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This group is for swingers both singles and couples to say hello and see who is in the area. My wife and I are always looking to make new friends in and out of the bedroom. (Especially with the ladies)

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  2. "Peggy & Matt" were their "play names." THEY "lived in LA" as we upper Gulf Coast types referred to Lower Alabama" (Mobile in the case). WE "found each other" using AOL chat rooms (ala "MWC4M in Mobile") and flirted for NINE MOS before finally meeting! Matt was older. Peggy was younger (definitely a "trophy wife" when it cums to swingers because SHE LIKED IT). We "dated" for nearly 3 years before Peggy got transferred and TRIED to continue bi meeting together at Hedo! ALL of us working in "day jobs" back then, scheduling "expedition sex" just didn't happen. Plus, where Peggy got transferred, there HAD TO BE more and better "me's" that I was (even as DARN GOOD AS I WAS with our "escalating options"). SOoooo, hopefully Matt is still alive (tho his age could be in the late 80's/early 90's) Peggy and I are a close match. IF either Matt or Peggy (or someone who MET them in South Florida) can PRIVATELY (bi SB message, NOT a public "reply") respond, I'll be grateful! There would be DETAILS that ONLY WE would know (or that someone who played with Matt and Peggy would know). This may not result in a "reunion" butt it'd be nice to know you two are ok.
  3. fun to see ACTIVE members here on SB especially IN Florida or who VISIT Florida! njbm being on the east coast knows they have several delightful nudist beaches over that way (Playalinda, Blind Creek and Haulover). Plus, I hear there's a "playful" nudist Camp (Sunspot Gardens) that's quite interesting, especially on "drum nights!" Which just confirms hunterdonNJcpl's comment stated above! Bi the way "hunterdon" I admire the way you "checked it out" butt recommend that you consider using "DuckDuckGo" to avoid letting "Goo" capture your interest there....just sayin. I used to use "Goo" myself and WONDERED how my "tool searches" (literally "shop tools" not the "tools" we like here) showed up as ads on my iPad, iMac, MacPro and iPhone! I think it was "Anthony Weiner" (appropriately named as it turns out) who mistakenly sent HIS TOOL (SB version) out to his constituents! Oopsy. It was around THAT TIME I stopped using iCloud to "auto-back up" all my photos so that I could segregate images and files useful here. I think the original plan was for us to all run around naked and garden! Let's hope our recent activity here attracts more active members in FL to respond!
  4. We are on the east coast of Florida, so thanks for that update. We are long time nudists. Took us awhile to realize swingers were a subset of nudists. Makes sense, you are already half way there. No rassling with bra catches.
  5. I had to Google Edun bc I thought for sure it should have been Eden 😀 but it's not I think all nudist resorts get a little naughty after dark, and some even get naughty in broad daylight. It's always worth checking out the nightlife at these places
  6. Lake Edun in Naples is a very nice coed nudist "camp." Mind you there are no RV spots (that I know of) tho it does look like a few have tried to tent camp there. BUTT, they DO HAVE a nice pool, great lounges to lie out nude around the pool to sun and a nice sheltered area that has a self service ice machine. The owner is EXCEPTIONALLY NICE and it's just a really fun place to to be naked when it's hot, a dip and "drip dry" in the sun naked! I've heard from one man who goes there that some of the patrons "know each other well" and that "some play" goes on at night. I've never been there at night (I go for SUN). So, IF, any Board members know more about Lake Edun, I hope you will share it.
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