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We are Bisexual males seeking couple and singles for mutual pleasures

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  2. I do agree with that statement, no romatic interest in other males. I have never kissed another mail and unless it happens in the heat of the moment, I have no plans to. I do ❤️ love to suck a nice cock to completion and be fucked good.
  3. I don't have any idea how to rate myself. I have zero romantic interest in guys. No kissing. No romance. But I do like to suck cock. and sometimes more...
  4. I would say somewhere between 70-30 and 60-40. I was completely straight for most of my life, however like others in this group, Sabrina said she would like to watch guys play with each other. My very first M/M experience (it was actually a MMF) was extremely incredible and I was hooked.
  5. Although I prefer women I’m sexually attracted to guys as well. I don’t consider myself truly bi as I’ve read that to be so one has to be capable of having feelings for or falling in love with both sexes equally. I can only do this with women. With guys it’s all and only about the sex. I consider myself very open minded and sexually adventurous.
  6. Women are like that, sometimes they need to prove (to themselves? their husband? others?) that they can be a whore who gives pleasure. Daniela is like that sometimes, screw several guys in our group, then when she/we are home, be a perfect loving wife. We all have sides that come out differently at different times.
  7. Thank you for reading and reacting to my post; I appreciate it. After reading it again myself, it's like I was drinking or on something; I do neither, it was only a really strange mood yesterday. My moods affect my sexual thoughts and behavior, which fortunately my poly family understands and accommodates (along with our boyfriend Frank and his wife Becky). And you folks here allow me to express. Thanks again.
  8. The feelings among the three women in our family is deeper than ever. We will do the routine things, like shopping together with or without some of the kids, just to be together. Hold hands, share a kiss in the car, just feel close. But today, I had the unusual desire be used, taken by a guy, just for his pleasure. Early this morning I left the house and went to Frank and Becky's unannounced. They said that I (actually any of us women) could come by for Frank unannounced anytime Clair, Lora, or I felt the need. It has always been planned, but not this time. It was strange. I called as I arrived around 6am, Becky answered and asked what was wrong. I apologized and said I needed Frank. She said OK, let me in as I got there, took me into their bedroom where I took my clothes off, sucked Frank to an erection, had him do me quick, thanked Becky and left. My intent was to do it for only his pleasure, but I came too; hard. After getting a coffee and getting home I screwed Red, then David. Two more orgasms, a shower, and then I felt OK again. Something is going on in my brain. Something I need. I have a husband who is more in love with Lora than with me, but so am I.
  9. Although I am not shy, I’m also not Bi. I describe my self as a Lesbian trapped in a man’s body.
  10. Not particularly difficult in our experience. With the caveat that you should disclose that on any online profiles. There are a whole lot of couples with bi males out there that list themselves as straight. Until they contact your openly bi profile. Basically you have to make the first move. In a swingers club in a threesome wife will ask a guy if he enjoys two mouths on his cock to see if he’s at least heteroflexible to be receptive. With another couple we’ll ask how open minded they are or she will ask the other woman while making out with her. Some clubs have explicitly lgbt friendly nights too where there would be less risk of rejection, for that reason. Our local example: https://velvetropepdx.com/event/pan-demonium-3/
  11. We have played with bisexual males before. But have never had a couple where the male is bisexual. Is it a unicorn situation or are we looking in the wrong area? Also, have you ever had a guy want to become exclusive with you and the spouse?
  12. 60-40, definitely strongly bisexual but mostly hetero-romantic. There are men I'm attracted to their entire body/personality rather than it just being about sex but that is much more rare than it is with women. In a swinging context, we'll swing with pretty much any variation of gendered singles/couples. But another bi couple interested in a same sex swap gets our attention the most. Have all the straight sex we want with each other.
  13. Bisexual by definition includes strictly sexual behavior, no need to tie romance into it. Why you see people who say they are bisexual but hetero-romantic. But if it's truly just "if it feels good, do it". That's more hedonism than a sexual orientation.
  14. Anyone else?? Or am I alone here?? I am into Pleasure...period. If it is pleasurable I'm all for it. I have no urges, desires, wonders, fantasies, attraction, or anything else of having a relationship, cuddling, kissing, holding hands or any of that with a man. But if in the moment your good enough where my body signals my mind to where it arouses me or vise versa then let's roll with it if not then I'm 100% cool with that too. We have met couples and single men and we've exchanged head, hand jobs, frottage, and I mean like I said if it feels good then I'm down for it... So when I hear the term(s) gay or lesbian or bi I think attraction, lustrous, connection, relationship with someone of the same sex. Its always associated with a relationship or attractions to someone, or feelings/actions of intimacy. Anyone else get where I'm coming from??
  15. I agree I just don't know if everyone else would agree. I have never played with a guy or purposefully touched them. The only reason I enjoy them in the MFM is the kinkiness and visual aspect of it. But I have zero sexual desire to do anything with another guy.
  16. It's my belief that MFMs can be 100% hetero for the guys. At least that is the way I've always thought of it. I like seeing him do things to the woman we are playing with (my wife included), but have no interest in touching him.
  17. I would say 100% heterosexual although people might say that can't be because I've been involved in countless MFM threesomes and a few gangbangs but that's how I would rate myself.
  18. I'm 90/10. I've done gay acts (oral and anal both ways) several times to satisfy the wives. Didn't mind, but not really fun for me or the other guys. So not again without good reason, like a woman asking.
  19. I started out 100% straight, but now I would say that I am 60% Lesbian, 50% hetero. (I know what that adds up to, but that's the point.) From the strictly sexual standpoint I like men and women equally, but from the romantic, emotional aspect Clair, Lora, and I are much closer to each other than to the men.
  20. I do like the Ladies but occasionally a cock catches my eye and if the guy is interested we'll get acquainted and maybe more.
  21. I would say 80-20, but very bi-curious. I would like to find someone to help show me the ropes.
  22. I want to share my "why" first. At a younger age, I didn't know if I bisexual or gay? I met a sex therapist and he suggested to go meet men and let my passions decide. I enjoyed, sex with women but I didn't have a desire to give oral to a woman. From my first date, emotional, romantic and sexual attractions to males soared. Since then I have enjoyed many emotional gay relationships with males with the sex being the best, with a deeper committed feeling with males. How would I rate myself? I would say I'm a bit fluid, between 10-90: Mostly homosexual to meet a bisexual couple. With most of the time being: 0-100: Completely homosexual. My favorite scenes with a couple are the wife watching her husband and me in a sex show while she cheers us on and captures our hot action of him in me in 69 while she jacks our hard cock, flooding each other's mouth with our hot cum or she licks my shaved balls as I fuck her husband, cumming in his ass. And if she likes to join in with her strap-on!
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