Whether you played and found no connection, or you didn't play and just met, or just chatted on the net, or whatever... I feel (female half ) that there should be some kind of communication. I agree that maybe not going into detail might be a good idea, however, hearing "thanks for the nice time and we enjoyed ourselves, but we find at this time we are not interested in pursuing anything" or " we didn't feel we connected that well" would let someone know...Okay, it was nothing we did, and it didn't work, we can move on and know why... makes for a better experience. I think that is the point. Just dropping off the face of the earth, well, that just isn't right. It may hurt someones feelings, and they don't know what they did, or like in our case...Did we do something wrong??? Was it something we said or did??? It would help to put things into perspective.

As for those ads (cuz I have to put my two cents in ALWAYS LOL) that state that they are in super duper condition and don't respond unless you are the same...Those really really steam me ... I don't think hubby and I are unattractive, but I know we are no Barbie and Ken either... but it doesn't come down to what we look like entirely... it comes down to who we am.... We won't even respond to those ads (however if they contact me, we do give a nice letdown i.e. the most common... thanks for the interest...etc...). But it was nice to see someone else have a gripe about it...lol...

Have super fantastic day everyone!

E.d. (impishcpl)