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Found 8 results

  1. This is the true story of Karen and me at our first orgy, which took place in Atlanta about a decade ago. Karen is a fine-looking black woman, about 40 then. I am five years older than her. We met through a mutual friend, and the day we met, we discovered that we were both very sexual people. During our relationship, we confessed that we were interested in group sex. Karen then told me that shortly after her divorce, as a young woman going to graduate school, she had experienced a marvelous group sex scene. She described how her girlfriends, two of whom were rather bi, would let her have their husbands. While never really graphic, the story she told undoubtedly piqued my interest. We began to go to swinger events in the Atlanta area. One was populated with people dressed in outrageous costumes and who made a rather bold public display of affection. However, it did not appear that they engaged in the sort of wanton sex that Karen and I had in mind. The other group was more upscale, and though I was recently divorced and paying enormous bills and child support, we found the money to join this group. We did so joking that nothing was likely to come of it. We had connected with some swingers in the first club I mentioned, but the whole scene was not as open and lascivious as we had hoped. So we went to a couple of get-togethers of the second group. Though we had seen some nice-looking and mannerly people, we had not made any intimate connections. The third time, we went to the social, laughing that we would at least have each other when we returned to Karen's apartment. Little did we know what was to occur that evening. It was a typical get-together, and I felt relatively relaxed and bold, so I complimented the hostess on her dress when we checked in. The hostess seemed genuinely pleased and said, "Let me seat you with some people who have asked about you." Joan and her husband were attractive people whose swinging life started when they discovered that each was having an affair simultaneously. He and she said they loved each other but craved the 'variety and newness' of extramarital sex. Joan had a lovely body, and I noticed that the more sexual her conversation became, the more her sexy nipples protruded through the fabric of her dress. We talked about this and that, and as the conversation came around to sex, we seemed as though we had known each other for years. Karen was commenting on a young couple and how sexy she thought the long red hair of the male was when Joan said that she knew them and would introduce us. Karen had a long conversation with Jean and her man, Danny. Since I could not hear well enough to participate, I started talking with Joan. She suggested that I dance with Cheryl, who had noticed Karen and I at the last party and had asked about us twice. So I did. Cheryl was a little, petite woman who pressed herself against me rather forwardly on the dance floor, which was all the encouragement I needed to begin dirty dancing with her. We danced a couple of dances, and then, as I went to sit down, Karen passed me on the way to the floor with Danny, the young man with long red hair. She said Jean had asked if I might dance with her, so I approached her. We danced in a subdued (comparatively speaking) manner. As we left the dance floor, I saw an older woman with full lips, very trim, and she had a certain quality about her. I introduced myself and found that her name was Ruth. We danced several times that evening, and I asked her if she had ever been to a swinger party, and she said no. She said she was there at the insistence of a fellow with whom she had been having good sex for a few months. She indicated that she was not too sure about all of this. The evening passed quickly for us. Karen danced with several men, and I with Ruth and Joan, Jean, Cheryl, and the hostess once, even though she said she was supposed to be working. Karen was joking and laughing with the couples whose husbands had danced with her. I was teasing Joan physically, discreetly rubbing her back and touching her hands sensually as we talked. The hostess approached Karen and me as the party started to wind down. She invited us to an 'after-party party' in the hospitality suite. We did not hesitate to jump at the chance. On the way up, we discussed how to behave there, and Karen indicated that she had talked with the hostess and said she had promised to get the ball rolling if it did not start by itself. When we arrived there, Karen went out on the balcony with Danny to smoke, and I was surprised to see Ruth being ignored by her date. I took Ruth into my arms and began to kiss her while talking with her about the possibility that an orgy might erupt. Ruth looked at me and smiled a wanly lascivious smirk, and said, "Gosh, I hope so." About that time, Karen, back from smoking her favorite material on the balcony, came by as she toured the room, taking an item of clothing from every man. She continued back around the room. As she went from man to man, she kissed them, frenching each deeply and rubbing them with her hands and body. Soon she had several of them near naked. In the meantime, I slowly, unhurriedly seduced the rather willing Ruth. We sat on a loveseat in the suite facing the couch, the king-size bed behind us. I began to kiss and caress her, gently stripping her clothing from her and pushing her to lie back. I got on the floor between her legs and began to eat her. After just a few minutes of attention to Ruth's erect clitoris, she said: "I want to fuck. Let's go to the bed." On the large bed, two men took turns licking Karen, who was naked, and arching her pudendum into their mouths. Only her feet and the top of her head were on the mattress as she bridged herself into each of their faces. She was moaning aloud and coming audibly about every 30 seconds. Ruth seemed to be enjoying herself. I asked her if she had needs she was ready to have met. Ruth simply took my rigid cock and pulled it into her as she lay back on the bed. It was quite surreal; here I was, stroking the length of my turgid cock in and out of a woman I had met perhaps two hours ago, while within 30 inches of me, my lover, Karen, was being thoroughly licked by Richard and another man. Ruth came several times. Then someone began kissing her as I was fucking her. She slowly went from kissing to sucking him; it was soooo wanton. I turned her onto her hands and knees and continued to stroke. My new position allowed me to see that Karen was now across the room on the couch with two men, the host, whose fat dick she was enthusiastically sucking, while Joan's husband fucked her with a long thin dick from behind. As I had been fucking Ruth for some time, I needed to go to the restroom. So I disengaged, and as I did so, the man who had been eating Karen earlier moved to take my place. He was fit and well endowed, and Ruth glanced back and smiled a welcome as we changed positions. I went to the bathroom, and as I exited, I turned right to enter the living room. I passed the bar area, and there on the floor was Joan. She was riding Charles, the security for the party, and she was slam fucking the shit out of him. I watched as she rode harder and faster. I could tell he was very close, and she was astride him, her feet planted on the floor on opposite sides of his hips. She faced him and held his unbuttoned shirt, which he was still wearing, gripping the lapels to maintain her balance. Joan's mouth was open, her breath came in ragged gasps, she moaned louder and louder, and then with a tremendous grunt came, grinding herself into Charles. This was too much for him; he came with her or slightly before she did. I was transfixed by the sheer hedonism of it all. I returned to the living room, where Jean was smoking a cigarette with the Asian girl whose husband had taken my place with Ruth. I asked if she was interested in joining me on the bed. She was young and had an adorable body. Later we were to learn that Jean was an exotic dancer. Jean said she wanted to watch and nodded as I looked towards the bed; on the floor near the bed, Jean's Danny and the Asian lady's husband treated Karen the way she loves to be treated. She loves to be fucked doggy style while she sucks dick. They traded places every three minutes, and I watched for a few rotations. Joan approached and touched me as I watched, wrapping her hand around my dick. We smiled at each other, and wordlessly, I took her over to a stuffed chair. She knelt on the cushion, and I entered her from behind. I fucked her for a long time, varying the stroke following her mood. She was incredibly sexy and came as quickly and satisfyingly as Karen did when I treated her this way. Eventually, I came very hard, and she went nearly into a total spasm when I did. Gasping for breath, she turned, buried her tongue in my mouth, sucked on mine for a moment, and collapsed into the chair. "Wow," she said weakly. I offered to get her a drink, and she asked for a Coke, so I got her a glass with ice and coca cola in it. I stood there with her for a few minutes, resting and watching people engage in sex, two, three, and four, all over the room. I returned to the bed, and Ruth was there with another man. He came, and as he withdrew, she reached for me. I was already stiff from watching them, so Ruth and I enjoyed a long lazy spoon fuck, her pussy relaxed and well-lubricated by the semen of several different men from all the fucking she had been receiving. She came, and she said she needed to use the restroom. All that fucking had her busting for a good pee. I lay there for a few minutes, observing Richard's wife sitting alone. I approached her and asked if she would join me on the bed. She rose, smiling broadly, and we got onto the bed. I started by kissing her all over, paying particular attention to her neck, collarbones, and breasts. Soon I had a rigid nipple clamped between my teeth, worrying it with my tongue. She reached between us and took my cock in her hand, and pumped it slowly and sensuously. Soon I was hardening nicely. She did not hesitate, pulling me on top of her and stuffing me into her wetness. I slid in slowly, and she sighed a long sigh as I did. It was very erotic, and I began to stroke slowly, deeply. She came almost immediately, and then as I continued, she wrapped her legs around me and began to respond by thrusting into me as I hit bottom. She seemed to want it rougher, so I thrusted more vigorously. She whispered, "That's it, give me that dick! Unh, fuck me, baby, make my pussy hurt, FUCK ME!" I could not come, though I wanted to, so I just continued to hammer my rigid cock into her. She pulled me to her and kissed me deeply, coming as she did so. We laughed and commented on how much fun that was. Then Richard came by and, apologizing to both of us, said he had to go to work in a couple of hours and needed to leave to drive home in time to get ready. I wandered about and encountered the hostess. She was watching Karen ride her husband, Dan. I slipped behind her and caressed her back, ass, and shoulders. She gently disengaged and smiled broadly, saying, "Wait until they finish their fucking. It's our party. One of us has to work to keep up with everything!" I watched as Karen and Dan fucked, then, realizing I was very thirsty, I asked if she wanted something to drink. She said to wait for her at the bar. I went, got a soft drink, and shortly she came in, saying that Dan would take over hosting and she was ready for some fun. We picked up where we left off. I sat in an armchair, and she was on my lap. We necked and caressed each other for some time, then she rose, produced a condom from seemingly nowhere, and put it on me in a smooth and practiced motion. She rode me astride, her legs through the arms of the chair, which she grasped to help her support herself. After a while, she seemed to have a small orgasm, saying it was delicious, "Being so wicked to fuck right out here in the open like this." I did not get off, and Danny's partner, Jean, came by. My partner said, "Girl, you need to try this!" and dismounted. Jean, smiling, said, "Don't mind if I do," and pulled me over to the couch, where I entered her doggy style and fucked her for a short time. Danny came by as we were rocking steady, and Jean asked me what time it was. I glanced at my watch and told her it was very late. Danny, a newspaper pressman, had to go to work in less than an hour, so we reluctantly uncoupled. Jean and Danny said they had given Karen their contact information and wanted to reunite again soon. Then in a few moments, she kissed me, he shook my hand, "You'll come to visit us now, ya hear?" and they were gone. I ran into Karen in a few minutes. She was returning from the balcony with the Asian girl, who was headed into the other room with a woman who I had seen several times, but who seemed interested only in other women. Karen and I kissed, and I began to kiss her and lick her and soon had her sprawled out on the floor. As I was really beginning to get into it, she interrupted me, saying that the Asian woman had interrupted her every time her husband had started to fuck her, and she wanted 'to try some of that.' I looked up to see him standing to my right, and I simply stood and moved over. He said, "Now to finish what we started earlier." Karen took him into her mouth, sucked him hard in about 20 seconds, and then guided him into her. They settled into a furious pace and had it going for a few moments when true to form, his wife showed up, "I told you, we have to go now," she announced, and he rose. I simply moved down to lick Karen, and he could not hide his disgust that I would lick her pussy after he had just pulled out. I did not feel intimidated and merely laughed at his discomfiture. They left, and Karen and I fucked for a few minutes when Karen suddenly said, "Hey, there is somebody I want you to meet!" We jumped up and went into the other room. A buxom blonde was sucking a rather limp man. Karen approached her, kissed her on the mouth, and said, "This is my Michael." She immediately said, "This is Bob, and I am Sue," and took me into her mouth. In a couple of moments, I was hard again. Karen sat on Bob's lap, and Sue licked her and sucked him while I fucked her from behind. I was spent and could not come; Karen came nicely. Bob never quite achieved a full erection and said, "That's alright, baby," to Sue. Sue came hard several times as I fucked her, then said that she was getting sore. We disengaged from one another and, sated, began to look for our clothes. After I got dressed, Karen and the hostess talked intently. I came by, and Karen said, "Kiss her goodnight and let's ride." All the way home, we talked about what we had seen and done; it was an incredible evening. When we got to Karen's place, we had an explosive fuck, with a completely enervating orgasm, and slept until mid-afternoon that day. Karen and I have since parted, but I surely miss those days and her!
  2. My wife Miley and I have been involved in swinging for about 20 years now. We have met many great people and have had some wonderful sexy times. However, it seems that the best times that come to mind most often are the ones we didn't plan; they just happened. I would like to tell you about a time that turned into something special. Mick and Bobbi were new friends we had made through a civic group we were involved in. We were all in our mid-forties and enjoyed each other's company. We were very active people and kept busy trying to stay in shape. Both Miley and Bobbi were a T&A man's delight. They both had firm natural breasts and full womanly asses. During our get-togethers with Mick and Bobbi, there had been a lot of teasing back and forth. With the occasional touch and the playfulness that goes on between close friends. However, nothing of an actual sexual nature has ever happened between us other than an accidental touch. All of that changed one weekend when we invited them over for dinner at our house instead of going out somewhere. Just good friends getting together to enjoy each other's company. However, as it turned out, it was a night filled with unexpected sexual pleasures enjoyed by all. Mick and Bobbi showed up at our home about 7 o'clock, both in a festive mood. Bobbi was wearing a very sexy knit dress that came to about mid-thigh and clung to her body like a second skin. Her dress clearly outlined her breasts, making apparent she was braless. The dress also outlined her ass beautifully. We greeted them and welcomed them to our home. Mick gave Miley a hug and a peck on the cheek as I did the same to Bobbi. I told her I loved her new dress and thought it was very sexy. She modeled it for me, slowly turning around so I could get the full effect of just how sexy it was. The night wore on, accented by a great dinner, fine wine, and laughter and fun enjoyed by good friends. It was much the same as many other dinners that we enjoyed with Mick and Bobbi, except we were at home this time. Miley got up from the dinner table and cleared the dirty dishes, and Mick said he would help her. I joined Bobbi in the living room. A short time later, Miley and Mick emerged from the kitchen to join us. When they arrived in the living room, I could see Miley was a little flushed. I made everybody a fresh drink as we all just kicked back. As we were talking, Mick noticed an antique camera on the end table. I explained that photography had been a serious hobby for many years. Mick asked me what my favorite subjects were, and I just smiled and said "Her" while looking at Miley. Bobbi looked at me and then at Miley. She asked Miley if she had allowed me to take nude pictures of her? Miley smiled and told her that she had and that it was a lot of fun. Without even thinking about it, I asked Bobbi if she would like to see some of the pictures we had taken? Bobbi almost jumped out of her chair and said she would love to see them. Mick, who I think had wanted to see Miley nude from the moment we first met, jumped in and said he would also like to see them. Miley half-heartedly protested that I was not going to show those pictures to them, and I told her we were all friends and there would be no harm in letting them see them. Miley gave in but said there would be hell to pay if anybody laughed. From the look on Mick's face, I didn't think anybody was going to laugh at Miley's pictures. I hooked my laptop up to the big screen TV. I sat down on the couch next to Mick, and Bobbi came over and sat down next to me on the other side. I opened the password-protected folder and began to show the photos I had taken of Miley. The first few were relatively mild pictures of Miley fully clothed but in a few sexy poses. As I continued, the pictures got progressively racier. With shots of Miley with her skirt hiked up and so on. Then there were some shots of Miley in different lingerie. In some of the pictures, her breasts were clearly visible. After looking at one of her in a sexy negligee with her breasts and pussy visible, Mick looked at Miley and told her that she was one very sexy lady. Miley asked him if he really thought so, and he affirmed that he did. Bobbi leaned forward to get a closer look at some of the pictures. As she did, she rested her hand on my thigh. Knowing the order of the pictures in the album, Miley said that was enough, and I should put it away now. Both Mick and Bobbi protested, saying they wanted to see the rest of them. After a short protest, Miley gave in and said, "OK, let them see the rest of them if they want to." The following pictures were of Miley nude. There were several different poses and views of her naked body. Then, a few of her with various sex toys and Miley masturbating with them. By now, Mick could not hide the bulge in the front of his slacks. Miley saw the mound and told Mick that it appears that he really enjoys her pictures. She put one arm around his shoulder and rested one hand on his thigh as she leaned forward to take a closer look at the pictures. As Bobbi scrutinized the pictures, she began to massage my thigh. The next page I turned to had photos of Miley and me in various sexual acts. The first picture was of Miley licking my erect cock. On seeing this picture, Bobbi said, "Wow, you are a big boy, aren't you?" There were pictures of Miley straddling my hips, facing away with my cock buried deep in her pussy. There were pictures of me fucking her from behind, just a variety of different poses. By the time we had seen all the pictures, Bobbi's hand had moved from my thigh to my crotch. She was slowly rubbing up and down the length of my now erect cock through my slacks. I glanced over at Mick to see if he had noticed what Bobbi was doing and saw that Miley was giving him the same treatment. I looked over at Bobbi and said, "Why don't I set things up and take some pictures of you, so you and Mick can have your own little professionally done photo collection?" She said, "Oh no, I could never do that. I would be so embarrassed." Mick said he thought it was a great idea and asked Bobbi to take just a few. Bobbi gave in with the stipulations that she would not take any too far out. I set up the lighting and backdrop and laid some pillows in front of it. I announced to Bobbi that I was ready if she was. Bobbi was a little nervous, and she looked at Mick as if to get his OK. He stood up, extended his hand, and said, "Come on, it will be fun." Bobbi nervously stood in front of the backdrop. I told her to just relax and move around a little. She started to move from one position to another. She hiked her skirt up a little bit and turned around to give me an ass shot. I asked her to sit down on the floor and give me some photos of her that way. As she did, I continued to snap away, getting a few shots with her dress up enough to show her panties. Miley started to get involved telling her to do this and do that while I was taking shot after shot. At one point, Bobbi was on her hands and knees with her ass toward me. She kept trying to pull her dress down to cover her round ass. Miley told her, "Here, let me help you do that right." Miley moved in behind her and lifted Bobbi's skirt to fully expose her panties. Miley backed out of the shot as I took a few pictures. As I moved in for a close-up shot, I could plainly see a wet spot on Bobbi's panties where they were covering her pussy. Miley moved up behind her again and said, "Here, let's get rid of these. They are just getting in the way." With that, she reached under Bobbi's dress and pulled her panties off. Bobbi protested half-heartedly but never moved to stop her. Miley turned into a director. She was giving Bobbi instructions on how to move and what to do. She told her at one point to arch her back and roll her hips just a little like she was being fucked doggie style. In doing this, Bobbi's plump pussy was clearly visible. However, this didn't satisfy Miley. Miley looked at me and asked me to stimulate Bobbi's clit just a little so her lips would open up for the camera. Miley looked over at Mick and said, "That is all right with you, isn't it?" Mick was in another world, and he just nodded at Miley. I knelt down behind Bobbi and started to rub her pussy. I licked my finger and rubbed up and down on her clit. As her pussy responded, I inserted first one, then two, fingers into her very wet pussy. Bobbi's breathing was labored; she started pushing back against my fingers as I was working on her pussy. I stood up and started to take some more shots, and Miley again got involved. As Bobbi was in a kneeling position with her dress up around her waist, Miley said, "Here, let's get rid of this now." She reached down and pulled Bobbi's dress off over her head. Bobbi was nude except for her high heel shoes. As I took more shots of the now naked Bobbi, Miley dashed off down the hallway towards our bedroom. When Miley returned, she had two of her vibrating dildos and handed one to Bobbi. She told Bobbi to go ahead and work it in and out of her pussy. Bobbi complied with Miley's instructions and started working the buzzing dildo around her clit. Then she slowly inserted it into her pussy. It was not very long until I took pictures of Bobbi in the depth of her first orgasm of the night. When Bobbi came down to earth again, she looked at the three of us and said, "Why am I the only one here with no clothes on?" I looked at Miley and said, "She is right. Why don't you join her, and I will take some pictures of both of you?" Miley didn't hesitate. She removed her clothes and joined Bobbi on the floor. I got some great shots of them playing around on the floor. At one point, Miley was on her back reclined back on a couple of pillows, and Bobbi was on her hands and knees beside her. Bobbi reached over and picked up a dildo and moved around so that her head was at about Miley's waist and her ass was beside Miley's head. Bobbi reached out and spread Miley's legs, opening a clear shot at her pussy. Bobbi took the dildo and started to rub it around Miley's pussy. Bobbi then reached down with one hand and spread the lips of Miley's pussy, exposing her clit. Holding Miley's pussy open with one hand, Bobbi started to rub the dildo back and forth over Miley's clit. Miley had her eyes closed and was beginning to really enjoy the treatment she was getting from Bobbi. You could see the juices starting to run from Miley's pussy. Bobbi slowly inserted the dildo into Miley's pussy. As the tempo increased, Miley raised her hips and thrust them into the dildo. Miley reached down to stop Bobbi. She said, "This feels great, but with two real cocks in the room, why are we using a fake one?" I had been so involved in the girls that I had forgotten all about Mick. I looked over to see how he was taking the girls' play. To my surprise, Mick was nude. He must have been way ahead of me because I hadn't even heard him undress. Being he appeared ready for some action, I said to Mick, "Why don't you join the girls, and we will get a few shots of you also?" Without hesitation, Mick walked up to where the two girls were. His hard cock sticking straight out in front of him. Both Miley and Bobbi got on their hands and knees in front of Mick. Both of them reached out and started stroking his cock. Mick's cock must have been about eight inches long because both Miley and Bobbi were able to get a hand wrapped around his cock with no trouble. I said to the girls, "Why don't you two start licking it at the same time?" Both girls leaned forward and started running their tongues around the head of Mick's cock. Their tongues would sometimes touch one another as they were darting around Mick's cock. Mick reached down and grabbed his cock with one hand. He placed the other hand on the side of Miley's head, holding it still for a moment as he aimed his cock toward her waiting mouth. Miley took Mick's cock into her mouth and worked her head back and forth on it a few times. Then she rose up a little to get into a better angle and slid his cock as far into her throat as she could. Bobbi reached up with one hand and started to cup Mick's balls into her hand. Mick closed his eyes and enjoyed the treatment the girls were giving him. The action was getting too hot for me to just stand there taking pictures. I needed a little of this action myself. I put the camera down and removed my clothes. I moved behind Bobbi and began to rub her very wet pussy. I moved up behind her and slid my cock into her waiting pussy. She was so wet there was no need to waste time easing it in; I slid all eight inches all the way into her with one thrust. Until that point, I am not sure she was aware that I was behind her because she snapped her head around and looked me in the eye with a shocked look. I had both hands on her hips, holding my cock deep inside of her. We stared at each other for a moment, and I said, "I think Mick wants to fuck Miley. Is that all right with you?" She then looked at Mick and Miley. Mick was standing with his eyes closed and his dick in Miley's mouth, getting one of the best blowjobs he had ever had. Bobbi didn't say anything; she just thrust her hips back into my cock and started to fuck. Bobbi continued to let out little whimpering sounds as wave after wave of passion flowed through her. I continued to hold her by the hips, pushing my cock into her as hard as I could. I held her like this for several seconds until she slowly came back to earth. I eased my grip on her hips and let my dick slide just a little out of her pussy. I could feel her juices flow out of her, down my cock, and onto my balls. I don't think I have ever seen a woman as wet as Bobbi was that night. I rolled Bobbi over to where she was lying on her back. I cupped both of her breasts in my hands and pinched the erect nipples. Then I leaned down and sucked one of her nipples into my mouth. She placed a hand behind my head, holding it onto her breast. Straddling her thigh, I slid up and found her open mouth. I kissed her deeply; her tongue darted into my mouth. I don't know how long we laid there with our naked bodies together kissing, but I do know that the feeling was fantastic. I kissed my way back down Bobbi's body. I wanted to taste the juices that her pussy was producing to such abundance. As my head found its way to her pussy Bobbi spread her legs, placing them over my shoulders. I started to lick a path around her pussy, being careful not to touch it. It was gaped open from me fucking her, but I wanted to build up to it a little. But as much as I wanted to wait and tease her, my desire wouldn't let me. I flicked my tongue over her clit, and she let out a little moan and pushed her hips forward. I let my tongue slide over her pussy from her clit to the rosebud. Then I slid my tongue into her open pussy as far as it would go. She reached down with both hands, grabbed my head, and tried to pull my tongue further into her. After a few minutes of this, I slid my tongue back to her clit. After licking her clit hard a few times, I sucked her clit into my mouth. Sliding it in and out of my mouth, almost like giving it a blowjob. Bobbi pushed my head back from her pussy and asked me to roll over onto my back. She got on top of me in a 69 position with her pussy just above my mouth. Bobbi moved down my body and grasped my erect cock. She rubbed her hand from the tip of the head down to the base, coating it with pre-cum flowing out of it. With one hand wrapped around the bottom of my cock she lowered her mouth to it. Bobbi started licking the head and shaft while stroking up and down with her hand. With her other hand, she cupped and massaged my balls. She then took my cock into her mouth, sucking it deep into her throat. I raised my head to look between our bodies at her working her magic on my cock. The sight of this beautiful woman taking my cock into her mouth was one of the most erotic experiences I can remember. Her breasts were swaying between us and occasionally brushing against me. I had momentarily forgotten about trying to please her and was fixated on what she was doing to me. She would alternate her strokes between up and down movements to a twisting motion. With all that was going on and the extreme pleasure Bobbi was giving me, I knew I would not be able to hold back much longer. I told Bobbi I was about to cum. She did not pull back from my cock. Instead, she increased her tempo, stroking harder as she drew my cock deep into her mouth. It was more than I could take. With a moan, I erupted in her mouth. Wave after wave of pleasure passed through me as my cock pumped my cum into Bobbi's mouth. I watched her throat muscles work as she tried to swallow every bit of my seed. As I reclined back on the pillow, I looked up at Bobbi's pussy just above my face. I could see her juices flowing out of her open lips. Her ass cheeks were spread slightly, and I could see her pink asshole. I reached up and inserted a finger into her pussy, working it in and out of her. With her juices supplying a lubricant on my finger, I pulled it out of her pussy and rubbed it gently over her asshole. Bobbi began to moan, and I pushed my finger a little harder against her tight little hole. She relaxed her ass a little, and my finger eased into her. I was turned on because she didn't stop me but instead pushed her ass back against my finger driving it deeper into her tight little opening. The heat of her body was immense. As I pushed my finger into Bobbi's ass, she began to breathe deeper. She opened her mouth a little and raised her mouth off my cock. As I pushed my finger fully inside her, I could feel her ass muscles tighten around it. She released my cock and reached between our bodies, and began to rub her clit. She let out a muffled scream, pushed her ass back even harder against my finger, and had her second orgasm of the night. I let my finger slide out of Bobbi's ass, and she collapsed on top of me. I glanced over to see what Miley and Mick were up to. I had forgotten all about them for the last few minutes. Miley was lying on her back, and Mick had his head between her legs, eating her pussy. With her legs spread wide and his hands under her ass, they were in the middle of their own fun. Bobbi eased herself up and moved around to lie beside me. As she snuggled up to me, she kissed me. As she did, I could taste my salty cum still in her mouth. She whispered in my ear, "That was great, even better than I thought it would be." "Better than you thought it would be?" I asked her. She smiled and said, "Yes, Mick and I have been talking about this for a long time now. We have wanted to fuck you all but couldn't think of a way to bring the subject up to you guys. We didn't want to take a chance on ruining our friendship." I laughed and told her that Miley and I had been doing the same thing, and we were also having trouble finding a way to bridge the subject with them for the same reasons. As Bobbi and I were talking and coming to the mutual realization that we had unnecessarily wasted time, I heard a moan from beside us. We both looked over to see Mick between Miley's widespread legs and sliding his cock into her wet pussy. In one continuous motion, Mick slid his cock into Miley. She wrapped her legs around his waist and thrust her hips upward to meet his thrust. Mick's body dwarfed Miley's, with her head coming to about his chest. The sights and sounds from Mick and Miley were very exotic, and I could feel my cock starting to stir again. It was like me and Bobbi were not even in the room as they were enjoying their own pleasures. I looked over at Bobbi to see her reaction to seeing Mick fucking Miley. Bobbi was lying with her head resting on my chest, fixated at the sight. As though her hand had a mind of its own, she reached down and started rubbing my cock. I looked at Bobbi's body, and like mine, it had a light coat of sweat that made it seem to glow. Bobbi and I lie together with her stroking my cock and me massaging her back and shoulders while watching Mick and Miley fuck. Bobbi whispered that Miley was in for a treat because Mick is very long-lasting; she will cum two or three times before he shoots his load into her. I rolled over just a little to lift Bobbi off of my chest and stood up. I extended my hand and said, "Let's take a shower." Bobbi took my hand, and I helped her to her feet. I turned on the shower, and while waiting for the water to warm up, I took Bobbi in my arms and kissed her. We took our time in the shower, washing each other's backs while touching and rubbing every inch of each other's bodies. Miley and I have been with many couples over the years. Still, it is very rare to find a couple you are so relaxed and comfortable with as I was with Bobbi, and Miley was with Mick. All the contact with Bobbi's wet body brought my cock back to full attention. Bobbi had her back to me; I grabbed her by the hips and pulled her ass into my crotch. I told her just how beautiful I thought her ass was. She asked if I really thought so, and I assured her that I meant every word. She suddenly got serious. "Would you fuck my ass?" she asked. "Not your finger, your cock. Bareback, no condom. I want to feel your semen in my ass. I get off on that. It's dirty." I told her I loved sex that way, but Miley didn't like it; therefore, we rarely did it, so I would love to fuck her ass. I turned the water off and handed Bobbi a towel. We dried off, and I took her by the hand and led her to the bed. As we stood by the bed, I took her into my arms, kissing her deeply. While kissing her, I reached down, rubbed her clit, and inserted a finger into her pussy. I rubbed her clit with the heel of my hand as I worked my finger in her pussy. Her juices were running out of her pussy and onto my hand. I pulled my hand away from her pussy, reached down to the end table drawer, and took out a tube of KY gel. Bobbi's eyes were shining with anticipation, and I knew this was the rare female who totally embraced her anal sexuality. I handed the tube to Bobbi, and she squeezed a large glob out on the head of my cock. She took care to rub it around the head and shaft. When she was satisfied that she had enough on my cock she handed the tube back. I said, "No, you do it." Bobbi got on her hands and knees without saying a word. Her head was on the pillow, and her ass held high. She squeezed out another large glob of lubricant. I held her ass cheeks open as she reached back and gave her anus a thick smear of lubricant. "Put your finger in," I said. Bobbi's finger disappeared into her dark passage. I grasped her wrist and started an in and out motion, fucking her ass using her own finger. Bobbi started moaning. We kept this up until her ass was loosened up and slightly gaping. I pulled her wrist away from her ass and released it. Placing my cock at her opening, I pushed forward just slightly. Bobbi said, You are thicker than Mick, so go easy until I get accustomed to it, OK?" I told her that I would go at whatever pace she wanted. I held the head just inside her until I felt her inner sphincter completely give way. Then I pushed deeper into her rectum. Starting with a slow pace, I pulled my cock partway out of her then back into her again. Bobbi reached between her legs and started rubbing her clit. I picked up the pace and began to fuck her harder and faster. As I would slide my cock back into her ass, Bobbi would moan and push her ass back to meet my thrust. Bobbi started moaning loudly with her finger rubbing her clit as hard and fast as she could. Bobbi's breathing was a panting rhythm of: "Fuck my ass, fuck my ass, fuck my ass." I did my best to please her. I knew that even though I had already cum once tonight, I would not be able to hold out much longer at this pace. The feeling of her ass was incredible. She was rubbing her clit so hard and fast my cock could feel it while it was deep in her ass. There was no mistaking that we were not making love, and we were fucking for the sheer pleasure of fucking. We both wanted to cum, and both knew it wouldn't take much more of this, and we would both be cumming. It wasn't easy, but I had made up my mind I was not going to cum until after I had brought Bobbi over the edge and gave her an orgasm. I tried to think of anything other than just how good her ass made my cock feel. Bobbi's breath started coming in short gasps. Then she started a deep guttural moan, almost a growl. As Bobbi began to orgasm, I could hold back no longer. I emptied my load of cum deep in her ass as she desired. We both collapsed with me on top of her and my softening cock still in her ass. As our breathing slowly returned to normal, I told her she was fantastic. Her reply was, "Oh God, that was great!" We laid there a few minutes until she said to roll off her, she had to use the restroom. In a couple minutes, I heard the shower running. I walked into the bathroom to find Bobbi in the shower removing the traces of the KY. I opened the shower door and asked if she minded me joining her? She smiled and said she would never turn down a backwash, or asswash in this case. After a quick shower, Bobbi said, "What do you think? Should we go check on those two?" I gave her a quick kiss and said, "Let's go see what they are up to." As we entered the living room, Miley was collapsed beside Mick. His cock, shiny and coated with a combination of her juices and his cum, was resting on his thigh. I whispered to Bobbi that this picture needed to be in my album, and I quietly got my camera and took a couple of pictures. Bobbi sat down on the floor beside Miley and Mick. She reached out and cupped Mick's balls playfully and asked, "Did you have fun, Honey?" Mick said, "Oh yes, it was great!" She then playfully slapped Miley's generous ass before sliding her hand between Miley's thighs and asked, "And how about you, Girlfriend? Did you enjoy it as much as he did?" Miley answered her by holding up four fingers to signify the number of orgasms. "Well, it looks like you two had a hell of a good time," Bobbi said as she lifted her hand to examine it. It was soaked with the combination of Mick's sperm and Miley's juices. Bobbi looked at her hand for a moment, then with a gleam in her eye, she lifted it to her mouth. She timidly stuck out her tongue and touched it to her hand. Finding the taste to her liking, she licked the juices from her hand and fingers. "Now that is an exciting flavor," Bobbi purred. Bobbi reached over and spread Mick's legs and moved between them. She cupped Mick's balls in her hand and started to lick them clean. Then Bobbie started licking the insides of Miley's thighs. She would alternate between Mick's cock and Miley's thighs until she had worked her way up to Miley's pussy. Bobbi had managed to get Mick hard again and get Miley awake. Bobbi told Miley to sit on Mick's cock to face away from him. Miley got up and turned around, and as she sat down again, she inserted Mick's cock back into her pussy. Bobbi laid down between Mick's legs. Now she not only had access to Mick's cock and balls as he fucked Miley, but she also had access to Miley's clit. Bobbi would alternate between licking Mick's cock as it would emerge from Miley's pussy and Miley's clit as he would slide it back into her. Miley's pussy was full of cum from the fuck session she and Mick had earlier. With the wetness from this session combined with the first, every time Mick's cock would emerge, it would be covered with a combination of his cum and Miley's juices. I stepped over to get a closer look, placing my hand on Miley's shoulder. She looked up at me with almost dazed eyes, and I put my hand behind her head and drew her mouth to my cock. Miley loves to have two men simultaneously, one fucking her pussy and one in her mouth. Now with the added pleasure of having two men and having her pussy licked at the same time by Bobbi, she was in heaven. I tried to indulge in all the sights, sounds, and smells of lust around me. It was one of the most wildly erotic moments in my life, and I wanted to experience and remember every bit of it. It was almost like being in a dream in that my mind seemed to be just floating. It was impossible to focus on all that was going on at one time. It was like several still shots, my mind going from one to the other and back again. My attention was drawn back to Miley when I heard her breaths start coming in short gasps. I knew she was cumming again. Bobbi must have known she was cumming also because she leaned forward, took Miley's clit in her mouth, and started sucking it hard. I knew all of this wouldn't be wasted on Mick. I knew well the feeling of Miley's pussy when it started convulsing in orgasm. The muscles in Miley's pussy are some of the strongest I have ever felt. When she is cumming they seem to jerk and squeeze your cock. It is one of the most incredible feelings I have ever enjoyed, and I knew that Mick would be enjoying this feeling now. After we all had come down from our sexual highs, I asked if anyone other than me would like a drink. Everybody agreed that a drink was a great idea. The girls took a bathroom break to freshen up a bit. Mick came into the kitchen as I fixed a fresh round of drinks for everybody. I asked him how he was doing with all this. He thought for a moment and said, "Well, to tell you the truth, I'm a little pissed off. We have known each other for months now. Why did we wait so long?" He said he had always been turned on by Miley and had often thought of fucking her while he and Bobbi were having sex. I told him I knew exactly how he felt and had the same feeling and thought about his wife. As Mick and I brought the drinks back into the living room, the girls were just returning from the bathroom. They each had a warm wet hand towel. They took the glasses from us, sitting them down on the coffee table. Bobbi then took the warm towel and cleaned my cock and balls as Miley did the same for Mick. Mick and I were in heaven, standing there with the girls kneeling before us, cleaning us with warm towels. After Bobbi was finished, she held my cock up with her fingers and kissed the head. She looked up at me with a smile and said, "All nice and clean now!" One of the sexiest parts of that night was when we were all sitting on the couch talking. Bobbi was sitting on my lap and Miley on Mick's lap with everybody naked. It was so open, so natural, and so sexy. I don't know how long we talked or all the things we talked about. But I remember looking out the back sliding glass door and seeing that it was getting light outside. It was decided that Mick and Bobbi would crash in the guestroom, and when we got up, we would go to breakfast. Over the years, we have met and been with a few couples. Some have been strangers, some we have known. There is a thrill in having sex with strangers or people you don't know that well. But the most fun we have had has been with friends. When there is trust and openness between friends, it is all very special.
  3. It seems to us that most of the couples we have met first started playing in their 30s. We are wondering if our perception is accurate, or not. So, we thought we'd ask. When did you have your first group sexual experience? It doesn't have to be shared sex to qualify, it can be simply be shared voyeurism, etc. (but something more than just watching another couple kissing, please).
  4. Mrs. Tybee and I went to an on-premise club the other night, one that we had never been to before, and we had a great time. The lay out was good, the people nice, and we hooked up with a couple that we had met before. While we were playing we both noticed a lady on one of the other beds having what I first thought was a MFM. When I looked back over a few minutes later there were now three guys. Curiosity peeked I looked over every so often to see what was happening. The action at that bed just didn't seem to stop. There was only ever the one lady there, but there got to be up to five guys at one time. From what I saw there were at least six to eight different guys all total. The acts ranged from hand jobs, fellatio, anal/vaginal penetration at the same time, up to the lady doing five guys at once with no holes barred (so to speak) While I admit that our Lifestyle experience is not that vast, this was the first time I had ever seen what amounts to a gang bang. Now don't get me wrong, I am the original live and let live kind of guy when it comes to consenting adults. If that's what the people want then more power to them. I will even admit that I found the situation erotic at certain points. I have two questions though. First how often does this type of encounter happen at clubs that you go to. And, on the norm, what do most people consider to be too many men for one woman? Or women for one man? When does it quit being sexy? Personally for me, I think the number is three to one. I'd love to hear everyone's thoughts and opinions.
  5. We are new to the board, well I should say new to posting. My question is how many guys do you think is too many for your wife or girlfriend to have at once. We have played with a couple different guys, but it was always one guy. I am going to let her have 3, including me, when we get back to the states. So, what would you guys think is too many??
  6. My wife told me her first experience with multiple guys and I think it's one of the hottest stories I have ever heard, so I thought I would share. In college my wife was lets just say very friendly with a lot of guys. She was the hot little chick 5'4 100 lbs, cute little ass, little perky tits. She was on spring break her juinor year with a bunch of friends. One night getting ready to head out to the club in daytona she was drinking getting dressed and wad really horny. She put on a little dress and little panites telling herself she needs a good fuck tonight. They all got to the club and started drinking and dancing. After about an hour she started dancing with a guy who she said was very hot and sexy, she started grinding her ass on his cock, she said within seconds she could feel his rock hard dick, she said she knew this would be the guy to give her what she needed. As the night went on she said he kept putting his hands up her dress while they were dancing grazing her pussy making her so wet. The club shut down and they were heading out. One of the other girls my wife was with hit it off with one of the guys that was friends with her guy so they all headed back to the hotel. It was my wife, her friend, and 6 guys. They got back to the hotel and were all talking and chilling my wife said she couldnt take it and needed to fuck. She stood up grabbef the guys hand and took him to the bedroom. She said right when the door closed she was bent over the bed getting drilled from behind. She said she was so turned on and so drunk it didnt matter what position or how hard he fucked her she kept asking for more. After about 15 min she said he came all over her ass. She said she just layed there unable to move while he cleaned her up. She fell asleep with him next to her thats when she said things got crazy. After sleeping for awhile she felt a hand rubbing between her legs, she started getting excited thinking about round 2, then she felt more hands rubbing her. She jumped up not really awake about what was going on. When she jumped up she was ass naked she looked around and saw 4 guys naked with her. She said within about 5 seconds everything ran through her head, it this a gangrape, a time to leave, or a time to just have fun. The guys started to apoligize and started to leave, as the first guy passed her she grabbed his cock and said you first. She said it turned into a free for all. One cock in her pussy, one in her mouth, another in her hand. Guys were rotating to diffrent holes, then while riding one cock and sucking another she looked up at the guy she was blowing and said put it in my ass. She said he ran behind her and put it in, she said it hurt but felt so good. She said it lasted about 20 min and then the guys came, she said she came 3 times, first at the start because she was so turned on and 2 other times during. She woke up that morning got dress got her friend and walked out the door. She said as they were walking back she didnt say anything to her friend but they both smiled like the same thing happend to both of them.
  7. Has anyone ever had more than one guy cum in them in an evening or group sex party?
  8. Circle Jerk. I don't know if that's the correct term or not for males jerking off together, but the following post got me thinking: Is it common for guys to jack-off together? Is this something most guys do when they're younger? Watch porn or whatever with their buddies and masturbate?
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