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My Pass-Around Wife


This story contains some strong subject matter that to many may go outside the usual realm of swinging. If you are offended by Discipline/ prostitution/ gang-rape/ and things of this nature please do not read further. Keep in mind, however, that this story is about a consenting couple and everything that they participated to was agreed to beforehand.


I've already sent a story concerning Hilda's gang-bang, but we have had some experiences that I never would have dreamed possible. After the gang bang with Walter, we slowed down a little bit. She was a little sore, and rightly so from the fucking she received. Predictably, our sex life suffered for awhile, with occasional spurts of excitement, but that was about it. Then a couple months ago, I received a reply to an ad I had and the guy that answered was really into the sex-slave thing. We met, and the guy, Gary was his name, was very clean cut, muscular, and most of all...hung like a horse. We laughed a little as I showed him some pix we had taken, and he turned the pix this way and that, examining them carefully. What he said next almost blew me away. 'I want to buy her for a week' he said, straight faced as hell, 'how much for the slut for a week?'


I couldn't answer....should I deck this guy? Tell him to fuck off or what? 'UH, I don't know about that, Gary, I mean, she's not a dog or an animal for sale, or a prostitute' 'I'll tell you what...let's meet tomorrow night at Applebees. I can prove to you that she'll readily agree to be my slave before the night is over. She'll feel my cock under the table and she'll be so wet we'll fuck right in the parking lot.'


He was so damn sure of himself, I agreed. If I were right, he would be HER slave for a week. If HE was right, she was his with no restrictions attached. I had just gambled my wife's ass!


Two nights later, we showed up for the meeting. She had no idea of the bet. She wore a dark blue, form-fitting mini skirt that showed off her shapely, stocking-clad legs perfectly. The low-cut front also showed some cleavage. Gary's eyes narrowed as he took in the sight of her as she walked toward the booth. In a shirt and tie, he caught me by surprise. He smiled broadly as he stood, and offered the seat next to him. Hilda smiled and slid into the booth, as I sat on the other side. I waited a second to watch her slide in, her skirt riding up on her legs. He slyly slid his hand to her knee and pecked her on the cheek. He smiled smugly at me as I noticed his hand move slowly toward her crotch. Her gasp, an almost inaudible one, told me Gary had hit paydirt. His fingers stroked her pussy under the table as the waitress came to take our orders. He told her the check was on him, and three rib-plates would do to start, as well as a shrimp cocktail for himself and the lady.


We made small talk for a few minutes, his hand moving ever so slowly under the table. Her eyes closed slightly, and she bit the corner of her lower lip as she began to get into it. I noticed her hand slide her hand to his thigh, her hand moving up slowly. She suddenly stopped as she reached his groin...his monster tool was now growing, obviously, and she looked down at the bulge in his pants. He leaned over and frenched her hard. His tongue dove into her mouth, and she greeted his invading tongue with gusto. She opened her legs slightly, and he inserted two fingers inside her soaking wet box. She closed her eyes again and moaned a little, but we had to chill out as he waitress came over with the order. While we ate, we talked about everything under the sun except the bet. Gary went on and on about how her nylons felt, and how he'd love to start at her toes and slowly work his way up. She dropped her fork and excused herself for a moment as she went to the ladies room.


He smiled at me and leaned across the table:

'Hope you're not backing out, Keith, because she's so wet it's only a matter of time before we go outside. Then she's mine!' 'No way, I'm not backing out,' I replied 'but in all fairness you have to tell her about the bet, because I don't think she'll go for it.' Just then Hilda came back, and asked what we were talking about as she slid in beside Gary, not bothering to pull her hiked-up skirt down. Gary looked at me, and started to speak when she slid something into the pocket of his suit jacket. He glanced down at her panties....she had removed them in the ladies room and stuffed them in his pocket. She had never done that before...ever. Then she leaned over and nibbled his ear. 'Let's go to the car for a minute, so I can see that thing for myself...dinner can wait!'


Damn! The bastard had won! I felt some conflicting emotions as he kissed her slowly and deeply.


'Before we do,' he began,' Keith and I had a bet. If you went to the car with me before dinner was through, you'd be my slave for a week. I am going to pay your husband for you...you'll be my property for a whole week, and must do anything I ask. How do you feel about that?' She looked at me, her mouth hanging open in total amazement. She slid away from him momentarily, then slid back closer. 'How much for a week?' 'Well the going rate for a hooker is around $2,000.00 I believe, and since you'll now technically BE a hooker, that's what I'll pay. But you must obey me without delay or question.' 'And if Keith won?' she queried


'I would have been yours, totally for a week'


'Hmm,' she mused, looking at me. Surely she couldn't go through with it. I mean, she'd be a prostitute for crying out loud! 'Understand, Hilda,' I began lamely, 'If you go outside with him, you are committed. If you don't follow through after you leave, We have to pay Ten Grand to Gary, and we don't have that kind of money!'


'Ten Grand? You mean ten thousand? For me?' she was mystified. ' Absolutely...I am totally serious about this, and I've never met a woman with legs quite like those, and I can't wait to see you as my slave. Now, shall we go outside for a moment?'


'What about Keith? Where will he be?'


'Oh, he'll be with us...unable to interfere, but he'll drive us to wherever we decide, or I decide, to go' 'And our son, Keith? Where will he...?'


'Don't worry, Hilda,'I said, 'The babysitter thinks we're going away for a week. Sherri will keep him at the house. She has money, numbers to Gary's, everything. I even told him we were going on a trip maybe, and tomorrow, she's gonna take him to Six Flags with the neighbors for two days. It's all set' With that, she looked at Gary, then shook her head.


'No,' she began, 'I can't do this this way, I'm sorry.' She looked at me and half smiled. 'I'm worth at least 20 thousand. If I don't go through with everything, we pay 20 thousand. C'mon Gary, let's get a look at that thing!' Stunned, I watched her slide out and walk out with him, his hand on her ass. After a few minutes I went outside to the back parking lot. There in Gary's Crown Victoria, was Hilda's legs, sticking out the window, while Gary literally hammered her pussy with his monster cock. I heard her scream once for him to slam it home, then I turned around and went back inside. This was gonna be a hell of a week.


I waited awhile in Applebees, then went back outside. I was just in time to see them getting out of Gary's car, and she made no attempt to pull her skirt down once again as she stood up. A pick-up truck turned the corner and the driver whistled at her, causing her to turn in his direction. Gary told her something and she then lifted her skirt, exposing her stocking tops and thighs to him as well as her exposed cunt. He hit the brakes as she headed in his direction, and walked to the driver's door. They talked for a moment before the pick-up pulled in beside a dumpster and she walked over and got in. I saw her head immediately go down to his lap, his hand behind her head. Gary walked over to me and said we'd go inside and have a drink while she sucked him off. 'Oh, by the way, I told her to charge 5 bucks for the head.' he added very nonchalantly. I stood there for a second, still unable to believe my sexy ass wife was becoming a hooker for Gary! Still, it excited me to no end, as I watched the guy in the pick-up lean his head back as she sucked him off.


A little while later, she came in, her skirt riding very high on her legs now, and sat down at the bar. The gentleman beside her moved closer and bought her a drink, as she wiped some lipstick off the corner of her mouth and thanked him. She smiled at him as we watched, entranced by her actions. Then, predictably, his hand went to her thigh, then higher up her thigh. She only opened her legs, allowing him access to her pussy. Her fingered her for awhile until Gary walked over and introduced himself and sat down. The man looked at Hilda first as Gary said something to him, then back at Gary. I had an idea what was up, but it still caught me by surprise when Gary kissed Hilda, then stood up as Hilda and the other guy rose as well. They left together, and when I went to follow, Gary stopped me. 'Not this time, Keith. She's working now. They're going to a hotel for the evening, and whatever else he has in mind. She'll be paid well' 'Are you nuts? She doesn't even know him!' I protested. 'How do you know..' Gary raised his hand and cut me off.


'Look, she raised the stakes, and now she's mine! I do the worrying, not you. If I tell her to fuck this entire bar for free she will. And besides, when I fucked her, she couldn't get enough. She was begging me to leave it in. I have her now, and I intend to exploit it. When we get to Birmingham, wait till you see our sexy little slut make an amateur porno video! ' I couldn't believe it! Another fantasy cum true!


'For real? A honest to God porno video?'


Gary leaned closer. 'You got it! AND I'm sending it off to a production company in California! They'll pay some bucks for it, and what if she had a chance to star in some REAL flicks with some REAL porn studs?' I couldn't speak. The rest of the evening, my mind raced with thoughts of Hilda. What was going on? Around 11:00, my questions were answered. The phone rang, and it was Hilda, from the hotel. Rock music blared in the background, and I heard other voices. 'Honey, I'm gonna leave the phone here on the bed, listen to this!'


I heard some noises, then I heard her grunt once or twice and inhale deeply. I knew the sausage was going in, then I heard another familiar noise...she was sucking another cock as well. I heard Gary's voice tell someone to go ahead and put it in her ass too, Hilda quickly said 'please fuck my ass too! I want all three of you at once!' Evidently 'AssMan' needed no further provocation...she grunted loudly as he roughly forced it in... 'please, easy!' she began. 'not so..mmmphh!' a cock cut her off. I heard a bunch of huffing as they really pounded her pussy, ass, and mouth. For an eternity I listened as they pounded away. I jacked my cock furiously as she took them all on, then I heard the older guy say 'When you guys are done, let me have her for awhile' Gary laughed. 'Sure Pops, be our guest. After all, it's your money!' A few minutes later, after I'd cum in my hand, the three guys banging Hilda all came. I heard the one say to other how he must have cum a gallon, 'and the bitch swallowed it all'. Hilda told the guy in her pussy to cum in her mouth, but he said no, he was going to fill her cunt up with cum, then she was going to lick him clean. She began to groan as he pounded faster, the guy in her ass matching stroke for stroke. When AssMan came, he shot all over her face, and I heard them cheering 'Yeah! Yeah Man! All over the bitch's face! Yeah! Hoo Hoo!'


She then cleaned the cum from her face and licked it off her fingers, swallowing it all when the dude in her cunt came. He rammed her so hard she lost her breath momentarily, and he yelled out loud, 'Oh yeah Bitch! squeeze my dick! Milk it baby!' I knew her twat could milk him dry, and she did. He then placed his cum-covered dick in her face and told her to clean it off, which she did. I hung up, hard as hell again and jacked-off till I came again. Then, exhausted, I fell asleep on the couch. The next morning, Gary picked me up at home in his Crown Victoria, but no Hilda.


'Where's Hilda?'


He frowned, then replied. 'I told you, she's my property now! You made the deal, go along with it. Or else, stay your ass at home! But don't interfere with us! For your information, she's getting ready. A slut should look like one, and she's gonna look so much like a slut you won't recognize her. Just relax and enjoy.'


So, reluctantly, I did. And sure enough, when we picked her up, I DIDN'T recognize her! The red, skin-tight mini, black stockings, heels and practically non-existent top made her look like a definite whore. Her hair was permed out, kind of an animal look, and the make-up and lipstick completed the package. She didn't even acknowledge my presence when she got in, and immediately kissed Gary long and hard.


'Ok, bitch, that's enough!' he commanded, 'now get down here and suck me off.' She never said a word as he unzipped his slacks and went to work. For the entire drive from Huntsville, she either sucked his massive cock, or flashed other cars. She even screwed a trucker in a rest stop for 50 dollars. I could only shake my head in amazement. The next couple of days were pretty much the same, with Hilda servicing guys at Gary's bidding. She went to an X-rated theater and sat there alone in the red outfit, 'til some patrons came over and sat down. We watched her suck and jack-off the guys one at a time till she had serviced them all. When she went outside the theater, she entered the movie store, the kind with the booths in the back. Three of the movie patrons were there, and they literally bum-rushed her into the back area. One was kissing her and fondling her as he pushed her into an empty booth and she fucked some guys there in the back. Gary seemed to get a perverse pleasure from her being forced, but I had to admit it turned me on as well! As the week wore on, Gary continually bragged on Hilda's prowess with her mouth and pussy. She was sitting in front of a mirror, combing out her hair to give her hair that 'wild' look. This time the outfit was violet in color: a short and I mean SHORT mini-skirt, a LOW cut top, with violet-colored nylon mesh covering the breast area. Her size 36 tits were displayed so well I had to softly whistle at the transformation. She bent over to adjust her stockings, and the smoky colored nylon made her legs look awesome. With lipstick applied, she walked right by me as though I wasn't there. She had totally ignored me all week since the first day in Birmingham. She nestled up to Gary, who obviously delighted in his power over her, and I secretly feared she may be falling in love with him. I brushed those thoughts aside as we walked to the car. Gary waited for Hilda to slide in, then got in and closed the door. As the driver, I could watch them in the mirror. She looked at me and commanded, 'driver, take us to the South side please? And hurry, I'm very horny.'


Weird! The way she acted, was as if she didn't know me! And the Southside of Birmingham? Nothing there at all, except decrepit buildings. About an hour later we were there. Hilda, looking like a .25 cent whore, was kissing Gary very passionately when I stopped near some empty store buildings. An occasional car passed, but cops were nowhere to be found. I was a little nervous, but Gary said all was under control, not to worry. He turned to Hilda, stroking her breast through the nylon material. She closed her eyes as her stroked her pussy, bringing her close to an orgasm. 'Ok Bitch,' he began, ' this is the big test. Are you ready?' I turned in the seat as he instructed her. She gazed into his eyes, breathing heavily. I could tell she was nervous, but she nodded her head. 'Good,' he replied softly, almost lovingly. ' I have a video camera, and you are about to give the performance of your life. You are gong to walk down this street, turn left at the second alley, and walk. I guess you won't get far, dressed like that. You're cock-bait now, and I'm sure you'll be raped before you even get to the alleyway, in this part of town. You will not resist anyone who stops you, no matter how dirty they may seem to you. You will probably be gang-raped, and over. I can assure you, you will not forget this day, ever. And remember, no resistance, no matter how afraid you are. Now, go Bitch! Flaunt that ass and pussy you little whore.' She breathed deeply, hesitating momentarily. Would she go through with it? She slowly smiled at him , opening her legs for him as he fingered her to climax. She kissed him lustily, fixed her lipstick, the softly told him, ' Just be there if something goes wrong, ok? I'll fuck any one you say, but be there for me lover.'


He suddenly grabbed her hair, forcing her head back and bit at her throat, growling at her; 'Bitch, don't tell me what to do! You're the cock-bait here! Now get your whore ass out and fuck!'


She winked at me, then Gary as she got out and closed the door. Gary got out, and opened the trunk. He retrieved a Video-camera and we both followed from a discreet distance to some other buildings on the other side of the street. She paused to adjust her stockings and we entered a building from where we had a perfect vantage point; no obstructions, just a couple of tough looking black men at a corner. They never noticed us, but when Hilda turned the corner, she was noticed immediately. From the hurriedly arranged tripod mount, Gary said 'here we go! Stand-by for fast and furious fucking!' he almost laughed like a child with a new toy as they approached her. She was scared. The one guy that had followed her around the corner kept pulling her closer to him. She resisted a little until the other two blacks arrived. We couldn't hear much, but made out snatches of the conversation. #1 looked around nervously, as #2 and 3 closed in. She simply stood there, shrugging her shoulders, trying to look calm. She forced a smile as #1 slid his hand up her skirt to her ass. She jumped a little, but didn't make him stop. This emboldened the other two. Number 2, the largest of the three men, grabbed her tits and squeezed them hard while #3 began to lift her skirt. 'Shit Man!' he yelled, 'whore ain't got no panties on! Just bare-ass pussy!' he cackled. Number One began to lick her neck as they circled her, feeling her all over. She was closing her eyes, her neck tilted back as # 1 kissed and sucked her throat.


Then, without warning, #2 lifted her over his shoulder and the three men ran to the alleyway. As they rounded the corner, a few more men appeared. A whole gang! Even Gary was getting nervous, but he only adjusted the vid-cam and kept filming. When they reached the alleyway, the others pulled an old mattress down and #2 tossed her onto the mattress roughly, her legs splayed openly. The fourth guy dove in quickly, forcing her back as his dick was forced in roughly. I heard her scream, but one of them covered her mouth. All four of them fucked her quickly, then as she stood to her feet, one of them pointed down the alley.


Number 2 laughed and grabbed her, while 3 grabbed her legs. Number2 grabbed her arms and they began to carry her down the alley. She yelled one time, then they disappeared from sight.


'C'mon, Keith!' Gary said as we hurriedly dismounted the vid-cam. We ran across the street and peeked around the corner cautiously. There they were! Going into an old store! We followed discretely, but never lost sight of them until the door closed. We entered through another door and after 20 minutes we found them...all 20 or 30 of them! She was sitting in the lap of #2, while he auctioned her off to the others! The winner swaggered over to Hilda and she dropped to her knees, ready to take his cock into her mouth. She unzipped his jeans, and began to suck him, her head bobbing up and down, helped by his hand. She was on her knees, in the middle of a bunch of sex-starved males, and about to get gang-raped. The 'winner' grabbed her head and held it tight, her mouth against his balls. She almost gagged as he came into her throat. His cock was so far into her mouth, it went directly down her throat! He ground his cock into her face as she struggled to break away, but he held tight. The he pulled it out, covered in cum, and ordered her to lick it off. She licked the semen onto her tongue and made a display of slurping it into her mouth and swallowing it. As 'winner' zipped his pants, they all applauded, while #2 sat down close to her, stroking her legs, forcing them wider apart as the others looked at #2 for orders. He gave them. 'Alright Bros, let's show cock-bait here what happens to white-whore bitches around here!'


The entire group moved as one: suddenly her legs were up in the air, a man in between them ramming the hell out of her pussy. Her legs shook, the effect of her calves, encased in nylon, rippling from the force of the assault, was totally erotic. Gary whispered to me he knew #2. The guys were friends of his, but Hilda had to believe they were strangers. He did tell them to abuse her as they wished, however, and to make sure she couldn't walk after. Then I saw them flip her over, her ass briefly visible before one tore into it with reckless abandon. Hilda was getting the fucking of her life; a cock in her mouth, one in her pussy, one in her ass, and one in each hand. For over four hours we watched...running out of film way too quickly. When one finished, another took his place. She was never without a cock in at least one hole for four hours. She swallowed cum. She licked cocks clean. She moaned as guy after guy came in her ass. Cum splattered her face and ass cheeks, but she didn't quit. When one came in her mouth, she grabbed for another. 'Whoooee!' #2 yelled, 'this whore loves a black dick!' They all laughed at poor Hilda, naked except for her nylon stockings and garter belt...her red outfit had been ripped from her, literally. After they had all had her twice, 3 guys had 3 turns each, she fell back onto another old mattress.


Exhausted, she couldn't even close her legs. Her bare tits heaved from deep breaths as she tried to regain control. Then from out of nowhere, an old man came in, an obvious street dweller. By Gary's look, I knew this wasn't planned but we stayed put. The old man eyed her carefully, as he got closer. His slow shuffling steps told me he was a fairly old guy, but still horny, because he looked at #3 and he nodded his Ok. Hilda'a head rolled to the side as he mounted her, grunting from his thrusts. He quickly came, and his homeless friends took his place. She lay there motionless as the other five men all fucked her until they were finished. Then they all left except for #'s 2 and 3. They carried her outside, naked and left her there, per Gary's orders. While we ran back to the car to bring it around, another man had found her and was humping away when we pulled up. He saw Gary and grinned. 'Hey Mister Gary! Sure enough, like you said, this bitch is some fine pussy!' We gathered her up into the car, passed out from exhaustion. When she awoke, she was in a nice hot bath, as we bathed her completely. Gary assured me the guys were clean. He'd checked them out before hand, but let her think they were strangers. I got in the tub with her, and held her close, her eyes closing as I kissed her. We made love in the tub until the water turned cold, and we returned home the next day. Hilda also got a surprise...she had made over $5,000.00 ! Gary laughed as he kissed her goodbye. She told him, 'When are you coming back? I didn't get enough of that monster cock!' 'I don't know, Hilda, but for our next bet, I get you for a month, out of the country! Alone, just you and me!' He kissed her as he backed out of the driveway. The as we walked into the house, Hilda looked at me and said; Make damn sure you LOSE that next bet!' I could only grin as I followed her inside and closed the door to the bedroom.


Keith & Hilda

Huntsville, Alabama

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    • By Falcon88
      My wife and I have been together for almost 25 years. Through out the years sex has been fantastic. No complaints on either side. We are very faithful and never cheated on each other.
      Then one day two years ago we were having a few drinks and watching porn. We watch all kinds of porn. That night we were watching some really good gangbangs. Curiously, I turn to my wife and asked her if she ever thought about swinging and group sex. If it ever crossed her mind. Surprisingly, she looked at me and said she’s been thinking about it for while. So we ended up talking about swinging and group sex for hours. We got online and read stories on experiences about swinging and group sex. The pros and cons. It turned me on taking about it but at the same time I got a crazy feeling in my stomach. Nerves I guess.
      So to make a very long story short we ended up having an open marriage and took up swinging. We both decided to have (safe) sex with other people until we felt comfortable on having our first group sex. All this took very long planning and preparing, especially mentally.
      Finally last November we planned out her first group sex. We carefully selected three familiar friends to join in the fun. Of course they decided to do it and agreed on our rules.
      So, it finally happened that November night. I really enjoyed watching my wife get screwed by more than one man. She had the time of her life. She had multiple orgasms one after another. The crazy feeling never left my stomach but I really enjoyed watching though. After the guys left we kicked back and talked about our experience. Then we go back about agreeing on what we’re doing and never to do it without the other knowing. We keep an oath of trust. Every time we have a date with someone we let each other know. It’s always planned out days in advance so it will never interfere with our personal lives. We have a great understanding.
      Since last November she’s been involved in several group sex averaging 3-4 guys each time. Of course I joined in most of the time. Lots of lube is needed. But now she wants to go a little further. She wants to do a gangbang of 6-8 guys. Seriously.
      Lately she’s been playing with large toys to get her vagina ready. She wants to try double-vaginal penetration. I’ve been preparing her by inserting a dildo in her while I’m inside. Very carefully with lots of lube. We practice every time we have sex. She even carefully inserts a large thick toy in her vagina while watching a movie and keeps it in there. Yes, our sexual curiosities has increased tremendously. My wife wants to explore even more and I’m all in.
      Well the day we both have been looking forward too occurred this past weekend. We managed to round up 7 guys for an all night gangbang. It involved a lot of planning and phone calls. We’ve noticed that guys will be all in at first then drop out later. But eventually we got things going. That night when everyone arrived she was kinda nervous but excited to have that many cocks at once. Most of all, she finally had double penetration in her vagina from two guys for the first time. The strange thing I seemed more nervous than her. Lol But she absolutely enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed watching her. She came hard many times. She doesn’t like anal so that wasn’t attempted.
      So after joining in all the fun and after almost two hours of great sex we had the grand finale. My sexy wife knelt down and we all gave her an awesome bukkake. Her face was drenched with cum. It was one heck of a hot night. After everyone left we took a long shower and stayed up almost all night talking about it. We were both so turned on that we were already making plans for the next one. But we are gonna take a break for about three weeks. It’s just going to be me and her for now.
      Yesterday she mentioned about having a messy cum sex in the near future after watching a great creampie movie. I was like, a messy cum sex? She asked me what I would think about her having a messy gooey bukkake and creampie night. Having about 4 guys cum all over her face while 4 guys cum inside her. Then rubbing the cum all over her breasts. Man, just listening to her drove me crazy. My wife was willing to be explosive. But that would take lots of planning because we are very cautious. My wife cannot get pregnant anymore so that’s really something we don’t have to worry about. It’s about the unprotected sex. We do know many cool friends well enough that we can trust but still we must remain careful. Yet, I’m sure it’s gonna happen very soon.
      I’ve been asked if we have taken it too far. If there’s actually any sign of regrets. Some close friends wonder about my wife wanting too much now. Our answer is no because we enjoy it and have a deep understanding and trust. We are responsible adults and are having fun. We first talk about what we’re going to do and have to both agree 100%. Any sign of doubt from either side we will not do it. We are friends with our sex partners but no feelings are involved or ever shared. We have proven that to ourselves already.
    • By Sudhit
      One of my friends was mentioning that his wife got invited for a vacation with one of their regular playmates. It would be a 4 day vacation, where only the wife goes with the BF, hubby stays back.
      Has anyone any experience of this scenario, they are swinger and cuckold couple.
    • By SwingersBoard
      My wife, Carissa, and I had just gotten married. We found being married didn't change anything - we both loved sex and lots of it!

      Carissa is a 35-year-old Black woman with 40DD breasts and a round ass; she is a big, beautiful lady. I am white, 43, and in pretty good shape, as I had just gotten out of the Army. Not long after we were married, in one of those newlyweds sharing secrets moments, I admitted I would love to see another man fuck her while I watched (at a minimum} or participated (ultimate). I was surprised when she said, "I think that would be a huge turn-on as well. Performing for my man has always been a sexual fantasy of mine. I gotta know, you are serious, right?" I just smiled.

      About a month later, things started to fall into place. One night we ran into a Malik. He was a good-looking, weight-lifting, Black soldier Carissa found very sexy. Nothing happened the night we met him, but the seeds had been planted.

      Carissa and I have a side business doing photography. One Saturday night, about two weeks after we met Malik, we had been employed to take photos of a lingerie show at a nightclub in town. Carissa and I took pictures of the lingerie show (featuring both men and women). After the show, she and Malik sat next to each other. He played with Carissa's thick thighs outside her dress, and she played with his dick through his pants. It was a hot, sexual tension-filled night.

      The following Monday was a typical Monday. But this was a day and night to remember for a long time. We had a large SUV then. Carissa called me at about 3 p.m. and said she would pick me up. I carpooled with someone else at work, so her call surprised me.

      Carissa was waiting for me out front when I got off at 4:30. I climbed in, and instead of heading home, she drove to a department store. She told me to go in and take off my underwear. I was wearing a shirt, tie, and slacks. Carissa was wearing a black dress. Puzzled but intrigued, I followed her instructions.

      I exited the store and climbed back in the Yukon, minus my underwear, which I put in a sack. Carissa drove out of town on a back road. We found a picnic area about ten miles away, and Carissa pulled up her dress and showed me she did not have panties on. And, she had shaved her pussy.

      We laid down the seats and got in the back of the Yukon. Carissa had a blanket and two of her yoga mats there waiting. Not wanting to get naked, as you never know when the police might show up, Carissa pulled her dress up to her throat, and I pulled down my pants. I ate her pussy to get it wet, and then we fucked in the missionary position. Carissa came two or three times while I pounded her hot pussy with my rock-hard dick. She pulled up her bra, exposing her tits so I could suck on them while I fucked her. Soon I filled her pussy with my hot cum while she moaned through another orgasm. We lay there briefly to catch our breath and then rearranged our clothes. We drove back to civilization and decided to have a fancy dinner in town.

      We drove to the nice steakhouse in town and had a great meal. After a dinner conversation about jobs, life, and sex, we went to a bar nearby. Nothing was happening there, so we headed for the local jazz club after just one drink.

      Malik had a friend named Chuck who had just come in from Germany, and they were there having a good time drinking, talking, and watching football. Carissa sat beside Malik, and I was on her other side. Malik then split his time talking with Chuck and then Carissa. After two drinks and much conversation, Carissa leaned over to me and said, "I think I want to fuck Malik. What do you think?"

      I answered, "He must really turn you on. It is OK with me as long as I am there. Where?" She quickly replied, "His place, if he wants. Are you going to talk to him?"

      "Sure, give me some time," I said. About 30 minutes later, Malik got up and went to the bathroom. I joined him so we could talk. "Carissa is hot for you, you know," I told him while we were in the bathroom. "I already fucked her once tonight, but she is still hot and horny - so much so she does not have panties on!" Malik replied, "Really? I knew that girl was a hot one!"

      We went back to the bar, and I gave Carissa the thumbs-up sign. When Malik sat back down, he whispered something to Carissa and then took a drink. I was standing off at an angle that looked like I wanted a better view of the game. The reason was so I could see him and Carissa better from where I was.

      A few minutes later, I saw Malik drop his hand down and approach Carissa's thigh. He slowly moved his hand up her thigh, pushing her dress higher, then sneaking under it. You could tell when he got to bare pussy because he broke out with a big smile. He started to play with her pussy, and I could tell Carissa was being turned on. Malik turned to say something to Chuck that neither Carissa nor I could hear. Still, I found out later that he told him, "I have a hot one here, she doesn't have any panties on, and I have my hand all over her pussy. Maybe we won't have to call around to get some pussy tonight."

      Malik continued to caress her pussy, and I could see that Carissa had dropped her hand down on his lap to squeeze his cock through his pants. It was about 10:00 p.m., and everyone was anxious to get something going. Carissa went to the bathroom and motioned me over when she came out.

      "We are going to his apartment and waiting for him," Carissa explained. "They are going to finish their drinks and then go to his apartment." So we left in our van and went to his apartment complex about 3 miles from the Jazz Corner. We found a spot in the parking lot and waited. While we were waiting, I was playing with Carissa's bare pussy. She was so hot and bothered that she was almost panting with desire. I was just teasingly rubbing the outside of her pussy. Still, whenever she thought my fingers were near her sloppy hole, she would thrust her hips, trying to get my fingers to go in. Just when I thought if I valued my life, I couldn't deny her anymore, Malik and Chuck pulled up. We walked over to them, and Malik unlocked and opened his door, and we all went in.

      Malik got everyone a drink and showed Carissa his photo collection. He had been everywhere in his military career and had many pictures. Many photographs had Malik smiling beside a beautiful full-figured woman of various nationalities. It was apparent what type of woman he liked, which was another big turn-on for Carissa.

      After 30 minutes, I approached Carissa and asked, "Why isn't anything happening? I thought you were hot, horny, and wanting Malik?" She said, "Yes, I am, but I do not want Chuck here."

      I thought that was the end of any sex play that day, as Chuck was staying with Malik and had nowhere else to go. It was also obvious Chuck was horny too. Malik was in the living room with Carissa, I was in the kitchen, and Chuck was in the bedroom trying to set up a date for himself or him and Malik. I think he found someone and he called Malik into the bedroom where the phone was.

      When they were in there, Carissa moved to a chair that looked directly into Malik's bedroom, pulled up her dress and bunched it around her waist, pulled her thighs apart, and started to play with her pussy. I saw Malik drop the phone, get up, and head for Carissa. He said, "Lynn, you sure have a hot wife. May I eat her pussy?" I said, "She has probably been waiting two weeks and all night to hear that, but you had better ask her!" Carissa replied, standing up and taking his hand, "Hell, yes!"

      Malik led her to the couch and laid her down. He pulled up her dress, and when it was up around her neck, he released it and went to her bra - too late. Carissa was already removing it.

      I went over, and as Malik got down on his knees to eat her pussy, I pulled the dress over her head and put it on a nearby chair. I took her bra and put it there too. Carissa was now naked with three clothed guys in the house. She put one leg on the couch and the other on the floor as Malik ate her pussy. He spread her pussy lips and went to town, eating her hot, wet pussy. Carissa loved it.

      Then Chuck came out of the bedroom, walked over to me, and said, "Does she suck cock?" I said, "Very well."

      "May I?" he asked. I replied, "I said it is OK by me, but you must ask the lady."

      Chuck walked over to Carissa, who was enjoying the oral ministrations of Malik, and unzipped his pants as he walked. Carissa did not say anything; she was too busy cuming, but she grabbed his soft dick, pulled it to her, and immediately put it in her mouth. Well, so much for Chuck not participating or having to leave!!

      Chuck stood there as Carissa held his dick in her hand while licking and sucking it as Malik started to use his fingers in addition to his mouth. Carissa was going crazy with sexual desire. I was busy taking pictures as I did not want to miss any of this sexual adventure.

      Chuck tapped Malik on the shoulder and told him to take a break and take his clothes off. Malik backed off of Carissa, with Carissa expressing disappointment in not having her pussy taken care of.

      Chuck took care of that. He got between her thighs and started to feast on her pussy while Malik tore his clothes off beside me. He was quickly naked with an impressive hard-on. I was already naked, but before I could go anywhere, Malik had his cock in Carissa's mouth while his friend was eating my wife's pussy. I continued to take pictures and play with my dick. I told Chuck to take a break so he could get naked. He jumped up and started taking off his clothes. Malik moved down to Carissa's legs and, with her assistance, put his hard black cock into her pussy. They began to fuck, with Carissa wrapping her legs around Malik as he fed her hot, wet pussy with his hard dick. They were both moaning and groaning as they got into fucking each other.

      Meanwhile, Chuck was nude, and now we were all naked. Because they were fucking on the couch, there was no room for Chuck or me to get our dicks in her mouth. So we just watched their hot, sexy coupling. And it was hot. I moved around, watching them fuck. I watched from the side and the back, watching his cock go in and out of my wife's cunt, Malik going balls deep on each stroke. Malik had not had pussy for a while, so he grunted that he was going to come. Carissa held him tighter on his last stroke, and he came hard in her pussy as she held him tight with her arms and legs.

      After resting briefly on Carissa, Malik got up with cum dripping from his cock. Malik had just cleared off the couch when Chuck jumped onto the couch. I thought he would fuck her well fucked pussy, but I was wrong, and Carissa was the winner. Chuck got right down there face first and started to eat her pussy and lick her clit. He got a big mouth full of their mixed cum, and Carissa was going wild, cuming and cuming again while he ate her pussy.

      I could only watch this wild, wild scene - my cock as hard as a rock! Chuck took a short break only to tell me, "Come on up here so she can suck her husband's cock." Then he went right back to her cunt. I moved forward and put my dick in her mouth. Not being passive like Chuck and Malik, I started to fuck her face. She played with my balls as she moaned with pleasure from Chuck eating at her pussy. Carissa then took my dick out and told Chuck, "Honey, with all that good pussy eating, you just did; you deserve a good fuck," and she pulled him up so that he could put his hard dick in her hot cunt. He fucked like he had not had any pussy in a while - he had not - and he fucked as hard but as tender as Malik did.

      Malik had washed up and was now standing and watching as well. He took a couple of pictures of Chuck fucking and her sucking me. Chuck raised her legs and smoothly drove his dick in and out of her wet pussy. He suddenly grunted and yelled as he filled Carissa's pussy with his hot cum. Carissa pressed him hard to her with one hand while playing with my balls with the other.

      When Chuck got off, I immediately got between her legs and started to eat Chuck's cum out of her pussy. While she thought she was exhausted, she quickly came alive with my tongue in her pussy and my fingers on her clit. Malik came up closer, got on his knees by the couch, and started to suck on Carissa's nipples by taking as much tit in his mouth as he could while tonguing her nipple. Carissa was going crazy again as we overloaded her sex sensors a third time. When I could taste them no more, I climbed up in the sex saddle and started to fuck my wife while Malik continued to suck her tits. Chuck, not to be left out, put his slick cum-coated cock in her mouth so that she was getting three dicks simultaneously. Carissa was now in sex heaven! After watching all this hot action and seeing all this cum flying and all these sexual stimuli, I knew I would not last long. But I was doing fine until someone grabbed my balls, and bam, I shot my cum in my wife's pussy.

      It was her fourth fuck of the night, and she loved it. Not to be outdone by any of us, Malik got between her thighs and commenced to eat my/our cum out of her hot, wet cunt. Now each of us had tasted the Carissa cum/sperm cocktail her hot pussy held. Malik made her cum at least twice that I could tell before Carissa yelled, "Let me up. I have to pee. You guys are fantastic! This is the most exciting night of my life! You guys treat me like a queen. I am so damn hot." And with that, she disappeared into the bathroom.

      She used the bathroom, washed up, and came out with a towel around her as the three of us watched TV waiting for her to come out to see if she wanted more of us. She did. Chuck took off her towel and led her back to the couch. Why we never went to the bedroom, I do not know, but that couch got a hell of a workout that night.

      We were all still naked, all three dicks semi-hard. Carissa started to lie down on her back, but Chuck put her on her hands and knees on the couch instead. He put his face into her pussy from the rear to ensure she was or would get wet again. Chuck ate her pussy and rubbed her ass until her pussy was good and wet. Then he got on the couch behind her and put his dick in, and fucked her doggy style. This made it easy for Malik and I to get in front of her and feed her our cocks. Carissa was in heaven again - sucking two cocks and getting fucked simultaneously.

      We all lasted longer this time, and there was sex in the air -- sounds, smells, sights -- it was awesome. When we came - I came on her tits, Malik on her face, and Chuck on her ass. And I do not think Carissa ever stopped coming until we did. After that, we were all exhausted, Carissa put on her dress, and we went home. What a great sex day. And this is how we got into the swinging lifestyle. There have been many adventures that followed.
    • By curiouscpl2024
      We are looking to try to find some porn of swinging and cuckolding  to assist in our fantasies and hopefully bring us closer to taking the plunge. We have found a decent bit of full swap swinging porn, but almost all cuck porn we have found is fetishizing a black guy. Now there is nothing wrong with a black lover, but we are trying to find variety to help with our fantasies. Are there any sites or options y'all would recommend?
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