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    Default Re: do white women enjoy swinging with black men?

    We have played with numerous black men and couples it all depends on how we hit it off. It is just exciting for MrsPlaytime to see the contrast in the color of skin, that is a turn on for her but not the only thing. There is alot more to a person than their skin. We also have white men and couples that we play with also.

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    Default Re: do white women enjoy swinging with black men?

    In the over 6 months that I (and my hubby) have been reading this board, this topic seems to come up like clock work every 2 weeks/month. I decided to put in my two cents, and then forever avoid these threads.

    I've had sex with around 30 guys in my lifetime, the last being my hubby. Out of those 30 some odd guys, 5 of them happened to be black. From my experience, they were no better/bigger than the rest of them. In fact, the black guys I slept with happened to think they were god's gift to white women, which was definately not the case. I know many of my girlfriends feel the same way. Just because you happen to have dark skin, doesn't mean that all white women are going to croon over you, and beg for it.

    Not that size really matters, but I'm very fortunate that hubby has a big 7" thick piece of meat between his legs, and god does he know how to use it! Yummy! facelick I don't need to be on some quest to find the perfect big cock, because I already have it all to myself.

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    Default Re: do white women enjoy swinging with black men?

    As an interracial couple, I'm a blk man and my wife is white. We have found that being able to have your own preferences and choices are the best. Sometimes what people write in a profile "no black men" to me sounds harsh however its their choice. We love all women however I prefer white women, does that mean I wont be with another woman no, its just a preference.....we love the contrast in skin colors. As far as what we have to offer I think too much is placed on color and size of penis as it relates to color. Once we understand the sensual makeup of a woman, the art of foreplay, being erotic then it matters not what race one is........its about pleasing the woman.

    Mr. Oreophxation

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    Default Re: do white women enjoy swinging with black men?

    Color makes no difference to me, I think everyone has something to offer, I think a lot of the problem for some people is they associate a bad experience with the color of the person they had it with. I think eventhough my wife and I both have black friends, coworkers, etc. that sexually she had a bad experience that turned her off, perhaps like what Coupleinidaho described, but again I didn't pry so I'm not really sure, just guessing here.

    Me personally, I've slept with every color under the sun as far as women go, but with men only white and hispanic. Haven't met a black guy who I was compatible with, but that might be because my interests and lifestyle (non-sexual) is about as far removed from what (generally speaking of course) black men would want to be around in terms of music, hobbies, activities, etc. If I met a black man who I clicked with though I'd be interested.

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    Default Re: do white women enjoy swinging with black men?

    P.S. having been in the military however, I know for a fact that the thing people say about black men all being hung is a myth, sure many are, but no more so than any other color.

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