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    Default Re: Not your average, average guy

    Quote Originally Posted by Jane1902 View Post
    I hope that you don't worry so much that you can't rise to the occasion. Are you so big otherwise that perhaps proportionally you feel off? Going bald makes it look bigger. Please don't get a lack of confidence that gets the best of you
    I'm not hung up on aize anymore I used to be that way. I know she enjoys our sex life I guess I just dont like to not be what anyone needs to an extent. But thanks for the perspective I appreciate it!

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    Default Re: Not your average, average guy

    Quote Originally Posted by luvin eye full View Post
    lol if you get to that point with a couple then your dick size will not be a problem - Because what you look like has already been taken into account ( over all looks )

    Also you Wife will never "have it all" because there are billions of men out there and what ever 15% is of that is still millions - are you wanting her to screw them all? lol ( if you mean having it all is bigger cocks that is )

    Better would be to give your wife everything you can - mind body and soul. sex with others is just a novelty remember that.
    Touche you have a point there haha I don't want her screw millions of men. I just want her to have what she wants

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    Default Re: Not your average, average guy

    Quote Originally Posted by doc_oso View Post
    Touche you have a point there haha I don't want her screw millions of men. I just want her to have what she wants
    and from what you posted - she has it already lol, Now al you need to do is actually believe it - i mean really she's not lying to you.

    Do you think because of the ex and internet porn where every chick goes wild for the big cock and not the average one that this may also be in your head even a little?

    problem is now they call a average dick small - men wanting to be the best there girl ever had then hear and see all this crap and think oh man she must want it bigger.

    Honestly we all need to have a think on how we relate to each other - you know years ago i used to try and stick up for girls and say why the hell should they feel like shit so much that they feel plastic surgery was the fix.
    these days its the guys - i have to ask - where is the love -

    How did they get us to trade our self worth for lies, we trade the truth of our partners for the bullshit of the internet. gzzzzz i can feel a Pink Floyd song coming on ( wish you were here )

    so after that little rant - just know your wife needs only you and nothing else matters.

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    Default Re: Not your average, average guy

    [QUOTE=doc_oso;584443] That confidence went away when my ex wife cheated repeatedly and would tell me how much better they were because they were much bigger down stairs than I am.

    Which was entirely the effect she was going for my friend. She wanted out and wanted to be nasty about it for some reason.
    5 inches will do the trick.

    I am a tad longer but not in any where near the kind of shape you are so my "usable length" might not be what yours is. There are no complaints coming my way though.

    I would consider that the "love of your life" was probably not worth the honor and that you dodged the bullet.

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