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  • I'd want to tell everyone who it was

    3 1.65%
  • I'd keep it to myself

    119 65.38%
  • I might post about meeting them but I'd leave the details to imagination

    47 25.82%
  • I don't know/ Other - Please explain.

    13 7.14%
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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    I would probably post about meeting other board members...but no details about any playtime if it took place.

    There are plenty of Texas folks that post on this board. If we met up with any of them, I may post in the meet up/cafe that, 'we meet so and so this weekend, it was nice to finally put a face with a username'....or something of the like. Because it would be nice to do so.

    If anything other than just hanging out and having a few drinks happens, that would be 'nunya' in 'nunya business'.

    I mean, I have see a few 'anonymous' posts from regular users that don't want to use their log-in to post about something in case the other couple does recognize the username/situation being described.

    If playtime happened or something thread worthy came up, I don't think that I would post it anyway...something about the situation may be unique enough to clue the other party into the fact it was about, 'hey baby! come here and read this thread...i don't know who posted it, but i'll read it to you...this weekend we met a couple all was going well until they brought out the restraints, the flogger and 3 tubs of cool whip....hey, WE have restraints...a flogger...and 3 tubs of...HEY!'


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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alura View Post

    I guess I'm saying I don't understand this thread. Never should anyone post specific sexual events and use real names or anything that might give a clue to who the folks are, whether they post on this board or not.

    Mr. Alura
    Actually, the thread was started following a thread made by members of the board where they named each other. The thread was started by one member, naming another. The other then chimed in and we were told that they were ok with being named.

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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    I must have missed that thread, Julie. But if both couples are okay with it, I see no harm done.

    Mr. Alura
    "They may call me a rube and a hick, but I'd a lot rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn Bridge than the man who sold it."
    óWill Rogers

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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    Quote Originally Posted by Alura View Post
    I must have missed that thread, Julie. But if both couples are okay with it, I see no harm done.

    Mr. Alura

    It was quite a while back. This thread is at least a year old.
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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    lol... I must recuse myself from this conversation.

    We never use names (real, imagined, or screen) anywhere unless we have explicit permission. However, we do happily talk about our experiences.

    Ms B.
    I'm not as easy as you think I am but not as difficult as you're making me out to be.

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    Default Re: Would you name names?

    Like others...we don't kiss and tell. Never have and never will. We feel that others that may want to meet us will do so, breaking the ice... which means we break the ice too. To us it is part of the anticipation, the magic that leads up to the moment.

    We just don't like name droppers therefore we don't do it ourself. By the way... did you hear?!?!?....... lmao

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    Default Re: If you hooked up with someone from this site Would you name names?

    It's private, it's between you and the other person.
    B & L
    Cruising in New Mexico

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    Default Re: If you hooked up with someone from this site Would you name names?

    Interesting thread . . . especially when I'm in the midst of planning a Meet Up. The short answer for me would be that it would depend on the other member's preference(s).

    Longer answer: If I met a fellow board member at a Meet Up, I'd see no harm in mentioning that we actually met. After all, anyone following that thread would be able to figure out who was planning to go. BUT, anything beyond, "it was a great time, so-and-so were really fun to talk to . . ." No. That's between us.

    Subtlety is not my strong suit. It's all too easy to tease your friends on board, or want to give an update when others ask about them. But I do have common sense and respect for others. So I pretty much don't mention anything regarding a fellow board member unless I know it's okay with them to do so.

    I'd rather go to hell for doing something I enjoyed than heaven wondering what it's like.

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