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    Short answer: "maybe"

    Long answer: we're spending a lot of time apart for work reasons this year. It's just started, but before agreeing to it, we talked about the reality of going from screwing each other twice a week and going out together three or four nights a week to being apart for five or ten days at a time on a regular basis.

    We laid out some ground rules which basically mean that we keep it far away from our vanilla lives, tell each other everything, and "preapproved" anything short of intercourse, sleepovers, or repeat encounters. I think she likes knowing she can do it more than she actually needs to do it, and we've toyed with other mild kinks, etc., so we have something to keep us playful and talking about sex while we're apart. It's only been about six weeks going like this and so far we're having a good time with it, but it hasn't been through a real stress test yet.

    I agree with FullSwapCLT that bar pickups for MFM usually don't work, but when they do work, they've been worthwhile. Worst case scenario is she gets to practice being flirtatious and putting on a slutty persona, which is fun and experimental for her because it was completely taboo to even think about thinking that way in the past.

    We took a vacation together last month and I bought her a sexy bra. Took some pictures of her in it and we had a great night fucking each other senseless. After Valentine's Day together, I had to take off and in the morning she asked me if I'd mind if she wore it to go out during the weekend. I knew what she was asking on a superficial level but I'm not used to it, and it didn't really sink in why she might care how her breasts looked until I was halfway to the airport. Spent the next six hours sexting her with a fat hard-on and nowhere to tastefully dispose of it. Good game, Mrs. E.

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    Think I'll Stay Geoduck's Avatar
    Couple; he posts, and we share good articles and sexy stories
    Quote Originally Posted by HotwifeTara View Post
    Yes, I totally identify as a hotwife. I date without my husband there. Sometimes he may get to watch, but mostly he just hears about it after the fact.
    My wife and I haven't done the hotwife thing, but I had a nice long-term affair with a hotwife after my divorce. Our sex was incredible. I have no doubt that she shared our adventures with her husband after she got home. Good memories, even though this experience happened many years ago.

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    I had a strange experience with this. couple of years ago. My wife and I ended up sharing a voyeur room with another couple and figured they were into a full swap. He was older than his wife nd she was very attractive. She was very interested in me, but he didn’t seem very interested in my wife. As things progressed he explained that his wife really wanted to fuck me and that he just wanted to watch and if that would be okay. My wife, being super cool always, didn’t take offense and offered to suck his cock while he watched his wife and I. He wasn’t interested so my wife being the exhibitionist that she is just sat back and masturbated. He directed me as I took his wife. He told me what to do and what he wanted to see. I was definitely strange but I was super turned on by the whole idea. We spent the entire hour in every possible position. She wanted my wife to join as we were finishing up and while she was riding me he finally finished himself off and shot one of the biggest loads I’ve ever seen. As we were cleaning up and getting dressed he explained that he had been denied an orgasm for a month and the whole scene was a big fantasy for them both. Pretty weird but fun and hey, just proves sometimes you gotta go with the flow.

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    Yes we are into it, it is a huge turn on for him and I love to perform for him.

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    I love it because my wife is very sexy so I let her dress up and go get some good dick and then come home to me...

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    We do t fall into any one category. If we can find a sexy couple, that’s great. We are also into threesomes. I love watching my wife fuck others. I’ve also let her play alone. I love that look in her eye when I tell her to play alone. She’s ok with me fucking others but it doesntturn her on. She’s also an older hot MILF and young guys love her. She likes them lean and muscular and they all want to fuck her. So, no labels for us. Sometimes swingers, sometimes hotwife, stag and vixen and maybe even a little cuckolding as long as there is no humiliation. A fun game we play sometimes is that she will deny me orgasm for a week prior to her fucking some young guy. But all week long we fuck like rabbits but only she gets to cum. Only after she has that young cock, I finally get relief. We don’t do that all the time but it dies make the anticipation of her date quite exciting

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