I would take it since she was so hard on me about about the mistakes of the last time playing.  She started hinting trying to get me to bring it up by asking what biggest fantasy was. I knew what she was getting at and finally I told her to have someone else touch you. We had the most incredible raw sex in years and all of a sudden we had passion too.
She told me about her friend and we were having more sex than ever. We did it on trampolines, in my truck, and anywhere else we could. Marriage was good and exciting as it could be. She went to her friend's house a couple of times and gave him blowjobs before coming home and telling me. We would have mind-blowing sex. Her relationship with him dried up, but as soon as it did, a new friend was there to take his place. 
This was a game changer. He lived in another state.  They chatted all the time, had phone sex, exchanged pictures and were really into each other.  She planned a trip with him and they stayed a short distance from the house in a hotel, it was hot as hell to me. She went to his house a few times and ending up having sex probably five or six times after that.  We took all our lessons from the bad experience and this one never has had any issues.
The only thing she was comfortable doing was going solo and coming home to tell me. This went on about once a year for few years. She had an another old friend and went to stay with him for a few days where they had sex. There was a friend that came to see her and they stayed in a hotel here and had sex. Another friend from her hometown she only done soft play with. All these were fun but she didn't like the feeling she felt by telling me and I wanted so bad to watch it.
She just had a trip to her hometown and met one of her fiends. They didn't do anything but talk, but when she got home, we had sex three times and sat up all night. We started discussing swing clubs and how fun they would be. She agreed to go and I found one and that is when a sexual awakening happened to her. 
I set up the account and thought we would probably go and if I was lucky I could watch her dance with someone and we talked about her kissing someone else. To my surprise,  she took over from there, chatting and setting this up.  She bought a short dress that a friend from the community helped her pick out. She was as hot as ever and we couldn't stop thinking about it
She had never been as high sex drive as I am. In fact we would go two months with no sex and never more than twice a week.  Since we had this conversation ten days ago, we have so much sex, we are both raw. It was so hot. 
We made it to the club and meet up with a single guy and a couple.  The couple was nice but it fizzled out some.  We took to the single guy and he danced with her, I danced with her, and at times we both danced and grinded on her. I thought this was going to be it, but was I ever wrong.
I looked over and saw her deep kissing him and when we went to a place for privacy,  she straddled him in her dress and they were making out. As he was eating her, she took my hands and rubbed them on her tits. Then I rubbed her clit and he fingered her. She even wanted me to hold her hair as she gave him a blowjob.  I was in heaven and it was exactly how I thought it would be. No penetration that night, but it was the hottest thing I ever was involved in. We came home and had sex twice and every chance we can since. That was five days ago.
She has found another couple we are going to meet tomorrow for dinner. We don't know how far it will lead but she and I are so excited. She even thinks things may happen and says she may want me to play with the other women. Not to mention, we are going to have a mfm with the guy from the club very soon.
She had never been as high sex drive as I am. In fact we would go two months with no sex and never more than twice a week.  Since we had this conversation ten days ago, we have so much sex, we are both raw.  She told me she has never had this high of sex drive. When we aren't together we are masturbating two to three times a day.
I have always fantasized about this and it seems like I wrote this script. I cannot not believe how fast it has moved in ten days. She now fantasizes about me watching her again and with another couple. It gets her going as much as it does me. 
It took twenty years to get to this point. There were a lot of mistakes and failures. We both learned and made the next one better. She is in control now and it is much fun. I love my Hotwife.

I was a cuckold bull for a few couples before marriage.
The one cuckold couple progressed to the point where he would answer the door in her panties and take me by the hand to the bedroom. She would be naked on the bed as he unzipped me, dropping my pants to my ankles, then getting on his knees and sucked my cock.
She would walk over and kiss me as I fingered her as we watched him suck me hard. His boner would be poking out the top of the panties as she would take over on my cock and he would get behind me and lick, rim, and eat me deep. Then I would pick her up, lay her down and lick pussy as he continued to rim me, lovin’ my dominant manhole.
He was chastised and only allowed to cum where and when I tell him. I would make him hump butt crack and shoot up my back or hump his dick on my spent pussy-cum-covered cock and cum on his wife’s lover's cum-covered cock.
One fateful night as I fucked the wifey for a couple hours and he watched, licked where told, and was being a good boy, she asked me if I would fuck him? Of course I tell her, get the rubber and the lube!
He was on the little couch at the foot of the bed. I get between his legs as she puts the rubber on my cock and lubes him up. With his panties slid to the side I put my cock to his butt bud, then gently push breaking through his opening gliding easily balls deep in his hole. He was tight, it felt incredible, I could barely pump him without cumming. His bone sticking out the panties was so hard it was purple.
She grabs his dick and he starts shooting cum as I pick up the pace and butt fuck him good and hard blowing a massive load. It was hot!!! That was the only time I butt fucked a guy.

The weekend has just passed, and Jack and I have some serious talking to do in the next few days. Jack and I are swingers, and Allan was an old friend who has visited us frequently over the ten years. He and his monster cock were like an addiction I just couldn't break. This past weekend was another such visit. But after it was over, I felt like Jack and I needed to talk.
Friday evening after dinner Jack and I were sitting down to watch TV, and the phone rang. It was Allan calling from the airport and wanting to come to see us and spend the weekend. We have become accustomed to such requests over the years as Allan is very impulsive and rarely gives us any advance notice. We said, "sure," but with some trepidation as the last visit gave hints of posing what would become the start of a possible problem for us in our friendship and sexual relationship.
Within the hour, Allan had pulled into our driveway and was ringing our doorbell. Of course, we were glad to see him as it had been several months since his last visit, but we were just a little less enthusiastic this time in our hugs and greetings. "Is there something wrong here?" Allan said. "No, we were just a little surprised that you didn't tell us you were coming for the weekend," I said. "Well, that is because I may be here more than just the weekend this time," Allan replied. The voice inside of my head said, "What?"
As it turned out, over a couple of drinks, we discovered that Allan had sold his home in North Carolina. His furniture was already on its way by truck to Tampa, where he had rented a home sight unseen. That is because he wasn't planning to spend much time in that house, but most of it with us.
He fully expected me to be sexually available to him at any time of the day or night as I had been on his previous visits. Now Jack and I have a good marriage. While we swing fairly often and Jack gets off watching, we still maintain a fairly monogamous relationship at all other times.
Allan's announcement just about knocked us over, and we didn't know what to say at first. Then Allan leaned over and kissed me in a very passionate way and asked Jack if he minded the two of us going to bed right away. "Wait a minute, I may have something to say about that," I said, even though I could feel my panties getting moist from his kiss. Jack, in his usual mild manner, said, "It's entirely up to Karen." With that taken as approval, Allan picked me up in his arms. He carried me to the master bedroom, where he deposited me in the center of my bed and began to undress me without further discussion.
It didn't take long to pull off my T-shirt and shorts as I was dressed casually, but my bra and panties took a little longer. Allan wanted to suck and lick all over my breasts and around my pussy until he was sure I was ready for him. He seemed to have forgotten my shoes until he had all of his clothes off and was prepared to initiate some serious sexual intercourse. I kicked my shoes off and noticed that Jack was already sitting in a chair by the bed, nude and stroking himself.
"Wait just a damn minute," I said as I reached for the lube. Even though I was starting to lubricate freely, I knew that Allan's 9+" dick was going to take some juice to get him in fully.
I spread the lube all around my vagina, making sure to coat the inner and outer labia thoroughly. Allan just couldn't wait and tried to mount me and stick that monster home. Up and down, back and forth, he worked his dick around the mouth of my pussy. But couldn't get even the head inside. Jack then grabbed the tube and to my surprise, took Allan's dick and lubed him up for me.
Within seconds Allan had the head of his monster dick in and was rolling it around and around, driving me to distraction wanting all of it in me. Inch by inch, he shoved it home until he had his balls slapping against my ass, and we were both moaning and tossing with excitement.
Apparently, it had been a long time for Allan as he shot his load too early for me, and then he wilted with his dick still in my pussy. I hadn't had an orgasm yet. What a disappointment! That had never happened before, so Jack moved Allan aside and said he would satisfy me while Allan got it up again. Jack took me in his typical kind and loving way and easily put his 6" dick in as I was already full of Allan's cum. There was no problem penetrating my already stretched pussy.
Unfortunately for Jack, there was not as much friction as he usually gets either. With that, Jack took a little longer than usual as he fucked me doggie style until he was sure I had my first orgasm. Then he released his load and motioned to Allan that it was his turn again.
Allan had lots of staying power this time, and we fucked about three or four different ways until he told me he was ready to cum again. This time, I was ready again, so we started cumming together until I thought we would never stop.
We were all so sleepy that the three of us just laid side by side in our bed and all went to sleep. Allan wanted to sleep spoon fashion with his big dong in my pussy, but I can't sleep that way, so we all went to sleep side by side. Allan woke me with his dick rubbing between my legs and asked for another screw during the night. Half-asleep, I agreed, and off we went again until our frantic screwing motions woke Jack, and he mumbled to himself as he went to a guest bedroom to get some sleep.
The next day we got up early, showered, and had breakfast when Allan sprung his next surprise on us. He wanted to have his furniture in his rented home, but he planned to live with us daily and share me with Jack. Neither Jack nor I were pleased with that and told him so. We are happily married and are into swinging but not wife sharing every day. Allan took this badly and stormed out of the house in a huff.
Toward midnight Saturday, Allan returned about half-drunk and in a bad mood. "Come on, Karen, my little fuck buddy, let's get it on," he said. Even though my pussy was dying for another treat of that monster cock that filled me so well, I refused him. Allan tore out of the house again. This time went to a motel for the rest of the night.
Sunday morning, the three of us sat down and talked about the suggestion calmly and rationally. Jack and I said that there would be no way we could do such a thing, and once again, Allan was offended. The balance of the day was pure torture as the three of us went around the house acting as nothing had happened, but all of us had our minds on nothing else.
Today is Monday, and Allan and Jack are out playing golf, and I am sitting here trying to decide what to do. My head says no, but my pussy purrs yeeesssss. What do you think?

We weren't new to finding my wife a new fuck toy. We had enjoyed a threesome with a friend twice before. So when we decided it was time for another, we headed into the city to find her a new man.
I directed her preparations, getting her dressed in a black, wrap-around dress, sheer black pantyhose, and high heels. She doesn't need a bra even though her breasts are very full. So naturally, we left that out. I had her lay back on our bed and spread her legs. I took a pair of scissors and carefully cut away the crotch of her pantyhose to expose her shaven pussy. Unable to help myself, I buried my face in there for a few minutes, just to get the heat going.
We caught a cab into town and went to a fancy restaurant. With her beautiful long black hair, sparkling eyes, and smiling face, there she was, seeming so demure in this respectable place. I thought of her exposed pussy while we ate and discussed where to go looking for her extra man.
We decided that a strip club would be a good place since the men would already be in the right frame of mind and less likely to be shocked by our intended proposal. It took us a few different clubs before we found one that seemed suitable, and we settled down to watch. As men moved around the club, I could see my wife checking them over, looking for one she liked.
It didn't take long before she pointed out a man to me. He was sitting right in front of the catwalk watching the strippers perform, though I noticed him stealing glances at my wife from time to time. While it's not unheard of for couples to be in such a club, there were no other female customers here tonight, and I guess her presence was kind of obvious. I leaned over to her and whispered, "Why don't you let him see what he wants to see?"
She smiled in that deliciously naughty way of hers. I felt myself growing hard as I watched her adjust the fold of her dress, so it parted nearly to her crotch. Then she slowly opened her legs so the guy (and any others looking, and they were looking) could see between her legs. Could see she was exposed. I looked at her eyes and saw she was looking straight at the guy she had picked. Not wanting to frighten him off, I didn't look at him immediately. Instead, I let my gaze wander slowly around the room, noticing a few smiles here and there as men noticed the new view.
When I did look at the guy, he was still looking, as discreetly as he could manage, between her legs. I smiled to myself and knew we had our man. I asked my wife if I should be the one to approach him, and she thought that would work best, so I got up and slowly walked around the end of the catwalk and sat in a chair beside him. He knew where I had come from and got very nervous for a moment. He probably thought he was about to have a scene with the jealous husband of a flirtatious wife. However, I quickly put him at ease, said a friendly hello, and asked him if he thought my wife was attractive. He couldn't help stealing another glance at her still open legs. I was so turned on by the fact that she was still sitting this way, knowing that men were looking at her. She usually is very nervous about public places. I think the knowledge of what we were here for, a few drinks, and the rather decadent atmosphere of the place had worked a charm on her. Whatever, she looked glorious sitting there with the tops of her lips just visible above the cushioning of her chair.
I told the guy that my wife liked to have extra men sometimes and asked him if he was interested? He eagerly agreed he was, so I invited him to our table. I directed him to a chair beside my wife and introduced him in the manner of, "Your name is...?" Not the most graceful way, but effective nevertheless. He quickly relaxed with her. She can really put a man at ease when she wants, and I swear you could almost feel real heat from the sensuality pouring out of her just then.
I leaned close to them both and suggested he get a little more familiar with my wife before we left. She smiled at him, and after a brief hesitation, he leaned forward to kiss her. As he did, he put his hand on her thigh, which she grabbed and slid up between her legs, kissing him back hard and passionately.
I must admit, I was a little nervous at this point. I mean, it was turning me on like crazy, but I was worried about getting thrown out, or worse. I glanced around the room to see what was going on. A lot of men were watching, some surreptitiously, but a few quite openly. I could see the bouncer moving through the club, but he seemed unconcerned by the events at our table. I asked my wife and friend if they'd like a drink? My real intention is to leave them alone for a while. Alone? Here? Anyway, I went for drinks and returned to find them sitting close, and with his hand now more 'properly' resting on her leg. She had adjusted her dress, too, though most of her legs were still showing.
We finished our drinks and were ready to leave when my wife announced she wanted to visit the ladies room. We both watched her walk across the room and down the stairs to the restrooms. Several minutes went by, and when she still hadn't returned, I grew a little anxious. My biggest concern in such activities is her safety, physically and sexually. I realized many men could well be thinking she was a loose woman to be had by any who wanted her. I was just getting up from my chair when she appeared, with a young, about 20-ish man following her. She seemed relaxed, so I realized she was in control. As she reached the table, she gave me an odd smile I hadn't seen before.
The young man was somewhat flustered but managed to get out that he wondered what was going on? He realized something sexual was in the works and wanted to be a part of it. This was only our first time with a man we didn't know, and I didn't think my wife would go for two men. The young man continued to say that he only wanted a blowjob and something about his girlfriend who wouldn't do it. I looked at my wife, expecting to see a clear sign of "no." To my surprise, she smiled at the fellow and said, "It's entirely up to my husband, whatever he wants me to do."
I think I nearly came in my pants right then and there. I don't know where this wanton surrender in my wife was coming from, but I liked it a lot! Conscious still that we had been perhaps too demonstrative earlier, I thought it best not to leave as a group of four. I told the young man to wait outside for us, and we'd follow in five minutes. He almost ran out the door.
When about the right time had passed, we got up and headed for the door, our picked man with his arm around my wife and me following behind. When we got outside, we saw the younger guy waiting and walked over to him. "Where shall we go?" I asked rhetorically, looking around this inner suburb of shops and office buildings. Across the road, I saw a tall building, set back from the road, with concrete abutments or trusses, whatever they're called, which would provide a dark area for this tryst. I indicated my choice, and we moved off.
As we got closer, I saw some bushes which would add to our cover and pointed the area out to my wife. "Be sure to swallow," I said to her. She gave me this hungry grin, took the young man by his hand, and led him into the dark. The other guy and I were only 10 feet away, so we could see clearly as she backed him to the wall, knelt down, and took his erect cock out of his pants. With an endearing glance up at his face and a smile, she thoughtfully pulled her hair to one side so her audience could watch as she took him into her mouth.
There she was, my beautiful, classily dressed wife, kneeling on concrete in a not too clean area, moving her head slowly back and forth on this guy's cock while her husband and a complete stranger watched her. She knew it, and she was obviously enjoying herself hugely. We listened to the wet sucking noises as she slid forward on his dick till her nose was against his fly. Then pulling back till the tip of his cock just rested on her lower lip and tongue, then diving forward to swallow him again and again. It was fantastic to watch. The guy beside me said, "This is going to be a terrific evening." No kidding!
In just a few minutes, the young guy convulsed, and I saw my wife pull back on his cock, keeping his cock head firmly locked within her lips as his hips spasmodically shook. Several times I saw her throat contract as she swallowed his hot cum load. When he subsided, she noisily sucked on his knob. With her thumb against the underside of his cock, forefinger on top, she stroked up the length of him, coaxing the last white pearls of cum out of his tube. These she held on her tongue and then turned to us with her tongue out so we could see before she swallowed the last of her sexy treat.
The young fellow mumbled thanks and literally ran down the street. Back to his girlfriend, I guess - maybe she was waiting for him somewhere. My wife adjusted her dress, and we three proceeded to the other guy's place, which he had told us was just down the street. It turned out he was caretaking at this old theater, and as he let us in, we could smell those odors only such an old pace can have. We passed through the foyer where drinks and popcorn would have been sold, then through the traditional curtains and into the theater itself. This was a stage theater, I discovered, with rows of fold-up seats climbing in tier after tier towards the back where we stood. We walked down the ramp towards the stage. Our host disappeared for a moment and switched on the stage spotlights.
We climbed up onto it and spent a few minutes checking out the props and other clutter I didn't recognize. We started horsing around a bit, moving about on stage, but gradually the mood changed, and as my wife would pass by one of us, we would caress her briefly. The caresses were soon replaced by fast gropes, and as we men moved closer towards her, she was forced to stop. We both began stroking her body, still standing.
As the other guy moved in front of her to kiss her, I moved behind her. I knelt, reaching up under her dress and grabbing the tops of her stockings, pulled them slowly down her legs, leaving her naked under her dress. When they were pooled around her ankles, I got her to lift one foot then the other, sliding both stocking and shoe off each time. I stood back for a moment and watched them as they embraced, kissing deeply. After a moment, they pulled back slightly, and I took my wife's shoulders from behind and pulled her another step away, keeping her facing him. I teased the tie of her dress undone, then slowly opened its folds one side, then the other, pulling it back to fully reveal her body to the other guy's hungry eyes. I ran my hands up and down her body a few times, cupped and squeezed those gorgeous tits, then slid my hands higher, to her shoulders, and away, causing her dress to fall to the floor behind her.
I pulled her to me, my hands again caressing her breasts and belly. I reached down lower and pushed my fingers between her legs, not surprised to find her already wet. With my other hand, I tilted her head back slightly, then brought my glistening wet fingers up to her mouth and painted her lips with her own juices. Her lips parted, and a soft moan escaped as her tongue came out to taste my fingers, which I offered now for her to suck.
Kneeling down once more behind her, I pressed outwards on her ankles, and she understood, moving her feet apart. I pushed harder, and she responded, spreading her feet as far apart as she could while standing. I ran my hands up the outsides of her legs and back down, then brought one hand inside to run slowly up her leg till I reached her shaved sex. She shuddered at the contact, and her hips moved slowly as I put two fingers inside her, then three. She started to move faster, but I restrained her. I meant to display her to our guest and didn't want things to progress too far too fast. I removed my fingers and used them to spread her moisture all around her lips, massaging them and her clit, then spreading her slippery lips as best I could for the other guy to see. I made a motion to him to undress, for he was standing there mesmerized. He understood and quickly lost all his clothing.
I stood and again pulled my wife's head back against my shoulder, then lifted her arms up and back. I knew this would display her breasts beautifully, and with her legs open, the bright spotlights I was sure would be glinting off her wetness. I waved the guy forward, offering my wife's body to him. He came forward and kissed her neck, moving down to her breasts, her belly, and finally her pussy. She quivered powerfully as his tongue made contact, and soon I had to help her remain standing as her arousal built.
Before she came, I interrupted the proceedings, wanting her to be screaming to be fucked. She loved/hated this, but it always gave her more powerful orgasms later. I spread her dress on the wood of the stage and pulled her down on it.
We both now had at her in earnest. He was sucking noisily on one breast, then the other, as I took my turn between her legs, licking and sucking her into my mouth and wriggling out of my clothes at the same time. She was soon sopping wet, and the other guy was now kneeling over her face, and she was sucking his dick for all she was worth. Her breasts were flushed and her nipples hard. Her belly was shaking with approaching orgasm, and one hand was clutching her dress on the floor in a death grip.
I paused for a moment, stunned by what I was watching, by what I had seen her do tonight, how she was being so incredibly uninhibited. I had to fuck her right then. I quickly got to my knees and spread my own legs wide to lower myself into position without lying on top of her. I didn't want her to stop sucking his dick, and I wanted to watch those tits bounce with my thrusts.
As I placed the head of my cock in position, I held there a moment as I reached to grab her raised and very spread thighs for purchase, then thrust violently into her. Her hands flashed up to grab the other guy's legs, seeming to need to pull his dick right down her throat in response to my entry. Indeed, his balls were occasionally bouncing on her nose as she swallowed the length of him. I was crazy with my need and pounded at my wife's pussy as hard as I could, as fast as I could. In barely a minute, I just couldn't hold on anymore, and throwing my head back, I released a primal yell as I shot my semen into her body. This triggered my wife's orgasm, and a choking cry wrenched from her around the generous cock filling her throat. She contracted so hard on me, I could barely thrust into her. With each pulse, I would pull almost completely out of her. Then slam as hard as I could to the hilt, holding this position a moment, then repeating until finally I was spent. Even now, she was still spasmodically clenching her muscles around my dick. She had lost the other guy's dick, and her head was thrown back in a silent scream.
I had never seen her come so strongly before. Her back was arched, and ripple after ripple raced through her body. She gasped in a breath, then another, and finally relaxed back down to the floor. She rested there a moment, then opened her eyes, looking for the cock she had so recently been sucking. As she returned it to her mouth, she sucked more languidly, nibbling and licking, reaching up to taste his balls. After a moment, I slid out of her, and she expressed a disappointed mew at my absence. As I sat back from them, exhausted, she pulled the guy down to lie on the floor and repositioned herself to better give attention to his throbbing cock. My wife gives incredible deepthroat head, and she worked slowly, skillfully on him as I watched.
After a time, he pulled her down to him, rolled her onto her back, and, lying beside her, buried his fingers into her dripping sex as he sucked hard on her nipples. My wife was so wanton. She opened her legs as wide as she could, offering this stranger total access to her body.
I stepped down from the stage and climbed three rows up to sit and watch the remainder of the show. The guy was still playing with my wife's pussy, and his hand glistened wetly in the lights. He had moved around slightly, so she had room to spread her legs wider until her pussy stood out from her body in all its dripping, pink glory. I could see her whispering to him, probably telling him what she wanted. I intently watched as he moved around to kneel between her legs. As he did, my wife raised her arms above her head and crossed her wrists. I knew what this meant. She likes to be tied occasionally, to be submissive for a while, to be without control. What my shameless wife was doing was totally abandoning herself to this man's need. I felt myself hardening again.
The guy had begun finger fucking her, and I could hear the wet slurping from my vantage point. I felt like a voyeur, for I was in relative darkness while they remained under the bright spotlights. They could not see me, but I could see everything. He had started out gently and slowly, but my wife seemed to be encouraging more effort. I could not hear her words, but I recognized the signals. I leaned forward in my seat as I saw him put all four fingers inside her. I knew he would never get fully inside her this way, she was way too tight, and I could see in the tension of her body that it must be hurting her slightly, yet still, she encouraged him. He started pumping his hand at her harder and faster, and again I could see her fists clenching as the climax approached. He must have gotten too carried away at one point because she suddenly reached down with one hand to slow him. I saw her say something, then he continued, again building up slowly and watching her for any signal.
He must have got it right, for soon she was bucking madly against his hand. I was stunned to see her reach right down, grab his wrist and pull his hand into her, as hard as she could, as she thrashed and gyrated against his knuckles. As she relaxed, she let go of his wrist, and he slowly pulled his fingers out of her. We occasionally had really hard sex, but for only a few minutes at a time, and only once in a while. Now, my dear wife had been fucked hard by me and had now had four fingers spreading her wider open than ever before. He must have been in nearly to his last knuckles. I had a new perspective on my wife's sexual appetites. She had to be sore, yet she must know he would want to fuck her now.
Indeed, his cock was ramrod straight, and as he moved tentatively over her, she opened her arms to receive him. He laid upon her, squashing her tits with his chest. Remembering what he saw me do earlier, possibly at her suggestion, he brought his slippery hand up to her mouth and smeared the mixture over her lips. As before, her lips opened to accept this offering, and one by one, she sucked them clean. They kissed, and he rolled a bit to one side to squeeze a breast. After a few minutes, she planted her feet flat on the floor and began moving her hips gently. He knew what she wanted, and I saw his butt rise up as her hand snaked down to grasp him and bring him to her tortured pussy.
He eased slowly, carefully into her, and I saw a brief frown of pain cross her face. She held him still against herself for a few moments, then began running her fingernails along his back. They whispered a few words to each other, then he began to move on her. Though she had to be very tender, her arousal was obviously growing. Soon I saw her spread her legs wide once more, wanting him deeper inside her body, giving him maximum penetration. He began to thrust in longer strokes, and his tempo increased. My wife wrapped her legs around him, hooking her heels behind his butt in a way I knew well and pulling him into her harder.
Much as when he had fisted her, she seemed unable to get it hard enough, and her heels slid from him as she tried in vain to pull him in harder. So she dropped her feet to the floor and began bucking at him savagely. He slid his hands under her and gripped her shoulders, and I could see the muscles in his arms and back straining as he pulled her down onto his thrusting cock harder and faster. I couldn't believe the ferocity of the passion I was witnessing. My wife is very passionate, yes, but this was amazing. A few minutes more, and her orgasm was punctuated by another scream as she went rigid beneath his pounding body. She fought for breath as he continued pumping, her eyes half-open but unseeing. His ass was almost a blur. The wet smack of their groins meeting became nearly continuous music of animal passion. Finally, he burst inside her, starting another orgasm in my wife.
As they slowed, then stopped, she wrapped her arms and legs around him and squeezed him tightly. When she finally lay back, I could see tears in her eyes. For a moment, I feared she had been injured, but the smile on her lips told me that she was in that rare place she goes; when the passion has so moved her, she cries with the joy of it. I relaxed and smiled in turn.
I stood and walked down the ramp and climbed the stage. I walked to their sweaty bodies and sat near them. He was still inside her, and I knew she liked that. She looked at him, wriggled her hips playfully, and breathlessly whispered to him, "That was so good, so good. Yum."
She stretched then, like a great purring cat, and reaching back, took my hand. She looked deeply into my eyes and said, "I love you. Thank you for tonight." Then she laughed, and moaned saying, "I am so fucked."
We couldn't make love for several days afterward, but the following weeks were some of the best sex we have ever had. We can hardly wait for the next time...


The Bad Boy

By adamgunn, in Cuckold / Hotwife,

Bad Boy
by Adam Gunn
Reggie was a bad boy. I knew it when he sent me that sex on the beach in the bar, I knew it when he groped me for the first time in the hallway by the men’s room, I knew it when I left with him. My girlfriends were astounded, they never thought I’d do anything like that. I was a year out of my marriage, hadn’t dated in all that time, refused any and all lines that were tossed my way.
The sex that night was fantastic! We went to his place, and he knew his way around my body as if he’d had it marked on his cell phone’s GPS. I came, and came again, and again! He didn’t do anything fantastic (that first night!) just oral and then a couple of different positions. But there was something about the way he grabbed at my tit, or stuck a finger in, that really, really!, turned me on. After we were done, a couple of hours of it, he drove me back to my car, I remember thinking that it had probably been a one-night stand, that I’d never hear from him again. And even though my lady bits throbbed the next day, I wasn’t that disappointed. It was just the spur of the moment, I figured.
Then I got the text. Very casual, ‘How ru doing - had a great time do it again” I had to stifle myself before I texted back, a couple of very long hours later, ‘sure’.
He picked me up the next Friday night, took me to a restaurant, wine and seafood, witty conversation. A couple of times he was on the edge, the topics just a bit racy, a touch indelicate. But I had no qualms about inviting him up to my place, no worries about leading him to my bedroom. Again, the sex was simply amazing, he encouraged me to try a couple of new things. Well, at least they were new for me.
We kept dating, once or four times a week. One night when I was having drinks with my girlfriends he just showed up. They thought he was sharp, but crude. I didn’t care, he had a beautiful prick! But, of course, they couldn’t see that, except when I’d show up at brunch with a big smile on my face.
The months went by, bit by bit he dragged me in. The first time that he touched my rectum while he was down there I flinched, but I didn’t tell him to stop - the way he rubbed it just felt so good. A week later, when he put his finger in it, I moaned. And then, the very next night, when he coaxed me onto my knees and dribbled lube onto my second hole, I couldn’t tell him I’d been waiting for that moment. And when he forced it into my backside, I screamed - half in pain, half in some of the greatest pleasure I’d ever had.
I still knew he was a bad boy. Sometimes I’d try to see him on a Friday or Saturday night, he couldn’t make it. Once I found a g-string peeking out from under his bedframe, and simply wondered if she screwed as well as I did. I wasn’t in love with Reggie, I was never in love with him. He didn’t mind, he had other places to go on Thanksgiving.
I was open to other dates, if Reggie had his, I wasn’t going to be a wall flower when he was out spreading his pollen. I knew I wasn’t ready to settle down again, not yet, but a girl needs to keep her options. On successive Saturday nights I went out with Tommy, then Mike, then George. Nothing happened with Tommy and Mike, they just weren’t my style, but George was fine. On our third date, I invited him up to my place, after I lit a couple candles he got the idea. After we got naked, in my bed I sucked on him. He seemed no different from Reggie, except where Reggie was very animated in the sack George seemed listless. He kissed my labia, couldn’t seem to find my button, I faked excitement. I let him up on top of me, and without much ado there he was, fully buried. He just wanted to thrust, in and out, I tried to raise myself, change the placement of our legs, but it didn’t do much good. Perhaps five minutes after he started I felt him come. I let him cuddle a little bit, thinking the second time around would be better, but he talked about having to work in the morning, (on a Sunday?) and then he had his clothes on and was out the door. I was prepared to duck his calls for another date, was spared when he never phoned me again.
Reggie brought a camera into the bedroom. Actually it started when he took pictures with his phone of me in the shower, I found I liked the way my body looked, although my teats are too small and my hips too broad, somehow it made a pleasing picture. I let him coax me the next night, I stripped for the camera, let him continue clicking as he made love to me - I never realized my face contorted that much as I orgasmed. Of course that was followed by the installation of a webcam in my bedroom. I let Reggie record one of our sessions, he promised me he’d never let anyone see it without my permission. I thrilled to see my body being used on my television screen, it was more erotic than the anonymous porn we’d been watching. And then, during our phone sex sessions, I roused when the amber light on the webcam began blinking, and I knew Reggie was watching me bring myself off. Of course, I was always careful to pull the plug on the damn thing when I didn’t want it to be used.
The next frontier for me was broken the night Reggie took me to a jazz club - it would have been smoky back in the old days - and in the back of a hall, where they stored chairs, he placed me on top of a table, ripped my panties off, and took me, there and then. I was facing out, as he screwed me I saw a couple of guys come out of the toilet, look down and try to make out what we were doing, as if they didn’t know. And when I realized I was being watched as I was having sex, I had the most delicious orgasm. Yes, I know, I was turning into a pervert.
When Reggie found out I was into being watched, he set up other opportunities to have public sex. A picnic table in a park. The car in the mall parking lot. He got a hotel room downtown, the fourth floor on the street, and he pushed me against the window with the street light beating in on us. I caught a guy looking at us from across the street as I braced my hands on the windowsill and Reggie pounded me from behind. I shook my naked breasts at the guy, liked it when he rubbed his dick through his pants.
We tried other things. Reggie took me to an adult shop, bought me three vibrators, then tried one of them out on me in the car. Reggie tied me up one night, cut my bra and panties off, then had me any way he wanted. I found that to be okay, but I trusted him completely and thus couldn’t relish the sense of danger that, I assume, is the point of bondage. He loved to watch me masturbate, I loved doing it for him.
He bought me a sexy nurse costume, it turned out that I  wasn’t into role play. That was okay, he was simply trying to find out what my limits were, it didn’t make our top ten list. Chocolate drizzled over our bodies, a strawberry tucked inside me, of course! Blindfolds (for both of us,) ice, candle wax, I liked it, so did he. A Christmas present were three books of erotica, he suggested I come up with new ideas from them.
We went to a strip club, I got off on watching the men watching the women. Reggie asked me if I wanted to come back on amateur night, be the one that was taking my clothes off. I thought about it, I’d love to see a gorgeous hunk devour me with his eyes, but there were too many fat old guys and perverts there, so I decided no.
Does it seem that all Reggie and I did was have sex? That’s not far from the truth. Although we sometimes dined together, both in public and private, hot sex was our number one project. I never suggested going to the theater or an art gallery, not with him, a romantic weekend in a bed & breakfast wasn’t our style.
One night we were engaged in rather tame foreplay, at least for us, just after the six month anniversary of our first fuck, and Reggie asked, “What would you think about a threesome?”
“I don’t think I’d be wild about it. I’ve never been attracted to women. But if you want me to try it, I will.”
He laughed. “Well, thanks, maybe, but I was actually thinking about another guy for you.”
Now this was an idea, but caution caused me to reject it. “No, one guy at a time is enough for me, I think.” Anticipating his next idea, I added, “I don’t think I’d want to try an orgy, or anything like that, either.” As always, Reggie went with the flow, just said, “Okay,” and made a pretzel out of me.
Reggie let a couple weeks go by, then told me to dress as sexy as possible one night. “Wear something you’d be comfortable in if we were going to have sex, but then put a coat or something over it. The people we bump into shouldn’t realize that we’re going to screw until you take it off.”
So we were going someplace where we would have public sex. Was I a little uncomfortable with the thought? Of course, every time Reggie tried something new with me, I’d get those butterflies. But Reggie had never put me in a position where I’d been tremendously disquieted, had always listened the times I said No, never lied to me. Even though I was uneasy about it, I decided to find out what it was all about, I could always walk away if I didn’t like it.
I had a black fishnet tanktop with panties, and matched the outfit with a leather miniskirt. Reggie picked me up at 8:15, after a forty minute drive we found our way into an old mall, parked in front of what appeared to be an abandoned department store. The windows were blacked out, there was another couple entering a small, makeshift foyer with us. The receptionist was seated beneath a sign that said ‘Club Illicit,’ we were admitted. It was a sex club! I’d never been in such a place, but suddenly I couldn’t wait to discover it’s mysteries. I gave up my jacket easily, found I wasn’t the skimpiest dressed broad in the place by a long shot.
Some people knew Reggie - I assumed a few of the girls were well acquainted with him, it didn’t faze me - we dropped into conversations. The talk wasn’t much different from a cocktail party, yet there was this undercurrent around us, one that reeked of eroticism. Reggie showed me around the place, a large dance floor and restaurant (“We never want to come here for the food,” Reggie complained, “unless you want badly fried fish.”) There was a small swimming pool, the few people that were in it were naked, the water temperature was warm enough to lounge. On each side of long hallways were private rooms, some small with just a queen sized bed, others with two or three beds or a couch, perhaps a trapeze, maybe a window that voyeurs could watch through. Only a couple of the rooms had closed doors, it was early yet, not even ten o’clock, I wondered what time things would really get going.  And then we happened upon an amphitheater, in the middle at the lowest level were five or six mattresses, three tiers of chairs and couches rose around the center. I knew the purpose immediately! In my mind I saw a dozen or more naked bodies cavorting, I wanted to be a witness in the stands. Did I want to be among the bodies? I wasn’t sure, but I didn’t have to make up my mind just yet.
We rejoined the crowd in the dance room, Reggie and I began bumping and grinding. I noticed that some of the women were dancing erotically with each other, some were topless. If there was groping between partners, watching them energized me. Reggie and I switched with another couple, the man put his hand on my waist, it didn’t feel like just another dance; I saw Reggie cup the girls ass, I couldn’t bother to be jealous.
We fell into a conversation at a table with a very attractive couple wearing wedding rings, the topic was sex. I found they’d been in the ‘LifeStyle’ for two years, were ‘full-swap’ although they didn’t mind ‘soft-swap,’ the woman had started to explore her ‘bi-side.’ The guy felt my leg above the knee, south of the promised land. And then, the invitation. “Would you guys like to go into a room with us?”
I knew what he meant, if we did Reggie would make love to the woman, I’d let the guy take me. He was kind of attractive, I admit I was tempted, just a little. But, as curious as I was, I was still cautious. I just wasn’t sure that I was up for that scene. Maybe, I decided, the next time we were here, just not tonight, not yet. “No, I don’t think so,” I answered, without giving Reggie a chance to put his two cents in. “But thanks, maybe another time,” I added insincerely.
The other couple left us in hunt for other game, it was evident that they wanted to swap badly. I didn’t mind their offer, in fact, I enjoyed the idea that I turned him on enough that he wanted to possess me. Yes, another time, quite possibly. But I still wasn’t sure that I wanted to ‘swap’ with Reggie as my partner. Confused? Perhaps. But my mind was reeling, things were happening fast without any time to take it in. Since I hadn’t known what was going to happen when we got here, I hadn’t had time to consider all my options, I knew I needed to sort it out.
Reggie and I took a walk, through a window we watched a woman older than I entertain two men. The lighting was dim, the triplet was almost silhouetted, yet the acts they engaged in enticed us, as the almost-eroticism of a James Bond opening will. I watched as the women took both men, one in her vagina, the other in her mouth; the men traded positions, I wished I could hear the sounds of their fucking through the window. Maybe, after this group was finished, Reggie and I could take the room over, I thought I’d like it if strangers could watch me screwing. In another room two women cavorted, satisfying each other, while their men sat to the side, both naked, simply watching them. I wondered what the touch, the kiss of a woman would feel like, put it on my to-do list.
A peek in the swimming pool, men sat on the sides, both having their pricks sucked by women standing in the pool. For a second, I wondered if they were married and had swapped, then I didn’t care. They were having fun, that’s what sex is all about.
We moseyed to the dance floor, perhaps twenty-five people cavorted, many more women than men. A song was playing that I simply love, the bass high, the rhythm besieged me. Reggie and I danced, I leaned into him, he petted me. Another man joined us, he was pleasing to my eye, we formed a troika, I whirled from one man to the next. As one song merged into another, Reggie winked at me, left the dance floor. I could have left with him, instead stayed with the newcomer. As the music lifted us we twirled, and suddenly I found myself in his arms, my back to his chest. He pulled my hips to his, I could feel his stiffness against my ass, I wriggled against it. He enticed me to lean back, I placed my hand around his neck, felt his fingers on my breast, pinching my nipple. Instead of pulling away, I turned my head around, our lips met. From the sidelines, Reggie spied on me, I wanted to give my man a show. I continued to dance with this new guy, sometimes apart, often together. If he felt my ass, I let him, if we kissed, I didn’t mind. It was only when I felt his finger slip into the front of my skirt and contact my mons that I halted.
Walking to my lover, I flowed into his arms and kissed him. “Excited?” I asked.
“I am,” he allowed, “you are too.”
“Hot as a firecracker! What’s next?”
I expected to be led into a room, thought Reggie would fuck me then. I was wrong. Reggie led me down the halls to the coliseum, we sat on the top tier, he dragged me to his lap. A couple of men sitting by themselves or with their dates leered at me, their looks inflamed me. On the mattresses below us three women were screwing. One couple was in missionary, the other two women were involved with several men each in various forms of foreplay or fucking. As we watched the action, Reggie played with me, sucking a breast, sticking a hand underneath my skirt, playing with my clit. As I watched the play, my nipples crinkled, I had my first orgasm of the night, puny, a harbinger of explosions still to come. One of the men seemed done with the naked lady he was with, left her. I watched her catch the eye of a another man, wink at him. He undressed as he approached her, with little preparation she laid back, spread, and he pushed into her.
“Shall we join them?” Reggie asked.
I was blazing, didn’t have to - didn’t want to - think what I was doing. “Yes!”
As a prelude, I let Reggie undress me on our perch, down to my panties that I wanted left on for some unexplained reason, and then Reggie was taking his clothes off completely and leading me to the altar. We found an open bed, he stood beside me as I sat, I took his most excellent cock inside my mouth. As I played with him, I searched the stands, seeing if we were being watched. There were, perhaps, two dozen observers, men outnumbered women three to one - this was what they were doing as their wives danced! And I saw lust in their face, I felt some of it was for me.
Then my panties were off, Reggie sucked my clit, the first really great orgasm of the night hit me, all shivers and colors. And again the miracle hit. And again, I couldn’t tell you how many there were. In my lucid moments, I could see the audience gazing at my body, my movements. That was the icing on the cake, the enhancement I relished.
I got up a little shakily, pushed Reggie onto his back, rose above him. Around me I heard three women and more men in various groans, moans, harsh breathing and screams. I grabbed Reggie’s prick and slid down on it. I screwed him. Yes, I came again, but a piece of my brain kept track of the movements around me, the sights, the sounds, especially the syrupy smell of sweat and sex. As I moved I knew the circle behind me was able to see Reggie’s penis slide in and out of me. I didn’t care. No, that’s not true, I wanted them to see the lewd show, wished them happiness as they watched me. I wondered just what it was that they were seeing, I would have loved to be able to be outside myself, watch myself as Reggie and I fucked. We shifted, I sat on his lap as he dangled his legs to the floor. I caught the eye of one man, he was dressed except that his fly was open, his penis exposed and his hand surrounding it. I winked at him, he misunderstood.
He came to us, kissed me, fondled my left breast. I kissed him back, didn’t mind, took the penis in my hand, jerked. “Can I join you?” he asked. I looked back to Reggie, surely he’d heard, and he answered my silent petition. “Whatever you want.”
Had this intruder smelt good, I would have let him, Reggie would have moved over, I’d have a second lover. But I sniffed perspiration, the hair of his beard reminded me of rancid bread, I answered, “I don’t think so, no.” I turned away from him, dismounted, played and kissed my primary lover. The interloper left, I didn’t see him again that evening.
I played with Reggie, again his member was in my mouth, and then I laid on my back, waited for insertion. Reggie was slow in his thrusts, I appreciated his lovemaking, but - at least temporarily - I was sated, the best of my brain digested the ten or twelve naked bodies around me, each engaged in the same sport. The woman beside me was a heavy blond, fifteen years older than I, messed hair, rings, bracelets, necklace, nipple piercing, and yet enticing. Her fellow waved to someone I couldn’t see, and suddenly another man appeared.
This was a Dionysus . I watched him strip, his chest plate was rock solid, his abs rippled. The muscles of his arms darted. And as I watched him slide his boxers off, I saw the prick! Longer and thicker than any I’d witnessed that night - and perhaps I’d seen fifteen already - it was beautifully angry, a shade of amaranth, circumcised. I desired it. Had the man turned to me, I have no doubt I’d have abandoned Reggie immediately. Yet he stayed with the blond, penetrating her, together they fucked. As he used his amazing legs to propel himself into her, every once in awhile he’d turn to me and we’d lock gazes. A strange feeling it was, he was screwing her, Reggie was fucking me, and yet Dionysus and I were making love to each other. I came again, watching his blue eyes, my strongest of the evening.
Suddenly, quite unanticipated, Reggie rose above me, strained, and I knew that I was being deluged with Reggie’s goop. I didn’t mind, since our first time together I’ve always enjoyed the feel of his sperm spreading inside me. And yet, strangely, it wasn’t Reggie’s seed I wanted, needed, but the hunk’s on the next mattress. After Reggie drained himself we kissed, but it didn’t seem that cuddling was proper etiquette in this arena, if you weren’t screwing you should vacate, and so at Reggie’s biding I rose, we headed out, our show over.
We passed the pool, Reggie asked, “A swim?”
We entered, joined six or seven people, I found there was a bank of showers and I rinsed myself, especially between my legs, before I entered the heated water. I stretched my muscles, took inventory. Everything was grand, my skin had that brightness it gets after I’ve been screwed marvelously, as I held onto Reggie I sensed the closeness that exists between lovers. We began to play again, he was soft and I knew that he wouldn’t be ready yet for some time but still he enjoys attention, so I stroked his cock under the surface of the water. He didn’t ignore me, my breasts were petted, my cunt twiddled. Slowly, he gained my trust and got me into a floating position, one hand on the small of my back for balance, the other poking inside me, hitting my g-spot, I came again.
Then an excruciating bright light hit my pupils. “What the hell!?!” I swore.
“Two o’clock,” Reggie explained, “the club closes in half an hour.”
We searched the premises, found our clothes in the stadium, I slipped into the ladies room to dress myself, attempt to repair the damage to my hair, my makeup. On the way out we found cake and coffee, grabbed a plate and cup for the drive home.
Reggie wanted to talk, I didn’t. If he asked me a question, I grunted a reply, feigning sleepiness. I needed to reflect, digest the auras of the erotic cave I’d been introduced to. Was it really that active each weekend night? Were there really dozens of women ready, willing, to screw a greater multitude of men indiscriminately? Why had I felt so comfortable joining, leaping, into the fray? And, if Dionysus had made a pass at me, would I really have let him take me in front of others?  The answer to the last one was easy, a resounding ‘allelujah!’
I begged Reggie to spend the night with me, he was okay with that. We undressed at the bedside, then I attacked him. Somehow, strangely, I wanted more sex, and as I presented myself for his pleasure, fantasies of the playground we’d left haunted me until at last, completely sated, we slept.
Nine hours later, in bathrobes, our teeth brushed and faces washed, we sipped coffee, dined on buttered toast with cinnamon and chatted.
“You had fun last night!” he challenged me.
“A ball. Yes, it was quite the time! I’ve heard about those kind of places, but didn’t think they really existed, especially not so close. Have you gone there often?”
“A few times.” I wanted to ask him when was the last time, if he went with another woman, how many skanks he’d screwed there, but in keeping with my lack of care, refrained.
Instead, I queried, “You knew I was the kind of girl that’d get into that when we first met, didn’t you?”
“Not right at first. After maybe a month I thought so.”
“Why didn’t you take me there then?”
“I didn’t think you’d be so . . . easy, I guess. I thought you needed time to settle in. You really got off in the common room!”
“You expected me to, didn’t you? I mean, you know how much I like it when there’s just a chance of people looking at us. In there, I could actually see them watching me.” I know I smiled, a wicked grin.
“You want to go again, don’t you?”
“Sometime. Not too soon.”
“Why not?”
“I think it could get to be a habit, like heroin or something.”
“Is that bad?” Reggie asked.
“I don’t know. I just think I should take my time.”
“What about that couple we met?”
“She was into you,” I observed.
“He was into you. He’d like to take you to bed, that’s for sure.”
“Do you know them?”
“Not until last night. They gave me their email address.”
I paused, sipped my coffee. “Can I ask you a question?” I searched his face, looking for clues. “Do you want me to fuck other guys? Would that get you off?” Perhaps my voice rose a tad.
“You’re fantastic, you’ve got a great body, a great attitude about sex. Most girls, they’re hung up on what they should do, what they shouldn’t do. You, well, you like to explore. And, you know, we’ve done just about everything there is to do. So, yeah, the next thing, I guess, is sex with other people. At least think about it. Think of the things you’ve tried so far.”
I did. There were so many, many things I did now, regularly, with Reggie, that I’d never even considered thirty weeks ago. And I didn’t love Reggie. I was fond of him, I really liked going to bed with him. But I didn’t think there was a chance in hell that I’d ever want to marry him. What kind of a father would he be? So, it was just fun and games. I liked fun and games, I did. So, would spreading myself around be just fun and games? I wasn’t sure.
I kissed him. “Let’s go back to bed,” I offered.
The weeks went by. At night, in the privacy of my apartment, I considered my options. I looked up Club Illicit’s website, found for just a very modest fee, much lower than a single male, I could show up by myself, dance with whomever I pleased, I was sure I’d have numerous guys hanging on me, I could take my pick. I looked at swinger sites, discovered many married women wanted to play with other women, with or without their husbands. I would be a ‘unicorn,’ that pleased me. In my bed, after turning off the sidelight, I fantasized; Reggie wasn’t a part of it, the Dionysus was!
It wasn’t that I was done with Reggie, not at all. He was perfectly useable still, continued to turn me on. But I began to feel I was ready to turn the page and read the next chapter.
It was a Friday night. Reggie and I had a date, he called me up at lunch and asked, “Want to try something new?”
“Sure! What?”
“It’s a surprise. You don’t want me to ruin it, do you?”
“No, I guess not.” In fact, I loved the tension I felt when I was sure there was something new about to happen, I savored it. “What time?”
“I’ve got a thing, I’ll be there about nine, okay?”
“Are we staying in or going out? Should I get dressed up?”
“Don’t worry about it.” This was frustrating, how the hell do I know what I’m supposed to look like? “I’ll see you then, okay?” Asshole! But I thought about it all afternoon.
I made it home just after six, and in the living room there was a large pink box waiting for me. I opened the box, read the note.
‘It’s going to be a great night. Wear these . . . Reggie.”
Inside, wrapped in tissue, was a satin ebony bra, lacy panties, a garter belt with stockings, six inch high heels, dusky pearl earrings. And a USB with a hours of soft jazz on it. That was it, Reggie was going to have a ‘romantic’ night, something we hadn’t done in quite awhile.
I had almost three hours until my lover came to meet me, all the time in the world. I ate a salad, had a glass of wine to relax me. I figured Reggie planned on spending the evening here, I changed the sheets to an ivory pattern of smoothest Egyptian cotton.
Then it was into the bathroom. I poured the tub, full of bubbles, and for forty minutes let my mind wander. Did it touch upon a return to Illicit, the thought of sex with other men? Yes, perhaps. But Reggie was there too, the wonderful things he did, the things he knew, the experiences and feelings he cultivated in me.
I drained the tub, shaved my pits and every inch of my nether region, save only the three square inches of cropped hair I kept for emphasis. Then I paid attention to my hair, drying it, fluffing my short mahogany locks into their place. I plucked and trimmed my brows, applied eye coloring and mascara. Foundation stick and blush were used, and finally I applied shimmering strawberry gloss to my lips. The mantle clock chimed nine times, that was all right, Reggie knew I was never ready on time.
I put the clothing Reggie had left for me on, they were of the highest quality, made my skin feel so fantastic. The earrings accented my outfit perfectly, I could stand and walk - barely - in the extreme heels. I knew I was ready to play the part of the thousand dollar a night escort. I lit a few candles in the bedroom, put the music on the bluetooth.
I sat in a chair in the living room, trying my best not to muss, thumbing through a magazine. The article I read was titled, ’15 Things Guys Think When You're on Top.’ Did Reggie really worry about whose job it was to put it back in when it popped out, or concern himself with how (or if) he should move? Okay, that wasn’t doing it. How about a story? I picked up a book of women’s erotica.
That was better, it was really starting to get me in the mood. That stupid clock dinged ten times, Reggie was really late. Should I worry, text him? No, not yet. He’d been late before. But maybe I could start without him? Sure! I swayed into the bedroom, composed myself, put a hand in to twist a nipple. Yes, that was good. The music from the playlist soothed me, I let my hand descend to my pubis. Through the fabric I irritated my clit, I was getting somewhere, I was about to push the fabric to the side when I heard a key scratch in the lock. My lover was here. Should I go out to meet him, or wait for him to come to me?
Then I heard his voice. “Hello?” But it wasn’t his voice, it was two shades too low, filled with a timbre I wasn’t familiar with. “Hello?” I heard again.
“Who is it?” I cried. “What are you doing here?” I rose excitedly, grabbed a throw and covered myself, didn’t know just what I should do. I picked up the phone, ready to call 911.
“Reggie sent me,” the voice explained.
“Reggie sent you? Who are you? He didn’t tell me anything about this.”
“Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you knew. Should I leave?”
Trying to hide myself, I peeped around the corner to see the intruder. And then, only then, did I understand Reggie’s true gift. It was the Dionysus, the man I’d lusted after at Illicit. How had Reggie known, I’d not mentioned him once, never spoken of my fantasy man. He had the smooth dark locks, the beautiful blue eyes. His facial hair was that perfect length of thick black stubble that’s beautiful to see. His jeans were tight, his tee shirt stretched across that magnificent chest.
“Are you okay?” he called.
I knew now what Reggie’s plan was. This man was a present, I could take it or reject it. A part of me was completely confused, the other part lusted. “What’s your name?”
I needed time, I asked again, “Quentin?”
“And Reggie sent you.”
“He said you were expecting me. He gave me a key.”
“What are you supposed to do with me?”
“He said you’re a hotwife. Or a hot girlfriend. Or something like that. And that you wanted something different.” He paused. So that was Reggie’s game. “Listen, if you want me to go, just say so.”
“Hold on a minute. No, sit down. Make yourself a drink if you want.”
“Yeah. Thanks.”
“There’s wine and beer in the refrigerator.”
I heard his steps across the room, heard the fridge door open. “Should I make one for you?”
“Wine, please. I’ll be out in a minute.”
So now, it was decision time. Why not? I’d thought about it long enough. Reggie had sent him here, he wouldn’t be mad if I accepted what he’d put on my plate, would he? Was Reggie out with another girl, right at this moment? Who cared, Quentin’s in my living room, and, apparently, he was willing. Why shouldn’t I be?
I folded the throw, still nervous. As nervous as a virgin? No, not exactly that. As nervous as an old maid faced with temptation? Yes, that was more like it. Should I get dressed before I went out to meet Quentin? I felt my heart pound, I was sure Quentin could hear it in the living room, it was loud enough. My mouth was dry, there was a slight metallic taste. I recognized the feeling, it had happened that very first night with Reggie, the time I first walked into Illicit. I was ready for an experience!
I bit the bullet, strode on those ridiculous heels toward my fate.
“I’m Melynda,” I introduced, and shook his hand. His eyes scanned my body thoroughly, taking in each inch that was uncovered, paying especial attention to the parts that were. He was sitting in the chair, I plopped into the sofa opposite.
“You’re the woman, the one at Illicit,” he remarked.
“You remember?” I said.
“Of course. I thought you were beautiful. I mean, I think you are beautiful.”
“But you were having a pretty good time, weren’t you?”
“Well, yeah, I guess. But you know, sometimes, what’s the phrase, ‘the grass is greener?’”
“I understand. Waving a hand across my goose flesh I asked, “Is it still green?”
“Oh, yeah.” He nervously sipped his beer.
“My boyfriend is playing a game on me,” I explained. “I expected him to show up, didn’t know you’d be here. That’s why I was so shaky back then.”
“I guess I understand. I sort of feel funny. Maybe I should leave.”
“No, not unless you want to.” I licked my lips, took a sip of wine, the taste simply enhanced the metal in my mouth. Quentin made no move to leave. “Do you want to leave?” I asked.
“No, not really. You’re very beautiful,” he repeated.
I stood, making sure he could look me over. I felt his eyes examine my body, even though he seemed to be trying not to let me see his lustful gaze. “Stand up, will you?” He rose, we were three feet from each other. “Take off your shirt, please.” As the hem climbed, I gawked at those perfect abs, that muscled chest, the pinpoints of his nipples on the firm skin. “What do you do?”
“I’m a fireman.”
“You work out.”
“Some. A couple times a day. We’ve got weights in the firehouse.”
I approached him, placed a palm on his torso, the first touch between us. There was a softness covering the hardness, so pleasant I almost crowed. “Your body is perfect.”
I pushed against him, felt my breasts crush against his sinew, in those heels we were the same height, I pressed my lips against his. For a few brief seconds our lips remained as tight O’s, then we relaxed. His mouth was sweet, his tongue rough in my mouth. His arms encircled my waist, I trembled to think what was to happen to me. With him!
He smelled good, just the right mixture of musk and his natural scent. After a reasonable amount of time, our hands began to roam, I felt my shoulder blades being rubbed, I put my hand on his firm ass. That enflamed him, he put both of his hands on my back, pulled me closer, I bit his lips.
“Do you want to come into the bedroom?” I invited.
“Yeah. Absolutely.”
On my way, holding his hand in mine, I turned off the living room lights, my apartment was now dark, mysterious, romantic. I sat on the bed, he was beside me, we were kissing again. My hands roamed his torso, his arms. Not one speck of him felt soft, all was firm muscle. I’d never felt a man like this before, all of my lovers had a bit of fat on them; in the last couple of years of our marriage, my husband’s waist had expanded four inches. I couldn’t wait, I put my hand on his loin. There it was, inside the jeans, rocklike, overlong.
He was pawing at me, I let him, I needed him to. One breast popped out of it’s bowl, he felt it, the first twitch of my nipple sent me high. “Take your pants off,” I demanded.
“Okay.” After just a bit of fumbling, I was lying with a naked man, a perfect stranger, I didn’t mind, didn’t care. My hand held the prick. Yes, I could tell it’s girth, longer than any I’d contacted before. In the candlelight it was dark in its rage, my fingers clutched it, traced the distinctive curve. I bent, took it in my mouth. It was sweet and fresh, and the precum strangely tasted of avocados. The balls were just as large, and in his state were tight and drawing into a firm globe. As I bobbed my head - I couldn’t fit more than a third of it in without hitting the back of my throat - I twisted my hand a little, heard his moans. “You’re good,” he groaned, “the best!”
He’d not even touched me, down there, and I was ready to go off. I didn’t need more foreplay, I got my panties down and off, and without a second’s delay, climbed on up. Have you ever gone shopping for gloves, tried a cheap pair on and they were too large and your hand sort of flopped around in it? And then you try on an expensive pair, just the right size, and it feels so good, so luxurious? That’s what Quentin’s dick felt like inside me. Just the perfect size when I sat on top of him and we ground our bones together. Not too large, it didn’t stretch or hurt me, but it filled me up, surpassing any that had come before it. I wriggled, feeling the various sensations as my vaginal sides stroked it, the head poked against the different points in my pussy. When I bent down to kiss him and it was almost out of me, I felt the arched tip bump into my g-spot, it was all I needed, the colors I saw were unimaginable.
I fucked him, he held on to me. I felt him fumble with the bra strap, I reached behind my back and whisked it away. Now my breasts were on his solid chest, his hair was tickling my nipples, he bent me and sucked at them, I came again! Nice and hard. Again. I was up there, I did my best to stay there. Through my fog I felt his hands roaming around my body, my boobs, my ass, my neck, his fingers swept through my hair. I assume I was doing much the same to him, I can’t really remember.
Then, without much effort at all, and I’m not a little girl, he twisted, put his feet on the floor, stood up. He was holding me, my legs encircled his waist, and using those tremendous arms, he pulled me up, then let me sink again. Oh, it was delicious, I may have blacked out for a couple of seconds in my ecstasy. He led me to my dresser, put his back to it, I put my feet on the top - now I could rise and fall at my desire. Another, and another great come. He wasn’t done yet, he carried me back to the bed, threw me down onto the mattress, turned me over, again he had that wonderful cock inside me. We twisted in our elation. When he had me half off the bed, I was supporting myself with my hands on the floor, I sensed that delicious tenseness that comes over men a half minute before they’re ready. “I’m going to come!” he screamed.
“Go ahead!” I yelled back, “Give it to me!” And he did, grunting and blubbering and I felt my cunt being glutted with his cum. And that, too, sent me once more over the edge. I bet, if anyone was listening outside my window, they wondered if they should call the cops.
He pulled out, I knew the bed would have one very wet spot, I didn’t care. We swiveled around, faced each other, kissed. There was no cuddling, no downtime, I was amazed he was still hard. Once again I went down on him, he tasted completely different now, sweet and salty. Somebody should make sperm flavored candies, I’d buy them. As I was cleaning him off, he put a thumb inside me, started finger fucking me. Again, it was simply incredible, I had a little bit more of a come.
He used his super sized muscles to turn me over, on my back, and I spread for him, we were fucking again. I managed to get a couple of pillows under my ass, tried to move my legs around for just the right insertion, found two or three different ways. I wanted to come again, but I think I was overloaded. I’d approach the precipice, then my body would rebel, the elastic of the garter belt was scratching me. I was done. But don’t think I didn’t like the way he was stroking inside me, around me. Again I felt the muscles of his ass, his chest, his arms. After a while, not too long, I felt him tense up again, knew that more of his sperm was being spurted deep inside me.
And then we were exhausted. We cuddled a bit, it was nice to feel him stroke my well used body, to rub his, but there was nothing behind it. I realized I didn’t know where he lived, if he had a wife or girlfriend, even how old he was. “You want another beer?” I offered.
“No, thanks, I’ve got to be at muster at 7:30 in the morning. I should be getting home.”
“Okay.” I watched him get his pants on, didn’t bother covering myself up - what more could he see? I followed him into the living room, he got into his shirt, I knew I’d miss those six-packs. He found my key in his pocket, gave it to me.
Before he left he grabbed me, kissed me, felt my tit one last time. “You want to get together again?”
I didn’t have to worry that one out, very quickly said, “Sure. Call me Tuesday or Wednesday.” We kissed, one very last time, I admit I was thinking maybe I should drag him back to bed, but then he was out the door.
I sighed, went to the bathroom sink, splashed water on my face, took a long drink. I looked at my reflection in the mirror. My complexion was flushed, my hair a mess, my nipples were still hard with the thought of this new lover. I began to take that garter belt off, it was rubbing me raw now, there was going to be a little bruise on my left hip, and then my phone rang. I went to answer it, saw it was Reggie.
“Can I come in?” he asked.
“Where are you?”
“Outside, in my car.”
“You’ve been there all night?”
“For the last hour or so, yeah.”
“And you waited for him to leave.”
I could have been pissed, but I really wasn’t. Once again, Reggie somehow knew what I wanted, needed, and he was right. “Get your ass in here,” I laughed.
In the couple of seconds that it took him, I straightened up a little, put those heels back on. When Reggie walked in the door, he saw me standing there, in that garter belt and stockings, and that’s all.
“Hi,” he said, looking me over, I could tell he was in lust, even though he knew what I’d been doing.
I smiled at him. “I got fucked.”
“Well fucked, it looks like.”
“Yeah, real well fucked.”
“You want to tell me about it.” A command, not a request.
“Okay. Pour me a glass of wine, and get your ass in the bedroom.” Before he joined me, I got that stupid garter belt off, but I kept the stockings on. He wanted me to tell him all about it, and I did, from the shock of hearing a strange man’s voice to the positions we used, to the way his dick felt in my hand, in my pussy. “He’s bigger than you are.”
Reggie’s voice was muffled, he was eating me. I was a little surprised that he wanted to taste me, seeing as how I was drenched with the stuff Quentin had left in me, but if that’s what he hankered, what the hell! “You want to see him again, don’t you?”
“I’m going to,” I announced.
“Cool. Can I be there to watch?”
“Maybe.” I suddenly understood that I still had things to learn, that Reggie still had techniques and attitudes to teach me. But now I was a graduate student.
And then, the bad boy got fucked by the bad girl.

I'm not gonna lie, when my husband told me about his "Hotwife" fantasy and asked me to start cheating on him by fucking other guys, I was pissed.  I mean Why wasn't I enough for him?  It's not like he could complain he wasn't getting enough pussy, I fucked him regularly, and I fucked him dirty.  I'd never been a prude, I sucked his cock often, and I even took it in the butt occasionally just to mix it up. 
It's not my fault he didn't last long.  I worked hard on fulfilling all of his sexual fantasies.  I played my part as the lustful nanny that just wanted to fuck her boss.  I was the slutty college girl that was "hot for teacher" and gunning for extra credit, and I definitely had a FIRM GRIP on the subject matter!  If you know what I mean.  I played the naked maid. And the slutty neighbor looking to cheat on her husband.
So when he said it would be hot if I would flirt with and cheat on him with another guy, I honestly thought it was another role play.  Next day when he got home from work, it was just me, no kids, I had on a silk robe and nothing else.  I called him John (his name is James) and I said he was late and we needed to hurry cause my husband would be home soon.  I told him I shouldn't be doing this but I needed to feel his cock inside me so bad I couldn't fucking think straight till I had him, he was all I could think about.  I peeled his pants off and sucked his dick hard and fucked the shit out of him.  The whole time telling him how much better his cock felt than my husband's did. 
It felt weird to me but I did it for him.  He was excited and he popped fast, which was a bummer.  I didn't complain, I rolled off him, made him grab my boob and slide two fingers into my pussy while I furiously rubbed my clit till I exploded with a somewhat satisfying orgasm. 
Laying there naked and vulnerable snuggling with my husband he then blindsided me by excitedly asking me if I was gonna really do it?  I was confused and said, "Do what?"  He said, "Cheat on me." I was a bit hurt and replied, "No, I'd never cheat on you."  He then said "But babe, it isn't cheating if I give you permission, and you have it, I want this." 
Now I was mad. I got up and got dressed and I didn't talk to him for the rest of the night or the following two days.  I had given him fucking everything and it wasn't enough.  I had done things way outside of my comfort zone,  and it wasn't enough.  I HAD TRIED SO HARD, AND STILL IT WASN'T ENOUGH. 
That was when I decided to get out of my head and relax by doing some Yoga, and it's also when I changed my mind about all of it.  When I got to the Yoga Studio, I happily realized Michael was the instructor, my heart soared when he was my Yogi.  I had been crushing hard on him, he was kind and soulful, not to mention he was fucking ripped, and the bulge in his pants always made me think up some dirty thoughts.  We had always had a flirty playful banter between us, but I was married and kept my true feelings to myself.  I thought to myself that James was stupid because he had no idea the things I'd love to do to that man. 
In that moment it hit me hard, I suddenly realized for the first time I could totally act on my flirtation.  I HAD PERMISSION.  My husband wanted me to fuck him, he had practically begged me to fuck him, and in that moment I realized just how badly I wanted to fuck him.  I texted James, "Is this really what you want, me just fucking other guys?"  I set my phone down and started stretching. My phone boodelooped and the screen lit up.  I saw my husband's response, "HELL YES!!!!" 
I grabbed my mat and moved to the front just as the class started. I couldn't get Michael's perfect physique out of my head. He caught me staring at him, I didn't look away. I just gave him a sly smile and winked at him.  I felt stupid giddy and nervous and kept giggling to myself. 
After the class I hung back in the locker room making sure I was the last one out.  I had showered, shaved everywhere, adjusted my bra for the maximum amount of cleavage, blow dried my hair and put on some makeup, and I hit that lobby like a cougar on the prowl. 
Much to my delight, Michael definitely noticed.  I stopped and looked at a new mat hanging on the wall and made asked "Hey Jess, do you see anything you like?"  
I turned and attacked.  I slowly looked him up and down focusing on his cock.  "Mmmhmm, definitely, although like isn't the word, I'm leaning more towards need!"  He took a step back in surprise. "Jess, wow, umm are we talking about, I mean what about your husband?" 
I looked him in the eye and let the mischievous smile creep back into place and I said,, "Hall Pass!"  He said "what?" I stepped close enough to touch him and placed my hand on his chest and slowly started sliding it down his torso and said: "I have a hall pass, for the next six hours I can do whatever I want, and what I want to do is you!"   
We went straight to his place and I fucked the shit out of that man.  I kept him naked for three hours.   Unsure if I'd get a second attempt I gave him all of me. I fucked and sucked him till he came and then laid on him kissing and rubbing him till I felt the familiar bulge and sucked and fucked him again.  I gave that man my Pussy, my Mouth and to ensure I made a good showing, my Ass.  When he started to cum I wrapped my lips around his dick and sucked down every last drop he had. 
I fucked that man dirty and in the end was surprised to find I had absolutely no regrets.  When I got home I walked up to my husband with cum till dribbling down my legs and told him I changed my mind and had just cheated on him, I fucking loved it, and fully intended to continue fucking Michael often.  I then waited nervously for his reaction. To my surprise he was ecstatic asking for every dirty detail, which I gave him. 
With this new outlook I realized there were a number of men in my life that I would fancy spreading my legs for.  So I did, I started a Tinder profile, and after one unexpected threesome with a couple I met at a bar, I had a bit of a sexual awakening with a woman, so I also set up a Her profile and have dated a few women which has made me realize that not only do I love cock, but I also very much love pussy. 
That is the story of how I became a hotwife and a self-proclaimed slut.  That was 5 years ago, and after two years my husband and I got a chance to do a full swap and now we are full fledged swingers.


Sharing Diana

By MenPoundMyWife, in Cuckold / Hotwife,

My wife and I have been married for over 10 years. She is 5'4, about 130lbs, 34F, and very fit. 
We dated for couple of years before getting married. From the very beginning, she was the most sexual woman I had ever met. Soon after we started dating, she started to push me to talk about her former lovers. Slowly, I started to get turned on by the stories and became more and more curious about her past sexual experiences with boyfriends before me. Eventually, we got married, and few years later, she started to throw hints of wanting to raise her score. I quickly got on board and we started to regularly talk about how other men would fuck her and so forth.
Finally, during a trip to Vegas, we decided to visit a sex club and she was very excited, although a little nervous. She wore a new tight black dress with red lingerie underneath. We got to the club and just hung out. She was very uneasy and she said she had never been to a place like this. About 30 minutes in, we were starting to talk about leaving, she suddenly pointed at a slightly older guy and said: "Go bring him here." My dick was hard as a rock. I walked up to the guy and asked if he is interested in my wife, he had been staring at her the entire time. He quickly smiled and said, "Oh yes, let's go."
They shook hands, introduced themselves and we all decided to find the area with beds and more privacy (so to speak). We found a room downstairs that was only enclosed by a curtain. She told me to go and get condoms so she can get to know the guy for a few minutes. When I came back, they were just talking, slowly, she walked up to me and started kissing me. Once I let go, I gestured to the guy to go ahead; he quickly moved in on her. They started making out, he started kissing her all over the place, slowly, she dropped backwards on bed and pulled him on top of herself. 
He lowered her dress and started sucking her big tits. She asked me to join in. We each had a tit in our mouth and we were both fingering her pussy at the same time. Slowly, I moved down and started eating her pussy. She is always fully waxed like a porn star. As soon as I stopped eating her pussy as she came, he went down and started eating it. Slowly, I moved back up and she took my dick in her mouth. 
To our surprise, a crowd gathered and four other men wanted to fuck her. She shook her head but they all watched her get pounded. 
The guy that went in there with us, quickly got naked and tugged at her red thong. She took it off and handed it to me. This whole time, she was playing with my dick, it's about 5.5". The guy was much larger, about 7". She looked at it and winked at me. She told him she likes it rough.
He had it fully up and moved close to her pussy. She stared into my eyes, grabbed his dick and guided it to rub her pussy. He took his clue and shoved it in. She reminded him to not be gentle. He obliged and fucked her like a whore. She begged for more by saying, "Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me hard...look babe, he is fucking me so good, he is so big, look, he is fucking your wife right in front of you....oh yeah, fuck me." About four other guys and a couple were now watching her get fucked. I asked her if I should tell them to leave, she said no, she likes it. She slowly turned to them so they can get the full view of a dick in her pussy while she was playing with mine. 
Once the guy got done, she said, "Okay honey, this was awesome," and kissed me multiple times thanking me for a great experience. She said she wanted to stay for a few before we walked out. She wanted to walk around and be noticed as the woman who had just been fucked, since rest of the crowd was just hanging out.
We cannot wait to do it again.  


Evening in Hooterville

By robaval, in Cuckold / Hotwife,

Julie went with me to a northern Dakota job site last week. Pretty basic trip but clean motels, carryout dining for the most part and eating in parks or at our hotel/hunting lodge accommodation’s deck or room.
We actually wore our masks when around other people as the Corona pandemic is really bad now in the Dakotas, the second worst in the Nation. We think mask wearing and distancing probably do help prevent Corona spread and helps us think we are trying! We had distanced ourselves, dieted, worked out and tanned all spring and summer at home and never even got to our local lake, Mexico, CA or FL, but we are (Julie especially) in good shape and tanned. Julie's hair person recently had recently reopened taking a few clients, so Julie had her long hair cut, colored a brunette color and spiked up for a blue-eyed brunette look.
Friday night before Labor day, I was done working and we had started back south towards home, but ended up in a small Dakota town and found out from the lodge keeper that a local lake/river side supper club with an older owner have their bartender, servers and staff all wear masks, which is very unusual in Dakota, so we decided to eat there.
We had not had a chance to dress up the entire week, so to go out to the supper club, Julie got out her black tights, heels and very short black knit dress/tunic length strappy top. The tights really show off her legs and butt. A light sweater, a black mask and eye shadow completed her dressy outfit for the evening. Me, khakis, oxford button down and topsider boat shoes. We stopped by and found hand sanitizer in use at the supper club. (good sign). The staff was wearing masks, tables spaced 6' or 8' apart and the patio dining overlooking the river/lake was open. Out on the patio, we had a couple cocktails, shared a prime rib dinner (serving large enough for a family of 4). We watched the sun set over the river/lake and rail bridge. A beautiful evening. We were back and crashed at our room in the lodge by 10 PM.
Saturday, we made a late start, found drive-through coffee and kept heading south and east towards home. We had a late lunch early dinner, carryout in a small-town park and kept driving.
At about 10 PM we were maybe an hour and half from home. I realized we would be traveling near and past Hooterville, the home of the L&L, which is about a half hour from home, so I mentioned it. We had not been to the small-town stripper club bar in more than a year and definitely then were very respectable (LOL). Before we were married, I had taken Julie there a few times before where some serious flashing and more went on. She even had gotten on stage for a few minutes. The stories are on this site somewhere. We have been much more careful since getting married, and Julie moving up north to our rural home, about being seen in a place like this, by respectable stiff-backed people we might know. Julie thought about it few minutes, looked the L&L’s number up, and called them on her cell!
The L&L owner manager answered and was glad to hear from Julie. He told Julie that he was open, had a small crowd of maybe 5 tables of 2 to 4 mostly if not all men with tables distanced and cleaned after use. He had two house girl dancers working in masks, no circuit girls. The dancers were cleaning the pole and mirrors as they left stage after a set. One of the dancers was our friend Haley who we had gotten to know previously and occasionally see in town a the grocery store, etc. Haley is a babe, MILF, early 30's, blond bobbed hair, blue eyed, very nice natural boobs. She maybe a strong 8 maybe on a 9 on the scale of 10, both in looks and personality wise. She is married, two kids, good husband. He gets off work at a factory in town and gets home. They do dinner with the kids and by 8 she can be at work at the L&L where she makes good money and has good hours while her husband babysits.
We left the main highway and took the north side secondary road into Hooterville. It had absolutely no traffic moving. A mile or two north of town, Julie had me stop. She got out and roadside started removing shorts, top, underwear and moved in front of my pickup lights. With a couple nude bumps and grinds in the headlights, she moved to the back door of the pickup. She got her heels and short tunic/dress top out. With no undies, everything showing, she climbed back in and we headed into town.
Julie had me drive around the block twice looking at cars and license plates to try to decide there were no locals parked out front. The employee parking had a couple local cars, and she decided it would be OK to go in. We pulled on our masks, Julie's black and mine USA flag pattern. I walked around to the passenger side and helped Julie down mentioning her “dress” and lack of underwear were showing everything. Her answer “that's the idea”!
Walking in, there was no one in the front bar/pool table area. The owner manager was back at the entry to the showroom said hi, long time no see, and did not collect a cover charge from us. We walked into the back-show room, past the stage and to the far corner of the room near the dancers' lounge. Haley was on stage already nude except for her mask and waved to us and said hi as we walked by. There were tables already occupied with groups of 2 and 4 men 15 or 16 men total. The show room had one server and a bartender working.
The server came by and I ordered a single serving bottle of cab for Julie and a soda and glass of ice for me (driver). It’s really inconvenient to pull masks down for a sip.
The two-house girl dancers were doing 3 or 4 song 12 or 15 minute sets with 12 or 15 minutes between sets. When Haley finished her set, still in mask, she stepped into her bikini brief bottoms, cleaned off the pole and mirror, used hand sanitizer and topless came down the steps to our table. Julie asked how it was going? Haley said without table dancing being permitted due to Corona and chairs and interaction at the stage rail not permitted, her tip money was way down.
Haley commented that Julie looked ready for the stage. Julie said that was maybe the idea. Haley laughed and said fine with her as she always made good money when Julie went on stage with her. After a few minutes, when the other dancer started her next set, Haley excused herself to go the dancers' lounge. Julie got up went with her to freshen up.
After the other dancer was done with her set, it was about 11:15 PM before Haley and Julie came out and went up the steps to the stage. Both girls had their masks on. Julie's knit tunic/dress was way too short and riding up to show her bottom. She was managing to keep her puss covered, kind of, but being up on the stage it was obvious she was nude beneath.
By the end of the first song, Haley had her top off and Julie had her dress straps pulled down and her boobs showing, but her butt and puss were covered. By the end of the second song, both girls were nude except for masks and heels. Stripper stage dancing is really different and difficult from social dancing per Julie. Haley, with this now being most time she ever had with Julie on stage was serving as a good teacher and example for Julie…
Several men in the audience walked to the stage edge and laid tip money on the railing for the two girls. I did get up and lay out two tens for the girls. By about 11:40 PM, both girls had sanitized the mirrors, pole and hands and were off the stage and back to the table. Julie laid her dress on her chair and sat on it in the nude in heels. Haley was back in her bikini bottoms but topless. The manager/owner walked by and gave the girls a thumbs up. Julie said a couple times, with the mask, being nude on stage was definitely easier. I said the change in hair style and color probably were helping her feel more comfortable too.
At midnight, the girls went to the dancers’ lounge, and by a few minutes after midnight were back on the stage. Julie started off nude which the regular girls never do. By the end of the first song, Haley was nude too. Tips from the dozen or so men in the audience were laid on the railing and the men kept a 6’ or 8’ distance from the railing. The distancing really made Julie feel more comfortable both Corona wise and personally.
Haley and Julie’s next set was at 12:30 AM with both Julie and Haley starting and ending nude on stage. They were back to the lounge. At 1:00 PM last call, Julie joined Haley and other dancer on stage for the group finale. Julie, in mask definitely appeared comfortable being so nude so long this evening. I am sure the distancing from the audience helped. She said the lighting had prevented her from seeing much of the audience. There was some light clapping but nothing out of line at the ends of sets. Julie left all the money she had gathered with Haley as she has before.
The owner/manager offered to hire Julie again. Julie didn’t feel like her dancing was even close to par for stage work, especially if she was alone. I think she is good looking and personal enough to do just fine (but not close to home (LOL)).
Coming off the stage and even before the few men left in the audience had finished drinks, Julie pulled her dress on and motioned for us to leave. We said/waved bye to Haley and left. I helped Julie climb into the pickup. She got her heels off and complained her legs were killing her, and that this had been much harder work than she thought it would be.
I had half an erection, so unbuttoned and unzipped pants for the ride home figuring Julie might pat it a bit (rolling foreplay). Julie’s dress was pulled up around her waist so I could rub puss lips as she spread legs.
Right away on the secondary road outside of town, I went around a curve with driver’ side wheels on divider line. There is no shoulder and no traffic, so what the heck. A car was parked back off the road as I started out of the curve. Red and Blue flashing lights, loose erection and cover with shirt tails, Julie trying to pull dress down. Chinese fire drill in the pickup. I pulled over, stopped, switched dome lights on, rolled my window down.
Patrolmen, Deputies, Sheriffs, Cops, etc. all have dangerous jobs in these days. I kept one hand on the top of the steering wheel and hung my left hand out the window. This is just common courtesy for cops, I think. Julie sat prim and proper in her seat with knees together.
The patrolman got to my pickup rear and walked up along the side. He shined his light in, then asked for my license, registration and insurance card. Without speaking, Julie opened the glove box and got the papers for me. I took my license out of my money clip and put it in the envelope too and handed them to the cop. As he took them, he asked if I had been drinking. Answered, “no”
The cop was back in his car for 5 minutes plus, came back and asked if I had a gun in the truck. “No” was the answer. I assumed when he ran the numbers it showed up that I do have a concealed carry permit. I didn’t tell him that there is a pistol, in a case, in the locked tool box in the back bolted to the pickup box.
So, in a 10 or 15 minute stop I said “no” politely twice. As he handed my papers back, he said “have a good evening”. Julie popped back, “we intend to”. The cop smiled and walked back to his car. I told Julie the cop probably thought she was a professional working out of the L&L and she laughed.
No other cars came south out of Hooterville while we were stopped. I am sure people leaving the L&L could see the reflection of flashing lights in the distance and went east instead back to the city. We probably saved someone a ticket.
Once home, we showered off quickly, helped dry each other and crawled into bed. I started low with the tongue and worked up to kissing and like an old missionary, finished. The last thing I remembered was Julie asking me roll off as I was just about sound asleep on top of her. Great Day!! Rob/Julie

She ran the brush through her long red hair as she sat at the dressing table. She laid the brush down and bent to straighten her stockings. Her hands felt cool as she ran them up from ankle to garter clips. She felt her skin tingle as her fingertips passed over her inner thigh and lingered near the pulsing dampness that was her pussy, concealed in the lace of her panties.
She rose from the seat, turning to survey her profile in the full-length mirror that paralleled the large four-poster bed. The lines on her stockings were straight. She cut a stunning figure with her long red hair and swelling curves. She was six feet tall without heels, but she wore the highest spikes she could find whenever she got the chance. Tonight it was black patent leather mary janes with wicked 4-inch heels.
They went well with the fantasy outfit she had picked just for this evening's entertainment. It was an unusual twist on an old favorite - a patent-leather-look minidress in the "French maid" fashion with drawstrings and lace, and a naughty little apron to go with the feather duster.
She took a deep swallow from her rocks glass of Grey Goose and soda that her husband had thoughtfully left on her table. She always got nervous at the last minute, and the alcohol helped to negate any inhibitions she might have left. This evening had taken months of preparation, and her pussy twitched with anticipation as she heard the light knock on the bedroom door.
"You almost ready, Baby?" asked Albert, her husband, as he closed the door behind him. He stepped back. "Wow!" he said as he took her hand and turned her around to get the full effect of her chosen outfit. At this point, she was six foot four inches and towered over his five-foot eight-inch frame as he pulled her close and slid his fingers inside the lace of her panties.
She pressed her 40DD breasts against his cheek and ran her hands along his considerable hard on. "Feels like YOU are all set to go," she whispered as she licked his ear and pushed his fingers further into her wet, impatient hole. "I just like to make an impression when I come into the room," she said.
He kissed her deeply and smiled. "Honey," he said with a smile, "Everywhere you go, you make an indelible impression!"
He took her drink off the table and shook the ice inside. "Ready for a refill?" he asked, "the boys are waiting for you?"
"They'll wait a little longer," she said huskily as she sank to her knees and undid his belt. She could feel the heat from him through his pants and it was driving her crazy. She couldn't wait anymore...she HAD to have him in her mouth, NOW.
He muttered a half-hearted protest as she freed him from his Wranglers and guided his throbbing cock into her warm, waiting mouth. He set the glass back down and moaned as her long, slender fingers slipped underneath his balls to cup them and stroke them as she sucked the head of his dick. He felt his knees start to buckle and started to ease backwards towards the edge of the bed. As he did, she reluctantly released her hold on him and, smiling slyly, dipped her fingers into the glass and popped an ice cube into her hot mouth.
She stood and put one hand on his chest to push him back onto the bed, and with the other she resumed her hold on his equipment. She lowered her face to his dick, taking him again into her mouth and curling her fingers into his curly red pubic hair as she stroked him. He inhaled sharply from the simultaneous sensations of hot and cold that swirled around his cock.
A mixture of saliva and melting ice ran from the corner of her mouth as she worked him over. It dripped onto his upper thigh, creating new sensations as it ran down towards his ass. Her hands were always moving, over his chest, and up and down his leg. He felt his balls tighten as her cascading hair slipped off his stomach to tickle them.
"They're going to wonder what's taking so long," he said through clenched teeth as he fought to keep from coming then and there. "Then they can knock on the door like you did," she replied, just before pausing to run her tongue down his shaft, over his balls, and underneath to his asshole. Her warm hand grasped his cock and pumped it slowly, as she flicked her tongue across his puckered anus and licked the inside of his thigh.
She turned her body so that her thighs straddled his shoulders as he lay there. Her pussy was merely an inch or two from his face. He could feel the heat from it and smell the scent of her juices mixed with her perfume. It made his mouth water, and he grasped her hips and pulled her down onto his tongue.
At first, he was content to lick her pussy through the lace that covered it, but as she increased the suction on his cock, he pulled the soaked material aside and buried his face in her folds. The smell of her drove him crazy. He ran his tongue up and down from her clit to her asshole in rhythm with her bucking hips. She moaned around her mouthful of cock.
He was starting to lose himself in her pussy when there came another knock on the door. Before he could think of how to respond, she lifted her head and said: "come in!"
His buddy Vinny stood in the doorway. "Nice of you guys to start without us," he said with a smile as he held the door open for the two men behind him to see into the bedroom.
"Sorry, bro," said Albert as Victoria resumed her assault on his johnson. "She's got me pinned!" he said, feigning alarm. "Come and help a brother out!"
"Anything for you, bud!" said Vinny, motioning for his friends to follow as he stepped into the room. Behind him were Tom and Tony, who were also friends of Albert. They had all worked together for years and were like family.
This get together had been planned for several months, but there was no script to follow. Victoria reluctantly pulled her mouth from Albert's cock and stood up. With her hair disheveled from their activity and the saliva still shiny on her chin, Albert thought his wife had never looked more beautiful.
"Come on in boys," she said as she wiped her chin with the back of her hand, "the pussy's fine!"
That was all of the encouragement that they needed. Albert scooted back towards the headboard so that he could sit up and watch his wife in action with an unobstructed view.
Vinny stepped forward first and unbuckled his pants. "I want some of what he was getting," he exclaimed. Tom and Tony moved in on either side of her and reached to stroke her breasts and ass.
Victoria smiled and turned to wink at her husband. "I don't know, Vinny," she whispered in his ear as she reached inside of his jeans to touch his throbbing member. Her touch was electric to him as she nibbled on the edge of his ear. "You've wanted this for so long...are you sure you can handle it?"
He reached up and gathered a handful of that long glorious red hair and pushed her head towards his now exposed cock. "Give it your best shot, witch," he growled huskily.
She sank to her knees and in one slick motion, she had his whole cock in her mouth all the way to his balls. By now both Tony and Tom had their cocks in their hands, as well.
She pushed Vinny's pants to the floor as she sucked, and trailed her manicured nails up the backs of his thighs to grasp his buttocks with both hands. He gasped as her nails dug into his ass as she tried to pull him deeper into her throat.
He reached behind and pulled her hands away. "You're neglecting your other guests," he said as he took each of her hands and spread her arms to either side of her.
Tom and Tony took the cue. Both moved into position where she could grasp their cocks, one in each hand.
Albert, thoroughly enjoying the show, strained to get a better view of his wife in action as she took on all three of the men. Tom sighed as she curled her fingers to cup his balls. Tony shuddered as she stroked him and ran her thumb over the head of his dick, which was turning purple with desire.
After making sure her hands were otherwise occupied, Vinny grasped the back of Victoria's head and pumped his full length into her warm mouth. Saliva ran out of the corner of her mouth as she tried to keep up with his rhythmic pumping. Unable to control himself anymore, Vinny lost himself down her throat at the sight of this gorgeous amazon woman taking on all three of them.
Vinny staggered backward as his knees got weak after his enthusiastic release. He fell into a chair in the corner of the room only to watch Tony and Tom move into position even as he fell back...

The beginning of my discovery of the world of swingers and cuckold was five years after I graduated from college, when I was assigned to work in one of the rural villages somewhat from my city. I went and started working and that was at the end of summer. Life in the village is very simple, and most of the houses are two yards and one big room. Usually, chickens and livestock are raised in the yard and there are about 25% of the big houses only.
I came across this person several times and he came to visit me at work and he invited me one day to eat lunch in his modest house (tenant) . I used to go to the village in the morning and go back before sunset, and in January, by chance, I met someone who was acquainted with the city.
I learned that he was married and had found a job in the village. I moved in to live with him and his wife. After several days, one night be brought food from a restaurant to eat in his house. After eating, we sat and talked, and he said some students were staying there that night, but I could too if I wanted. I told him: How, you have just have one bedroom? He said don't worry, I will manage. I decided I would sleep here instead of going back to Medina.
In the evening we had dinner and prepared three separate mattresses on the tiles without a bed. His wife was at the end of the room adjacent to the wall, and he was next to her. My bed was not far from them, so I told him I would sleep in the yard, but he told me that the cold was getting worse and there was no problem with me being with them. I was surprised, because we are not familiar with this because of ideology and living in a conservative country (on the surface).
He turned off the lights and laid down, but due to the unfamiliar circumstances, I couldn't sleep quickly of course. After a while, I felt that he and his wife had started touching and caressing, so I felt blood boiling in my body. Then, not only touching, but they had sex in a way that made me notice what they were doing. Then I understood that he wanted me to feel that. I was very horny at that time and wanted to fabricate sleep so they wouldn't know. His wife was not moving still, only he was, and then he issued groans and low voices.
He ended quickly and his wife got up and went to the bathroom. When she came back, then he went. His wife sat on her husband's bed next to me and she said "I know you're awake." She put her hand on my chest and said "I am not satisfied with my husband. My husband's dick does not erect well and is premature ejaculation."
I tried to tell her that we should not, but she said, "Do not worry, my husband will do nothing," I could not resist and got naked and began to devour her body. I mounted her while she put her legs over me and kissed me until I finished while she was at the top of the orgasm. And I kept wondering whether he was really angry or was pretending, and after a few days he came to my office and during the conversation he told me, "he is asking about you, she wants to invite you to dinner."
This is a true story that happened to me and perhaps this person weaved an inner desire to try to trade off my wife for swap or sharing.

I started fucking this lady I was doing some work for. I’m in my late thirties and she is nearing retirement age.
It all started when my boss sent me to her condo to do a drywall repair. She was super nice and stood around talking while I was working on the hole. She dropped a few small hints that I picked up immediately that her and her husband were in the lifestyle. So I was like, “You know, if there’s any more holes you’d like filled, I’m hired for the better part of the day.”
She started blushing. I said, “Why don’t you see if your old man would be okay with me filling up a couple more holes?”
She called him and came back and said, “Yes, he wants you to fill a hole or two in the bedroom.”
That’s when she took me into her room. She climbed on the bed and pulled her skirt up. I slipped a rubber from my wallet on, pulled her panties aside, and slipped my dick in her. A little bit in she asked me if I wouldn’t mind using her phone to take some video for her husband.
I had already figured out before that turning your phone to FaceTime helps you see more than you can just trying to take a selfie with the regular facing camera. I slid it underneath her facing up so he could see my dick going in and out of her and my balls slapping up against her. I even put on a show a bit, but the idea of it started getting me excited and I busted in a few minutes. It was good though and I went back to work so technically I got paid to fuck an older lady. Lol.
I hope they call back for more work in the future.

Sara and I had been seeing each other for over a year. I am a 50+ male, and she is a 30-year-old female, beautiful, small but very sensitive breasts, and extremely erotic and sensual. A dream too good to be true for an old war-horse like me.
We had been talking about inviting a man in for a three-way. It has been a lifelong obsession of mine to see my lover with another man. Or, for that matter, another woman. She is fascinated with the idea of going down on a female. But, that is a story for another time.
This night we started out in a gentleman's club. We have done this before, but little did we know how the evening would turn out. Sara likes it when I buy her lap dances and fantasy room dances. She tells me the feel of another woman's soft skin is like no other, and it really is a sight to see her face reflecting the dream state she gets in when one of the dancers rubs her breasts along the side of her face. This particular night the featured dancer was a very erotic blond, Tricia, who was very tall and very well proportioned. She was also an excellent dancer. And, she turned Sara and I both on.
After several lap dances with various dancers, we settled on Tricia. Shortly, we ended up in the fantasy room. Tricia put on an extraordinary show, and Sara and I both were enjoying things immensely. At one point, Tricia even asked that I leave the room so she could put on a private dance for Sara. Of course, Sara was agreeable.
So, I went out and had a drink while they stayed in the room. I get a lot of enjoyment out of knowing that Sara is enjoying herself. That night was no exception.
After my drink, I went back to the room, and we talked with Tricia for awhile and invited her back to our table for a drink. Try as we might, we could not talk Tricia into going back to the hotel with us. At closing time we left, both of us feeling very frustrated.
As we were driving back to the hotel, we passed an adult bookstore and novelty shop. I swung the car around. Sara had expressed a desire to get some ben-wa balls, and I thought it was as good a time as any. After looking at the novelties, Sara picked out a set of the brass balls. I also purchased a handful of tokens so we could go back to a booth and watch a flick or two.
Settling into the booth, Sara sat on a stool, and I stood behind her. By the way, I failed to mention that Sara was wearing knee-high black leather boots, a black leather vest, and a black leather skirt. She had on sheer black stockings, a black garter belt, and black panties underneath. No bra. She looked fabulous, and earlier many of the dancers had commented on how much they liked how she looked.
I neglected to lock the door when we entered the booth, and sure enough, SURPRISE! Someone opened the door, saw us, and immediately shut the door and went into the booth next door.
Almost immediately, I hatched a plot in my sexually frustrated brain. I slipped out and knocked on the booth into which the man had gone. The guy opened the door, and I could see he was a man in his thirties, clean-cut, and nice looking. I questioned him about whether he could 'behave' himself if I invited him next door. He answered that he would only do what he was allowed to do or prompted to do. I liked the answer, so I told him to come on.
The first thing I did when we got back to our booth, besides locking the door, was to slide Sara's vest down to expose her breasts. We could hear her suck in a deep breath. Her nipples are always semi-hard. The coolness of the booth, and the fact that a strange man was standing next to her , made them stand out like strawberries on a sundae.
I asked for his name, and he told me it was Bob. I asked him if he liked Sara's breasts, and he said indeed he did. I agreed and told him there were nice to touch, too, and that was his cue to go for it.
As he massaged her breasts and lightly pinched and pulled on her nipples, I could see the bulge grow in his pants. I said something to Sara about him being excited. I also noticed she was breathing in rapid shallow breaths. He unzipped his pants and Sara reached over and put her hand in and started to massage his cock. I was feeding tokens in the coin slot, but none of us were paying any attention to what was on the screen. It got really intense, and Sara soon had an orgasm. She is probably not unique that way, but it seems as if there is a direct connection between her nipples and her clit. She often has an orgasm when I play with, and suck, on her nipples.
Things settled down after a bit. It seemed like an hour but was probably no more than ten minutes. I asked him if he wanted to go back to the hotel with us. He said yes. I told him to wait five minutes, then come outside. If we decided it was a good idea, we would be waiting for him. If not, we would be gone.
Sara and I went out to the parking lot and talked about the possibilities, dangers, and whether she was attracted to the guy. She stated her attraction wasn't real strong, but that he seemed OK. We had long talked about including another man, and this seemed like an excellent opportunity.
Soon, Bob came out and got in his pickup. I got out of the car and went over and talked with him again. Still a little nervous about the whole thing, I questioned him some more about his ability to do only what he was asked to do and that he understood, NO MEANS NO! He agreed, and I told him to follow us to the hotel, park, give us a few minutes, and I would be out to get him.
Sara and I entered our room. We decided the leather look was sexy and she would stay clothed for the time being. One thing Sara likes is to be blindfolded. She loves that because it allows her to concentrate on all the feelings she experiences from unknown hands caressing her body and allowing her body to bring her pleasure. I tied a black scarf around her eyes, kissed her, told her I loved her and then went to get Bob.
Upon entering the room, we found Sara sitting on the bed. I took her by the hand, faced her towards Bob, and told her to say hello. Then I started to untie the front of her vest and let it fall open, revealing her breasts. The effect was way different than it was in the darkened booth. You could see the delight on Bob's face. Then I unzipped her leather skirt and let it fall to the floor, revealing her black garter belt, stockings, and panties. Still in her boots, she looked very sexy, and her shallow breathing indicated she was also getting excited. I told Bob to slip off her vest, and he kissed her breasts and sucked on her nipples as he did so.
Sara suggested he get undressed and as he was doing so, she sat back on the bed. Not wanting to unhook her garter belt to remove her panties, I took my pocket knife and cut a large hole in the crotch of her panties. Basically, I presented Sara's most intimate parts to our new found friend for his enjoyment.
By then, Bob was undressed. I handed him a condom, and he put it on, then laid down on the bed next to Sara and started kissing and nuzzling her neck and breasts again. Her nipples resumed their previous 'strawberries on a sundae' proportions.
Bob reached down and began to rub Sara between the legs and found her pussy. He remarked about how wet she was, and I said she was always like that. Kissing his way down her belly, he ended up with his head between her legs and began kissing and sucking her. I could tell she was enjoying it by the look on her face, that dreamy, faraway look she gets when she is allowing her body to do what it will. I bent over her and kissed her lightly and asked her if everything was alright? She responded with a quick nodding of her head, YES! I got the camera and began taking pictures. We wanted to preserve the moment for later enjoyment and to share with friends.
By then Bob had moved into position and took her legs and pushed them back over her and entered her, slowly at first, then all the way. He began a rhythmic stroking, and I could tell Sara was off in la-la land. Bob was not super endowed, but he was sufficient in length and thickness to give her the 'full' feeling she so enjoyed. The sight of his cock entering her pussy through the hole I had cut in her panties was very much a turn-on for me as well!
Soon he was banging her hard with full force and Sara was responding and pleading to be fucked harder. She could stand it no longer, pushed him off, and got on her knees begging her to fuck her hard from behind. Soon his thighs were slapping against her ass with smacks almost loud enough to make one think she was being spanked.
I like watching Sara in this position because it allows me to see her tits swinging back and forth in time with the fucking she is getting. Before, all I could do was watch in the mirror. This was a whole new perspective, and I wasted no time getting more pictures.
Sara was cumming and cumming. Of course, she had been cumming ever since Bob first entered her. She is multiorgasmic and has told me she is not sure if it is one continuous orgasm or one building on another. Perhaps some of you ladies reading this can relate.
It wasn't long before Bob stiffened and let out a low throaty growl. He pushed in as far as he could, and you could tell he was filling the condom with his white-hot sperm.
Then Sara did the most surprising thing. She pulled away and turned on her hands and knees to face Bob. She pulled off the condom and quickly took it into her mouth, sucking some of his cum into her mouth. Then she grabbed his cock, stroked it a few times, and bent down and took him in her mouth. She voraciously sucked and ran her tongue around his semi-hard cock.
Sara soon had Bob's cock at full hardness again, and she proceeded to suck him with a simulated fucking motion. He quickly caught on and grabbed her by the hair, another thing she likes, and began fucking her face almost as hard as he had just fucked her pussy. She reached out and grabbed both his ass cheeks with her hands and helped pull him into her harder and harder.
Her talents soon had Bob reacting as he did before only with more voice. Growling and telling her to suck his cock. Soon he exploded for the second time, and I could see Sara was doing her best to keep up and swallow all she could get. But, as hard as she tried, she couldn't, and soon driblets of cum escaped the corners of her mouth.
His balls having been emptied twice into Sara's greedy pussy and mouth, Bob's cock went totally limp. He stumbled back to the chair on weak legs and sat down.
Then Sara did another thing I was wholly unprepared for. She left the bed and came over to me, stared deep into my eyes for a moment, and then grabbed the back of my neck pulling me to her, and kissed me very hard on the mouth. There was no mistaking her intent or the different taste. Here I was tasting the cum in my lover's mouth. Cum from another man's cock!
Things then settled down, and we talked for a while. Bob got dressed, thanked us both profusely, and left a happy man. I was sort of glad he didn't overstay his welcome because I was anxious to talk to Sara to see what she thought about the experience.
As we cuddled and kissed, I never felt more in love with her than I did at that moment. We went over the details of the evening, and we both got excited, and I tried to take care of Sara's needs. By the way, did I mention she was insatiable?
We began to lay plans for our next adventure. As we fell asleep, I contemplated the thought of Sara having kissed me with her mouth bathed with another man's cum. The look in her eye when she did that was pure carnal desire from somewhere deep inside herself that she had never shared before. I drifted off to sleep, wondering what was next in store for us.

Bob is an old friend who has been coming to visit Cheryl and me for some time now. However, he called recently to tell us that he is taking early retirement and moving to North Carolina. We were crushed to hear that as we have known him for more years than we care to admit and have swung with him for the past few. He usually visits us when he is in Tampa on business, and we get together for fun sex.
Yesterday, he called again and said that he was in town with his replacement, Fred, another old friend, although we have known him less time than Bob.
Bob asked if the four of us could have dinner together as they were in town to introduce Fred to the accounts and would be together in the evenings as well. Naturally, we were delighted to hear that we would have the opportunity to see Bob again but were sorry to hear that Fred would be along. Or I should say, Cheryl was sorry about that more than me as she was hoping for some time in the sack with Bob.
We met at a nice restaurant on the causeway. After dinner and a few drinks, we decided to join Bob and Fred for a nightcap at their hotel near the airport. They had adjoining rooms, but both had a mini-bar so we could have some more conversation away from the noise of the restaurant and not have to drive all the way to our house as it was getting on toward 10 p.m. and they had to work the next day.
We got to the hotel and had a drink when Bob asked Cheryl if she was up to one more screw for old times sake, and to cement the memories for him as he didn't expect to see us nearly as much in the future. Cheryl blushed from head to toe as Bob said this in front of Fred. As it turned out, Fred already knew that Bob and Cheryl were screwing, something that we would have preferred that have been kept private. However, Bob and Fred are long-time friends, and Bob felt that maybe Cheryl would like to enjoy Fred occasionally. Cheryl said that she was up to it, but asked if Fred and I would go into Fred's room for a few minutes as she felt uncomfortable with both of us there.
As we left the room, Bob winked at us, and Cheryl just smiled, saying, "We won't be too long, so have another drink while you wait." I asked if we could leave the adjoining door open and she said yes but no peeking. Then I noticed that the mirror above the mini-bar on the wall would allow us to watch if we sat close to the door.
As soon as we were out of the room, Bob began to kiss and undress Cheryl like a couple of newlyweds and then laid her on the bed where he spread her legs and started to lick her love button to loosen her up for him. Since we hadn't planned on sex, we didn't bring the KY jelly which she usually needs. Soon she was moaning and mashing her pussy lips against Bob's mouth like she does when she is ready to cum, and you could hear her outside in the hall I'm sure.
Then Bob climbed aboard and with his left hand spread her pussy open for his 10" dick and began to rub it up and down until she was begging for it. It was at this time that she looked in the mirror and saw Fred and me watching from the other room. She said, "If you two are going to watch anyway, you might as well come in here and get comfortable."
We jumped at the chance and came into the room in time to see Bob slide that monster all the way home with Cheryl's legs over his shoulders and her ass off the bed. I thought she looked uncomfortable, so I grabbed a pillow and put it under her ass. Then Bob began to thrust with vigor, and you could see her pussy lips red and bright rubbing in and out with his every stroke until I knew she was about ready for another orgasm.
So was Bob. He began to pump faster and faster until he and Cheryl came together and he unloaded a big load of cum in her pussy that was running down her leg. I went and got a hand towel from the bathroom to clean them up. Hell, I should have gotten a bath towel. What a load of cum had squirted out of Bob's big cock!
Bob then rolled off exhausted, and Fred asked if he could have some now. Cheryl looked at me to make sure I was ok with this? I gave her a nod yes and a smile. So then Fred got on the bed and lay on his back so that Cheryl could get on top. After Bob's big dick Fred's tool looked small although it must have been about 8" or so. Cheryl was so stretched that she rode him like a bronco and worked her kegel muscles to milk him dry, which she did in a matter of minutes. Now Fred was rolling off, and Cheryl asked if I was ready? Surprisingly I said no, as I wanted to wait until we got home so we could relive this experience alone.
We then got dressed and told them both goodnight and drove home. Bob called this morning and said how much he was going to miss Cheryl, and she told him that she would never find another like him. I almost wanted to cry; it was so sweet.
We may see him again, and I guess we'll see Fred the next time he is in town, but it just won't be the same.

I felt Debra's hand cup my testicles as I raised my head from the moaning and begging Dee. Tony and my eyes locked. Dee was lovely; especially in her high state of sexual arousal. Her eyes were out of focus. Her face was flushed and twisted with sexual desire. Her body was begging for release, and her hands were busy working towards that end now, playing with the same molten flesh that, only moments before, I was caressing with my mouth.
But she wasn't Debra. And I wanted to satisfy and be satisfied by my fiancee, the woman I was in love with. The one that stood behind me; the one that currently, literally, had me by the balls. Especially during this first swing. Maybe I would feel differently the next time.
"Do it, Tony," I said as I lifted myself from between Dee's parted legs and moved aside, "fuck her, fuck her pussy." Reaching behind me, I found Debra's arm. Gently, but with a sense of urgency, I pulled her from behind me to alongside me. I pulled her naked body to me and kissed her hard on the lips. There was fire in her kiss; the same sense of urgency that I was feeling. Placing my arms around her waist, I guided her to the bed and laid her down beside Tony and Dee as Tony slipped between Dee's parted legs and began driving his hard manhood into her hot and lubricated cunt.
Debra's eyes were glassy. Her face had its own look of love, of need, and of desire. When our lips met for the second time, it was not a tender kiss, but one of heat, of the passion of our feelings for one another. One of wanton sexual desire fighting desperately to be released. And as our tongues explored each others' mouth, we touched and fondled one another's intimate body parts.
Debra's passion held me tightly, pulling me as close to her as possible. Then, suddenly she broke our kiss, shook her head as if to clear her throes of passion. Then, just as suddenly, she pushed my head to her breast, guiding me to first one and then the other of her swollen hard nipples. Sucking on them was like sucking on the end of her pinkie finger, they were that fat and turgid. But she only allowed herself the briefest of this pleasure before she pushed my face further down her naked body to where her craving and desire really existed.
Her hips rose anxiously to meet my lips as my cheeks touched her thighs. And when I parted her pussy with my tongue, she grabbed my head, twisted her fingers in my hair, and screamed. She held me tight against her womanhood, moaning, twisting and turning while her love nectar flowed into my waiting mouth.
I had never seen her so sexually excited, nor had I been. My heart was racing, my testicles ached, my need to please and be pleased was unbelievable. As I positioned myself between Debra's beautifully parted legs, I took hold of my male member. My semi-erect male member.
In a panic, I took it and began rubbing its head, up and down and in and out of the heat and wetness of Debra's body. I pulled at it, I toyed with it, I begged for it to become rigid. It didn't!
Desperately, I tried to insert it into Debra in hopes that being in her and feeling her wetness and body heat would bring my member to life, but it was too limp for insertion. I almost cried as I watched Debra. Her face begging for me to hurry. She twisted her hips and thrust her hips towards my limp member, wanting and begging for penetration; her body was on fire, wet and open, pink and inviting. Craving and desiring to be entered, stretched, filled, taken. But I was helpless. My body had failed me; I was unable to give Debra the sexual satisfaction that she so desperately wanted and needed.
I was embarrassed! I wanted to scream. What an ass. I couldn't satisfy the woman I loved. I wanted to hide. I wanted to cry. I wanted to please Debra.
The movement of the bed had ceased as Tony and Dee sensed that there was a problem. In total frustration, and in a desperate measure to relieve Debra from her current state of arousal, I got up and went to her dresser drawer to locate her friend, her trusty vibrator. When I turned around, I saw Tony lifting himself from Dee parted legs and reposition himself between Debra's. I watched as his rock solid male member, shiny with Dee's juices, parted Debra's swollen labia. With a slight roll of his hips, he easily penetrated her to the hilt, and with that, Debra's head lolled back, and I heard a sigh escape her lips. She had found someone to give her what she desperately needed.
With painful mixed emotions, I watched as Tony began to slide his cock in and out of Debra's grasping womanhood. Her pussy so wet it that each outward stroke of Tony's cock brought more of her girl cum out of her pussy to run down her crack and into a spreading wet spot on the bed. I looked on as she raised her hips, locked her legs around his waist, and began bucking and thrashing to his rhythm of penetration, burying every inch of his steel into her soft womanhood.
I stood in pain, yet in awe of what was going on around me. Tony was furiously making love to my fiancee while his wife lay naked beside them, one hand buried between her legs, satisfying herself with several fingers sliding in and out of her hot body.
I was happy to be watching Debra in such throes of passion and to be having this passion so satisfied; that was quite obvious by her moans and outward cries of pleasure. I was excited to be watching Tony's member, slick with Debra's love juice, slide in and out of Debra's grasping vagina and his balls bounce off her ass with each deep thrust.
As Debra's cries of passion got louder, Dee leaned over, took her finger dripping with her own pussy juices, and offered it to Debra's mouth. To my surprise, Debra immediately opened her mouth to suck on Dee's finger clean. Dee then took Debra's left nipple into her mouth and began sucking, and Tony increased his pounding between Debra's parted legs.
Moments later, I heard Debra moan out her pleasure and watched as her nails racked down Tony's back. I saw her legs grip him tighter so he could not dislodge himself from within her throbbing and contracting vagina. I was still watching when Debra finally relaxed and allowed her legs to fall hard back to the bed. Gently, Tony pulled himself out of Debra, leaving her vagina gaping open.
I watched both fascinated and repulsed as ropes of thick white semen slowly oozed out of Debra's pussy. Tony had satisfied my fiancee. Something that I hadn't been man enough to do. As if to emphasize that fact to all, although I don't think it was intentional, Dee put two fingers together, slowly dragged them from bottom to top of Debra's slimy slit, and again offered her fingers to Debra. It was if she was saying, "Here, take my man's cum, my man who just fucked you while your man could only watch." Again, without hesitation, Debra's mouth parted to take Dee's offering.
I looked at Debra's face. Her eyes were rolled back, and her facial expression was one of contentment; yet, I also saw a face of sorrow, of sadness, of discontent.
That was the last time Debra and I were intimate. She moved out of our bedroom several weeks later and within a couple of months, broke off the engagement. But, most of all, I will never forget the exciting, yet painful, experience of watching a woman I was in love with being expertly made love to by another man while I could only watch.

Our next door neighbor came over one night last week and told Cheryl that she had just had the most sensual massage of her life! When we asked her about it, she said that Cheryl just had to experience it for herself.
The man is named Larry, and he has his own shop about a mile from our house, so I went over to check it out. He told me that the charge is $80 an hour at his shop but $100 an hour if he comes to our house. Naturally, I wanted to secretly video the massage, so I gave him the okay to come to our house last night. Before he got here, I set up my camera in the bookshelves in the family room to get a recording of the whole thing. Cheryl didn't know precisely what a "sensuous massage" was, so she was ready for anything.
When the doorbell rang, this tall and muscular man said he was the masseur, and if my wife was ready, he would bring in the table and get started. Of course, we were more than ready. While he went to his van to get the table, I turned on the camera, and then helped him get the table through the door and inside the house.
Larry started to set the table up in the bedroom, but I asked him to put it in the family room as the light was better. He at first shrugged and said it didn't matter to him, but when he saw Cheryl, he said that it would probably be better in a good light.
First, he asked Cheryl to take all her clothes off and get up on the table. She was just in a robe, so that wasn't a problem. When she laid down on the table, she asked if he was going to cover her with a towel as that was the way she usually got massages? "No," he replied, "I like to be able to work without any covering unless you are uncomfortable with that."
Naturally, we agreed, and he went to work right away. He spread warm oil all over Cheryl's back, buttocks, and legs and then began to massage the oil in from the feet up to her neck. This was interesting to watch for me as I had not seen this before. When he finished rubbing her back, she said she was all tingly, and he agreed that it was a normal reaction.
Then Larry asked Cheryl to turn over and he repeated the oil on her front including her breasts and her vaginal area (Cheryl keeps her pussy bare and baby smooth), and then began to knead and massage her neck, shoulders, and arms before moving to her breasts, which he kneaded quite a bit, at least it seemed to me. I noticed the more he worked on her, the more Cheryl relaxed, and her legs began to part just from pure relaxation.
Larry next went to work on the pubic area. He spent a lot of time massaging her mons and outer lips. Finally, he spread her pussy lips apart and inserted a special lubricant. Then he worked his fingers in and out until they were shiny from the lubricant, and also Cheryl's natural lubrication, which had really started to flow, and the scent of her arousal was filling the room.
All this time I was watching and wondering what was next. Larry told Cheryl to relax for a minute during which time he removed his clothes, and with the table at just the right height, he pulled Cheryl down until the tip of his penis was rubbing her labia. Cheryl was squirming like she couldn't wait for him to put it in.
"This is the sensuous part of the massage," he said, and with that, he sank his dick into Cheryl. While it wasn't the biggest she has had, it was fairly long and unusually wide. As she was filled up and their pubic bones began to mash against each other, he started working on her breasts again with his hands. Cheryl loves to have her tits grabbed while screwing. No way he could have known that, but a lot of women do too, so I guess he just knew that from his other clients.
After both he and Cheryl had a mind-blowing orgasm, he pulled his cock out, encouraged Cheryl to leave her legs relaxed and open, and then went back to massaging her vagina, this time using the creampie of their mixed juices as a lubricant. He did this for a few minutes until Cheryl's tummy quivered with a gentle second orgasm. He then sensuously cleaned her up with a towel and helped her up off the table.
He told us that the charge was $100. We had already agreed, but Cheryl insisted that we give him a $50 tip since he had relaxed her more than she had thought possible. He left, and we watched the video and then invited our next door neighbor over to watch it again with us. Our neighbor told us the same thing happened to her at Larry's shop, and now she was going to schedule another session with him right away. Talking about it got us worked up, so the three of us had a little fun that night, but that is another story.

I saw her at the past two competitions. They were just 'sprint' duathlons, where you run two miles, bike ten, and then run two more. I'm in reasonably good shape, but not outstanding, so I've never won a race, but neither have I lost; I place in the top 3 of my age group, though that doesn't count for much because at 23 I'm one of the youngest male competitors.
But her... Oh, man, she was in great shape. I'd estimate her in her late 20's or early 30's, not short but not tall, perhaps 5'6", with a lean body yet with wonderful curves. I always finished the first run portion a few minutes ahead of her, but she would pass me on the bike. My goal was simply to catch her on the last leg of the second run, and finish near her. I have no shame at getting bested by a woman, and in fact, I admire an aggressive woman, but with her, there was some unique competitiveness.
The latest race was the first triathlon of the season, starting with a ½ mile swim, 12-mile bike, and then 3-mile run. I have always performed poorly at swimming; I have no lack of endurance, but I just feel out-of-place in the water, not able to relax and glide. I knew she would be there because we spoke briefly after the last race. She won first in her age/gender group while I took second in mine. She came up and laughed with me about the sprint at the end where she had almost finished before me until the last 100 feet where I gave it all I had and crossed a split-second before her. But this race, she'd have the edge. I had a feeling she was a much better swimmer than I; hell, everyone was. Out of the 300 participants, I'd be lucky to beat 20 out of the water. I knew I could take her on the run, so I figured the only chance I had was to improve my biking.
The shot rang through the mid-morning air, and the masses surged to the water's edge, churning it to a chilly 60-degree froth. I waited about 30 seconds until the 'real' racers were already paddling out toward the far buoy, remembering my first race where I was kicked and bludgeoned by the stronger swimmers as they passed me. I waded out until the water was chest deep, and then dove forward, concentrating on my breathing, legs, and arm strokes. In short order, I rounded the first orange float, turned to the right, headed for the second. Images of her in her skin-tight wetsuit, perfectly outlined, showing off her perfectly rounded ass and her tempting breasts (hard to judge in a wetsuit, but estimated to be about 34 B or C). I kept her image in my mind, trying to mimic what I imagined her smooth strokes would be, and soon found myself at the second buoy. I wasn't even winded. As I turned to finish the final stretch of the swim to the shore, I knew I had a fighting chance. I climbed the sandy bank, looking back briefly as I unzipped the back of my own suit, noting that I beat about 75 people; a new personal record.
I dropped my water-soaked suit on the grass by my bike, threw on my shoes, sunglasses, and silken jersey, finishing with my racing gloves and helmet. I jogged the bike to the 'chute,' stepped on and began peddling, relaxing and 'opening up,' trying to focus on a steady rhythm to keep pace with her, or possibly even gain. I had no idea she already had an 8 minute lead on me. I ride a 24-speed Fuji; a decent racing bike, but by no means top of the line. Even for a 'big guy,' with the seemingly most non-aerodynamic body in the world (broad-shoulders, slim waist, stocky legs), I've always had a knack for the bike. I was passing the others by ones and twos, steadily moving my way up the places, shifting gears up and down to maximize efficiency. Turning left about one mile from the turn-around, I saw her drawing near me. Just before we passed each other, she tilted her head toward me and blew a kiss, so quick and remarkable, the moment passed almost before I realized what she had done. I was about 2 miles behind her; at my current pace, that would mean I'm still trailing by about 6 minutes. I locked my gaze on the road about 50 feet in front of me, leaning forward, staring between my Aero-bars. The road was hypnotic, and soon I was in a quasi-trance, only conscious enough to make the necessary adjustments with the gears and steering; I was shocked to realize I was nearing the last turn before the chute, less than ½ mile from the finish. My focus was again broken as I saw her bounding up the hill, following the running course towards me but staying to the far side. I was in awe at the sight; the muscle of her legs rippling with each step, her breasts plainly clad in a sports bra, but still managing to bounce ever so slightly, her smooth skin glossed over with a sheen of sweat, long dark curly hair pulled back in a pony-tail. It was as if Michelangelo had been resurrected to create another work of art, perfectly sculpted in flesh and blood. And as she passed by, she tilted her head, smiled, and said in a voice barely audible, "You better hurry or I'll win!" I needed no more encouragement.
I coasted into the chute, dismounting even before I stopped, and trotted my bike back to its rack, hooked the handlebars, dropped the helmet and sunglasses into the cradle of the Aero-bars, turned, and started running. I immediately unzipped my jersey to just below my sternum, and settled back into my trance, focusing on breathing, arm-swing, foot placement; two steps for every inhale and two for every exhale. My mind only allowing enough thought to realize she was probably still about 3 to 4 minutes ahead of me; my steps quickened of their own accord. "C' mon!" she hollered, as she came out of the run portion turn-around, heading back to the start, just as I was entering the same turn. I finally caught her at the same point where we crossed previously when I was finishing the bike. Looking at the last football field's distance of the competition, she asked between breaths, "Do you... wanna... race?" I took a deep breath so that my response would be smooth and seem more confident than I felt, "What do I get if I win?" As we started into the chute (the final 100 feet), she began to sprint, turning her head over her shoulder and yelling, "ME!" She already had a 6- or 7-foot lead, but nothing in this or any other world was going to stop me from winning. I was not aware that the triathlon's sponsor cried out, "Ladies and Gentlemen, it looks like we actually have a race here!!!" The only sense that remained of my five was sight; the image of her, from her head, down her shoulders, across her lovely sloped spandex-clad ass, down to her thighs, calves, and shoes, consumed me. My legs pumped like the pistons in my project '68 Mustang, giving every last drop of energy I had to that final stretch of a foot-race.
We crossed the line, jogging the distance of the bike staging-area, slowly coming to a walk. I was breathing so hard that I began to feel dizzy and faint, clasping my hands over my head, continued walking in a large circle, concentrating on controlling my erratic breathing. I looked to my left and saw that she was beside me, hands on her hips, panting. After the burning in my lungs started to ebb, I turned to her and asked, "So... Did I win?" Facing me, still taking measured deep breaths herself, she placed her hands on my waist, stood up on her toes, and kissed me, briefly letting her tongue flirt across my lips before slipping it into my mouth, and slowly withdrawing it.
"Follow me home after the awards if you'd like to claim your prize," she whispered. "Um... I hate to sound like a prude," I replied, "but you're the first girl I've ever kissed before I even knew her name." She answered: "Amelia...Or Amy if we're friends." My reply was quick, "Well, Amy, it's a pleasure to meet you finally. I'm Fletcher... Or, since we're friends, Fletch."
With that, she turned and walked to collect her bike, wetsuit, and other gear. I went through a quick series of stretches, gathered my own gear, and ferried it to the bed of my truck ('94 F-150; back when the trucks were 'tough'!). Relaxing in the warmth of the sun, I continued stretching, drinking absurd quantities of Gatorade, waiting for the ceremony. It came and went, bringing me my very first age/gender group first-place award for a triathlon (I finished about 40th overall), while she again took first for hers. As she received her trophy, she winked at me and then walked toward the back of the crowd. I followed.
The drive was brief, and I found that she lived only about 1 mile from my place, in a suburb of Tacoma. She turned her Jeep into the drive, and I parked along the side of the road. It was a beautiful, yet modest, two-story house, painted off-white with a very light-blue trim and with neatly trimmed hedges. I wrapped my wetsuit with a towel and tossed it, along with the other loose gear, into the cab of my truck. I called out to Amy and asked her what to do with the bike, which she said I could stand in her garage. I wheeled the bike into the garage and followed her through a side-door into the house. Trying to walk the narrow line of witty/erotic /playful, I commented, "I see you keep your bush trimmed." She kept walking, led me to the kitchen, opened the fridge and handed me a long-neck Bud, and said, "No," pausing for effect, "I shave." I chuckled and said: "Well, Amy, I traditionally follow a race with a few bottles of water... Is this how you usually conclude a competition?" She gave me a long look. "No," she said, "I like to have sex."
Keeping her eyes on mine, she downed half of the contents of the bottle, tilted it back, and set it on the countertop. I was always used to a more dainty, innuendo type talk, and was stunned by her bluntness as I slowly let the suds trickle down my throat. With nothing short of pure lust in her eyes, she stepped forward, placed her left arm around my back and her right hand behind my neck, stepped up to her toes while pulling her lips up to my neck, and she kissed me, slowly dragging her tongue against the right side of my neck. She tilted her head to the right, and began to lick across the front of my neck to the left side, and up to my ear, nibbling gently on the earlobe. Whispering, she sighed, "Mmmmm... Salty." I set my beer on the counter, and turned her face to mine, kissing her fully on the lips. She softly cooed as I wrapped my arms around her, pulling her still sticky-sweaty body to mine.
And then I heard the front door open. The corners of her mouth turned up in a smile. "Who's that?" I asked. "Mike," she chirped. "Mike?!" I asked. She repeated, "Yes, Mike." I opened my eyes, loosening my grasp of her, looking down into her face. "Who exactly is Mike?"
"I'm Mike," came a deep, yet gentle voice from the other side of the kitchen. "I'm Mike," he said again, extending his hand, "Amy's husband. And you must be Fletcher." He was pretty much average, in every sense of the word. Not too tall and not too short, though maybe an inch or two taller than my 5'8". He had a solid build, though not as broad-shouldered as me. His hair was a sandy brown compared to my freshly shorn scalp. He had no facial hair with very trim sideburns extending less than ½ down his ear, while my face sported a thick dark brown and blond mustache. He wasn't fat, but clearly in his mid-30's, he wasn't exactly thin. He was handsome, in a conservative, upstanding-citizen way, though nothing quite remarkable. With a very puzzled look on my face, I took his hand and said, "Please, call me Fletch. You walked in on me kissing your wife, I don't think formal names are terribly appropriate." With a chuckle, he said: "Okay, then Fletch it is. It's great to finally meet the guy Amy's been talking about. Hey hun," his attention shifted to Amy, "can you pass me a beer?" She complied, and began nursing her own again, smiling smugly.
"Wait a minute," I stammered, "What's going on here? I've never intentionally hit on a guy's wife or even a girlfriend, and I've never kissed another guy's wife before..."
"Ah," Mike smiled, looking at me with a hint of envy, "A swinger-virgin." Motioning to Amy, "But look at her! Can you tell me you're not interested in the prospect?" I looked back at Amy, as she unabashedly stripped off her shirt, leaving her clothed only in her white sports bra, black spandex shorts, and shoes. My nervousness only added to the excitement, which I was already feeling plenty strong as my eyes devoured her beautiful body. "Yeah, I'm definitely interested, but what will you be doing?" Mike answered: "I'll just watch, for now... Depending on how you feel, I might join in. But, Amy's been thinking about you for quite a while, and while she was sucking me off, she'd pretend it was you. She wanted to see what you taste like for real." Amy chimed in: "He's yummy!"
"Fletch, I'm sorry if you're uncomfortable," Mike began again, "and maybe we should've asked you in a little different way... But, Amy was pretty sure it would work, and she'd really like to play with you a bit. We don't want to pressure you or anything, but just want you to know that we're both totally okay if you'd like to mess around a bit." I had thought about such situations before; I don't think any guy hasn't. I figured that as long as the husband knew what was going on, and was supportive of it... Well... It didn't take me long to decide. My grin gave Amy and Mike my consent, and Amy smoothly moved back to me, draining the last of her beer and handing the bottle to Mike. Her eyes were on mine, though she said to Mike, "Here, take this... And give me some time alone." He took her bottle, carrying his, and left the kitchen.
"Now, where were we?" Amy asked, as she first kissed my chin, and then my lips. Between kisses, I asked, "Are you sure you're okay with this?" She mumbled an um-hum as she continued kissing me, her hands pulling my jersey, up and over my head and off my body. She stepped back to examine my torso with her eyes. I don't exactly have a hairy chest, but there is a significant amount of curled hair across my chest and down the center of my stomach. Dropping the shirt to the floor to join her's, she stepped back to me, turning me and pushing me backward so that I walked out of the kitchen.
As we arrived in the living room, she kicked off her shoes and socks, flicking each to the side of the room near the front door. She guided me around, still pushing me backwards until I was in front of a plush blue-gray couch. I worked my shoes and socks off and pushed them to the edge of the sofa as her hands glided down my sides and caught the edge of my shorts as well as my briefs, pulling both down to my feet. As she was already crouched, she began kissing up my legs, holding the backs of my legs in each hand, kissing the front and inner sides, working her way up in a deliciously slow manner. "Mmm... you're so yummy!" she said as she punctuated each kiss with a brief flick of her tongue. As her lips neared where my legs join, she took great care in not providing too much direct stimulation, kissing up and around my cock, pausing only long enough to lick my dangling sac. She continued to rise, trailing kisses up my stomach and my sides, french-kissing my navel as she rose. Her right hand cupped my balls and slid to the base of my shaft, but she didn't wrap her fingers around me; she just held her hand there. She took each of my nipples in her mouth, sucking vigorously while swirling her tongue around the tip. By the time she reached my collar-bone, I was terribly aroused. She extended her tongue and traced the tip of it up the center of my neck, flicking it off my chin. She closed her eyes and smiled, giggling softly, as she finally wrapped her fingers around my shaft and began to pull at it slightly. Content that I was adequately prepared, she stepped back to observe the effects of her work.
I'll be honest; my cock is nothing to write home about. On a good day, it's just shy of 7 inches long and 2 inches wide. The dimensions of my uncircumcised member have never been the most critical aspect of my sexual encounters; I have been cursed with amazing stamina. My *hope* was to find someday a sexual vixen that was willing and eager enough to keep up. And little did I know that I finally found one in Amy.
Her gaze swept up and down my naked body, as she shimmied her spandex down her legs and then pulled her bra over her head. Not very romantic, but then again, she wasn't interested in romance at the moment. "Come here," she commanded, and instinctively, I went to her. The carpeting in the front room was thick and soft, almost like cool moss under our feet. "I want to taste your cock," she said, as she nuzzled and licked at my chest again. "Only on one condition," I replied. "Which is?" she asked. "I get to return the favor," I said. I love a great pussy. The taste, the scent; few things in this world are more erotic than going down on a beautiful woman.
Pulling at my shoulders, she laid down, pulling me on top of her, and we continued to kiss, allowing our hands to explore each other's bodies. We rolled so that we were both on our sides. I kissed down her neck to her breasts, kneading her right breast while my mouth worked on her left and my hand snaked down between her legs. She began to moan, her own hand pulling at my cock in time with my fingers caressing her lovely pussy lips. With a sudden growl, Amy pushed me to my back, breaking my contact with her beautiful body, and she began to kiss me, rolling her body on top of mine, rubbing her pussy against my stomach and pelvis as she kissed back down my body. I grabbed her right thigh with my left hand and tried to pull her to the side. She got the message and began rotating her body as she kissed down mine. By the time she had kissed down to my cock, she had crossed her right leg over my head, straddling my face. She leaned down and started to take me in her mouth, holding the shaft with her right hand while her left massaged the inside of my thighs and fondled my balls.
I pulled her pussy to me, extending my tongue to taste her. She was clean before the race, and the exertion left her body covered with a clean, purifying sweat. There was no unpleasant odor or taste, but rather a powerful and erotic sense of WOMAN! I played a sort of game with our oral affections; I tried to match her actions. The more vigorously she attended my cock, the more vigorously I devoured her pussy. She would trace her tongue around my head; I would trace the tip of my tongue around her slit. She would slowly stroke my cock with her hand; I would slowly take broad licks across her pussy from front to back. She would take my cock in her mouth; I would plunge my tongue into her dripping hole. It didn't take her too long to realize how I was determining my actions, and soon, she was directing how I ate her pussy by how she gobbled my cock.
I was so absorbed in what I was doing, as well as what was being done to me, that I didn't even notice Mike in the room until he appeared by Amy's side. He knelt down beside her, pulling her hair off to the side so that he could watch my cock go in and out of his beautiful wife's mouth. She mumbled a hello to him from around my cock. Lifting her head back, she turned her head to look at Mike, still stroking my cock with her petite hands. "Kiss me, baby," she panted at him.
As he did, she began pushing herself back against me, while increasing the grip and speed she was working on my prick, at first slowly grinding herself against me and sliding her hand up and down, gradually increasing until her hips were bucking and her hand was a blur. She continued kissing Mike as her moans turned into a squeal, and her hips took up a frantic pace. She broke the kiss and returned her mouth to my cock, still moaning, begging me to cum for her and to make her cum. I just focused on my attempts to lick all of her pussy, inside and out, collecting up every last drop of her juice as her body continued to writhe against me. She began to loudly tell me, Mike, and the rest of the living world that she was cumming.
After her spasms subsided, she took a few last long licks and strokes of my cock before climbing off and turning to face me. She kept her hand on my cock as she looked at my face, glistening with her juices, her success at pleasuring me clearly evident by the smile on my face. "Did you cum?" she asked. "Not yet, but I will if you want me to," I replied. Her reply came quick and music to my ears: "I want you to cum for me, Fletch. I want you to cum in my pussy."
I have nothing against people and how they choose to swing, but I've always been very adamant about protection. "I'd love to have my cock in your pussy, Amy, but only if we play safe." Mike, being the ever-attentive husband, quickly got up and soon returned with a handful of condoms. Opening one, he handed it to her, which she swiftly rolled down my length. Facing me, she climbed on top, leaning her face down to mine, she kissed me, tasting herself on my lips and tongue. She reached behind her and grabbed my cock, rubbing my tip up and down her slit, paying particular attention to her clit. Kissing across my cheek down to my ear, still rubbing my dick against her opening, she whispered to me, "My pussy will make you cum."
With that, she kissed me on the lips again and sat backward. I can't say how long she rode me. And I've always had trouble believing those stories about how a girl's pussy could 'milk' a guy's cock. But, I can say that her pussy felt great; I literally felt her contracting against me, as though it were a hand squeezing me. Although I still felt the intense pleasure of a few orgasms (and I could tell by her flushed chest, pussy spasms, and, big hint, the deep-throated growling moans, that Amy had several of her own) I never came. After several position swaps, her trying to get me to cum, I was on my back again with her riding me once more.
I looked around the room and finally saw Mike, sitting back in a comfortable chair, buck-assed naked, stroking himself to the hedonistic sight before him. His Johnson was maybe an inch longer, but a little thinner than mine. "You want some of this action?" I asked him. "You wouldn't mind?" he asked. "Naw, not at all. She's your wife!" I replied. Mike needed no more encouragement as he walked over and stood near me, close enough for Amy to lean her head over and take his cock into her mouth. The sight of seeing her suck her husband's prick was such a turn-on, seeing it so up close, that I knew I was about to be pushed over the edge finally. I placed my hands on her hips and started pulling her down onto me as I bucked my pelvis up. She began cumming immediately, and her moans, spasms, and me still watching her suck off her husband was too much. I pulled her down and tried to hold her still so that I could relax and enjoy the sensations. She tried to lift off a few times, but finally settled down, and just began a slow rocking of her hips forward and back, seemingly squeezing my cum from my cock.
I asked Amy to stay there so that I could finish watching her give head to Mike. She smiled and happily obliged. Mike's erection had a much more 'normal' life-span, and soon he succumbed to the ministrations of his wife, spraying a full load of cum down her throat. As Mike had his orgasm, Amy tilted her head and saw me watching her. She smiled at me as his cum spurted into her mouth. I've got nothing against a woman who chooses not to swallow, but she really seemed to enjoy it, and she swallowed every drop, squeezing his cock and sucking on it, trying to get any remnants.
After he was done, Mike returned to his chair. Amy looked down at me, still smiling, and mouthed a thank-you to me. I took her hands in my own, pulled her chest down against mine, and held her against me. She realized that I had retained my erection, and began to slowly shift back and forth, not really fucking me, but just savoring the afterglow of her second workout of the day. We were kissing each other's necks and cheeks when our lips met. Though I consider myself quite straight, the kiss just seemed natural, even though Mike recently came in her mouth. I didn't really taste any residue, so it didn't really bother me at all. It's just that kissing after a great round of sex felt right.
I stuck around long enough to take a shower and chit-chat with the two of them a bit. We never made plans to meet up again, but we all decided that if things ever worked out that way, that we felt comfortable enough to try it again, and maybe go a little further. I never got to take them up on it because I came down on orders for deployment. But, I'm eagerly awaiting my return to the states. And, contrary to popular belief, it just goes to show you: as long as there are swingers, there will always be a need for single males.
Note: I know some of you think I'm just trying to impress people by talking about stamina. I know this may seem rather absurd, but please believe me; this is more of a curse than a benefit. It takes me forever to cum, and even when I do, I don't go soft. Unless you've experienced it, you cannot imagine how frustrating it is to have literally hours of sex and not have the satisfaction of cumming. Imagine my various ex's, and how they felt, knowing that they gave me a great session of marathon-sex, but were unable to get me to ejaculate. I orgasm plenty, and I came my fair share of times, but with every lover I've had, there have been more than a handful of instances where I never came at all.

A threesome cuckolding is a fantasy fetish where the husband or male partner gets his female partner to have sex with another male. Whether he participates or not, but definitely watches them have sex. In most cultures, if the husband found out he has the right to kill one or both of them and get away free. In some cultures, the adulterers meet with harsh punishment – stoning and castration. But there are exceptions. It has now become a trend and according to reports the google search for “cuckolding” is rapidly rising. There are reports that many couples are actively engaging in this kink, including yours truly. A CNN survey found that cuckolding is healthy for a marriage and for the people engaging in the act.
Why would a husband become a cuckold? In most cases it is at the persuasion, cajoling and coaxing of the husband, that the woman gets into cuckolding. Everyone likes to sleep with multiple partners and have a threesome or more, given a choice? When the woman accepts, it is because she does want to convert her fantasies into reality. Yet, she stalls because she is wary of the husband’s intention. I get to sleep with multiple men and enjoy sex without guilt, but what is there in it for him? There are psychological reasons for it, and theories have been propounded about cuckolding. I will try to give my example and let the readers decide as to exactly what he gets out of it and what I get out of it. At the end they can decide whether they should be getting into it.
We have had an erotic sex life throughout our marriage. I am a sensuous woman, and attract men like metal to magnet. My husband always gets an instant hard on around me. We have shared many of my threesome fantasies together and have had hot steamy sex after that. He was possessive and jealous about me in the first five years of marriage. But he changed around to letting me act out my fantasies, if I so desired. He actively persuaded me to fulfill my inner desire to have multiple lovers.
I have need to be flirtatious and seductive with men, since then, without going the whole way of sleeping with them. Twice or thrice, I almost did, but reasoning got the better of me. I withdrew at the last moment, after making the guys feel that I was available. Some of the reasons were that they were not anonymous, we knew them personally. I was afraid of complications. I also, did not wish to cheat on my husband. It is difficult to ask a guy, “Hang on, let me call my husband and tell him what I am about to do.” So, it didn’t happen – the risks were too high.
I think given a choice, any woman will like to be molested and fucked by many men. Women are by nature polygamous and may be that is the reason why man has dominated them and kept them in wraps. The difference between naming the act as molestation or rape or whatever – is consent and permission. So, when my husband suggested that I have threesome sex with other men while he watches and then we fuck to relive the events, it sounded like I had won a lottery. But then, I got suspicious. I could not find an answer as to why he should be so altruistic, to let me have all the fun without wanting to do the same in return.
We were having hot sex anyway, there was no danger of things cooling down between us. All kind of doubts crossed my mind. Maybe he was no more attracted to me, but he still got stiff even from a look that I can give. Possibly, he wanted another woman and as soon as I did it, he will demand his pound of flesh. I resisted for about five years until I decided to plunge into threesome cuckolding. We have been doing it for ten years, and none of my doubts have come true.
I did not jump into threesome cuckolding, as soon as my husband offered me a chance to sleep with multiple men. He knows me so well, that he knows how to get his way with me. I wanted to test how badly he wanted me to sleep with other men. And if he had an ulterior motive, to make me stray and then follow the route. His interest never wavered. We started with first play acting that I was indeed sleeping with someone else for a threesome. So, I would name a person that I was interested in – someone we know or a stranger, who attracted my attention. He would pretend to be that man. A vibrator would be the third person of the threesome.
While we were engaging in threesome sex I would describe, what the man was doing to me. What I was doing to him and I would cry out loud that man’s name when I moaned or came. I wanted to find evidence of any jealousy or envy in him, but I saw none. In fact, he started to love, hug and caress me more and wanted to fuck every day. I knew that he was serious about me having sex with other men. His argument was if all my senses needed variety why should my vagina be deprived of a multitude of tongues and cocks? He had a point in that.
How to find out his ulterior motives? And I kept asking him. He said he had no interest in other women. I did not believe him. He does look at women, primarily interested in looking at the shape and boobs, He openly admits that he watches women, but has no interest beyond that. I could not find out about his ulterior motives, unless I plunged straight into swinging. I was so keen to fuck other men that I decided to take the chance and deal with it, if ever.
We were sure that if my fucking another guy did happen, it could not happen with someone we knew. It could not happen in our home, as we could not get a stranger into our house and bedroom. What if he started to blackmail us? It could not happen in the other guy’s home, because we did not know him. It could not happen in a hotel, as again things can go out of hand, when you go into a room with a total stranger. We do not have swinger clubs within a 100-mile radius, so we could not go to a club. Will this then remain just a fantasy? How long can fantasies keep the sex hot?
We found clothes optional holiday destination at Jamaica -Hedonism 3. We could take baby steps to fulfill our fantasy and then go full blast? It was 2004 and not much information about swinging was available on the net. We decided to go there with an open mind and see how it goes. On or first trip we engaged in lots of open public sex between ourselves. We also tried to be as shockingly exhibitionist as possible. People encouraged us on, we made friends, but no one really asked for sex. We had a great time and got addicted to naked exhibitionism. I was not sure if I would be able to live my fantasy of multiple sex partners with the onset of menopause. I suspected that most men wanted younger women, I was too old. It took me six long years after that to lose my swinger virginity.
Our next opportunity to swing was five years later, as Jamaica was a long way from home. We had visited the inauguration of Desire resort at Los Cabos, but that was a disaster for both them and us. Nothing at all happened, except lounging naked around the pool. We didn’t know that Desire is couples only, and we are not into couples. We managed to get to Hedonism 3, just before it closed. I was not sure if anything will happen. We started out with our usual stuff, romping around naked, dirty dancing at the disco and participating in all the naughty competitions.
Our week was ending with the 4th of July weekend. Around Thursday many people started to arrive, a group of black swingers from New York City. By Friday, when we were at the hot tub someone asked me if I am a swinger. He complimented me and said he will do anything to taste my pussy. I turned around, sat on the ledge of the pool and put my crotch up, opened my legs to rest on his shoulders. He lapped up my pussy like a cat lapping up milk, in broad daylight with everyone watching.
The sensation of being licked by a foreign tongue for the first time got me going. As tensions built up, I involuntarily put my hand at the back of his head. I then pushed my pussy hard against his mouth and gyrated to a loud moaning orgasm. When I heard loud claps from the watchers, I blushed and put my head down and tried to hide away from the world. It was a beginning. He asked me if he could penetrate me, but I said no. I couldn’t make up my mind. There was some soft petting with another guy, an oral orgasm and nothing else during this trip. I didn’t meet many single guys and when some male was interested, they were accompanied.
By next year we had become US residents and could visit Jamaica every year. When Hedonism 3 closed soon after our above visit, we thought that opportunity was closed. We found Hedonism 2 and booked for the next year, not knowing what to expect, again. My three trips had shown me enough to be convinced that I wanted multiple sex partners. I basked in the glory of being complimented, was eager to display my sensuality and was game to try anything and everything to attract men to me for sex. I wanted to be touched, caressed, kissed, licked and fucked while my husband watched and sometimes participated.
When I was not ready for it, I felt discarded and unwanted. Now that I was ready, it happened on our first night. It is as if I was a different person, the only woman in town and all the men wanted me. As soon as I entered the dining hall, I could feel an electric atmosphere, where all eyes were looking at me. I couldn’t explain why I felt that all the eyes and hands wanted to swarm and feel every inch of my body. I was getting goose bumps all over. My pussy going wet and may be started to trickle a few juices down my inner thigh.
If you want something, the whole universe will conspire to bring that to you – Paul Coelho. When I decided to go all out, I didn’t have to ask anyone – I attracted everyone. They came in swarms to suck honey out of my pussy. My cuckolding life had jump started. Until I was in self-doubt, confused and not convinced what I really wanted, things didn’t seem to happen. When things didn’t happen, my self-doubt became worse. Once I was ready, the same evening I had one of the most wonderful moments with my first full lover.
I didn’t know him, he did not know me. He came out of nowhere, sat next to me, and asked – do you play? I said – YES. Out there in the open, my head in my husband’s lap, my legs over his shoulder, I had the best orgasm of my life. Not because of how good he was, it was the newness of it all. He then kissed me, hugged and put my hand on his erect shaft. He put my down on the floor, lay down by my side, lifted one leg over his hips, and entered me. My husband made sure that he wore a condom. I was too far in seventh heaven to realize what was going on. He was an experienced lover, knew exactly how to please a woman. I don’t know, how long he fucked me in that position and made me cry with multiple orgasms.
During those seven days I had sex with multiple people – each better than the other with gay abandon. Even had a gang bang session with three other men and husband taking turns to lick me and fuck me. I had become a full swinger, a hot wife and a cuckolding wife all in one – and going strong in my 8th year of enjoying sex with other in my husband’s presence.
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Cuckolding Goddess Style With Billy – A True Story, by Venus Shaw
Our First Swinger 7 Day Holiday at Hedonism III

Took this picture before we set out for the night! I'm Asian and have never done this before.
We have been talking about me trying out another man for a long time now! My husband goes on about it in bed and I couldn't much understand what turned him on that much...
I had never been with another man before, and couldn't quite think of it ever happening.
My husband and I went out for dinner to a hotel, we spent a while at the restaurant. And I was one of the few women around, so all the men there always had their eyes on me. My husband (Chris) said that a lot of men are quite horny for me, and I felt butterflies in my stomach. I ignored it and continued with the evening... the manager came up to our table and told us that we had free drinks for the night, so Chris kept ordering shot and got me real drunk and he kept talking about the men around me. They were always eyes on me, it kinda turned me on, for the first time for some reason.
Chris went to the washroom a few times, but this one time he went without me. A guy approached me and asked if he could sit for a few minutes, till my man got back. I obliged! We spoke about my interests in general and how he was here on a business trip. After about 5 minutes, he excused himself and went to the bar. He was quite a gentleman. I was impressed!
Chris got back and I told him what just happened, he asked me to hold his dick and it felt it hard... he said that he was so turned on by it and wished if I could loosen up and have fun and the same speech he always gave me on trying something different and how I would like it.
We continued drinking, I had to go to the washroom. So I got up and made my way to the washroom, which is quite a long walk as it was around the lobby. I came out of the washroom, which was right by the elevator and I see this guy I just met in the elevator with two glasses of wine waiting in there for me. He asked me to join him for some time up in his room. I thought about it, and gave it a good thought!... and agreed. I instantly felt butterflies! As soon as the elevator doors closed, he held me, drew me close and kissed me... he kissed well. Though my husband was the first, I had kissed many before... we kissed until the door opened and he walked me to his room. We sat and drank a few glasses wine. I was wet just talking to him knowing that he was going to take me... I remember Chris telling me that if I get with another man, to always take care off his dick first! I asked to be excused, went to the washroom... freshened up... and came out with my bra and panties. He was shocked, I could tell by the look on this face.
He said, that he was expecting a romantic evening, and I remember saying "My husband expects me to get fucked and please another man!" I got down on my knees, pulled down his pants, and started sucking his dick. He got real hard and I could taste the pre-cum, he actually tasted good. He had a lot of pre-cum. I sucked him like I had never sucked my husband before. I mean, it was so good. His dick was rock hard and it was bigger than my husband's and circumcised, it felt better to suck. I probably sucked him for about 30 minutes, until he pulled me up and shoved, I mean shoved, his dick into me. I felt a gush in my stomach, and I felt his dick in me. It was big, bigger than my husband's... and I was wet, real wet, so it just slid in.
He fucked me hard missionary at first, then flipped me over, doggy, which went in deep and it was good. It hurt a bit, but felt good. I got on top of him and rode him for a while, watching him, kissing him and feeling him. It felt sooo good!
I could feel him about to cum. I got off and took his load in my mouth,sucked him dry! I know Chris would like that.
I was exhausted. I lay down and fell asleep. I felt him do me at least twice. I remember waking up to sunlight. Then reality hit! He woke up as well with me in his arms and said that he spoke to Chris and Chris told him to send me home after he was done with me. I freshened up, and he was naked waiting for me. He said that he wanted to make love to me. I went to him and kissed. He kissed and me all over my body and ate me for a while. I came, and he made love to me kissing me all along. he came in me. We lay there for a while. I got up to leave and he said I was the tightest, finest lover he had.
I went home to Chris, and told him all about it!

Hamburgny got all this started awhile back. He politely asked what it would take to get his dick invited into the upper tickle-tunnel of my wife. He seemed like a gentleman the way he asked me for a BJ from my wife. He said he would be gentle and polite to her. He would not call her a slut, bitch or whore. He might use words like sexy, or phrases like ‘hey guys, look at these beautiful tits I am fondling’, ‘I am going to cum down your throat’, ‘one more time’, etc.
See he just wanted to get his cum down her throat. But first he would like to expose, handle, fondle and suck her boobs in public, if that would be OK with me. So I wanted J to meet and spend time with this real sexy gentleman friend of mine. He has seen her pictures. He knows what her nipples look like. He knows she sucks cock for fun. He also knows she sucks cocks to make me happy. The guys are always happy, too.
Recently J has been getting bold and daring ME to do things. One of her dares involved me wearing her bra in public. She thinks I won’t do it, but I will on my own terms. I feel this is a great opportunity for me to put her in a compromising position! The more I think about this, the more I know this will work in my favor. I am going to wait until she has a loose sleeveless t-shirt on and then I will decide to take her up on wearing her bra in public. But I will want to wear the one she has covering her tits at that moment. J will then NOT be wearing a bra in public. I am thinking a park or car wash is the perfect place to set my plan in motion. But maybe a bowling alley bar or a dive bar would work, too. Then there is always a party at someone’s apartment… Sitting in a dingy & dark hotel night club works too, but we did that already. I was also thinking of going for the parking area by an adult store. (Those guys are horny; maybe too horny?)
In my travels I always keep an eye out for “our-kind-of-bar.” I found one Bar off I-70 by Richmond, IN with a free wheeling weekend crowd of guys and girls. The bartender watches and encourages guys and girls to make-out at the bar! He buys drinks to keep them in the mood. I have seen a few flimsy nipple tops. The crowd seemed to like the shows. The bar was OK with it…
Here we go! Genius, right?
We are on our way to Indy. I am stopping at a hotel far west of Columbus tonight for a reason. This is a less expensive hotel than usual, but very near the small town club I had chosen for the old style bar in back with big bar stools and the huge booths around the walls. When I checked before, this place had a good size singles crowd of mostly younger guys. They looked to be workers and students. The people were college like; loud and easy going. I saw girls making out at the bar, mostly with guys! I saw one guy fondle a tit during his make-out session – his girlfriend, I assumed. I don’t know about the booths, I was having fun watching the girls at the bar.
At the hotel we dress for tonight. Oh no! I did not close the drapes all the way! I told J that it would be really fun for me if she put on those over size sexy shorts and her over sized front button up white sleeveless blouse tonight. J smiled and told me to not expect much from her tonight but she would dress the part for me to show her off to “some horny guy or let me massage whatever I wanted to massage.” My answer was, “OK!” I went to her and massaged her shoulders for a couple minutes and then my hands slipped under her arms and began fondling her bra cups. I pushed her bra cups out of the way easily, exposing her tits to my hands. Rub rub rub tickle tickle… That went on for awhile. I loved bringing her tits out for a private party and she reacted to it by starting a hand job. But then she stopped suddenly and told me we’d have more fun later.
So we are set to go out and have some massage fun with strangers. J got dressed for me, I love that! She is smiling a lot cause she knows we will have fun tonight. J also knows she has the stop/slow down control. We leave the room holding hands. While walking I moved my hand and her hand with mine to her butt cheek. J gave me a peck on the lips as she pulled her hand free to grab my butt in the hotel parking lot. We walked the two blocks to the bar holding butt cheeks and passing a lot of people. I saw one girl hit her boyfriend for looking at J (poor guy).
J is having a fun time. She slid her hand down the back of my pants as far as as she could. I was into that so I decided to let my belt out a couple of notches while we walked. J’s hand just dropped to her wrist. Her hand is happy and so is my butt.
Getting close to the bar J pulled her hand outside my pants but still had a tight hold on my butt cheek. My hand had moved around her high waist area just shy of her blouse with the over-sized arm hole. My fingers began sliding all around her side bra area.
At the entrance a bouncer was checking ID’s. He looked at mine then checked J’s ID close. He smiled and looked her up and down, stopping at her tits for awhile then her eyes.
At that point I said, “Looks like fun, huh?”
The door guy looked at her again and I continued, “She is.”
J smiled at him and we walk by him. J told me she thought he was going to explode right in front of her. J told me again no one was going to “smile” cause of her tonight.
“Not even me?” I asked. J just gave me the look.
Some of the guys look to be right at 21 and the oldest at 60 and above. Lots of good old boys to mingle with tonight. I guided her to the bar and an empty stool. I sat on the next stool with an empty one on her right side. Hello boys! Empty stool here!
This is when I took another look at the fit of her very oversize blouse. The arm holes were much larger than if she had the right size top. I could see most of her bra cup. The button front had a deep V before the first button she left buttoned. Cleavage is good! I could tell the color of her bra even in this light.
If all goes well. The crowd is going to get to see me wear her bra. J gets no bra and a white oversize blouse.
I know her bra will not clip around me so I brought some rubber bands to expand the bra hooks for me.
The bartender asked about drinks with a big grin to J. J said wine. Big glasses? She nodded yes with a smile. He stopped to introduce himself. J seemed to like him.
The hope for tonight...
Nervous is not a strong enough word for this first time meet up with an internet guy. I hope this is not a mistake. He seems real and controlled enough to make this fun. I don’t know his real name yet but that will happen. Should I let J in on the surprise I have coming for her? She will ask his name and I don’t know it yet so I will not tell her.
I told Hamburgny, that’s his screen name, the area and the bar’s name we would stop tonight in hopes he will be able to show. He scheduled himself in the area for this meetup. I have my phone set on the site we communicate on in case he needs more help. I have not let him know our hotel. I must know he is trustworthy and J must let us play her up before he finds out that info. He says he has greying hair and wears glasses, average height and good size dick. So I am hoping any guy I see with glasses and grey hair is him.
She finished drinking the wine and asked for another. When the bartender returned a guy moved next to J to order a drink. While waiting he asked J if she ever danced. J told him she liked to dance. J looked at me and smiled. I leaned over to tell him anytime she wanted to dance it was fine with me. He told her his name was Todd and he loved to dance with beautiful women like her. J said thanks. She continued to talk to him with me fading into the background. I moved my stool away enough to stand next to J. I like that more than sitting while we/she talk. Todd is targeting her. This is always fun to watch.
I start to scratch her back through her blouse while he is focused on her. He glanced at my hand a couple of times. He looked me in the eye each time. I had her blouse all moved around before I left to take a piss. When I got back his friend had joined the targeting party. He was in my spot on her left so I moved behind her and put my hand on her shoulder so she knew I was back and he knew I was with her. J turned to me to introduce her “new” friend, Dainis. J smiled at him then asked me for another wine.
Putting her hand on his chest, J said, “Isn’t he gorgeous?”
Her drinking smile was showing already. He said I was lucky to have a beautiful and sexy wife. I asked if J was being a gracious host. Dainis put his hand on her left leg smiled and said she is perfect. Todd from her right side chimed in that she was the best hostess around! Dainis looked at J then and said that she is a great hot hostess too.
This got me hard! Where is Hamburgny! He may miss out..I messaged him to hurry.
They kept up all the chatter and touching for an hour while I massaged her back and shoulders. I would reach around to fondle her tits from the bottom but no bra move because I was holding back for Hamburgny’s arrival…two more messages to Hambugny but nothing back.
Another message to Hamburgny: “Her boobs are getting ready to make an appearance, hurry!”
J is on her 5th large wine now. I am happy for Todd and Dainis. Not happy about Hamburgny’a absence.
It turns out Todd and Dainis are not friends. They just spotted J at the bar. J is having a lot of fun with them. She likes the sparring going on between them.
I am lightly scratching her back again, did not know what else to do with the guys trying to move in on her. Dainis seems to own her left leg from knee to thigh. Todd is too slow and only has her hand when she reaches out to him. J knows what she is doing! Todd is OK but Dainis is Hot! Todd can stay but it will be only to watch the main event.
She smiles at me every so often.
J asked me if it was getting hot in the bar. I agreed it was so she then undid another upper blouse button. Dainis offered to help her with her buttons! Todd is just watching and smiling. J looked at Dainis then re-buttoned all her blouse buttons. OK Dainis what will make me not as hot? J is smiling at me waiting for an answer from him.
“Nothing will make you not as hot, but I can cool you off,” He said while getting close to her face.
J says, “Dainis, show me how to be cool and hot at the same time.”
Dainis reached for her blouse then he paused holding her button in his fingers to look at me with a questioning look. I smiled, told him it was her party so listen to her.
J smiled and said OK then show us.
Dainis undid her center button that left 3 above and 3 below. He used both hands to look inside her blouse. Dainis opened the button above and again looked in while brushing her tits with his palms. Now it is 2 above and 3 left below center blouse. Todd tried to reach for a button but Dainis told him to just point at the next button for him to open. J said yes point to a button. It was the next lower button. Dainis opened that one as J held Todd’s hand and pointed at the next lower button with his shy finger. One button below and 2 above with the middle 4 open. J took Todd’s hand again he is not fighting her as his finger touches her bra covered nipple. J lets go of Todd’s hand. He just let his hand drop away!
J leaned toward the bar and her top 2 buttons looked to be a normal above the bar for others to see. But under the bar she as open to the hands of others. Both guys are watching her for a cue.
I took this opportunity to reach in and opened the final lower button. I then pulled her blouse out of her shorts. J turned to me and said thank you honey. She has her blouse hanging open from the 2nd button down. It kind of looks like an open tent/tit flap.
She asked the guys to buy her another drink. She got 2 drinks set in-front of her and the bartender told her the next drink was on him! (what does he want?)
J took both Todd’s hand then Dainis’s hand she placed each on her upper leg. I need to thank you for the drinks she smiled. The guys began jockeying for location, Dainis found the shorts loose leg first! He got his hand in and at the same time tightened the other leg opening to keep Todd out! J then put Todd's hand on her tit under the blouse over the bra. Dainis is getting a wet finger right there in the bar! Todd has a bra clad tit (Todd the looser). I am massaging J’s back but stop to message Hamburgny again. Nothing back, but Dainis seems to be checking his phone now with his free hand.
Our bartender called me over to say she needs to tone it down while a certain group is in here. He loves the show but we need to listen to his instructions right now. We can play a lot more in a bit. He also asked how he gets invited to the party?
I told the guys to pull back from her. Then I told Dainis and Todd the bartender told me to cool it till he gives the go ahead again. Both guys smiled and Dainis said we have a go-ahead to to handle her in here? Yes but she is in control of of your fondling, you understand?
I then told them J loves to give BJ’s to guys she meets! just wait for the go “4head”
Dainis went to the piss room. Todd was afraid to leave her side.
That is when Hamburgny finally messaged me. ”I am sorry it took so long to answer. I am busy with a beautiful wife that has great tits, an understanding husband and a sexy mouthagina. I have been using her tits and pussy to get her ready. She is going to give me a blow job right here in the bar! This wife is hot. Thanks for trying so hard to get hold of me but your wife will get hold of me soon. I know you are a great friend.”
I began to think, “your wife?”
Then a moment later a new message: “forgot to sign last text, Dainis.”
Then a smiley face.

Just porn. Really. Just messy, gangbang porn.
The great things about Julie, in Phil’s opinion, were that she was totally uninhibited and an unashamed slut.
He’d spotted her sitting on a couch, in one of the side rooms off the main party, chatting with a couple of guys. Well, Julie was chatting. Chris and Charlie were leering.
It was easy to leer at Julie. She never seemed to mind and usually dressed for it. This time, she was wearing cutoff jean shorts which showed off all of her legs and enough of her ass to get attention. Her halter top hung so low on her chest that, even from across the room, Phil thought he could make out the pink of her areola. Her hair, framing her open, smiling face, was a pale shade of purple tonight. Julie was in a habit of changing her hair color regularly. Her natural color, Phil thought, was available for inspection on request.
Grinning, Phil sauntered over and dropped onto the couch next to Julie.
“Hi,” he said, casually tossing his arm over the back of the couch behind her.
“Hi Phil,” Julie smiled at him openly. “I haven’t seen you in a while. How’ve you been? You know Chris and Charlie, right?”
“Yeah, hi guys,” he laughed. “I’m fine, just been busy.”
Julie continued to chatter brightly, easily including Phil in the conversation. Nothing in her manner suggested that she was in the least bit bothered by the way Charlie kept trying to get a peek at her ass, or the fact that Chris’s eyes were fixed on her generous cleavage. Phil, now that he was closer, could tell he had been right. He could see the edges of Julie’s nipples peeking out of her halter top.
With exaggerated care, Phil slid his arm down to Julie’s shoulders. She just smiled at him, shifting herself into a comfortable position next him. Tossing a grin at the guys across from him, Phil closed his hand around Julie’s shoulder and started to gently massage her. Julie, as he’d known she would, reacted wonderfully. Her head rolled back, her eyes closed and a deep sensual groan escaped from her mouth.
Chris and Charlie stared intently, not the least because Julie’s halter had slipped a little lower as she writhed. Phil could see the pink flesh of her areola stiffening into rough little bumps as her nipple, still barely hidden by the edge of her top, hardened.
“So,” Phil said casually, as if he wasn’t doing his level best to turn her on, “is Glen here tonight?”
“No,” Julie sighed through her soft moans, “he said he’d rather stay home.”
“Glen?” Chris asked.
“My husband,” Julie replied, almost purring under Phil’s hand. “He doesn’t like parties much.”
When Phil had first heard that slutty, uninhibited Julie was married, he’d assumed Glen was either ignorant of her antics or one of those weak, sissy cuckolds. Having met the guy once at one of the few parties Glen actually attended, Phil had been rather surprised. Glen clearly knew what Julie got up to and just as clearly wasn’t weak or a sissy. “She’s happy, I’m happy, why not share?” Glen had said to Phil that night. Given that Glen had had a pretty little blonde, who wasn’t his wife, going down on him at the time, Phil hadn’t really seen a reason to disagree.
“Don’t worry,” Phil told Chris with a smirk. “Glen doesn’t mind Julie going out to parties.”
“No,” Julie smiled. “He’s cool with whatever.”
“Whatever?” Chris looked a little dubious.
Phil smiled broadly. Very deliberately, he moved his hand off Julie’s shoulder and down her chest, until his fingertips rested on the bumpy pink flesh that surrounded her barely concealed nipple. Julie gasped as he teased her sensitive skin, but she didn’t pull away. Instead, her own hand moved to squeeze Phil’s thigh.
“Whatever,” Phil replied, looking Chris in the eye.
Turning his attention back to Julie, Phil leered at her and pushed his hand down her halter top to grab her tit. Julie moaned in response, her hand moving up his thigh to brazenly cup his stiffening cock through his jeans. For a moment they say together like that, openly groping each other while the other guys watched.
With a smirk of her own, Julie released her grip on Phil’s package. He grinned back at her as the pretty hot wife pulled her arms out of her halter’s straps, letting the loose top fall away from her full, soft tits. Phil cupped her now bare boob, gently pinching the hard tip of her big pink nipple. Julie gasped and moaned as he groped her.
“Shit,” Chris breathed.
Glancing over, Phil saw Chris staring open mouthed at Julie’s suddenly naked tits. Charlie, with a smirk of his own, was openly adjusting himself through his jeans.
“Enjoy it, guys,” Phil chuckled, squeezing Julie’s tit for emphasis. “Our Julie loves to put on a show; don’t you, love.”
“Fuck yeah,” Julie sighed. Then, with a wicked smirk of her own, she added, “Let’s put on a real show.”
“Yeah?” Phil asked, remembering the last ‘real show’ he’d seen Julie put on.
In wordless response, Julie reached down again, cupping Phil’s hard cock for a moment before turning her attention to deftly unbuttoning and opening his jeans. With practiced ease, she reached in and grabbed him. Phil gasped as Julie’s warm fingers circled his stiff shaft, pulling it out from the tangle of his boxers and jeans. Without missing a beat, Julie dropped her head into his lap, her pale purple hair blocking his view. An instant later, he let out a deep groan as the warm wetness of Julie’s mouth engulfed his cock.
Moaning, Phil continued to grope Julie’s naked tit while she sucked his cock. Laying his head back on the couch, he closed his eyes and reveled in the intense sensations of the hot little slut’s mouth bobbing up and down on his swollen meat.
A shift of weight on the couch drew Phil’s attention back to things other than his cock. Charlie had moved to sit on Julie’s other side, his hands openly caressing her bare thighs and sliding up the little jean skirt to touch her ass. Julie’s moans vibrated against Phil’s cock, making him groan in response. He was even more impressed by Julie when she managed to twist herself into a kneeling position on the couch without actually letting his cock fall from her mouth.
In this new position, Julie’s head continued to bob in Phil’s lap while her ass was raised, offered to Charlie’s attention. Charlie wasted no time in pushing her little skirt up over her hips. His hands wandered freely over Julie’s back side, eliciting moans which sent shockwaves through Phil’s cock.
“Damn man,” Charlie groaned. “Her pussy is so wet.”
“You want to fuck her?” Phil asked.
“Hell yeah,” Charlie answered, his hand suddenly mauling his jeans.
“Julie.” Phil ran his hand through her pale purple hair, trying to pull her head up off his cock for a second. “Charlie wants to fuck you. That Ok?”
“Ok,” Julie answered, dropping Phil’s cock from her lips and looking back at Charlie. “Go ahead, fuck me. I love a good hard cock in my pussy.”
“Can I have a turn?” Chris interjected. Phil looked up to see his friend standing in front of him, near Julie’s head.
“Sure,” Julie grinned up him, “the more the merrier, right?”
It took them all a few moments to shift themselves into a workable position. Julie, for her part, quickly stripped off the now pointless halter top, followed quickly by the jean shorts and the little black thong she’d worn under them. Revealed in her full, naked glory, Phil took a second to admire her. Julie’s tits were full, with thick hard nipples. Her hips were wide without being chunky. She had a nice round ass and a little tangle of hair (light brown being her natural color) between her shapely legs.
After striking a smiling pose for her admirers, Julie knelt down on the couch, her arms resting on one end and her shapely ass raised above the middle. Charlie, after an embarrassed look at the other two guys, quickly shucked off his jeans and briefs and climbed onto the couch to kneel behind her. Phil and Chris took their positions on either side of her head, their pants opened and their cocks hanging in her face.
“What luck,” Julie purred, examining the two cocks in front of her. “All these cocks just for me.”
Phil watched as Charlie grabbed her by the hips, working to line himself up. Julie let out a long, slow moan as Charlie penetrated her. One hand braced against the couch, she wrapped the other around Phil’s cock while taking Chris’s hard shaft in her mouth.
Charlie started to thrust into her, drawing moans of pleasure, muffled by whichever cock was in her mouth at the time, from Julie. Her head bobbed up and down on their shafts as her body rocked back and forth with Charlie’s thrusts.
Watching Julie’s hot body fucking and sucking, and feeling her warm mouth moving on his cock, Phil felt a familiar tightening in his balls. Unwilling to finish so soon, he clenched his jaw and struggled to think of something, anything, else.
It was Chris who yielded first. With deep groan, he grabbed hold of Julie’s purple hair and pumped his load into Julie’s warm, waiting mouth. Moaning, the little slut swallowed his spunk down before taking Phil once more between her wet lips.
“I told you I heard fucking,” someone said. Phil looked up to see Lou and Steve leaning in the doorway, with a few guys behind them looking over their shoulder.
“Come on in,” Phil grinned, his cock deep in Julie’s sucking mouth while Charlie continued to thrust into her pussy. “Julie’s putting on a show. Right, Charlie?”
“Fuuuckk!” Charlie groaned, with one final hard thrust, clearly empting his balls into her pussy.
“Looks like a spot just opened up if anyone wants ‘in’,” Phil leered. “That’s right, isn’t it Julie?”
“Ok,” Julie moaned over Phil’s cock.
“Fuck it,” Steve grinned, “I’ll take sloppy seconds.” Quickly, he dropped his pants and stepped into Charlie’s place, slipping easily inside her and thrusting away.
“I’ll take a little of this action, if she can handle sucking two?” Lou said, stepping up next to Phil.
“Have her,” Phil grinned, pulling himself out of Julie’s sucking mouth. “I want to pace myself.”
Phil turned and settled himself down on the other couch, watching as Julie rocked between Lou and Steve. Her full tits swayed as they pushed and pulled her between them, their hard cocks sawing in and out of her wet holes.
A crowd gathered in the doorway, watching the purple-haired slut suck and fuck. A few were clearly waiting their turns. Phil recognized some of them, from other parties or from around, but others he didn’t know. He was pretty sure Julie didn’t know most of the people watching her slutty sex show, but she sure as hell didn’t seem to care. Her moans, even muffled by Lou’s thick cock, made it clear to everyone that she was enjoying self.
With a grunted “Holy fuck,” Lou finished in Julie’s mouth. Phil could see her throat working as she swallowed her second load of the night.
Lou had barely pulled himself from Julie’s sucking lips before Paul, a big guy Phil knew from work, stepped up to take his place. Paul’s cock, like the rest of him, was big, but Julie didn’t seem to have any trouble stuffing it into her face. Watching Paul’s thick shaft disappearing into Julie’s mouth, Phil couldn’t help but wonder about the water-cooler conversation he might have with Paul on Monday.
“Shit… I’m cumming… in… you,” Steve announced between gasps, pumping his own load into Julie’s wet pussy. After a few more spasms he pulled out, his softening cock sloppy with white foam.
Phil could see a trail of cum starting to ooze from Julie’s pussy. The mess didn’t seem to deter the next guy, a fellow in a baseball cap Phil didn’t recognize, who wasted no time in stepping up behind Julie and shoving himself into her dripping slit. He pumped away, hard and fast, making Julie’s tits bounce. She struggled to brace herself against the couch, making wet grunts as the rough thrusting forced her down onto Paul’s cock.
The baseball cap guy didn’t last long, finishing with a string of shuddering grunts before pulling out and high-fiving a second guy in a cap, a teammate, Phil judged. The second baseball took his turn in Julie’s pussy, clearly trying to outdo his teammate in speed and ferocity, if not stamina.
Fortunately for Julie, in Phil’s view, Paul finished in Julie’s mouth before the second baseball guy really got running. From the mess of cum and spit dripping down Julie’s chin, Phil guessed she’d had a hard time swallowing while being half-choked. Her mouth no longer stuffed with dick, Julie grunted and moaned while the second baseball guy pounded her. He finished with a roar, adding to the sloppy mess now dripping down Julie’s thighs.
For a moment, Julie was left kneeling on the couch, panting and moaning while cum dripped from her chin and down her legs. The break didn’t last long before Peter, a guy Phil knew from around, stepped up in front of Julie, his hard cock in his hand.
“Julie,” Peter asked, slowly rubbing himself, “you up for more?”
“Yeah,” Julie’s voice was rough, and her breath came in pants, but she had a smile on her face and a wanton gleam in her eyes. “Give it to me.”
“Fuck yeah,” he grinned.
Peter stepped closer and offered his dick to her like treat. Julie took it in the same spirit, licking and sucking Peter’s meat like it was a big pink popsicle. While Julie slobbered over Pete’s cock, some big guy in a beard climbed up on the couch behind her. Grabbing her hips, he pushed in and started humping her with deep, hard thrusts.
Between how hot Julie’s live sex show was and the fact that half the guys were wanking it before they got to her, Phil wasn’t surprised the guys weren’t lasting long. Peter popped first but instead of finishing in her mouth, he pulled out and pumped his load all over her face. A cheer went up from the onlookers at the sight of Julie’s lust-filled face getting painted with ropes of white, sticky cum. The beard guy, with a hard grunt, joined in the action, pulling out at the last minute and spraying his load over Julie’s ass.
Scott replaced Peter in Julie’s mouth, and Frank took the beard guy’s place in her pussy. It wasn’t long before he was spraying his cum over her face and hair. He was followed by a big guy in a football jersey and his buddy, both of whom fed their loads down Julie’s willing throat. Meanwhile, Frank and three of his friends each took turns pounding Julie’s pussy and pumping her full of cum, until it dripped in a white froth down her legs again.
As the last of Frank’s buddies pulled out, another guy stepped up out of the crowd, swigging down a beer. He leered down at Julie’s naked, panting form for a long moment, before kneeling behind her. Phil, expecting the guy to take his turn in Julie’s well-fucked pussy, was a little shocked at what the guy did. Instead of his dick, the guy leaned down and slowly pushed his beer bottle into Julie’s snatch.
“Fuck,” Julie gasped. “What’s that. It’s cold.”
“It’ll warm up soon enough,” the guy replied evenly. “Stay still.”
The mouth of the bottle had already disappeared into Julie’s opening. The guy moved slowly, carefully pushing the bottle’s neck into her, and then slowly removing it again. With slow, almost gentle movement, he fucked Julie’s pussy with the bottle.
“What is it?” Julie asked again, moaning a little.
“Beer bottle,” someone in the crowd answered. “You’re fucking a beer, ya slut.”
“Mmmm,” Julie purred, “that’s actually a first.” She glanced over her shoulder at the guy. “It’s ok, but it’s cold and hard. I’d really prefer something hot and hard.”
“Yeah” the guy said, still sliding his beer bottle in and out of her dripping pussy.
“Fuck me,” Julie moaned. “Fuck my pussy with your cock.”
The guy grinned at her, and pushed the bottle a little deeper and harder into her pussy. Just once to show her who’s boss, Phil thought, since the guy did then pull the bottle out and take its place. The guy started fucking Julie with the same slow, deep strokes he’d used with the bottle.
The bottle itself, Phil could see, was a slimy mess, covered and clogged with cum. The guy seemed to consider it for a moment, then lowered it again, setting the slimy mouth of the bottle between Julie’s ass cheeks. Seeing where this could be going, Phil straightened up. With slow pressure, the guy pressed the bottle against Julie’s ass.
“It’s too big,” Julie moaned.
The guy grinned, rubbing the bottle against her ass and trying to push it in.
“Don’t” Julie said, more firmly. “It won’t fit in my ass. Just fuck me. Please fuck my pussy.”
Laughing, the guy set the bottle aside and started to saw into Julie. Phil relaxed. He’d never known Julie to take it up the ass, and he was glad the guy hadn’t ruined the party by making an issue of it.
There was another break after the beer bottle guy pulled out, his load dripping down Julie’s leg, his slimy cum-covered beer bottle on the table next to her. Everyone just stared. Julie’s face and thighs were dripping with spunk. Her purple hair was matted with sweat and semen. Phil realized he’d lost count of how many guys had fucked Julie in one end or the other.
“My knees need a break,” Julie announced hoarsely. Moving a little stiffly, the hot mess of a slut stretched and shifted, finally sitting down on the couch, in the puddle of cum that had gathered beneath her. Phil wondered obliquely who was going to have to clean up that mess.
“Want a drink?” one of the onlookers asked. He pushed his way to the front, a skinny guy with a bottle of schnapps in one hand and his cock in the other.
“Sure,” Julie said and, to no one’s particular surprise, slurped the skinny guy’s cock into her mouth.
For a woman who had just sucked more dicks and swallowed more cum than Phil could keep track of, her enthusiasm for this latest meat stick seemed unabated. Schnapps guy just chuckled and leaned back, sipping from his bottle while Julie vigorously gobbled his knob. It took her a little work, but inevitably the guy pumped his load into Julie’s warm mouth.
Quickly, Julie sat back and held up her hand toward the guy. Laughing, he handed Julie the bottle. She took a quick swig and made a show of swishing it around, clearly mixing a cum and schnapps cocktail in her mouth and gulping it down.
“Thanks,” Julie said amid the laughter and cheers of the onlookers. “Who’s next? Rob, Dan, I see you guys.”
“Hey Julie,” Dan grinned, clearly somewhat embarrassed to be caught in the audience.
“Come on,” Julie grinned, spreading her legs to reveal her wet, matted, dripping pussy, “I’ve seen how you guys look at me.”
“I can’t,” Dan said, shaking his head but unable to take his eyes off her. Even as a clearly well-fucked, cum covered mess, Julie looked almost too hot to pass up.
“No?” Julie pouted, “What about you Rob?”
“I would love to,” Rob answered, stepping up and leering at her, “but damn it Julie, my wife would kill me if I fucked you.”
“Mine too,” Dan nodded in agreement.
“Really?” Julie pouted, “Poor guys, your wives won’t let you fuck me.”
“Most wives wouldn’t,” someone shouted from the crowd.
“We just can’t,” Rob signed, staring at Julie’s big tits.
“Does she let you jerk off?” Julie asked with a sly grin.
“Yeah,” Rob replied with an answering grin.
“Do you look at naked women when you jerk off?” Julie asked, slipping one hand between her legs and bringing the other up to cup one of her naked, sticky tits.
“Yeah, I jerk off to porn,” Rob admitted, slowly unzipping his pants and pulling out his stiff cock.
“What about you, Dan?” Julie purred, one finger working in the sloppy mess of her pussy while the other squeezed her own nipple. “Do you like to watch a woman playing with herself while you jerk off?”
“Fuck,” Dan moaned.
“No, no,” Julie chided, “No fucking for you. Mmmm, but you can jerk off while you watch a naked woman play with herself. Your wife wouldn’t mind that, would she?”
Quickly, Dan pulled himself from his pants. Phil watched, grinning, as the two faithfully married men beat their meat over Julie’s naked body in front of a crowd of onlookers. Julie moaned and purred, touching herself and vamping like crazy while the guys furiously wanked themselves.
“I’m going to cum,” Dan practically screamed.
“Do it,” Julie purred. “Cum on me. Cum on my face. Cum on my tits.”
“Fuck!” Dan spasmed, raining spray after spray of semen down on Julie, covering her face and tits just like she’d asked.
Rob followed quickly, adding his own coating of white goo to Julie’s heavy tits.
“Wow, boys,” Julie sighed, rubbing her hands through the white mess covering her tits. “Those were some big loads. Thanks.”
“Hey Julie,” Phil said, finally walking over to her.”
“Hey you,” she grinned at him. “I’d wondered where you’d gotten to.”
“I’m surprised you even remembered,” Phil leered at her.
“You started this,” she grinned.
“Well, I’m ready for my turn,” he grinned, kneeling between her legs.
“Waited for sloppy seconds?” Julie smirked.
“More like sloppy tenths, you slut,” Phil groaned, thrusting his cock into her wet opening.
She was practically fucked out, stretched and sloppy with who knew how many loads. Her body was covered in sticky spunk. He leaned away from her, so the only place they touched was the loose, soaked hole of her open pussy. Even then, Phil knew he wasn’t going to last. The idea of fucking some other guy’s slut wife, after she’d done an entire room full of guys, turned him on like he wouldn’t believe. For a moment, Phil thought as he hammered away at her abused pussy, he understood why Glen didn’t voice any objections to his wife’s whoring around. In that moment, he was pushed over the edge, adding his own cum to the soup dripping down her slutty legs.
Julie smiled as Phil staggered away.
“That was fun,” she grinned. “Now, can someone give me a ride home?”

Porn, pure and simple.
Quietly, Julie opened the door and slipped into her house. It was dark and silent. Given how late it was, she was pretty sure her husband must be in bed by now, but it wouldn’t have been the first time she’d been wrong about that.
The pretty young woman knelt to set down the heels she’d carried, rather than worn, for fear of the noise they made when she walked.
“Now that’s nice,” a gruff voice behind her said.
“Quiet,” Julie whispered, glancing over her shoulder. In the doorway stood the big, burly form of the guy who’d driven her home, Mat she thought his name was.
“Why?” Mat leered, stepping inside.
“My husband’s asleep,” Julie hissed, looking up. She started to rise, but Mat’s big hand fell on her shoulder, firmly holding her down on her knees in front of him.
“Husband?” Mat chuckled. “You sure the fuck didn’t act like you had a husband at the party.”
“He didn’t feel like coming,” Julie started.
“Ha, you sure did,” Mat leered down at her, his firm hands kneading her shoulder. “You were cumming all over the place.”
“Quiet down,” Julie hissed again.
“What, doesn’t your husband know you’re a little cock hungry slut?” Mat growled. “You don’t you want him to know you spent the night on your knees, waving your naked little ass around? You don’t want him to know how many cocks you sucked and fucked tonight?”
“Please,” Julie looked up at him, pleading.
“Take off your clothes,” Mat ordered. “I want to see your slutty body.”
Shivering, Julie quickly stripped off her halter top and short jean shorts. She knelt, naked, in front of Mat. Her full breasts swung free, her large nipples jutting out from their pale curves. Her firm belly sloped down to her strong thighs, and the wet tangle of fair hair between them.
“What’s that crusty stuff on your boobs, cock-slut?” Mat asked roughly.
“Cum,” Julie whispered.
“What?” Mat asked more loudly.
“Please,” Julie begged. “It’s cum, sir. My slutty tits are covered in dried cum.”
“How’d you get cum on your tits, slut?” Mat grinned.
“Rob and Dan jerked off on my tits, sir,” Julie blushed. “And I think it was Scott who came on my face. Some of his cum dripped onto my tits. Paul, I think, came in in my mouth but I couldn’t swallow it. So his cum got all over my chin and my tits too.”
“You sucked off four guys?” Mat laughed.
“No, sir,” Julie moaned. “Those are just the ones whose cum got on my tits, sir. Chris and Lou and Peter, and that big guy with the football jersey and his friend and that guy who had the schnapps… they all came in my mouth but I swallowed. My husband said I should try to swallow when a man cums in my mouth.”
“Did he?” Mat laughed. “I bet he would love how well you learned that lesson. So you had what, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine… nine cocks in your mouth tonight already?”
“No, sir,” Julie said meekly. “I sucked Phil too, but he came in my pussy.”
“So you just let one guy fuck you,” Mat sneered.
“Oh no, sir,” Julie blushed. “I sucked and fucked Phil but also Charlie and Steve, those two guys in baseball caps, and the guy with the beard, and Frank and his three friends, and that guy who did that thing with the beer bottle, they all fucked my pussy.”
“Things with the beer bottle,” Mat laughed. “I missed that. What did he do with the beer bottle?”
“He fucked me with it,” Julie moaned. “Then he tried to put it in my ass while he fucked my pussy, but he couldn’t.”
“So you sucked and fucked twenty guys and a beer bottle?”
“Yes, sir,” Julie whimpered. “At least, I think so, sir. It’s hard to keep track sometimes. They fucked me so hard and I came so much, and sometimes there was a cock in my mouth when the guys came in my pussy, so I didn’t always see who entered me next. There were so many hard cocks and so much cum. My pussy is still dripping and I’m so sore.”
“God, you are such a slut,” Mat groaned, rubbing his hard cock through his jeans. “And your husband is home in bed while you play cum-dump.”
“He didn’t want to go out tonight,” Julie said, “please, I don’t want to wake him.”
“OK, cock-slut,” Mat leered, “here’s what you’re going to do. You’re going to suck my cock and then maybe I won’t wake up your husband and tell him his little wife is the local cum-dump.”
With that Mat unzipped his jeans and hauled out his thick, hard cock, waving it lewdly in Julie’s face. The pretty blonde moaned and reached out for it.
“Damn slut,” Mat laughed. “All that dick-meat and you still want more?”
“Yes,” Julie sighed, licking his long shaft from base to tip and swirling her tongue across his hard tip. “Yes, I want more. I want to suck your cock. I want your cum.”
“Shit,” Mat groaned. Reaching out, the big man took hold of Julie’s head and pulled her face down onto his shaft.
Kneeling in the entry of her house, the door still open to the street, the naked wife vigorously bobbed her head up and down, moaning and slobbering over the long hard cock in front of her.
“Fuck, you can suck cock, bitch,” Mat groaned, pumping his meat between Julie’s wet lips.
Julie grabbed his legs and let herself be rocked back and forth by his thrusts. Grunting, Mat plunged his cock into her mouth, fucking her face like he would a pussy. With a deep, loud groan he suddenly pulled out and sprayed hot, sticky cum over Julie’s gasping face. Thick, white goo splattered over her nose, her cheeks and into her fine hair. Grunting and moaning, Mat plastered her face with cum then pushed his shaft back into her mouth. Slowly, Julie sucked the last of his load from his shaft, letting the thick cream drip down her chin, onto her heaving tits.
“Hope your husband’s a deep sleeper, slut,” Mat laughed as he tucked his slick cock away and zippered up. Still chuckling, he turned and walked away, leaving Julie kneeling in front of the open door, his cum sliding down her flushed face.
“So, fun party?” Glen smiled as Julie, naked and still covered in cum, flipped on the bedroom light.
“You are still up,” Julie laughed. “How can I wake you if you’re always still up?”
“Sorry,” he said, looking his naked, sticky, well-fucked wife up and down.
“How much did you hear?” she asked.
“If I told you that, I’d have a harder time getting you to tell me again,” Glen smirked. “But from what I heard it sounds like you had a wild night.”
“Gods yes,” Julie smirked, wiping spunk from her face and licking her fingers. “I got fucked every which way.”
“Tell me all about it,” her husband laughed. “I want to hear all about my little performing cum slut’s exploits.”

The following is a work of fiction, the product of my own pervy imagination. Enjoy.
"I'm just saying," Dan said quietly, "conference sex is a thing."
"Geez, honey," Jenn rolled her eyes. "It's a work conference, not one of your pervy fantasies."
The airport crowds flowed around the young couple, people drifting in and out of shops and food stands or making their way to the security lines that stood between them and their flights.
"Why can't it be both?" Dan grinned.
"Perv," Jenn growled, but she knew wouldn't have him any other way.
"All I'm saying is..." Dan started.
"... that if some guy tries to pick me up at the hotel bar, you're ok with me *fucking* him," Jenn whispered hotly. She couldn't deny the flutter in her stomach, or perhaps a bit lower down, the thrill at the very idea.
"Well..." Dan flushed.
"You're a perv," Jenn replied with an amused grin. "Have fun with the house to yourself. Try not to spend the whole time I'm gone jerking off to porn."
"No promises," Dan grinned back.
"You can do this," Jenn told herself, nervously, tugging at the hemline of the slinky black dress. "You want to do this. It will be fun."
She was fairly certain buying the little dress in the first place had been Dan's idea. He'd said she would look hot in it. Considering her reflection in the hotel room mirror, Jenn had to admit he had a point. The dress's little spaghetti straps left her shoulders bare, showing off her fair skin down to the swell of her breasts - not huge, but not bad, she thought. The dress clung to her curves, emphasizing the tight belly she worked hard to maintain. The hemline was worrying. It was low enough to be decent, but seriously bordered on slutty. Tugging the hem down had helped a little, until she noticed that her tits were now in danger of popping out the top.
With a sign, she gave it up. Grabbing her little clutch purse, she walked out of the hotel room before she changed her mind.
With a grin, she pulled her phone out of her purse. After all, half the point of doing this was to give Dan a thrill, and she couldn't do that if she didn't keep him in the loop. As she walked down the hotel hall, she hit speed dial.
"Hi, honey. How's the conference?" Dan answered.
"Boring seminars, pushy vendors, the usual," Jenn said breezily.
"Having fun?" Dan sounded amused.
"Oh yeah," Jenn replied, dripping sarcasm. "I just love it. What are you up to?"
"Oh, you know... wild party, drinking, smoking pot, a bunch of naked coeds in the hot-tub begging to suck me off," Dan lied.
Laughing, Jenn rolled her eyes. "You're bored and watching late-night TV, aren't you?"
"How did you know?" Dan asked.
"We don't have a hot-tub," Jenn pointed out.
"Fair point," Dan conceded. "What are you up to?"
"Well..." Jenn hesitated, suddenly nervous again.
"What are you doing?" The sound of Dan's excitement was like ice and fire in her veins.
"I thought I'd go down to the hotel bar," Jenn replied, trying to sound nonchalant.
"Looking for a guy?" Dan said, teasing.
"Perv," Jenn laughed, feeling that low-down flutter. "I'm meeting some friends for drinks... but..."
"But what?" Dan said slowly.
"Remember that little black dress you liked?" Jenn replied.
With a wicked grin, Jenn noticed a mirror in the hallway. Striking as sultry a pose as she could, she snapped off pic with her phone and sent it.
"Wow." His response was breathless.
"I thought you'd get a kick out of that," Jenn teased, thrilled that his response was everything she'd wanted. She didn't, however, expect what came next... though in retrospect, she knew she probably should have.
"Are you wearing panties?" Dan asked.
"Yes... perv," Jenn replied, with a nervous laugh. Admittedly, the little black thong she had on under the dress wasn't much, but it was there.
"Take 'em off," Dan said.
"No," Jenn gasped, shocked.
"Take your panties off," Dan insisted.
"No," Jenn replied breathlessly. "You know how short this dress is."
"Off. Right now."
"Right... Dan, I'm in a hallway. I can't." Jenn laughed shakily. In fact, she'd reached the elevators at the end of the hall. Sure, it was empty now but someone could arrive at any moment. She could see herself reflected in the mirrored surface of the elevators doors, sexy in a slinky dress.
Dan said nothing. He was just waiting, she knew, daring her to do it, to step the game up one more notch. The little low-down flutter had become a full, rolling wave... a sultry, hot, wet wave.
Before she could lose her nerve, she reached up under the little dress and quickly pulled off her thong. Glancing at her reflection, she saw that, in the process, the perilously short hemline of her dress had been pushed from slutty to indecent. Flush with excitement, she pulled her dress up to allow an unobstructed peek at her pussy, snapped a quick pic of her reflection and sent it to Dan.
"Beautiful," Dan panted over the phone.
"I'll call you later, perv." Jenn's voice was husky to her own ears as she hung up.
A second later the elevator dinged and the doors open.
Jenn stood frozen, feeling sudden empathy for the proverbial deer caught in headlights. Despite her desperate desire to squeak and pull her dress down, she didn't move.
Two men, plainly attendees at the same conference, stepped from the elevator, glancing at her with polite smiles. Both men froze suddenly. She saw their eyes widen as they took her in, her slinky black dress, her heaving cleavage, her hiked up skirt and the neatly trimmed landing strip of her naked pussy.
Red-faced, one of the men looked quickly away and walked on past. The other man hesitated for a moment, drinking in the sight of her. Under his hot gaze, Jenn felt a surge of unmistakable desire. She made no move to cover herself. She didn't want to.
"Good evening," the man said with a grin and then walked past her.
Breathing heavily, Jenn stepped into the elevator and pushed the button for the lobby. It wasn't until she noticed her reflection the door again that she finally moved to fix her dress.
Like what U C perv? Jenn's heart was racing as she fired off the text message to Dan, thinking about the picture she'd just sent.
After inadvertently flashing the two men at the elevator, Jenn had been unable to concentrate on hanging out with her friends - really coworkers attending the conference with her. The talk, griping about work, supervisors and spouses, was all the same talk they had back home.
Jenn's mind had kept wandering back to the elevator, to the looks the two men had given her as she stood there, bottomless. She couldn't shake the idea that Dan would love to hear about it, would probably ask why she hadn't fucked one of them. She thought about the second man, the long, hungry look he had given her, and wondered what she would have said, what she would have done, if he'd propositioned her.
Finally, distracted from the banal chatter, she'd gotten up and gone over to the bar. Sitting at a bar stool, she'd felt her slinky black rise wickedly higher, felt the cool air teasing her naked thighs, and wondered how many of the guys were trying to peek up her skirt. That idea had started another wicked thought that grew in her mind until she had finally decided to give into it.
As nonchalantly as possible, she'd taken out her phone, held it down by her knees and spread her legs. A quick click, and she'd taken a picture of her exposed pussy in a bar full of men, a picture which was now on its way to Dan along with her teasing text. She knew he'd love it.
Glancing around the bar, she wondered if anyone had seen.
After a few minutes, Dan hadn't replied to her text. She was disappointed before she realized the time difference might mean he hadn't seen it. She fired off another.
JENN: U up? Haha
Still no reply.
"Excuse me, miss."
Jenn jumped as the man's voice broke through her distraction.
"Can I buy you a drink?" he asked, with a friendly smile.
His name was Tim. He was staying at the hotel, attending the same conference she was. They talked for a while about the day's seminars, their respective workplaces, the hotel in general. Tim was friendly, flirty without being pushy, and Jenn found herself relaxing and enjoying herself. After a while, when Tim turned his attention to the bartender to refresh their drinks, she fired off another text to Dan, teasing that a guy had gotten her a drink.
"Good phone," Tim said, looking back at her.
"It's OK," Jenn shrugged.
"Did the picture come out?" Tim said nonchalantly.
"Picture?" Jenn felt suddenly hot and cold all at once. "What picture?"
The bartender choose that moment to call Tim over, leaving Jenn shivering briefly in shock. She quickly fired off another text to Dan: OMG I think he saw me take that pic!
By the time Tim got back, apologizing and explaining that there had been some error with his credit card, Jenn had managed to regain the appearance of calm, though her heart was pounding.
"So," she said, trying to sound cool. "You saw me take a picture."
"Maybe just a peek, really," Tim admitted with a barely hidden grin.
"Really?" Jenn drawled, teasing.
Tim just grinned, trying unsuccessfully to hide a glance down at her thighs. Jenn fidgeted in her seat.
"So, who was it for?" Tim asked. "The picture. Was it for someone?"
"My guy back home," Jenn admitted, feeling oddly relaxed about it suddenly. "Dan. He has these fantasies. I thought I'd indulge him a little."
"Fantasies of you flashing at a bar?" Tim grinned.
"Among other things," Jenn confessed, blushing.
"Really?" Tim focused on his drink.
Jenn leaned closer to him, speaking more softly. "Dan told me to take off my panties, before I came down to the bar."
Tim's eyes flashed back down to her thighs again. "Did he? Had you leave them in your room."
"No," Jenn said slowly. "They're in my purse. He had me take them off in the hallway."
"He wants you to get seen, does he?" Tim's gaze rose to lock with Jenn's eyes. She felt a flush of heat rising in her cheeks and spreading down her neck.
"Well, I did take a picture of my pussy in a bar full of people for him," she said.
"How far do you want to go?" Tim's voice was low, husky.
"What did you have in mind?" Jenn felt the blush spreading down her chest.
"Give me your phone," Tim grinned.
Slowly, Jenn slide it over. Grinning, Tim picked the phone up and took a couple of steps back.
"Give ol' Dan a thrill," Tim said.
Heart pounding, Jenn glanced around, looking at the other people around the bar. What the hell, she thought and spread her legs again on the barstool, exposing her bare pussy to Tim's gaze, and the gaze of anyone else who happened to look over. As Tim raised the phone to snap a pic, Jenn threw caution to the wind. With a quick motion, she grabbed the top of her slinky dress and pulled it down, flashing a naked tit too. Tim clicked the picture and stepped quickly back toward her.
Hastily, Jenn covered herself again. Her heart was racing, and she was sure that blush covered her entire chest. The heat of it seemed to reach down toward the heat rising from her thighs. She wondered if Tim had noticed how wet her pussy was.
Taking her phone back, she looked at the picture and smiled. Quickly, she sent it to Dan. She wondered if he would see it before morning.
"There you go," Tim said smirking. "That ought to give ol' Dan what he wants."
"Not even," Jenn laughed.
"Really?" Tim looked intrigued. Leaning closer to her, he continued quietly, "You just flashed your tit -very nice tit, by the way - to like half the guys in this bar and at least a few of them will have noticed the 'no panties' bit too. What more does your guy want?"
"Well," Jenn said, leaning closer too, until their faces were almost touching. "He has this fantasy."
"What fantasy," Tim breathed.
"He wants me to... fuck... another guy," Jenn's breath was coming in shallow gasps. "Like, here, at the conference. For real. Basically, he's a perv. Crazy, right?"
"Crazy," Tim agreed.
For a moment they just sat, their faces so close together. Jenn wondered if he was going kiss her.
"What do you think?" Tim asked finally.
"About what?" Jenn was puzzled.
"About his fantasy."
"I think..." Jenn paused. "I think I like it. I think... maybe I might do it. If I find the right guy."
"Well," Tim leaned back suddenly, settling back in his seat. "If you find him, I'm sure you won't have any trouble convincing him."
"Really," Jenn said, looking flatly at him. "Because I think maybe he might not be interested."
"Not possible," Tim said. "If a beautiful, intelligent woman like you asked... I bet almost any guy here would jump at the chance."
"You, sir, are a charmer and a gentleman," Jenn grinned.
"Well, I try," Tim admitted with a smirk.
"I am going back to my room now," Jenn said.
"Well, good night."
"Really? That's all? 'Good night'?"
"I am all alone here. My guy - the perv who wants me to fuck another guy, you recall - is all the way on the other side of the country. I have... no panties on and I am very... very horny. It seems to me that a gentleman would escort me back to my room. After all, anything could happen... anything."
Jenn's hands shook as she fumbled to pull her hotel keycard from her purse.
After her sultry almost-invitation in the bar, the ride up in the elevator had been oddly quiet. Tim had been calm, flashing his flirty smile but nothing more. Letting her take the lead, Jenn realized. She couldn't believe how nervous she felt. After all, she was only inviting a strange man she had just met at a conference up to her hotel room for sex because her guy... ok, she admitted, she could believe how nervous she was. What she couldn't believe was how excited she was, or how hard it was to take that stupid plastic card out of her purse.
She jumped slightly when Tim's hand closed gently over her arm.
"You don't have to do this, you know," he said softly.
With that, her nervousness vanished as if it had never been. Slowly Jenn turned, her body brushing against Tim's as she reached up and kissed him. Her lips softly explored his. His arms closed around her, holding her firmly.
"I want to," she breathed.
His arms tightened around her, pulling her against him, kissing her with growing passion. She could feel his growing hardness pressing against her.
"What do you want?" he said teasingly.
"I want you to fuck me," Jenn panted.
Tim dragged her mouth back to his, his lips and tongue hungrily exploring hers. His hands roamed over her back, reaching downward to cup her ass. Jenn moaned against him. She felt him pulling up the hem of her slinky little dress, felt his hands squeezing her naked ass, there in the hotel hallway. Her entire body quivered with desire.
Pushing away enough to speak again, Jenn panted, "Let me... oohhh... let me open the door."
Squirming in Tim's embrace, she managed to turn enough to face the door again and clawed at her purse for the keycard. Tim's hands continued to explore her body, squeezing her ass, rubbing along her side and her belly, reaching up to cup her breast. She managed to get the keycard out of her purse around the same time he pulled her dress down to expose her tits. His hard cock ground against her bare ass. She groaned as his fingers flicked over her sensitive nipple.
"If you don't let me get this door open," Jenn moaned, "we are going to end up fucking in the hall."
"Bet ol' Dan would love that," Tim muttered as he kissed her neck, his roaming fingers reaching around to brush along the wet folds of her naked pussy.
Jenn groaned in response, forcing the keycard into the door and practically running inside as it finally opened.
"Oh my god. This is so crazy," Jenn laughed as she heard the door swing close behind her. Unconsciously, her hands slid up her sides, moving to smooth her shirt.
"Don't you dare," Tim chuckled.
"What?" Jenn glanced over her shoulder at him, feeling a nervous flutter as she realized she was alone, in her hotel room, with him.
"Don't fix your dress," Tim said. "Looks good just the way it is."
"With my ass hanging out, you mean," Jenn smiled, her hands sliding down to cup her butt.
"Exactly," Tim grinned. "You have a very nice ass."
"You like it?" Jenn asked teasingly. "It's not too big?"
"Your ass is firm and round. You have a beautiful ass," Tim replied. "Give me your phone."
"My phone?" Jenn puzzled at the non-sequitur.
"Well, I could take a picture with mine..." Tim said, reaching into his pocket.
"Oh, no," Jenn replied, digging into her purse and tossing her phone to him. "That's how embarrassing pictures end up on the internet."
"Precisely," Tim said, snapping a quick pic. "I mean, you wouldn't want to do anything crazy."
"Absolutely not," Jenn laughed, cupping her ass and bending over slightly. "I am a very respectable woman, after all. I would never do anything wild or out of control. You know that, right?" She grinned as she looked back him, spreading her legs a little more.
"Of course not," Tim nodded seriously. "And, after all, you're in a committed relationship so clearly you wouldn't want anyone to think you did anything inappropriate. Now turn around, so I can see your tits."
Still laughing, Jenn turned, arching her back to show off her breasts. She couldn't believe she was doing this, standing in her hotel room, her slinky dress bunched up around her waist, letting a strange man snap pictures of her bare ass and tits... and pussy, she realized. Her smile faded as her breath quickened. Her eyes met Tim's and she saw, behind his joking and grins, a desire that reflected her own.
For a long moment, they just stood there, facing each other across the room. Slowly, her eyes fixed on Tim's, Jenn slid the slinky dress's tiny spaghetti straps from her shoulders. She pushed the bunched fabric of the dress down past her hips, letting it slip down her legs to pool around her feet. Finally, she stepped out of her heels and took a step toward him.
"You're gorgeous," Tim said huskily, then his teasing grin appeared again as he snapped another pic.
"More pictures?" Jenn shook her head.
"Well, I bet ol' Dan will get a thrill out of them," Tim replied lightly.
"All right," Jenn said, stepping closer, moving quickly to hide her nervousness. "Let's take some pictures that will give him a real thrill."
With firm deliberation, before she could chicken out, Jenn grabbed hold of Tim's slacks, undid the button and dropped to her knees in front of him.
"Take some pictures that will really drive him wild," she said, forcing down Tim's zipper and pulling his pants down.
"Oh my god," she breathed softly as Tim's dick jumped free of his boxers. Even only semi-erect, it was long, thick and veiny, plainly different from Dan's. So what, Jenn thought to herself as she wrapped quivering fingers around the thickening shaft. She'd seen other dicks. She'd held other dicks, but never a stranger's, and never while she was with another guy.
Above her, Tim groaned in pleasure and that, it seemed, was enough to finally settle her nerves. Smiling, she looked up at him, at his face glazed with desire as she stroked his length. She looked up at the camera lens of her phone. Dan wanted this, she thought. He'd said so often enough. She'd sucked dick plenty of times before, she thought as her lips closed around Tim's thick tip. This time Tim would get to enjoy her mouth, enjoy her tongue swirling around him, and later Dan would get to enjoy seeing the pictures of his long, thick hard cock as it disappeared between her lips.
"Oh, yes, that's so good," Tim moaned.
Jenn quivered with desire. She felt nasty, kneeling there naked, eagerly bobbing her head up and down Tim's cock while he continued to take occasional pictures.
"So good," Tim moaned again. "Oh yeah, so good. Fuck."
"Yes," Jenn purred, keeping her lips against Tim's thick cock. "I want you to fuck me. Fuck me, Tim."
Groaning, Tim pulled his cock from her warm mouth. His strong hands grabbed her shoulders and lifted Jenn to her feet. She shivered with excitement as he pushed her slowly backward toward the bed.
"This what you want?" Tim growled, his eyes intense.
"Yes," Jenn panted. "I want this."
"You like sucking my cock?" Tim's hands firmly cupped Jenn's heaving tits, squeezing and caressing them. She moaned as he roughly played with her sensitive nipples.
"Yes," Jenn gasped. "You have such a nice, big cock. I love sucking your cock. Now I want you to fuck me. Fuck me with your nice, big cock, Tim."
She cried out as Tim pushed her roughly down onto the bed. Like an animal, he pounced over her. She moaned as his mouth latched onto her tits, roughly sucking and nipping at her sensitive mounds.
"Oh, Tim," Jenn gasped as he kissed and bit down her side. "Hey, not so... oh, wow... oh... oh... Oh. My. God!" She cried out as he buried his face in her pussy. She arched her hips to meet him as his tongue parted her wet lips and lashed furiously against her clit. "Oh my god, oh my god, ohmygod! Yes, there. Yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh. Oooohhhh, myyyy, God!"
Jenn's whole body arched in pleasure, quivering as her shockingly sudden orgasm ripped through her. She collapsed, panting, onto the bed.
Shivering, she looked up to see Tim looming over her, tossing the last of his clothes away. Out of a staid business suit, he looked powerful, muscular and wild. His long, thick cock stood proudly against his hard abs.
"Tell me," he growled. "Tell me what you want."
"I want..." Jenn gasped. "I want you to fuck me. Please, fuck me."
He pushed closer, holding his cock in one hand as he guided it toward her dripping pussy. In the other hand...
"My phone?" Jenn giggled.
"I want ol' Dan to see this," Tim said firmly. "I want your pervy guy to see the moment, the exact moment, my cock... a stranger's cock... enters his woman. I want the perv to have this to jerk to... his Jenn's beautiful pussy taking another man's.... cock!"
Jenn moaned as his tip entered her, parting her lips and stretching her slowly open. She shivered at his words, and at the nasty, wicked feeling of his strange cock inside her. She was doing it, she realized. She was letting a strange man fuck her. Her whole body arched up to meet him as his long shaft slowly filled her.
"Yeah," Tim groaned. "He's going to like seeing this."
"Put the phone down," Jenn purred. "Put that fucking phone away and fuck me."
"Is that what you want?" Tim smiled wickedly, lightly tossing Jenn's phone aside.
"Yes." She looked at him, thrilling to the hungry look in his eyes. "Yes, I want you to fuck me."
Tim slowly pulled his cock back, until only the tip rested just within her dripping pussy. "You want a guy you just met to fuck you. A stranger, to fill you up with his cock."
"Yes." Jenn writhed under him. "Yes, fuck me now."
She gasped as Tim grabbed her waist. Her eyes locked on his as her body arched toward him. With a grunt, he thrust into her, filling her up with one swift motion. Their hips rocked together, her wet folds opening to receive him deep inside her.
Jenn's whole body tingled as he thrust into her again and again, deep, steady, powerful thrusts that filled her over and over. She reveled in the feeling and the unshakable thought of how wicked this was. Wild, carnal pleasure climbed through her, exploding as she came again.
"Oh my god!" she cried out, shaking as her body convulsed around his thrusting member. "Are you... still going?"
"I'm not finished," Tim grinned, continuing to slide slowly inside her. "Not by a long shot."
"Oh... my... god..." Jenn moaned, wrapping her legs around his waist and pulling him deeper into her.
She let herself go, moaning and crying out with wild, forbidden pleasure. Throughout, she kept her eyes on him, watching his unfamiliar body moving over hers, staring into his stranger's face has he grunted and thrust into her. Lust and pleasure climbed, peaked again with her desperate cries, and madly started to climb once more.
Suddenly, Tim paused in his seemly tireless fucking. "What's that?"
"What?" Jenn panted. It took a moment for her to realize that a new sound had been intruding on the moaning, grunting and slapping of flesh against flesh. A musical, birdlike chiming sound. It took another moment for Jenn to recognize the sound. "Oh, it's my phone."
"Seriously?" Tim pushed himself slowly back inside her. "Someone's calling you now?"
"Text alert," Jenn gasped. "Probably.... ooohhhh... Dan."
"Dan? Ol' Dan!?" Tim laughed.
Jenn groaned as Tim quickly pulled himself from her body. She felt shockingly empty, without him inside her. She was relieved to see that Tim staggered slightly as he stood. She watched, amused at the sight of his thick cock bobbing ahead of him as he fumbled around on the floor, grabbing her phone.
"Hey, we missed a few," Tim grinned down at her phone. "Text from Dan: 'Hot pic."
"Oh my god," Jenn buried her face in her hands, wondering which of the many naughty pics her guy was talking about.
"'You naughty tease'," Tim read out.
"Give it to me." Jenn reached out for the phone.
"'Fell asleep. You have fun flashing the bar?'," Tim read. "Poor guy, he's missed all the fun. Should I send him some of our new pics?"
"No!" Jenn gasped. "Give me my phone."
"'You still up?'," Tim chuckled. "I certainly am," he added, flexing his raging hard cock.
"Give it to me!" Jenn reached out for her phone.
"Damn right I will," Tim grinned, leaping back onto the bed.
Jenn squealed as he flipped her over onto her belly and dropped himself onto her back. She felt his slick, hard cock pressing between her thighs.
"Not what I meant." Her gasp turned into a groan as he penetrated her again.
"Here," Tim said into her ear. "You should really answer him." He started thrusting again, even harder and more passionate than before.
The phone dropped in front of Jenn's face.
"Go on, answer him." Tim grunted, pounding into her.
Fumbling, Jenn grabbed her phone and tried to type out a reply.
JENN: CEnt tAlk call pater
Tim was driving fiercely into her now. Her whole body shook from the force of him in her. Tim was going wild, she realized, at the thought of her being on the phone with Dan while he fucked her. That idea, and his powerful thrusts, sent her own pleasure spiraling upward. She was dimly aware of the phone chiming again and again.
DAN: U drunk lol?
DAN: Jenn?
DAN: U ok?
She knew she had to respond with something. Desperately, she tried to cling to the phone long enough to type out a reply.
JENN: C a 'll later
JENN: nifht
With that she pushed the phone away and thrust back to meet Tim's thrusting cock. Another orgasm crashed over her and Tim roared over her, driving his strange cock deep inside her.
Jenn stared at the empty hotel bar.
Other conference attendees moved through the lobby, heading for the morning seminars.
She was sure that Tim was among them, but she didn't know where. He'd left during the night... after... One part of her mind shied away from the thought, but at the same she felt a tingle across her skin... her nipples... her pussy.
She looked down at her phone. It felt hot in her hand. She hadn't dared to open the picture folder yet. She had to get it over with. She wondered if she would really dare to say anything when the time came. Her fingers shook as she pressed Dan's speed dial.
"Hi, honey," Dan answered brightly.

The following is a work of fiction, the product of my own pervy imagination. Enjoy.
"I'm just saying," Dan said quietly, "conference sex is a thing."
"Geez, honey," Jenn rolled her eyes. "It's a work conference, not one of your pervy fantasies."
The airport crowds flowed around the young couple, people drifting in and out of shops and food stands or making their way to the security lines that stood between them and their flights.
"Why can't it be both?" Dan grinned.
"Perv," Jenn growled, but the twinkle in her eye betrayed her amusement.
"All I'm saying is..." Dan started.
"... that if some guy tries to pick me up at the hotel bar, you're ok with me *fucking* him," Jenn whispered hotly.
"Well..." Dan flushed.
"You're a perv," Jenn replied with an amused grin. "Have fun with the house to yourself. Try not to spend the whole time I'm gone jerking off to porn."
"No promises," Dan grinned back.
Lounging on the couch, Dan let the late night TV wash over him. He smiled when his phone rang.
"Hi, honey. How's the conference?" he said as he answered it.
"Boring seminars, pushy vendors, the usual," Jenn replied.
"Having fun?" Dan chuckled.
"Oh yeah," Jenn's sarcasm practically dripped through the phone. "I just love it. What are you up to?"
"Oh, you know... wild party, drinking, smoking pot, a bunch of naked coeds in the hot-tub begging to suck me off." Dan stretched out on the couch.
"You're bored and watching late-night TV, aren't you?" Jenn laughed.
"How did you know?" Dan asked.
"We don't have a hot-tub," Jenn pointed out.
"Fair point," Dan conceded. "What are you up to?"
"Well..." Jenn hesitated teasingly.
"What are you doing?" Dan perked up.
"I thought I'd go down to the hotel bar," Jenn replied.
"Looking for a guy?" Dan teased.
"Perv," Jenn laughed. "I'm meeting some friends for drinks... but..."
"But what?" Dan sat up slowly.
"Remember that little black dress you liked?" Jenn replied.
There was a long pause, and Dan's phone chimed to announce an incoming picture. Glancing down he saw Jenn, standing in what was clearly a hotel hallway, reflected in a mirror. Her dark hair hung loose around her pretty face and brushed her shoulders, bare except for the spaghetti straps of the little black dress. It clung to her curves, emphasizing her fair skin, the swell of her breasts, her tight belly. The hemline lay just low enough to avoid being totally slutty but high enough to suggest wicked thoughts. Dan's breath caught in his throat. His sudden hard-on was almost painful.
"Wow," he breathed.
"I thought you'd get a kick out of that," Jenn's voice teased through the phone.
"Are you wearing panties?" Dan wondered aloud.
"Yes," Jenn laughed, adding, "perv."
"Take 'em off," Dan said.
"No," Jenn gasped, plainly shocked.
"Take your panties off," Dan insisted.
"No," Jenn replied breathlessly. "You know how short this dress is."
"Off. Right now."
"Right... Dan, I'm in a hallway. I can't." Jenn laughed shakily.
Dan said nothing, waiting. There was silence on the other end of the line. After a long pause, his phone chimed again.
Jenn stood, reflected against the mirrored doors of a hotel elevator, a tangle of thin, black fabric gripped in one hand. Her dress was hiked up just high enough to offer a teasing peek at her neatly trimmed pussy.
"Beautiful," Dan breathed.
"I'll call you later." Jenn's voice was husky. "Perv."
"Damn time zones," Dan muttered to himself.
It was either terribly late or hideously early. He'd fallen asleep on the couch to the drone of the television, alternately watching old movies on Netflix and entertaining himself with fantasies of what Jenn, panty-less in her slinky black dress, might be getting up to.
The last thing she'd said was that she would call later.
Rubbing bleary eyes, Dan glanced at his phone.
There were several messages from Jenn.
The first was another picture that made him instantly, painfully, hard again. The picture, shot up below the hem of her little black dress, showed Jen's naked pussy, wet and puffy, between her two long fair legs. She must have been sitting on a barstool, her legs parted, holding her phone down by her knees.
JENN: Like what U C perv?
JENN: U up? Haha
JENN: Guy got me a drink.
JENN: OMG I think he saw me take that pic!
The last message was another picture, this one of Jenn sitting on a barstool, smiling, a drink in one hand while her other hand pulled her top down just far enough to flash a bare, hard nipple at the camera. Her legs were again spread, flashing her pussy too.
It took a moment for the significance of the picture to register in Dan's mind. She had a drink in one hand and was flashing a tit with the other. Someone else was holding the camera. Someone who had seen her take that upskirt pic. Someone who had bought her a drink. Someone who had snapped a pic of Jenn flashing her tit and pussy in a hotel bar.
The last picture had been received more than an hour ago.
Dan felt a strange twist in his stomach, nerves and maybe jealousy. At the same time, his dick was achingly hard.
His hands shook as he started to type out: Who took that? His finger hovered over the send button, then slowly he deleted the message, typed a new one and sent it.
DAN: Hot pic.
He stared at his phone, waiting. After an eternity, a minute passed. Then another.
DAN: U naughty tease
Another endless minute passed.
DAN: Fell asleep. U have fun flashing the bar?
After another minute, Dan realized that, despite the time zone difference, it must be late there too. Jenn was probably back in her room by now, probably even asleep herself. There were lots of good, simple reasons why she didn't reply right away. She might not even see his messages until morning.
He managed to force himself to wait almost a full four minutes before firing off another text.
DAN: U still up?
More minutes passed and suddenly his phone chimed.
JENN: CEnt tAlk call pater
DAN: U drunk lol?
DAN: Jenn?
DAN: U ok?
JENN: C a 'll later
JENN: nifht
Dan stared at the strange texts, confused and worried. He went so far as to almost hit Jenn's number on speed dial before changing his mind. Drunk... or whatever she was... Jenn obviously would call him 'later.' Pushing her wouldn't help anything. He forced himself to put his phone down and go to bed. He needed to get some sleep. Right after he dealt with his raging boner.
It was only thanks to work of his own that Dan managed to spend the next morning doing something other than agonizing about Jenn. Without the distraction, the simple fact of the several hour time difference probably would have driven him nuts. Instead, he actually managed to put his worries out of his mind and so didn't jump instantly every time his phone chimed.
Still, when she did finally call it didn't take him long to pick up.
"Hi, honey," Dan said brightly.
"Hey." Jenn's voice sounded oddly subdued.
"So, what do you have going on today?" He asked.
"Just more seminars," Jenn replied. She was nervous, Dan realized. He felt that odd twist in his gut again.
"So..." Dan hesitated.
"Yeah, I..." Jenn stammered.
"You got a little crazy last night?" Dan forced a smile into his voice.
"Yeah," Jenn replied carefully.
"Too much to drink," Dan said, offering his explanation as fact.
"No," Jenn snapped.
"Really, 'cause those texts looked pretty drunk," Dan insisted.
"I wasn't drunk," Jenn countered angrily.
"Oh, come on," Dan said. "You could hardly type."
"Yeah, well it's hard to type when you're getting fucked!" Jenn shouted into her phone.
Silence feel between them. Dan could hear distant chatter through the phone and wondered suddenly where Jenn was exactly. Probably walking through the hotel to her first seminar, he realized. Strangely, he found that part of his mind was wondering what the seminar was about.
"I'm sorry..." Jen stammered after a long silence.
"You're joking," Dan declared.
"I'm..." Jenn started again.
Dan hung up. His breath was coming in ragged gasps. His hands were shaking. He would have thought he was furious, but for one undeniable fact. His dick was so hard it was about to rip through his pants. He wasn't angry, he realized. He wasn't even jealous. All he felt was raw, violent, desperate lust.
His phone rang again.
He answered, "Getting fucked?"
"You'd said..." Jenn stammered.
"What were you doing?"
"Those fantasies you kept telling me about..." Jenn sounded close to tears.
"Shhh," Dan said soothingly. "Just tell me... when you texted me last night. That last time. Tell me why couldn't you type right."
"I told you..." Jenn muttered.
"No, tell me exactly what you were doing at that moment."
"Getting fucked," Jenn replied.
"Tell me," Dan insisted.
"What do you want to hear?" Jenn replied. "Do you want me to tell you I was on my belly. That the phone was in front of me, and I was trying to type while... while he was...."
"Was what?" Dan prompted.
"Was inside me. Was fucking me." Jenn said, her voice growing husky. "Was pounding from behind, so hard. So hard I couldn't type properly."
"He knew," Dan said. "About me."
"He knew." Jenn confirmed.
"You were..." Dan took a deep breath. "Fucking. When I texted, you were fucking another guy."
"Yes," Jenn said soft. "I was. I was fucking another guy."
"Who?" Dan asked, feeling surprisingly calm about the question.
"His name's Tim," Jenn replied slowly. "He's here at the conference."
"You met him in the bar," Dan said. "He's the one who took that picture."
"You saw... oh, right, the picture in the bar," Jenn said. "Yes, he took that. He saw me taking the pic I sent you. The upskirt pic in the bar. I didn't know he had at first. He came over and bought me a drink. He was nice. Flirty but not pushy. Then he said he'd seen me taking it. He asked who I was taking it for."
"You told him about me?" Dan felt a little shocked.
"Yeah, I did," Jenn admitted. "He asked about the picture, about why I'd taken it... and I told him about...
"You always go on about your pervy fantasies," Jenn continued. "About wanting me to... to fuck another guy. We talked about it at the airport. I took my panties off, right at the elevators. I didn't tell you: the doors to that elevator opened right after I took them off, a second after I sent you the picture in front of them. Two guys got off. They saw me. I know they did. They saw me standing there with my panties in my hand, my dress hiked up. They saw my pussy. They didn't say anything, but I know they saw. How could they not have?
"It turned me on. Riding down in that elevator, with no panties on. Knowing those guys had seen. It turned me on so much. So, when I got to bar, when Tim finally told me he'd seen me taking a picture of my pussy, right there at the bar... I was so turned on. I told him. I told him my man had told me to take my panties off. That you wanted me to flash guys at the bar. So, he offered to take another pic for me and I flashed my boob at him... and like, half the bar. I bet so many guys saw.
"I was so turned on... and Tim was nice... so, I told him. I told him your fantasy... about me fucking another guy."
"... and he decided to be that guy," Dan concluded.
"No," Jenn snapped. "I decided. You kept talking about your fantasy, and it became my fantasy. Tim was nice and he was flirty but even after I told... after I told him about the fantasy, he didn't push. He hinted a lot, but he didn't assume or insist. So, I decided. I invited back to my room."
"... and fucked him," Dan said.
"Yes," Jenn answered confidently, "I did. I fucked him. I stripped for him and I sucked his cock. He has a really nice cock, Dan... almost as nice as yours. He played with my tits and he ate my pussy and then... then he entered me and it felt so good. Oh god, Dan, it felt nasty and wicked and so very good. He fucked me and fucked me."
"He was fucking you when I texted," Dan repeated.
"He heard my phone. He stopped, to check it," Jenn replied. "When he saw it was you... he just flipped me over, face down, and pushed back inside me. He told me I should answer. It really turned him on. He just went wild. I think he wanted me to call you, but I texted instead."
There was another silence.
"It's really hard to type," Jenn added lamely. "When someone is fucking you that hard."
Dan laughed. Suddenly, unexpected, he just started laughing. He couldn't help it. He just laughed and laughed. Slowly, Jenn started laughing too, until finally the two of them were just laughing uncontrollably over the phone. All the tension between them bled away. Almost all. The knot in Dan's stomach, at least, was gone. His raging hard-on, he thought, was in danger of doing him serious injury.
"Are you... ok?" Jenn said as the laughter finally faded.
"Are you wearing panties?" Dan asked.
"What?!" Jenn replied, shocked. "Yes!"
"Well, take them off," Dan demanded. "Right now, take 'em off. Sluts like you don't wear panties."
"Dan!" Jenn exclaimed, shocked by his use of the word 'slut.'
"What, I'm a perv for wanting this," Dan said firmly. "You're a slut for doing it. In fact, I think no more underwear for you for the rest of the conference. No bra, no panties. Nothing."
There was a long pause, then Jenn replied, "Ok."
"So," Dan said. "Take 'em off."
"Dan," Jenn hissed, "I can't... not right this second. I'm in the hotel lobby."
"So, everyone in the lobby heard you yell about getting fucked," Dan replied.
"God." Jenn's embarrassment was plain. "I know, but I'm not taking off my panties for them."
She paused, "Wait a second."
Dan could almost hear her moving across the lobby.
"Where are you?" Jenn asked.
"At home, in my office," Dan replied. "Where are you going?"
"Ladies' room, dummy," Jenn replied.
"Men's," Dan said firmly.
"I can't," Jenn whispered, shocked.
"Do it," Dan insisted.
"Shit, shit, shit," Jenn hissed into her phone. "Ok, perv, I'm in the Men's but I'm going into a stall... and it's empty so no one has seen me."
"Yet, slut," Dan chuckled.
Dan heard her muttering and shifting for a moment.
"OK," Jenn said when she was done. "They're off."
"Panties and bra?" Dan asked firmly.
"Yes, you perv," Jenn replied hotly. "but you're out of luck because this skirt is a professional length."
"I bet your blouse looks nice too," Dan grinned.
"Shit," Jenn snapped.
"How wet are you?" Dan asked.
"Perv," Jenn shot back.
"Tell me," he insisted.
"Oh god, I'm soaked, OK," Jenn replied. "I'm completely horny and you're probably lucky there's no one else in here."
She paused a moment before asking, "How hard are you?"
"I'm so hard, honey," Dan replied. "I can't believe how hard all this has made me."
"I can," Jenn actually giggled, then groaned.
"Are you touching yourself?" Dan asked, a little shocked.
"That's what you want, isn't it?" Jenn purred into the phone. "I'm here, in the Men's restroom, with my skirt hiked up around my thighs, touching my dripping pussy. It feels good, Dan. It feel nasty and dirty and so good."
"Just like last night," Dan prompted, reaching into his own pants.
"Oh yes," Jenn moaned. "When he touched me, I just shivered. I knew it was what we'd talked about, but doing it... I felt like such a bad girl and that just made it better. Oh, Dan, when he put his cock in me, it was so... ahh... so good."
"You dirty slut," Dan groaned.
"Tell me you're stroking it," Jenn growled. "Tell me you're holding that beautiful hard cock."
"I am," Dan replied.
"Say it," Jenn demanded.
"I'm stroking my hard... uhh... hard... cock," Dan groaned.
"You're thinking about him fucking me, aren't you," Jenn panted. "About him inside me. His big cock... ahhh... so big... in my pussy. My wet little pussy, all stretched out around his... uhhh... big cock... as he fucked... fucked... oh god... fucked me."
"Oh shit," Dan moaned. "Oh honey..."
"That's it, Dan," Jenn panted, "cum for me. Cum... ahhh... cum with me."
"Shit!" Dan roared, his body spasming.
"Oh God!" Jenn shrieked into her phone.
For a time, the both sat panting through the phone at each other.
"I can't believe," Jenn gasped out, "that I just rubbed one out in a Men's hotel restroom."
"Slut," Dan teased. "Call me after your seminars are done."
"Perv," Jenn replied.

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