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sick, dreams of Mermaids and addiction wtf?

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so I have been sick for a month now struggling to get well. I posted on here about three weeks aga about the sti, from that point of taking the medication for it, I have been sick. I had a cold and also an oral yeast and after the medication, my cold just go worse. i just finished a round of antibiotics and now am afraid that they are making me sick from over use, but I also don't feel Like I am equipped to fight without them. :( anywho, I feel like that is related to my dream I had last night that went as follows:


I was one of the leaders of a team of people who rescued mermaids. the current dilemma they were facing was addiction to a substance that would make them ill and eventually kill them... mermaids and people actually got along and there was known meeting place for the two groups. it was a little alcove between the mountains with beautiful beaches and cliffs on all sides but one. the cliffs were covered with bright green and blue foliage and the sand was also bright blue and magical looking. I don't remember what the mermaids themselves looked like but I was talking to a mermaid about why I couldn't help her friend. I said that she had to come to me for help on her own or the transfer to my ship would be too stressful and she would refuse help and die. then she asked why my sister who has addiction affliction was part of my crew and I told her because she could relate to the mermaids well since she had been through what they had. my ship was a pirate style like the queen Elizabeth . as I continued floating in the water as I talked to her, she sped off against the shore line angry with me for not agreeing to help her friend. As she swam, her tail made rainbow patterns in the water froth behind her. meanwhile her friend comes up behind me to ask my help and ends up nearly making me drown as she starts to drown from her illness. My teammate saves us both but is struggling to keep hold of us both. I tell him I can tread water, take her on board. He lets go of me and while swimming toward the ship, asks, why do you do this if you can't even swim and how have you kept that a secret? I wake up just then.

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Your dreams are certainly more Technicolor than mine.


Get well soon, Ms. SASS.



Feeling much better. Thanks!!

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