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EVOLUTION of our SWINGING in our 50's

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10 years ago my wife of 29 years decided to go her own way.

I was turning 50 and while I wanted to have a spectacular life of love and fun, she just seemed to want to become a grandma and rock her grandchildren.


So I decided that I wanted to try a more open sexual relationship if I were to find another. I began dating around and I found someone who was willing to take a few steps into swinging. Sadly, after a wonderful experience I suggested we get married and she misunderstood that offer to be a "payment" for her services. So we fizzled. We broke up and her complaints about only being with me was her excuse. (I posted about this years ago on this forum. I was torched by a lot, but many understood why I made the decisions I did.)We broke up and it hurt.


Two years later we come across each other again. She hadn't found anyone, but I'm not settling either. We talked and slowly begin to engage again. Slowly she began to understand that the Swinging did not take me away from her, it actually brought me closer to her, such as that I wanted to marry her. She just couldn't get over that part, but as we continued to rebuild the trust, we became very active swingers and we did get MARRIED on the beach at Hedo.


We are generally attractive but getting older with a few pounds. We were nervous at first, but since we reconnected and went full speed ahead, we have had about 25-30 swinging times. If we counted the oral sex or just groping it would be double.


We consider ourselves experienced, but you know, we aren't nervous or anxious about it at all. She makes connections on her own, and I love that. She has proactively helped and its been a great time. She made friends with a girl recently and she told me she was going to bring her to bed with us. A year later, she is eating my cum out of her pussy.


So I guess my point is, that this Evolution of Swinging has come full circle. We go to Hedo and other places to meet up with people. We host parties at our home. Last time we had five couples and I lined all the women up on the edge of the pool and me and the men lined up and each went down the line with each woman. Later all of the girls were on our bed, just playing with each other as we watched. (I dont' deserve this!)


The torture it took to get here was mindboggling, but its been a wonderful life of one fun time after another.


Anyway, the Evolution of Swinging has been great for us. I doubt we could have handled it when we had young children around us, but we sure do enjoy it now. Just don't get bent out of shape and take it slowly. We've introduced several into the lifestyle and have been blessed to have many much younger mates.


So the Evolution has come about, I don't know what is next, but I know it will be great. Then again, we've met several "bi" men in the lifestyle and as I have told them, I will never "EVOLVE" that much.


Just loving this life!

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    • By Sawman
      I am at the mature end of the swinging demographic as are my play friends. The ladies have their share of curves and character lines and often prefer to wear something when younger, fitter ladies prefer total nudity. This is just to say clothing is totally OK if it makes you comfortable. This is not a photo shoot. This is intimacy and mutual giving. Besides, a little color and texture is nice to see and feel. When I know my partner is shy I can adjust and just observe that as a boundary.
      Now, go shopping.
    • By Beaverbumper
      Where are the swinger sites for those of us that are 55 and over? We may be as they say over the hill but we sure as hell ain't under it...so come on all you older swingers, let's form a website of our own.
    • By MacsMan
      We’ve been out of swinging for some years now and wondered whether there is a place for 70 years old swingers? I do don’t mind if it’s just the wife who has the action although obviously I too would love to play again.
    • By Maturecouple1122
      We were late bloomers to the lifestyle having been married nearly 40 years before we had our first encounter with another couple.  Other than one erotic massage session, during which my husband begged me let the masseur fuck me, I hadn’t had sex with anybody but my husband during our marriage.  As my husband and I became more experienced in the lifestyle, he and I fantasized about me having sex with another woman.  I even agreed to let him change my SDC profile from “Straight” to “Bi-Curious.”
      One fall Sunday afternoon, we met a mixed-race couple for lunch.  He was black and she was white.  We all clicked so the man suggested we adjourn to a hotel a few blocks away from the restaurant.  I had no idea that my emerging fantasy was about to be satisfied.
      I am a 60 year old woman, 5’ 9” tall who wears a size 18 dress.  I have blond hair, blue eyes, and 38D breasts with ultra-sensitive nipples.  The other woman was similar to me but about an inch shorted and a year younger.  She had nice, firm 36D breasts.  Her partner, a well-built former football player, had a rather small cock for a black man, only about 5 inches.  His girth, however, was huge.  The biggest I have ever seen or felt.  He was nearly the circumference of a Red Bull drink can when flaccid.  When erect, he was simply huge.  
      We rented a mini-suite with a king-sized bed and a pullout sofa.  As my husband and the other woman started playing on the bed, the man disrobed me and started fingering me on the sofa. He really knew how to make my juices flow because I came all over the sofa.  That is when we realized the maids failed to stock towels in the bathroom and we had no way to wipe it up.  “Hello, Room Service!”
      We then moved to the bed and shared it with my husband and the other lady.  This was the first time I had a close look of my husband in action.  He started fingering the lady very vigorously then all of a sudden, his entire hand, up to his wrist, slid into her cunt.  I didn’t even know this was possible but here was my husband fisting this lady and she was screaming in ecstasy as she came several times. 
      As I laid watching this, I felt something very large trying to penetrate my ass.  I tried to move away as I knew his cock was too big for my asshole but he held me tight.  I started squirming but my husband and the other woman held my head and kissed me.  Today was going to be day of many firsts for me.  My first kiss from lady and a huge cock sliding into my ass.  I never thought I would cum from being ass fucked but I did - repeatedly.  After Mr. Red Bull finished, I rolled onto my back to rest to watch my husband fuck another woman.  I was pretty turned on when I saw his cum flowing out of her pussy.
      As my husband and I lay on the bed recovering, the man whispered into his partner’s ear and said, “Time for her surprise.” I looked up and the lady had donned a harness with a huge brown, lifelike, dildo.  As she was applying lubrication to the dildo, she reached over, kissed me, and lubricate my cunt.  The man then lifted my legs up and his partner mounted me with her dildo. As I got accustomed to her fake cock, she started fucking me hard.  Pulling her cock almost all the way out then slamming it back in.  We both came in each other’s arms and I kissed her deeply.
      After she removed her harness, she crawled up on the bed and started licking my cunt.  It felt absolutely wonderful.  She then asked me to return the favor which I eagerly did. After a few licks of her pussy, I realized my husband’s cum was in the vaginal canal.  Tasted a little salty but not too bad.  As I licked and sucked her clit until she came gain.  When I sat up to rest, I had both her and my husband’s cum on my face.
      Room service finally delivered some towels, which my husband retrieved in the nude from what I assume was a very startled maid. We all relaxed and hydrated ourselves.  I went to the bathroom to clean up a bit.  When I returned, I realized the man was not satisfied fucking my ass with his fat cock but wanted my mouth and cunt as well.  He gently grabbed my head and pushed it toward his cock.  It took all I could to get just the head of his cock in my mouth.  When he became hard again, his partner and my husband held my legs up for him as they played with my nipples.  He had great stamina as he fucked my cunt for at least 15-20 minutes before he came.
      Since we all had to go to work the next day, we decided to call it a night.  It was truly the defining point in my swinging career.  I took a huge cock in my ass and orgasmed.  I was fucked and eaten by another woman.  I ate another woman.  I tasted my husband’s cum second-hand.  We met this couple several more times over the course of a year until they split and left the lifestyle. It was a great year for sure!
    • By Maturecouple1122
      J and I have been married for 41 years.  Our sex life has been up and down for many years due to jobs, children, grandchildren, and life in general.  We were married 39 years when she finally agreed to consider swinging and having sex with other people.  After our first encounter with another couple, she realized she really enjoyed the alternative lifestyle and almost overnight became a sex machine.  People called her insatiable.  One of her new fantasies was to see to be pleased by a big black cock. I finally found a way to make this happen and here is how it played out.
      J has blond hair, blue eyes, stands around 5'9" tall and wears a size 18 after having two kids. She has a very nice ass, with extraordinarily sensitive nipples.  Everybody she meets lusts after her.  She is very self-conscious though and doesn't think she looks that good.  Her many suitors think otherwise.
      One Friday afternoon while she was at work, I texted her and told her I had a surprise for her.  When she arrived home, I told her to shower and shave and I would pick out her clothes.  
      As she showered, I laid out a very short black skirt, yellow semi-sheer top, and 4-inch heels.  No underwear!
      As we traveled to a town about 15 miles away, I told her I arranged a sensual massage for her from a black man at his apartment.  She was nervously excited.
      When we arrived at his apartment complex, we had to climb two flights of outside stairs to his second-floor apartment.  She had some difficulty with her heels so I stayed right behind her to ensure she didn’t fall.  It also gave me the opportunity to look up and see her beautiful bald pussy as the skirt was quite short.  Her skirt was so short, she was unable to cross her legs when she sat as it would ride up to her waist.  She looked back to me with a smirk on her face and said, “Enjoying the view?”
      We knocked on the door and a tall, black, young man named Christopher answered wearing scrubs.  He was her masseur for the evening.  We sat on his sofa and chatted for a while we discussed the massage session.  He told her that she would be receiving a full body massage and he hoped that she would enjoy it.  When J excused herself to the bathroom, I told Christopher the expectations.  I explained to him her fantasy and told him she would want a superior therapeutic massage then when she was fully relaxed and aroused, he was free to do what he wanted with her within reason.  I further explained I would be taking photos and videos.  He agreed and handed me his camera and said, “Please take some for me.”
      J returned from the bathroom and Christopher showed her to his massage table and told her to get comfortable. She looked at me, I winked, then she disrobed.  As she laid face down on the table, Christopher very quietly disrobed.  I don’t think she knew he was now naked. His cock was at least 9 inches flaccid and bounced between his thighs as he moved around the table.
      He started by standing at the head of the table, bending over to stroke her back. As he reached to rub her ass cheeks, his cock touched her head.  She now knew he was naked.  He proceeded to massage her back, shoulders and neck for the next 30 minutes. The harder Christopher rubbed her the more relaxed she became.  When he moved to her legs, he slowly moved his hands up and down, getting closer to her pussy each time.  I could tell she was very relaxed now as she cooed softly.  He then moved to her side and started rubbing her arm and leg simultaneously.  His cock was laying on her arm.  She then grabbed his cock with her hand and slowly started rubbing it and kissed the head. 
      He then moved to her legs and spread them ever so slightly to be able to access her legs on both sides. He stroked her legs first on the back of her thighs and calves. He then moved inward to the inner thigh and stroked there for a while. Occasionally, his fingers would lightly brush her pussy lips and sphincter. She would gasp and moan lightly. He finished massaging her legs and feet and arms then bent over and started licking her pussy.  She intuitively pulled her knees up under her to give him better access.  He used this position to run his tongue over her vagina and asshole while fingering her clit.  After he enjoyed her pussy and asshole, he asked her to flip over.
      After J turned onto her back, he again focused on her upper body.  First, he worked on her shoulders and stomach.  He started massaging her breasts from the outer skin where they meet her chest and started moving inward. He reached her areole on the first one and slowly started rubbing his big fingers around it. As he did this, her nipple started to harden even though he had not touched it yet. He did not touch that nipple yet and he moved to the other side doing the same thing. He brought both of her nipples to full attention. After they were standing up, he slowly dripped some oil on them and started rubbing them. You could see J's stomach twitching and her hip rise as he did this.
      He teased her nipples and lightly pinched them while tugging on them, turning her on even more. He then moved down to her legs. He started at her feet and worked his way up. As he moved his hand slowly to the inside of her legs, he would pull and slightly spread her legs apart from each other in the process. Pretty soon she had her legs spread wide enough to enable him to massage her thighs and see her full pussy at the same time.
      He worked on her thighs and in the process would lightly touch her pussy. After a short amount of time, he began rubbing her abdomen. He started where her vagina began and worked all around her hips. He slowly would move his fingers in between her legs where the leg met the pelvis and slide his fingers down to her asshole and back up lightly running his fingers over both her ass and pussy.
      She felt his bare cock next to her arm and reached over and to my surprise, took him into her mouth.  Obviously, the therapeutic portion of the massage was over.  She then grabbed his leg and had him position himself over her. They were now in the sixty-nine position and she had a massive black cock right above her lips. She reached up and grabbed his cock at the base and brought her head up to meet it with her lips.  She slowly jacked his cock in and out of her mouth.  I thought she would have a heart attack when she reached the tip and realized how big his cock was. Fully hard, he was over 10 and a half inches long and about 5 inches around. She never flinched.  He was licking at her pussy and matching her every move when she slowly opened her mouth and proceeded to start licking the tip of his cock.
      She pulled his cock out of her mouth and motioned for him to position himself between her legs. His shaft was now positioned at the entrance of her wet and willing open cunt. He asked her if she was ready for it and she just smiled. Christopher slowly started to work the head of his cock at her opening, teasing her.  He then slowly slid the head in and she grimaced a little due to the muscles being stretched. He took his time and let her adjust to his size. He proceeded to do this through the beginning slowly sliding his cock in little by little. Around 6 inches was in and she was starting to feel a mixture of pain and pleasure deep inside of her. He would move his cock in and out slowly to help her adjust to the size and depth he was going in her. At about 8 inches, he pulled back and pushed the rest of his cock deep into her until his balls slapped up against her ass. This sent pain through her whole abdomen but he stayed there and let her cervix adjust to the size. The pain started to fade and she felt more pleasure that she had never known before. His cock filled her completely up and she loved it.
      Soon, he whispered into her ear.  They both got off the massage table and moved to his bed.  She immediately laid on her back and placed her legs high in the air.  Christopher donned a condom, climbed on her and thrusted into her in one motion.  As he started thrusting in and out, J wrapped her legs around his back and interlocked her ankles.  She was now feeling the pleasure of his movements and was working her hips to match him. His cock glistened in the light from the wetness she had. He was moving in and out of her and she was nearing orgasm two, which she has never done in a single session. He kept going and started to work his cock all the way out to the tip and then all the way in again. After about six full strokes like that, she came again. This time she started to squirt, something she never did during intercourse. Christopher’s bed was now soaked.
      He then stopped and rolled her onto her stomach and resumed fucking her from behind.  You could see her cum running down her legs on the mattress.  Soon he began to cum. 
      When they were finished, J started to dress.  Christopher helped her buckle her stilettos and as he did, he leaned in and kissed her vagina.  She then whispered into his ear, “Next time I want you bareback.  I regret not feeling your cum in me."  He smiled ear to ear.
      As we made our way back to the car, she said, “I’m sure glad we have leather seats!I’m going to be leaking all the way home. What she didn’t know, was a guy was working on his car in the parking lot near our vehicle. Her skirt had ridden up while climbing down the stairs and then climbing up into our SUV. The guy got a good view of about everything to include her cum on the back of her thighs.
      J invited Christopher to our home many times after that first encounter. True to her word, she let him cum deep inside of her mouth and cunt each time.
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