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Sex with a disabled partner



Sexy and disabled  

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  1. 1. Would you have sex or play with a person who is physically disabled?

    • Absolutely! Everyone is welcome!
    • Yes, but I am unsure how to make it work.
    • No, I am scared of hurting that person.
    • No, I am not attracted to someone who is physically disabled.

The Kinky Koach will be interviewing an individual who is disabled and sexy! I want to gather some data from my sexy friends to help facilitate the conversation. Your answers are anonymous and very much appreciated. 


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I would not have imagined this beforehand.

I met a lady , was captivated by her. I am very lucky my wife is not the jealous type.

The wheelchair and the things that go with it do have their challenges. They do , however, open up areas of intimacy that others miss.

Since we have met the two of us and our spouses have all become very close.


Life is good.




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One of my good friends in high school was a very nice, good looking gal who only had one leg.  She had lost one leg as a child.  We dated the summer after high school, and while we had some nice make-out sessions we did not have sex.  In the fall we went in separate directions to college.  I went into the military after college and never returned to my home town except for short visits to my parents.  Also, I got married right after graduate school and did not mess around.


I decided to go to my 30th high school reunion and we got reacquainted during the party.  When we slow danced she made sure that she got her good leg between mine, rubbing my cock and getting it hard.  Then she whispered in my ear, "I never knew it was that big back in high school or we might have fooled around more then.  


Two weeks later I returned and we met at a restaurant in a near by town for lunch before gong to the hotel I was staying at.  She was so hot, so sexy, and so good in bed.  She would take off her artificial leg and hope around to the bathroom and back to bed on her good leg with the help of a crutch or me.  She loved my going down on her, telling me that she had not been eaten since she was in college.  When we fucked she would spread her stub leg out to the side so I could get every inch in, and she came often.  She had a hysterectomy years earlier so we did not have to worry about her getting pregnant.  We both loved fucking with sloppy seconds, and by the time she had to leave and go home. she was so full of my cum that it would run down her good leg and puddle on the floor.  After the time together, she would bring a panty liner and put it in her panty to catch the cum as she drove home.  


We continued to get together about once a month for fantastic sex sessions for about 10 years.  Her husband got sick and we decided to stop our affair.  But, years later we still chat from time to time, using little clue words to let each other know  that we have fond memories of the times together. 

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I can be of a BIG help to you in the area as I have an extensive background from which you can ask anything you want about being disabled and sex....nothing is off bounds I more than happy to assist you in this area.


I am new to the swinger community and maybe you can help you as well.


start with a text and we can collaborate to come up with a time and day to speak on the phone

If you do text me then specify the reason for the text as a reminder.




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