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Holidays suck when upset with spouse. Just trying to get thru each day. Seeing a counseler togeather, and he is also seeing a therepist and working a program for sex addiction. (Idk if i buy into the whole sex addict thing. He sure turned me down a lot.) But we are attenpting to work on things and i have been encouraged to wait at least 90 days before making any plans. He's sleeping in spare room now. He's kissing ass and doing all the right things but ive just lost so much respect for him... idk.
Biggest issue right now is we have nothing to do. Our social life for years revolved around swinging events... clubs, parties, vacations, meet n greets.... hell 80% of our favorite people are swingers. And I dont want to tell them what happened. I'm embarressed and ashamed and that drama label would follow us forever.
So we have nothing to do anymore. Its lonely and boring. I never realized how much swinging played into our lifes. We catch ourselves pointing out unicorns and pineapples in stores. Sexy talk is difficult. Just lots of little things. Any advice?

So from the last post it sounds like at the very lest he's going to try and your still talking so that's a up -
From the people i have talked to "sex addiction " is more about the chemicals in the brain then the sex itself - though it must play some part. finding out why he's not getting this from home will be the big step - and once again i bet it not you.

I hope this post see's you in better days, so when you too started going out all those years ago what did you like to do that was just the two of you ( camping - walking on the beach - throwing knifes at each other? )

If you can walk and still talk when shopping then why not explore the things you guys liked to do before swinging - when it was just the two of you.- you say you have the time now why not spend some of it on you two -

Apart from that it's good to here there is some conciliating going on and i hope it's help the both of you.

Best regards.