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  2. I have found some light bi activity at the Red Rooster. I was licking a girls clit as her hubby fucked her, he didn't seem to mind as I swirled my tongue over his cock, in fact he he said no problem so i swallowed up the whole thing. At that point he offered me his wife's pussy and i dove right in there. Would have liked to spend more time on his cock, though. He had a nice one!
  3. Hello, I am exploring and would like to know any advice couples have regarding meeting. I am been in several MFMs but would like to explore more. Thank you. Funguy
  4. What Club do you go to find bisexual swingers in Las Vegas Nevada? We were thinking of going to The Studios This Friday night that just opened they say this club is the same as the Power Exchange but in a new location
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