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    Single guys wanting to swing, here are some tips for your profile:

    Sincerity - The reason most single guys fuck things up is they forget the most basic rule and that an invitation into the bedroom with a couple should be treated like a gift. Yes there are some hardcore bed-notchers but most couples want a fun experience with single guys who appreciate being invited. They are inviting you to have sex with the one person they love more than anything in the world.

    Attention - This is the ONLY thing you should be offering them. There are a million guys out there with dicks. Thick, fat, long, etc. Almost always, the more attentive you are the better your chances will be, not any physical endowment (yes there are exceptions) so if you are pitching anything, make it be about how you will ensure that their wife is the center of attention and make it known in your profile that you are capable of being respectful because you can be a rock star but it's not going to get you past the guy if you are not going to treat his wife the way HE feels she should be treated.

    What do you have to offer besides sex? Do you dance, can you hold a conversation? We typically will meet somewhere for drinks then the wife likes to go dancing to see if there is an attraction with the guy. This is where you can make the difference in sex for one night or a regular invitation. Be different because I promise you, no matter how good looking you are, how well physically fit you are, how much stamina, etc. There are 100 profiles before and after you that look the same.

    Don't offer nude pictures. Have pictures that are attractive, like you are going to look when you go out on a date. Not a selfie of you in the mirror flexing your muscles. If you are taking selfies, take the shit/clutter out of the picture. Nothing worse than a picture of you in the bathroom with a roll of toilet paper on the counter and your Prozac bottle next to a dirty bong. A good picture of you in jeans and a nice shirt will go much further.

    How about things you like to do? Tell us a little about you, not what you want to do to our wives. Make us like you.

    Here are some things you can do if you meet them at a club or if you are cold contacting a couple at a club:

    If you see a couple, don't follow them around like a stalker and try to sit next to them everywhere they go. It's creepy. If they keep moving away, take it as a hint, you're not doing it for them.

    If you think a couple has looked at you once or twice, maybe, just maybe, you are a contender so introduce yourself politely. Tell them your name, say something nice that you noticed about the wife but make sure you also talk to the guy. Don't blow the guy off whatever you do. Include him in the conversation. If after a couple minutes, if YOU are the one continually having to start the conversation, tell them it was nice meeting them and excuse yourself by saying something like, it was nice meeting you both. If you are interested in a single guy I would consider is a privilege and move on. You will leave a much better impression then if you just keep trying to create something out of thin air because they may or may not be looking for a single guy THAT night but you might stay in their mind for when they are.

    Be genuinely interested in them but don't ask questions like, where do you work, what gym do you go to, also creepy and stalkerish... You can ask things like where are they from but after that bridge out to topics of interest besides sex. Ask if they (yes, they) would like to dance. You just blew past the other 80 single guys in the club right there.

    Use common sense. Despite the fact they are at the club, you can't assume that they are anything other than voyeurs or exhibitionist and no matter how hard you try, nothing is going to happen. Understand that. If you stop thinking so hard about getting laid and think more about how to turn on the girl while establishing a bond with the husband, your chances will triple.

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    Here is another tip for Single males.

    Read the couples profile. I can't tell you how many birds we get from single guys who can't read the DO NOT CONTACT US line in the profile.
    Yes we like to include Single males in our playtime but we will make the decision if we want to contact you.

    Also if you are going to take the risk and sent the bird to us make sure you say something that would peek our interest in you. The famous one liners will get you blocked in a second. Hey I'm _________ want to chat?? or the Your hot let's meet. That is going to get you blocked.

    Another thing for singles to remember if you bond with the husband on line you better make sure you are available when you say you are, otherwise you will never get that second chance to make a good first impression

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    Quote Originally Posted by DigginIt View Post
    How about things you like to do? Tell us a little about you, not what you want to do to our wives. Make us like you.
    I think this is where many single males really miss the boat. Swinging isn't just about sex for couples. In fact, a lot of swinging gets done without there being any sex at all. Swinging is a night away from the kids, it's a chance to let your freak flag fly high and proud away from the office and neighbors and family, it's a chance to do all sorts of things for a brief respite from the day to day grind. And, if there is sex, then it made up how much of the entire evening? 15 minutes, 30 minutes, an hour? So if you are so one-dimensional that can't think outside of that 15 minutes, then don't expect to be part of that 15 minutes.
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    As a single female I wish more of the single men were honest about what they are looking for. Many have experience with MFM with other couples and express interest in meeting single ladies but when it comes down to it they are unwilling to do a MFM with her. "My girlfriend isn't going to do that!" Yes I have heard that. There is a thread on SLS about single men not wanting to escort single ladies to parties. Be clear if you are looking for fwb or one and done or a commitment. All three are very different. Don't say you want to meet again if you really don't mean it. My ideal in meeting men in the lifestyle is to be able to discuss directly and honestly what we each want. Some guys get it, generally better than those I meet on vanilla sites. Unfortunately cheaters and liars will always be around.

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    What are the thing couples want to know about single guys?

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    Display a little class and erudition.

    While we seldom make use of single males (most of our 3-somes involve the male half of a couple where the wife is unavailable but welcomes the inclusion)we are incredibly turned off by the thuggish nature of some of the postings on some websites. Last week, we saw a pic of a male grasping his clearly impressive sized johnson with the comment "wadup! For da ladies only, wdyt". Blocked immediately. This week was a pic of a large, heavily veined erection with the caption, "bbc bull here.Love to dominate white women". Again, blocked immediately. 3-somes with a couple aren't about the single guy, they are about the desires of the inviting couple. Seldom do single guys grasp that concept

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    Not ti insult your advice, Because, Though I believe you're right in saying couples want somebody respectful. I have found, many people, in my area anyway, are way to preoccupied with endowment and physicality. though of course that's their prerogative, I feel like saying those things don't matter that much, is somewhat dishonest.

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    If you have a profile on a lifestyle site, please have some substance to your profile. Not just three sentences that say I want to fuck.

    We don’t play with single men often but our rules are must be paid member, must have public pics (doesn’t have to be your face because we respect our privacy but should be more than your schlong), and certified.

    Don’t forget looks can open a door but personality and trust is more likely to open the bedroom door.

    Oh yeah, first contact or your first reply to contact should not be to ask for more pics, ask to go to KIK, or send your cell/text. Many of us keep our vanilla and lifestyle lives separate and do not like to share personal (cell) contacts with strangers or go to KIK where we don’t have control of our pics.

    Just to let any single guys who don’t know it already, women in the lifestyle are not indescrimate whores who fuck anything and everything that moves at any time of day or night. Please understand this when making contact.

    Another one is never assume that it’s the female online when reaching out to a couples profile. It’s a 50/50 shot and more like 75/25 that it’s the man maintaining the profile and weeding out the disrespectful idiots. Really doesn’t sit well when you approach with a hey baby, wanna fuck, or anything assuming it’s her.

    Sorry, turned into a rant.
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