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    Are there any recommendations for a mobile app I should try? An app designed for swingers to meet and bomp bomp bomp if you hadn't already assumed.

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    I remember years ago running across an app that was a sort of tinder for swingers (or at least let you see swingers near you) but I don't know if it's still around.
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    Bumping this one back up. I have the same question

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    You would really trust such an app?

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    About as much as I trust sls or Craigslist. I've never used those either. But ive seen some reliable info on this site to help make better decisions

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    3fun, 3fun, 3fun. It is tinder for swingers and growing like crazy. Best part is you can phone register without facebook. Came to the scene late last year. Checked it out today and holy crap are there a lot of couples and single males/females on there in our region (north west indiana and chicagoland). It is free like tinder, with a paid version like tinder with benefits. Very well done and best of all. Active users.

    It looks like they started out as a straight hookup site targeting gay, bi, trans, poly, etc, and then learned about this market of 3-some and swingers, tuned it to focus on that. All we see are couples and singles looking for 3somes and full swaps.

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    3fun is not available for Android. And seeing as you referenced it in several different threads, I suspect you have a personal interest with 3fun.

    I did read the reviews of similar apps. None of them to good reviews and a few were considered scams by every reviewer.

    So I guess there are not any good apps for swingers at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CandDinCo View Post
    3fun is not available for Android. And seeing as you referenced it in several different threads, I suspect you have a personal interest with 3fun.

    I did read the reviews of similar apps. None of them to good reviews and a few were considered scams by every reviewer.

    So I guess there are not any good apps for swingers at the moment.

    I am on a samsing s9+, 3fun works fine for me on android. I see the same mix of couples, single males and females as I do on sls, sdz, aff

    And no. I have no affiliation with 3fun. We run a meet and greet group on sls, and have enjoyed it, with the exception of no younger couples joining these sites, no updates to modernize the site, terrible group organization features, I could go on. Once a site has it's base in a region, there is no incentive to innovate, as couples are more or less 'forced' to use that site as that is where the couples are. I am excited about the healthy competition. I found my wife on tinder and always wondered why our community couldnt have the same.

    I had high hopes for feeld, but it never seemed to gain traction, 3fun seems to be pretty popular here in chicago. Will try feeld again and see how it has grown.

    If I log into sls right now, I will see tons of the same couples, and 10-15 new ones every week that never jump in and get a paid membership I log into 3fun, and I see some of the same couples, but a whole lot of new ones, and their demographics are younger.

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    I signed up today, didn't see anyone I recognized from SLS. There is a photo verification process and people tend to post more full face pictures. I like the free chat feature, have planned to meet someone tomorrow. On SLS my meetings usual result in maybe one good prospect every three months so it's not worth it to be paid for me. Lots of fakes and trolls even with paid members there.

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    I have found 3 couple so far in 2 days that we plan to meet on 3fun, better success than I have found on any swinger site so far. Hands down. The only ones on sls it seems are the same ones, every day, every week. We are not club people (we have been to 4, 8 times) or destination swingers (feel free to donate to our hedo fund)

    We need sites and apps to connect with like minded couples in our area. Craigslist was the next best option, and we met just as many younger couples there as we did on the main sites. The current sites frankly stink and do no resonate with the newer generation, my perspective.

    Btw, for community benefit and personal curiosity, I check out feeld again, 3somer, and swingery, all sucked terribly. Feeld and swingery are using almost the exact same profile generation process, which means they are building the app using an app generation tool, and not actually investing in proper ux design and custom development around our community (20 yrs of design/ux experience here). Feeld required facebook login, supposedly to prevent you from being a fake, but did it anyways to test it. no swinger wants a facebook login for a swinger site or app... I cannot believe they think that is a reasonable requirement and actually understands our privacy needs. Virtually no users in our area (nwi/chicagoland), which tells me they all sucked and gave up.

    Also gave Kasidie and Swingtowns another look, nope, still terrible or no users in our area.

    So, for Chicagoland... is the mainstay, 3fun has the younger crowd (and is growing), swingerzonecentral to the south and east.

    Please reply if this helped you, happy to check out new ones and share my thoughts.

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