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Sexy Texans and anyone interested in associating with us. (Please keep your contact information inside private emails.)

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  3. Playboy TV is now casting season 5 of our hit series Swing! We are looking for relatable couples, ages 21-40, who are in a committed relationship and curious about the swinging lifestyle. Does a two day vacation to a private exclusive house in Las Vegas interest you? Are you looking to add more spice into your sex life? Have you and your partner talked about swinging and are finally ready to take the plunge? We are creating the ultimate fantasy getaway for couples who have a strong desire to reignite the fire! If you are interested in escaping reality and meeting other couples in a sexy, festive setting, we want to hear from you! We are also seeking couples that have been actively living the lifestyle. Pay is $2,000 per couple! If you are interested in being considered for the show please apply today! EMAIL: NAMES, AGES, CURRENT CITY, CONTACT INFORMATION, AND PHOTOS to Karina.Deutsch@rtvshows.com
  4. That's a good reminder. Everyone is responsible for wherever they spew their personal information (and photos) on the net. I was thinking more along the lines of fun public events and adult friendly locations. Club advertisements might not be a good thing, but something happening at Hippy Hollow might be good to post. I think the social groups have a poor visibility from the main part of the site and that may limit their usefulness. I wonder if the name "social groups" can be changed to "hot tubs" or something not so generic.
  5. Keep in mind that as things are currently set up anyone can view your group and anything posted in it (as well as add to it). So, it might not be the best for sharing contact info. Once I get everything else set up I'll be taking a closer look at the Social Groups and how they work and attempt to explain the options to everyone.
  6. This is partially an exploration of the new features from the recent site software upgrade and it can be a great place for Texans and folks visiting Texas to exchange information.
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