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    On SLS, vanilla sites, and everyday life I have come across married men pretending they are single. Often I can filter these guys out quickly but looking for tips from others. I like to be sure I am having honest fun.

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    Ah, if they are really intent on lying, and very good at it, it's difficult to tell if a man is married.

    Times when he can meet are a tip-off, but I'm sure you already know that. If they can only meet on weekday afternoons, yeah, does his wife know?

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    You don’t. You don’t on match dot, or on any other site, vanilla or strawberry. Same thing with couples, we’ve met “couples” at different places, like Desires or the local couples club. They appear to be a couple, you assume they are a couple, but they really aren’t married, or dating, it may be a platonic relationship or it maybe be something else.

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    There are public records of marriages you can go through. Some insight from this link

    If you have a name it shouldn't be that difficult, per se. First rule, if you feel things are suspicious, listen to that feeling. There's usually a reason. It may not be that the person is single, it may be because of something else, yet it's all important.

    For me, I've had deception detection training on nearly a FBI level. On the one hand, it really helps. On the other hand you can see almost every deception around you.

    I have a friend who asked me to check out a name, with not too much effort, established a series of deceptions. He was single, but had a lot of baggage.

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    We have been to a few clubs in Europe as well and they seem to based on who is there bring in the singles or not. Usually singles are the men and the odd hooker to get things going (this I heard from a bartender). We had a nice time and were joined by a single male 29 yo from Spain. Nice experience for the misses as she had all the attention and a young stallion to boot.

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    Pictures in the bathroom/shower can be a giveaway. Also pictures where you can tell they're cropped and there were other people in the original picture (usually family). A lot of 'single' men will admit to being married, if you ask directly.

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    While holding his left hand, run your touch over where his ring finger meets his hand. If he normally wears a wedding ring, there will be a tell-tale callous there.

    This method, while not fool-proof, will weed out quite a few cheaters.
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    Most married men won't want to stay overnight.

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