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    Trust is great. I trust all the couples we play with. Does that mean I should trust the couples they have played with in the past or are still playing with? Just how far should this trust extend?

    Until there is an over the counter, immediate results, full spectrum, test for all the nasties out there, I'm not playing bearbacked. As well, I like the fact bareback play is just for Bear and I; added intimacy.

    -- Bunny

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    I rarely use condoms. My usual thought is if I do not trust you enough to have sex without a condom I do not trust you enough to have sex with one. I am thoughtful and careful but there is a risk. But I look at it this way. There are about 900,000 people in america who are thought to be HIV positive. About 500,000 of them are within the ages 35-55. Which is about 55%. Texas has 27,000 HIV cases which is about 16,200 in that age range. About 2,100 of the total 900,000 are from heterosexual contact. That makes the risk .2% which is 420 people in texas . Take into consideration i only have sex with females and so that is half that number...i.e. - .1% or 210 people. Finally take into consideration the risk of transmission is 3.1 percent (female to male) if the women is actually HIV positive, this will leave you with a risk factor of 3.1% of 0.1% = .003% or less than one person. To look at this another way, thats 3 out of 1000 chance of contracting HIV IF THE WOMEN HAS IT. I can live with that risk as it is way less than almost anything I do. I have included the web sites where the data was obtained. Lot of numbers and maybe I messed up my calculations but at any rate the risk is very small.
    Mark in Austin

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    Default Re: Bare Back Swingers

    Quote Originally Posted by bear_n_bunny
    We just spend the weekend with our favorite playmates and discussed the subject. It was generally agreed that going bareback was not worth the risk.
    Many of you have read out previous posts on this subject including CreamPies, etc. We have said that if you are going to do oral without everything covered up, why insist on rubbers for intercourse. This is our experience from only two months ago.

    We enjoy MFM and met a guy at a club we frequent. He was really nice and wanted to party with us. He had only one request, he insisted on wearing a condom. Even though we like the Cream Pie experience, we decided that it would be OK and went to the room. Of course, oral sex was unprotected. He did my wife, she did him, I did her, the usual. When it came time for intercourse, he put on a rubber and we all had fun.

    One month later, guess what...Yes...Chlymadia. Damn! Well, my wife and I went to the doctor, took some pills and now it's gone. Since our previous playtime with another was over six months ago, we know this is the guy who we caught this from.

    What have we learned from all this?
    1. Having sex with others is risky.
    2. All swingers choose to take the risk.
    3. You can get an STD from oral.
    4. People who play "Double Standard" sex (unprotected oral and protected intercourse) are only fooling themselves.

    This experience has solidified our attitude on this subject. The only "Safe" sex is monogamy or, if adding others, full latex body suits with air masks. Does anyone know where we can get his and hers full latex body suits? But then again, what fun would that be?

    Please no flaming. This is our true life experience in swinging.

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    With so many diseases out there today and the nature of some to "hide out", there is absolutely NO WAY my Master would ever allow anyone to be with me without using one. The ONLY person who gets to go in "au natural" is my Master and only him. Age isn't a factor, there is a huge percentage of people over the age of 65 with STD's who live in homes where they have lots of unprotected sex.... just my thoughts on the subject.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg & Sheryl
    Itís like riding a motorcycle. Some people will never get on one. Others will ride, but always wear a helmet. But for others, feeling the wind rip through your hair is part of the whole experience.
    Anyway, all the flaming aside- this is one of the best analogies that I've come across- I will add it to my permanent repertoire. Thx!

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    We only want to swing with condoms; NO amount of pleasure is worth acquiring a STD. As stated by Bunny you just never know what someone may have lurking. We know as a monogamous couple for the past four great years we are safe and clean and we certainly will stay that way.

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    Still swing virgins here at this point, but exploring. We met a guy into the lifestyle who said he would only go bare back, that skin on skin was the only way to go. That put up a red light for us, immediately. Needless to say, he didn't score that night.
    I feel it would be best for my S.O. and I to save 'bare back' for ourselves and insist on protection for anybody else if and when that occurs for us.
    A question that I still don't understand is why 'head' seems to be OK without protection, but a condom is needed for penetration. STDs can be transmitted orally, right?
    "L-I-V-E live!..otherwise, you've got nothing to talk about in the locker room!"
    [Maudism] (Harold & Maude)

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