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Recreational vehicle swingers that want to meet in the Carolinas for weekend trips and enjoy friendship, the RV camping experience, and if they desire...swap.

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  2. Any RVers in central iowa that like to meet up with a single bi sexual man willing to do anything and willing to please maybe we can talk to see where it might go from their
  3. A flag? What is the flag? our experience at swing camp is that RVs are great to have shared sex in, very convenient, but hardly very private….lol. Even trying to be quiet sounds escape through the RV walls. We have been at regular campgrounds just ourselves and a few times with a couple we are close with and sex play was challenging but made to be more fun. Trying to be silent and not rock the RV (yeah even with the stabilizers out it still moves) if you have hanging lights or decorations hanging from the RV they move, rock, bounce with every slight movement. We discovered just how sensual and exciting excessively slow sex play can be…..drawing out the excitement….making play activity last a long time. A real plus.
  4. Hi I’ll be interested in meeting any RVers that that would like to meet up or want to talk sometime thanks for your time
  5. We are full timers, currently at Paradise Lakes Resort, Lutz, FL no exit date yet happy where we are
  6. What's the accepted way to let others in the RV Park know you're swingers?
  7. We are rv's and we haven't found other swinging cpls in camp grounds yet ?? But we sure would like too !!
  8. There has been an absolute boom in RVers this past year. I’m sure more of us are going to start popping up.
  9. Heard through the grapevine that RV sites are hotbeds of swinging.
  10. We recently purchased an RV. We live in it full time and travel for work contracts. Would be great to find lifestyle RVers to become friends with.
  11. Guest

    RV swingers?

    We haven't stayed anywhere in Florida. We like full hook ups and most State Parks don't have them or are very limited. We usually go to the KOAs or Good Sam recommended RV parks. Yes, you would think that in the swinging lifestyle there would be a lot of RVers and travel adventurous couples. We have talked to a few but meeting up has been the problem considering the distance, travel timing, etc. We have swapped with two couples and I have entertained some men on our trips. We post a flag at our campsite and also have a trick when we set up our wifi router that lets everyone know who we are and which site we are located.
  12. We have just recently purchased a camper and have enjoyed RV’ing at various parks so far. We have often wondered if there are other RV’ers that are also swingers. We have not yet found any but we do hope that changes at some point. We think it could be a lot of fun going camping with a fun group of like minded campers. Who knows......
  13. I do not own an RV but I do like to camp. My partner and I just returned from a camping trip in MD. I enjoy camping at the nudist resort here in VA too. Nice campground and great people but not a place if you are looking to play.
  14. Hey now, with over a thousand on this board, there must be more than us two with RV's. Now you two went to Charlotte from Miami, right. Did you stop at any of the Florida State Parks along the way. For years we couldn't do the State Parks because they didn't allow pets. Now we really prefer them. In fact, heading down to Clermont to Lake Louisa S.P. in two weeks and then to the keys in May. But I do have a suggestion, if you haven't already been. Fantasy Fest in Key West every October is full of players. We've only been once, back in '99 when we were still playing, and had a ball. Now we couldn't get reservations for one of the RV parks in Key West but the Sugar Loaf KOA, MM20 or so, was as full of fun couples as any of the parks.
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