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A group for all interested in Cuckoldry.

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  2. This is what we did on Boxing Day. We met up with a dear friend and he pampered her tenderly and lovingly and he fucked her in the spoon position and I cuddled with her. Then she turned around and smooched with him and I enjoyed her sweet sperm-filled paradise from behind and gave her also my sperm. It was such a wonderful Christmas experience 😘
  3. My wife and I had very good communication from the start. We usually always make our choice together. As a Christian couple we both have a natural love for the special beauty and naturalness of bareback sex as it is intended. Her choice of partners is always exzellent and a gift to our relationship that strengthens and promotes it and that is why, of course, she always has the green light from me. Your wife's consideration in the choice is great and very respectful towards you. This is how your relationship can thrive and grow.
  4. Am I to assume from this statement that if you disapproved she would proceed anyway? OR That, in the particular, she makes the choice because she is already assured that you are okay with what she chooses? My wife has an permanent and plenary Green Light from me. She still checks if something, or someone new enters the picture. She is considerate that way, but it is unnecessary and she knows it.
  5. She usually has sex in a club with a condom. But sometimes it happens that it is simply forgotten or is the most beautiful in the situation without it. I remember a very soft loving situation where we met a nice man who was about 20 years older than my wife. He had recently lost his wife and was looking for some distraction. She was very sorry. We drank some champagne together and went into a private room with him. At her request, he Made love to her bareback with a big lust for her and they kissed and fucked each other lovingly until he cummed nicely inside her. This was the sweet moment for a big smile on her face because she always enjoys a nice insemination very much. She alone decides how she likes it, whether with or without.
  6. Is this a safe site to visit? I have never seen a link to a site that ended in ".land"
  7. No Jan B and Mary O are real people. Both of them specialized in making cuckold videos. All of the videos look like they were recorded on person camcorders and there was really no script to any of the clips that I have seen.
  8. For even more exciting content, you might want to consider checking out "questionable site." They often have a diverse range of content that can cater to various interests and preferences. It's a great place to explore and discover new favorites.
  9. I'm not a guy and I don't watch porn, but the thought (and reality) of anyone in my poly family having sex with someone else really fascinates me and turns me on. This is rooted in my original jealousy, but now it is a swirl of emotions and sexual interest. Separately, I would like to know, but don't want to do my own research - are Jan B and Mary O real people, or is it a reference to something that I have become to old to get?
  10. I prefer home videos of real people. Swingers or not. Shared wives. Mature. More real situational or cockold. Sex play that mimics real life situations rather than staged/acted.
  11. Having those special creators you admire is always a treat. Jan B seems to have quite a bit of content available online, which is awesome for fans like you. Mary O may not have as many videos out there, but it's fantastic to know you're still a big fan of her work.
  12. I'm delighted to hear that Jan B and Mary O are two of your favorite amateur content creators!
  13. My experience was somewhat similar along that progression. Moved in as roommate. Then became playmates. Then in a poly relationship.
  14. Women are amazing that way. After my wife has been with another man, she is as good if not better than ever.
  15. I love to reclaim K after swinging, the feel of sloppy seconds and she needs a little more fucking before being spent.
  16. For the guys, it was never cuckoldry, just two men who loved me and enjoyed sex with me so much that they were monogamous. I tried really hard to keep them both satisfied. (Hubby sometimes liked to watch me with Red, Red didn't like to watch me with someone else.) I was the one who enjoyed being a female cuckold, wanting to reclaim my husband after he had sex with another woman. But as much as I wanted sex with him, reclaiming was eating his cum out of her and giving her as good an orgasm as he did.
  17. Our poly family formed by the slow accretion of partners. I broke up with my fiancé, but was still seeing him, then met a man who became my second lover and husband. He didn’t live with us at first, but nearby. Then I wanted hubby to play and arranged for female friends and acquaintances to do so. It brought out my Lesbian side and eventually one, then another of those women moved in. Now we're a family of five plus a bunch of children. We have also done some regular swinging along the way.
  18. Has anyone moved in a person that started out as a playmate? Did it change the dynamics of the relationship? At what point, does it change from being cuckoldry to being a polyamorous relationship?
  19. I am just wondering, how people go about finding others that are into the cuckold lifestyle? My go to has always been SLS but there has been alot of changes to that site and it seems like the activity has slowed down. Fetlife is a great alternative as it seems to have more members and it's more accepting of peoples differences.
  20. Some of my most exciting memories of potential sexual play were out-of-town short vacations where we would bring along a female friend or acquaintance of mine. I would try to seduce her into having sex with hubby and possibly me. We would pay for everything, get her a separate room; there would be no pressure, but I would create opportunities. Let them go off to do something alone, I would change clothes in front of both of them. Regardless of whether it happened or not, it was fun. And none of them ever had regrets either way.
  21. Not into cuckolding specifically, and we aren't strict about it, but we have had a loose "two county"/fifty-mile/hour's drive rule for meeting new play friends. We've risked local gossip before, but the towns here are small and interwoven enough that even thirty minutes means a pretty good chance of being seen out by someone you know.
  22. Not cuckold specifically but not terribly unusual for people to only play on vacation or when out of town in order to avoid family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, etc.
  23. I was reading a couple of forums on another site and someone mentioned that they couldn't wait to go on their vacation. Essentially, this is the only time and place that the couple found it safe to explore their cuckold fantasies. Just curious, are there any couples in here that only explore your cuckold fantasies when you are on vacation away from home?
  24. Michael, like my husband, is not a cuckold, he is unselfish and generous. Very early in our marriage, before our poly family formed (and I was full of myself) I started having sex with a man like that. He just couldn't understand why my husband was ok with it. Rather than being grateful, he demeaned my husband and said he must be sexually inadequate. I dumped him. The experience humbled me and made me appreciate my husband and boyfriend more.
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