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    • When my wife first got into swinging, she absolutely wanted me involved in MFMs. Insisted on it, even. So, we did. As time went on, that requirement loosened, and I found I really enjoyed watching her have sex, and she enjoyed me watching her. We eventually progressed to solo dates. She would come home and while we made love she would tell me all about the evening. Further on, she had full on boyfriends (in series, not parallel :) ) and had a couple of overnight weekends with one of them.


      The point? Things can change (and likely will) over time. If your wife decides to cross this bridge, she may very much want a full on MFM for a while, then maybe want to change things up. Assuming you're all ok with everything, support her as she moves through this. If there's something you don't like though, make sure she's aware of it, and the communication lines are wide open.

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    • Always thought most people have the same or very similar fantasies/sexual to-do-list/bucket list or what ever you want to call it.


      Went to a talk by a female author (who's name I can't remember) a few years ago in Santa Cruz. She told of story about leading a women's only seminar. The subject of sexual fantasies came up, and one woman mentioned the rape fantasy. The author said she was shocked when a fair amount of the women at the seminar chastised the woman for having a rape fantasy. She went on to say that she believes that the rape fantasy is common, she believes is very similar to the "sex with a group of random men/group sex" fantasy . 


      She believed the most common fantasies for women were group sex (or sex with stranger) and bi sex. 


      In regards to men, which weren't her expertises, MFF and watching wife were the top 2.


      Your thoughts may vary.

    • we've joked about a "hall pass". But we are still at the point if one gets to do it the other should as well.

    • On 12/14/2014 at 12:22 AM, M1F2KTJ said:

      I wanted her to experience a cock bigger than mine. I searched on the internet for guys who bragged about how big their cocks were and how they would give my wife an experience she could never get with me.


      I wasn't looking to be humiliated. I just wanted her to experience a big cock. After many back and forth e-mails, and a picture of his very long, thick cock, I thought I found someone I/we could get along with. (She left it up to me to make arrangements.)


      I never told her how big his cock was. I wanted her to be surprised. I never told her I was looking for someone with a big cock. She had no idea when the three of us met in a bar.


      We weren't expecting anything to happen on our "first date" but we all got along so good that we all went back to our motel room.


      I'll always remember the look on her face when, as she lay naked on her back waiting for him, she saw his cock for the first time. He was proud of posing in front of her. She looked over at me with an almost frightened look on her face. I just smiled at her and watched.


      She gasped as he began to penetrate her and had an "Oh my God!" moment. It was awesome to watch her reactions getting fucked by him. It was an experience I'll never forget


      She LOVED! it and wanted to get fucked by him again. She had an orgasm with him the second time he fucked her. She never had an orgasm with me from just fucking. We had many awesome experiences together


      She loved feeling his cock in her and the way he fucked her but he had an asshole personality. His personality changed the more times he fucked her. I could tell how much he loved making her squirm and cum as he looked down on her underneath him. He started calling her "bitch" as he fucked her and began to disrespect me in front of her.


      She loved me for letting her experience another guy but she didn't like it when he disrespected me. We were a team. I could tell she missed getting fucked by a big cock but she was happy she wasn't getting fucked by that asshole again.


      I'm looking for another big cock to replace him. I wonder if she'll do a black guy? Surprise!

      Wow! That was hot and you do sound like a great team. I hope you find the right guy to play with. I would also like to my wife to have that experience. She had a guy with a huge dick but he cum on her leg before he got in in and she never wanted to see him again. Even though it was her fault for sucking his cock tooo long. Ha Ha.large.858803032_SexyWife-Copy.jpg.762493afd618a9305036e1fefd1f1288.jpg

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    • 22 hours ago, hunterdonNJcpl said:

      She will make out with a smooth, hairless scrotum. 

      That's part of what I like to do when getting under a couple doing doggy.

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