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Thread: Age question for both genders

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    Quote Originally Posted by Paradise19
    As for our first experience, though, I think we might feel more comfortable with a couple around our age. I have this nagging fear that being with an older, more experienced couple would be very disappointing for them and an embarrassment for us.
    We've been quite surprised to find many couples quite a bit younger than us who have WAY more experience than we do. We also quite frequently meet couples much older than us who are very inexperienced, if not complete newbies. So you go to the same types of places we've gone to you might have a pretty tough time guaging experience by age.

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    Age is only a number, we are 45 & 44, and are receptive to those in the 30-early 50's, plus or minus depending in the couple. As most respondants, it depends on the couple as individuals. Enjoy!

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    We like all ages. My wife is 36 and I'm 33 and we have been with younger and older. We have a tendancy to hook up with older couples. Nothing wrong with younger couples though.
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    D is 42 and J is 29. We tend to attract a wide age range. Recently the trend seems to be the twenty somethings. Where last year we seemed to be attracting older couples. As Dragonblade stated "what is age but a #". This is so true. We have been surprised to find out that play partners were either as young as they were or as old as they were and in either case it obviously didn't matter, it was just an after thought. In the end it was just an intellectual exercise of being surprised at their age because we had made different assumptions. Recently we had those "age assumption" tables turned on us. We ended up going to a BM related party in WA state and getting adjoining rooms with a younger couple we went up there with. On the drive back to Seattle the question of age and experiences came up and this couple was very surprised that D was 42 thinking instead he was in his early 30's. So.....age is just a # and we tend to not worry about age differences. Do we click or not!? That ultimately is the question.

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    Greg was actually under 20 when he first experimented with swinging, but Sheryl didn't start until she was almost 40.

    In our experience, older couples tend to be more confident in themselves and more comfortable with everything swinging has to offer.

    We don't adhere to a minimum age for our playmates (assuming they are legal adults, of course), but we generally don't pursue anyone under 30. We've been approached online by a few 20-somethings, but none of them have tried very hard to actually meet us in person.

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    We are both age 42. To date, we have only been with younger couples only (5-15 years younger than us) - but we are currently on a course to meet couples who are either our age or older (40+).

    Younger couples (generally) rate well in the physical/looks category, 'older' couples (we assume) rate well in the mental category. Personally, we are looking for a good/balanced mix.

    We don't have enough experience to generalize regarding 'skill' in the bedroom, but our intuition would give the nod to the older crowd. At least the bedroom experience should last longer!?!

    So - we have experienced the twenties - liked the thirties - eager to experience the forties - and not sure if we are ready for the fifties (yet), but someday for sure.

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    I am 53 she is 48, we tend to avoid, well we do avoid couples that are our children's age ie 21/ 24. The youngest I was with was 33, when I was 51, and the oldest was 61, the range for my wife is I believe 40 to 65. The 65 year old was the least satisfying for her as he could not get it up.

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    I am 41 she is 34. We have been swinging since I was 35 and she was 28. The youngest couple we have played with was probably mid-late 20's. The oldest couple was 50 (M) and 47 (F) that was 5 years ago. We have been with a single guy that was 22 when she was 32. She felt a little weird about being with someone 10 years younger that she was. Most of our playmates have been mid-30's to early 40's.

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    Having been introduced to the lifestyle when my girlfriend and I were (she) 19 and (I) 20 by a couple in their late 40's. We always prefered older partners. Widest age spread was a couple that were early 60's when we were respectably 21 and 22. They rocked our world in more ways than we ever imagined!

    Despite having gone our separate ways and moved on with life experiences, we both still prefer older partners!
    Life isn't about the destination, rather the journey!

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