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A Brief History of Swinging: The Miss_Piggy and Kermit Edition

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I figure my swinging blog should begin with a history of my swinging life.


It all started in August 2003 (or was it June... I can't remember). I went away on a retreat. I was sharing a room with three gals. We were together for 12 days. The goal of the retreat was to look within yourself, learning something about your life and your direction and what is really important. All this introspection going on and I couldn't seem to convince myself that the feelings I was having for one of my roommates were anything other than a crush. I'd struggled with the idea that I might be a lesbian in the past and the same feelings came up again. I couldn't get this girl out of my head. She was so cute. At the end of the 12 days I had something of an acceptance of the situation. I still didn't know that to call myself by I knew I liked my roommate (and not in the lets-be-friends sort of way) - that much I was no longer denying.


I got home from the retreat and started some random research on the internet in an attempt to figure out what was going on. I had no real luck there. So, one day I decided to talk it over with the person I trusted most - my boyfriend. I was driving our shared car at the time. Not sure why I didn't think up a better location... let's just say I wasn't thinking straight. Much mumbling and bumbling later I came out with it, "I like girls." I truly believed that Kermit was going to be disgusted. I was 21. I had less of an understanding of men than I do now.

To my surprise, he was delighted.


We started discussing what that meant. I did more reading on the internet. I found this board and eventually brought up the subject of swinging. This was in October 2003. I also had a conversation with a lesbian friend around that time. I told her about what was going on with me and her advice was that I needed to start talking to people in order to get the ball rolling. If you never make a move then nothing will ever happen for you.


Kermit and I started making moves. We had long discussions about what we each wanted. We knew that this couldn't be just about me. We eventually met a couple on SLS. I guess they could be looked at as our mentors. They were perfect in that role. There was no drama whatsoever. They communicated clearly. If they had an issue with something they simply told us in a non judgmental way. We have since drifted apart mostly due to the fact that Kermit and I have been moving around a lot in the last two years. This was the only couple we ever connected with online and we have no complaints. They taught us a number of new things. They were the first people either of us had slept with apart from each other.


We did meet some other couples from our online ad but they never turned into anything. We met one couple that we really liked but have never managed to hook up with them again simple due to life and families and distance. We talk online every once in a while but that's all.


Anyway... this post is long now. Stay tuned for the next installment in which I will discuss our evolution from swinging to an open relationship.


Piggy :kissface:

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thanks for the intro, iv learned something today. you see I'm new at bloging, so i was thinking id just throw out my morning thoughts. thanks so much;).

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