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    Update post:

    A couple of months ago, I posted seeking some advice regarding my shy wifeís a few new experiences. We both are originally from South Asia and almost two years ago moved to Europe. She is Muslim and used to be quite conservative with her living and dressing style. Since being here, she has become just a little bit more adventurous with her dressing style. I always encouraged her and also she enjoy going to parties. At one of those parties, she met a guy (say Adam) with whom she kinda hit it off. They danced, chatted and became cozy with each other. They remained in touch and subsequently they again met in another party a couple of weeks ago. They decided to go on a small day trip to be away from the known surroundings. For me it was a mixture of anticipation, nervousness, caution- everything. Here is the update after that.

    It was her first date ever with someone apart from me. She had already been close to him in a couple of parties (as I mentioned before in my posts), but nothing extraordinary happened. Although it was quite clear that they both liked each other and enjoyed the company. So, they fixed their first date for last weekend. She went to meet him at around 11:00 and returned home before 19:00. I had to wait until it was the night to get to know what exactly went down. Before she went out, I joked with her that Adam would definitely want to kiss her, which she said not much chance of happening. So I asked her that how far would she willing to go. She just replied that sheíd just want to spend some time, enjoy the company and see how itíd turn out. At night gave me the detailed account of the day and here is how it went:

    She was a little nervous in deciding what to wear as she didnít want to look too fancy yet nice. Finally, she decided to wear an angular sleeveless top (like halter neck) with a fitting stretchy pant. Underneath she wore a nice pair of thong; while as under the armpit the top was a little deep cut, she wore a regular bra. They took the same train to the city next to theirs, but from different stoppages. After getting down from the train, at around 11:30, they met over there at the station. The greeting was apparently cordial but simple, only a hug, and no kiss even on the cheek. They directly went to a festival and spent some regular cozy time without worrying someone known might spot them. After having lunch, they went to a park to enjoy a little bit of sun. At that stage, Adam asked her whether she told me that she was spending the day and having a trip with him. When she said that I know, again he asked whether I knew that she went out with him like a date, to which she responded again in the same way. He then asked whether sheís in an open marriage type of situation, which she responded to by just saying that I always encourage her to explore her sexuality.

    After the conversation, right there while chilling, he kissed her on her lips the first time. She told me later that she was so shy and nervous that she didnít reciprocate. It was the first time she felt someoneís lips on hers, who wasnít me. Within a few minutes, he kissed her again and this time she kissed him back. Then the kisses went on for a while (she actually loves kissing a lot) and those were quite hot and passionate with tongue and everything. Then they walked around the city a little and at around 16:00, went to the train station for the return journey. This whole time apparently countless kisses happened between them, with which she was visibly shy but happy with. On the train, they stood near the door as it was only a half-hour journey and exchanged numerous kisses. After asking I came to know that being outside, while kissing, his hands didnít get much adventurous apart from occasionally grabbing her ass a little.

    They both down at Adamís stoppage as she needed to take another train or tram to her stoppage. At that point, he invited her to his place for a coffee, which she declined. But, figuring out it was a weekend and the next train would take a little while to arrive, she then agreed for the coffee and went to his place which was just a minute or so away. After getting to his place, he turned the tv for her while he made coffee. When he saw that she was still wearing her shoes, he just asked her to take them off and relax for a little. Right after she took off her shoes, she turned around and felt that he had gently grabbed her. Instantly they started kissing and fell on the couch. He was on top of her and kisses were way steamier than before. He started kissing her lips, shoulder, arms, everywhere. Over her top, he continued kissing her belly and her tits. She told him to stop but didnít actually want him to. In a couple of minutes, she regathered herself and figured she should leave. She pushed him a little and sat down to catch her breath figuring that was it.

    At that point, he kissed on her lips again and went on top of her on the couch for once more. She told me that she didnít know what happened, but over her pants, felt his throbbing cock being rubbed onto her pussy. At the stage, she couldnít control herself anymore and just kept enjoying the kissing and rubbing. Suddenly she felt that under the armpit, into her low cut top, reached his hand inside her bra. He was grabbing a tit of her and kissing. She didnít know what happened and the next thing she noticed that he had unclasped her bra inside her top. She remembers that she took her hands higher and Adam just took both her top and bra off. She said to me that she couldnít believe that she was with another guy while being half naked! He kissed and fondled her tits for god knows how long. She grabbed his cock over his pants and kept stroking it. Afterward, when he started sucking her tits, she knew that she had to stop; otherwise, sheíd do everything.

    She barely got up in time for the next train and dressed up. He mentioned that she was leaving him in such a state, but didnít want to rush it. After she had dressed up, he grabbed her tits inside her top under her armpit for once more. They just exchanged a short kiss and she ran to catch the train. Upon returning, she made me wait until it was the night when she was extremely shy to tell me about the things that happened. She said that it went way too far and never expected this from herself. Still, she canít figure out why she agreed to get to his apartment in the first place. I have assured her time and time again that if she had enjoyed it, there was nothing wrong. She says that she definitely enjoyed everything a lot, but is feeling a guilty and shy afterward.

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    This is so hot Kudos

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    I am a muslim wife too, can't inbox you because of restrictions. Get in touch with me if you can I wanna ask few things as my husband wants encourages me like you but I am nervous to take that next step

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