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    Default Re: How many straight guys have taken a finger???

    Yes we really like it , when we start for play with my wife she enjoys putting her finger in me and the orgasm I gave after she plays with my ass is outstanding, really, but never looked at it any further we like enjoying our bodies and sexuality together, it's just another form of sex or you might call it a forplay

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    Default Re: How many straight guys have taken a finger???

    When my wife gave me a good BJ one night, I asked her to tickle my butt hole. It was a wonderful sensation. She eventually, with a little lube, managed to insert her finger and rotate it round just inside. WOW I came very quickly after that.

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    Default Re: How many straight guys have taken a finger???

    I have liked anal play since I was young, probably discovered it by age 10. Always heard of teenage girls using the hairbrush handle. Well it was me using every hairbrush handle I could get my hands on plus my fingers and once my younger brother stuck his dick in my ass. It was small and he was not into it at all but I was. We were young and I know that sounds wrong but we had no idea that there was anything wrong. We were just discovering sex and liking every minute. Both wives were not into it although the second did finger me more than the first but I wanted it every time and she didn't and definitely told me hers was off limits. I really wanted her to do me with a strap-on but that ain't going to happen either.

    I finally decided that I wanted something bigger in there just to experience it before I died. So I went from fishing pole handle to magnum flash light to real life-like soft rubber vibrating dildo. It feels so good that one of my regrets is it that I didn't get one 40 years ago. At times I think I would like to experience the real thing but that might lead to somewhere I didn't mean to go. It's different for everyone, For me ass play feels great, especially with the right "equipment". For others a complete turn off because of the sissy and poo factor and other things. Since I'm here at the confessional I may as well throw in that I started wearing panties 24/7. This is another fantasy I resisted for a long time, usually just playing with my wife's but once even got her sisters out of the dirty clothes and went to town with them wrapped around my dick. That was so much fun. I would do it again. I think I got off the subject but it turns me on writing about this stuff for everyone to read. I'm about to progress to a 3 inch rubber vibrating dick any day now. Wish me luck.

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    Default Re: How many straight guys have taken a finger???

    I love a finger in my ass while having a blow job. Increases the sensation, love it when she pushes in deep as I cum.

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    Default Re: How many straight guys have taken a finger???

    Babe did that once. It was not even remotely sexy. Ape did not like it.

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