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Hilton Head, a hulliva(n) Island

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On our auto trip south we decided to stop at Hilton Head Island for a few days. We chose a resort that was advertising a special price. It is right on a white, sandy beach and we walked every day up and down the beach in bright sun and 70-degree weather. The water temperature was 43 so that was out of the question but weather was 40 degrees warmer than our Pennsylvania home.


I have sometime scoffed at the stories of you swingers picking up people in bars but I will no longer scoff. JoAnn made a suggestion on out third evening to take out Fast Track game board to the same sports bar in the resort where we had ended our previous two days and we set it up on one of the bigger tables. Bar patrons would become curious and ask us what kind of game we were playing so we would explain, briefly or in detail depending upon people's interest. But to one particular couple, JoAnn acted on an impulse (as she often does) and pops up with an explanation, "all the swingers are playing this game." I wish I'd had a camera to capture the looks of surprise. But then we received a surprise. "You two are swingers," they respond. Before we could answer in the affirmative we hear, "we are too,"


We all sat down for a long and lively conversation. They are from Canada and each year go to the island for a break from the cold. We never did get around to explaining the game them. We traded stories our various adventures, laughed and had a good time. No sex happened as we all sensed that it was not headed that way. But really. What is the chance?


Two days later we were at The Reveals Karaoke night at Paradise Lakes. This past Thursday was apparently the last occasion when there with be a no-charge Karaoke or dance. Starting next week it will be Saturday evenings and there will be a charge. But we do expect to be there next week as well. We have met and are getting to know a number of people and the place is great fun. I'll add to this post over the next few weeks and let you all know about our progress.



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We were at the Reveals Club again yesterday evening. Learned that yesterday evening's dance (sponsored by one of the sales agents for vacation condos and apartments) was the only dance to be held on a Saturday evening. The sponsored dance is going to be evenings of every second Friday of a month so next one is Friday, Feb. 9 which means that we will still be in Florida and can go again. The dance was well attended and we met many new people. We are growing more and more to like Paradise Lakes.

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Here is one thing I have learned about Florida during this three-weeks visit. It is inhabited by humans and it is inhabited by ants; plenty of ants; oodles of ants; billions of ants. Some of said ants found me while I was standing at a roadside taking pictures and video recordings. I became a sight when I dropped my camera, my pants, my shirt, and my undershorts. It ain’t easy getting ants off of you. It was difficult to sleep yesterday evening. Happily it was not a busy road, although I do believe people would have understood my situation after realizing what it was. No more ? ? ?.

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We have been enjoying Florida immensely. But we have noticed; the supermarkets, like Publix, have a very poor selection of bread. Even the organic, wheat bread tastes like sawdust. I guess you have to leave one thing behind if you move on to another.

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