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We are a group of gorgeous, couples , Single females, & Single men in the lifestyle who primarily play in New York City & North NJ Area . Our founding members are here to introduce you to our legendary Parties Through a careful process of selection, we successfully congregate an amazingly sexy group of attractive, open-minded and intelligent people with a common interest. To explore and indulge their erotic pleasure Visit our Website for party information https://greenlightsecretsnyc.wixsite.com/mysite

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  2. Poke Her Club Events Welcome to Gotham City The Place where Monday threw Friday we scramble in & out of cabs, Run For the bus & subway, Survive by Eating fast Foods, Bumper to bumper traffic, And people have road rage out the ass Well the Weekend is here……… Thank God It’s Friday Join us in Gotham City on October 11th 2019 As we gather a group of like minded people who want to come out & have some fun Our Event’s are not for soft swap swingers This is Gotham City And Only The Strong survive
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