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    Default Wife's lover removed condom

    About a week ago, my wife and I met a nice young black man of about 25 while traveling in Vegas. He was attending a meeting I was at, we met and talked, invited him to drinks with us, and one thing led to another. That evening after dinner and a few more drinks we made it clear that we were open to the idea of Kelly playing around with him, with me being present of course. We are a good bit older than him, in our late 40s. After some discussion, he expressed his interest in giving it a try and we went to our hotel room. We had a cursory talk about what we were looking for and our ground rules, namely that he would wear a condom.

    Up in our room things started off great. He was a very charming man and clearly Kelly was interested in him. We had a few more drinks, and within maybe an hour she and he were making out on the sofa. Before long, we got up and moved to the bedroom (it was a suite). He and Kelly continued making out on the bed and she and he were both clearly turned on. I was also, and was loving the view from the chair.

    As things progressed, he undressed Kelly, and before long both were making out fully on the bed, Kelly wearing only her thigh highs. It was so sexy. She was ready for him, and he was ready for her. He got on top of her after giving and receiving some oral and was about to have sex, and I noticed he had on no condom. So I politely reminded him that he needed to put one one. He gave me a look which in retrospect I should have paid more attention to. It was sort of a look that said "come on, man", not a look that implied he had forgotten in the heat of the moment. So they paused and he put one one, and then began having sex with Kelly.

    By this time I was very aroused too. Kelly was really into it and loving it. I had my pants down and was masturbating. They had sex for a while and Kelly had an orgasm. The young man was getting close and so was I. As I was beginning to cum, I closed my eyes for just a little bit and came very strongly. When I regained awareness, The young man was cumming hard inside Kelly, and as he pulled out Kelly and i realized that he was no longer in a condom. It was lying on the bed next to his feet. At first I thought it must have broken or come off inside, but that was not the case. It was right there on the bed. Kelly was mortified and so was I.

    Alarmed, I asked him about it, with Kelly realizing what had just happened. He just said something like "you know, man, it just felt so good"... and that was it. We didn't really want him in our room at that point, and I guess he could tell that and so he got dressed and just kind of left us with no further explanation. Kelly said she didn't realize the condom had been removed, and from her reaction I believe her.

    Has anyone ever had this kind of experience with a wife's lover? It is our first, we are flabbergasted that we let this happen and that someone would do this.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    The man had no respect for your marriage, your limitations and sadly, he had no respect for you as a man. He was clearly not experienced with 3-somes and it sounds like he figured that if you were OK with him fucking your wife that he was the alpha not you, and he had no clue that he was the recipient of a gift from you and your wife. We seldom play with single males and would be VERY leery of playing with a male in that age bracket. We have had experiences at swingers clubs where the guy obviously didn't "get it" and because of that, he really didn't get it. Chalk it up to experience, a bad one, and I'd strongly suggest you two don't play with anybody else until you get a clean bill of health. You can bet your wife wasn't the first woman where it "felt so good" to that walking penis.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    We've had a condom break or come off inside a few times, and in those cases, it was just the opposite, the guys felt really bad and were beating themselves up since they felt like keeping track of the how the condom was doing was their responsibility and they had failed. Mrs. cplnuswing didn't get too worked up about happens. You'd prefer it didn't, but sooner or later, it will.

    I've never thought it a good idea to try to make swingers out of non-swingers. Swingers know the score, and it's a shared experience and along with that comes sharing responsibility. A young guy you pick up in a put it bluntly, he just wants some pussy, and that me-me-me attitude is likely to manifest itself in a lot of different ways, one of which you had the misfortune of experiencing for yourselves.

    It happened, no changing it now, so get checked to make sure everything ok, and then just use it as a learning experience and leave it behind you.
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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    You invited an inebriated, non-swinger, uninformed, ignorant, untrustworthy, poorly vetted, amateur into your bed. He fucked your wife as he wanted to. You're surprised? Also, did you make it clear, deal breaker clear, to this inebriated, non-swinger,uninformed, ignorant, untrustworthy, poorly vetted, amateur, at the bar, that he would be needing a condom to have sex with your wife? If so, good. You're still left with the fact you invited an inebriated, non-swinger, uninformed, ignorant, untrustworthy, poorly vetted, amateur to have sex with your wife.

    Hopefully, unless she was using birth control, you purchased some 'Plan B' and plan on a Doctors visit in the near future.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    You need a vetted swinger and nix the booze a Rama, as others said.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Booze, hormones, and strangers...any two are a bad mix, you had all three in this situation.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Wow...that is beyond not cool. Zero respect from the dude.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    It's a hard lesson but one I'm familiar with. A long time ago when we started out swinging, we got together with a male acquaintance. Condom was the rule, but it slipped off and couldn't be used again. As there was only one condom (another mistake that never happened again), the guy said he would pull out if we let him go at it without condom. Well, he didn't pull out. Fortunately we're all clean and I was on the pill.

    With that said, I've never had anything like this happened with anyone in the swinging community, be they couples or single males. I really believe that swingers practice better safe sex, and respect play partners more, than non-swingers. So I hope this unfortunate incident won't stop you from trying to swing again. Meet someone through the swinger sites or in-person meet and greet, get to know them, and keep the alcohol to one or two drinks.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Wow lesson learned hey - pity so smuck did this to people willing to share - what's that saying, give a inch and they take a mile?

    Put this one up to learning the hard way and make sure to vet playmates - there are many guys out there that will do want and how you want to do things - and when you find one or two you trust keep them lol.

    As the others here have givin you some good advice take - have good fun

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Just wanted to update. After much thought and discussion we morally do not feel an abortion is something we can live with. Our due date is in mid January. We have had a long discussion with our doctor about our situation so she will be aware that the race of the baby will not match ours.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Don't know what to say. I'm speechless.

    I would hold that young man to child support obligations. That would teach him an 18 year lesson.

    Is he aware of it?

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    If they have his contact information. This is why we don't play with strangers in clubs. My wife can no longer get pregnant, but if we need STD news, we want to know our partners and where to find them.

    Of course, hindsight is 20/20 and we've had some less than stellar situations in our swinging career. Not criticizing the OPs.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    To jaxyuppies, sorry for the situation, hope you have a healthy great child.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Whoa, did I miss something here?

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Quote Originally Posted by njbm View Post
    To jaxyuppies, sorry for the situation, hope you have a healthy great child.
    I can only echo this sentiment.
    So many women; so little time.

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Of course, there is still a respectful chance that the baby is from the two of you. We wish you the best and for a healthy child.
    If you donít have to lie about sex, you donít have to lie about anything. - John Williamson

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    Default Re: Wife's lover removed condom

    Let me get this straight.
    You're fertile,swinging, not on birth control and relying on JUST a condom??

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