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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I always knew I liked girls, but for some reason I just didn't "get it" until I was 15. One of my high school friends kissed me on the lips (in a friendly nonsexual way. lol) and then it just clicked.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    lol I managed to stay in denial until I was 18... In high school, we had "initiation" where any girls who wanted to join our group had to kiss me (not really, but we joked about it, because I made out with most of the girls who joined our group), but I always wrote it off as something we just did because the guys liked it.

    Finally when I got out of my parents' house, I realized that I REALLY enjoyed those makeout sessions and would love to explore it more. 2 years later I accepted that I could potentially fall in love with women, too, when I developed very strong feelings for a close friend. So... first clue was probably kissing a bunch of girls repeatedly - even though I didn't think about it at the time.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    My first crush was on the Lauren Bacall of "To Have and Have Not," (I was really sad when I realized she was more than old enough to be my mother) when I was about 10 and my cousin and I both liked looking at his brother's hidden Playboys, but I didn't attach any meaning to any of it until I was 15 and sitting on another girl's lap at a party. She put her arms around me and something inside lit off and my brain rearranged itself.

    I'm attracted to men too, but my strongest attractions and attachments have generally been to women.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    Quote Originally Posted by StewartP View Post
    But as time has gone by the experience has been properly analyzed and I know that future bi contacts will be more and more relaxed and more and more reciprocated. I don't think I am "proper" bi because I am not sexually attracted to men in the same way I am women, but as someone has already said in this thread, the point of sex is having fun and sensual pleasure, and in that pursuit, gender isn't all that important.
    I totally agree with Stewart. I've never seen a guy that I find physically attractive like I do so many women. But, the more comfortable I become with a guy, the more I realize that I am bisexual. And by that I mean 'bisexual' and not 'biromantic'..., does that make sense?

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I got really turned on by a girl in college and started making out with her. It was amazing and I find myself more and more turned on by women.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    Great question - for me, I was in my early thirties and had just gotten into watching porn with my husband. The mind-blowing orgasm I had while we were watching a girl-girl scene really surprised me. At the time I knew (realized) I liked watching girls and that they turned me on but it was a good year before I was comfortable saying I was bi.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I was a late bloomer--very late, as I was 34. I always found women attractive, but never gave it more than a passing thought until we began in the lifestyle. A lady started dancing and flirting with me, and all of a sudden . . . CLICK! She flipped my bi-switch on. We did play a bit, but it took a long while for me to work up the nerve to go down on her. I was totally crushing on her, and intimidated by my lack of experience. When it finally happened, it was worth the wait.

    I'd rather go to hell for doing something I enjoyed than heaven wondering what it's like.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I had a friend touch me at a sleep over in Jr. High, then a couple light encounters in college. then after raising 3 kids and 30 years of marriage, my neighbor lady in Arizona our winter home, slowly seduced me over a few weeks, now we are lovers, as both of our husbands travel a lot for work. They both enjoy watching so it fits for all of us.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I came to bi realization much later than most. I was cruising adult websites and soon started looking at cock along with women. It was simply arousing and fun. I cammed some, chatted, and did phone and just decide to try it in my fifties. Now I wish I had explored earlier. Find both sucking and give head very exciting and satisfying. Eventually I hope to find a local FWB to have fun regularly.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    Male here. This is the first time I have talked about this with anyone but one other female friend and my wife. I have nothing to be ashamed of in this, I've never talked about it because no one ever asked. This isn't some kind of fantasy I ever entertained before it happened and I swear it happened just as I describe.

    My first indication of my bisexuality came after an incident that happened when I was about 30. This was about 5 years before I met my wife. I was working as a bartender in a large bar crawl here in town. It was in a downtown mall and many gay men work in the restaurants in the downtown area. One of my co workers was a bi-male who also tended bar with me often. We had a regular customer ( gay male whom I'll call L ) who came into the bar a lot and would sit and talk with my bi co-worker almost everyday after his shift ended in one of the restaurants downstairs in the mall.

    I would often talk with the both of them when we weren't busy. One day the customer came in to talk with my co-worker and he mentioned that his birthday was coming up and he invited me and my co-worker to go bar hopping with him and his boyfriend ( I'll call him M ) and a few other people. I knew everyone that was going and it was a mixed M/F crowd, so I was quite comfortable going. Well the day came and I met everyone, we started at a great restaurant where we all had dinner and proceeded to hit the bars.

    Everyone was having a great time and we hit several bars and we were all getting drunk. We ended the night in a local gay bar that was a favorite of both L and M. I had been there before to see the drag show with friends, so again I was comfortable in the surroundings and didn't feel threatened. There were still about 6 of us there and we were having a blast. That's when the SHOTS started.

    After several rounds of tequila the ranks thinned to 4 of us, me, my co-worker, and L and M. I protested that I was drunk and needed to go home. My co-worker mysteriously disappeared, and I was in no shape to drive. I noticed that my keys had also suddenly disappeared, which was probably a good thing as I was pretty wasted. L and M offered me a ride home and I accepted.

    We got in their car and I passed out. When I awoke I was at THEIR house rather than mine and I was so wasted all I wanted to do was lay down and pass out. I was ushered to a guest bedroom and promptly was out like a light. I stirred about two hours later, and realized I was naked and was vaguely aware that my cock was being stroked and sucked. Still in my stupor, I though at first I was dreaming until whomever was sucking on me deep throated me to the balls. THAT woke me up.

    I was still quite intoxicated, and not truly fathoming that I was in the middle of a gay sex encounter. When I realized my predicament, I started to protest and as soon as I opened my mouth a large cock entered it. It took me a minute to realize I was being molested by BOTH men. Before the night was over, I ended up handcuffed to the bed against my will and basically raped by both of them multiple times. No condoms were used and no effort to observe safe sex practices was made. After about 3 hours I passed out again and woke up the next morning uncuffed and covered up in the bed.

    I was in a stupor for a while and could not get my head clear from all the liquor. I became aware that the smell of food was in the air, I could smell eggs bacon and coffee, which made my stomach rumble. I proceeded to throw up in the trash can next to the bed. When I finished, I emerged from the bedroom still naked after being unable to find my clothes. I was greeted by both men who asked me if I was hungry. I declined the food but accepted coffee to get the taste of tequila, puke and cum out of my mouth.

    I asked for my clothes and was presented with them. I couldn't wait to get the hell out of their house but was at their mercy because I had no idea where I was and had no other ride. I dressed and was taken back to my car. It took me a day to clear the cobwebs from my head and really come to grips with the fact that I had been raped.

    I was bruised from the cuffs and sore all over. My co-worker asked me if I had a good time the next day at work. I gave him a seriously dirty look and he asked me what was wrong. I told him what happened and he said he was shocked that they would take advantage of me the way they did. He begged me not to tell anyone because I think he felt responsible for leaving me with them. I wasn't eager to explain to anyone else what had happened to me, especially some cop, so I let it go. It got back to them that I was not happy about it and they began to worry I'd press charges and came into the bar.

    I wasn't eager to talk to them but my co-worker convinced me they wanted to apologize. I was not in an accepting mood and told him to relay that I just wanted to drop it altogether. I found another job inside of a week and gave my notice. It took me a year to come to grips with what happened in all of it I was determined not to be a victim.

    I had been dating a girl at the time of the rape but was unable to really explain to her what happened. We broke up about two months later and I stayed single for quite a while. I was still bartending and picking up women was not a problem, but I still struggled with the stigma of a man who'd been raped. I also struggled with the idea that no woman would want me now, like somehow I had been emasculated.

    I began to have dreams about it and woke up one night covered in my own cum from a wet dream. At that point I was distraught, but I realized I had felt pleasure at the time and that caused big time conflict in my mind. I realized I was causing my own suffering and that I was going to be 50 shades of fucked up if I didn't figure out a way to deal with it.

    I decided that I had to end the conflict and figure out my own sexuality, so I decided I needed to confront the dreams. I had been conflicted by the dreams because I stopped struggling after I was handcuffed and decided I was only going to cause myself harm by continuing to fight. But by decreasing the struggle, I had submitted to them. In that I had felt pleasure from it and I felt guilt because of it in the aftermath.

    So, I decide to purge the guilt by finding out if I was bi, sort of facing my fear rather than accepting that I was afraid of the result. I sought out my old bisexual co-worker from the bar. I knew he would be receptive to my plight and in the end it worked. The dreams stopped soon after and I have come to grips with the fact that I am bisexual. I wouldn't recommend this path to finding out about your sexuality, but in the end I took something horrible that happened to me and turned it into something I am secure with and in the end I consider that a victory. BTW, I haven't been drunk ever since.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    While growing up, I (the mrs.) was always attracted to both sexes. I never acted on my attraction to females until I was in my early 20's.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    The kids in my neighborhood always liked to get naked with each other and run around in the woods. There were both boys and girls and we all touched each other, we didn't know any different as we were only 8-10 years old at the time. I dated girls all through high school and college. Got married and then divorced. But it wasn't until I was about 30 and single that I had my first male encounter. I had often thought about sucking a cock in the meantime but never had the right opportunity.

    As I said, I was about 30 and in another city on business. One night I was at a bar and was way loaded when a woman came up and sat down next to me. I could tell she was a hooker, and when she asked if she could go back to my hotel room with me I figured what the hell. We got back to my room, she started to undress and yep... you guessed it... she had a penis! I took one look and rather than being upset, I was totally turned on, got on my knees and starting sucking her.

    It was an amazing time and I vowed that I would open my sexuality up to include men and she-males. I have since only been with one other she-male and completely enjoyed it. The rest of my bi experiences have been alone with men or in swinging situations. I particularly like bi swinging situations and look forward to having some more fun times in the future. Thanks for a great thread, it really helped me to write this out and see my own evolution for myself as well as hear other people's evolutions.

    If anyone wants to ask me any further questions just message me.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    For me it didn't happen until we started swinging. We were in a MFM and I was in a 69 with Mrs OCC while she was getting fucked by the guy we were with. His cock slipped out and ended up in my mouth for a second or two. Then back in her and I started licking his balls and cock as he pumped into her. My cock almost exploded while this was going on. So afterwards I thought, I guess I am bi. Just enjoy. And I have ever since.

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    I think the first inclination was when I was a kid staying up late to watch the Cinemax movies and there was one on one night where a couple was having a MFM and at one point the guy turns around behind the other, younger guy and starts masturbating him, giving him oral, and eventually he topped him. I was horrified but at the same time intrigued. I think I was drawn to the erotic nature of same sex experiences. I never fooled around with another male until last year. But I certainly did think about it and find it arousing. When I was younger I was also reading through some of my dad's college books and there was a book on Deviant Behavior and it was detailed about sexuality, lesbianism, homosexuality, bisexuality and the Kinsey Scale. I was turned on, even at that age, reading the historical stories about ancient Rome and Greece and how it was common for mentors to have sex with their young apprentices. Then after reading the Kinsey Scale, I realized that I was probably incidentally bi. The first time I masturbated and rolled back so I could come in my mouth I felt ashamed but really aroused.

    But I never acted on it. I was approached a few times in college and after college but I kind of kept that in the vault. Well actually, nobody really knows, at least not yet. I think eventually my wife will appreciate it as she's bicurious. We did have some fantasy conversations years ago about a man giving me oral and she also wanted to know if I would be the top or the bottom. I said probably both to try it. But she back pedaled away from that because I think she's afraid I might like men more. Not the case at all. It's just different. She doesn't give me oral sex because she says she's no good. But after my second time, I realized how much I like it from men. I also used to think that penises were rather disgusting but in recent years I find a nice hard one to be arousing.

    I had my first experience last year with a younger Asian guy. He wasn't very attractive and a bit creepy but he blew me for hours. I was so nervous as I had attempted to make it happen many times over the years but always backed out. For some reason, that night I just went for it. He came over while my wife was away and I said this is all new. He had me lay on the couch and take my shirt off and he massaged my back, my ass, and my feet. Then I sat up and he pulled my pants down and put my penis in his mouth. It was so surreal and erotic and arousing. I never reciprocated and that's all that we did but he gave me oral for a few hours on and off. But it wasn't a good experience other than that first moment when I realized a guy was blowing me.

    The second time was a couple of months ago. I was lucky to link up with a decent looking guy. In a weird way I wasn't nervous this time at all but completely comfortable. We got naked almost immediately. He masturbated me and himself. Then I took the plunge and blew him. It was awesome. Then he reciprocated, then he actually teased his penis against my anus and it was really enjoyable. We eventually just masturbated ourselves and when we finished he left and that was it. But it was a very arousing and enjoyable experience. I don't necessarily think I'm bisexual according to the definition but more sexually adventurous and see that sex with a male can be very enjoyable. BTW, he told me that I'm a married bottom. I still haven't decided if that's the case.

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    I knew I was bi and had a mean crush on my buddy. We played a game and I just said loser had to suck the other guys cock. He was like idk but I'm like let's try it. Well, on purpose I lost and then looked at him and said well a bets a bet and he said are you sure? I'm like well I'm not gay but let's get it over with. I can still remember him pulling down his pants and unleashing a big cock. Well I sucked him and in no time he shot his hot juicy cum down my throat. It was a huge load. The next night he looked at me and said let's play a game and loser has to suck. But let's skip the game. He sucked me and I sucked him. Over the next 6 months we sucked each other lots during school, after school. I never told anyone till one day my wife said would you ever suck cock and I said I have. She was so turned on that now we share cock as often as possible. Now she goes out and gets fucked and brings me home a cream pie to eat

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    Yes we do men together as well. It's just nice when the door opens and she says honey I brought you desert. Kinda like your wife surprising you with cheesecake after a nice meal. We started off playing together and still do. I love watching her get fucked and love licking the guy's cock after he pulls out of her. Come to Canada and I'll show you. lol

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    Default Re: Those who are bisexual - what was your first sign?

    Another thread to necro.

    For me it was shortly after I turned 21. I'd met a woman who was seducing me into the LS of group sex. At the three or four house & barracks parties she had brought me to I'd see several m/m sexual acts & had convinced myself it was ok. Since the women at these swaps or parties seemed all bisexual or at least open to f/f contact it was not truly weird for the men to do the same. I also noticed most of the women enjoyed watching the m/m sex as much as the men liked to see f/f. One evening the three ladies in the room persuaded me & the other man to suck each other off. I realised I felt comfortable with it & in the subsequent parties or orgies found I enjoyed sex with the males nearly as much as with the women. I did not find much difference between orally gratifying a male or a female and even less receiving.

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