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    Hi all,

    We are a couple in Switzerland. Recently we had our first experience of involving others in the bedroom, in the form of one of those chat roulette sites that allow you to share your web cam, and see the person or couple you are randomly connected to. We, and a couple we connected with, were very turned on by the experience but one seems to spend more time trying to dodge seedy guys stroking their dicks than actual erotic play.

    We're not ready to a face to face meet with another couple yet and really would like to try the web cam thing in a bit more of a focused, friendly setting. We are certainly not ready for a club yet, however the only other way I can think of for finding like minded couples is sites like SLS but it's kind of hard to find people happy with just web experiences on those - everyone on these sites seems to be more progressed in the lifestyle than we are.

    There aren't many people in our country on these sites anyway, not that it really matters too much for web cam fun.

    Anyone got any tips?

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    My wife and I have been frustrated in this area as well. We tried some of the random sites and mostly found must single men and a lot of empty promises. We only want anonymous web chat and live video sharing so other couples can watch us and we watch them. We will watch this thread if anyone has suggestions.

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    Hi HusbandWife. Sounds like we're looking for the same thing and have had similar experience with the anonymous sites so far. We'd be up for something over Skype or similar.

    Ideally there'd be groups dedicated to this but we've not found any.

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    Is there really no group or site where people can meet and watch each other? My wife would like to have someone watch her vib.

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    We'd love to watch. I have found no sites where it is two way

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    Everyone can agree that dating of any kind is a pain in the neck and although the World Wide Web has opened opportunities to meet people, it generates more frogs to kiss or at least look like. The cam idea has many advantages beyond chat rooms and emails with less pressure than a club or a house party. I suggest patience and learn from every encounter however brief.

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    WebCamNow-- at least used to be a free (meaning, not paid cam models) site for voyeurs/exhibitionists. You can also set up an account on a site like Chatterbate, just don't accept money, and do everything in private. That doesn't necessarily help you find the people interested in camming, though we have found people on sites before. Both people we met in person and people who just wanted to stay in the cyber world. I am not aware of a site that exists specifically for your purpose, but you can use other ones to accomplish your goal. That said, I also don't look at those sites or search for new ones anymore. Camming days are over for now.

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    Anyone know any good sites that do anonymous web cams? Wife and I want to go on cams but don’t what our faces online. Is don’t see many “models” on sites with masks. Is it looked down on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stonecharles100 View Post
    Anyone know any good sites that do anonymous web cams? Wife and I want to go on cams but don’t what our faces online. Is don’t see many “models” on sites with masks. Is it looked down on?
    I have used a mask and have seen a couple who turn it into role play and always have costumes on. Granted, these are on sites where they are trying to get paid. I say, do what you want. There will be people who are fine with it, there will be people who are not. It may take you longer to find the people who are fine with it. Most sites, you can also go "private" so that you can restrict who is seeing you at any given time. But, there are fuckers who record things and post it on other sites. That will happen regardless.

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    And remember, it's not just your face that your family, friends or co-workers may recognize when some asshole posts recorded copies of your vids on line. It's stuff in the background that can out you really quickly. If you do this stuff you need to set up a plain backdrop with sheets or something and cover the bed or other things you are on. Also remember that tattoos, unique body markings, etc. are highly recognizable too. You might think none of these things are unique to you, but it's the combinations of little innocent things that can be unique or close enough to raise peoples suspicions. Even that family photo in the background that is out of focus and too small to see the exact details - just the poses, the colors, the frame, where it's mounted or sitting..... familiar things can be instantly recognized by the brain with minimal information.

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    Have you considered security cams? My wife and I have discussed this. Find a couple, set it up, change the password before starting, and change it back when you're done. We have an Arlo Pro and we use it for each other to sometimes sneak a peak at what the other is doing. Sometimes it's a nice surprise. The quality is good, night vision, two way voice. Maybe this is unrealistic, we're novices still.
    Good luck!

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