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    We have 29 certs over the course of nearly four years. We find the comments complimentary and nice recommendations. But do we look too slutty? Are we intimidating the less outgoing? We have received a few snide remarks. An overly certed couple who we play with have been deleting older certs to keep their numbers down. Thoughts?

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    I thought it was fine. More certs means reliability and friendliness and eager. I asked my wife to read your post and she said, no way would I be another notch. So, there ya have it. Can't please everyone. Maybe deleting a few would result in more replies.

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    Depends what you are looking for...we are still new at this so we do try to avoid hi cert couples, but thatís because our small experience with them have not been so great, and have found them to be pushy...we even had one invite us to a gangbang for a first meet...really, is that even normal?

    Also, can be considered a high risk couple for STDís IMO. I know sounds ignorant, but we be lying otherwise.

    Now if your profile is old, and have very little...then it would look like a wast of time couple to us.

    So with that said:
    If you want low mileage couples like ourselves then lower your carts.

    If you are looking for a sure thing (bed post notch couple) then keep the high number of certs.

    On that note, we did see a profile that stated that they will certify couples they meet if they wanted, but will refuse any new certs as they have enough to prove that they are a real couple. They had around 15 certs which in our opinion is well balanced.

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    If you want low mileage couples like ourselves then lower your carts.

    If you are looking for a sure thing (bed post notch couple) then keep the high number of certs.
    We don't post ANY certs. Nobodies business who we have been out with. We are looking for quality not quantity so we stay towards other couples with low or no certs. Bottom line is it depends what you are looking for.
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    I tend to think that once you hit double-digits there is less to gain from increased numbers of certs. In other words, there's more to be lost than gained by having 20+ certs than there is having 5-10.

    If you have a handful of fairly recent certs we're going to accept that you are the real thing.

    I think the one type of couple that does benefit from a lot of certs are the couples that run clubs/hotel parties. A bunch of glowing current certs about their events can be convincing when looking for a place to party.
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    I remember once being totally freaked out by the number of certs, so much so that I didn't even read the profile. I now went to look how many certs that profile has, out of curiosity, and it's almost 500!

    Someone else who I know to be very active and hardcore and probably (regretfully) a bit too much for my liking, has almost 100 certs.

    I've not played with anyone who has more than 20 certs. I agree that after a dozen or so, they're no longer useful, and quite possibly the opposite.

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    We just got a rejection because a couple said we have too many certs. We may have to knock some off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by njbm View Post
    We just got a rejection because a couple said we have too many certs. . .
    I think they're unnecessarily missing something good.

    As to the OP's question, we do not believe there is such a thing as too many certifications. Carefully-measured promiscuity would be an oxymoron.
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    We are not bed notchers. We have gone to many events and declined to play. But we do like to meet new couples. Many of our certs are from people we met on trips who are too far away to see again. Other certs either do not want to get together with us or we don’t want to get together with them. We are being punished for our success! If we had no certs, we would probably get rejected for that.

    My grandfather said if you’re fat, you’re a fat son of a bitch and if you’re skinny, you’re a skinny son of a bitch. That said, we may cut from 29 to 19 certs.

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    I am not sure of the purpose of a whole bunch of certs unless perhaps you are promoting your group or parties. I thought the general idea was to verify that someone is real but most people read it to mean they have played with each other. Just because someone doesn't have multiple certs doesn't mean they haven't been around the block a few times. I become skeptical when I see the same people only certifying each other. I guess it does give you the idea of who someone might play with if you take that much time to review their profiles. Generally I don't like the idea of kissing and telling even though it is a small community. I am laughing because that really doesn't make much sense here.

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    I think what 2NoLimt said is about right, it does totally depend on what your looking for.

    A new couple, or couple looking for a more dedicated long term friendship would probably look for people with less certifications.

    I also skip profiles that have lots of certifications, because we prefer fun with friendship and someone who already has 10 or 15 other sex partners is not going to offer us any friendship at all, they are going to be too busy meeting other people to offer much friendship.

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    We understand that some people are ideologically opposed to certs to maintain privacy. And even we are shocked by people with a really large amount of certs.

    But if people have been on SLS for years and they have no certs, are they even participating? Can they orchestrate a successful encounter?

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    We donít care about cert numbers. I like to know that a couple is a good time and actually plays. But we have also been passed on due to our cert number. Doesnít really bother me, I figure it is a couple that we wouldnít be looking for the same things anyway. Some people have time and money for endless meets with no play or a multitude of back and forth communication with no meet. Thatís not us.

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    I think it can go either way depending on the perception of each couple. It gives good insight to meeting other prospective couples, not only verifying people are real, but that they are in the lifestyle to have a good time with no drama issues. If your that worried, you can just simply not post anymore certs, or edit the ones currently there...not sure what site enables what. Otherwise at the end of the day it is your marriage and if the lifestyle is great for you two, I wouldn't worry about what other people think. Would you want to meet a cpl if they were that judgmental anyways?

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    I agree with GoldCoCouple, we don't pay attention to certs. We are not looking to advertise who we play with or even who we know. A few couples have cert us and we felt compelled to return the favor.

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