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Friends with benefits and a drama box.



so we finally decided to meet someone new from AFF. we met at local bar and bonded over the crappy karaoke singing going on that night. we talked for several hours and never once was it about sex. it was really refreshing. a couple times when I brought up drama, he told me to imagine a box, put that stuff inside, and kick it across the room....it isn't welcome here tonight....I like this analogy a lot. I told him not to kick it across the room just yet, because we might need to put more stuff in it, and I did. the box got a lot of use the next two nights. I didn't just put my drama in the box, I put my fear in it later and we had a great second date with him in which he romanced my clothes right off and we all thoroughly enjoyed each other. we have found exactly what we sought....friend with benefits. we have been in touch all week through texts and we will meet up again this weekend. we have some cool new games I have been wanting to play and I can't wait!! :blush:

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Definetly enjoying meeting new friends and chatting with new people. Having no regrets about our newest friend other than meeting sooner would have been nice!?

Sincerly hoping that this path continues to be as rewarding and entertaining, i.e. the Box, as it has begun for all of us.

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