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New York, New York, a helluva town.

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Our adventure in New York City is over and we loved it:


The hotel that was recommended to us by out Hollywood daughter and son-in-law, the Library Hotel at Madison Avenue and 41st street, is charming, accommodating, and close to two different subway stations; walking distance to Times Square, Empire State Building, and Rockefeller Center. They had their own area for their guests to stand for the New Year's Eve celebrations. JoAnn bravely followed me as we navigated the subway system to the American Museum of Natural History, the 9/11 Museum (on a day that a raging snowstorm was blowing), the Museum of Sex (when we realized that our flight home had been cancelled). The Museums of Sex was recommended to us by our youngest child who lives in the borough of Queens. Apparently sex is not something of shame or embarrassment for an Orthodox Jewish person. American Airlines was very accommodating. They sent e-mail that they had changed our flight from New Your JFK to New York LaGuardia and we actually arrived home earlier that if we had left from JFK, which would not actually have been possible with all of the problems that they had on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, We have very good luck when we travel.

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Our daughter is an independent art curator and consultant. She knows the curator at the Museum of Sex and they have been discussing having our daughter organize an exhibition there.

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Agreed, it’s a mistake to think we can’t learn as much from our children - particularly children - as they learn from us.


Also, June Reinisch, currently an advisor to the Museum of Sex, was a professor in the psychology department when I was a doctoral student back in the late 1970s. She went on to become the director of the Kinsey Institute. I’m not absolutely certain, but I suspect she and her then husband were swingers. There were quiet rumors about that around the school.

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