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View Poll Results: Would you hot tub naked with vanilla friends?

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  • Yes

    77 74.04%
  • No

    7 6.73%
  • Sometimes

    17 16.35%
  • Rather not go there

    3 2.88%
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    Guest Stayingactive's Avatar

    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    Agree 100%.

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    Swingers Board Addict Guy1964's Avatar
    M. Married

    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    So true, Gold Coast. I've been in groups where everyone was thinking it but no one had the nerve to say it. I hope I live the last third of my life with fewer fears than I did the first 2/3rds!

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    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    Most of our friends are vanilla nudists so we have already been in a hot tub naked with them. Actually one of the guys we play with occasionally seemed surprised that we spend most of our time around the house nude. We found that strange.

  4. #29

    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    We have a sign for the pool and another posted "Textiles are NOT Optional"

    Anyone wanting to use our pool or spa will shower first, enjoy a nice oversized robe and matching beach towel. But enter our water features will be allowed only without textiles.

    Not a sex thing. We worked hard to have these areas to enjoy and we long ago dreamed of having a private area to be nude. Any vanilla friends will either enjoy the nudity or never ask again. As to whether any vanilla friends become amorous with their own partner in our pool/spa.....well they are told it is up to them. They are also told that they might see others enjoying themselves. As long as everyone is happy, we don't interfere.

    So far all friends that inquire and understood the No Textile rule, have taken to coming back many times. Generally by the fourth visit, they get a little sexual with each other. About two more instances of that, they interact with other friends. (It did take the Pastor and his wife only one skinny dip before they were fucking in the pool. The next visit we had a great foursome with them.)

    We don't suggest sex, just no textiles and no complaining if others are engaged among themselves. Neat pastor....has a funny way of asking the ladies as he is getting them off if he could get an "Amen,". You can hear a steady stream of "Praise the lord, thank yo lor, and shrieking long guttural aaaaammmmmeeeennnns! all he says his hallelujah

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    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    My wife and I have a very nice large Hot tub. We have many Vanilla friends over for BBQ and Hot tubbing. Before we invite them over we talk about how we prefer using our Hot Tub nude and with our friends it clothes optional. This way when we ask them they will know we will be nude and if they want to be nude too its ok if not that is ok. The first couple of times we find them wanting to go full clothed or the woman topless. They are uncomfortable with us nude at first but we told them we would be and it's not long till they loosen up don't even seem to notice we are nude. Some are nude with us by the end of the BBQ and others are just content to look at us.

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    Default Re: How to tell vanilla friends about hot-tubbing naked and not offend them.

    We had a hot tub and friends would drop hints of interest. Our response was always, it's a small tub, hard to keep in balance so we always go in naked so the softeners, detergents, chlorine from our bath suits don’t mess up the ph balance. That seemed to be accepted. Most were still interested.

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