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    Guest BamaRide's Avatar

    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    By all means... the potential for the first night being a one nighter is always there! So I know where you're coming from.


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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    Although we have some regular couples or singles that we play with, we have also found the occasional chance meeting followed by an evening of playtime with near strangers to be be a very exciting addition to our swinging lifestyle. We would consider a one night stand as being with a couple or single where you have no plans, or there may be no possibility of ever seeing or playing with them again in the future.

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    Swingers Board Addict little firefly's Avatar
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    monogamous wife of a swinger husband

    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    As far as NDN and I, we have a one hit rule. I don't play with anyone but him, but when he plays with another woman or a couple for mfm it's with the understanding that his time with the other person is a one time deal. No exchanging numbers, no dinner dates, no visiting each others homes. It's my way of feeling more secure in my relationship with him knowing that emotional attachments aren't likely to form with anyone else.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    I prefer one nighters but if it develops into more then thats ok too.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    Can't say we enjoy or look for the one nighters but sometimes it works out better that way, Sometimes they look and act great until they get what they want and then well as I said it's just better they don't come back.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    One night just had one, was are first time finally swinging, and when we set it up I knew it would be the only time we would do it with this man before we even met him, was very comfortable with it. It was a very good mild first time for us and I will swing again just not with same person. Maybe later will be some friends we can swing with more then once, either way dosnt' matter all is fun either way

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    I don't know. I have to feel a connection with someone before I do anything with them. I've never had a one night stand as a vanilla single lady nor do I intend to as a swinger.

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    Swingers Board Addict janaandjames's Avatar
    female half of couple
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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    Some friendships have developed. But, in general we prefer one nighters. Part of the excitement of swinging for me, is meeting a new person to ... get to know
    But then, there is also a lot to be said for the idea that you are better able to please someone you know a little bit too...

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    Mrs. H and I have come to prefer one night stands to making lots of "friends" in the lifestyle. We're not looking for shopping buddies or travel companions like a lot of couples seem to be. If we hit it off, then it's a good thing, and if we play, so much the better. Afterward we will go our separate ways, and hope you do the same. This is to keep the two "us-es" as separate as possible.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We've gotten to the point where we have plenty of friend couples, and I have a few male singles that I can depend on and trust. Bob recently found a sorta local lady that enjoys golf as much as he does and that looks like it will be more than just a two night stand. Our one and done is more if we travel, house parties or swinger resorts down in Palm Springs area.

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    Liking It Here merced209guy's Avatar
    Male (Single / Part time sexer)
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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    Doesn't matter really..... Its swinging not marriage.... if liked by both parties then it will happen again most likely.... no expectations and NSA.... right? or do you expect to have more?//// great question :p

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We have 2 couples that we play with on a normal basis, but, for the most part, we prefer the one time hookup. We aren't looking for the complications of relationships, and, being that we both have very quirky personalities, it can be hard to find people that we are compatible with on a personality level.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We are not interested in 1 night stands with other couples. We would much rather prefer to have 2 or 3 couples who we can swing with, but also get together with them without there being an expectation of sex every time we're together.

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    Swingers Board Addict km34's Avatar
    Couple - she posts
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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We are okay with one night stands, but prefer to find people interested in repeats/friendship.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We're okay with them in theory. In practice, our hook-ups persist until they are a regular thing.

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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We like one night stands, but we really like our one night stands that turn into more than that. We like to meet the occasional tourist couple, working on one this weekend. Kind of enjoy the finality of the evening. But we also like meeting others we already have played with, the sex can become quite good as you get to know someone.

    So we are good either way.

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    Being good is overrated sweet_tna's Avatar
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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We've had a couple one night stands, but it wasn't our intention; it just worked out that way. And while we don't feel the need to become best pals before getting naked with folks, it is nice when a good friendship develops. It sure makes getting naked with those folks again a whole lot easier.

    That said, I have had a few fantasies about one night stands . . .

    (For the record I voted "Doesn't matter.")

    I'd rather go to hell for doing something I enjoyed than heaven wondering what it's like.

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    Breaking Barriers cupl4fun's Avatar
    couple, he mostly posts, she reads and points out his mistakes

    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    We don't mind friendships, but we really enjoy the excitement of one night stands. We stay busy enough between work, kids, and other responsibilities that one night stands actually work best for us.
    Screw You Guys. I'm Goin' Home.

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    Swingers Board Guide SW_PA_Couple's Avatar
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    Default re: Are you "One Night Stand" swingers?

    I believe we must be careful to distinguish a one-night stand from try-out:

    One-night stand: You have hopes that this couple will prove to be good in bed and otherwise compatible so after some period, either long or brief, of becoming acquainted, you get together for sex. For some reason or another you never get together again.

    Try-out: At the restaurant you look accross the table. They're flashing you bedroom eyes so you quickly invite them home for a try-out.
    ~Richard Linklater

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