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  1. What's new in this club
  2. Could be that swampy area SE of Beaumont??
  3. She's pointing both east and west.
  4. W e'er in North Texas, Bartonville, Texas, always looking for a couple near us to play!
  5. We’ve been to Colette’s, a swingers’ club in Dallas. We also went to a club in Austin.
  6. We’re in Houston. North suburbs
  7. Is there a hint in your image that will help us guess in what part of Texas you live?
  8. Hello in send a message. , my newest pictures
  9. We are in the Houston area. (We like to go to DFW to Club Eden)
  10. We are from the middle of nowhere. Geography speaking. 30 miles to Austin. 30 miles to San Antonio. 20 miles to Blanco. 20 miles to San Marcos.
  11. where is everyone from ? we are from Amarillo
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