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Found 13 results

  1. Yeah, I'm looking for cock, but so many are so aggressive and the replies are so goofy that sometimes I just throw my hands up in the air. They write for Example: So, when can we fuck. #1 I'd like to fuck you and think your hot. I'm 6'3 200lbs and well hung. #2. Well, it doesn't tell me anything but this guy is goofy if he thinks that I'm just going to go meet up with him. He didn't say anything about his interests sexually or anything..and didn't include a photo. This is what I get 90% of the time. #3. I think swingers sites should include a diagram of what people should put about themselves, and no matter what , they should always have a photo in their profile. Cause' 9x's out of 10 they aren't real anyway if they aren't including a photo. This is what I've always experienced. And...when they don't include a photo, sometimes they are just plain self-conscious. In my opinion, they shouldn't be in the lifestyle to begin with if they are that self-conscious and have their own issues to deal with. I know, I'm a bitch...lol.... but at least I'm truthful. Macy
  2. My wife and I are both into her sleeping with other people. But she is not into swingers clubs. We love going to a bar or a concert but when I’m with her, the chances of someone approaching her are slim to none. She is very sexy and flirty but most people won’t go for a woman who is with her husband. Is there some signs we can use to show people we are willing to play?
  3. HI guys, Ok we have been trying to find the right single male for a threesome and are having terrible luck. We make contact... they respond say they are interested... we respond back... then nothing! Let me preface this by saying that when we make initial contact there is a pic sent with the email of both myself and my hubby full shot of face and body. We also state that he is extremely straight and we also say exactly why we liked the profile and what we are interested in. So if they don't like how we look or what we want they simply can decline. What we are wondering is why contact us back say interested and then when we say lets chat (basically that's all the next email states and we give our IM address and ask for his) NOTHING. Do they get cold feet? We normally also pick people who have certs too (not that that means too much I know) just makes us feel better that maybe they are actually swingers. Any advice on what we may be doing wrong or why they don't make further contact? Just trying to get into the single guy's mind here, lol Thanks guys
  4. The hubby and I are new to this scene. Long story short, we had only one encounter where a tinder date joined my husband and I and now we want two add maybe 2 more men in the bedroom. Still rookies I guess, however, our challenge is finding people in the most safe way. Where do you guys suggest is the best way to find Men willing to participate in DP, group type stuff?
  5. Hello all, The wife has had one gangbang- 3 BBC’s and is wanting to have 5-6 guys this time. Vetted a few already but am still missing 3-4, any suggestions/ volunteers who would be committed to making this happen? As we all know if you ask for 10, 5-6 will show and only 2-3 will be able to perform lol. She loves dick and it doesn’t matter if it’s bbc, bwc, smaller- as long as they can perform. Any suggestions to find more candidates to add? Any help would be appreciated.
  6. Earlier this week, my wife and I were on the road. So we posted a "Hot Date", as one on-line services calls it, and a "Booty Call", as another on-line service calls it. Well, we received one earnest reply, and that was good. But we also received the usual barrage of foolish replies. The notion came to both of us that if we were not as experienced in the lifestyle as we are, we might have been completely discouraged by the bullshit responses and might have never again tried a Hot Date or a Booty Call. So here is our advice to newbies. Don't let the on-line foolishness discourage you. A person new to on-line searches might not find humor in these. But we have learned to laugh at stuff like this. Actual messages in their entirety (the misspellings and lack of punctuation are theirs, not mine): * I'm clean, sane, safe and an expert at the hind lick maneuver (accompanied by picture of a dick) * did u find anyone yet (accompanied by picture of a dick) * your wife is hot just my type * Hi I saw your Hot Date post (accompanied by picture of a dick) * hi i have a condo . this is a couples profile but i prefer play alone. give me your # i will call. You just have to expect this sort of thing even when you make it clear in the Hot Date information that you are looking only to meet a couple. There are single men in the swing lifestyle who are worthwhile. We know because we have befriended with more than one. So I repeat, Don't let the on-line foolishness discourage you.
  7. Ok, sometime maybe this week I'm gonna meet a guy who is bi. The thing about it is I'm very bi curious and I would love for my first experience to be a MFM threesome, I believe I'll be more comfortable doing this with my wife involved. Plus, I really want us to have a MFM threesome because I know it would be something she would love. Ok, I'm setting this whole situation up so I thought it would be good if I meet the guy first. My SO and I have already saw pics of him on another site that I'm on and he's also on our friends list on SLS, so we both think that he's attractive. I've been chatting with him for s while now, maybe about a month. He has seen us on SLS and think that we are attractive as well and he is very interested in the threesome especially with me being curious. I'm VERY excited about this and can't wait to get things going in that direction and my wife is excited about my curiosity. Since I've never been in this kind of situation I'm just wondering what kind of red flags that I may have to look for. In a "normal" MFM threesome I think I would know what kind of red flags to look for. When I say "normal" I mean before I became bi-curious! Any info would be appreciated and thx in advance.
  8. The wife and I have recently shared our inner most fantasies with each other. We've been married 3, together for nearly 8 years. Trust is no issue, love is plentiful...life is good. We almost always have sex at least once a day and it's amazing every time. She has always been sorta a nympho for lack of a better word - she just loves sex - rough hard soft passionate anal oral anything...she loves to be tied up and so forth. I don't know how it happened to me but I became obsessed with the thought of another man fucking my wife. The thought of seeing her in so much pleasure just drives me crazy...when we fuck my number one goal is to make her feel good...I love doing anything I can to make it better for her. To try and make this shorter as I could go on forever...I finally dropped enough balls to share my fantasy with her...and my god has our sex life taken a turn for the bestestever. I learned a lot more about what she was thinking too...so far every time we've done it we would talk about, role play and fantasize together while fucking about her having another man in her mouth/vagina etc...and she has never cum so hard in her life. Moving on... story> The area we are in is pretty rough as far as SLS goes...like its just empty. We are younger in our twenties...friends are an obvious no-no (we don't personally have relationships with anyone mature enough to handle this kinda gift), there aren't any clubs near by which isn't a problem but might be more of a head first kinda situation - which led us to this. We have a lot of bars here...she had the idea that we could go to the bar and she would dress adequately to show off the goods and find a guy that was interested in buying her a drink. They would talk for a while and if it clicked she would size him up a bit more and see if he was alright etc etc then get straight to the point. She wants to ask him after all that if he would be interested in having a little sex party with her and husband. If perspective male was interested she would talk a bit more then introduce him to me and we'd chat for a bit and if things went well head out for some no strings attached fucking (with boundaries and limits of course). Bluntly put - does this sound like a good idea? It sounds too good to be true in my opinion...but I could only imagine guys as horny and sexually interested as I am would be in bars just dreaming for something like this to happen. Thoughts comments questions please....thanks for reading!
  9. My wife and I have been swinging for close to 2 years and have always sought out couples. My wife would like an MFM and I guess I'm looking for advice/insight. There have been a few times where it's sort of been an MFM situation with a couple, with my wife playing with the husband and my playmate taking a break. I always feel like a third wheel in that situation. Anyone feel this way and get past it? It does not bother me in a jealous way that I'm left out, but just feel a little lost. Another thing that has been a pain, is that most single guys I've encountered online (or in real life!) are just too pushy for my taste. For example a recent contact I had, I liked his profile, chatted for a bit and seemed like he would be good to meet. Our schedule is really bad and I told him it may be a month or two before we are free. But he keeps chatting asking when we are getting together. This has really turned me off as if he's that way now, how will he be when we meet. This behavior really seems to be my experience with singles. And online they are always so quick to tell me what they want to do, or how well my wife will enjoy them. I have never experienced this type of behavior in couples. And yes, we can always do an MFM at a party with the married half of friends that may work. Also I know there are some on here that feel single guys are not swingers, etc. I'm not looking to turn this into a debate in that area, just looking for other member's experiences that do play with single guys. I just found this thread... Single men: Do you prefer the husband just watch, or join in for a MFM? Thanks!
  10. My wife and I have been married for seven years. We have had quite a few females come into our relationship, but we just recently started "trying" to bring in single males. We really dont want to swap with a couple, the reason is that we both like watching each other so much that we dont want to miss it. If we full swap with another couple it brings a little "separation" to it. Here is our problem, we have signed up on Swing Lifestyle and adult friend finder. We have met several guys (after several talks, pics,emails etc.) and either the guy gets scared when it comes time, or they do not look like the pic that was sent. We have actually done this (she was with a guy and I just watched until they were done, then the wife and I did our thing) 3 times. Basically, with the exception of one guy (who was just ok) these guys were horrible. They ALL lied about their endowment (they were all smaller than they said), and they all sucked in bed. It has been so frustrating that after this weekend we both said "screw this, its not even worth the hassle". Now we both have really lost the desire to do this again. We will not do this with just anyone. I hope this does not sound conceded, but we are a very attractive couple. I am 5'9" 210 and very into bodybuilding. She is absolutely beautiful, 5'5" 130 blond hair/blue eyes and gorgeous. Two of the guys we have met have backed out because they said they were too intimidated by me, and that she was so hot they were too nervous. I/we just dont understand. How could you pass up an opportunity to be with a beautiful woman who has a great personality with no strings or drama attached?
  11. Hey everyone... As all whose read my other post, you all know that i have been thinking of throwing a MFM for my partner, she loved the idea, and honestly was very much excited about it, and honestly to tell the truth the more excited she got, the more it turned me on, anyways after having it be a talking fantasy, I decided to take steps to fulfill her fantasy of having two toys to play with, while two of us please her body like never before, Anyways i decided it was probably best to invite a known friend, actually i asked two different people, both of whom i trust, and know would never go behind my back to try to get a one on one hook up with my partner, anyways from here we decided Christmas Eve night would be the best time, we went out looking for a sexy Xmas outfit for her, and boy did we find one, (Just thinking about it has me hard...) Anyways as time came near you could just see the excitement coming off of her from her very smiles that showed so often, and believe me no nothing was putting this good mood off track, which really made me want to give this fulfilling a go... UNFORTUNATELY! Both of my good friends chickened out, of course i was only planning to have one of them join us, as having both of them would probably be too much for the first time... But both of them suddenly decided that they couldn't or didn't want to, I tried reassuring them that it was cool, that i invited them, and our friendship wouldn't be harmed, and it would be really fun we have rules and we'll do all the right steps to make sure everyone was comfortable... But regardless, one of them felt that he was not ready for it and that he had to much going on, that maybe one day but not now, and the other started losing his nerve mostly because of a problem he had, apparently because of smoking there were times he couldn't get it up, and no matter how much comforting, he felt too nervous to give it a shot. Quickly after my partner felt she wasn't as sure of having one with a stranger, and that she felt much better knowing that these people were people i had known, and on realizing this may not happen you could see that smile and drive fade down, i tried to talk them back into it, but lets face it, we can't force a person into something, the worst part is since that day i haven't seen that same excitement in her, and so I really want to get someone, a right someone to come join us, not just to put those great smiles back on her face, but i have to say, when she was as happy as she was, sexually things would getting interesting, and lets put it this way, I'm some what like a cat, i tend to really go through heat phases where i become extremely wild and crave something hot, and unless i have something satisfying that craving heat doesn't go away, just continues to build... I honestly do have some worries, but nothing i haven't talked about with her, and really do believe that the only way I'll shake these worries in my mind is if i give it a try, and fulfill this MFM, lets face it i know it turns me on, even compared to before, my own fantasies have started to stray towards this kind of thing, making me cum harder and just feel that much wilder... I have someone I'm currently talking to, who i may eventually be interested in having us join, but only time will tell if i continue to feel the same about him, my partner is clearly expecting me to take the lead in setting this up, and picking the person, most likely just very excited in fulfilling her fantasy and wanting to have me be completely alright with the person... Anyways if anyone has any thoughts on this feel free to drop a thought... But i think my question that is crossing my mind now is, would it be wrong to pick a random guy whom we both find attractive enough to join, and have a fling? Would that be a Safe thing to do? Or would it be best to continue to wait and slowly pick a person to have this first time MFM? For those of you who randomly picked a stranger and played a fling how did it go?
  12. I've read lots of comments about single guys getting a bad rap. I really didn't completely understand why until this week but I guess I'm optimistic enough to think there still might be some nice single guys out there but I've yet to find one. I'm just wondering that other women have experienced with single guys and finding one. Background: I'm allowed to play alone so we are trying to find a single guy for me to play with on a regular basis. You'd think it would be easy enough to find a guy who wants to just have sex with no commitments, right? WRONG! We have couples we play with who think I'm good looking, outgoing and adventurous so I don't feel I am the problem because that was my first thought. I chat with the guys online for awhile to make sure we have the same expectations and talk on the phone and they all SEEM to want to get together to meet (I don't play the first time we meet). I always meet them in a very public place and hubby likes to meet them as well. However, when the day comes and it's either one excuse after another or they just plain don't show and don't call. I'm understanding and I know things come up but to not show and not call is what I consider rude. I'm also not one to give second chances which hasn't been a problem since so far none of them have had enough courage to ask for one. So why do all the single guys complain they can't find anybody to have sex with them when here I am trying to find one and can't? I'm starting to wonder what a girl has to do to get laid! lol Mrs. Trixie
  13. Hi everyone...Wife and I are new to the lifestyle and are really wanting to try a MFM threesome. As posted in the introductions we have been happily married for 20 years and have been talking about this for almost a year. Any info from all of you that have done this would be appreciated... as far as how to go about finding someone...what to expect... and the emotions they may come from it. We are taking our time but want to make this happen as soon as we can. Thanks!!
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