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Group for swingers who travel and want to hook-up with others on their travels.

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  2. She has been before and admits to enjoying the attention. I have ED and could use the help. She has gained weight and has it in her head she is disgusting looking to other men. She needs it and needs it bad, the attention from other men as well as some hot, steamy sex
  3. I totally agree, resorts with nude beaches is where I enjoy to meet people. People are much more friendlier than a regular beach and I feel like most are open to possibly being together.
  4. I don't know about RIU PLA, but if there are nude beaches there is hope. Warm sun, cool waves, nude bodies, music and a bit of alcohol seem to work wonders for men's and women's libidos. Given that combination anything is possible 😁
  5. Wife and I will be at RIU PLA. I sure would love to see some guys hit on her and flirt with her. She needs it and so do I. I love to see her with other men. She has a confidence issue concerning weight. I keep hoping. She is a BBW full of passion. She puts the B in Beautiful!I'm just hoping she opens up if men would flirt with her and want another guy or 2 to join us again. It was so hot watching her with another man. It made me want and desire her more.I will stop rambling and dreaming. Hope to see someone there that loves passionate, 50 BBW that needs to get laid and feel the attention of 2 or more men. : :
  6. I’m looking to get together with some couple that is traveling through central iowa im willing to to try anything and love to please you both
  7. Hi travelers we recently bought a motor home and since we are in the lifestyle was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for lifestyle friendly Rv resorts or campgrounds. Thanks Randy and Phyllis
  8. Indian couple at detroit. Send a msg on k i k
  9. we're planning an adventure at an Adult Theatre in Buffalo or Niagra Falls friendly to Couples. Can anyone make a suggestion which clubs are available in that region? Thanks!
  10. We too are located in Pompano. Looking for interesting people.
  11. We too are located in Pompano. Looking for interesting people.
  12. We are off to HBR 9/30/17 for a week. Julie and Rob
  13. When we were kids, your parents took us to parks which had swings that the children could sit on. Now that we're older, we like going to parks that have swings we can strap ourselves into . Anyone wanna join us for Hedo 2017?
  14. Hey all, I'm flying to Philly on Monday for the week, then to China, and then to Italy. Anyone looking to hang out for a night or so?
  15. Will be in Vegas Sept 28 to Oct 1. May make a visit to the Red Rooster on Sept 30 Will be at HEDO Nov 20 to Nov 26 Any couples going to be where we will be, feel free to post/send note On SLS we are chrissuzanne
  16. Headed to Budapest for work, has anyone had any travels there? LS friendly?
  17. Hey my wife and I are heading to HBR this Wednesday March 23 for 8 nights...anyone else going to be there?? Let us know
  18. I am a healthy male , AANR member and looking for a travel mate a female OR a couple But only after meeting in person or by Skype I have a trip coming up. The last week in June I have paid & rented a two bedroom apartment (separated beds) your only cost is Airfare short train trip & your meals for the city Cap d'agde France I am going to stay one week and we could see Paris before we got back on the plane to fly home. This has been on my bucket list and I want to cross it off I can share female reference & will pay the fee for a full background check on me. I was married for 18yrs wife died 11/21/97 Does this sound interesting & challenging my email harrislane@gmail.com
  19. Anyone headed down that way at the same time? Let us know, we'll go hit the AN island together =)
  20. We will be headed to Couples in Ocho Rios, Jan 8-17, anyone near there care to meet up? We will buy drinks! Renee n Ron
  21. Hi all, I'm coming to Frankfurt am main, and will be staying at the Marriot (22nd-25th). Hoping to meet some people and have fun, and also to get some advises on clubs/parties. I'm 31, bi, single man. Hope to make it wild....
  22. We are in the Pompano Beach area, any suggestions on clubs, or bars frequented by like minded people?
  23. We will be in the Tampa Bay area the weekend of August 10th. Anyone know of any fun parties or clubs?
  24. Not sure if we will have time to meet-up with anyone, but thought we would post this information anyway. Please contact us if you are in the area when we are.
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