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NYE: The Lead-Up

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Amy & I decided a while back that we would be a same-room couple. We have no problems with full swap, but we figured that the best way to be sure we could handle things was to be there with each other for a while. We really didn't have any ambition to play separately since we got in this to have fun as a couple. Amy has also made no bones about the fact that she is in this mainly for the chicas. ;) Well, that shit changed practically the moment we hit the door at Spa City.


We had chatted briefly with a couple online before we went who was attending the same party. The seemed nice, their pics were attractive and we would for sure look for them at the party. But really, nothing to write home about. I did not take them seriously. Here's why:


  1. They only played separately. We don't do that.
  2. The female of the couple was straight. Not good for Amy.
  3. The female was not crazy about receiving oral. Not good for me.
  4. They were looking for a piece of ass that night. We were not ready to commit to anything


Well, when we met them face to face, SPARKS FLEW LIKE NOTHING I'VE EVER SEEN!!! They were beyond hot, the room was thick with sexual tension, and they did not hesitate to pounce on us as soon as we walked in. Remember all those rules? Yeah, they went out the window. Next thing we know, each of the ladies took the opposing husbands back to their rooms for a good, 'ole fashioned wife-swap. We rang in the New Year in style!

:dncdick: Holy Shit did we have a good time. My lady and I went three rounds, while Amy and her hubby went 4. At 4 AM New Year's day, each of us guys stagger back to our own rooms to crash from exhaustion. :claps:


As it turns out, playing separately is kind of cool too. It certainly has it's advantages. While we still like to play same room, we are no longer hung up about being apart. For example, I LOVE rough sex. Amy, not so much. Well the lady I spent NYE with like being bit, bruised and clawed up as much as I do. Amy tends to be more playful during sex, so she and her guy hit it off well.


Since then we have done a lot of talking, and I will share that in the next post which I will call the aftermath.

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Serendipity is exciting when it happens, although I have to admit I like Sarah more than Dipity......

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haha.. I didn't realise when I read the post before this one that it was actually old. Turns out the cliff hanger of the previous post didn't require me to do any waiting at all.



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